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Aesthetic manifesto in the art of yachting

Year IV, Volume 1 - Winter 2020/2021



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Planet Earth series by CÉCILE PLAISANCE Courtesy of ART ANGELS

Happy Winter Season!

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SUPERYACHT DIGEST Aesthetic Manifesto in the Art of Yachting Year IV, Volume 1 - Winter 2020/2021

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Winter 2020-2021


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COVER STORY Cécile Plaisance and her comic, surreal and provoking lenticular work


HISTORY OF YACHT DESIGN The 20 icons that defined the first 20 years of the 21st century


BENETTI | M/Y Lana A floating palace


NOBISKRUG An evolution of innovation




ROSSINAVI Unforgettable 2020


WINCH DESIGN The shape of waters


LAURA SESSA Style and serendipity


HYDRO TEC | Vanguard Imagine a castle in the middle of the sea




BILGIN YACHTS | M/Y Tatiana A silver bullet


CODECASA JET 2020 A yacht like no other


PRINCESS YACHTS Capturing conservation


LÜRSSEN YACHTS Adapt and repeat


OCEANCO One step ahead


PELORUS ADVENTURES The future of travel


Winter 2020-2021


HANDMADE DREAMS. On board a Baglietto, all dreams come to life and all requests find their space. From the comfort of unique spaces to the smallest details, everything is designed around you and handcrafted to meet your needs and fulfill your desires. By getting onboard for the first time you will already know what to expect, yet everything will surprise you.


EDITORIAL The first two decades of the 2000s are now coming to an end, it is worth looking back and travel through those years again to see what was achieved and in which context. It’s been twenty years since the countdown that led us into the year 2000, and we can rightfully claim that the 21st century has earned its “historical independence” from the previous one, so much that a certain identity belonging to this twenty-year period can be outlined. Though not sufficient to mark an epoch, it is enough to make some considerations.

It has been a rough, world-changing 20 years: from the attack to the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 and the following war against terrorism and Arab springs, to the election of the first Afro-American president of the United States, Obama. The iPhone and the social networks have impacted the way in which we communicate, propelling us into a dimension that has us always connected, but more and more isolated at the same time. This is the beginning of a technological era, so pervasive that subprime mortgage blew up, burying all of us in one of the worst financial crises ever seen. The introduction of a single currency in Europe turned us into one people, and so did Facebook after its creation in 2004. The title of leading force is shared among Moscow, Beijing and Washington. The year was 2008 when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the world fell powerless with it. Women made their voices heard against harassment with the global movement #MeToo. Following Greta Thunberg’s lead the youngsters became more attentive and sensitive to environmental issues. Pope Wojtyla passed away in 2005, Greece faced troubled times and the Fukushima disaster happened. Costa Concordia sank, but AstroSamantha brought us back afloat, or rather, in orbit. There are shootings everywhere, at Charlie Hebdo and at the Bataclan. Trump is the new president and before the twenty years are over, we are told to wear a mask, social distance and then we go back to democracy with Biden.

So, a proper sequence of events has characterized these first twenty years. Many sociologists have used the word resilience to describe this period, a very popular word as of now, that we probably will have to deal with also in the future. It is the ability to adapt and react to events in a constructive way. But how did yacht design cope with all of this? For this year’s final issue, we decided to put together a selection of 20 boats that truly embody the spirit of the new millennium; we have collected testimonies from the finest names of the sector and brought to you their vision for the future.


Winter 2020-2021


by Ilaria Pedrinelli



Through her work, she pursues a strong message, yet ludic. Her art is not a war of the sexes, is an ode to femininity and to all women. She is not against men, at all, in fact she thinks that we should find a proper balance between men and women. In her photographs, Plaisance elevates the idol of every girl’s childhood to a superior cause: she defends women’s rights, desires and freedom. She links Barbie to the women of today, playing with her femininity, managing everyday-life tasks, becoming a perfect housewife or boss lady. In some photographs from her lens series, Plaisance transforms the magazine read by women looking for the perfect outfit into the perfect outfit itself.


arbies are part of every girl’s life. Some put them in the loft and forget about them, some others pass them to their daughters and Cécile Plaisance creates art with them. Feminists have always accused Barbie to promote the objectification of the female body, a perfect and inaccessible body, the idea of a summitted woman and consumerism. She turns the table and breaks stereotypes, codes and roles using Barbie not as an object but rather as the incarnation of free, seductive and empowered women.

Born in 1968 in Paris, Cécile Plaisance is a French photographer, mostly active in Brussels. For many years she did not get the opportunity to develop her love for photography. She graduated in Economics and Commerce with a DEA Diploma for Paris Dauphine University. For over 10 years she worked in the European financial markets, but photography was always in the back of her mind and her camera followed her everywhere. She also worked in the IT sector with her husband but after moving to Brussels she left the masculine environment of finance to eventually follow her passion for photography. She studied at Contraste Photography Agency and she took Photoshop classes which soon became a fundamental tool for her creations. At the end of the third year the school organized an exposition with its students’ photos and that is where Barbie dolls made their first appearance in Cécile’s works. She wanted to give homage to Helmut Newton but at that time she didn’t have enough money to pay for real-life models, so she turned to her daughter’s Barbie collection. Plaisance mentions Newton as one of the greatest photographers whose works have inspired her, along with Barbara Kruger, Richard Avedon, Mel Ramos and Russel James.


Winter 2020-2021

Cécile Plaisance is well-known for her comic, surreal and provoking photos of Mattel’s iconic doll. She superimposes different pictures of Barbie getting dresses-undressed which change according to the position of the viewer. With her Barbie series, the artist does not only want to take us back to our childhood, but she also links the iconic doll to the empowered woman of today in different settings, actions and cultures. Her works are featured in several exhibitions, fairs, galleries and museums, including LA Art Angels gallery, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art in Saint Petersburg, Art Miami, Art Cologne, Art Toronto, Scope Miami and Art Basel, Hong Kong. Her photographs can also be found in prestigious art collections, both private and corporative. The Handler family, founders of Mattel, of course had to have one of her creations, but also the King of Morocco, Victor Emmanuel of Savoy, Jo Malone CEO of her eponymous brand and the Ecclestone Family among others. In 2016 her Nun & Baby was auctioned at Christie’s Paris for over 14,100$. In 2018 PHOTO Magazine awarded her with the “Prix Photo” and put her work on cover. In some photographs from her lens series, Plaisance transforms the magazine read by women looking for the perfect outfit into the perfect outfit itself. 16

French photographer has great respect for all religions, but none of them should promote physical and moral disrespectful behaviour, dictated by some form of patriarchy. To her “there is no religion that can justify flouting women’s rights. Women should be equal to men and should be free to do whatever they want with their image and their bodies”. She uses her art to encourage women to take their freedom back, no matter where they live or what their religion may be. In her photographs, the nun’s cloak or the burqa hide a sexy and provocative woman. She explores the different roles that women play both publicly and privately and every action they take should be their exclusive decision. Despite the differences in cultures, clothes and fashion, all women around the world aspire to be free and to live fully and intensely their lives. In her series “La Bella Vita” her dolls are photographed on yachts, at sea, while sunbathing and having fun in the summer weather. They are so perfectly integrated with the environment that the line between fantasy and reality is blurred. The viewer questions whether the dolls are playing the role of a real-life model, or the model is playing the role of the glamorous dolls. Barbies appear to be alive and posing.

A single image was not enough for Plaisance to deliver the complex idea and nature of a multifaceted woman, so she superimposes two different images, with the same subject but in different poses or clothes, that appear to transform into each other. Barbie seems to undress depending on the viewer’s position in front of the photograph. Plaisance started using holograms, or lenticular lens, in 2010, becoming her predominant form of art ever since, to better explore the various aspects of a woman: how she sees herself vs how others see her, the public persona she shows and the more private, intimate and secret one she keeps to herself. By using this technique, the French photographer animates a static image, making it dynamic and surprising to viewers that do not expect the photograph to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles.

