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Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 Review Samsung has, in its line of Galaxy mobile phones, created something of a phenomenon and a handset range that has proven exceptionally popular with smartphone lovers looking for something other than the iPhone. At first glance it is difficult to tell the Samsung Galaxy S4 from its predecessor, the S3, but closer inspection gives credence to the argument that the latest incarnation is yet another giant step forward by the Korean technology company. Design And Appearance In terms of appearance, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a slightly taller screen than the last model. It has a massive 5 inch screen and a small bezel around the edge of the phone. It is, however, slightly slimmer and lighter than the S3 but there will be those that are disappointed in the similarity between the S4 and its predecessor. There are many that will want to show off that they have the latest handset but it’s difficult to do when it looks the same as last year’s model. Power The UK version of the S4 will be packing the impressive Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.9GHz chip. Incidentally, consumers in other markets will be able to experience the even more powerful eight-core 1.6GHz Exynos 5 Octa processor but Samsung has elected to stick with the quad-core chip in the UK. Happily, this is still a serious processor and there are certainly no games or applications that have yet to challenge this setup so we shouldn’t be too disappointed in this respect. Specifics 64GB of storage is included in the phone when you get it and unlike some of its main rivals this can be further expanded thanks to the microSD card slot that allows an additional 64GB of storage. You will also find a gamut of exciting new features. One of the minor detailing differences on the phone is the extra sensor at the top. This is an infra-red sensor that will allow you to remote control any TV. You also receive an optical reader that is intelligent enough to be able to scan, read, and interpret the data from business cards and similar documents. The Camera The camera is an incredible 13 megapixel affair that also offers the benefit of recording 1080p video. Video clips will look stunning on the 1080p screen, which is the same kind of definition as a full HD TV but in a considerably smaller screen. Camera features on the Samsung Galaxy S4 include the ability to record audio clips to accompany a still image, the ability to record an animated GIF where the background remains still while a recorded image moves around on top of this, and more.

True Hands Free Arguably the greatest innovation added to the Samsung Galaxy S4 that is not present in other similar devices is hands free motion control. The motion sensor enables you to swipe, wave, and perform a variety of other gestures that are recognised by the sensor and used to control various features of the phone. You can browse files, skip tracks, and even answer the phone simply by waving your hand around in an appropriate manner. All in all the S4 is a serious piece of smartphone kit that will rival all but the most popular models.

Samsung Galaxy S4  

Samsung has, in its line of Galaxy mobile phones, created something of a phenomenon and a handset range that has proven exceptionally popula...