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Landscaping Construction includes ALL externals of your new home

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Landscaping Inclusions*

1) Driveway & Drainage 2) Pathways & Paving 3) Crossover widening/relocation 4) Front fencing & Auto Gates 5) Intercom, Letterbox 6) Lockable matching side gates 7) Retaining walls 8) Masonry walls & planter boxes

*Using only one contractor for all external works means you only deal with one person who is responsible for building the whole contract, done in the right order.

9) Decking & Stairs 10) Bin areas & Clotheslines 11) Alfresco BBQs & Outdoor Rooms 12) Cubby houses, Play equipment & Courts 13) Shadesails & Pergolas 14) Low maintenance Planting 15) Mulching, Pebbles & Rocks 16) Lawns & soil, Synthetic Turf

17) Sheds, Water Tanks & Pet Areas 18) Auto Irrigation & Lighting 19) Vege boxes, Herb Tubs & Pots 20) Fencing, Lattice & Screening 21) Rendering & Painting 22) Spas & Pools, Glass Fencing 23) Water Features, Sculptures, Ponds 24) Bench Seats & Firepits



Landscaping ALWAYS starts with a design customised to your new home

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail" Benjamin Franklin




• • • • • •

Starts with an onsite consultation in person to build the brief Every Landscape is unique and is built to compliment your lifestyle and home Correct planning decisions at this stage will give you years of enjoyment and add value to your property Scaled 2D plans drawn to detail construction specifics Computer drawn for easy revisions & amendments Accurate boundaries detailed including building near easement restrictions Design forms part of the Construction Contract

• • • • • •


Notes: The designs and photos displayed are exclusively owned by Supreme Green Landscaping and cannot be reproduced or copied in any form without the written consent of Supreme Green Pty Ltd.

Symbol Qty Pine Bark Mulch Areas

The design and photos may depict items not included in the Scope of Works of the Supreme Green Landscaping Contract. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, all site plans, 3D renders and photos are for illustrative purposes and should be used as a guide only. All dimensions, locations etc are to be verified onsite. Not for construction.

140mm Timber Deck Area

Site Specific Notes:

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Areas

Synthetic Turf Areas

600x300mm Bluestone Area

River Pebble Areas

Plant Schedule




Symbol Qty

Link to 3D Design example

Link to built 3D Landscape example



Lilly Pilly


Michelia Alba

Lemon tree


Camellia Sasanqua


Magnolia Little Gem









Approx. Surface Drain Location

Species Liriope


Stamped Concrete Areas

3D Walkthroughs for moving elevations and realism Depicting any existing features to be kept Detailed planting and other specifications Similar design process to building your new home Specifications detailed enable a fixed price contract Design cost can be subsidised by construction cost when handled by the same company

Pencil Pine

Front fence & new crossover may require council permits. Water features, stone table and seats to be provided by client.


Bench seat 1.8m x 0.5m

Merbau clad & capped existing retaining wall approx. 300mm high

Client's water feature

Raised box 200mm high

Timber sleeper retaining wall max. 400mm high

Existing retaining wall

Gate by others

Raised plant box 400mm high

300 x 600mm bluestone border 1.8m high capped & rendered block piers

Step up

Steel infills Suggest paint all fences & retaining walls

Client's water feature

Step up

Steel edging

Max. 300mm high rendered block work between

Step up 1m

RESIDENCE 5 x adjustable bollard lights

Letterbox in pier

slight undulations





Relocate crossover S.T.C.A.

Possible island required

1.8m Approx. golf hole location with subsurface drainage

CLIENT: ADDRESS: Bentleigh CONTACT PH: PLAN: Landscape Plan Rev C Email:

Steel edging

Timber sleeper retaining wall max. 600mm high

Clothesline on posts 1.2m x 2.2m

SCALE: 1:150 @ A3 DATE: 5th September 2016 DRAWN BY: LL ADDRESS: PO Box 325, Burwood, VIC 3125 CONTACT PH: 1300 322 888 EMAIL: landscape@supremegreen.com.au



Landscaping MUST comply with your new home warranty


Drainage and other sewer plumbing components like the Inspection point and O.R.G. must be brought to the correct finished heights of surrounding surfaces

Sewer tie in and Stormwater Legal Point of Discharge must be located and not affected or modified

Any termite inspection points must not be covered and needs to be brought to the surface of new concrete/paving

All other services such as Gas, Mains Water, Telstra and Power must be located, sleeved if exposed and covered to the correct height

Many new home builders state in their documentation that slab warranty and/or structural guarantee can be voided if the Landscape works don’t comply with the CSIRO directive found at: http://www.publish.csiro.au/pid/7076.htm

Install buffer of paving/ concrete around the home minimum 1m wide for slab drainage.

Do not leave your home without landscaping. It is recommended that an apron of paving/concrete be installed around the home.

Allow paving to fall away from your home to take water away from the slab.

Ensure licensed landscapers install properly drained retaining walls to protect the home from higher surrounding natural ground.

If your house is lower than street level, then licensed landscapers/plumbers must install suitable drainage.

Ensure trees are planted approximately 1.5 x mature height of tree away from home.

Do not allow paving to slope towards your home.

Do not build retaining walls, sheds or other structures over council easement.

Do not allow pooling of water near your home due to inadequate drainage.

Do not plant grass or gardens up against house foundations.



