Supply & Demand Chain Executive June 2019

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By Mackenna Moralez

Supply & Demand Chain Executive announces the recipients of its SDCE100 award.


TOWARD SUPPLY CHAIN SUCCESS In order to achieve supply chain success, companies will face a series of challenges. It is essential that a company continue to pursue, develop and implement best practices that leverage wellorganized projects that are relevant to strategic objectives. The outcome of these projects brings further insights into the innovation and opportunity for improved processes within supply chains. The 2019 SDCE100 showcases the industry’s most successful and transformative projects that deliver value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions. The projects offer a forward-looking

perspective for the industry on new opportunities that allow companies to take the leap toward success.


ENABLER: 3GTMS — CUSTOMER: RedStone Logistics PROJECT GOAL: TMS implementation

to support a growing 3PL client base with increasingly complex requirements to help RedStone differentiate its services SOLUTIONS: TMS implementation BUSINESS IMPACT: RedStone’s growth is based on blending services and pricing models along with excellent client service. It was crucial that the company implement an easier and more efficient system for on-boarding clients. On average, the company has gone from a 10-12 week on-boarding range to just a few weeks, 20

allowing it to deliver value to clients faster. The company can also maximize the use of its creative pricing strategies and attract industry leaders in e-commerce, automotive and freight hauling.

ENABLER: 6 RIVER SYSTEMS — CUSTOMER: Healing Hands PROJECT GOAL: Double the warehouse pick rate

to achieve same-day shipping for customer orders SOLUTIONS: 6 River Systems’ Fulfillment Automation solution powered by collaborative mobile robots and artificial intelligence and machine learning software in the cloud


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