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they buy, and are going to greater

demand,” says Corriveau. “We approach

lengths than ever before to ensure

everything with the notion that sooner

“they are not part of the problem, but

or later, the customer is going to ask us

part of the solution”.

to elevate our game and go beyond

The demands of the customer extend

SQF certification – so we can’t be

into certifications, with Emmerson

chasing.” Emmerson achieves this

having proudly achieved Safe Quality

through a three-pillar approach: safety,

Foods (SQF) certification, among

quality and productivity. “You can’t be

others. While for many businesses the

productive if you don’t produce quality

customer drives these decisions,

product.” he says. “And you can’t

Emmerson Packaging is proactive and

produce quality products if you don’t

has higher expectations of its supplier

do it in a safe environment.”

network and warehousing. “It’s about trying to stay ahead of the customer

To this end, Emmerson Packaging invests heavily in safety programs w w w.suppl yc ha i ndi gi ta l. com