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Helps Navigate The US Export Control Reform

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Green Reverse Supply Chain Solutions P&O FERRYMASTERS

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A Cleaner, Healthier Future Whatever sector you work in, so does Diversey—from Healthcare, Retail, and Lodging to Food Service, Food and Beverage, and Building Service Contracting. Our application expertise ranges from kitchen hygiene and laundry to building care. This allows us to offer unique solutions that fully integrate product systems, floor care machinery, cleaning tools and services Our level of expertise and the results we deliver have convinced many world-class companies to work with us. Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Hilton, WalMart, PepsiCo, Compass, Marks & Spencer, ISS, and Accor are just some of the household names with which we have forged lasting partnerships. For more information please visit us online at


Corner Nagington and Rossouw Roads, Private Bag X037, Wadeville, South Africa 1422 • Phone: +27 11 871 9000


Autumn edition the September 2015 issue of Supply Chain Digital magazine. In this edition we have a trio of front of book features headed up by a piece centring on an interview with Linda Li. She is the Chief Strategy Officer for Hong Kong-based Li Tong Group which is a specialist reverse supply chain services company. Li’s group focuses on giving high tech products a new lease of life whilst simultaneously helping big multinational original equipment manufacturers clean up their act and been more environmentally friendly. Next we have a succinct piece giving a good overview on the AEB International white paper that covers all the topics emanating from the US Export Control Reform (ECR). The piece provides some helpful tips to business with a vested interest in these proceedings and there is also a helpful link included where you can download the full white paper. As always, the Top 10 is back and this time it is a big one; the Gartner Top 10 supply chains. HELLO AND WELCOME TO

Enjoy the read, Sam Jermy

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LTG Providing Green Reverse Supply Chain Solutions

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 10 For 2015

18 4

September 2015

AEB White Paper Helps Navigate The US Export Control Reform


Company Profiles

102 Kuwait Airways

AFRICA 26 Airports Council International, Africa region (ACI Africa) 32 Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe 40 APM Terminals

EUROPE 50 Ahlers 64 P & O Ferrymasters

50 Ahlers

76 Henkel


P&O Ferrymasters

88 UTL

MIDDLE EAST 102 Kuwait Airways

USA 120 Worldwide Express Corporate

AUSTRALIA 130 CouriersPlease



Worldwide Express Corporate


Civil Aviation Authority Of Zimbabwe

APM Terminals



LTG Providing

Green Reverse Supply Chain Solutions The company works with enterprises, governments and customers for the reuse, remanufacture and recovery of high-tech products and has been gaining some considerable traction in the market recently Writ ten by: SAM JERMY

LI TONG Group (LTG) was established back in 2000 with the intention of providing reverse supply chain services to high tech industries, particularly top tier original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Since then it has grown into a global company headquartered in Hong Kong, with subsidiaries in 21 international locations. The explosion of the mobile internet

and the accompanying proliferation of mobile devices has transformed entire markets. In 2014, an estimated 1.89 billion mobile phones, 314 million tablets and e-readers and more than $51 billion of smart devices were shipped by manufacturers worldwide. What happens when those devices are replaced, with increasing frequency, by new and improved versions?

Linda Li, Chief Strategy Officer at Li Tong Group, said: “What’s commonly understood as reverse supply chain is divided into two parts of postconsumer and recycling. How to take back consumer returns, defects and end of life products is a growing market. Because of these proliferation of devices and upgrading habits there’s also now a trade-in/upgrades market

where they are not end of life products but are second hand and still usable. “Another big part of a high tech reverse supply chain is postindustrial recovery. OEMs are under constant pressure to release new products so the cycles are forever getting shorter, and as you can imagine OEMs have very complex international supply chain networks.” 7

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT “We go deeper and endeavour to keep a closed loop on the product cycle. LTG’s end-to-end RSCM services include reverse logistics, reclamation and recovery, consumer mail back programs, liquidation and remarketing services, component harvesting and redeployment, return merchandise authorisation (RMA) and refurbishing, electronics recycling and recovery, enterprise asset management and data security, re-kitting and redistribution, certified destruction and scrapping services and telecom equipment recovery.” In fact, on average anywhere between 5 and 7 percent of a typical OEM’s annual shipment volume becomes obsolete before it is sold or reaches the consumer. In order to design, mass produce then distribute and sell products worldwide, a lot of spare parts are produced in case components are damaged in transit or needed for repairs. Environmental solutions As major tech giants are releasing models faster and older models become obsolete at a quicker rate, spare parts and inventory associated with that becomes part of the release 8

September 2015

cycle. Historically when it came to dealing with post-consumer/ industrial there were only limited agreeable processes; liquidation, sell it to less developed markets to recover value or these products would become electronic waste, recycling to recover whatever raw material possible to minimise landfill. Now, this is an area where LTG can offer an unrivalled service and has subsequently been attracting some major multinational companies. Li said: “We can re-program transferable components so they can have a second life in an alternative application. There’s a lot of material

‘What’s commonly understood as reverse supply chain is divided into two parts of post-consumer and recycling. How to take back consumer returns, defects and end of life products is a growing market’


Remanufactured parts can go back into the OEMs original forward logistics supply chain sitting in distribution or return centres that even OEMs have lost track of. We do asset audit, inspection, testing, sorting, re-marketing liquidation if suitable; it is a full spectrum of capabilities we are now offering. “Remanufactured parts can either go back into the OEMs original forward logistics supply chain, a closed loop super green rebirth if you like, so it can be used again in a new product. Or it can be sold or remarketed in another sector. “At the end of the day there will always be something that you cannot reuse, and in that scenario we perform

traditional raw material recycling. When it comes to plastics, in order to make the gadgets lighter, stronger, water resistant and so on, the plastics that go into mobiles are not generic, they are very high-end and sophisticated consisting of glass fibre type materials.� This kind of high-end plastic cannot be decomposed and broken down by a municipal local recycler, only a few large petrochemical companies in the world are supplying these plastics to the OEMs and only they know the composition of it and how it can be broken down. The traditional way of recycling plastics is very outdated 9



‘Since launching the trade-in platform with Microsoft it has generated a lot of buzz and international OEMs are looking this way more than ever. Before, providing environmentally friendly solutions was seen as a thing companies had to do in order for them to fulfil regulations’ and is a huge landfill concern. In Li’s view, the only way to counteract this challenge is to create a closed loop solution, because of this approach LTG is an exclusive partner with one of world’s largest plastics suppliers to all the major OEMs. In May, perhaps the biggest success story of LTG so far is the collaboration with Microsoft Hong Kong to offer consumers an easy and convenient way to trade in mobile phones, laptops, game consoles and tablets for coupons that can be applied toward purchases of all products available at Microsoft’s online store. Speaking of LTG’s reverse supply chain solutions, Li concluded: “It saves the environment, it saves money and it provides a much more efficient supply chain. How to make sustainability sustainable is a big

headache for a lot of departments trying to balance the budgets though, so for a solution such as this to be cost effective is another plus. “Since launching the trade-in platform with Microsoft it has generated a lot of buzz and international OEMs are looking at this way more than ever. Before, providing environmentally friendly solutions was seen as a thing companies had to do in order for them to fulfil regulations and CSR. It was not actively promoted, but things are changing; we have built up a strong track record, once an OEM switches to us the retention rate is perfect. Li Tong Group certainly has a compelling business case, and they look set to provide reverse supply chain services on an even larger scale going forward. 11


AEB White Paper Helps Navigate The US Export Control Reform Information on changes under the ECR, governing authorities and legislation as well as practical advice for businesses working with controlled US-origin items


September 2015



The new white paper helps companies understand what the ECR means for them and their export control processes

THE ONGOING US Export Control Reform (ECR) presents major challenges for EU businesses in various industry sectors, including aerospace, automotive, defence, and telecommunications. In 2009 President Barack Obama initiated the Export Control Reform (ECR) initiative to modernise the export control system. By that time, 14

September 2015

the US Munitions List administered by the Department of State and the dual-use control list administered by the Department of Commerce had not been comprehensively updated since the early 1990s in the first Bush Administration. The purpose of this comprehensive review of the export controls system is to identify possible reforms to better address current


threats and to navigate the rapidly changing technological and economic landscape of the 21st century. But many questions have come out of this reform. Which authority now controls which US-origin items? Which items have moved from the United States Munitions List to the CCL? Are licence exemptions under ITAR still valid under EAR? A new white paper by AEB, a leading provider of global trade and supply chain management solutions, provides answers to these questions. Titled “Navigating the U.S. Export Control Reform”, the white paper can be downloaded on the AEB website. The ECR’s objective is to simplify

US export controls while enhancing US security. Its ultimate goal is the consolidation of the two primary control lists: the United States Munitions List (USML) and the Commerce Control List (CCL) into a single control list administered by one single agency using one central computer system. As part of this, a large number of items previously classified as munitions are currently being transferred from the USML, administered by the Department of State, to the CCL, administered by the Department of Commerce. Due to the extraterritorial reach of US export controls, it is important that non-US companies are aware of

‘The ECR’s objective is to simplify US export controls while enhancing US security’


LOGISTICS their obligations and seek the relevant authorisations, even if they are not located in or ship to the US, in order to avoid violations and corresponding penalties. Prior to the reform, many companies dealt primarily with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), and now that various items are being transferred to the CCL, these businesses need to urgently familiarise themselves with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). AEB’s new white paper provides an overview of changes and requirements under the ECR, with a special focus on companies that are currently not familiar with the US EAR. It introduces the basic principles of the reform, governing authorities and legislation, and highlights key changes including the re-definition of what it means for a product to be “specially designed” for military end-use, the new Strategic Trade Authorisation, and applicable transition procedures. The white paper offers guidance for everyday business, including the correct identification of ECCN numbers, calculation examples of “de minimis”, an overview of general prohibitions, and latest links and references to official U.S. government guides and applicable tools. 16

September 2015

Caption AEB’s new to the white image paper provides an o Claire Umney, General Manager at AEB (International) Ltd, said: “In the midst of Phase two of the ECR, there is still some confusion about the reform, who it applies to and how the changes affect businesses in their daily operations. Our new white paper helps companies understand what the ECR means for them and their export control processes, and supports them in complying with applicable US laws to avoid potential violations and the resulting sanctions, criminal and/or civil penalties, and reputational damages.”


overview of changes and requirements under the ECR

‘In the midst of Phase two of the ECR, there is still some confusion about the reform, who it applies to and how the changes affect businesses in their daily operations’ – Claire Umney, General Manager at AEB International

AEB is one of Europe’s leading providers of supply chain logistics software, consultancy, and services and has been delivering solutions to customers for over thirty five years. The company has over 5,000 customers worldwide, supported by offices in the UK, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, and the US. AEB’s core product ASSIST4 is the comprehensive hightech solution suite for all logistics processes in global business. 17

TOP 10

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 10 For 2015 Amazon takes the top spot in the rankings; Apple and P&G move into new masters category Writ ten by: Gar tner



The findings from its 11th annual Supply Chain Top 25, identifying global supply chain leaders and highlighting their best practices. Analysts announced the findings from this year’s research at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, which is being held through today at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix, USA. Stan Aronow, Research Vice President at Gartner, said: “2015 marks the 11th year of our annual Supply Chain Top 25 ranking. “This edition of the Supply Chain Top 25, we have several longtime leaders with new lessons to share and a number of more recent entrants from the high-tech, consumer products, retail and industrial sectors.” The top five include three from last year; Amazon, McDonald’s and Unilever, one returning leader, Intel, and a newcomer to this elite group, Inditex. Three companies re-joined the list this year after a lengthy hiatus, with L’Oréal at No. 22, Toyota at No. 24 and Home Depot at No. 25. Those familiar 20

September 2015

with Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25 may wonder why perennial leaders Apple and P&G are not included on this year’s list. “This year we are introducing a brand new category to highlight the accomplishments and capabilities of long-term leaders. We are, therefore, recognising those companies that have consistently had top five composite scores for at least seven out of the last 10 years and placing them into a ‘masters’ category, separate Peer Opinion 1 Rank


(200 voters) (25%)

















Cisco Systems






Samsung Electronics









from the overall Supply Chain Top 25 list,” said Aronow. “In this the inaugural year for supply chain masters, we want to recognise two companies demonstrating sustained leadership: Apple and P&G.” Aronow said that both Apple and P&G have made major contributions to the supply chain profession over the years. P&G was one of the first to characterise and embed the concept of a consumer-driven supply chain,

and Apple, defining the very notion of a “solution” supply chain, blazed new trails with its demand creation capabilities.

