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where there were areas where they

Through technology and data capture,

needed to improve,” says Sliski. “We

Zetes can shine a light across the

helped them connect their entire supply

supply chain to create better connec-

chain and capture data in a way that

tivity and efficient operations.

they could digest and interrogate. They

The key to the digital supply chain then,

have discovered key benefits that they

lies in the data. Capturing and storing

were unaware of with a reduction in

the data requires the right technology

waste and greater availability on shelves

and this is where cloud solutions and

as just two examples.”

the Internet of Things (IoT) come into

In enabling a more connected supply

play. Cloud technology and IoT are two

chain, Zetes has removed what some

words that currently dominate the global

industry professionals refer to as

supply chain technology conversation,

“supply chain black holes” that are

but what do we truly understand of

formed through a lack of communica-

them? Sliski keeps it simple and appro-

tion and connectivity between the

aches these disruptive technologies

entire supply chain ecosystem.

as a means of building blocks. “Cloud


Sébastien Sliski Sébastien Sliski is General Manager Supply Chain Solutions for Zetes and holds 19 years of experience in supply chain management. In this role, he is responsible for defining the software strategy of the Collaborative Supply Chain Solutions Suite for end-to-end supply chain optimization. From 2009 to 2015 Sébastien was Country Manager for Zetes in France. At the same time he was also Business Consultant for ZetesOlympus, the Supply Chain Visibility solution that offers real-time operational visibility into events and inventory f lows (forward/ reverse) across the supply chain.

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Profile for Supply Chain Digital

Supply Chain Digital Magazine – March 2019  

Supply Chain Digital Magazine – March 2019  

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