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Livestock 101 Top 5 Neighbor Relations Tips


Cinnamon Ridge Farm Wins Good Farm Neighbor Award

12 Farmers tap CSIF program for tree replacement after derecho


TENTS 16 18 34 Hillary Burken crowned 68th Iowa Dairy Princess

Iowa Governor’s Charity Steer Show blows past previous donation record

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Brian Waddingham Executive Director



Neighbor relations is often a difficult topic for farmers to talk about. No one-size-fits-all approach works for all farms – every farm and every situation is unique. Each farm is different, and each neighborhood is different. If you are considering putting up a new livestock or poultry barn, it’s your responsibility to communicate your plans to your neighbors in a way that is confident and informative, but not offensive.


Below are some tips that will help you prepare for a conversation with your neighbors.

BE PERSONAL. Include family members in the conversation about the plans to expand your family farm. Be willing to talk about your family and what you do at your farm, in your community and why you enjoy the life you live. BE SPECIFIC. Provide details on the day-to-day activities that will occur once your new livestock barn is up and running. People like information. Explain, for example, how computerautomated systems control the environment for the livestock you care for. PROVIDE EXAMPLES. Give people details on how manure will be applied, how the animals will be cared for or how the local economy will benefit from your new livestock barn.

WELCOME QUESTIONS. Listen intently to what your neighbor’s concerns are and respond with a specific answer. Remember, you are not asking for permission to build your livestock barn, you are taking time to provide information and answer questions. FOLLOW UP. Communication doesn’t stop once the first conversation has taken place. Make it part of your annual business plan to visit with your neighbors. Let neighbors know when construction will start. Make sure they know when you will be applying manure. Keep the lines of communication open.

It’s very easy for neighbors to think the worst about you and your family when adding a new livestock or poultry barn to your farm. Without knowing what your true intentions are, neighbors will soon start fearing the “unknown.” It is your job to provide information in a way to ease the fears of the “unknown.” The average consumer is now 2-3 generations removed from the family farm and has a very different perspective on how livestock is raised than you do. It’s your job to tell your story.














DES MOINES, Iowa (June 29, 2021) – Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig has presented the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award to the John and Joan Maxwell family, owners of Cinnamon Ridge Farms in Donahue, Iowa. “I want to congratulate the Maxwell family on receiving the Good Farm Neighbor award,” said Secretary Naig. “They are great leaders within the dairy industry and their on-farm tours help bridge the gap between producers and consumers.” The diversified farm in Scott County milks Jersey dairy cows, raises beef cattle, hogs and chickens, and grows corn, soybeans and rye grass. The farm opens its doors to the public regularly for tours, events and to shop in The County Cupboard, which is the family’s farm store carrying homegrown beef, pork and eggs and awardwinning cheese, soaps and baked goods. John Maxwell started his dairy farm after he graduated from college. He quickly identified cover crop usage as a more convenient, cost-effective option to feed his growing dairy cattle herd and has been planting cover crops since 1984. He has found great success utilizing rye grass to provide a high-quality, balanced ration for his cattle while cutting annual feed costs in half. Over the past 40 years, Maxwell has become an exceptional advocate for cover crop usage by sharing his experiences related to environmental, financial and production benefits he has observed firsthand on his operation. Mitch Schulte, Farmer Relations Manager at Midwest Dairy Association, nominated the Maxwell family for the award. The Maxwell family remains active in the community by hosting farm-to-table events to connect the public with locally sourced food, as well as supporting the North Scott FFA Chapter and local fire department throughout the year. John has remained heavily involved in advocating for the dairy industry at a state level. The Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award is made possible thanks to financial support from the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers. This award recognizes Iowa livestock farmers who take pride in caring for the environment, their livestock and being good neighbors. It is named in memory of Gary Wergin, a long-time WHO Radio farm broadcaster who helped create the award.





ABOUT THE IOWA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND LAND STEWARDSHIP Led by Secretary Mike Naig, the Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship serves the rural and urban residents that call Iowa home. Through its 12 diverse bureaus, the Department ensures animal health, food safety and consumer protection. It also promotes conservation efforts to preserve our land for the next generation. Learn more at

CSIF’S MOWRER PASSES AWAY published by the iowa farm bureau spokesman

Kent Mowrer, senior field coordinator for the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF), passed away July 22. He was 52. Mowrer grew up on a diversified crop and livestock farm near Perry and earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Iowa State University. He joined CSIF in 2010, assisting livestock and poultry farmers in following all rules and regulations, choosing good locations for new livestock barns and feedlots, enhancing relations with neighbors and implementing best management practices that improve air, soil and water quality. Mowrer also owned a small club lamb flock and enjoyed helping his daughters show their lambs and goats. He is survived by his wife, Chris, and daughters Josie and Maddie, as well as his mother and three siblings.





