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Year : 01

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Regd No.: MAHMUL03159/13/01/2013-TC

Mumbai, Date. 03 to 09 October 2013

Editor : Dr. Arun Mishra

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MCI okays 100 more MBBS seats for Vidarbha

NAGPUR, Medical Council of India (MCI), on Tuesday, okayed 100 more MBBS seats for different colleges in Vidarbha. The apex body for medical education submitted a 'letter of permission' granting 50 additional seats each to Indira Gandhi Government Medical College (IGGMC) in Nagpur and Government Medical College (GMC) in Akola in the Nagpur bench of Bombay High Court. With this, 10 GMCs in Maharashtra will see an overall increase of 500 seats. Earlier, Maharashtra

government had moved to the Supreme Court contending it would be impossible to complete admissions of 100 students in just one week. Accordingly, the judges granted 14 more days to complete the process. At HC here, justices Bhushan Gavai and Z.A. Haq questioned the additional government pleader Bharti Dangre on failure of the chief secretary to reply to August 27 notice in which he was told to explain why action contempt action shouldn't be taken for not complying with court's September 22, 2010, orders. Dangre informed

that additional chief secretary of Medical Education Department Anand Kulkarni was not keeping well and had sought two weeks to file a reply. The judges then remarked they would monitor the progress of works at IGGMC fortnightly as they wanted the issue to be resolved permanently. "The Supreme Court was kind enough to consider the college proposals. The government must abide by the undertaking now," they said.

Protein diet to help civic doctors fight TB MUMBAI, Resident doctors at the civic-run KEM and Nair hospitals will be provided breakfast high on protein to fight infections, especially TB. The civic authorities woke up to the nutritional needs of the junior doctors after a medical intern and nursing student died of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in June this year. The high-protein breakfast

was first offered to doctors at Sion Hospital from August 15. Its success has prompted the BMC to extend the nutritious menu to the other two tertiary hospitals. TB remains one of the commonest occupational hazards in public hospitals and 54 healthcare providers are being treated for TB. Only seven of

those taking TB treatment are doctors, while the rest are nursing students and staffers. Additional municipal commissioner Manisha Mhaiskar said improvement in Sion Hospital's breakfast menu brought a huge change in eating habits of doctors. (Cont..On Page 2)

Dangre pointed out about communication problems between various government departments. The judges then stated they would direct the chief secretary to either appoint a nodal officer or he should himself coordinate. "The government must function as per its name. It should comply with its assurance on improving facilities at IGGMC," the judges said before adjourning the hearing till October 17. The judges indicated to petitionerlawyer Nitesh Samudre that his petition regarding increase in GMC Akola seats would be disposed of by next date. Jugalkishore Gilda was amicus curiae in the case. MCI's move of okaying increase in MBBS seats in Vidarbha came after its SLP was dismissed by the apex court on Monday. The 'letter of permission' by MCI secretary Sanjay Shrivastava mentioned Union ministry for health and family welfare's gazette notification of

Maharashtra CM extends help to pvt hospitals MUMBAI, The state government has chalked out a master plan to set up 1,500 primary health centres and sub–centres across the state. It also plans to establish eight new medical colleges to strengthen the network of public health care facilities, said chief minister Prithviraj Chavan on Thursday. "The Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayi Arogya Yojana, which currently covers eight districts, will be implemented in the remaining 25 districts from next month. The scheme allows quality tertiary care medical services to low–income families at designated private hospitals. We have also started setting up diagnostics imaging facilities at state–run hospitals on public–private–partnership basis. Besides, the state is also ready to launch its emergency medical services with a fleet of ambulances to enhance access to critical care," Chavan said. The CM said that even as efforts were being made to strengthen public health care, private health sector played an equally crucial role. "Public health sector cannot do enough; we need help from private hospitals to fill gaps in medical services. (Cont..On Page 2)

July 8 for enhancement of intake capacity. "I am directed to convey approval of competent authority for one time increase of MBBS seats from 100 to 150 in IGGMC and Akola GMC operating under Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik," Shrivastava said. MCI, however, clarified that the enhanced capacity for both colleges would remain for one year only and further permission for increase of 60-100 (recognition for IGGMC) or 100150 would be subjected to renewal on annual basis in accordance with existing regulations. MCI also made it clear that the selection of students against the 100 seats should be in accordance with Graduate Medical Education Regulations, 1987. It further directed to complete the admission process within stipulated time granted by the Supreme Court. The MCI warned the colleges not to admit more than one batch against this letter and apply for renewal of permission for increased intake well in advance of next academic session.

Medico Legal News Dr. Arun Mishra

DOCTOR IN TROUBLE GHOST BUSTER & FAMILY MEMBER ARRESTED MUMBAI, A case which attracted medical issue happened in Slum of Suburban, Mumbai which is common case our medical practitioners experience continuously in their regular practice. This case is live example of misguiding of innocent people by ghost buster with intention of extorting money. We have some common thinking of people in believing Dava & Dua. In this case a Family staying in slum of Mumbai approached General Practitioner for illness of their 14 years daughter who was having fever from 8 days. But in between, they stopped this treatment & went to a Ghost Buster after referred by someone. The misguided parents believing in ghost buster started his method of treating child. There was no health improvement, hence the ghost buster said the parents of that girl that the girl is haunted by some

evil spirits. The girl was treated by the ghost buster who kept beating her with stick and leather belt. Inspite of cry of the girl, ghost buster continued torturing the girl everyday in persist of treating with stick & leather belt and extorting money from parents. The girl, already weakened due to the fever, died. The girl’s dead body was taken to the doctor for the purpose of getting death certificate. When doctor enquired about past history and discontinuation of treatment, parents narrated horror story. When doctor examined deceased he found multiple injury marks all over the body. The doctor contacted DRMLS Legal Team. DRMLS Legal Team advised the doctor to take precautionary steps as there were injury marks on the dead body. After listening complete story from the doctor, legal team advised (Cont..On Page 2)




