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Issue 22, 2011

Established: 1995

Tuesday, 20 September, 2011

Picture by: Rishabh Goenka



t was the time of the year again when some inquisitive individuals walking across the lush green campus of AVS, murmuring to themselves, asking one another for the schedule of the Inter-House English debates. This year the Inter-House English debate was a mega event which exhibited the debating talent of AVS in its strong suit. The qualifying rounds were conducted where each house had to battle out three debates with the other three houses to reach the finals. At the end only the two houses with the best performances made it to the finals. The finals of the Inter-House Debates, held on 17th of September, was a scintillating event with two powerful teams raising the temperature of the Williamson Magor Hall with their impetuous deliberations. The motion for the debates that evening was Wikileaks is good for Democracy, chaired by Mrs. Anusha Sharma. The two teams up for the finals were team Blue consisting of three lethal tigresses- Joyeeta Dutta, Sneha Khaund and Sukrita Baruah with their reserve speaker Wazbeer Hussain representing Bhoroli-Lohit, who were against the motion , versus team Red, for the proposition, comprising the awesome threesomeRahul Rajkhowa,Yashash Agarwal and Puspak Chamariya with their reserve speaker Shraddha Aggarwal represented Jinari-Manas. Throughout the debate the intensity remained from both sides 1

who prposed their arguments with conviction and logic. With one of the closest calls maybe in the history of debating in AVS, team Blue emerged as the winners with 309 points overcoming team Red with only 2 points. The debating cup of 2011 was bagged by Bhoroli Lohit after shooting down the other three brother-sister houses. However, one wishes that the scope of the debate should have been broadened and the debate, as a whole, lacked vigour and vivacity. The Best Speaker for the competition was awarded to Joyeeta Dutta, followed by the Most Promising Speaker award bagged by Rahul Rajkhowa. Joyeeta Dutta was also awarded the Best Speaker for three Preliminary Rounds. The other contenders who were awarded the Best Speakers’ positions for the Preliminary Rounds were Ruchi Chaudhary, Rahul Rajkhowa and Jai Phookan. We shall wait till next year while the debaters hone their skills for this much coveted event Suravi Podder



he 14th of September was the day when the hard work and dedication of the students in academics, from the junior school to the senior school, was recognized, and students were presented with Star Prizes. The Chief Guest for the event was Ms. Mamang Dai,the well known journalist and poet of the north-east who delivered a very honest speech on how we are getting too dependent on technology. Later, she gave away the prizes to the Star Prize recipients. Six students from Class 11 and five from Class 12 were given special recognition and they received the Scholarship for the academic year 2011-12. From Class 11, the recipients of Scholarship were Yashash Agarwal, Nandini Das, Sukrita Baruah, Jaykishan Mech Baruah, Leina Chanu Shakti Yambem, and Suyaash Sharma. The recipients of Scholarship from Class 12 were Sneha Khaund, Richa Sharma, Uttara Thapa Marak, Nandini Singha, and Begum Akifa Yesmin. The AVE team congratulates all the Star Prize and Scholarship legatees. Yashodahara Sharma

Weekly Newsletter of The Assam Valley School

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n the 14th of September, the day of the finals of the Inter-House Swimming Championship 2011, one could sense the rush of tension, ambition and determination in the eyes of the swimmers from all four brother-sister Houses. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mr. Dilip Mukherjea, the owner and Managing Director of Braindancing International, Singapore. The participants were shortlisted after several rounds of swimming heats. Subansiri-Namdang broke records in relay and combined relay. Saket Toshniwal(Lohit) broke the record of 50m Backstroke while Yashraj

Bajpayee(Lohit) bettered it. Omkar Shekhawat for the Under-12 category, Abhishek Daimari for Under-14, J. Aiden Nongrum in Under-16 and Ashok Sharma for Over-16 were awarded the best swimmers in their categories. Among the girls, Pratyasha Gogoi for Under-12, Kavita Singh for Under-14, Chubakumla Ozukum for Under16, and Pallavi Gill for Over-16 categories were adjudged the best swimmers. Overall, Aiden Nongrum(Manas) broke 6 records and Abhishek Daimari(Namdang) broke 5 records. SubansiriNamdang won the closely fought championship of 2011 while Jinari-Manas came second. Himanshu Lagachu

WORD DIS-ASSOCIATION Floccinaucinihilipilification Mayukraj S.: A Disease. Aman A.: A person on Cocaine. Rweetom B.: French Version Californication. Hlingdeikim C.: Fear of Flossing.

Kohtiba S.: Special song. of

The actual meaning: The estimation of something as valueless. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia Edgar D.: The name of a Hippo. Pratik C.: Illusion. Parth L.: Fear.

The actual meaning: The fear of long words. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis Yugant H.: Paneer. Ambika A.: Pneumonia. Indranil S.: Microscopic disease. Sneha A.: Covalent Bond. The actual meaning: A lung disease caused by the inhalation of very fine silica dust, causing inflammation in the lungs. Neelav Chakraborty and Advaiy Chettri

QUESTION OF THE WEEK What changes would you suggest in the school calendar? a) c) 2

Cancel out some events. Swap and cancel events.

b) d)

Swap events according to priority, difficulty,etc. No changes. AVE Tuesday, 20 September, 2011.