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PORTRAIT Rachel Petersen


SCENIC Rachel Petersen




tap csif program for tree replacement after derecho On August 10 of last year, Mark Flamme and his son stood in their machine shed doorway and watched a massive storm, known as a derecho, flatten nearly everything in sight. As trees from the grove went flying by, they pondered making a run for the safety of the nearby house basement. There was a fallen tree in front of the house. The 100-mile per hour straight-line winds kept coming. “We knew we had to get to the cattle,” said Flamme. He and his son feed cattle in Tama County near Gladbrook. A grove and a wooden fence windbreak protect the cattle yard. Or, did. “By the time we reached the cattle they were shell-shocked, hovered at the east end of the yard. The windbreak lay on the ground. The grove was flattened.” “At least we didn’t have to worry about the cattle taking off and getting lost in the cornfield like our 4-H calves once did,” Flamme continued. “The corn was flattened. There was nowhere to hide.” They were able to combine cattle from two yards and keep them contained and safe. The trees were not so lucky. Even the pine trees planted by his great-grandfather were snapped like twigs. “There wasn’t much we could do but bring in an excavator and get rid of them,” said Flamme. At the Roger Bockes farm near Grundy Center, the derecho snapped 100-year-old, 70-foot, white pines off about 10 feet from the ground. Bockes lost around 25-30 trees that day; decimating the windbreak he depends on to protect his homestead and hog barns. “The derecho was pretty hard,” said Bockes. “It was once a nice windbreak. Now it’s a mess. We didn’t want to mix trees, so we had to take everything down – and get ready to buy new trees this spring.”


Local FFA members help re-plant trees destroyed by the derecho.

Story by Terri Queck-Matze Photos by Gabby Glenister

Father/son duo, John + Ben Olson, work on a gameplan to replant their derechodestroyed windbreaks.


Bockes and Flamme join farmers from across the state that lost vital weather protection in the storm.

Bockes’ place nearly 8 miles from the grove was hit even harder. There the derecho wreaked vengeance on a 6-acre grove of 35 mature white pine, oak and maple trees. But the site received little damage to buildings, and the hog barns escaped structural damage, with the west-facing exhaust fans bearing the brunt of the storm. Flamme had a similar experience, with overturned equipment, but no building loss. “It’s amazing we didn’t lose buildings,” says Flamme. “Not even the old barn built by my great-grandfather. There’s a reason they’re still there. I’m anxious to get my protection back.” According to Iowa State University research, windbreaks reduce wind speeds, control snow drifting and accumulation in farmsteads, provide wildlife habitat, enhance farmstead value, and provide a more pleasant environment. Reduced wind speeds in winter months provide monetary benefits. Homes or confinement buildings require 7 to 25 percent less fuel for heating. Livestock protected by a windbreak are 3-7 percent more efficient in conversion of feed to weight gain. Other benefits of windbreaks are measured in quality of life improvement. Both men turned to the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers for help. CSIF saw the devastation created by the derecho and wanted to help. Given their long-time experience with the Green Farmstead Partner Program that helps farmers plant trees and shrubs on livestock farms in partnership with 30 nurseries, they turned to supporting partners for additional funding and started the CSIF Derecho Windbreak Grant program. Through the program, farmers who suffered windbreak loss from the derecho applied for financial assistance toward tree replacement. More than 40 farmers used the CSIF Derecho Windbreak Grant Program, including Flamme and Bockes. A WHO Radio Big Show broadcast steered Flamme toward the online application. “I would recommend anyone use CSIF,” said Bockes. “It’s nice to have this type of resource.”



HILLARY BURKEN CROWNED 68TH IOWA DAIRY PRINCESS Hillary Burken, a 17-year-old from Cliton, Iowa, was crowned the 68th Iowa Dairy Princess during an evening ceremony at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines on Wednesday, Aug. 11. Hillary, daughter of Marty Burken, Susan O’Neill and Lisa Lofquist, will spend the year serving as a goodwill ambassador for Iowa’s dairy farmers. Throughout her year-long reign she will make public appearances to connect with consumers and help them understand the dedication of dairy farm families to their cows, their land and the milk they produce. Hillary represented Clinton/ Jackson County and will be a senior at Clinton High School this fall. She was also recognized for her performance in the public speaking portion of the contest. Raegan Kime, 18, of Waucoma, Iowa, was named Iowa Dairy Princess Alternate. Raegan, the daughter of Dann and Annette Kime, will share duties with the princess. She represented the Iowa Guernsey Breeders Association and will be a freshman at Iowa State University this fall where she will be studying agriculture & society and international agriculture. She was also named Miss Congeniality in the contest.

L-R: Don McDowell, judge; Hillary Burken, Iowa Dairy Princess; Reagan Kime, Iowa Dairy Princess Alternate; Gabby Glenister, judge; Kendra Moser, judge. Photo courtesy of Gabby Glenister.


