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All It Takes Is Just One Coat!

Colours make life beautiful and soothing. Be it any aspect of life, we tend to fill it with colours. And so even the buildings like parking lots, stadiums, warehouses need to be painted with suitable paints and that is when the industrial paints and coatings came into existence. But industrial markers paint is different from the conventional paints which are used to paint residential buildings as they have to continuously bear the traffic and thus have to be durable and should not wear off in short duration.

There are many paints which are available in this regard and the major ones are: Traffic Stripping Paints: these are water based paints and are made to be used on parking lots, stadiums, warehouses, athletic facilities etc. It dries in very less time and it ready to be used in just 8 hours. The composition of the paint makes it durable and long lasting. No primer is required for the paints and they can withstand chemical fumes as well without getting faded. Stainless Steel Paints: it contains stainless steel pigment and thus has resistance against corrosion, abrasion, weather conditions. It’s mainly used to coat metallic surfaces, tanks, towers etc and it has an excellent ability to resist UV rays, oils, chemicals, water and can withstand high temperatures. Aerosol spray paints: it is an efficient and easy method to paint the desired surface. These paints are mainly used for day to day application and maintenance. They prevent the surfaces from chipping or cracking. They can withstand high temperatures even up to 200 F. They also resist corrosion and thus can be used on metallic surfaces as well. They can also be used in USDA facilities. The time required for such type of paint marker to dry is very less making it even more liable to be chosen for usage. Military Vehicle Paint: the paint has to be durable by all means. It is mainly used to paint vehicles, camping and hunting machinery, weapons etc and is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. The paint can withstand temperatures up to 300F. Chalkboard sprays and paints: they provide excellent finishing, giving a writable surface and are thus used to paint surfaces like wood, plaster, dry wall, metal etc. This markers paint can even be used to paint furniture, flowerpots and resurfacing the ping pong tables! All the above mentioned paints are easily available at SupplyLineDirect which is an online store known for supplying maker paints. The quality of the paints is better than any other store. They paints available are at genuine prices and only single application is sufficient to get the desired results. They also provide the convenience of taking orders online and delivering to the respective place.

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