Mumbai, Date. 03 to 09 October 2013



Editorial Section 52 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 “ Good faith”.— Nothing is said to be done or believed in” good faith” which is done or believed without due care and attention. Section 76 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 Act done by a person bound, or by mistake of fact believing himself bound, by law.— Nothing is an offence which is done by a person who is, or who by reason of a mistake of fact and not by reason of a mistake of law in good faith believes himself to be, bound by law to do it. Illustrations (a) A, a soldier, fires on a mob by the order of his superior officer, in conformity with the commands of the law. A has committed no offence. (b) A, an officer of a Court of Justice, being ordered by that Court to arrest Y, and after due enquiry, believing Z to be Y, arrests Z. A has committed no offence. Section 79 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 Act done by a person justified, or by mistake of fact believing himself, justified, by law.— Nothing is an offence which is done by any person who is justified by law, or who by reason of a mistake of fact and not by reason of a mistake of law in good faith, believes himself to be justified by law, in doing it. Illustration A sees Z commit what appears to A to be a murder. A, in the exercise, to the best of his judgment exerted in good faith, of the power which the law gives to all persons of apprehending murderers in the fact, seizes Z, in order to bring Z before the proper authorities. A has committed no offence, though it may turn out that






Z was acting in self- defence. Section 80 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 Accident in doing a lawful act.— Nothing is an offence which is done by accident or misfortune, and without any criminal intention or knowledge in the doing of a lawful act in a lawful manner by lawful means and with proper care and caution. Illustration A is at work with a hatchet; the head flies off and kills a man who is standing by. Here, if there was no want of proper caution on the part of A, his act is excusable and not an offence. Section 81 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 Act likely to cause harm, but done without criminal intent, and to prevent other harm. Nothing is an offence merely by reason of its being done with the knowledge that it is likely to cause harm, if it be done without any criminal intention to cause harm, and in good faith for the purpose of preventing or avoiding other harm to person or property. Explanation.- It is a question of fact in such a case whether the harm to be prevented or avoided was of such a nature and so imminent as to justify or excuse the risk of doing the act with the knowledge that it was likely to cause harm. Illustrations (a) A, the captain of a steam vessel, suddenly and without any fault or negligence on his part, finds himself in such a position that, before he can stop his vessel, he must inevitably run down a boat B, with twenty or thirty passengers on board, unless he changes the course of his vessel, and that, by changing his course, he must incur risk of running down a boat C

with only two passengers on board, which he may possibly clear. Here, if A alters his course without any intention to run down the boat C and in good faith for the purpose of avoiding the danger to the passengers in the boat B, he is not guilty of an offence, though he may run down the boat C by doing an act which he knew was likely to cause that effect, if it be found as a matter of fact that the danger which he intended to avoid was such as to excuse him in incurring the risk of running down C. (b) A, in a great fire, pulls down houses in order to prevent the conflagration from spreading. He does this with the intention in good faith of saving human life or property. Here, if it be found that the harm to be prevented was of such a nature and so imminent as to excuse A’s act, A is not guilty of the offence. Section 82 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 82. Act of a child under seven years of age.— Nothing is an offence which is done by a child under seven years of age. Section 83 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 83. Act of a child above seven and under twelve of immature understanding.— Nothing is an offence which is done by a child above seven years of age and under twelve, who has not attained sufficient maturity of understanding to judge of the nature and consequences of his conduct on that occasion. Section 84 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 84. Act of a person of unsound mind.— Nothing is an offence which is done by a person who, at the time of doing it, by reason of unsoundness of mind, is incapable of knowing the nature of the act, or that he is doing what is either wrong or contrary to law.

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Protein diet to... "Earlier, barely 20% doctors ate breakfast regularly. With better food, the number increased four-fold," she said. Around 1,800 resident doctors work in the three civic tertiary care hospitals. The high-protein breakfast menu in Nair and KEM hospitals will come into effect from October. Mhaiskar said under the new system, the menu in each hospital will be decided together by a dietician, a representative of resident doctors, the mess contractor and a hospital authority. But nursing students have to wait longer as the current scheme is only for doctors. President of central Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors Dr Santosh Wakchaure said, "The BMC has kept its promise and doctors now start their day with proper nutrition. Earlier, many would skip breakfast. In the long run, we also need to sort out the issue of overcrowding of resident doctors' quarters. The BMC also plans to team up with NGOs and has started providing nutritional meals to patients under treatment for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis at DOTS centres in Kurla.

Maharashtra CM... We are ready to support them by way of allowing extra floor space index (FSI) to private hospitals," Chavan said. Emphasizing the need to strengthen medical tourism in the state, Chavan said that private hospitals with world class facilities have a definite role to boost medical tourism. "We need hospitals of all types. Medical facilities providing world class medical services fetch foreign exchange. If we do not have such hospitals, people who can afford them will go to places where such facilities exist," he said, after inaugurating Ruby Hall Clinic’s new boutique hospital at Wanowrie, which primarily caters to medical needs of foreigners and high–end clientele and aims to play an active role in promoting state’s medical tourism. Public health sector cannot do enough; we need help from private hospitals. We are ready to support them by way of allowing extra floor space index to private hospitals In August, the chief minister set up a high–level committee headed by additional chief secretary (medical education) Anand Kulkarni for promotion of medical tourism. Asian heart institute director Ramakant

Panda, Ruby Hall Clinic’s managing trustee P K Grant, J J hospital dean T P Lahane and medical education director Praveen Shingare are among the members of the committee. Cardiologist Parvez Grant, managing trustee of Ruby Hall Clinic, expressed confidence that with the support of the state government, private hospitals which have world class facilities will beat most states in promoting medical tourism in Maharashtra in the next two years. State forest minister Patangarao Kadam, alos present at the event, said that private hospitals should subsidise charges of medical care for the poor and needy. ‘Airport will come up at Chakan’ Chief minister Prithviraj Chavan on Thursday said the state government is putting all necessary efforts to set up the international airport in Chakan at the earliest. "The state government has already initiated action with respect to acquisition of land required for the airport project as well as granting of permissions and clearances related to environment. The entire process is in its final stages," said Chavan while speaking at a seminar organized by the Confederation

of Indian Industry.