CONTACT INFO@MIDWESTDAIRY.COM 800.642.3895 Eight candidates competed for the Iowa Dairy Princess title, with the judging held August 10 and 11 in Ankeny. The winners were selected based on an application, answers to essay questions, interview skills and ability to advocate for dairy farmers. The outgoing 2020-21 Iowa Dairy Princess is Meghan Hettinga, daughter of Jason and Mary Hettinga of Orange City, and the Alternate Princess is Amber Engelken, daughter of Tom and Cherrie Engelken of Earlville. Their reigns will be completed at the end of the month, and the new Princess and Alternate will begin their duties September 1. Editor’s note: Interview opportunities with the Iowa Dairy Princess and Alternate are available. To make a request, please contact Mariah Busta at (563) 3798619 or IowaDairyPrincess@gmail. com.




IOWA GOVERNOR’S GOVERNOR’S IOWA CHARITY STEER STEER SHOW SHOW CHARITY BLOWS PAST PAST PREVIOUS PREVIOUS BLOWS DONATION RECORD RECORD DONATION Contact: Anna Hastert, Director of Communications 515.296.2266, The Iowa Governor’s Charity Steer Show reached new heights, raising $375,265.92 at the 39th annual show. All proceeds benefit the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Iowa, with houses in Des Moines, Iowa City and Sioux City. The local charities provide a “home away from home” for families of sick children. Since 1983, the Iowa Governor’s Charity Steer Show has raised over $4.5 million for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Iowa. Gov. Kim Reynolds, the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and Iowa Beef Industry Council would like to thank past and present donors for their support. This event demonstrates the “Cattlemen Care” and “Iowa Nice” mantras, which are synonymous with Iowa. This year’s show, held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, showcased 24 Iowa steer exhibitors. Ben Kelly, of Dallas Center, picked the Grand Champion Steer and Mike Sorensen, of Greenfield, selected the Grand Champion Showman. The Grand Champion Steer was shown by Jeff Angelo and exhibited by Lane Elmquist. The Grand Champion Steer was sponsored by the Iowa Bankers Association and purchased by Friends & Family of Lane Elmquist and the Audubon Community. Grand Champion Showman honors went to Celebrity Showman Teagan Schaefer, of TaterTough. Schaefer led steer Hero, who was raised by Carlee Cremeens and sponsored by the Iowa Hereford Breeders Association. This year’s People’s Choice Award went to celebrity Eric Hanson and exhibitor Molly Chapman. The Community Hero award was a new honor in 2021 and encouraged youth exhibitors to promote a sense of community through donated non-perishable goods and pop tabs, and social media engagement to raise awareness of the event. Youth exhibitor Kami Schrunk received the first Community Hero Award for exemplary leadership and promotion of the cause. Social media played an important role in exposing the Iowa Governor’s Charity Steer Show to more than 266,000 people nationwide. Thank you to all who participated in the collective efforts of this year’s event and made it a huge success! Cattle producers and local donors continue to pay it forward by donating and supporting local exhibitors. None of this would be possible without the leadership of Gov. Kim Reynolds and her support of the agricultural community and Ronald McDonald House Charities in Iowa. We look forward to celebrating our 40th anniversary at the Iowa State Fair in August of 2022.



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Sponsor: Iowa Beef Industry Council and Iowa Cattlemen’s Association Celebrity: Gov. Kim Reynolds Exhibitor: Bradley Kenny Steer: Mac Total: $19,905 Buyer: J&D Restaurants, O’Brien Family Restaurants, and Eagan and Company, CPA Additional Donors: Big Gain Inc., Lucky Puppy, Midway Well Services LLC, Michael D. Akers, Gingerich Well & Pump Services, and Bradley Kenny Family & Friends

Sponsor: Crawford County Cattlemen and Nor-AM Cold Storage Celebrity: Lt. Governor Adam Gregg Exhibitor: Cody Von Glan Steer: Red Rebel Total: $10,900 Buyer: Northwest Iowa Counties including: Lyon, Plymouth, Sac, Sioux, and Woodbury, Sioux County Businesses including: Beyer Auction Realty, Borchers Supply, C&R Gravel, Chapman Farms, Community Oil Co., Hulshof Farms, Kooima, Kooima & Varilek Trading, Koopmans Concrete Co., P&R Construction, Porter Funeral Home, Rehder Farms, Rivers Edge Bank, Rock River Feeders, Siouxland Feed, Vande Vegte & Zomer Realty & Auction Inc., Vermeer & Sons Farms, and Winterfeld Feed & Transport Additional Donors: Cody, Clint & Renee Von Glan, Koo’s Kattle Kompany, and Blazin B Ranch

Sponsor: Davis County Beef Promoters Celebrity: Tennie Carlson, Iowa State Fair Board President Exhibitor: Baron Davis Steer: Red Total: $10,050 Buyer: Cargill Branded Feed - OneTrak/Sweetbran Additional Donors: Davis County Beef Promoters and Baron Davis Family & Friends