Table 1 - The Gartner Supply Chain Top 10 for 2015 Gartner analysts highlighted three standout trends for supply chain leaders in 2015: Bimodal supply chain strategies Chief supply chain officers

Gartner Opinion 1



Three-Year Weighted


(35 voters)

Weighted ROA 2

Turns 3

Revenue Growth 4

Score 5























































TOP 10

(CSCOs) and their teams face an environment where business models must change quickly, where the expectation is that they will spend as much or more time growing and innovating as they will spend streamlining and promoting efficiency. Gartner has termed this reality “bimodal.” Traditionally, supply chain executives have been successful because they were good at driving down costs. The leaders now realise they will be judged on cost containment as well as the ability to promote and support the top line.


September 2015

Increased customer intimacy Another trend is a focus on customer experience as a measured priority in supply chain organisations. Independent of the product being sold, leaders are focused on listening more closely to their customers and responding with innovative solutions. “This year, we heard from more companies extending visibility and insight beyond firstline customers and moving on to the end users of their products. Their supply chains are not just collecting data concerning the details of the sale, but also the patterns of usage and resulting sentiment of the end user,” said Mr. Aronow. “Ultimately, pleasing customers with strong operational supply chain performance, when combined with improved solution performance, will lead to measurable improvements in customer satisfaction and contributions to the top line.


Emerging digital business models While still a nascent concept, the view on how supply chain can leverage digital capabilities to support new business models and improve broader value chain performance became clearer this year. Manufacturing is currently at the center of many digital capabilities and leading companies recognise

that “the factory� is not just somewhere inside the four walls of the company or an outsource partner. Digital synchronisation of manufacturing lines with upstream suppliers and other supply chain functions is where the business value starts to multiply. The logistics function is not far behind manufacturing in terms of automation using sensors, gateways, tracking systems and business rules to predict and alert 23

TOP 10

when there will be a variance to the current plan of record. Logistics control tower capabilities are not new, but when combined with more affordable sensors and computing power, they portend the democratisation of deeper visibility that can reduce risk and improve both operating costs and customer-service levels for many companies. More detailed analysis is available in the report “The Gartner


September 2015

Supply Chain Top 25 for 2015.� The Supply Chain Top 25 rankings comprise two main components: financial and opinion. Public financial data gives a view into how companies have performed in the past, while the opinion component provides an eye to potential and reflects future expected leadership, a crucial characteristic. These two components are combined into a total composite score.


Gartner analysts derive a master list of companies from the Fortune Global 500 and the Forbes Global 2000, with a revenue cut-off of $12 billion. Gartner then pares the combined list down to the manufacturing, retail and distribution sectors, thus eliminating certain industries, such as financial services and insurance. Analysts are discussing the future direction of the supply chain

industry at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, taking place through today at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort and Spa in Phoenix. The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference will also be held September 23-24 in London. Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) is the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. For more information, visit


Airports Council International, Africa Region (ACI Africa): Supplied by: ACI




CI Africa was established as a region of ACI in 1991 with the overarching objective of advancing the collective interests of African airports and the communities they serve. ACI Africa consists of 62 regular members in 50 countries managing 250 airports and 21 World Business Partners. “The continent is vast and dynamic, and serving our membership requires developing bespoke solutions to myriad challenges,” explained Ali Tounsi, Secretary General, ACI Africa. “As such, we focus on training, conferences and exhibitions, and collaboration with aviation stakeholders to promote a safe, sustainable and economically viable airport industry that is well positioned for future growth.” In the realm of training, ACI Africa, in coordination with the ACI Fund and the ACI Developing Nations 28

September 2015


Assistance programme, regularly organis es free courses in French and English to members to improve the capabilities of their staff, especially in the areas of security, the development of non-aeronautical revenues and safety. Indeed, ACI’s top priority is ensuring safety across every aspect of airport operation. With this goal in mind, the ACI Airport Excellence (APEX) in Safety programme was established in 2012 with the main objective of promoting safety at member airports by identifying gaps and sharing best practices with an eye toward eventual aerodrome certification. In 2014 ACI Africa welcomed the APEX in Safety team at Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport in Mauritius; Félix Houphouët Boigny International Airport in Abidjan; Diori Hamani International Airport in Niger; Cotonou International Airport; Khartoum International Airport; PortGentil International Airport; and Ouagadougou International Airport. At the time of writing, Nigeria’s Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport is preparing to host an APEX review in mid-June. “ACI Africa and its members understand that ensuring the safety of the traveling public is paramount to building a sustainable industry,” Tounsi said. “I’d like to congratulate African airports for their proactive stance with regard to improving safety standards.” ACI Africa is equally committed to representing its members’ interests on both the regional and world stages, participating in events on a

“ACI Africa and its members understand that ensuring the safety of the traveling public is paramount to building a sustainable industry” – Ali Tounsi, Secretary General, ACI Africa

w w w. a c i - a f r i c a . a e r o




September 2015


regular basis as a means of sharing knowledge and bringing attention to airport issues. Most recently, ACI Africa actively participated in the Aviation ICT Forum; the Second Airport Expansion Summit; the UNWTO Regional Seminar on Tourism and Air Connectivity in Africa; the African Renaissance Movement Conference; IATA Aviation Day; the Summit of the African Strategy Roads; and the ICAO meeting on Development of Air Cargo in Africa. In addition to the above, ACI Africa organises events as a means of giving delegates a forum to share experiences and plot the future of the industry in the region. In 2014, ACI Africa held a very successful Regional Security Conference in Dakar, Senegal, as well as its 23rd Annual Assembly, Conference & Exhibition in Durban, South Africa. “2015 is shaping up to be just as exciting as last year,” Tounsi noted. “In April ACI Africa held the 53rd Meeting of the Board and Working Groups, with its Regional Exhibition and Conference taking place at the same time. Looking ahead, we will welcome delegates to Hammamet, Tunisia in October for the 24th ACI Africa Annual Assembly, Conference & Exhibition. “ACI Africa is proud to act as the voice of the region’s airports,” concluded Tounsi. “Africa is at the forefront of emerging markets with regard to its high potential for increased air travel, and as the airport industry evolves, we will be there to ensure that it does so safely, securely and sustainably.”

Pascal Kowu Komla, President

Ali Tounsi, Secretary General

w w w. a c i - a f r i c a . a e r o


Civil Aviation Authority Of Zimbabwe Opening Country Up To The World Written by: John O’Hanlon Produced by: Daniel Pritchard



The firm has been established as a commercial entity for more than 16 years, and now it is hoping to generate more interest from international visitors now that political stability has returned to the African country


September 2015


ivil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) is the country’s aviation board which oversees all aspects of aviation in the African hinterland. CAAZ operates, manages and develops eight airports in Zimbabwe, which are strategically located to serve major tourism destinations in the territory; these include three major international airports, namely Harare, Victoria Falls and JM Nkomo, and five regional airports, namely Masvingo, Hwange, Kariba, Charles Prince and Buffalo Range. In the airports themselves CAAZ provides the overall management of the facility and has several concessionaires who handle air cargo, passengers, car parking, fueling, airside shuttle bus, cleaning services and so on. CAAZ provides air navigation and other technical services that are important to all aircraft flying into or out of Zimbabwe. From the air traffic control point of view CAAZ constantly manages the airspace, and so has at all those airports air traffic contollers who control and monitor the aircraft movement with the latest technology. As an additional product CAAZ offers consultancy services in aviation safety and security within the region. As part of its regulatory role, CAAZ also serves as the governing body for enforcing laws and regulations related to aviation issues and is responsible for ensuring that stakeholders comply and commit to all regulations and meet obligations.


CAAZ assumes responsibility for issuing licences and permits, as well as verification for various activities including aircraft registration, personnel licences, aircraft operations and airline schedules. CAAZ said: “The firm is dedicated to bringing more visitors to Zimbabwe, hence relentless participation in local and international destination marketing campaigns in collaboration with Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and other tourism players, with a goal to increase traffic into Zimbabwe.” In addition CAAZ establishes memorandums of understanding (MoUs)and partnerships with private tourism industry through collaborative marketing campaigns. CAAZ plays a role in building the image of Zimbabwe just like many other bodies, it is a collective effort, and everyone plays a role in getting the positive message out there to people who have perhaps not heard much about Zimbabwe. The CAAZ participates in route development and airport marketing forums (Routes World, Middle East and Africa). Furthermore targeted airlines are constantly engaged with, electronically or directly at relevant forums. As part of an endeavor to attract airlines to Zimbabwe, The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe offers an incentive scheme to new airlines or existing airlines expanding into new routes. The incentive offer constitutes a 40 percent discount on air navigation, landing

“The firm is dedicated in bringing more visitors to Zimbabwe, hence relentless participation at local and international destination marketing campaigns in collaboration with Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and other tourism players”

w w w. c a a z . c o . z w



The Reinsurer of first choice.


• Engineering Works • Engineering Consultancy • International Trade • Real Estate • Labour Services

T 0086 25 83310555 F 0086 25 83304526 5 • West Beijing Road • Nanjing • China


July 2015

Dependability, Professionalism Responsiveness, Flexibility • Airline ticketing – local, regional and international • Hotel accommodation reservations • Travel Insurance • Airport transfers • Car hire • Visa assistance • Events management • Inbound and outbound tours • Cruises • Medical tourism

1 Kenny Close, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe T +263 772 285 485 / 731 285 485 / 731 716 3070


and parking for a period of twelve months from the commencement of operations. The upgrading of J M Nkomo International airport (completed) and Victoria Falls International Airport (In progress) demonstrate outstanding commitment to the development of aviation in Zimbabwe. Back in 1999 there were 34 different airlines flying to Zimbabwe, mostly into Harare. Then the period of hyperinflation and the subsequent sanctions came into play and CAAZ lost over half of those airlines, most being long haul intercontinental flights. The European carriers all left Zimbabwe as a destination. Traffic went down to about eight airlines at the height of the hyperinflation economic situation in 20072009, but now it is on the recovery path and has grown back to 15 airlines, and is still growing. More recently Zimbabwe has seen some of the international players coming back and setting up routes again. A lot of regional airlines have continued to fly to Zimbabwe, and some airlines have even grown the number of frequencies. In fact; Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airways and South African Airways have all increased frequency of flights to Zimbabwe. CAAZ has also attracted brand new international airlines such as Emirates, which is now flying the Harare route daily. The concerted effort to become one of the most attractive tourism destinations in Africa seems to be paying off, as CAAZ is

1999 The Year that Civil Aviation Authority Of Zimbabwe was founded

CAAZ Tower

w w w. c a a z . c o . z w



“We are almost going at double pace, because we are coming from a position that is artificial due to the past economic situation. So we are expecting to experience a jump in growth to catch up and then grow healthily afterwards�

experiencing continuous growth in passenger and aircraft movement since recovery in 2011. Future investments and objectives In 2013, CAAZ embarked on a two year project to upgrade the Victoria Falls International Airport to facilitate the operation of wide body aircraft there and increase passenger handling capacity. The upgrading project, which is currently ongoing, is scheduled for completion by the end of 2015. The project entails construction of a new international airport passenger terminal capable of handling 1.2 million passengers per annum and a four kilometre long runway capable of handling long haul flights. With so much renewed optimism surrounding the Zimbabwean aviation industry, the Authority is determined not to lag behind. As a result, management is currently going through the procurement process for new ICT and air navigation systems which will cost millions of dollars.