DOCTOR IN TROUBLE... Doctor to send body for Post Mortem as the death was unnatural. The injury marks all over the body suggestive of violence which attracts police action. On advice the doctor informed police. The Police stepped in and taken statement of the Doctor. The body was sent for post mortem and revealed death

due to violence. The local ghost buster was arrested, the family members were also arrested for destroying the evidence and the Doctor was also called to the Police Station for investigation. DRMLS further guided the Doctor and he is now safe. However, the rest were arrested. Above case attracts various Sections of Magic Remedies Act Cont..On Page 4

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Mumbai, Date. 03 to 09 October 2013

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àemgZmH$So> Amë`m ZmhrV. na§Vw H$moUmH$So> A{YH¥$V ‘m{hVr Agë`mg XyaÜdZr H«$‘m§H$ 251360 da H$idmdo Ago AmdmhZhr H$aÊ`mV Ambo Amho. `m~m~V ghmæ`H$ Am`w º $ {ZVrZ Xo d ao åhUmbo , gÜ`m gw ê $ Agboë`m {deof ‘mo{h‘oV Joë`m 40 {Xdgm§V 85 XwH$mZm§Mr VnmgUr H$aÊ`mV Ambr AgyZ ÌwQ>r AmT>iUmè`m§Mo 17 nadmZo {Zb§{~V Ho$bo AmhoV. hr VnmgUr a°ÝS>‘ nÕVrZo Ho$br OmVo. Xaå`mZ, XrS> hOma én`o ^mS>çmZo nadmZm KoV H$moUrhr ’$m‘m©{gñQ> hmoV Amho, ho {MÌ ~hþVHo $ {R>H$mUr nhm`bm {‘iVo. AmVm Ë`m{déÕ H$madmB©Mr ‘mohr‘ gwê$ amhUma Agë`mMo g‘OVo.