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21 Sponsor: Mahaska County Cattlemen & Friends Celebrity: Tyler Richton, Country Music Artist Exhibitor: Baylen Brink Steer: MAGA Total: $18,227 Buyer: James Oil Company Additional Donors: Baylen Brink Family & Friends and Mahaska County Cattlemen & Friends

Sponsor: Central Iowa County Farm Bureaus: Boone, Dallas, Greene, Grundy, Hamilton, Hardin, Jasper, Polk, Story, and Webster Celebrity: Marty Schwager, Executive Director of Iowa Farm Bureau Exhibitor: Daniel Illg Steer: A Cut Above Total: $6,810 Buyer: Iowa Farm Bureau Additional Donors: Friends & Family of Daniel Illg

Sponsor: Des Moines Area Community College Celebrity: Craig McEnany, Retired Chair at DMACC Exhibitor: Cale VanSickle Steer: Holiday Total: $15,000 Buyer: James Oil Company, Stine Seed Company, and Craig & Lisa McEnany Family Additional Donors: Peterson Crop Insurance, Brad & Mary Eslick, Mickelson Seed & Chemical, LLC, Agwest Commodities, LLC, Vetter Equipment, Security Savings Bank, and Cale VanSickle Family & Friends

Sponsor: DeeZee Inc., (The Quality Truck Accessory People) Celebrity: Dr. Dan Thomson, Professor and Chair of the Department of Animal Science at Iowa State University Exhibitor: Michael Frisbie Steer: Blacky Total: $10,500 Buyer: DeeZee, Inc., DeeZee, Inc. Vendors and Friends including: Kuntz Electroplating Inc., Metalwest, Norfold Iron & Metal Co., Pioneer Strategic Sourcing, Ryadon, Inc., Southern Carlson, and Superior Extrusion Additional Donor: Local Support of Michael Frisbie and Dan and Cindy Thomson


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Sponsor: Iowa Bankers Association Celebrity: Jeff Angelo, iHeart Radio Personality/WHO Radio Exhibitor: Lane Elmquist Steer: Nelson Total: $20,120 Buyer: Friends & Family of Lane Elmquist and the Audubon Community - A & P Cattle Co., AgriGold Hybrids, Alt Boys Show Stock, AMVC Veterinary Services, Jeff Angelo, Audubon County Cattlemen, Audubon County Corn Growers, Audubon County Farm Bureau, Audubon County T-Bone Committee, Audubon Family Chiropractic, Audubon FFA Alumni, Audubon State Bank, Logan, Lizzy & Elsie Bauer, Becks Hybrids, Dennis & Beth Bornholdt, Brinkman Ag Solutions, Bradi Burr, Matt & Heather Chambers, Christensen Crop Consulting - Cole & Jaime Christensen, Christensen Electric, Ed & Janet Collins, Bryan & McKenzie Elmquist Family, Phil & Anna Elmquist, Nick Enfield/ Chelsea Nelson, Clayton Dorsey - Farm Bureau Financial Services, Farm Service Cooperative, Don Foley, Green Hills Seed and Chemical, Greene Family, Jay and Nancy Greene, Tom & Mary Grote, Hansen Earth Moving, Iowa Corn District 4 Committee, Kurt & Barbara Johnson, KC LLC, Kjergaard Family, Klocke Ag, Lange Farms, Dan & Amy Madsen, Alfred Meixner, Tom & Virginia Mennenoh, Jamie Meyer - Morton Buildings, Bill & Nancy Moore, MyWay Designs, Pemberton Cattle, PhotoJenic’s Photography, R & B Feeds, Razin Cain Showpigs, Specialty Concrete LLC, Kole Steiner, Eric & Penny Trager, Wayne Hansen Real Estate & Crop Insurance, Wessel Family, Anonymous Donors and T-Shirt Supporters Additional Donors: Helen Wiese Foundation

Sponsor: Volunteer Boards of Iowa Ronald McDonald House Charities Celebrities: Josh & Kristi Rasmusson, Patrons of Ronald McDonald House Exhibitor: Owen Powell Steer: Chuck Total: $47,134.92 Buyer: Kevin O’Brien Family McDonalds Additional Donors: Rich Powell, Creative Management, Inc., and Owen Powell Friends, Family, and the Eastern Iowa Communities

Sponsor: O’Brien Family McDonalds Supporting Eastern Iowa Ronald McDonald House Celebrity: Eric Hanson, Morning Personality on KZIA (Z102.9) Exhibitor: Molly Chapman Steer: Buford T. Justice Total: $10,900 Buyer: Speed’s Golf Carts and Cookies BBQ Additional Donors: Pruess Cattle, Chapman Local Support, and Molly Chapman Family & Friends PHOTO: IOWA CATTLEMEN’S ASSOCIATION