Company Information INDUSTRY

Aviation industry HEADQUARTERS


With regard to future ambitions, the company concluded: “We are almost going at double pace, because we are coming from a position that is artificial due to the past economic situation. So we are expecting to experience a jump in growth to catch up and then grow healthily afterwards. We also want to capture the growth markets and attract more airlines from those regions. We are looking at creating more employment opportunities in Zimbabwean aviation and related industries. “We are going to increase by at least 30 to 40 percent partly because of infrastructure improvements. Our business directly benefits from increased demand, from tourism to movement of goods. We cherish the positive image that is now growing on the international stage for Zimbabwe, we and we have already started witnessing the potential of business this positivity can attract. “Zimbabwe is a country worth visiting. If you are flying in, be assured of safety, security, quality and efficiency.”


Zimbabwe’s aviation board which oversees all aspects of aviation in the African hinterland

w w w. c a a z . c o . z w


The Enabling Partner

For Economic Growth Written by: Sheree Hanna Produced by: Daniel Pritchard



The container terminal company has made huge financial and operational investments in its Nigerian port facilities in a bid to drive greater efficiencies and aid the country’s path to economic growth


PM Terminals which took over running its Nigerian concessions in 2006, has made huge investments in upgrading and improving container port facilities at the Container Terminal Port located in Apapa, Lagos. The company’s long term investment strategy is to enable greater efficiencies to benefit its customers, assist the wider economic growth plans of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with whom investment plans are aimed at complementing, thereby playing its role in lifting global trade from Nigeria. APM Terminals Nigeria currently operates two ports: the Port of Apapa and the Port of Onne employing about 1,500 staff.

APM Terminals Nigeria currently operates two ports: the Port of Apapa and the Port of Onne employing about 1,500 staff


September 2015


APM terminal Apapa is the busiest container terminal in West Africa

Worldwide network APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network of 20,600 professionals and over 60 ports and 135 inland services operations in 58 countries around the globe. APM Terminals designs, builds and operates port and terminal facilities, as well as providing cargo Inland Services for cargo transportation between port facilities and inland locations, as well as other associated cargo handling functions. The world’s shipping industry and the global logistics chain rely upon APM Terminals and the APM Terminals Global Terminal Network for efficient access to all global markets. In 2014, APM Terminal Apapa, which is the busiest container terminal in West Africa, handled 700,000 TEUs alone which represents


Number of staff employed by APM Terminals

w w w. a p m t e r m i n a l s . c o m


In 1609, Galileo altered the course of scientific astronomy when he became the first man to use the newly-invented telescope in his study of the heavens. This change of approach and method enabled him to simplify and account for what had previously been complicated and inexplicable problems. In the same way, as modern insurance grows increasingly varied and complex so the need for a clear understanding of insurance.

At Hogg Robinson, we take pride in our ability to see each client’s requirements in his or her own light - with understanding, with experience, but without generalisation. And this enables us to provide a clear and accurate assessment of insurance needs. And that assessment leads to a carefully-tailored insurance policy, polic which with good reasons, our clints trust. And we’ve never used a telescope yet!

...out of one....many specialist units... Beneet from our specialist knowledge of insurance by contacting:

tel fax e-mail website

: : : :

2798900 2798906

Insure your vision

Bode Emanuel Centre 225 ikorodu Road P.O. Box 1156 Lagos Nigeria

Creative insurance has our name on the cover. Other Offices at Abuja, Calabar, Ibadan, Kaduna, Kano, Port-Harcourt, Warri etc.



about 45 percent of the Lagos container market. Record breakers APM Terminals Apapa established a new productivity record in July 2015, handling 868 containers on the 4,500 TEU-capacity Safmarine Chambal over 11.5 hours, for a gross crane productivity of 19 container moves per crane an hour and a berth productivity of 75.65 MPH (moves per hour). Thus, it became the first container terminal in Nigeria to surpass 75 MPH operational benchmark at the Mobile Harbour Crane port facility. At inception in 2006, the average waiting time for vessels calling at the Apapa port was up to 30 days; which reduced to eight days as of 2010. Today the number of wait days has been reduced to almost zero due to efficiency improvements. Andrew Dawes, Managing Director of APM Terminals Apapa, said: “Not only have we removed the previous 30-day bottle neck to a move a customer’s cargo to the port, we have also made significant improvements in our real time on-terminal performance and operations”. Driving efficiency Driving greater efficiencies such as eradicating port congestion surcharges, which nearly a decade ago stood at around $300 per container, to reducing freight trade costs and time out of the logistics chain, has enabled APM Terminals Apapa to raise its profile as

The average waiting time for vessels calling at the Apapa port was up to 30 days

11 The number of harbour cranes at APM Terminals

w w w. a p m t e r m i n a l s . c o m



The investment in upgrading the container terminal facilities has included many changes from improving

a world-class port operations company. “Our vision as a company both locally and globally is that to become an economic enabler and that is the backdrop of everything we do. At APM Terminals we don’t just lift containers, we lift global trade” said Dawes.

infrastructure to building new administration and engineering facilities


September 2015

Tapping the markets One of APM Terminal Nigeria’s ICDs is situated in Kano, a city of with a population of over 9 million people, in the north of the country where there is an historical, agricultural-based economy. As part of its strategy to diversify its economy from oil revenue the federal government has rehabilitated a local train line. Aligning with this, APM Terminals has invested in new rail sidings at both its Lagos and Kano sites in anticipation of trade development in that direction.


Dawes said: “As the government diversifies its dependency from oil revenue, agriculture will take a more prominent place in the economy and for us, this has huge potential. We hope that by enabling these trade corridors via our ICD and rail links, we will in turn lift the agricultural trade potential for Nigeria.” APM Terminals Apapa currently has weekly trains which will service import needs of customers, and enable traders from these areas to move their goods to market as well. State-of-the-art facilities The investment in upgrading the container terminal facilities has included many changes from improving infrastructure to building new administration and engineering facilities. There are now 11 mobile harbour cranes and a new fleet of rubber tyre gantry cranes. Also, a state-of-the-art container location system has been installed enabling tracking of all containers thereby greatly reducing and pedestrian activity in the terminal yard, a key part of our safety and efficiency drive. An e-platform has also been launched

Key Personnel

Andrew Dawes Managing Director Andrew Dawes has extensive experience in a wide range of terminal operational functions with several global terminal operators over a period of almost 20 years. In that time, Andrew has held senior management positions and developed expertise in management and port operations with different organisations in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“Our vision as a company both locally and globally is that to become an economic enabler and that is the backdrop of everything we do. At APM Terminals we don’t just lift containers, we lift global trade” – Andrew Dawes, Managing Director w w w. a p m t e r m i n a l s . c o m



Safety and security have been top of the list for investment

to make operations smoother and more efficient for customers. “We now have a full online system where customers can make payments online, get receipts or refunds; thereby reducing the need to come to the terminal.

APM Terminals is the first container terminal in Nigeria to surpass 75 Moves Per Hour


September 2015

Standardised training APM Terminals globally standardised training packages are implemented in Nigeria. All APM Terminals employees worldwide comply with the same regulations set across all its facilities. “We have built a technical training facility on site and hold regular technical and soft skill trainings when the need arises. All staff here have access to the same training requirements as they would at any other APM Terminals


facility around the world,” said Dawes. “We also believe in investing in future generations. Interns from local colleges are taken on in the hope that they gain access to this exciting industry and of course may choose us as an employer in the future.” Safety and the Environment Most importantly; safety and security have been top of the list for investment for APM Terminals Apapa. “Our safety initiatives are our greatest passion. We currently operate and uphold a zero-pedestrian safety campaign on our terminal yard. All employees are the custodians of safety and that is the cornerstone of our investment in training and retaining the best staff we can.” Environmental issues are taken very seriously and APM Terminals Nigeria has upgraded its Rubber Tyre Gantry with the latest models which has reduced fuel consumption per hour by almost 50 percent. In the bid to meet global security standards, the company is working towards its ISO : 28000 certification. “We strive constantly to meet all security requirements locally and internationally in order to assure our internal and external customers that they are safe with us at all times,” said Dawes. “Our high safety standards, improvements in operations and partnering with governments everywhere is part and parcel of our strategy of lifting global trade everywhere we are”.

Company Information INDUSTRY


The Hague, Netherlands FOUNDED


20,600 REVENUE


Shipping & Logistics

w w w. a p m t e r m i n a l s . c o m


Photo copyright by Johan Jacobs – C+H

Belgian Logistics Group Ahlers Sets Sail To Reinvent st Itself, 21 Century Style Produced by: Richard Durant



With a maritime history going back 106 years, Belgian familyowned logistics group Ahlers has a lot to be proud of. Nevertheless, the company prefers to look forward and is rapidly reinventing itself. Horizontal Collaboration, Value Added Services and Big Data are the new waypoints to make Ahlers and its customers future-proof.


September 2015

Ahlers 4.0: starting a new chapter Ahlers originally began operations back in 1909 as a shipping agency in the Port of Antwerp. Surviving two World Wars, it steadily grew into a major Belgian carrier with its own vessels and afterwards evolved into an international freight forwarder and warehouse provider. Towards the end of the 20th century, the company had established a solid footprint in Europe but also in emerging markets such as Russia, Ukraine, India and China. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, the latest chapter of the Ahlers history is all about innovation, partnerships and transparency. Yves Verlinden, Sales Director at Ahlers, said: “Although we have existed for 106 years, the company culture and family owners are constantly challenging us to reinvent ourselves. What I am seeing today makes me believe we are on the right track in that regard.” “Logistics and supply chain management are in rapid transformation and some time ago we noticed that the growth of our sales pipeline was slowing down because we failed to capitalise on the new trends that are shaping our highly dynamic industry. “While many of our services were still based on traditional red ocean business segments such as freight forwarding and warehousing, our customers were starting to ask for more innovative solutions that could help them compete better in their own industries.


Partnership agreement between Ahlers and Tigro Industries

“We took a radical decision to reinvent our company from the ground up: “Ahlers 4.0” was born. From that day we started looking for innovation partners that we could invite to build mutually beneficial synergies with.” “It did not take long to find suitable candidates: the first one was an Antwerp University spinoff company called TRI-VIZOR, the second one was a family owned value added logistics service provider by the name of Tigro Industries. Both companies had Belgian roots but had established a strong European reputation for themselves as innovators and thought leaders in their respective markets. Our thinking was that teaming up with a global player like Ahlers would offer them ample opportunity for accelerated international expansion.” “With its own offices in 15 countries, Ahlers is

“We took a radical decision to reinvent our company from the ground up: “Ahlers 4.0” was born. From that day we started looking for innovation partners that we could invite to build mutually beneficial synergies with” – Yves Verlinden, Sales Director at Ahlers

w w w. a h l e r s . c o m



Ahlers high Seveso warehouse in Ghent

perfectly suited to support the growth of smaller partners. We also own 85,000 square metres of warehouses in Belgium, Russia and Ukraine and 16,000 square metres of rented facilities, and we have access to a dense global network of local partners and commercial agents.� ALTIGRA: a new reference in Value Added Logistics Ahlers already had a long-standing reputation as a logistics partner and freight forwarder for the chemical industry, and in recent years the company has invested heavily in value added logistics services. As such, teaming up with Tigro Industries turned out to be a win-win decision.


September 2015


Family owned company Tigro Industries, headquartered in Limburg, started some 30 years ago as a small provider of value added services for local chemical and pharmaceutical customers. Today, the company is a renowned Belgian player with its own ADR-transport fleet and temperature controlled storage and packing facilities, specifically designed for the sectors that it serves. Lately, the know-how of Tigro had started to attract the attention of a more international customer base, who asked the company to follow them to emerging markets like India, China and Russia. One of the reasons was that also in these more exotic markets, logistic services complying with Tigro’s Safety, Health, Environment and Quality policy are starting to be in high demand. This meant there were tangible business opportunities on the horizon for the company. To accelerate their mutual growth, Tigro Industries and Ahlers set up a joint venture by the name of Altigra™ which will focus on providing high-quality international logistics services for the chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industries. Through this collaboration Ahlers and Tigro can handle the entire logistics spectrum of solids and liquids for these industries, as well as hazardous chemicals. Other capabilities include: temperature controlled storage, handling products, making formulations, blending products, micronizing products, drying products, repacking products, cleanroom operations, international transportation and local distribution.