ñdmñÏ` Ho$ {bE ~hþV bm^H$mar h¡ Zt~y nmZr (S>m°. Ho$.Ama.Ho$dQ>) Zt~y ~hþV hr JwUH$mar h¡& H$B© ê$nm| ‘| `h h‘mao ñdmñÏ` Ho$ {bE ’$`Xo‘§X gm{~V hmoVm h¡& Zt~y {d{^Þ {dQ>m{‘Ýg d {‘Zaëg H$m IOmZm ‘mZm OmVm h¡& Bg‘| nmZr, àmoQ>rZ, H$ma~mohmBS´oQg Am¡a eH©$am ‘m¡OyX hmoVr h¡& Zt~y {dQ>m{‘Z gr H$m ~ohVa òmoV h¡& Bg‘| {d{^Þ {dQ>m{‘Ýg O¡go {W`m{‘Z, [a~moâbmo{dZ, {Z`m{gZ, {dQ>m{‘Z ~r- 6, ’$moboQ> Am¡a {dQ>m{‘Z-B© H$s Wmo‹S>r ‘mÌm ‘m¡OyX ahVr h¡& AmO Om{ZE Zt~y nmZr Ho$ ’$m`Xo Ho$ ~mao ‘|& Zt~y nmZr h‘mao ñdmñÏ` Ho$ {bE ~ohX ’$m`Xo‘§X h¡ {gdm` CZHo$ {OÝh| Zt~y go EbOu hmoVr h¡& `h Iam~ Jbo,H$ãO,{H$S>Zr ñQ>moZ, Am¡a ‘gy‹S>m| H$s g‘ñ`mAm| ‘| amhV nhþ§MmVm h¡& ãbS> àoea Am¡a VZmd H$mo H$‘ H$aVm h¡& ËdMm H$mo ñdñW ~ZmZo Ho$ gmW hr {bda Ho$ {bE ^r `h ~ohVa hmoVm h¡& nmMZ {H«$`m,dOZ g§Vw{bV H$aZo Am¡a H$B© Vah Ho$ H¢$ga go ~Mmd H$aZo ‘| Zt~y nmZr ‘XXJma hmoVm h¡& Zt~y nmZr ‘| H$B© Vah Ho$ {‘Zaëg O¡go Am`aZ, ‘¡¾r{e`‘, ’$mñ’$moag, H¡$pëe`‘, nmoQ>¡{e`‘ Am¡a qOH$ nmE OmVo h¢& * {H$S>Zr ñQ>moZ- Zt~y nmZr H$m ñdmñÏ` na n‹S>Zo dmbm g~go ‘hËdnyU© ’$m`Xm h¡,BgH$m {H$S>Zr ñQ>moZ go amhV nhþ§MmZm& ‘w»`ê$n go {H$S>Zr ñQ>moZ eara go {~Zm {H$gr naoemZr Ho$ {ZH$b OmVm h¡,bo{H$Z Hw$N> ‘m‘bm| ‘| `h `yarZ âbmo H$mo ãbm°H$ H$a XoVo h¢ Omo AË`{YH$ nr‹S>m H$m H$maU ~ZVm h¡& Zt~y nmZr nrZo go eara H$mo [ahmBS´oQ> hmoZo ‘| ‘XX {‘bVr h¡ Am¡a `h `yarZ H$mo nVbm aIZo ‘| ‘XX H$aVm h¡& gmW hr `h {H$S>Zr ñQ>moZ ~ZZo Ho$ {H$gr ^r Vah Ho$ IVao H$mo H$‘ H$aVm h¡& * S>m`~rQ>rO amoJr H$m gmWr- hmB© ewJa dmbo Oyg d qS´H$ H$m ~ohVa {dH$ën ‘mZm OmVm h¡ Zt~y nmZr& ImgVm¡a go CZHo$ {bE Omo S>m`{~{Q>H$ h¢ `m dOZ H$‘ H$aZm MmhVo h¢& `h ewJa H$mo J§^ra ñVa VH$ nhþ§MmE {~Zm eara H$mo [ahmBS´oQ> d EZOm©BO H$aVm h¡& * nmMZ{H«$`m ‘| ’$m`Xo‘§X- Zt~y nmZr ‘| ‘m¡OyX Zt~y H$m ag hmBS´moŠbmo[aH$ E{gS> Am¡a {nÎm {gH«o$eZ Ho$ àmoS>ŠeZ ‘| d¥{Õ H$aVm h¡,Omo nmMZ Ho$ {bE Amdí`H$ h¡& gmW hr,`h E{g{S>Q>r Am¡a J{R>`m Ho$ IVao H$mo ^r H$‘ H$aVm h¡& Omo bmoJ Am‘Vm¡a na nmMZ-g§~§Yr g‘ñ`mAm| O¡go E~S>m°{‘Zb H«¡$åßg,ãbm°qQ>J,ObZ Am¡a J¡g H$s g‘ñ`m Am{X go naoemZ hmoVo h¢,CÝh| {Z`{‘V ê$n go Zt~y nmZr H$m godZ H$aZm Mm{hE& * H$m°ÝñQ>rnoeZ- Zt~y nmZr H$m°ÝñQ>rnoeZ H$s {eH$m`V go J«ñV bmoJm| Ho$ {bE ~ohX ’$m`Xo‘§X h¡& à{V{XZ gw~h J‘© Zt~y nmZr {nE§ Am¡a nyao {XZ H$m°ÝñQ>rnoeZ H$s g‘ñ`m go Xya ah|& * Bå`yZ {gñQ>‘- Zt~y nmZr ~m`moâbodmoZm°`S>, {dQ>m{‘Z gr Am¡a ’$mBQ>mÝo `y{Q´`Q§ g H$m ~ohVa òoV h¡ Omo eara H$s à{VamoYH$ j‘Vm H$s e{º$ ~‹T>mZo ‘| ‘XX H$aVm h¡& Bg‘| ‘m¡OXy Amdí`H$ {dQ>m{‘Ýg Am¡a {‘Zaëg Ho$ H$maU `h eara Ho$ EZOu bodb H$mo ~‹T>mZo ‘| ‘XX H$aVm h¡& * Iam~ Jbm- Zt~y nmZr H$mo JwZJwZm H$aHo$ nrZo go Jbo H$s Iam~r `m ’¡$[aÝOmB{Q>g ‘| Amam‘ nhþ§MmVm h¡& * dOZ H$‘- ha gw~h ehX Ho$ gmW JwZJwZm Zt~y nmZr nrZo go A{V[aº$ dOZ AmgmZr go H$‘ {H$`m Om gH$Vm h¡& * ‘gy‹S>m| H$s g‘ñ`m- Zt~y nmZr nrZo go ‘gy‹S>m| go g§~§{YV g‘ñ`mAm| go amhV {‘bVr h¡& Zt~y nmZr ‘| EH$ MwQ>H$s Z‘H$ {‘bmH$a nrZo go ~ohVa n[aUm‘ {‘bVo h¢& * H¢$gaH$mar VËdm| H$m {damoYr- H¢$ga go ~Mmd Ho$ {bE Zt~y nmZr nrZm ’$m`Xo‘§X hmoVm h¡& emoY AÜ``Z ~VmVo h¢ {H$ Zt~y AnZo E§Q>r Q>çy‘a JwUm| Ho$ gmW H¢$ga Ho$ IVam| H$mo H$‘ H$a gH$Vm h¡& * ñQ´og Am¡a ãbS> àoea- Zt~y nmZr H$m EH$ Am¡a ’$m`Xm `h h¡ {H$ Bg‘| ãbS> àoea H$mo H$‘ H$aZo Ho$ JwU Ho$ gmW hr VZmd,{S>àoeZ Am¡a AdgmX H$‘ H$aZo Ho$ JwU nmE OmVo h¢& Zt~y nmZr nrZo go Vwa§V hr AmnH$mo Amam‘ H$m AZw^d hmoJm& BgHo$ Abmdm ^r `h S>m`[a`m O¡gr g‘ñ`mAm| ‘| AgaXma hmoVm h¡& ‘m{gH$ MH«$ Ho$ Xm¡amZ ‘{hbmE§ VrZ go Mma Zt~y Ho$ ag H$m à`moJ H$a XX© go {ZOmV nm gH$Vr h¢& Zt~y H$m Á`mXm go Á`mXm bm^ CR>mZo Ho$ {bE Bgo J‘© nmZr ‘| {‘bmH$a {nE§& ~‹S>o-~wOwJm] Ûmam h‘oem `h gbmh Xr OmVr h¡ {H$ ~ohVa ñdmñÏ` Ho$ {bE T>oa gmam nmZr {nE§ bo{H$Z Am‘Vm¡a na bmoJ n`m©á nmZr Zht nr nmVo, Š`m|{H$ nmZr ‘| CÝh| H$moB© ñdmX Zht {‘bVm& Eogr pñW{V ‘| Amn Mmh| Vmo Zt~y nmZr nr gH$Vo h¢ Omo ñdmX ‘| ~ohVa Am¡a VmOJr XoZo dmbm hmoVm h¡,gmW hr nmZr Am¡a Zt~y XmoZm| AmnH$mo {‘bVm ahoJm Am¡a Amn h‘oem ñdñW ah|Jo&