Sponsor: Des Moines Area Independent Owner Operators Supporting Central Iowa Ronald McDonald Houses Celebrity: David Young, Former Representative of Iowa Exhibitor: Shea Whaley Steer: Dwight Total: $10,500 Buyer: J&D Restaurants, and Eagan and Company, CPA Additional Donors: Friends & Family of Shea Whaley including: Tricia Rosendahl, Wright County Fair Board, Zach & Hillari Klaver, Circle J Livestock, Koo’s Kattle Kompany, Wyffels Hybrids - Brad Grandgeorge, Grandma & Grandpa Whaley, Jared & Kristi Steen & Family, Aaron & Debra Whaley & Family, Schreiber Ag Service, Brandt Ranch, Don Grandgeorge, Lewright Meats, Ron & Florine Swanson, JRG Supply, Inc., Dean & Linda Whaley, AJM Farms - Heather Royster, Halbach Cattle, Meyer Ag Service, Dustin & Deb Smith, Sampson Accounting, Lynn & Julie Hagensen, Grandma Mary, Webster City Vet Clinic, Travis & Jen Arnold & Family, Denny & Cheryl Jacobsen, Dr. Brent & Dr. Leigh Meyer, Wright County Cattlemen, Rodney Legleiter, Barry & Amy Tlach, Frances Meyer, Mindi Sandstrom, Brodie Abney Photography, Angie Anderson, Linda Cline, and Aaron & Bre Wagner & Family


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Sponsor: Siouxland Area McDonald’s Operators Supporting Siouxland Ronald McDonald House Celebrity: Dr. Erin Schroeder, Heartland Docs, DVM, on Nat Geo Wild and Disney+ Exhibitor: Kami Schrunk Steer: McDash Total: $9,350 Buyer: Vision Care Clinic, PC Additional Donors: Sac County, Allen & Paulette Pithan, Marty & Debra Vohs, Woodbury County Cattlemen’s Association, Darwin & Sharon Hamann, Security National Corporation, and Dr. Erin Schroeder & Family

Sponsor: Friends of Floyd County Celebrity: Mike Naig, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Exhibitor: Ericka Brunner Steer: Bruno Total: $22,250 Buyer: Friends of Floyd County including: Gene & Lloydene Brunner, Dan & Allison Staudt, Titan Pro - John & Jean Brunner, Nancy Clifford, Union Busy Bees 4H Club, Floyd County Cattlemen, Bob & Pat Schmitt, CUSB Bank, Industrial Piping Service Inc., McSoifers, North Iowa Oral Surgery, Rob & Jen Schmitt Family, Wolters Transport, Mark Lenius, Bob & Deb Engels, Dan & Abby Engels, Matt & Tina Hoeft Family, AMR Ambulance, Bushbaum Trucking, Cambrex, Countryside Construction Inc., Elma Locker & Grocery, Galen & Char Greenzweig, Lyle & Dawn Staudt, Mike & Jaime Naig Family, Osage Co-op Elevator, Peters Excavation & Rental LLC., Ruzicka Show Cattle, Terry & Tammy Wicks, Tim & Laura Paplow Family, Trent & Jerri Dight Family, ViaField, Betty Jo Staudt, Charles City Volunteer Fire Dept., Chuck & Robin Wolters, Cork & Cam Kuhlemeier, Dennis Dight Family, Gary & Teri Pettit, Hilltop Stock, Joe & Brooke Peters, Knights of Columbus - 11162, Russ & Erin Lyman Family, Wayne & Sarah Lacoste, Willert & Son Farms, Zoetis, Denny & Kim Begemann, Iowa Cattle Marketing Coop, Koebrick Farms, Les & Amy Staudt Family, Showtime Roofing, The Accel Foundation, Zach Chambers, Nick Williams, Tom & Roxann Bjelica, Chuck & Angie Staudt Family, 2 Men & A Hoe LLC., Adam Staudt, Al Nash, Alpha Roofing LLC., Anthony & Aaricka Schwarck, Baltes Repair, Betts Cattle, Bill & Joyce Dolan, Bob Hejna, Central Park Dentistry, Chad Roach Memorial Fund, Chris & Katherine Kepros, Chuck & Sherri Schafer, Colby & Brittany Martin Family, Dan & Amy Assink Family, Dave & Linda Bartel, Dustin & Laura Howe Family, Ed & Lori Paulus Family, Eddie Stevens, Eric & Janan Brunner Family, Family Community Credit Union, Fidelity Bank & Trust, First Citizens Bank, Five Star Co-op, Floyd County Fair, Gary & Barbara Carstens, H & R Lawn Care LLC., J & J AG LLC, Jack & Virginia Ruzicka, Jeff & Kendra Harris, Jim & Rhonda Howe, Joe & Sue Paulus, John & Steph Paulus, Jorgensen Family, Kamp. Tile, Kathy & Jerry Guenther, Kris & Natasha Jensen Family, Kruse Angus Farms, Lincoln Savings Bank, McRoberts Red Power Inc., Mike & Brittany Paulus Family, Nick & Andrea Hanig Family, North Iowa Cooperative, North Iowa Fabrication Inc., RCI Pros - James Brunner, Rock Falls Lounge, Rod & Amy Frascht Family, Rod & Melissa Merriss, Ron Schriever Family, S & S Locker, Schriever Trucking, Shane & Nancy Heft, State Farm Insurance, Swartzrock Imp., The Pub on the Cedar, Troy Losee Construction, Wedeking Electric LLC., Wulff Farms, Anonymous, Brenda Schultz, Connie & Andy Achenbach, Croell, Jason & Heidi Stufflebeam, Mark Forsyth, Pat & Kirsten Zimmerman, Paul & Carolyn Rover, Ross’ Guns & Ammo, Salon LTD ., Mike & Lisa Enabnit, Joel & Linda Miller, Steve & Robin Fischer, Stop n’ Shop - Carma Hilman, Amy Laudner, Fran & Brenda Schmitt, Theresa Marth, Whitetails - Marble Rock, Kyla Christian, and The Accel Group Additional Donor: Zoetis - Peggy Feltus and Van Wall Implement