Number of staff employed by Ahlers ‘Through this collaboration Ahlers and Tigro can handle the entire logistics spectrum of solids and liquids for these industries, as well as hazardous chemicals’

w w w. a h l e r s . c o m



“We believe our customers are looking for a solution that is complete and high-end, and we believe the strength of combining Tigro with Ahlers enables us to cover that complete portfolio of value added services” – Bart Moors, Director at Tigro Industries

1909 The year Ahlers’s operations were founded 56

September 2015

Despite having only been formally established on July 1st 2015, Altigra has already secured business with a Fortune 500 chemical company based in India. Altigra will take care of its product distribution, processing and repackaging while it will also offer freight forwarding services to get the hazardous products to Europe with the highest possible safety and quality standards. Similar projects are already in the sales pipeline but are still covered by non-disclosure agreements. By pooling expertise and resources together, both partners can work towards the goal of offering international solutions. Bart Moors, Director at Tigro Industries, said: “We believe our customers are looking for a solution that is complete and high-end, and we believe the strength of combining Tigro with Ahlers enables us to cover that complete portfolio of value added services. Our ambition is to work out customised, turnkey solutions for our customers in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.” “As an example, two years ago we implemented a warehousing project together with a value added design and packaging solution based on the very specific needs of an end customer with seasonal demand in hygroscopic products. This is just a snapshot of how we want to delve deeper into every stage of the supply chain and offer customised solutions on the international market. The niche expertise of Tigro combined with Ahlers’ international reputation and contact book will make a powerful match.”


TRI-VIZOR and Cargo Pool™: taking on the Horizontal Collaboration challenge Although Ahlers’ core competencies have for many years centred on traditional freight forwarding and individual supply chain services, the company is not blind to see the fast growing appetite of shippers to share capacity in logistics platforms and communities. This paradigm shift towards so-called “Horizontal Collaboration” requires a radically new way of looking at the logistics market, as well as a complete arsenal of innovative tools and knowhow on the conceptual, technological and legal level. Not something a logistics service provider can easily develop by himself. Enter TRI-VIZOR. This spin-off company from the University of Antwerp was founded in 2008,

Tigro high Seveso warehouse in Lommel

w w w. a h l e r s . c o m



Comparted storage


September 2015

baptizing itself as the world’s first cross supply chain orchestrator. As a neutral matchmaker, trustee and architect of horizontal collaboration TRI-VIZOR offers all the necessary services to put horizontal collaboration from theory into practice, including an EU antitrust compliant “firewall� enabling competing shippers to collaborate and share capacity without having to share any sensitive data. Although the company is still very small, it has made a big name for itself as global thought leader in this blue ocean market. Among the unique instruments developed by TRI-VIZOR to enable horizontal collaboration are a large database containing the tradelane information of more than 150 multinational shippers. As a neutral matchmaker, TRI-VIZOR


continuously scans this database for potential transport (co-loading and roundtrip) synergies. Given the countless number of combinations that exist between different logistics networks, this is truly a Big Data challenge. On a more strategic level, TRI-VIZOR also helps companies to think about their logistics maturity and become more “Future Proof” by benchmarking them with their peers in the context of 20 major supply chain trends and challenges. A more technical innovation developed by TRI-VIZOR was a collaborative transport management platform in the cloud, enabling real-time balancing and synchronisation of loads across different shippers and supply chains. Being an operational and freight forwarding oriented tool, this so-called Collaborative Control Tower will be taken over from TRI-VIZOR by Ahlers and will be further developed and put in the market as an advanced collaborative 4PL solution under the brand name Cargo Pool™. As a result of this deal, TRI-VIZOR will be able to refocus fully on its role as independent matchmaker and trusted community architect, while Ahlers as an experienced logistics service provider will be able to take care of the operational aspects of horizontal collaboration. Sven Verstrepen, Founding Partner and Business Development Director at TRI-VIZOR, explained: “To achieve cost reductions and better central visibility of shipments, a growing number of

Repacking of liquids

Clean room operations

w w w. a h l e r s . c o m


Storage meets intelligence

The Warehouse Management Specialist A WMS For Every Company In Every Sector

The perfect solution for your warehouse

Nedcon nv ● Diamantstraat 6 ● B-2200 Herentals

Tel: +32 14 24 19 80 ● Fax: +32 14 24 19 89 ●

The Clear Choice for Packaging Primary Packaging Secondary Packaging Case Packing and Shrink Wrapping Palletizers Conveyors and Turnkey Packaging

Hydrostatic transmission or Torque converter, either way a Tonero Palletizer


Singapore (HQ)

China | India | Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Italy Saudi Arabia | Switzerland | Thailand | UAE | Vietnam

AHLERS shippers are centralising the management of their networks into so-called control towers (4PLs). Despite this trend, it is a well-known fact that the average efficiency of logistics in Europe still reaches barely 43 percent. “The bundling of freight flows across multiple shippers has proven to be a powerful remedy for this problem, and this is exactly what our solution was built to do. Our collaborative control tower can deliver simultaneous improvements in logistics cost, service level and sustainability, which is in a way the “holy grail” that the industry has been searching for during so many years. “The Collaborative Control Tower or Cargo Pool™ is a technology platform that enables profitable, real-time synchronisations and combinations of international freight movements across multiple shippers. Over the past few years, as a supply chain innovator we have developed, tested and successfully validated this platform as a tool to enable horizontal collaboration in limited scale pilot projects. We felt the time was ripe to hand over this technology to a larger player in the market, and Ahlers turned out to be the right partner at the right time. They have the necessary commercial depth and width to bring this solution to the next level.” Given the mandatory neutrality that a logistics matchmaker and advisor must retain in order to be given access to the freight flow data of a large number of shippers, the partnership between


“By joining forces with TRI-VIZOR and Tigro, we can lift up our service portfolio to an entirely new strategic level, making Ahlers more appealing to our customers and to the industry as a whole. This is for me the key benefit of these partnerships. We are already being recognised in a more positive light by big market players during tendering” – Bert Goethals, Sales Manager at Ahlers

w w w. a h l e r s . c o m



Storage of small packed products (e.g. pharma)


September 2015

TRI-VIZOR and Ahlers is not a joint venture in the traditional sense of the word. The two companies will continue to operate as separate legal entities and with separate management teams. Nevertheless, even after a few months of working together at arm’s length, Ahlers and TRI-VIZOR see many opportunities for crosspollination and mutual business development. Bert Goethals, Sales Manager at Ahlers, concluded: “By joining forces with TRI-VIZOR and Tigro, we can lift up our service portfolio to an entirely new strategic level, making Ahlers more appealing to our customers and to the industry as a whole. This is for me the key benefit of these partnerships. We are already being recognised in a more positive


Company Information INDUSTRY





light by big market players during tendering.” “The Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector and the food logistics industry are an important target market for us. There’s also significant interest from shippers in the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Looking forward, we hope to proliferate into the automotive and technology industries at some point in the future too. But at the same time we want to take things one step at a time. Logistics innovation is not an easy game.” As global shippers are increasingly looking for integration and consolidation of innovative services, the unique blend of qualities that Ahlers is currently bringing together in its partnership strategy, means it should be set for success in the next 100 years of its existence.



Ahlers is a family owned international logistic and maritime service provider with headquarters in Antwerp (Belgium).

w w w. a h l e r s . c o m



Supply Chain Efficiency

Across Europe Written by: Nye Longman & Produced by: Richard Durrant


P & O F E R RY M A S T E R S

The supply chain management specialist has undergone massive changes in order to secure the best savings and service portfolio for its customers


&O Ferrymasters (P&OFM) has undergone a complete overhaul over the past few years through restructuring its divisional set up, consolidating operational activity and European offices, as well as rolling out an impressive array of in-house system tools to improve its service offering. It is clear from these changes that steering the course of a company with annual revenues of some ÂŁ400 million requires a unique balance of both risk awareness and fresh innovation while maintaining the service expectations of customers. Service Last year P&OFM carried in excess of 518,000 loads, utilising 3,500 transport assets (of which about 2,500 are containers) spread across its 22 European facilities. The company offers solutions to customers seeking to manage their supply chains and logistics both efficiently and

Last year P&OFM’s own assets fleet included some 2,500 containers


September 2015


transparently. The company directly employs just over 500 people who all help to provide customers with value added services, supply chain solutions and IT support, as well as various road and intermodal services. Coordinating such a vast network of operations has never been an easy task; the company has shaken up its commercial, operational and IT functions so that it can become increasingly streamlined, to the extent that its customers are also reaping the benefits. Managing Director Bas Belder said: “The business has now been consolidated into three main divisions; assets (trailers and intermodal), freight management and contract logistics. The key benefit of this has been improved support and earlier access to resources.” Wim Blomme, Director of P&O Ferrymasters’ Intermodal Division added: “The process has enabled us to have greater control and transparency, which ultimately benefits the customer through improved synergy, increased interaction and through speeding up internal processes.” Across every aspect of the business it is clear that focusing on the needs of the customer has not only become a practical, profitable approach, but also a source of innovative thinking. Having a knowledgeable team with diverse skills including operational excellence, project management and commercial acumen supports this new approach. Mike Shannon, General Manager of the

Key Personnel

Mike Shannon General Manager Contract Logistics Mike joined the company in 2001 gaining experience in various operational and commercial roles, and was appointed as General Manager Contract Logistics in January 2014. Previously he was in the Royal Air Force working in warehousing and distribution. Mike has a BSc in Transport and Information Management, and an MBA from Canterbury Christ Church University.

w w w. p o f e r r y m a s t e r s . c o m


C O M PA N Y N A M E CAI International, Inc. is one of the world’s leading intermodal freight container & marine equipment leasing / management companies. CAI International offers a wide range of dry van containers, palletwides, roll trailers, reefers, swap bodies and rail cars. We serve more than 280 customers worldwide through our global operating infrastructure. Service teams are local, enabling us to provide outstanding customer service and responsiveness.