ON COVER AND IN THIS PAGE: shots from the series “Planet Earth”, made in cooperation with model Olga Kent. The photographic work is dedicated to the theme of animal conservation and environmental issues.

Plaisance is one of the few artists in the world to dare to use the so-called lenticular printing. Lenticular printing was firstly used in marketing to promote and advertise products and now has become part of the world of fine art. It gives artists an incredible opportunity to explore depth and interact with the viewer. Even Pop Art artist, Roy Lichtenstein, one of Plaisance’s source of inspiration, employed the lenticular printing technique. Plaisance claims that lenticular printing could be very timeconsuming, hard and extremely expensive. She also adds that the whole process could be quite stressing because the results are not always perfect. Also, there are only 3 labs that produce these lenses in the world: in the US, in China and Ireland. That is why this technique is only for the most daring, and Cécile Plaisance definitely is one of them.

In 2016 she turned to real-life models after five years of working with Barbies. Plaisance explained she was scrolling through Instagram and saw some photos from Olga Kent. Their collaboration started and culminated this year with a project dedicated to animal conservation and environmental issues: in the black and white "Planet Eart" Series, Plaisance uses the photomontage technique, superimposing endangered habitats and animals. A very important subject for future generations, with the woman always at the centre, perfect to deliver strong messages.

During quarantine this year, Plaisance shot a new series called Bubble Gum, the protagonist, Barbie of course, is blowing a big bubble gum while wearing a pair of wide sunglasses. 17


Winter 2020-2021



(on the left) The Wig (on the right) Blanket

SD: "Your works are not just any regular photos, where you take a picture, you Photoshop it and then you print it out. It is rather a long and time-consuming job, where the result is not always perfect at first. How long does it take you to create one work, start to finish, using the lenticular approach?"

Lens Series by Cécile Plaisance


CP: "I have used the lenticular technique for ten years now and I have found that it allows me to deliver a stronger message. The shooting is already very complex as the model must not move from one pose (dressed) to another (undressed). Then the work consists of superposing the 2 images so that some parts are not moving, for example the face, the eyes. It takes me between 20 to 50 hours to finish an art work. But I love the result. So to make a complete series takes some time, several months. The production time is

(on the left) Squaw (Profile) (on the right) Reverbere Inessa Series by Cécile Plaisance


Winter 2020-2021


is easy with her. I can say that I truly enjoy shooting with real models. Each time I have a great connection with them. They come to my studio and we share some time together. Every series I do, I build it with them. They have to agree to every step. And of course the final image. I can say that my barbies helped me very much and came back during confinement, but I have much more pleasure working with humans".

also very consuming. There are very few labs that are able to produce lenticular prints and even less manufacturers of lenticular sheets. At present, there are only 2 left in the world. I need to control every production as the sheets are not originally meant for art. My latest series about the protection of the species, is not lenticular. It is printed on Ultrasmooth Hahnemühle paper, but I am using the same technique as I am superposing a few images: the model, the species, the climate change or the environmental issue… and the frame".

SD: "Behind all your works there is a clear message, whether it is the defence of women’s rights, stereotypes and injustice or climate change and environmental issues. Do you think good art should always have social implications?"

SD: "You started your career photographing Barbie dolls, plastic and static objects. Later you turned to real life models, made of flesh and bones that move. What is the reason behind this choice and what is your preference?"

CP: "I think that it is my responsibility to do so. I can’t stay inactive. I am aware that it is ‘a very small drop in the sea’, but I try to help some causes. I am not sure though that it makes a good art. But it definitely makes a difference".

CP: "It was a natural move. After having shot Barbies for half of a decade, I wanted some change… It happens that ‘The beautiful Olga Kent’ (also on the picture of your cover) contacted me via Instagram. We decided to work together and we still are. She is so natural and so beautiful. Everything 19


Winter 2020-2021

Q&A WITH ART ANGELS SD: "Very few artists in the world use the lenticular approach, and Cécile is one of them, making her work one of a kind, unique, unexpected. What is the public general reaction to Cécile’s works?" CP: "Cécile’s pieces effortlessly make a statement that captures the attention of all of our collectors. Completely unexpected at first glance, she has become one of the most sought after artists at the gallery given the uniqueness of her works". SD: "Why did you choose to exhibit Cécile’s works? Do you share her values?" CP: "We choose to exhibit Cécile as we strongly admired her as a female artist and the uniqueness of her artwork that continues to push boundaries and provoke thought".

SD: "What do Cécile’s works have in common with the others exhibited in your gallery?" CP: "Cécile’s works like those by all of our artists breathe life, diversity, humor and uniqueness into each of our collectors homes. It is a pleasure to continuously hear how much joy works like Cécile’s continues to bring to our collectors when their pieces enter into their collections".

My Koons Dog Crazy Horse Lens Series by Cécile Plaisance Cécile Plaisance uses a technique of lenticular developing, super imposing images; Barbie appears to undress in function of our position in front of the photo.


so different from the monolithic portraits of women and men about whom we think we already know everything.

“Apparent simplicity, invisible complexity” could be the leitmotiv of the series entitled “Puzzles”. Piece by piece, Cécile Plaisance assembles the destiny of our contemporary icons. She draws our attention to the tangle of sentiments, emotions and experiences which make all of us what we are. Between shadow and light, these puzzles are nuanced, mosaicstyle portraits which illustrate our strengths and weaknesses. For a distance, everything is always clear. But when we get closer…

Social networks have destroyed Jean-Paul Sartre’s prophecy. We are not quite what we appear to be. Whether we are stars or ordinary people, we now project our dreams and stereotypes. Plaisance shows us that reality is more complex. Our society prefers stock images. It offers us all the facile advantages, all the shamelessness, all the shortcuts. Plaisance’s meticulous work reminds us of the degree to which men and women are the fruit of a complex architecture. It references a biological reality in which everything is interwoven, where everything is superimposed. What we experience imprints itself on us. Forever.

All achievements depend on a subtle ensemble of factors; what we gain here, we lose there. Successes begin with failures, with work and sacrifice, later accompanied by talent, and sometimes by chance. Putting the pieces of her puzzle together, Plaisance reveals this manifold reality, these fragmentary lives,


Winter 2020-2021


Romy Puzzle series by Cécile Plaisance

ART ANGELS Art Gallery Los Angeles - Miami www.artangels.net | info@artangels.net 21


Winter 2020-2021

by Pamela Paci and Alessandra Ferraiolo




Motor Yacht A - Sailing Yacht A's older sister - is still extremely fascinating and unique and can be easily recognized also by the non-experts. Jubilee, very elegant and super contemporary. Luminosity, a majestic glass palace that seems to be suspended above the sea.

he following selection is presented starting from the most important vessel in terms of length. That's why it starts with Azzam, the biggest yacht ever built: with her 180 metres of pure beauty, she has held the title since 2013, despite Dilbar ranks first in terms of gross tonnage. As a matter of fact, while the first boat holds the record size-wise, the second one wins when it comes to volumes. In third place we find Sailing Yacht A, which in one of the previous issue of Superyacht Digest we voted as "the most instagrammed megayacht of the century". Although we don't think this is going to change any time soon, some shipyards have secret projects in the pipeline, which, they promise, they will steal the show, just like Sailing Yacht A did.

