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Title: Team Member- Non-Degreed 18-20 hours/ aweek week guaranteed with 32.5 hours more hours possible

$10.50 per hour: performance- based pay increase @ 6 months.

Awesome benefits - 3 weeks vacation - Personal days/ sick days - Health Insurance offered

Responsibilities: Direct customer support

Here at Support Innovations, we provide multi-faceted day services to adults with Case management developmental disabilities. The CONCEPT is simple. As members of our community, we reach out fromContact our hubsustofor provide to our community developing PROJECTS which more services info. meet the needs and wants of our customers while supporting our customers in supporting their community. Yep. That simple.

Requirements: HIgh School diploma or equivalent.

And in its simplicity, is never just another day at Support Innovations... so find out Vehicle toittransport up to 4 more about us on our website at or check us out on customers to volunteer locations. facebook. Our team needs members who are interested in creating, exploring, advocating, assessing, supporting and serving our customers in their community. You can make a difference!


18-20 hours a weekIfguaranteed with more hours possible, everything seems underMonday thru Friday, day hours, working with our teams at our three locations in St. Louis City and County. control, you're just notbased on performance. $10.50/hr to start with raise potential at six months ! going fast enough ! share ! it, send ! your! resume and cover letter to: So, if you get !it and can




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