Sponsor: Monroe County Cattlemen & Supporters Celebrity: Eric Thomas, CJ3 Foundation Founder Exhibitor: Jorryn Crall Steer: CJ3 Total: $7,600 Buyer: Monroe County Cattlemen & Supporters Additional Donors: Iowa Agribusiness Radio Network and Jorryn Crall Family & Friends





Sponsor: Iowa County Beef Supporters Celebrity: Spencer Lee, Iowa Hawkeye Wrestler, 2x Hodge Trophy Winner, 3x NCAA Champion, 3x World Champion Exhibitor: Brody Koehn Steer: Rusty Total: $4,040 Buyer: Producers Livestock Marketing Association Additional Donors: Iowa County Beef Supporters including: Ace Hardware - Williamsburg, Scott & Shara Axmear, Steven & Stacy Axmear Family, Mike & Margaret Blaylock, Tim & Sandi Boeyink, Big G Foods - Garth Grafft, Derrick, Marcie, Ty, Mia, Kaylin, Abe Becker, Big Iron Auctions - Chris Prizler, Burck Show Cattle - Dan & Kris, Capper Auto Group, Eric & Kathy Jones, Ralph Clubb, Circle J Grain, County Bank, Aron & Stacey, Cole & Carlee Cremeens, DJ’s Construction, Donohoe Brothers, Bill Donohoe, Kenton & Kim Doehrmann, Faas Feed & Grain, Family and Sport Chiropractic, Farm and Family Veterinary Clinics, Ferguson Cattle Company, John & Lynn Gahring Family, Melinda’s Dance Studio, Travis & Jenny Gay, Peggy Grimm, Scott Grimm & Sherry Caskey, Grimm Company, Todd, Wendy & Tanner Hagen, Taylor & Hannah Hagen, Shane Hansen, Doug & Amy Harrison, Harrison Cattle Co, Arec & Jeana Heitman, Heitshusen Show Steers, Ethan Heitshusen, Adam Heitshusen & Jordan Smith, Bob & Kathy Huber, A&M Earth Moving, Iowa County Ag, Iowa County Cattlemen, Iowa County Livestock Sale, Jim Elwood Implement, Larry & Kris Jones, Russ & Joan Jones Family, Dave Kaiser Family, Bryant Kahler Trucking, Eric & Kendra Kahler, Matt Kahler Trucking, Caleb & Erin Koehn Family, Kevin & Chris Koehn, Kuesel Brothers Seed, Lillis Insurance, Livestock Dispatch, Brent & Stacie McKenna, Stewart & Deb Maas, Dave & Kimberly Maas, Maas Show Cattle, New Century FS, Rexco of Iowa City - Dave Maas, Kurt & Marilyn Meyer Family, Oxford Sale Barn, Ozinga Feed Service, Powell Funeral Home, Jack & Karen Prewitt, In Memory of Kevin Renaud, Linda Renaud, George & Kim Scott Family, Bob & Susan Sinclair, Titan Machinery, Blairstown, Terra Products, David & Kristy Timm, Timm Show Cattle, Bob Trimpe Trucking, Rob & Mary Veatch, Veterinary Medical Center, Matt & Angie Wardenburg Family, Werner Family Farms, Richard Wetjen, Sean & Mary Wetjen Family, Widmer Family, Yenter Farms, Zuber Grain, and Brady Koehn Family & Friends