Mumbai, Date. 03 to 09 October 2013

‘hmamï´> ’$m‘m©{gñQ> dob’o$Aa Agmo{gEeZMm "’$m‘m©{gñQ>' {XZmMm H$m¶©H«$‘ g§nÞ ‘w§~B©/XmXa, (S>m°³Q>ag [añH$ ݶyO) OJ^amV 25 gßQ>~| a hm {Xdg OmJ{VH$ ’$m‘m©{gñQ> {XZ åhUyZ gmOam Ho$bm OmVmo. nU `mdfu àW‘M ^maVmV 25 gßQ>~| a hm {Xdg ’$m‘m©{gñQ> {XZ åhUyZ CËgmhmV gmOam H$aÊ`mV Ambm. ’$m‘m©{gñQ> {XZmMo Am¡{MË` gmYyZ ‘hmamï´> ’$m‘m©{gñQ> dob’o$Aa Agmo{gEeZ `m g§KQ>ZoZo H$mo{hZya hm°b, XmXa (nyd©), ‘w§~B© `oWo EH$m ^ì` H$m`©H«$‘mMo Am`moOZ Ho$bo hmoVo. gXa H$m`©H«$‘mg à‘wI nmhþUo åhUyZ {ejH$ ‘VXma g§KmMo Am‘Xma ‘mZZr` H${nb nmQ>rb CnpñWV hmoV.o VgoM `m H$m`©H$« ‘mg ‘hmamï´>amÁ`mMo Am¡fY {Z`§ÌH$ ‘m. Amo. emo. gmYdmZr, AÞ d Am¡fY àemgZmMo gh Am`wº$ ‘m.Ho$.~r. e|So>, d Cn Am`wº$ ‘m. Ama. ~r. ~Zmago Am{U S>m.° H¡$bmg Jm¡S>, AÜ`j, ‘w§~B© àXoe, bmoH$^maVr AmXr ‘mÝ`da CnpñWV hmoVo. H$m`©H«$‘mMo à‘wI nmhþUo ‘mZZr` Am‘Xma H${nb nmQ>rb CnpñWVm§Zm g§~moYyZ Ago åhUmbo H$s 25 gßQ>|~a hm {Xdg OmJ{VH$ Amamo½` g§KQ>ZoZo OmJ{VH$ ’$m‘m©{gñQ> {XZ åhUyZ Omhra Ho$bm Amho. Var ‘hmamï´> ’$m‘m©{gñQ> dob’o$Aa Agmo{gEeZ `m g§KQ>ZoÛmao ^maVmV àW‘M hm {XZ gmOam hmoVmo`. Var `m {XZmÀ`m gd© ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Zm hm{X©H$ ew^oÀN>m. ’$m‘m©{gñQ> hm Amamo½` joÌVrb ‘hÎdmMm KQ>H$ AgyZ ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Zo Ë`m§À`m H$m‘mVyZ Amamo½` joÌmV ñdV…Mo doJionU {Z‘m©U Ho$bo nm{hOo Am{U Vwåhm ñdV… Vw‘Mo ‘hÎd dmT>{dbo nm{hOo. `mgmR>r àË`oH$ ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Zo ‘o{S>H$b ‘Ü`o H$m‘

H$aVmZm nm§T>am ew^« A°àm°Z n[aYmZ H$amdm d Ë`mda a{OñQ>S>© ’$m‘m©{gñQ> {bhÿZ Ë`mImbr Amnbo Zmd d a{OñQ´e o Z Z§~a {bhmdo. OoUHo $ê$Z ê$½Um§Zm AmnU ’$m‘m©{gñQ> H$Sy>ZM Am¡fY KoV Agë`mMr ImÌr hmoB©b. VgoM ê$½Um§Zm Am¡fY {Xë`mZ§Va Am¡fYo H$er d H$Yr ¿`mdrV `m~m~V ‘mJ©Xe©Z H$ê$Z noe§Q> H$mD$ÝgoqbJ H$amdo, `m‘wio àË`oH$ ê$½UmÀ`m ‘ZmV ’$m‘m©{gñQ> ~Ôb {dœmg {Z‘m©U hmoB©b. Am{U ‘mZZr` Am‘Xmam§Zr AÞ d Am¡fY àemgZmÀ`m A{YH$ma`m§Zm Ago gwM{dbo H$s, Am¡fY{dH«$s XwH$mZmg nadmZo XoVmZm Ë`m XwH$mZmÀ`m Zâ`mV ’$m‘m©{gñQ>bm H$mhr Q>¸²$`m§Mm {hñgoXma ~Zdmdo OoUoH$ê$Z ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Mo ‘hÎd dmT>ob d Vo A{YH$ Omo‘mZo ê$½Ugodm H$aVrb Am¡fY {Z`§ÌH$ ‘hmamï´> amÁ` ‘m. Amo.emo. gmYdmZr `m§ Z r Ago ‘mJ© X e© Z Ho $ bo H$s, ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Mo H$m‘ ho ’$º$ H$m‘ ZgyZ g‘mOgodoMo H$m‘ Amho. Ë`m‘wio àË`oH$ ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Zo H$m`ÚmMr A§‘b~OmdUr H$ê$Z ê$½Ugodm H$amdr. AmO ‘hmamï´ > mV EHy $ U 60000 Vo 70000 Am¡fY{dH«$sMr XwH$mZo AmhoV d Ë`m§Mo {ZarjU H$aÊ`mg ’$º$ 160 Am¡fY {ZarjH$ AmhoV. Ë`m‘wio EdT>o H$‘r A{YH$mar gd© XwH$m§Zm§n`ªV nmo h mo M Ê`mg AS> M Ur `o V Amho V . åhUy Z ’$m‘m©{gñQ>ZM o H$m`Xm nmiyZ Amnë`m Am¡fY{dH«$s XwH$mZmMo Am¡fY {ZarjH$ åhUyZ H$m‘ H$amdo. VgoM amÁ`mV Hw$R>ho r {dZm’$m‘m©{gñQ> Am¡fY {dH«$s Mmby Agë`mg WoQ> àemgZmH$So> VH«$ma H$amdr, àemgZ `m~m~VrV H$S>H$ H$madmB©gmR>r H${Q>~Õ