Respectively #10 and #11 in the ranking we find two great sailing boats, Black Pearl and Maltese Falcon, whose beauty speaks for itself. Ace, thanks to her "eye" that characterizes her exterior design so strongly, is still deemed a true icon of the sea. At the time of the project, the boat was conceived to offer the highest quality cruising experience on board, both in terms of relaxation and wellness. 85-metre Bold is the longest all-aluminum yacht in the world, fast and sustainable. Savannah, beautiful and green, is the first hybrid superyacht. Alfa Nero is the yacht that has revolutionized life on board, with her sea level aft pool area.

Flying Fox and Serene, both boasting an exterior design by Espen Ă˜ino International, rank #4 and #5 respectively in our selection. The first one, besides being beautiful in every single aspect, is the biggest boat available for chartering to date. Therefore, if you would like to spend your next summer aboard a true gem of the sea, far away from the bans and restrictions we have sadly become accustomed to lately, Flying Fox is what you are looking for. She is available for you thanks to the exclusive management of Imperial Yachts.

With brand new Excellence and Artefact, we enter the world of pure design: as a matter of fact, we are talking about two ideas that took shape from a pencil sketch and eventually hit the water. Pi, first conceived as Syzygy, with her doublecurvature glass windows really stole the show at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, where she was regarded more as an architectural work, than a simple vessel.

Serene, built by Fincantieri, was among the giants of the sea the year she was launched, as well as the biggest vessel ever built in Italy.

Atlante, a CNR's jewel, is still one of the symbol of custombuilding. Boasting a very strong stylistic identity, this yacht offers stylistic features typical of military vessels with her square and sharp lines and her cutting-edge solutions.

Al Lusail boasts a unique design, with her wavy lines that artistically outline her entire profile. In a 2018 issue of Superyacht Digest - in our attempt to compare some megayachts with a particularly elegant and artistic design to important works of contemporary conceptual art - her design was compared to a work by Paolo Scheggi.


Winter 2020-2021

Our selection ends with Exuma, by Philippe Briand: she is the first motor-yacht designed to be a green vessel, at a time when we thought that only sailing boats could be. 24


Name: Azzam


LOA: 180.65m Year: 2013 Builder: Lürssen Yachts Volume: 13,136 GT | Beam: 20.8m | Draft: 4.5m

The 180-metre Azzam has held the title of “the world’s largest superyacht” since her launch in 2013. Azzam is extraordinary not only due to her length, but also due to her record building time, since Lürssen built her in just three years.

Speed: 31.5 kn (max) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Lürssen Yachts Exterior design: Nauta Design

The technical engineering was directed by Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi for her Emirati owner. He set out to build a large yacht with an innovative and timeless design that would be able to travel at high speed in warm and shallow waters. The bold and elegant exterior design by the Milanese design studio Nauta Yachts incorporates many elements of visionary design, featuring a balanced, modern architecture composed of straight lines and proportional volumes. Renowned French designer Christophe Leoni conceived a sophisticated interior with luxurious décor inspired by the Empire style of the early 19th century.

Interior design: Christopher Leoni

We have built the largest yacht, but every yacht we deliver is important to us and actually the market looks at us as ‘how good is the last yacht you delivered?’, so we have a challenge with every yacht. It’s been a great experience, having delivered the boat in 3 years physical delivery time. It’s been a fantastic build time with a great owner and things have been very pleasant because the owner had a very clear focus before the contract and during the contract time. So there was no disturbances, no major changes.

There is not much information about her interior design, but it’s not a secret that the interior layout includes an openplan main saloon measuring 29 metres by 18 metres.

Thanks to her twin MTU 20V 8000 M91 engines with 12,205 hp each, Azzam can reach an exceptional top speed of 31.5 knots. With a beam of 20.8 m and a draft of 4.5 m, she has a steel hull and aluminum superstructure. This adds up to a gross tonnage of 13,136 tons. Azzam can accommodate up to 36 guests and a crew of 60.

- Peter Lürssen, CEO of Lürssen Yachts -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Dilbar


LOA: 156m Year: 2016 Builder: Lürssen Yachts

At 15,917GT the Lürssen yacht Dilbar is the largest motor yacht in the world by gross tonnage. Elegance and size are rarely synonymous; however, Dilbar is definitely the exception to the rule. Built under codename Project Omar, the 156-metre yacht was delivered in 2016, after nearly four and a half years in-build. Dilbar is one of the most complex and challenging yachts ever built, in terms of both dimensions and technology. As a matter of fact, the superyacht features entertainment and recreation spaces never before seen on a yacht. These include a 25-meter swimming pool that holds an incredible 180 m³ of water - the largest pool ever to have been installed on a yacht. However, her most notable features are the two helipads located on the bow and aft of the upper deck, which can safely hold Dilbar’s dedicated H175 helicopter for up to seven passengers.

Volume GT: 15,917 tons | Beam: 25.7m | Draft: 6m Speed: 22.5 kn (max) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Lürssen Yachts Exterior design: Espen Øino International Interior design: Winch Design

The exterior design - a classic profile with a light ivory hull and bronze accents - was penned by Espen Øino International, while her spectacular interior, developed by the Winch Design team, uses rare and exclusive luxury materials.

She is the biggest yacht in the world, but she doesn’t make that by very offensive size. Some boats just look big. If you don’t have a reference yacht next to her, you just see her passing by. She is very well proportioned, she is very elegant, and you don’t get a sense of her size, and certainly volume.

On board, she can accommodate 36 guests across 20 cabins, and is taken care of by a crew of 96. Thanks to modern technological innovations and a 30,000kw diesel-electric power plant, Dilbar is able to reach a top speed of 22.5 knots.

- Peter Lürssen, CEO of Lürssen Yachts -


Winter 2020-2021



Name: (S/Y) A


LOA: 142.81m Year: 2017 Builder: Nobiskrug

Measuring almost 143 meters, with a gross tonnage of about 12,600 GT, S/Y A was delivered by German yard Nobiskrug in 2017. She is one of the greatest PYC superyachts in the world in terms of design and technology. The 142.81 metre sailassisted motor yacht is one of the world’s largest and most advanced superyachts. S/Y A is a sharp, three-masted motor yacht constructed mostly in steel incorporating composite and carbon fibre to keep weight down. Working with the dedicated Owners project team (led by Dirk Kloosterman), Nobiskrug engineered and constructed a masterpiece, which still leads the way with her revolutionary engineering and design. The three masts are the tallest and most highly loaded freestanding composite structures in the world. The mainmast towers 100 meters above the waterline.

Volume: 12,558 GT | Beam: 24.88m | Draft: 8m Speed: 21 kn (max) | 16 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull Naval Architecture: Dykstra Naval Architects - Nobiskrug Exterior design: Philippe Starck Interior design: Philippe Starck

World-renowned Philippe Starck created the unconventional design, which challenges the expectations of conventional aesthetics as he did for Motor Yacht A. Every part of her interior has been designed to be flowing and organic.

Born from the desire of the owner to ‘push the boundaries of engineering and challenge the status quo of the industry’, Sailing yacht A is undoubtedly one of the most visionary projects Nobiskrug has ever been involved in.

A has eight decks, connected by multiple elevators and freefloating spiral staircases, garages for four tenders and a submarine, as well as a touch-and-go helipad on the bow. Key features on board also include an underwater observation pod, a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system and state-ofthe-art navigation systems. With an incredible living space available, S/Y A can accommodate up to 20 guests and a crew of 54. Thanks to her twin 4,827hp MTU diesel engines, she can reach a top speed of 21 knots.

- Nobiskrug -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Flying Fox

Flying Fox

LOA: 136m Year: 2019 Builder: Lürssen Yachts

Built under codename Project Shu, the 136-meter Flying Fox was delivered by German shipyard Lürssen in 2019. With an estimated 9,100 GT, Flying Fox has seized the crown as the world’s largest yacht available for charter, becoming the new definition of tailor-made and unique charter journey, thanks to an impressive array of guest-pleasing amenities. Flying Fox can cruise up to 36 guests on board, in 11 cabins for 25 guests in night mode, all with private sea view terraces.

