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n an industry that is constantly focusing on the latest innovations and technologies to improve efficiency, Covéa considers its employees to

be the fundamental factor driving its operations.

Founded in 1999, the French insurance firm is based around three brands: Mutuelle d’assurance des artisans de France (MAAF), Mutuelle du Mans Assurance (MMA), and Garantie Mutuelle des Fonctionnaires (GMF). Along with its three main sectors, the company operates subsidiaries across its markets, including the UK, Luxembourg, Italy, and Spain. “We are one of the largest insurance companies in France. We insure around one in ten of the country’s population, and employ more than 28

25,000 people worldwide, with 22,000 based in our domestic market,” states Sylvie Noël, Chief Procurement Officer at Covéa Group. As the company’s CPO, Noël’s position covers more than just finance: “Procurement is no longer just about earning money. I am focusing on procuring better for the company, to give added value to our stakeholders, and to ensure security is to the highest standard and accuracy. I want to give new ideas to our stakeholders.” Targeting both direct and indirect procurement, Noël’s operations are integral to the firm’s everyday processes. For Covéa, direct procurement covers customer claims, where the procurement team works to professionalise and secure relationship with vendors. The firm’s indirect procurement spans across four factors: Hardware and Software, Equipment, Business MARCH 2019