Amho. VgoM ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Zo hr àË`oH$ Am¡fYmÀ`m IaoXr {dH«$sMr H$mQ>oH$moa Zm|X R>odmdr, OoUoH$ê$Z H$Yr H$mhr Am¡fYm§‘wio Xwîn[aUm‘ CØdy bmJbo Va gXa Am¡fYo [aH$m°b H$ê$Z H§$nZrbm naV H$aVm `oVrb d Zï> H$aVm `oVrb. g§KQ>ZoMo CnmÜ`j {demb ndma `m§Zr Am¡fYmÀ`m g§emoYZmnmgyZ Am¡fYm§Mr CËnmXH$Vm Vo {dH«$s n`ªV àË`oH$ ñVamda H$m`ÚmZo ’$m‘m©{gñQ> A{Zdm`© H$amdm Aer ‘mJUr g§KQ>ZoV’}$ àemgZmMo A{YH$mar d ‘mZZr` Am‘Xmam§H$So> Ho$br VgoM Am‘Xmam§Zr Ë`mgmR>r H$m`ÚmV ~Xb H$aÊ`mgmR>r g^mJ¥hmV àý ‘m§S>mdm Aer ‘mJUr H$aÊ`mV Ambr. Ë`mda Am‘Xmam§Zrhr gXa àýmda bdH$aM g^mJ¥hmV MMm© KS>dZy AmUÊ`mgmR>r à`ËZ H$ê$ Ago AmœmgZ {Xbo. H$m`©H$« ‘mÀ`m eodQ>r g§KQ>ZoMo AÜ`j gw{OV na‘ma `m§Zr ’$m‘m©{gñQ>mM § m XOm© C§MdÊ`mgmR>r g§KQ>Zm Zoh‘rM H$m‘ H$arV amhrb Ago AmœmgZ {Xbo. VgoM Hw$R>ho r {dZm’$m‘m©{gñQ> ~oH$m`XoeranUo Am¡fY{dH«$s Mmby Agob Va Ëd[aV g§KQ>Ze o r g§nH©$ H$amdm. g§KQ>Zm àemgZmH$So> H$madmB©gmR>r nmR>naw mdm H$aob. `m H$m`© H « $ ‘mV Jo b r AZo H $ df} àm‘m{UH$nUo ê$½Ugodm H$aUma`m H$mhr Á`oð> ’$m‘m©{gñQ>m§Mm lr’$i d à‘mUnÌ XoD$Z Jm¡ad H$aÊ`mV Ambm. H$m`©H«$‘ `eñdr H$aÊ`mgmR>r g§KQ>ZoÀ`m gH«$s` H$m`©H$Ë`mªZr AhmoamÌ ‘ohZV KoVbr Am{U `mnwT>ohr Am¡fY{dH«$s hr ê$JUgodm ‘mZyZ H$m`ÚmZo Am¡fY{dH«$s H$aÊ`mMr gd© ’$m‘m©{gñQ>Zr enW KoVbr.

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DOCTOR IN TROUBLE... MAGIC REMEDIES ACT It includes a talisman mantra kavacha, and any other charm of any kind which is alleged to possess miraculous powers for or in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation treatment or prevention of any disease in human beings or animals or for affecting or influencing in any way the structure or any organic function of the body of human beings or animals.

IPC SECTIONS ATTRACTING THIS CASE Section 176 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 176. Omission to give notice or information to public servant by person legally bound to give it.— Whoever, being legally bound to give any notice or to furnish information on any subject to any public servant, as such, intentionally omits to give such notice or to furnish such information in the manner and at the time required by law, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one month, or with fine which may extend to five hundred rupees, or with both; or, if the notice or information required to be given respects the commission of an offence, or is required for the purpose of preventing the commission of an offence, or in order to the apprehension of an offender, with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both; 2[ or, if the notice or information required to be given is required by an order passed under sub- section (1) of section 565 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (5 of 1898 ), with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to one thousand rupees, or with both.] Section 201 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 201. Causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information to screen offender.— Whoever, knowing or having reason to believe that an offence has been committed, causes any evidence of the commission of that

offence to disappear, with the intention of screening the offender from legal punishment, or with that intention gives any information respecting the offence which he knows or believes to be false, if a capital offence; if a capital offence.— shall, if the offence which he knows or believes to have been committed is punishable with death, be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine; if punishable with imprisonment for life; if punishable with imprisonment for life.— and if the offence is punishable with 1[ imprisonment for life], or with imprisonment which may extend to ten years, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine; if punishable with less than ten years’ imprisonment. if punishable with less than ten years’ imprisonment. — and if the offence is punishable with imprisonment for any term not extending to ten years, shall be punished with imprisonment of the description provided for the offence, for a term which may extend to one- fourth part of the longest term of the imprisonment provided for the offence, or with fine, or with both. Illustration A, knowing that B has murdered Z, assists B to hide the body with the intention of screening B from punishment. A is liable to imprisonment of either description for seven years, and also to fine. Section 302 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 302. Punishment for murder.— Whoever commits murder shall be punished with death, or 1[ imprisonment for life], and shall also be liable to fine. Section 34 in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 34. 1[ Acts done by several persons in futherance of common intention.— When a criminal act is done by several persons in furtherance of the common intention of all, each of such persons is liable for that act in the same manner as if it were done by him alone.