Volume: 9,022 GT | Beam: 22.5m | Draft: 5.1m Speed: 20 kn (max) | 15 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Lürssen Yachts Exterior design: Espen Øino International Interior design: Mark Berryman Design Ltd

The 136-metre, six-deck Lürssen superyacht is one of the very few in her class that has raised the industry’s standards to heights once believed unrealistic. The owner’s passion for watersports and wellness defines this luxury yacht: her whole aft end is a two-deck temple to on-water fun and relaxation. Other key features include two helipads, capable of accommodating the world’s largest helicopters, a 12-metre transverse swimming pool nestled into her aft deck, a 400-qm two-floor SPA. Flying Fox also boasts several large sea terraces, as well as swim platforms for watersports, an incredible array of water toys, a professional dive centre and the first cryosauna ever installed on a yacht.

The realisation of the 12-metre transversal pool on main deck aft is indeed a unique feature, and was probably the single biggest challenge of the clients brief - though there were others! It is the first time ever realised on a yacht.

Her extraordinary exterior design, complimented by her dove grey hull, was penned by renowned Monaco-based designer Espen Øino. The interiors are by Mark Berryman. The décor is clean-lined, contemporary, functional and tactile, with Japanese influences. Since the aim is a feeling of calm, the interior design centres on a small palette of neutral and subdued colours, materials and finishes for a cohesive look.

- Michael Breman, Sales Director of Lürssen Yachts -


Winter 2020-2021



Name: Serene


LOA: 133.9m Year: 2011 Builder: Fincantieri Yachts

Delivered in 2011 by Fincantieri Yachts, the 134-metre motor yacht marked the yard’s debut in the sea’s most exclusive market segment. Unforgettable since her first appearance, Serene is one of the largest yachts in the world. A benchmark in technology and style, Serene reflects the Muggiano-based shipyard’s attention for the sea, innovation and owner satisfaction.

Volume: 8,230 GT | Beam: 18.6m | Draft: 5.54m Speed: 20 kn (max) | 15 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Espen Øino International Exterior design: Espen Øino International

The megayacht features naval architecture and exterior design from the renowned Espen Øino International and an interior designed by Pascale Reymond from Reymond Langton Design. The exterior, developed from a groundbreaking concept design, features a long, sleek blue hull, crowned by a white superstructure.

Interior design: Reymond Langton Design - Luca Dini Design & Architecture

Amongst her long list of attractive amenities are two helipads, a hangar, a tender garage suitable to fit a large submarine, an impressive internal sea-water swimming pool, which can accommodate a service craft, and a submarine with a diving depth of up to 100m.

In setting out to diversify our activities to the maximum and be present in every business sector, we entered – for us – a totally new sector ready to learn and we have shown that we are able to satisfy the wish-list of even the most demanding customer, building the cutting edge yachts the market demands.

With a total of 2,700 square metres of interior living space and seven spacious decks, motor yacht Serene is equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system which reduces roll motion effect and results in a smoother more enjoyable cruising experience underway

- FIncantieri Yachts -

Serene can comfortably accommodate up to 24 guests in 12 cabins, and up to 62 crew onboard in 30 cabins, to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. 29


Winter 2020-2021


Name: Al Lusail

Al Lusail

LOA: 123m Year: 2017 Builder: Lürssen Yachts

Formerly known as Project Jupiter, the 123-metre luxury motor yacht Al Lusail was built by Lürssen in Germany and delivered to her owner in 2017. Named after the new city of Lusail in Qatar, Al Lusail currently stands within the world’s top 30 largest motor yachts.

Volume: 8,489 GT | Beam: 23m | Draft: 5.5m Speed: 20 kn (max) | 12 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Lürssen Yachts

The yacht features in-house naval architecture and a pioneering exterior design by British studio H2 Yacht Design. Al Lusail boasts a unique curvaceous carved-out exterior profile, with a contemporary look, which has turned heads across the industry. Sporty and aggressive, the megayacht features flowing lines, which blur the boundaries between the upper four decks and create a dynamic look. The interior - designed by March & White - is best described as eclectic, with some great elements, such as central atrium which allows natural light to fill the interior down to the lower deck. Custom finishing and nautical touches are present in the design to create the unique décor. The yacht has a number of innovative features and amenitie: a foredeck helipad, a swimming pool, a beauty salon, a beach club and a cinema. At night, the exterior lights up using underwater illumination and strip lighting, which follows her curves to create an outline in the darkness that can be seen from afar.

Exterior design: H2 Yacht Design Interior design: March & White

This extraordinary futuristic design embodies everything myself and my team believe in. The project has been a great expression of our creativity and ideas and you will see its influence on our future projects in the years to come.

With voluminous interior spaces, Al Lusail offers accommodation for up to 36 guests. She is also capable of carrying up to 56 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Al Lusail is a private yacht, not available for charter.

- Jonny Horsfield, Creative Director H2 Yacht Design -


Winter 2020-2021



Name: (M/Y) A


LOA: 119m Year: 2008 Builder: Blohm & Voss

Built by Blohm & Voss under codename Project Sigma, the 119-metre luxury motor yacht A was delivered to her owner in 2008. With a beam of 18.87m and a draft of 5.15m, she has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure.

Volume: 5,500 GT | Beam: 18.87m | Draft: 5.15m Speed: 23 kn (max) | 19.5 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure

This astonishing yacht was designed by Philippe Starck exteriors and interiors - , with naval design by Martin Francis; Dirk Kloosterman, acting as the owner’s representative, was the Project Manager. Her shape has evoked comparisons with submarines and stealth warships: A is a futuristic vessel with an axe bow, a hull that reminds of a sleek submarine and a superstructure that clearly resembles the lines of a sub’s conning tower. Starck’s intention was to make her blend with the sea, to have her live in “harmony” with the elements. As a matter of fact, Starck himself defined this superyacht “more like a fish than a building”.

Naval Architecture: Francis Design - Blohm & Voss Exterior design: Philippe Starck Interior design: Philippe Starck

When I designed this boat, no one was using the front, and I thought it was a fantastic place because you have the sea. But people would say to me ‘but there is wind and there are waves’. Yes! This is why we are on a boat. We want the wind, we want the waves, we want to see the sea. We want to see the violence, the beauty of the sea, the majesty of the sea.

The yacht, with an extremely elegant interior design, features two large water areas on her main deck: a glass fronted swimming pool in front of the superstructure and a massive whirlpool aft of the superstructure. Key features on board also include: a Jacuzzi inside the main salon, a helipad, a SPA and a wellness area.

A is equipped with an ultra-modern stabilization system which reduces roll motion effect and results in a smoother, more enjoyable cruising experience underway. Powered by two 6035hp diesel engines, giving her a max speed of 23 knots and a cruising speed of 19.5 knots, A can accommodate 14 guests in 7 cabins taken care of by a qualified crew of 42.

- Philippe Starck -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Kaos (ex Jubilee)


LOA: 110.1m Year: 2017 Builder: Blohm & Voss

Built in steel and aluminium by Dutch yard Oceanco to a design by Igor Lobanov, Kaos - formerly known as Jubilee - was first delivered in 2017 as the largest yacht built in The Netherlands. The interior, originally designed by Sam Sorgiovanni, accomodates 30 guests in 15 cabins. Four VIP cabins sit on the bridge deck, while a further 10 guests suites are located on the main deck. Kaos also features an entirely private owner’s deck that enjoys unmatched views.