Picture by: Moinam Chatterjee



he Chief Guest for the Annual Academic Prize-Giving Day, 2011, was Ms Mamang Dai. Ms Dai hails from Arunachal Pradesh and has been at various times in her life, a poet, an author, a civil servant and a journalist. She has written extensively for the Sentinel and the Tekegraph and is currently working for the Hindustan Times. Ms Dai was the very first recipient of the Verrier Elwin award from the Government of Arunachal Pradesh in 2003 and in 2011 she was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri from the Government of India. Following is an excerpt from an interview as told to AVE.: AVE: What are your views on AVS? Ms. Mamang Dai: This is my second visit to AVS. But my association with the school goes back several years. Mr. Carling, your former Headmaster, visited my home and we talked several times about the region and its potential for development. AVE: Do you think the school provides the right ingredients to its students to develop a North-eastern as well as global identity? MD: I think AVS as a centre of learning will give its students an education that will help them understand the natural creativity of the region. The focus should be on the merging of the different ideas from various regions of the North-East and beyond, to develop a unique sensitivity, and not emphasise only on certain individual cultures. AVE: You talked about growing up during the Indo-China War in your address to the school community. Can you tell our readers about any memories that you might have from the period and your experiences? MD: I was quite young, a little child, in fact, during the war. So, I don't remember much from those days. I recollect somewhat the burning of godowns in which essential goods were kept. One of the incidents I remember was that my father was detained because he was suspected to be a Chinese! It is a period from our recent history that needs to be better known and understood. AVE: What inspired you to go back to your roots and write about the region to which you belong? MD: I feel that it is because of my temperament. My temperament is such that I have always felt connected to the North-east. I am fluent in my mother-tongue and am fascinated by the various indigenous cultures. There is no obligation, however, acting on me to write only abou the NorthEast. My book Stupid Cupid is based in Delhi, which is a place close to my heart. AVE: Do you think the youth of the region are interested to write about their cultures and geography as you have done? MD: There are, sadly,very few among the young who wish to explore the hidden mysteries of the North-East. The desire to search and write is kind of missing. Everybody wants to go for jobs. Hardly anybody wants to come back. Suhavi Arya and Sneha Khaund 3

AVE Tuesday, 20 September, 2011.


Himangshu Arya Recap: The narrator follows a mysterious woman that was enough to blurt out the truth. “It couldn’t named Carla into an alleyway. In his pursuit he finds be…” Carla gasped. himself trapped in that never ending alleyway with a “Our little boy has changed.” I said, gun pressed against his back. (Previously written by “Brendan’s all grown up now, I barely recognized Ambiso Tawsik.) him myself! You should have seen how he had fooled the prison guards! Got your talent, that “Oh! What a surprise, Carla!” I said, boy of ours.” smirking. “Don’t kid me!” She said, her voice “Shut it, Ben!” She snapped, “Before I trembling. pump three bullets into your skull, I need some “I am not joking Carla. Speaking of jokes answers.” She paused, then whispering under her I did hear a good one on the radio earlier today. breath, she said ‘Who gave away our location? It goes like this: A thief meets another trying to rob Who was tha filthy little…?” the same house the other was robbing... Reminds me “Mind your language Carla. He’ll know of how we met…” whether you’re naughty or nice!” I sang out in a “Where is he? I will give you three seconds trembling soprano. Carla always understood my to tell me where he is before I pull the damn sense of humour. I turned around to face my wife. trigger…”She threatened. A chill ran down my spine when I caught “Where was I? Oh yeah and then…so both her gaze. “Mind if I smoke?” I said, withdrawing of them get into a quarrel over a diamond.” a packet of cigarette from my pocket. “You see, “One..” she began. “So the first thief draws out a 10 years in jail has made me a little… edgy.” knife and jumps at the other…” “Haven’t forgotten your manners, have “Two…” she pulled back the hammer, you?” Her gun was still clutched firmly. teary eyed. I flicked a cigareete lighter. The smoke “But the diamond slipped off his grasp…silly danced up over the flame, making strange shapes isn’t it?” I sniggered. in the air. Through the faint light of the flame, I With a breath of finality Carla rasped, could see Carla, beautiful as ever. Nothing had “Three…” changed in her even after 10 years. You could be continued. torture her to death, but still fail to create a dent on her pride. “Why are you so dolled up, Carla?” I asked, trying to buy some time. “None of your concern, Ben. Now if you don’t Last week's question: Do you prefer the mind, I have business to attend to. So please help food court over the cafeteria? your sweet wife here, and give me the name!” She spat out, “Was it Sam? You both knew each other from college, didn’t you?” She said, “But wait, there is some other person, isn’t there? Someone who helped you break out of prison…” Yes:133 “There is a Christmas Party going on, right?” I No:201 exclaimed, understanding the need for the dress. “You are going to a party! Can I tag along? I promise I will behave.” I said, making light of the whole situation. “Answer me… now!” She said, seriousness returning to her face. “But you already know the answer, Carla.” Total number of students polled: 334 There was a long and uncomfortable silence, but


Chief Student Editor: Ambiso Tawsik. Deputy Editors: Vedant Jain, Sneha Khaund, Sukrita Baruah, Yashodhara Sharma. Associate Editors: Radhika Moral, Suhavi Arya, Yashash Agarwal, Rohan Tandon, Devraj Barooah. Senior Correspondents: Nandini Singha, Jai Phookan, Puspak Chamariya. Junior Correspondents: Advaiy Chettri. Graphics: Hlingdeikim Changsan, Mrinal Koijam, Jita Moji Jini. Production Manager: Deepanjan Das. Photographers: Rishabh Goenka, Anjanav Sharma, Daksha Salam, Moinam Chatterjee. Chief Staff Editor: Supratim Basu. E-mail: Telephone: 03714-292470. Publisher: Head of Publications, The Assam Valley School, P.O. Balipara, Dist. Sonitpur, Asom-784101, India. Printed at: Swastika Printers, Rangapara, Asom. Website:


AVE Tuesday, 20 September, 2011.

20the Sept. 2011  

ACADEMIC AWARDS T he 14th of September was the day when the 1 Weekly Newsletter of The Assam Valley School Issue 22, 2011 Established: 1995...

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