gXJwê$ dmUr - ¶WmW© JrVm ñdm‘r A‹S>J‹S>mZ§XOr

^«‘‘¶r œmg hr ^y[aldm h¡& gmYZ H$m ñVa CÞV hmoZo na CgH$s àe§gm hmoZo bJVr h¡ {H$ dh ‘hmË‘m h¡, {gÕ h¡, Cg‘| {Xì¶ e{º$¶m± h¢, CgHo$ g‘j bmoH$nmb ^r ZV‘ñVH$ hmo OmVo h¢& Bg Amd^md, àepñV go gmYH$ àgÞ hmoZo bJo, JX² JX hmoH$a ~hH$Zo bJo-¶h ^«‘‘¶r œmg hr ^y[aldm h¡& nyÁ¶ JwéXod H$m H$WZ Wm- ""g§gma nwînd¥{ï> H$ao, àe§gm H$ao, {dœ OJX²Jwé H$ho-Vwåho§ Hw$N> ^r Zht {‘boJm, amoZo H$mo Am±gy Zht {‘boJm! ¶{X ^JdmZ Vwåh| gmYw H$h X| Vmo g~ Hw$N> nm OmAmoJo, Xþ{Z¶m H$ho Mmho H$^r Z H$ho, {’$a ^r Vw‘ gd©ñd àmßV H$a bmoJo&'' Bg àH$ma gm§gm[aH$ àe§gm ‘| ~h OmZm ^«‘‘¶r œmg h¡, ¶hr ^y[aldm h¡& àe§gm ^y[a-^y[a h¡, A˶{YH$ h¡, A{Va§{OV h¡; Bggo gmYZm ‘| ómd (KQ>md, j¶) hmoZo bJVm h¡& AñVw, ^«‘‘¶r œmg ^y[aldm h¡& g§¶‘ H$m ñVa CÞV hmoZo na Am¶r hþB© {dH¥${V¶m| Ho$ ¶o Zm‘ h¢, ~mø àd¥{Îm Ho$ A§J-Cnm§J h¢& Aݶo M ~hd: eyam ‘XW} ˶º$Or{dVm:& ZmZmeóàhaUm: gd} ¶wÕ{demaXm: &&9&& Am¡a ^r ~hþV go eyadra AZoH$ eóm| go ¶w³V ‘oao {b¶o OrdZ H$s Amem H$mo ˶mJH$a ¶wÕ ‘| S>Q>o h¢& g^r ‘oao {b¶o àmU ˶mJZodmbo h¢; {H$ÝVw CZH$s H$moB© R>mog JUZm Zht h¡& A~ H$m¡Zgr goZm {H$Z ^mdm| Ûmam gwa{jV h¡? Bg na H$hVo h¢An¶m©ßV§ XVñ‘mH§$ ~b§ ^rînm{^a{jV‘& n¶m©ßV§ pËdX‘oVofm§ ~b§ ^r‘m{^a{jV‘&&10&& ^rî‘ Ûmam a{jV h‘mar goZm g~ àH$ma go AOo¶ h¡ Am¡a ^r‘ Ûmam a{jV BZ bmoJm| H$s goZm OrVZo ‘| gwJ‘ h¡& "n¶m©ßV' Am¡a "An¶m©ßV' O¡go píbï> eãX H$m à¶moJ Xþ¶m}YZ H$s Ame§H$m H$mo 춳V H$aVm h¡& AV: XoIZm h¡ {H$ ^rî‘ H$m¡Z-gr gÎmm h¡, {Og na H$m¡ad {Z^©a H$aVo h¢ VWm ^r‘ H$m¡Z-gr gÎmm h¡, {Og na (X¡dr gånX²) gånyU© nmÊS>d {Z^a© h¢& Xþ¶m]YZ AnZr ì¶dñWm XoVm h¡ {H$A¶Zofw M gd}fw ¶Wm^mJ‘dpñWVm:& ^rî‘‘odm{^ajÝVw ^dÝV: gd© Ed {h&&11&& Bg{b¶o g~ ‘moMmo}§ na AnZr-AnZr OJh pñWa ahVo hþE Amn bmoJ g~-Ho$ g~ ^rî‘ H$s hr g~ Amoa go ajm H$a|& ¶{X ^rî‘ Or{dV h¢, Vmo h‘ AOo¶ h¢& Bg{b¶o Amn nmÊS>dm| go Z b‹S>H$a Ho$db ^rî‘ H$s hr ajm H$a|& H¡$gm ¶moÕm h¡ ^rî‘, Omo ñd¶§ AnZr ajm Zht H$a nm ahm h¡& H$m¡adm| H$mo CgH$s ajmì¶dñWm H$aZr n‹S> ahr h¡? ¶h H$moB© ~mø ¶moÕm Zht, ^«‘ hr ^rî‘ h¡& O~ VH$ ^«‘ Or{dV h¡, V~ VH$ {dOmVr¶ àd¥{Îm¶m± (H$m¡ad) AOo¶ h¢& AOo¶ H$m ¶h AW© Zht {H$ {Ogo OrVm hr Z Om gHo$; ~pëH$ AOo¶ H$m AW© XþO©¶ h¡, {Ogo H${R>ZmB© go OrVm Om gH$Vm hmo& ‘hm AO¶ g§gma [anw, Or{V gH$‹B© gmo ~ra&& (am‘M[aV‘mZg,6/80 H$) ¶{X ^«‘ g‘mßV hmo Om¶ Vmo A{dÚm ApñVËdhrZ hmo Om¶& ‘moh B˶m{X Omo Am§{eH$ ê$n go ~Mo ^r h¢, erK« hr g‘mßV hmo Om¶|Jo& ^rî‘ H$s BÀN>m-‘¥Ë¶w Wr& BÀN>m hr ^«‘ h¡& BÀN>m H$m AÝV Am¡a ^«‘ H$m {‘Q>Zm EH$ hr ~mV h¡& Bgr H$mo gÝV H$~ra Zo gabVm go H$hm- Omar

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Zmo Q>mB‘ ’$m°a...