Volume: 4,523 GT | Beam: 16.4m | Draft: 4.4m Speed: 18.5 kn (max) | 15 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Azure Yacht Design - Oceanco Exterior design: Igor Lobanov Interior design: Sam Sorgiovanni Designs - Reymond Langton Design

The 110-metre Oceanco yacht Kaos was redelivered to her owners by German yard Lürssen following a year-long intensive refit at the Lürssen Blohm + Voss facilities in Hamburg that started in March 2019. This redelivery marks the end of Lürssen’s biggest refit to date. The refit, resulting in modifications to both her interior and the exterior, was overseen by Burgess Technical Services.

“We are very satisfied. It was a complex refit that was challenging at times, but it has been very successful”, comments York Ilgner, director Lürssen Yacht Refit. With some noticeable exterior changes styled by Sam Sorgiovanni, Lürssen reports that most of the refit work occurred inside the yacht. “What you see from outside already looks significant, but the majority of the work was done on the interior”, says project manager Thomas Dapp. “Overall, we renewed 1,500 square metres of interior spaces”. Reymond Langton was selected by the yacht’s new owners for the interior design of the project: existing spaces were masterfully redesigned and new ones were creating as well.

The owners were heavily involved in every aspect of the project. This was an incredibly demanding project particularly in relation to timing and quality expectations – the end result is really quite exceptional and was only achieved with great teamwork from all involved. - Ed Beckett, Burgess -


Winter 2020-2021



Name: Luminosity (ex Zoza)


LOA: 107.6m Year: 2020 Builder: Benetti

Built by Benetti and delivered in 2020, Luminosity has been designed to impress. The 107.6-metre megayacht boasts the largest hybrid battery drive on a yacht, state-of-the-art power management and heat recovery systems. Wrapped in over 800 sqm of windows that surround the main deck, Luminosity was dubbed “a glass palace in movement”, gifting an unparalleled view that is continuously changing depending on the surrounding area.

Volume: 5,844 GT | Beam: 17m | Draft: 4.55m Speed: 16.5 kn (max) | 10 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Benetti Exterior design: Azure Yacht Design - Reymond Langton Design - Giorgio Cassetta - Zaniz Interiors

Both her exterior and interior design are characterized by vast portions of glazing which lend her a distinctive profile and drench her interiors in natural light, making her welldeserving of her name. Luminosity features elegant interiors penned by Zaniz Jakubowski, while her exterior styling is the result of a collaboration between Zaniz, Reymond Langton Design, Giorgio M. Cassetta and Azure Yacht Design.

Interior designer: Zaniz Interiors

The client really let me loose with my imagination. He wanted creative elements put in places where there had never been before. Having already worked on numerous projects together, there was an inherent trust and respect that made the process easier. The right client makes a great end product but what is also great is the journey to get there.

Luminosity boasts a wide range of amenities, including a conference room, “moon lounge”, spa, gym and hammam. The expansive wellness area on the lower deck features a 30 sqm counter-flow swimming pool, a cold plunge pool and a botton that rises to transform the space - when not in use- , into a dance floor. The beach club connects the swim platform to the wellness centre via a lounging area with a long bar, making a great backdrop for socialising and entertaining. The superyacht also features an interactive video wall that wraps around the central staircase, displaying any custom images, as well as fold-down sea terraces that create an ocean-level living space. She features a fully-certified helideck on the aft, as well as an additional touch-and-go on the foredeck.

- Zaniz Jakubowski, Zaniz Interiors -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Black Pearl

Black Pearl

LOA: 106.7m Year: 2018 Builder: Oceanco

The 106.7-metre three-masted sailing yacht Black Pearl is the largest sailing yacht in the world, and she is unlike any yacht the world has ever seen. According to Oceanco, all 2,900 square metres of sails can be set in a record seven minutes with the push of a button.

Volume: 2,864 GT | Beam: 15m | Draft: 4m Max speed: 17.5 kn (power) | 30 kn (under sail) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Oceanco / Dykstra Naval Architects

Since her launch in September 2016, Black Pearl has proven to be a new generation landmark sailing yacht with a unique identity. Commissioned in 2010, launched in 2016 and finally delivered to her experienced owner in 2018, Black Pearl has attracted plenty of interest during the entire production process and beyond.

Exterior design: Ken Freivokh / Nuvolari Lenard Interior design: Ken Freivokh / Nuvolari Lenard / Villate D.

The tri-deck sailing yacht was built from a steel hull and an aluminium superstructure, and she can reach an impressive top speed of 30 knots under sail. Black Pearl was developed in collaboration with an all-star cast of designers — Dykstra Naval Architects, Ken Freivokh, Nuvolari Lenard, BMT Nigel Gee and Gerard P. Villate. BMT Nigel Gee collaborated with Oceanco to create Black Pearl’s hybrid propulsion system as well as other onboard systems such as waste heat-recovery, that helped to realize the owner’s vision of a “zero-impact” yacht. In addition, the yacht boasts unique onboard features such as her state of the art DynaRig system, a hybrid propulsion package and power regeneration mode when underway, which makes her one of the most innovative yachts on the water today.

Recently, new-build clients have had less interest in sailing yachts, however, I think there will be a renewed interest once Black Pearl has demonstrated her sailing abilities and the world sees a beautiful superyacht sailing at 18 knots and using very little fossil fuel - especially with those clients who are seeking environmental sustainability and a reduction of their carbon footprint. - Capt. Chris Gartner, S/Y Black Pearl -


Winter 2020-2021

In addition to wind power, she is powered by 2 x 1080kW MTU’s / 2 x 400kW electrical propulsion motors. 34


Name: Maltese Falcon

Maltese Falcon

LOA: 88m Year: 2006 Builder: Perini Navi

One of the most iconic superyachts on the water, the 88-metre sailing yacht Maltese Falcon broke the mold of yacht design when was launched in 2006, and she still turns heads wherever she cruises. Delivered from sailing yacht experts Perini Navi in 2006, the multi-award-winning Maltese Falcon is one of the most universally recognizable sailing yachts in the world. Maltese Falcon pioneered the revolutionary sailing system now known as the Falcon Rig, which is made up of three 58-metre unstayed, ‘weapon-grade’ carbon fibre masts, with a fully computerised sail and rotating mast system and unprecedented automation and safety features. The Rig has been dubbed a triumph of design, development and engineering, and it has allowed this 88-metre yacht to reach the incredible speed of 25 knots.

Volume: 1,110 GT | Beam: 12.6m | Draft: 6-11m Speed: 25 kn (max) | 16 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Dykstra Naval Architects - Perini Navi Exterior design: Ken Freivokh Design Interior design: Ken Freivokh Design

Maltese Falcon was a tremendous opportunity to innovate in terms of concept, external styling, layout and interior detailing, using innovative materials to achieve original solutions. Most of the furniture was purpose designed and built. It was ground breaking and allowed me to think outside the box and propose unique solutions. It was all made possible thanks to an experienced and adventurous owner who understood what I was trying to achieve.

Cutting a truly distinctive profile, the Maltese Falcon features both interior and exterior designs from world-renowned Ken Freivokh. The interior is every bit as impressive as the exterior, with a range of colourful finishings making it truly unique. Balancing contemporary artwork with more traditionally inspired furnishings, the interior features high quality leather, wood, steel and glass.

Maltese Falcon keeps her guests entertained with a wealth of leisure facilities, ranging from a dedicated reading room to a fully-equipped gymnasium, a spa, a massage room, a collection of water toys and tenders, not to mention a deck Jacuzzi. As one of the most iconic superyachts available for charter, she can accomodate up to 12 guests, with 19 crew members.