CAI can offer all types of lease contracts and direct sale of equipment London




John Pacey T +44 1277 223666

Hendrik Wehlen T +49-(0)40-32 96 96 8-0

Torsten Cramer T +49 (0) 4221 685870

Silvio Como T +39 010 4694011


“We know our fleet is well looked after.” Bas Belder Managing Director P&O Ferrymasters

TRAILERMADE SOLUTIONS TIP Trailer Services is one of Europe’s leading equipment services providers specialising in preventative maintenance and leasing and rental of trailers, tankers and other equipment. Our TIP Service plan provides total peace of mind, by offering a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair options at predetermined, transparent and competitive prices. The diversity of our service portfolio enables you to choose a maintenance solution for your asset’s entire life cycle. TIP Trailer Services Management B.V. “Alpha Tower”, De Entree 33, 1101 BH Amsterdam Zuidoost, The Netherlands T: +31 (0)20 504 1660 E:

Visit our website


Month 2014

P & O F E R RY M A S T E R S


Contract Logistics Division said: “I hold regular internal reviews with my team so that we can truly understand what any new challenges are and then plan how to deliver them successfully. Furthermore, by working closer with our customers, the other two P&OFM Divisions and our IT department, we are able to appreciate and act upon our customers’ needs much more effectively.” This approach is exemplified through the company’s partnership with Tata Steel, whose European Director of Outbound Logistics and Supply Chain Pieter van Tongeren said: “Within our sourcing strategy we aim to work with P&OFM on a partnership basis developing network and supply chain synergy together. To point out a mutual showcase, P&OFM has done great work in further improving our processes with the meet and greet project. “This project resulted in securing a standardised control of the flows to and from our warehouses, streamlining the IT systems and effectively using the onsite shipping capacity to meet our customer demands.” Having secured both reputational and operational effectiveness, the company as a whole decided to further improve the customer experience through placing greater emphasis on commercial excellence. Processes were mapped out, utilising the expertise of an outside company that exploits organisational psychology to improve working

Streamlining IT systems has helped to meet customer demands

w w w. p o f e r r y m a s t e r s . c o m


P & O F E R RY M A S T E R S

Investment in TMS has increased effeciency in supply chain chain management


September 2015

practices and drive increases in sales. Bas Belder said: “What we learned from the scan is that we have the skillset available across our teams but do not always use the best tools to aid our relationships with customers. Since then our focus has been more about opportunity management and how to achieve it. “The new tools make sure that we have a unified approach to customers which means that instead of working in fragmented cells we actively share opportunities with our teams. It means that we can gather expertise from other team members in specific domains; we make sure that we all speak the same language, have the same approach and that team members can contribute more actively throughout the organisation.� With the better-quality processes P&OFM is


P&OFM’s new tools ensure a unified approach to customers

now able to improve both external and internal communication, seek to surpass expectations and focus on continual improvement strategies with clients and towards the supply chain market in general. Systems The company’s contract logistics concept aims to further integrate with customers’ IT systems in order to maximise commercial and operational performance. The order process is based on full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connection, allowing data to become available as soon as the customer places an order. P&OFM has invested heavily in its in-house Transportation Management System (TMS),

The company’s contract logistics concept aims to further integrate with customers’ IT systems in order to maximise commercial and operational performance.

w w w. p o f e r r y m a s t e r s . c o m


P & O F E R RY M A S T E R S

TMS leaves operations personnel free focus on any exceptions and irregularities

which enables orders to flow from receipt to carrier allocation without human intervention and leaves operations personnel free to focus on any exceptions and irregularities. This allows optimum agility in the supply chain, so that transport operations can be planned and executed using the most efficient and most environmentally-friendly mode possible within the delivery requirements. Based on decades of experience, the TMS system was designed and developed inhouse. It is now widely deployed not only within the P&OFM business but also in bespoke versions that manage a customer’s supply chain in every respect, from load building to


Worldwide Shipbroking Services


Shipping Supporting P&O Ferrymasters with LOGO CRM as their global customer database and sales tool since 2008

+49 8151 746 736

Offshore Energy Finance LOGO consult AG, CRM Software for Logistics EnzianstraĂ&#x;e 4, 82319 Starnberg am See, Germany


timeslot management and delivery tracking. P&OFM IT Director Steve Walters explained how this customer-centred approach had led to improvements in his own department. He said: “It’s no use inventing things that you think customers are going to like when you’re shut up in an IT department; you have to talk to users, customers and suppliers. You can’t tell the supplier what they are going to do. In practice you get a much better response if you ask them what you think the best way to do it will be. We find it really enjoyable!” By approaching continuous improvements from the customer side, P&OFM has ensured that technological implementations are not just something that take place in the back office or in certain niche areas. By simultaneously developing both a Supplier and Customer portal, the company was able to adopt a more holistic structure. Steve Walters explained that the Customer Portal enabled its users to dictate their own level of involvement: “The experience is different for every customer. There are a number of standard reports available but we can tailor it specifically to their requirements; customers can even do their own reporting. We have a very simpleto-use drag and drop query tool which we have trained a number of customers to use. “Some of our account teams will ask us to set it up for a customer in a particular way; we’ve even linked our web portal to the customer’s

TMS can manage a customer’s supply chain from load building to timeslot management, and delivery tracking

w w w. p o f e r r y m a s t e r s . c o m


P & O F E R RY M A S T E R S

“As part of its business plan P&OFM launched a dedicated train from Zeebrugge into Curtici, serving the serving Hungarian and Bulgarian markets in conjunction with partner Transmec” - Wim Blomme, Intermodal Director

own web portal so that when their customers make a query on our customer’s website it displays the information directly from us.” He added: “Although we knew what we were going to do, even for the IT guys it was a surprise to see that by the time our staff arrived in the office in the morning the system had taken the jobs from the customer, calculated who the best supplier was and sent them the job. We were impressed and we wrote it!” These recent IT investments have now seen enquiries about the TMS itself from outside the business. As a result, P&OFM is currently reviewing its options with the IT systems and where the next opportunity lies. Solutions As part of its business plan P&OFM launched


September 2015


a dedicated train from Zeebrugge into Curtici, serving the serving Hungarian and Bulgarian markets in conjunction with its partner Transmec. Wim Blomme said this innovative service had been established last year in order to develop into the Balkan area and to expand into new markets. This new service is complimentary to the weekly dedicated company trains running into Italy from Belgium. It completes the intermodal coverage into Southern Europe since the company also has a large footprint in Iberia with regular high frequency services. From January 2016, P&OFM will be operating new dedicated company trains from The Netherlands into Italy. These trains will carry both intermodal containers and ‘crane-able’ trailers (Huckepack). Investment over the past 12 months into 450 Huckepack trailers enables the business to serve Polish, Italian and Balkan markets as well as driving a modal shift from road to rail. It is impressive to see the changes that P&O Ferrymasters has undergone in recent years and it is certainly to the credit of its staff and management team that these have taken place so seamlessly. Having risen to become one of the leading logisticians in Europe, the company could have easily continued business as usual and remained profitable. Deviating from the beaten track was certainly a risk, but one that has proven to be beneficial for both its customers and the company itself.

Company Information INDUSTRY


United Kingdom, Ipswich FOUNDED




Logistics & Transport

w w w. p o f e r r y m a s t e r s . c o m


Achieving Global Success With Supply Chain Process Written by: Abigail Phillips Produced by: Richard Durrant



How Henkel manages its supply chain for ultimate business outcomes


enkel is a global company that works with some of the world’s leading brands and technologies in three core business areas: Laundry and Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies. With more than 140 years of expertise under its belt Henkel is well on its way to achieving its vision to become the world leader in brand management and technology solutions. Today the company holds dominant market positions both in the consumer and industrial sector and is well known for brands such as Persil, Schwarzkopf and Loctite to name just a few. Henkel’s vision is to become a global player in each of its brands and technologies. The Dax-30 company is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany and is proud of its almost 50,000 employees from more than 120 nations worldwide. Henkel has as strong presence in emerging markets. Putting quality first Since day one, the company has put a great deal of emphasis on quality, and this has truly driven and underpinned its success to date. “We strive for the very best in everything that we do,” said Johann Seif, International Planning and Logistics. “This applies not only to the products and technologies that we develop for our customers but also to our internal processes.” The goal to take leading positions in a highly competitive environment is shared by everyone at Henkel, irrespective of the business unit,


September 2015


Henkel is the firm behind famous brands such as Persil

function or country in which they work. In order to achieve the company’s ambitious plans it has focused on four strategic priorities: “We will outperform our competition as a globalised company with simplified operations and a highly inspired team.” As a global player, Henkel has put a lot of time into building a strong foundation for future growth and development. “The basis for our strategy was a detailed analysis of major long-term market trends. We identified three megatrends which will affect our different businesses over the next years: consolidation, emerging markets and speed. “Consolidation in our supplier, manufacturer and customer base as well as in our


Number of staff employed by Henkel

w w w. h e n k e l . c o . u k


Complete solutions from the automation experts Siemens supports Henkel’s sustainability strategy: “Do more with fewer resources”

As a globally operating supplier of energyefficient, automated complete solutions for in-house logistics in industrial companies, we offer expert consulting for installation of new systems as well as for modernization of and upgrades to existing warehouses. We supply everything from a single source, and all based on our automation standards. Henkel in Düsseldorf, Germany, relied on Siemens to provide the equipment for its channel warehouse. This new distribution center will play a crucial role in connecting production

directly to the warehouse (wall to wall), thereby shortening transport routes, reducing environmental pollution, and making retail supply more efficient. For example, the automated stock removal – supported by coordinated IT processes and automated stacker cranes – will result in approximately 1.5 million fewer forklift movements annually. As a result, Henkel will see a 20 percent reduction in its ton-kilometer figures.



Siemens AG (Berlin and Munich) is a global technology powerhouse that has stood for engineering excellence, innovation, quality, reliability and internationality for more than 165 years. The company is active in more than 200 countries, focusing on the areas of electrification, automation and digitalization. In the logistics area Siemens is a one-stop supplier for customized automated material handling solutions. Siemens has a longstanding experience in the fields of planning and realisation of new facilities and the extension and modernization of existing installations. From the handling of incoming goods through production and warehousing to picking and material issue – as your automation specialist the Siemens logistics solutions team develops a solution that is ideally tailored to your particular requirements and that will enhance the flexibility and efficiency of your processes and optimize the implementation time and costs for your organization. The range of custom service, from individual service over emergency service to a full service 24x7x365 completes our comprehensive portfolio. Further information is available on the Internet at



competitive environment will continue. Size will become a critical success factor in the future. Consequently, we need to grow our businesses. We expect the shift of growth from mature to emerging markets to continue. As a result, we need to expand our already strong footprint in these markets over the coming years. “We anticipate highly dynamic market evolution, and faster decision-making by suppliers, customers and competitors. In addition, further digitalisation will lead to changes in our market environment. We therefore need to continue simplifying our processes and increasing our operational excellence,” explained Seif. Supply chain management How does a company with such a broad clientele remain relevant and achieve ambitious business development aims? “In order to grow, we have to remain mobile as a business,” said Seif. “A huge part of our ongoing strategy is to analyse what to grow in terms of facilities and expertise, and a large part of our strategy in this area is focused on taking our services to the customer. This is a constant work in progress, but being agile in key to our success. We have a flexible network and despite our size we need to be mobile so we can react to industry changes. At the company we believe that country borders shouldn’t hold us back, and aim to deliver a relevant and consistent service to all our customers, no matter where they are located.”

Henkel has outlined three megatrends going forward

Self believes in a borderless supply chain strategy

w w w. h e n k e l . c o . u k




September 2015

HENKEL With global and regional distribution centres inventory and planning is critical to business development. “We need to focus on demand,” said Seif. “However, we also need to be clever about how we run our supply chain operations, for example economies of scale, efficiency and agile processes and systems need to be well thought out and delivered.” In order to create a more robust supply chain, Henkel has optimised its warehouse operations by using automation not only on the warehouse floor but also from an administrative point of view. It has also simplified workflows and tools and centralised its IT services allowing for greater visibility, less down time and thus greater efficiency. “We have invested in the supply chain technology to give us complete visibility. We


“How we run our supply chain operations, for example economies of scale, efficiency and agile processes and systems need to be well thought out and delivered” – Johann Seif, International Planning & Logistics

Henkel’s main office w w w. h e n k e l . c o . u k



Automation increasingly plays a part in Henkel processes

look into what we should stock and what we should not to ensure we don’t have too many slow moving products. We believe it’s possible to forecast demand and react to that as much as possible,” he said. Relying on a team of experts All the technology in the world doesn’t make up for a poor team, so the company has spent a lot of time and effort recruiting a world-leading workforce. “We focus on internal promotions, training and personal development to ensure our people are the best in their field,” said Seif. “Our ultimate objective is to want to grow from both a product and customer perspective and this would be impossible without people. We back this up where we can with data analysis and technology,” he said.


September 2015


Dedicated to sustainability Henkel’s commitment to leadership in sustainability is deeply embedded in its corporate values. Maintaining a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility has been fundamental to the company’s corporate culture for decades. This approach applies to every business unit and function, and our almost 50,000 employees all over the world have firmly embraced the principles of sustainable development in their daily work and think and act accordingly. “To maintain this lead in the future, we have developed a long-term sustainability strategy and set a straightforward yet ambitious goal for the year 2030: By this year, all Henkel products and processes should be three times as efficient as they are today,” said Seif. “This aim addresses one of the central challenges we will face in the future: decoupling growth from resource consumption. Instead, we want to create more value for our customers and consumers, for the communities we operate in, and for our company, while reducing our environmental footprint at the same time. Achieving more with less: this is the idea at the heart of our sustainability strategy which guides all of our business processes and activities.” With robust processes, world leading clients, and a focus on sustainability, Henkel is set to deliver its ambitious targets and retain its global reputation for many more years to come.