Complete Landscaping Process 01 •

• • • •

Onsite Consultation Discuss inclusions, necessities, then options for creating your unique outdoor area Give construction estimation figures and guidance on each external option Discuss timing & access for complete project or stages Measure heights and unlisted distances on site plan Make detailed notes for a personalised brief and take site photos

02 Landscape Design

• •

• • •


Custom designed to suit your characteristic needs and budget with computer drawn plans 2D detailed specification with measurements & 3D Walkthrough elevations Low maintenance a priority and Water-wise. Sustainable and practical use of space Master plan designed to compliment your new house, built in stages if required Subsidised design cost by the cost of Construction Feedback on design revisions to re-cost project if specification is over budget

03 Project

Costing & Contract

• • •

Detailed costing breakdown of Construction project components Fixed price contract with no surprises or hidden extras 5% is maximum deposit requested as per Building Contracts Act Payment schedule based on Construction progress

04 Project

Construction & Completion

• •

• •

Registered builder required by law to use materials and methods set out in Australian Building Regulations Quality control processes and Safety schedule in place. All tools tested & tagged Full Insurance Cover, employees are Police Checked and covered by Workcover One licensed contractor to complete works in the correct order and not clash with multiple trades Qualified staff with ongoing training Full client/builder communication through each stage of the process

05 Walkthrough 06 Warranty, & Maintenance Guide

• •

Personal Handover Onsite between client/contractor to discuss all elements of externals on completion Detailed written guide given for best ongoing care Quality control checklist to comply with Building Code

Compliance & Check-up

• • •

Three Month onsite check-up provided after installation 10 year Structural Landscape Warranty Covers each component of the external installation



Landscaping FAQs •

What does Landscaping include?

Driveway, Front Fencing/Gates, Crossovers, Paths, Paving, Decking. Basically anything the new house builder doesn’t include externally to “put the icing on the cake” and make your new home complete!

How much does Landscaping cost?

This overall figure depends on all inclusions in the project and the complexity of the design & build. Most agents and investors would advise that spending a maximum of 10-20% of your whole property value externally would avoid any over-capitalisation on the land.

Who can legally do Landscaping work?

Only Registered Builders with the VBA are licensed to carry out works over $5000 in Victoria. It is illegal to use an unregistered landscaper and you risk not having a warranty on structural works.

Can incorrect Landscaping work void my new house warranty?

Yes, unscrupulous landscapers may not install correct surface heights and drainage around your house slab. Most home builders are quick to point out these noncomplying landscaping problems during the maintenance phase of your new home. But then it's too late.

Only 5% deposit can be requested as per Building Contracts Act for amounts over $20,000. Progress payments can only be requested after certain construction milestones have been reached or agreed dates have passed.

How long does Landscaping take?

Again this depends on the inclusions of the project but for most new homes, with dedicated staff, projects can commonly take between 4-12 weeks.


Must all Landscaping work start with an accurate design?

A scaled drawing showing details of all inclusions and specifications is a must for both the home-owner and landscape builder to base the contracted price on. Just as you wouldn’t build your house without knowing what it’s going to look like in advance. These designs form the basis for council submission and permit process which should all be handled by the landscaper and your chosen building surveyor.

What laws govern Landscaping works?

Some of the many governing aspects that control your landscaping project include the Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 and the Building Act 1993 possible Dispensation, Council Permits & Consent, Overlooking neighbours, Permeability of surfaces, Drainage, Building heights (e.g. Front fences), Asset Protection, Building over easement to name a few.

• •

What payments can be asked for during landscaping works?

When can Landscaping start?

Most house builders insist on landscaping to commence after handover of the build once all other trades are finished. Owners can live inside while all non-invasive external works are underway outside.

Checklist for choosing your landscaper Supreme Green



Is the Landscaper a Licensed builder registered to carry out works over $5000? Are all insurances covered with Certificates of Currency for Public Liability, Construction Insurance etc? Are all Landscape staff covered by Workcover Insurance, Police checked? Fixed Price Contract provided as per Building Act regulations for under $500,000 works (not Cost-Plus) Only 5% deposit requested as per Building Contracts Act for amounts over $20,000 Does the chosen Landscape contractor handle all Council permits, consents and dispensations for you? Is there a written Warranty provided with an on-going maintenance guide? Does the chosen Landscape contractor return for a 3-month Warranty free health check? Is the Landscaper providing a free onsite consultation to form the brief and design specifications for the entire project? Design cost subsidised by construction costs for 2D and 3D options Only deal with one Contractor for the ENTIRE project (including front fence, gates, crossover and garage floor) Does your Landscape contractor accept credit card and other finance options? Does the Landscaper carry out a full service location on your property and arrange Dial-B4-Dig? Does the Landscaper come recommended and accredited by New House Builders? Does your chosen Landscaper have an established reputation and good history in your built area? (check online) Does your chosen Landscaper have an extensive portfolio of similar works to your requirements? (Check online) Does your landscape costings give breakdowns to allow for work to be completed in stages? Does your landscape company offer in-house translation service into Chinese? Has the Landscaper won previous industry awards? Are your Landscapers Active supporters & contributors to Charity Organisations?


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



CONTACT US For A Free* 1hr Onsite Landscape Consultation *Value $220 - Only Valid to owners of New Homes building in our common work area map shown here, at lockup stage or beyond. Send your builder’s site plan to the email address below to engage.





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info@newhomelandscaping.com.au PO Box 325, Burwood Vic, 3125

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This document is produced by Supreme Green Pty Ltd in conjunction with information provided by CSIRO, VBA, CAV and Volume Home builders warranty documentation.

©Supreme Green Pty Ltd 2016

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New home landscaping guide  

A free guide to the ins and outs of Landscaping your new home in Melbourne

New home landscaping guide  

A free guide to the ins and outs of Landscaping your new home in Melbourne