- Ken Freivokh -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Ace


LOA: 87m Year: 2012 Builder: Lürssen Yachts

Built by Lürssen Yachts in 2012, the 87-metre Ace was last refitted in 2019. She is instantly recognisable from the sweeping arches that her designer Andrew Winch, responsible for the exteriors and the interiors, linkens to the “fantastic power of wave”, to what everyone refers to as her “eyes”: two neat oval balconies emblazoned with the yacht’s name in stainless steel. “Ace reflects her passionate and enthusiastic owner”, said Robert Moran - president of Moran Yacht & Ship - whose team guided the project from inception to completion. With a beam of 13.8 metres and a 4-metre draught, Ace boasts an unusual exterior design, with sweeping forms, curves and lines, which characterize the oval balconies and the large side-arches. Located at her center line amidships on her bridge deck is a large oval form which focuses the yacht’s exterior flow. Located to aft on the lower deck yacht Ace features very large tender garage doors. She also has another opening in her hull used as a tender docking area and a beach style swimming platform. Her support vessel is Amels’ 67-metre Garçon 4 Ace.

Volume: 2,732 GT | Beam: 14.5m | Draft: 3.75m Speed: 17 kn (max) | 12 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Lürssen Yachts Exterior design: Winch Design Interior design: Winch Design

Ranked among the most elite megayachts afloat, the 85m Ace was built at the Lürssen shipyard in Germany and has been maintained in excellent condition since her launch in 2012. Her striking exterior lines and classically styled interior showcase the talents of renowned designer Andrew Winch. With a substantial volume of 2,732GT she has an impressive array of lifestyle spaces and features.

Ace was built for the utmost relaxation. She features one of the most comprehensive wellness areas seen in a superyacht with sauna, massage and shower room and a large Romanstyle marble bath, complete with columns, all easily accessed from the beach club. A gym, a hair salon and a movie theatre complete the offer. Ace can accommodate up to 10 guests overnight in 6 cabins; Ace is equipped with three generators - one 570kW and two 480kW MTUs and she also has MTU 16B 4000s engines.

- Burgess -


Winter 2020-2021



Name: Bold


LOA: 85m Year: 2019 Builder: SilverYachts

Known as Silver Loft during construction, the 85-metre Bold was built by SilverYachts and delivered in 2019. Described as “a fast world explorer vessel with a genuine, fully-fledged superyacht finish”, Bold is the largest yacht ever built in Australia. She features exteriors by SilverYachts in-house team in collaboration with designer Espen Øino and an interior by Andreas Hölnburger of Vain Interiors. Bold features an all-aluminium design and her layout centres around an impressive 300sqm sky lounge with full-length 3,75-metre tall windows to allow in plenty of light. Designers tried to combine two directions in the yacht - nature and the modern style of the city. The contemporary interiors - which emulate the feeling of being inside a New York apartment - include teak and oak panelling, metallic painted features combined with oak and marble floors.

Volume: 1,504 GT | Beam: 11m | Draft: 2.7m Speed: 24 kn (max) | 18 kn (cruise) Hull: All-aluminum (hull and superstructure) Naval Architecture: Espen Øino International Exterior design: Espen Øino International Interior design: Vain Interiors

It was to be a real world cruiser that could operate in a somewhat economical way, could carry a helicopter and have large outside living areas and very comfortable living areas with connections with the outside. Bold is a contemporary, purposeful and sustainable yacht, it is built of aluminium, which is an easier material to recycle and an easily driven hull, which means you don’t need so much power to achieve speed.

The Bold’s low draft and highly optimised hull form guarantee a remarkably low fuel consumption, fast repositioning and access to shallow cruising grounds - unusual for yachts of her size. Built with an explorer philosophy in mind, Bold boasts what might be the ideal superyacht helicopter pad, with certified primary helideck complete with over 3,000 litres of helicopter fuel storage. Other features on board include: a glass-fronted spa pool, a bar on the bridge deck and a massage room that can serve as a hospital if need be.

She can sleep up to 16 guests including owner and, thanks to her twin MTU 16V 4000 M73L engines, Bold can reach a top speed of 24 knots and cruises at 18 knots up to 5,000 nautical miles.

- Espen Øino -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Savannah


LOA: 83.5m Year: 2015 Builder: Feadship

Since her launch in 2015 at Feadship shipyard, 83.50-metre luxury superyacht Savannah is innovative in every way. She is the world’s very first hybrid superyacht with a one million watt battery pack as part of a clean and quiet electro-mechanical propulsion platform, which is allied to an efficient hull design for unforgettable and conscientious cruising. She is also the first superyacht with a profile painted entirely in metallic, which makes her the world’s largest metallic-painted floating object.

Volume: 2,305 GT | Beam: 12.5m | Draft: 3.95m Speed: 17 kn (max) | 13 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: De Voogt Naval Architects Exterior design: Cristina Gherardi Design / De Voogt N.A. Interior design: Cristina Gherardi Design

Mixing a very impressive but elegant design with the best eco-credentials, Savannah features a timeless styling and very exclusive furnishings, which create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere. The yacht’s interior has been designed by Cristina Gherardi Design and her exterior styling is by Feadship & CG Design. The changing hues of the sea and sky were CG Design’s inspiration of her silver/green custom-blended colour.

It is not the individual technologies used on Savannah that are new in the yachting world – it is the way they have been combined, Feadship has leveraged on all the options available in the marine industry today to bring this hugely innovative system to completion.

Other features on board Savannah include a 10-metre swimming pool - which displays a colourful glass mosaic by British artist Cecily Brown -, an under-the-water lounge (Nemo Room), a full Beach Club, a private Sun deck with DJ station and BBQ, a fully-equipped Gym, a very exclusive onboard wellness area and an elevator serving all decks.

- Ted McCumber, Owner’s project manager -


Winter 2020-2021

Available for charter with an impressive list of destinations, Savannah can accomodate up to 12 guests in 6 rooms, carrying up to 24 crew onboard. 38


Name: Alfa Nero

Alfa Nero

LOA: 82m Year: 2007 Builder: Oceanco Volume: 2,500 GT | Beam: 14.2m | Draft: 3.9m

Built by Oceanco, Alfa Nero is the perfect combination of performance and luxury. One of the yacht’s most notable features is the infinity swimming pool on the main aft deck: when the pool water is drained, the teak floor emblazoned with a large “H” raises flush to the main deck and converts into a helicopter pad or dance floor. At the time of her delivery in 2007, this was positively revolutionary.

Speed: 20 kn (max) | 18 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Azure Yacht Design - Oceanco Exterior designer: Nuvolari Lenard Interior designer: Alberto Pinto

Her exterior design, penned by the Italian design studio Nuvolari & Lenard, still looks modern after 13 years. The designers clearly agreed with the notion that the ultimate luxury afloat is open space. In fact, with four decks to play with, they could afford to be exceptionally generous in their use of space. The interior, designed by the renowned Italian designer Alberto Pinto, combined exquisite hardwoods, leather, elegant fabrics and metals into a classic contemporary style, to create a luxurious atmosphere, while maintaining a nautical theme.

Alfa Nero marked a watershed in boat architecture and started the trend of using outdoor spaces in a different way. Our idea was to introduce on the market a new way of experiencing the sea: being close to it while staying on your own boat. If the swimming pool is located at upper deck, you lose contact with the sea. We have introduced the first swimming pool located at stern on the lower deck, and it suddenly became the new trend in yacht design.

Alfa Nero can accommodate 12 guests in six lavish cabins including an indulgent master stateroom, two double VIP suites, one double guest cabin and two twin guest cabins. This stunning 82 metre yacht is a unique masterpiece, she was built to inspire and to become a legend from the very moment she was launched. In a testament to her iconic status, subsequent owners have not changed her name.