Company Information INDUSTRY


Dusseldorf, Germany FOUNDED


50,000 REVENUE

£16.428 billion (2014) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Brand Managemen, Technological Solutions

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AWARD WINNING UTL Taking Supply Chains To The Next Level Written by: Sam Jermy Produced by: Richard Durrant



The leading provider of logistics, field services and repair solutions has created a virtuous circle that enables companies to operate world-class environmentally friendly operations


September 2015


TL has put recycling and energy efficiency at the forefront of its logistical services and as a result has solidified business relationships with various major firms such as Sky, Vodafone and Sainsbury’s. Its innovative work to create a closed loop in operations has paid dividends in recent months; culminating in winning the Best Business Partnership at the National Recycling Awards 2015 alongside Sky for its work in providing fully integrated service solutions. Together they beat other finalists including Tesco, Waitrose and Biffa. Gary Winter, Business Development Director at UTL, said: “Everything we do at UTL we really mean, and we have that passion to go the extra mile by creating value in what we do for people. I met passionate people here when I first joined, and when everyone is motivated by the same goal we are better positioned to continuously improve.” Much of this ethos comes from parent company Unipart and the ‘Unipart Way’ which is a guiding philosophy to reduce waste or activities which do not add value. Unipart was formed in 1987 to assure the spare parts supply with the demise of British Leyland. Therefore it has a very strong automotive heritage which is why Unipart Logistics division (UL) was formed. The UTL division was also created to apply this supply chain expertise to other sectors such as Mobile, Media and Consumer. Winter added: “One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. We try to extract maximum


Key Personnel UTL operations in full flow

value while also achieving the right answer for the planet: we are also trying to achieve the right answer for the bottom line.” “We are a significant part of an £800 million corporation which means we have the clout of a large international company but deliver the personal care and attention that our customers have come to value enormously.” Virtuous circle UTL began its key business partnership with Sky as a pure forward logistics service in 2004, encompassing set top boxes, spare parts, warehousing, and a pick, pack and dispatch operation out to the then 650 Sky engineers.

Gary Winter Business Development Director

w w w. u t l . c o . u k



Local Pharmacy Local Pharmacy Pharmacy Local


Month 2014

UTL Today, the company not only supplies all of the above, but every consumable item on the van; even the ladders and the engineer’s work uniform and boots. UTL also sources the entire fleet of vans and converts them for Sky’s needs. Winter said: “Literally everything that is on the road, bar the engineer, is supplied by UTL. These days the relationship is unrecognisable from 2004; the heart of it is still a forward logistics operation. Sky services the customer’s needs via the mobile engineers, so we were originally sending them out so they could just do installations and repairs in Sky customers’ homes. “Nowadays when they finished working on site everything is returned to us; we do a 23-part sortation process. So if there is a broken set top



350 staff are employed at the Tamworth facility


DPD is the nation’s favourite express parcel carrier, providing a range of delivery services, including home delivery. DPD’s award winning Predict service ensures more, right first time deliveries by advising customers in advance, by text or email, of the hour in which, their parcel will arrive. If the hour is not convenient, the customer can then use the text or email to rearrange delivery to a neighbour’s property, a local DPD Pickup shop, safe place or to another date. Predict also includes Follow My Parcel, which provides customers with the ability to see their delivery driver’s progress on a map and also provides them with an eventual 15 minute delivery time slot. DPD also offers a Sunday Service providing a full collection and delivery service 7 days a week.

w w w. u t l . c o . u k



Leading the way in Smart Logistics

Email: 94

Month 2014

Tel: 0844 800 5219




box for example, we carry out inspection and diagnostics, full repair and refurbishment, so that box can go out to another customer for reuse. “We receive these materials from a company called ByBox; they are one of our biggest suppliers and we’ve have had a long and successful relationship with them. Their network of delivery parcel lockers and boxes enables us to send our goods out on the driver’s routes. He or she will collect the shipment and then when they’re finished onsite, they will put what looks like rubbish back in the drop box and it gets sent back to our Baginton distribution centre in the Coventry area.”

UTL began its key business partnership with Sky as a pure forward logistics service in 2004

Efficiency and growth The Baginton B facility, which has won five-star



ByBox was founded with a simple mission: to solve the problem of having to wait in for parcels. We understand how difficult it is to wait in for parcels, so we created an alternative that works. ByBox provides an end-to-end supply chain solution, including delivery and locker pick-up services, warehouse management technology and technical service solutions. ByBox’ intelligent locker network is underpinned by its unique supply chain planning software, Thinventory™, allowing customers to see items at every stage of the supply chain. By using the ByBox solution customers are able to make more intelligent decisions and run a more streamlined and efficient supply chain.

w w w. u t l . c o . u k



Intelligent Service & Repair Software

“ Zafire understand what our business needs and respond well to the challenges we put their way” UTL part of the Unipart Group Providing business critical software solutions for over 20 years across 20 countries

Integrated Service Desk

Optimised Resource Planning

Structured Contracts

Inventory Logistics

Total Financial Control

Intelligent Workforce Mobilisation

Workshop and Repair

M2M and Telematics

End-to-End Warranty Processing

Business Intelligence

Contact the Zafire team today +44 (0) 1295 701 810 •

Total Facilities Management Solutions Working in partnership with Unipart Technology Logistics helping them to achieve the 2015 National Recycling Award.

Call us today

01654 711010

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Month 2014

• Zero Landfill • Top rebates paid for all recyclables • Total waste management • Facilities Management • Global Recycling Partnerships • Waste / Recycling Equipment Supply

UTL accreditation from British Safety Council, is where UTL separates every item from cardboard, polythene and cables to circuit boards and other electrical items. In the case of Sky, it approached UTL with the challenge of wishing to be a zero landfill company and asked how Winter’s firm could help it achieve this. By working together to create an efficient process onsite in Coventry, assisted by facilities management company CHC Waste, the company was able to recycle over 99 percent of all materials and win the Best Business Partnership at the National Recycling Awards 2015. On the mobile side of the business, over 1.8 million devices pass through the workshop and repair process every year and this is managed by Zafire Group’s SmartService system.


“CHC Waste was able to recycle over 99 percent of all materials and win the Best Business Partnership at the National Recycling Awards 2015” - Gary Winter Business Development Director UTL separates every item from cardboard, polythene and cables to circuit boards

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The value of GAC Abu Dhabi adds up

Project Logistics Supply Chain Management Sea Freight Air Freight Land Transportation Warehousing & Distribution Ship Spares Logistics Ship Agency Hub Agency

Complete services + global network = your advantage

Bunker Fuels

For nearly half a century, GAC Abu Dhabi’s unique blend of integrated services, global reach and local expertise has helped diverse companies achieve growth and efficiency. Offering a wide range of services from ship agency to offshore support, our flexible and tailored formula focuses on delivering value and results you can measure. We can solve the most complex transportation needs, providing the answers that give your business the advantage.

Offshore Support Rig Moving Operations

See how it adds up for you at Find us on

NSGAC Abu Dhabi P.O Box 277, Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates | Tel: +971 2 673 0500


Worldwide Shipbroking Services

Manufacturers & Suppliers Of All Types Of Self Adhesive Labels, Tags, Tapes Including...

Specialist Labelling Solutions Direct Thermal / Transfer Labels Thermal Transfer Ribbons Plain and Multi Colour Labels Price Marking Labels and Machines Direct Thermal / Transfer Printers & Software Short Print Run Bureau Service Artwork, Negative & Plate Service

Shipping Offshore Energy Finance


Month 2014

Tel: 0121 377 6005 Fax: 0121 377 7402

Email: Suppliers to the Unipart Group for 25 years.


UTL’s capabilities extend far beyond a linear forward logistics service

Winter said: “Every now and then there’s an item we can’t find a new home for. Rope for example; once it’s used it cannot be resold as rope for Health and Safety reasons but we actually pass it on to a charity who makes dog leads out of it and who then sells it to raise funds for their charity. Anything we can’t find a reuse for and have to burn creates energy, and the ash is used to make breeze and cinder blocks in construction. So we’ve really worked hard to close that loop on everything. It is good CSR and a strong commitment to the public to cause as little environmental harm as possible.” “We started off in quite a modest way where we

A 23-part sortation process helps in recycling efforts w w w. u t l . c o . u k



“We started off in quite a modest way where we were doing just one element of the supply chain for companies, then by process of evolution and expansion we ended up doing a far broader range of activities that people typically know us for.” – Gary Winter, Business Development Director at UTL


September 2015

were doing just one element of the supply chain for companies, then by process of evolution and expansion we ended up doing a far broader range of activities that people typically know us for. Vodafone is certainly one of its substantial contracts and Winter stated UTL is extremely pleased to have successfully worked with the firm for so long and see that relationship expand. A younger relationship, with supermarket giant Sainsbury’s, has seen a linear forward logistics retail operation from a 350,000 square feet facility in Tamworth, employing around 350 people. “We just had our contract renewed for a further three years with Sainsbury’s. We’re very excited to hopefully be on a journey with them as well as continuing to do the classic value for money 3PL solutions.” said Winter. He concluded: “In the past 15 years we have


Company Information INDUSTRY


West Midlands, UK FOUNDED


seen massive changes and growth throughout the business. The company went through a period of aggressive growth until two or three years ago, now we have a stable customer base and organisation and now we’re organised and ready for another period of growth. “Discover at 9am, learn at 10am, fix at 11am is the mantra. We’ve probably got best staff retention in the sector because of this high level of engagement. With such a progressive nature on our side, in another two years’ time I’d like to be telling you about three new household names as clients, the retention of our current accounts, and the continuation of accreditation and recognition from third parties for our activities.” With such a forward-thinking and green way of operating, it would only be appropriate to see UTL continue to flourish.



Repair, Logistics, Technical call centres, Repair avoidance, Field expertise, End of life management, Repair diagnostics

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Reclaiming National Pride

Implementing technological upgrades as well as an extensive rebrand, the airliner is working hard to win back its commanding market share Written by: Nye Longman Produced by: Dennis Morales




n the face of a decline in its market share, Kuwait Airways is rolling out major changes in order to deliver a renaissance in its fortunes; it has been able to significantly reduce losses while undergoing a substantial rebrand as well as investing KWD16 million in IT infrastructure and the upgrade of its technological support. Market Share CEO Abdullah Al-Sharhan admitted that his company’s market share was a concern for the management team but, ultimately, he remained confident. He said: “We used to have a share of about 55 percent in the Kuwaiti market but this declined to as low as 18 percent; we have now recovered to a little above 20 percent with the introduction of our new fleet with on-board


September 2015


services and new entertainment systems. “The new personality of the airline is bringing the customers back; a lot of Kuwaitis are still very loyal to the airline, it’s just that we have to make sure we evolve steadily in order to win even more back. What we have recently completed is already having a really positive impact on our market share today.” “We have also recently gone through a privatisation exercise and have increased our revenues by about KWD20 million during 2014: some of this has been market driven, while some has been achieved through better marketing tactics.” In the case of this business, the numbers show that the time, money and effort invested in turning the airliner around have not been wasted. Al Sharhan said: “Financial performance has improved; we have cut our losses by 50 percent both in 2013 and 2014 and we hope to finish 2015 with a further cut. Simply, we have improved revenues while cutting costs.” Kuwait Airways is poised to make gains once the new KAC terminal is constructed at the Kuwait International Airport in 2016, This new terminal has been allocated to the company by the Supreme Council of Aviation in Kuwait, and will be the KAC home until the ultimate T2 Terminal is built in five to six years. Al-Sharhan said: “We have collaborated with the Civil Aviation Authority of Kuwait, and they have allocated us four gates which is

Abdullah Al-Sharhan, Kuwait Airways CEO

‘Kuwait Airways is poised to make gains once the new KAC terminal is constructed at the Kuwait International Airport in 2016’

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m


We Always Make You Fly High K U WA I T A I R WAY S AMS, thanks to a strong industrial experience gained in the field, is an MRO company continuously refining its services and capabilities in order to face the dynamic challenges of commercial aerospace world. We are proud to offer a new commercial product, AMS 360°, to increase on-wing performances and lower engine maintenance costs for airlines. We serve all our clients with reliable, dedicated, flexible expertise, always offering tailored solutions. We provide value for money and produce the results our clients want and need.

