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Massage Techniques For Frozen Shoulder - Instant Range of Motion

Did you know that there are massage techniques for frozen shoulder that can help you gain improved range of motion instantly and decrease your pain? Stiffness and pain that limit shoulder motion with adhesive capsulitis is primarily due to painful adhesions that form on the surface of the joint capsule. However in the early stages of this condition, some loss of motion is due to protective muscle guarding and spasm, which can limit the effectiveness of stretching exercises and in most cases actually increase shoulder pain with stretching!

What happens is the patient is given a series of stretching exercises by their therapist in hopes to stretch or break adhesions, but because their shoulder may already be in an inflamed state, these exercises only inflame their shoulder more, thereby causing more pain, more inflammation, and more stiffness. Therefore these stretches are not doing what they are designed to do because of the protective muscle guarding. In the early inflammatory stages the patient should use frozen shoulder massage techniques to gain range of motion and allow the irritation to settle down before begin more aggressive with other stretching or ROM movements. When a person is given aggressive stretching exercises by their PT it's no wonder they soon give up!

One way to overcome this vicious cycle of pain is to use specific muscle release techniques. By locating these muscles and applying graduated pressure you can get the spasms to "let go", thereby instantly improving joint motion. Sometimes the outcome is very dramatic and the patient can gain 20-30 degrees or more in one session. This can be repeated as often as necessary to loosen the shoulder and provide the patient with more pain-free function. These techniques require visual instruction and are too complex to cover within a text article. However here is a description of one of the massage techniques for frozen shoulder that can easily be visualized:

Lie on on a bed on your stomach close to the edge with your affected arm hanging off of the bed Have a partner place their fingers at the back of the arm pit (axilla) and then move their fingers approximately 1.5 to 2 inches laterally toward the spine. Have them start with light steady pressure and gradually increase the pressure to somewhat strong over a period of 30-45 seconds, then suddenly release. Repeat 3-5 times. Next have them begin to passively raise your arm towards your head while applying the same pressure in the spot described above. Movements should only occur in 5-10 degree increments with graduated pressure and release.


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Massage techniques for frozen shoulder- instant range of motion  
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