- Carlo Nuvolari, Nuvolari Lenard -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Ecellence


LOA: 80m Year: 2019 Builder: Abeking & Rasmussen

With her heavily reversed bow and acres of glass, 80-metre Excellence is one of the most distinctive yachts built in recent years. Delivered in 2019 by the German yard, Excellence has a striking exterior styling, as well as interiors, which come from Winch Design. Working closely with Winch Design and the renowned Abeking & Rasmussen shipyard, in this groundbreaking build the owner’s vision, attitude and knowledge is evident throughout every square centimetre, and the result is an award-winning yacht with many unique and radical features.

Volume: 2,115 GT | Beam: 14.45m | Draft: 3.45m Speed: 17 kn (max) | 14 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: Abeking & Rasmussen Exterior design: Winch Design Interior design: Winch Design

With an angular bow and curvaceous lines, she has been described by the studio as ‘iconic and futuristic’ with a profile ‘comparable to a spaceship’. Flooded with the natural light that flows through the triple-height glass atrium and the fullheight windows, her interior is at one with the surroundings. Winch Design’s interior style softens the enormous guest areas, decorated in a blend of mid-tones with occasional splashes of bright colour. A variety of woods combines with fine Italian leathers and a selection of marble shades for the fixed furniture.

We are very proud of this extraordinary yacht and our exceptional workforce, who mastered all requirements bravely. Never before have glass panels been installed in these dimensions. The unusual lines also repeatedly presented employees with major challenges.

Amongst her long list of attractive amenities are a large swimming pool with a swim-up bar, a deck jacuzzi, a large beach club, a pair of limousine tenders, a nine-seat cinema room, a spa, a sauna and a full-equipped gym. She can accomodate up to 14 guests, with 23 crew members.

. - Hans Schaedla, CEO of Abeking & Rasmussen -

Powered by twin MTU 12V 4000 M65R diesel engines, Excellence cruises at 14 knots with a max speed of 17 knots.


Winter 2020-2021



Name: Artefact


LOA: 80m Year: 2020 Builder: Nobiskrug

Built as a hybrid futuristic superyacht, Nobiskrug 80-metre superyacht Artefact was delivered in March 2020. Commissioned by a visionary and technically-minded owner, Artefact is the result of nearly two and a half years of research and development. Her eye-catching exterior are by Gregory C. Marshall, while her unique and ground-breaking interior was penned by Reymond Langton.

Volume: 2,990 GT | Beam: 14,7m | Draft: 4.1m Speed: 17.8 kn (max) | 15 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and steel & composite superstructure Naval Architecture: Nobiskrug Exterior design: Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect

Artefact’s innovative design is distinguished by a number of new technological and engineering features, and it reflects the Owner’s wish to ensure environmental responsibility and cutting-edge innovation. Her unique profile is created through glass panels - around 750 sqm and 58 tonnes of glass have been used in total - and she is believed to have the highest ratio of glass to LOA for any yacht in her size. The composite materials used to build the superstructure made the flexibility in the design possible and provided crucial weight savings needed from the huge amounts of glass used.

Interior design: Reymond Langton Design

Artefact is a unique vessel that marries cuttingedge engineering and striking architectural design to embody a tribute to the nuances of human experience which are often overlooked or ignored. Many traditional aspects of a superyacht GA’s have been challenged and reimagined in this design to create an unprecedented experience while minimizing the impact on fragile marine ecosystems.

Another stand-out feature of Artefact is her sophisticated hybrid propulsion system. Artefact meets IMO Tier III emissions regulations, featuring an innovative diesel-electric propulsion system which makes her up to 30% more efficient than conventional diesel propulsion yachts of her size. In terms of eco-credentials, Artefact boasts 23 sqm of solar panels on the sundeck hardtop, providing around 6kW of auxiliary power. A large battery storage system allows her to operate without internal combustion engines for short periods of time.

- Aaron T. Clark, Captain and Owner’s representative -



Winter 2020-2021


Name: Pi (ex Syzygy 818)


LOA: 77.25m Year: 2019 Builder: Feadship

Formerly called Syzygy 818, Pi is a custom build delivered by Feadship in 2019. With a beam of 11 metres, Pi boasts a steel hull and aluminium superstructure and double-curvature glass windows drawing plenty of light inside.

Volume: 1,592 GT | Beam: 11.2m | Draft: 3.3m Speed: 18.4 kn (max) | 16 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure

Her exterior was designed by Jarkko Jämsén - Aivan, and this represented his inaugural superyacht project. Her exterior lines are noteworthy for their extraordinary use of double curvature structural glass. The interiors, which incorporate Japanese styling and décor, are the work of Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design.

Naval Architecture: De Voogt Naval Architects Exterior designer: Jarkko Jämsén - Aivan Interior designer: Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design

As a pure custom luxury yacht, Pi has been personalised for her Owner and has top-of-the-line glass technology to create the curvaceous superstructure from the computerised 3D design. The Owner also had sustainability goals that needed to be met, and to reach these the electronics and engineering had to provide excellent fuel efficiency.

Syzygy 818 is a true masterpiece, a testament to the owner’s courage, daring to challenge the boundaries of yacht design and construction. I am very proud of this accomplishment and feel very privileged to have been in a position to orchestrate the project from the early ideas to concept development and the final execution. The best teams came together to achieve this truly amazing result, which I consider the most beautiful yacht of modern times.

Pi boasts several luxurious amenities, including an enormous beach club with two sea terraces, a spa center, a touch-n-go helipad, a swimming platform, a glass-bottomed pool and a tender garage.

Pi’s interior configuration has been designed to comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests. Powered by 2 MTU (16V 4000 M63) 2,700hp diesel engines and propelled by her twin screw propellers, Pi is capable of a top speed of 18.4 knots, and comfortably cruises at 16 knots.

- Vesa Kaukonen, KK Superyachts -


Winter 2020-2021



Name: Atlante


LOA: 54.8m Year: 2015 Builder: CRN

Atlante is a 55-metre yacht launched in 2015 by the Italian shipyard CRN. Her exterior, characterized by a military design and sharp lines similar to naval vessels, was penned by Venice-based Nuvolari Lenard design studio. This fivedeck displacement superyacht built of steel and aluminium catches one’s eye with a gun metal grey hull and black superstructure. Atlante features an interior design created by CRN’s in-house team in collaboration with Gilles et Boissier architectural studio.

Volume: 1,024 GT | Beam: 10.2m | Draft: 3m Speed: 15 kn (max) | 14 kn (cruise) Hull: Steel hull and aluminum superstructure Naval Architecture: CRN Exterior design: Nuvolari Lenard Interior design: Gilles & Boissier

One of Atlante’s main features and certainly the most notable, is the extensive use of precious marble throughout. Unlike on the majority of the superyachts, marble can not only be found in the bathrooms but also decorates the walls or floors. Atlante boasts with all amenities including a sophisticated audio visual entertainment system, a well-equipped gymnasium and a spa with a massage table and a Turkish bath. Atlante also offers a touch-and-go helicopter pad for a helicopter of up to three tonnes to land. Atlante can accomodate up to twelve guests in one full-beam owner suite and four deluxe VIP cabins. All cabins feature beautifully executed interior design and highest quality materials, furnishings and amenities. All come with private en suite marble bathrooms.

Atlante was created to meet the requirements of her owner, with a specific exterior look in mind, 'aggressive, but at the same time proportionate', Seen in her entirety, this is a high-impact yacht, whose determined military look becomes soft on the sea. - Dan Lenard, Nuvolari Lenard

Atlante is powered by twin 1230 KW @ 1800 RPM CATERPILLAR diesel engines, delivering a top speed of 15 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots. 43


Winter 2020-2021


Name: Exuma


LOA: 50m Year: 2010 Builder: (Picchiotti) Perini Navi

Exploration is what she is all about. In the time she has been on the water, Exuma has shown that she is capable of long distance navigation in all conditions and climates, with a minimum impact on the environments she visits. Exuma has travelled extensively, from the South Pacific to St Petersburg, from Brazil to the Nordic fjords. She has passed Cape of Good Hope and has visited every continent since her launch.