P +39 0665592950 F +39 0665592213 Via Ezio Bevilacqua snc 00054 Fiumicino 1 0 6– Rome M o n -t hItaly 2014



the perfect opportunity to represent Kuwait Airways’ new personality to our customers.” Operations Kuwait Airways has a fleet of 26 aircraft which provides a crucial link between the East and West; Al-Sharhan added that the airliner was looking to modestly expand into tourist and technology destinations to increase its international coverage. This included flights to Munich, Vienna, Istanbul, Sharm el Sheikh, Bangalore and Ahmedabad in 2015. Using the latest modern aircraft is a simple but significant part of the company’s ongoing shakeup, Al-Sharhan said: “We are in the process of phasing in new aircraft and phasing out some old aircraft. We are phasing in A320ceo’s and


Kuwait Airways has a fleet of 26 aircraft which provides a crucial link between East and West


Alitalia Maintenance Systems S.p.A. - AMS - is a leading Company in Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Services for Engine, A.P.U., Aeronautical Components plants and Aero-derivate power plants, with over 40 years operational experience in the field. We are fully FAA, EASA , CAAC (Chinese Cert.), GCAA (U.A.E. Cert.), DGCAA (Kuwait Cert.) approved and also ISO 9001-2008 and 9110-2005 certified. AMS is moving in the direction of tailored cost-effective solutions, that can range from leasing to sale, from maintenance to teardown. We also can provide: Off-On-Wing Maintenance, Asset Management, One Stop Shop Philosophy, Engine Technical Management Training ,Partnership, Engine Web Tracking

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m




When what matters is finely tuned, everything works. Iberia’s merger with British Airways has made us stronger. Our technicians have more than 85 years of experience and are experts in their field. With our extended product range and joint resources we can offer you the high quality service that you demand. StRONgER tOgEthER.

Iberia Maintenance. Commercial Direction. Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. La Muñoza. Edificio END. 28042 Madrid.España. Phone: + 34 91 587 48 27 / British Airways Engineering: Technical Block C - Vanguard Way. Heathrow Airport. Hounslow. TW6 2JA / web:


Month 2014

Members de



A330-200 aircraft. We are phasing out 8 aircraft by the end of the year, which are A310s and A300s and have signed with airbus for 10 A350-900s and 15 A320 neos to be delivered starting 2019.” Although replacing old models with newer ones does play a role in the company’s rebranding efforts, it has a more practical application: “Through using new aircraft we have improved schedule integrity this year because the old aircraft were having sudden failures and caused delays and therefore decreased integrity; we have also seen an improvement in dispatch reliability. “At the same time, we are reviewing our business plan; this will concentrate on the route network requirements and potential new destinations for the next 5 years, based on feasible and viable expansion.”


“Through using new aircraft we have improved schedule integrity” - Abdullah Al-Sharhan


Iberia Maintenance can conduct overhaul work on a variety of engine types including CFM56-5A/-B/-5C/-7B, RB211-535 E4/-C37, and V2500, but also power generation systems, associated accessories and thrust reversers. Iberia Maintenance has been overhauling CFM56 engines since 1992, covering every version. We deliver the perfect unity of experience and expertise to ensure the utmost reliability of operations. We are the largest European center for servicing RB211-535 engines and one of Europe’s maintenance providers still growing. Recently, we added V2500 to our portfolio. All operators can benefit from our component repair and overhaul expertise covering a wide service spectrum of all kind of components.

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m




Month 2014



Developing strategic relationships has been key to moving the company forward in recent years, and when the pressure mounted as an important delivery deadline approached, has proven to be invaluable. Al-Sharhan said: “Airbus was cooperative throughout the whole process; we went from specification to construction to runway in 9 months. Our engineering, operations, entertainment and content teams were working virtually round the clock to meet the delivery targets of the fleet. Had it not been for the cooperation of all parties, the delivery would not have materialised on time.”

‘Developing strategic relationships has been key to moving the company forward in recent years’

Talent Management Al-Sharhan and his management team recognise that Kuwait Airways employees



GE Aviation, an operating unit of GE (NYSE: GE), is a world-leading provider of jet and turboprop engines, components and integrated systems for commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft. GE Aviation has a global service network to support these offerings. Tel: +971 (0) 4454 6778 Fax: +971 4 454 6917 Email:

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m


K U WA I T A I R WAY S T +962 6 4451440 F +962 6 4452620 P.O.Box : 39180, Queen Alia Int. Airport, Amman 11104, Jordan

Your Power Partner Jordan Airmotive –JALCO- is an engine MRO facility that was established in 1985 by Royal Jordanian airline in collaboration with Rolls-Royce to provide engine services needed for RJ’s & regional operators.

Jordan Airmotive growth and success was the drive to have the company transfer from a government entity to a private independent one which was concluded in 2006. Currently the company fully services and overhauls

CF6-80C2, CFM56-3 with an enhanced future capability for CFM56-5B in 2016. Certified by FAA, EASA and many regional and International CAA’s makes the corporate an international player in MRO engine services.

The VIP Specialists

121 Inflight Catering provides worldwide in-flight catering services and is pleased to announce the opening of our new state-ofthe-art facilities at New York’s JFK Airport, including the only dedicated inflight Halal kitchens servicing the New York area

Michele Savino CEO - Peter DeVito COO -


Month 2014



are some of the most talented and hardest working in their industry; their achievements are frequently recognised through gifts, prizes and awards, rewarding the smallest acts of excellence through to the loftiest efforts. The company was also recently presented with the opportunity to take part in an exercise which saw many members of its staff engaged across all aspects of the delivery process. Al-Sharhan said: “Employees that took part in this exercise came back with a wealth of experience; they improved their understanding of documentation and technical acceptance, as well as negotiating different aspects of delivery agreements. “It involved employees in both technical and legal aspects; they come back into the Kuwait Airways employees are some of the most talented and hardest working in their industry

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m



Aircraft Parts when and where you need them

The perfect choice FOR SCANDINAVIA

Avio-Diepen not only delivers aircraft parts, but we have been delivering efficiency, availability, reliability and connectivity for over 65 years.

Supply Chain Solutions Whether you fly, maintain or manufacture equipment for Airbus, Boeing or regional aircraft, we create innovative ways to optimize aircraft parts supply chains worldwide.

BASILDON - +44 (0) 1268 285620 BRISTOL - +44 (0) 117 982 8080 IMMINGHAM - +44 (0) 1469 571440


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8/10/2015 15:51:53




Month 2014

Continuous quality from start to finish



business and shared these new experiences with other employees. They became technical experts in the aircraft that we use; they even know how the aeroplanes were built.” “We’ve had proposals from some outsourcing companies to provide similar services. We were approached by some of them but I would not miss out on the opportunity to train my own people and tap into this wealth of knowledge.” Kuwait Airways also recognises that its future success lies in the youth of the nation and already the company is aiming to capture their interest by offering opportunities to those who wish to get a flavour for how the company operates. Al-Sharhan said: “As well as supporting youths that do voluntary work for the community, we

Achievements are frequently recognised through gifts,prizes and awards

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m



T +33 (0)1 74 37 75 69 F +33 (0)1 48 62 57 67

We Specialise in

Redefining Airport Service Experience AISATS (Air India SATS Airport Services Private Limited) is a 50:50 joint venture between Air India Limited, and SATS Limited, providing world-class airport services in ground and cargo handling that exceed customers’ expectations. AISATS is ISO 9001:2008 and ISAGO certified.

PASSENGER SERVICES Welcome, check-in, boarding, sales, lost luggage, business lounges RAMP SERVICES Loading, unloading, baggage handling for arrivals and departures, push back and towing of planes, de-icing, snow clearing, cabin cleaning GROUND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Coordination, load sheet, weight and balance


1101/02, B-Wing Lotus Corporate Park • Goregaon (East) Mumbai - 400063 Maharashtra • India

FREIGHT Transport of freight and mail, packing of palettes airside TRAINING Regulatory and professional training

PASSION Drives us to be a world leader in cabin interior products & systems.

P OW E R Propels us to keep delivering a new best.

B/E Aerospace is the world’s leading manufacturer of interior products for commercial airliners and business jets. We offer the widest variety of products and solutions, with the passion and power to help our global partners take aviation to the next level. B/E Aerospace World Headquarters 1400 Corporate Center Way, Wellington, FL 33414


Month 2014



bring in high school students on an annual basis and give them uniforms and let them behave like employees as much as possible. For many working for Kuwait Airways is a dream that could very well be achieved in the future.� Technology Alongside rebranding is a commitment to invest in enhancing technology across the board in order to increase efficiency and deliver a truly world class service to an international customer base. Over the next five years the airline will be upgrading everything from switching, communications systems, wireless internet, various management systems and computers, to laptops, printers and scanners, as well as both

“The business side is being revolutionised and so is the IT side“ - Abdullah Al-Sharhan

Alongside rebranding is a commitment to invest in enhancing technology across the board in order to increase efficiency and deliver a fully world class service

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m



The company is laying down the framework for a truly international airline


September 2015

local and international communications systems. Al-Sharhan explained: “The business side is being revolutionised and so will the IT side; we are bringing in the latest technological developments, such as revenue management and network planning systems.” He added: “The revenue management system will let us know exactly where we stand financially; we will know how our destinations and operations are performing through real time reporting. One of the factors that leads to being a leading airline is having automation across the board in most of the departments that we operate and the systems that we use.” Kuwait Airways is a living example of how the timely implementation of technological solutions can make all the difference for a company looking


Company Information INDUSTRY


Kuwait City FOUNDED



to compete globally. It is telling that the company is actualising its desire to become more prudent financially with the relevant IT automation. In the face of much adversity, the company has tackled its past challenges and is now actively laying down the framework for a truly international airline. Al-Sharhan was confident that his vision and the capabilities of his staff would bring Kuwait Airways into more prosperous territory. He concluded with his calculated strategy for the near future: “Over the next few years we will have the new fleet and the rebranding fully in place. I expect us to have about 30 percent of the Kuwait market share. I will be increasing destinations, both east and west, and want Kuwait Airways to be the favoured airline for the entire Kuwaiti population.�



Commercial and Tourist Travel

w w w. k u w a i t a i r w a y s . c o m


Worldwide Express

Express lane to the top This global logistics company continues to find success with the assistance of technology, partnerships and good old fashioned hard work Written by: Cutter Slagle

Produced by: Jason Wright



Annual Conference Awards Night with Mike and Mike from ESPN 2

L NCAA Final Four Sales Contest – Winners Weekend Kick Off

Annual Conference Welcome Reception 122

September 2015

ocated in Dallas, Texas, Worldwide Express’s “unique connection with customers” motto can be partly attributed to the success of the company. Founded in 1995, the global logistics company has effectively grown to become the largest authorized reseller of express shipping for UPS®. In a recent interview, SVP of Operations Mike Grayson discussed elements that have allowed Worldwide Express to differentiate from others in the industry, such as its strong business model, use of technology and positive relationship with franchisees. In the beginning . . . Originally a reseller of small parcel services for Airborne Express, which was then purchased by


Annual Conference Welcome Reception

DHL, Worldwide Express signed an agreement with UPS in 2008 on the small parcel side of the industry, an agreement that is still in effect today. The company is now one of just two that resells small parcel services for UPS. In 2008, Worldwide Express began working with LTL—Less Than Truckload—and now represents 65+ carrier partners, making them the largest privately held broker of LTL in the country. “The great news is there’s still more opportunity for growth in small parcel and LTL,” Grayson said eagerly.