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25 Sponsor: Iowa Hereford Breeders Association Celebrity: Teagan Schaefer, TaterTough Exhibitor: Carlee Cremeens Steer: Hero Total: $14,320 Buyer: Iowa Hereford Breeders Association including: Blythe Farms, Wiese & Sons, Windmill Manor, AgriGold,Community Pharmacy, Hills Bank, Terra Products, Midwest One Bank, Sinclair Tractor, English River Herefords, The Maschhoffs, Farmers Trust & Savings Bank, Brenneman Pork, Homestead Precision Ag, Theisen’s, Keech Baling, John & Rose Driscoll, Baja Cattle, Lauterbach Farms, Goehring Herefords, Hereford Breeders of Iowa, Family & Friends of Carlee Cremeens, TaterTough, and Gene & Diane Von Ahsen Additional Donor: Knupp Farms, Inc.

Sponsor: Benton County Cattlemen and Local Supporters Celebrity: Jaydin Eierman, Iowa Hawkeye Wrestler, 2x All American Exhibitor: Cole Schanbacher Steer: Snufalufagus Total: $9,025 Buyer: Benton County Cattlemen and Local Supporters including: Schanbacher Seeds, Koopman Hay and Forage, Newhall Locker, Keystone Savings Bank, US Bank, Gorkow Tractor Repair, QLF Feeds, Schminke Seeds, Newhall Feed Service, Linn COOP, Wilson Hite Insurance, LG Seeds, Matt Yates, Tama Benton COOP, Eden Mutual Insurance, Solon Feed Mill, Reick Farms, John and Ellen Olson, Scott and Jenni Birker, Lance, Heidi, Tess & Ty Lillibridge, Becker Livestock, Matt & TJ, Bret & Tina Nelson

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Sponsor: Jackson County Cattlemen and Friends of Jackson County Cattlemen Celebrity: Bill Northey, Principal at WHNorthey, former Undersecretary of Farm Production and Conservation, and former Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Exhibitor: Aunika Hager Steer: Fireball Total: $8,150 Buyer: Jackson County Cattlemen and Friends of Jackson County Cattlemen Additional Donors: Aunika Hager Family & Friends


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About the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association: The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association represents nearly 8,000 beefproducing families and associated companies dedicated to the future of Iowa’s beef industry. ICA’s mission is “Grow Iowa’s beef business through advocacy, leadership and education.” About the Iowa Beef Industry Council: The Iowa Beef Industry Council is funded by the $1-per-head National Beef Checkoff Program and the $0.50-per-head Iowa State Beef Checkoff. Checkoff dollars are invested in beef promotion, consumer information, research, industry information and foreign market development, all with the purpose of strengthening beef demand. For more information, visit





Trent Hatlen grew up with hogs. His parents raised them. He raised them. Then, in 2010, with a weak swine market and aging facilities, he reluctantly decided to get out of the hog business. He kept farming corn and beans, worked sheep with a cousin, did a little trucking and odd jobs, but something was missing.

reviewed the site and created a plan. Then they introduced him to their Green Farmstead Partner Program.

It was 2017 when his banker mentioned Iowa Select Farms was looking for producers in the area and suggested it might be an opportunity for him to return to the hog business. If interested, he was told he should start with the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF).

The Green Farmstead Partner Program is a unique initiative that provides guidance to farmers who want to plant trees and shrubs around their livestock buildings. Iowa State University research shows trees near a livestock site can reduce odor by 10-15 percent by capturing dust and odor particles and directing airflow. A vegetative buffer also offers real benefits in the form of energy cost savings, weather protection, improved building ventilation and in some cases, even provides an additional revenue stream.

Hatlen expected advice and expertise. What he didn’t expect was a new passion in life – trees.

Hatlen was in. He saw a farm site surrounded by trees and he wanted it.

“I just love trees,” says Hatlen.

“Things snowballed from there,” says Hatlen.

CSIF staff met with Hatlen, providing tips on siting the new barn, sharing expectations, guiding him through his manure management plan, and providing insight into neighbor relations. They

He contacted Kelly Tree Farm to help design a windbreak. He worked with the local NRCS on a cost share option.




THE DREAM BECOMES REALITY Hatlen erected two attached hog barns, each with 2,400 head capacity. His seventh batch of 10-15 lb. pigs just went in. The windbreak is growing. They planted 300 Techny Arborvitae to form the exterior barrier; the middle row is Norway Spruce; White Pines line the inside, along with a row of dogwood. Aside from the practical aspects of the windbreak, it offers an aesthetic element to the site, along with two acres of wildflowers. “We have a lot of butterflies,” says Hatlen, who adds the neighbors think it is gorgeous with new visuals every week. “The wildflowers were easy to establish. I just had to keep it mowed the first year.” Now, two years later, the Norway Spruce are now 4 to 5 feet tall, growing about a foot a year. He already notices a marked difference in the power of the northwest wind. “They say give them a few years to get their shape,” says Hatlen. “They stop some snow now, in another 5 years, they’ll stop a lot of snow.”

