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P016 Ca’ Del Bosco by Steven Lyon P036 Valley of the Enchanted by Stephen Burridge P046 The Two Lolitas by Fox Harvard P056 Secrets at Epping Forest by Ian Cole P070 Morning Glory by Rokas Darylis P082 Stand in the Light by RA Friedman P094 Afternoon Encore by April-Lea Hutchinson P102 Hacienda by Mano Martinez P114 Forbidden Fruit by George Pitts P132 It’s Above You by Cecilie Harris P140 Freedom by Jessica Kinglefoss P148 One Day Whilst in Paris by Icaref Akaiev Published By Client Publishing Specialist independent publisher of fashion and art magazines and books: Art Direction & Layout: Ian Cole & Tom Alders Disclaimer: The views expressed in parts of this publication are not necessarily that of the author/publisher. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Special thanks to April-Lea Hutchinson, Cecilie Harris, Elite Models, Fox Harvard, George Pitts, Icaref Akaiev, Jessica Kinglefoss, Mano Martinez, Nevs, Rokas Darylis, RA Friedman, Sandra Bermingham, Select Models, Stephen Burridge, and all those involved in the issue.

Supplementaire 7 Art & Fashion Journal Twitter: @supplementaire Cover model: Tom Lander at Select, London TOM wears Jumper by Topman Photographed by Ian Cole Grooming by Sandra Bermingham Editor-in-Chief: Ian Cole Content Editor: April-lea Hutchinson Copy Editor: Catherine Porter-brown (C)2012 All Rights Reserved

Supplementaire 7  

Tom Lander at Select on the cover and featuring work from George Pitts, April-Lea Hutchinson, Steve Lyons, Stephen Burridge, Ian Cole, Fox H...