“Our strategies for growth and improvement are driven by technology” – Mike Grayson,

Senior Vice President of Operations

Expressing satisfaction The company’s mission statement is simple and direct: to clearly exceed the expectations of its customers, franchisees and partners. And w w w. w w e x . c o m



Mike Grayson, SVP of Operations

make shipping simple. we manage your shipping while you focus on your business.

that’s exactly what Worldwide Express does, thanks to the assistance of its business model that empowers local franchise owners to develop caring relationships with its customers. Specifically, instead of using an agency model, Worldwide Express takes a different approach. “We’re going after the small- to medium-sized business owner who has eight to 30 employees, and we’re able to have a really unique connection with that customer because a lot of the challenges that they face as business owners are challenges that our franchisees face,” said Grayson. “We’re able to build on a real connection that already exists, because of common experience.”


The importance of technology “Right now, ‘technology’ is a buzzword,” explained Grayson. “Our strategies for growth and improvement are driven by technology.” While Grayson noted that the Worldwide Express business is all about the movement of shipments —the movement of goods and services around the country and world— information regarding these shipments is becoming just as important. Simply put, technology improves the ability to work with customers. According to Worldwide Express, the ability to leverage technology is a key ingredient for the customer, due to the fact that they can track and trace the information of their packages. “People have the ability now to go online and track their shipment, to understand where an item is going and when it’s arriving. The transfer of information regarding those shipments has quickly become a critical part to supply chain management,” said Grayson. On the other side of the spectrum—the carrier’s side—technology assists with the reporting structure, streamlining the packaging process, including shipment rates, as well as other business intelligence pieces of the equation, such as a package’s average weight.

“Being able to provide access to information and data that is meaningful to a customer is key” – Mike Grayson,

Senior Vice President of Operations

But it all goes back to the customer. “Being able to provide access to information and data that is meaningful to a customer is key,” said Grayson. w w w. w w e x . c o m


CEO, Tom Madine, and CFO, Rob Rose, pictured with Anthony Robles



In fact, the addition of technologies will allow for customers to become more productive and even help to improve efficiencies. Today, the customer spends a lot of time, energy and effort in a very manual world. These new technologies will aid in different areas that include claims processing, billing disputes and documentation retrieval. Worldwide Express is working to provide more automation and efficiency from electronic access to information.

new opportunities for both the small parcel side of the business and LTL. “Our sales people and account managers are out on the street every single day and in the offices of our customers,” Grayson explained. “Our team is trying to provide solutions from a logistics management standpoint in which these companies are run. We see first-hand how they move their product in and out the door.” “This won’t be changing any time soon,” he noted. “It’s a very effective approach for us.” Attracting new customers It is that local interaction that helps When it comes to retaining to set Worldwide Express apart from customers, Worldwide Express uses other companies in the industry, as a face-to-face approach, meaning they’re physically observing how it’s not transactional. these businesses are processing Grayson described Worldwide shipments and freight. Therefore, Express as a “feet on the street” appropriate solutions can be type of company. By knocking on provided that are real, practical and doors and making cold calls, the add value. team is constantly searching for As for attracting new employees,

“It’s important that we continue to represent the brand in a positive way” – Mike Grayson, Senior Vice President of Operations w w w. w w e x . c o m



Annual Conference Meeting Sessions

Worldwide Express often gets a mix Depending on how long an employee of new college graduates and already stays with the company, certain established sales professionals. levels of training take place, ranging 128

September 2015


from basic sales training to more progressive and sophisticated techniques in their ACE training, which stands for Advanced Concepts and Excellence. “It doesn’t matter what field they’re pursuing in the industry, from managers to freight coordinators. Anybody and everybody in the organization gets some type of training,” Grayson explained. Driving the business forward As for the future of Worldwide Express, Grayson believes the business will continue to stay on track, and to have a heavy focus on UPS. “It’s important that we continue to represent the brand in a positive way,” he said. Furthermore, Grayson believes there’s plenty of room to grow and educate the existing team, as well as find more opportunities in the LTL space. “As a main driver for us, it’s important to continue to learn how to understand customer needs and pair those needs with solutions,” Grayson said. In the future, the main focus for Worldwide Express is to understand the opportunities that lie within each customer and then utilize its expertise to provide solutions. “For us, the business is and will continue to be about relationships. How we treat our carrier partners and our customers is our primary focus. Nothing should ever trump the importance of those relationships.”

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CouriersPlease Pty Ltd

Delivering excellence one parcel at a time Discover how Australia’s number one metropolitan express parcel delivery service is leading the way Written by: Cutter Slagle

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ustralia’s leading metropolitan express parcel delivery service provider CouriersPlease has grown and transformed itself since it was founded in 1983. As any entrepreneur can attest, success isn’t always an easy, attainable goal. However, CouriersPlease has found its unique way to success 132

September 2015

through strategic partnerships, technical innovation, adapting to changes and most importantly, customer centricity. “Our business is all about satisfying the customer,” said CEO Brian Roberts, who is a veteran with more than 30 years of industry experience and knowledge, in a recent interview. Roberts discussed


the company’s expansion strategies, detailing how CouriersPlease has built a name for itself to take advantage of the rapidly growing ecommerce logistics market. “It’s important to stay focused on what we do best: deliver excellent service to customers.” It is in this way that CouriersPlease has managed to stay ahead of the competition throughout the years.

“Singapore Post is turbo charging us” –Brian Roberts, Managing Director

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SingPost: turbocharging CouriersPlease In December 2014, CouriersPlease was acquired by Quantium Solutions International (QSI), a wholly-owned a subsidiary of Singapore Post Ltd (SingPost). QSI specialises in eCommerce logistics and fulfillment services in the Asia Pacific. With an established network in 12 countries and access to over 220 countries/ territories, QSI provides businesses with a comprehensive range of services to suit customers’ needs and budgets. SingPost is the leading eCommerce logistics provider in Asia Pacific. “With SingPost’s now fully-owning and supporting it, CouriersPlease has embarked on a


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Aust r alian Risk Applic at ions “Business solutions to risk”

Providing specialist marine and transportation insurance broking and underwriting agency services to industry sectors such as couriers, freight forwarders, importers, exporters, traders, custom brokers, removalists and fresh produce exporters.

Proud to be of service to Couriers Please for the past 10 years managing their cargo risk and customer insurance program.

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C O U R I E R S P L E A S E P T Y LT D number of initiatives, to take the high ground in the eCommerce logistics space. This includes the launch of new international products as well as domestic Air express and sameday metro services. These will make CouriersPlease a true full service parcel / express player. In addition, CouriersPlease is expanding regionally within Australia, working with partners like Hubbed who have a physical nationwide network.” “These will help provide a wider product offering, superior service and additional delivery choices to our customers, as well as investing in a new suite of technology enable


solutions,” said Roberts. “We are rapidly expanding our domestic foot print, having recently opened new operations in Albury, Coffs Harbour and Cairns. We have also recently acquired facilities in Perth that will be ready to serve our customers from August 2015,” Roberts added. CouriersPlease is known for its excellent metro and domestic road express services provided by the franchisees, and has developed a very loyal customer base, especially in the SME segment. With its new international and metro services, it will become a truly one-stop shop

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C O U R I E R S P L E A S E P T Y LT D for their customers. Firstly, the company has introduced a premium money back guarantee for same day metro services. Secondly, it has launched an overnight Air Express product across Australia. CouriersPlease will enter the domestic Air Express market for the first time. The company has also launched two international products: • International air express, partnering with DHL to offer customers an express product to and from the world, and

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• Economy international air express, partnering with QSI as the international arm and a fully owned subsidiary of SingPost. Roberts said, “Now, all of our customers can get their domestic and international shipping needs dealt with by the same, very customer centric company.” In June 2015, SingPost invested in Hubbed, a one-stop eCommerce aggregator that has built a network of some 680 newsagents to provide a parcel delivery service in every major city across Australia. Combined with this, CouriersPlease is fast tracking the deployment of POPStations, that are 24/7 parcel lockers. Dr Sascha Hower, CEO of QSI, said, “We are pleased to be supporting CouriersPlease as it invests in the eCommerce logistics ecosystem in Australia. Ecommerce is all about having multichannels - for speed and getting parcels to customers at the times that suit them. People in Australia are busy and active, and working professionals won’t be home during work hours to receive their parcels. We want to make their lives

easier by offering them flexibility through CouriersPlease, they enjoy a nationwide door-to-door delivery service across Australia. We are glad that we can help provide a significant enhancement in convenience and flexibility to customers in the expanding markets.” Hower, who is also the Group COO of SingPost, further explained, “We are pleased to be supporting CouriersPlease as it invests in the eCommerce logistics ecosystem in Australia. We want to enable endto-end solutions from warehousing to convenient touchpoints, flexible doorstep delivery and track and trace features. Our smart-lockers or POPStations provide customers with a physical drop-off / pick-up point as an additional option to the door-to-door delivery service which we currently provide.” At present, there is a pilot PopStation unit available at CouriersPlease’s main depot located in Rosehill, Parramatta. Customers who have direct their parcels to the depot are able to collect their parcels from the POPStation anytime at their own convenience. SingPost has already

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rolled out over 100 PopStations all over the island state of Singapore. [Depending on timing of article: For its part, CouriersPlease is considering/ planning a roll out of a parcel locker network. Online shoppers can choose between direct door-door delivery, or shipment to the news agency network which is open typically from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., seven days a week. Alternatively it could also be directed to a POPStation which is available for collection around the clock seven days a week. In addition to 1st delivery, redeliveries, POPStationscan be used for parcel returns, posting of parcels and has many distinctive features including ‘air unlock’ using the POPStations application. Hubbed also intends to launch more parcel products through its outlets in the near future. Getting innovative through SingPost’s technology “With all its service innovations, the technology backbone is critical. SingPost has been on a technology transformation path for many years and

“It’s important to stay focused on what we do best: deliver excellent service to customers” – Brian Roberts, Managing Director w w w. c o u r i e r s p l e a s e . c o m . a u



we are able to implement their stateof-the-art technology solutions to further enhance our systems and gear up for the future,� Roberts added. CouriersPlease is implementing SingPost technology solutions that include their next generation operations system coupled with Android mobile phone technology for its franchisees – the solution has also recently won the CIO Innovation Award 2015 presented by CIO Asia. Some of the features in the 142

September 2015

new system include API integration with third party vendors, guided flow of parcels, tracking across borders, multilingual capabilities, integration with parcel lockers, among others. It has also launched a brand new website in August with a range of new features, such as sending and receiving of parcels on a single system within Australia and Worldwide, user-friendly tracking capabilities as well as an accessible and easy to use booking process.


“This really enhances the overall customer experience while improving our operational efficiency,” said Roberts. But it’s not just technological advances that aid in meeting this target—it’s also ensuring that the right team is in place for the task at hand. “In our business, it’s definitely critical to get the right people and then to motivate them and develop them. We have good people from the industry knocking on our doors to join us. To me, this is the sign that we are on the right path,” Roberts added. The importance of change for the future CourierPlease’s ability to evolve not only makes it stand out from other companies in the industry, but it gives the company a firm foothold for the future. “We are an organization that embraces change and thrives on it,” said Roberts. For the future, CouriersPlease is aiming to be the exceptional leader in eCommerce by delivering the best customer experience. Roberts added, “Specifically, the company plans to be the preferred supplier of choice— whether ordering takes place out of the United States, the United Kingdom, China or Australia. With the growing importance of eCommerce and the consumer / B2C market, many companies face a pain point with customers not available at the point of delivery. CouriersPlease wants to provide the solution to this.”

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Rosehill Industrial Estate, Building C South, Level 1, 5-7 Shirley Street, Rosehill New South Wales Australia , 2150 FOUNDED




specialised metropolitan parcel delivery business

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