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improve water quality and quantity,”

“It is a privilege to leverage our resourc-

she adds.

es, capabilities and the scale of our

Leading Australian brewer Cascade

operations to help our communities by

of Carlton & United Breweries (CUB),

pausing beer production to produce

part of the AB InBev family, has sought

clean, safe drinking water for those

to support those affected by natural

affected by natural disasters” says VP

disasters in Queensland, Australia by

Procurement & Sustainability (APAC)

providing free canned drinking water

Jan Clysner.

to those in need. In partnership with the Palaszczuk Government and not-for-


profit organisation GIVIT, the relief

Removing 100,000 tonnes of packag-

programme was launched at CUB’s

ing material globally in 2016, AB InBev’s

Yatala Brewery, the largest brewery in

commitment to follow its goal language

Australia. Following its success, the

on returnable and recycled content has

company has now committed to the

seen the business develop robust relation- 137

programme for the foreseeable future,

ships with suppliers, local governments

whereby the business will store up to

and partners. Ramping up the percent-

100,000 cans close to Yatala Brewery

age of recycled materials across its oper-

in case of natural disasters, such as

ations, Wauters points out how China’s

wildfires or cyclones, guaranteeing the

‘recycling ban’, forming part of the cou-

health and safety of local communities.

ntry’s Blue Sky/National Sword

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