Hatlen isn’t done. He’s planted another windbreak west of his house, replacing the Colorado Firs his parents planted years ago. “They were the tree to plant 25 years ago,” says Hatlen. “But now they have a fungus.” He learned at a CSIF Green Farmstead Partner Program conference that a variety of trees is preferable. West Virginia firs, Siberian Spruce, Red Oak, Hackberry – are all either on his place or on his radar. “I’m looking forward,” he says. At age 45, he’s starting to think of his tree legacy. He ordered 50 Shagbark Hickory bulbs and distributed them around the neighborhood. “Near here, there is a 7 mile stretch of gravel road lined by Ponderosa Pines. They were planted by 2 sisters 70 to 80 years ago,” says Hatlen. “Someday someone will say the Shagbark Hickories in the area were planted by that guy who loved trees.” He became enamored of the species when he saw them in Sac City, but they are difficult to transplant. “The first effort didn’t go so well,” he says, “but they should survive here.” He’s researched, studied and ordered nuts from a grower near Runnells.


LOOKING AHEAD Hatlen encourages young farmers to jump on board. “I hear these young people, 25 and 30-yearolds, and they’re starting to do tree projects. It makes me happy, but more is always better,” he said with a smile. Hatlen noted the younger folks are often shocked at the price of a windbreak, expecting a price tag upwards of $20,000, instead of the more average $4,000 – $5,000. “Trees are not that expensive,” says Hatlen, “especially when you look at the long-term benefits.” Hatlen is thinking long-term. His daughter, now age 19, is part of the plan. “I want her to make her own decisions about her future, but I know she’ll always be a part of the farm in some way.” The prospect of her taking on the operation was a factor in adding the hogs – a decision Hatlen says was one of the best decisions he ever made. He may add more hogs. He may add more acres. He will definitely add more trees. He’s working on planting Larchwoods in a spot across the road.




by Taylor Lekin, CSIF Communications Intern As the CSIF intern, I spent the summer traveling across the state of Iowa meeting with agriculturalists from a variety of different backgrounds. Whether it be at a trade show, a Good Farm Neighbor Award event or the shooting of a promotional video, the people I have met this summer have impacted my life in so many ways. However, as tempting as it is to say that the people I met were the best part of being the CSIF intern, there was one message that became quite the theme throughout the entirety of my adventures. A characteristic that I will always strive to possess and a life lesson that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. The beauty of the agriculture industry is its uniqueness, no two farmers run their operation in the same way. While this is something that I had already picked up from years of growing up surrounded by agriculture here in central Iowa, the one common denominator between everyone I met is not surprising or unexpected – they were humble. A few of the qualifications for Good Farm Neighbor Award recipients are exceptional animal husbandry, land stewardship and community involvement. Upon meeting with each of the recipients this year, it was not hard to identify why these farmers had been chosen for this award. When asking each of the recipients to elaborate more on their work in each of the three categories, it was typical to get the initial response of ‘oh you know, we do the typical things.’ Once they were given a little more time to share with us what that meant, I was always amazed but the extraordinary practices that they implement on their farm to be good stewards of the land or the organizations they have been involved in to give back to their community. Two farmers that almost immediately come to mind when thinking about this: Mike Bates of Washington County and Eric Weber of Audubon County. While meeting with Mike Bates I was fascinated when I heard that all the turkey buildings that he once managed, and most of his farm and home, were completely solar powered and that he has spent many summers volunteering abroad with Water For Life, working to provide others around the world with a safe and local water source. I was also inspired listening to Eric Weber talk about his volunteer work with the local youth sports programs and True Impact Outdoors, a non-profit helping disabled military veterans and first responders get active and enjoy the outdoors. One of my favorite experiences in life is getting to see the way that others light up when talking about the things they are passionate about, and this summer with CSIF only solidified that. I will truly never be able to express my gratitude for the opportunity to spend my summer with the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers, getting to know and learn from Iowa farmers that make me so proud to call Iowa and the agriculture industry home.


Polk County Cattlemen Invest in Iowa Agriculture The Polk County Cattlemen, an affiliate of the Iowa Cattlemen’s Association, affirms its support of Iowa agriculture through an investment in the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers (CSIF). We’re extremely grateful for Polk County Cattlemen’s ongoing contribution to the Coalition and deeply appreciative of their continued support of Iowa agriculture. The Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers plays an important role in Iowa agriculture. The Polk County Cattlemen and the Coalition have common goals of not only growing Iowa agriculture responsibly, but also spreading a positive message about how agriculture touches so many people within our great state,” said Eric Sanny, cattle farmer from Bondurant and Treasurer of the Polk County Cattlemen. “We are proud to support the Coalition and all their efforts to promote and help farmers throughout Iowa.”


Photo: Gabby Glenister

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