AÜ``Z ‘| em{‘b X§n{V`m| ‘| A{YH$m§e nwéf Ba¡ŠQ>mBb {S>g’§$ŠeZ, EMAmB©dr d ‘{hbmE§ {g’${bg d JmoZmo[a`m go nr{‹S>V nmB© JBª& narjU ‘| em{‘b EH$ {VhmB© ‘{hbmAm| ‘| Q´mBH$mo‘moZmg d¡OmBZ{bg H$s CnpñW{V nmB© JB©& OZ©b Am°’$ A‘o[aH$Z ‘o{S>H$b Egmo{gEeZ (Om‘m) ‘| àH$m{eV EH$ boI Ho$ AZwgma 1854 Am`w dJ© Ho$ ór-nwéfm| Ho$ ~rM {H$E JE EH$ gd}jU ‘| 43 à{VeV ‘{hbmE§ d 31 à{VeV nwéf b¢{JH$ g‘ñ`m Ho$ {eH$ma nmE JE& `o g^r Am§H$‹S>o Xem©Vo h¢ {H$ `h g‘ñ`m {H$VZr J§^ra h¡& Š`m AmnZo H$^r Jm¡a {H$`m h¡ {H$ goŠg bmB’$ OrdZe¡br na {Z^©a H$aVr h¡& OrdZe¡br ~XbZo H$m g~go Á`mXm à^md goŠg bmB’$ na n‹S>Vm h¡& AmYw{ZH$ OrdZe¡br `mZr gw{dYmg§nÞ OrdZ, bJmVma Xoa amV VH$ H$m‘ ‘| ì`ñVVm, emar[aH$ l‘ ‘| H$‘r, O§H$ Am¡a ’$mñQ>’y$S> H$m MbZ, Xoa amV nm{Q©>`m| ‘| Yy‘«nmZ d eam~ H$s bV Am{X goŠg bmB’$ na ZH$mamË‘H$ à^md S>mbVo h¢ Am¡a goŠg g§~§Yr amoJm| H$mo OÝ‘ XoVo h¢& {OVZm VoOr go {dkmZ Zo Va¸$s H$a h‘| gwI-gw{dYmE§ CnbãY H$admB© h¢ CVZr hr VoOr go Vah-Vah H$s ~r‘m[a`m| Zo eara ‘| Ka ~Zm`m h¡& EJ«oeZ (Jwñgm), {S>àoeZ, ‘|Q>b {S>gAm°S©>a, VZmd O¡go ‘mZ{gH$ amoJ d ‘moQ>mnm, J¡g, H$ãO O¡gr amoO‘am© H$s VH$br’|$ Am¡a AñW‘m, Omo‹S>m| H$m XX©, ‘mBJ«oZ, ~dmgra, Cƒ aº$Mmn, ‘Yw‘oh d öX`amoJ O¡go J§^ra amoJ Bgr AmYw{ZH$ OrdZe¡br H$s XoZ h¢ Am¡a `hr goŠg bmB’$ H$mo ~a~mX H$a S>mbVo h¢& XaAgb, VZmd^ar OrdZe¡br ‘| bmoJ ^ybVo Om aho h¢ {H$ goŠg Xm§nË` OrdZ H$m ‘Ywa Am¡a ‘hËdnyU© nj h¡& O~ goŠg AmnHo$ OrdZ ‘| nm°Or{Q>d Z hmo, goŠg ‘| Aé{M hmo Vmo g‘P OmBE {H$ IVao H$s K§Q>r h¡& ‘m°S>Z© bmB’$ñQ>mBb {g’©$ ñdmñÏ` H$mo hr Zht, ~pëH$ àOZZ j‘Vm H$mo ^r ZH$mamË‘H$ ê$n go à^m{dV H$aVr h¡& {~«Q>oZ ‘| hþAm AÜ``Z ~VmVm h¡ {H$ AmO go 50 gmb nhbo nwéfm| Ho$ 1 {‘brbrQ>a gr‘Z ‘| ewH«$mUwAm| H$s g§»`m 11 H$amo‹S> 30 bmI Wr, Omo AmO H$s VmarI ‘| KQ>H$a {g’©$ 4 H$amo‹S> 70 bmI ah JB© h¡& BgHo$ Abmdm nwéfm| ‘| ewH«$mUwAm| H$s g§»`m KQ>Zo Ho$ gmW CZH$s JwUdÎmm ‘| ^r H$‘r Am ahm h¡& BZ 50 dfm] ‘| ewH«$mUwAm| H$s A{Z`{‘VVm bJ^J 10 JwZm ~‹T> JB© h¡ {OgH$m ZVrOm `h hþAm {H$ nwéf àOZZ V§Ì H$m g§VwbZ {~J‹S> J`m& OmZH$ma ~VmVo h¢ {H$ AJa nwéf Yy‘«nmZ `m AÝ` Zeo N>mo‹S>H$a ImZnmZ ‘| gwYma Am¡a H¡$’$sZ Ho$ BñVo‘mb H$mo KQ>mZo Ho$ gmW ‘mo~mBb H$m H$‘ à`moJ H$a| Vmo ewH«$mUwAm| H$mo hmoZo dmbo ZwH$gmZ go ~Mm`m Om gH$Vm h¡&

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Doctors risk 03 october to 09 octorber 2013  
Doctors risk 03 october to 09 octorber 2013