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India by having the first brewery in Asia

is increasingly invested in meeting its

Pacific to run 100% on renewable elec-

sustainability goals. As premium brands

tricity for Budweiser production since

grow in popularity and demand, the com-

last March. “It’s very exciting to be the

pany will continue to drive innovation

first movers in our industry, leading by

and healthy competition across the bre-

example to ensure not only we reach

wing industry. Yao underlines this:

our Climate Action goal by 2025 but

“I believe in sustainability, doing the right

also inspire other companies to follow

thing and taking the business in a new

the same path,” explains Clysner.

direction. Our work will impact the city,

To take its climate action goals even

local communities and the country. I beli-

further, solar panels will be placed on

eve premium brands will be on the rise

the roofs of each CUB brewery in

in the near future. People will become

Australia, which will reduce its impact

more willing to tune into brands who are

on the environment. All sites will remain

taking more care of the environment.”

connected to the grid, with potential

Wauters is also keen to highlight AB

access fed back into the system,

InBev’s aim to leave a long-lasting and

ensuring maximum efficiency.

meaningful legacy. “With the size of our

As people’s attitudes towards sustainability continue to shift, AB InBev

company, it’s amazing the impact we can have in the world,” she says pass-


Jan Clysner Before leading Procurement and Sustainability at AB InBev APAC, I had the opportunity to do several procurement roles in the company. These roles not only gave me the opportunity to build knowledge and experiences in several categories across the world, but also provided me the perfect platform of continuously learning

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