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EXT. UEHLEHAK’S BACKYARD - DAY It is Madeline’s birthday party. REBEKAH and TOM are setting up for the party. Rebekah is placing table clothes on table. Tom is hanging up a white plastic banner that says "Happy Birthday Maddie" in bright pink letters. REBEKAH Such a nice day out for Maddie’s Party. TOM Yeah, perfect golfing weather REBEKAH (playful smack) Well too bad, you’re staying here for your daughter’s birthday TOM I know, I know, Ill be here. By the way have you see my mom? I don’t want her to roam too far off, you know with her... (points to head) REBEKAH She’s fine, she’s inside with Maddie. Try not to worry so much. (rubs his shoulder) TOM I know... you know what the doctor said though. Im worried. Her dementia seems to be getting worse. One of these days... MADELINE runs out of the sliding glass door. MADELINE Mommy! Mommy! Someone’s here! REBEKAH Okay! Go inside and get grandmaMadeline runs inside. Rebekah turns to Tom consoling him. REBEKAH Things will be fine. Just try and enjoy yourself today, hunny.


INT. UEHLEHAK HOUSEHOLD - DAY Madeline’s friends and family are gathered around kitchen table singing happy birthday. ALL "...Happy birthday to you" Madeline blows out candles. INT. UEHLEHAK HOUSEHOLD - DAY MILDRED is sitting down on the couch. Outside she can hear Madeline’s 7 year old friends playing. Through the glass door she can friends and relatives are sitting on the porch talking. A young girl walks in through the sliding door. MILDRED Hi sweetie! Happy birthday! Come give grandmother a hug! Young girl gives a confused look MILDRED Okay okay I understand, not in front of your friends. Go back to your party and have some fun! Young girl walks back outside. Mildred sits there quietly looking off with a small grin on her face. INT. UEHLEHAK HOUSEHOLD - NIGHT It is 12:11 in the morning. Mildred is lying in bed asleep. Her eyes suddenly open. She lays there for a second thinking and jumps out of bed. MILDRED Oh dear... She seems rushed. Mildred grabs her baby blue robe and walks out the room. She is mumbling to herself, but not forming any words. Mildred walks down stairs, grabs the keys to the blue Honda accord. She then grabs her purse and hurries out the door.


EXT. UEHLEHAK’S FRONT YARD - NIGHT Mildred walks down the front walk. Behind her, all the lights are off in the house. She opens the door to the car, starts the engine, and backs out of the driveway EXT. CITY STREETS - NIGHT Mildred is driving. On the radio plays Electric Avenue

Working title  
Working title  

An eighty-something woman with severe dementia is put under the care of a nursing home after wrecking her son's car. However, her dementia c...