Volume: 497 GT | Beam: 9.5m | Draft: 2.3m Speed: 16.5 kn (max) | 14 kn (cruise) Hull: Aluminum hull and superstructure Naval Architecture: Philippe Briand Exterior design: Vitruvius

The elegant exterior profile defines the traditional explorer aesthetic and captures the perfect balance between straight and curved lines. Built entirely from aluminium, she was the first of the Vitruvius line of motor yachts from Italian yard Perini Navi designed by Philippe Briand and delivered in 2010. The generation of VitruviusÂŽ-series motor yachts was conceived with a focus on top efficiency for fully autonomous navigation. The aluminium hull is characterized by streamlined, slender traits and follows the principles of the BOSÂŽ Hull (Briand Optimized Stretched Hull), that allows to enjoy a gross tonnage of 497 tons, displacement of 400 tonnes, a reduced draught of 2.3 metres and a range of 5,500 miles at 12 knots.

Interior design: Perini Navi

At the beginning of the project, the request was clear. I was asked to create a green yacht. At that time, green motoryachts did not exist. Secondly, the design had to be innovative, so we responded with proportion. Green and perfect proportion are at the core of Vitruvius philosophy. As to efficiency is concerned, we applied our experience coming from the sailing yachts. The new owner of Exuma will benefit from an explorer yacht which is able to cruise around the world in all weather conditions.

The interior and exterior spaces are designed to increase privacy among shipboard guests and to enhance outdoor living. Internal furnishings are designed by Perini Navi with a focus on classic maritime style tradition, essentially using oak, teak and Italian marble. Exuma has just completed her 10-year Class and is now listed as a yacht for sale.

- Phlippe Briand -


Winter 2020-2021






M E D I T E R R A N E O 11 6

FAST 125





Winter 2020-2021

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uilt by the Italian Benetti yard together with Imperial as Owner’s representative and build supervisor, the 107-metre Lana is definitely one of the most exciting superyachts on the scene raising the bar with her stand out features such as the diesel-electric propulsion system, an impressive swimming pool with warming system, a spa and plenty of toys and tenders. She was delivered in mid-June 2020 to her Owner and then listed on the luxury charter market. She is now available exclusively through the Monaco-based management specialist, Imperial Yachts. Lana is the result of a second collaboration between Benetti and Imperial that already worked together during the construction of the 107-metre FB277. Benetti previously worked with Imperial Yachts on a 55-metre-plus project. The Owner himself firstly praised on Lana as soon as his final requirements were fulfilled and the yacht was completed, stating: “I am absolutely satisfied with the work done by Benetti and Imperial together. Lana represents a statement of building excellence, every technical feature, every aesthetic element, every single detail was executed to perfection. I am glad we all made this way to prove a new level of Italian shipbuilding industry”.

Lana is truly a testament of Benetti’s commitment to championing in the new era of giga yacht building. She is one of the three 100m+ Benetti yachts, and one of the largest ever built by an Italian shipyard. Benetti’s Giga yacht brilliant season is the result of great investment as far as technical resources and construction infrastructures are concerned. An extraordinary work was carried out in Livorno by Benetti technicians under the remote supervision and direction of England, Norway and Sweden based manufacturers. The remote approach adopted by the yard was not only a necessity in such hard times, but also a proof that everything is possible when excellences combine.


Lana owns all Benetti’s trademarks in pioneering technology, notable design collaborations, incomparable quality standards and last, but not least, its iconic elegance. Benetti’s President, Paolo Vitelli claims: “We are proud to have delivered another Giga yacht in our Giga season. Lana is an example of excellence: outstanding quality, unique style, and an icon of Made in Italy. A particular thanks to the Owner who trusted Benetti for this creation. We are happy to have met all his expectations”.


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


On board Lana

She can also accommodate up to 34 crew members providing the best service possible and utmost attention to clients, to ensure a relaxed, sumptuous and luxury charter experience.

Italian craftsmanship and attention to detail is well portrayed both in the well-proportioned exteriors and her sumptuous interiors, created by Benetti’s in-house team. The naval architecture is by P.L.A.N.A. – Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture. With her bold, elegant, sleek lines, replicating the motion and fluidity of the water, Lana really stands out at sea and will catch the eye from first sight.

Measuring 107-metre with a beam of 14.4 metre and a tonnage of 3,900 GT, the jaw-dropping Lana can accommodate up to twelve guests in eight cabins, including a full-beam master suite taking up a privileged position on the wheelhouse deck, ensuring great privacy and comfort. A true highlight onboard, the generous suite features a luxurious contemporary design, not to mention, an ensuite full-beam bathroom with shower and bath, his and hers walk-in closets, and two fixed balconies on either side providing breath-taking ocean views that add more space and dimension to the living space. Next to the master suite, the study with its custom-made executive desk with Bentley chairs, armchairs and sofa corner with custom-made lamps made of Tiger Eye gemstone.

Luxurious and voluminous spaces, meticulous attention to detail contribute to an unforgettable onboard experience. The interiors are exquisitely furnished with bright furniture and large windows to fully enjoy the ocean view even from the inside. The vast interiors are designed in a contemporary, yet timeless way and tastefully decorated in a soft, neutral and natural colour palette to create a sense of serenity throughout her five decks. To achieve this peaceful, cosy and homey atmosphere, different materials were used, from wood to leather and from glass to stainless steel. Her ceilings are as high as 2.7m making Lana a real floating palace. This height is quite unusual for a yacht, ensuring Lana a great sense of space.

The seven VIP rooms are located along the main deck. Each VIP guest cabin is elegantly decorated in an individual colour palette making each room unique and giving guests a unique experience. All cabins prioritise privacy and comfort to wind down after a whole day of extensive outdoor activities at sea.



Winter 2020-2021

Guests can enjoy all the different kinds of amenities Lana has to offer on board. Vast social areas arranged to soak up every single moment at sea, wide lounges and salons, offer a great opportunity for relaxation, fun and conviviality and contribute to a great sense of freedom and space onboard. Her luxurious spa with treatments and Hammam, together with the well-equipped gym, are perfect for those in pursuit of good health, fitness and relax but also for a pampering session onboard. The spacious Hammam is decorated in custom made mosaics, a massage table in the middle and benches all around it, and a starry ceiling with RGB lights for chromo therapy. Next to it there is the dry massage room with an ultimate massage table. As part of the crew, a team of professional beauty therapists, wellness instructors and masseuses will take the best care of guests. For relaxing and quiet evenings, the cinema room equipped with the latest audio and video technology is the perfect place to entertain everyone around the bioethanol firepit after a lovely dinner in the main saloon which can host up to 18 guests around the dining table. Guests can also enjoy a Yamaha piano in this area.

features spread across her five decks from the sundeck to the beach club area where guests board Lana upon their arrival by tender. The foredeck is the perfect area to enjoy a cocktail at twilight, or morning yoga sessions, and is the perfect spot for golf sessions too. Her beach club area includes folding terraces and a fleet of tenders and toys: a 14-metre limo and a 9-metre tender perfectly made for water sports and diving sessions, stand-up jetskis, seabobs and paddleboards, windsurfs, a large set of towable and inflatable. A professional and dedicated dive instructor will be on board and available for all guests. To complete the list, a set of golf equipment with biodegradable balls and a large selection of professional scuba diving kits perfect for those looking for unforgettable adventures under the sea. An 8-meter heated swimming pool is located on the sundeck and is the perfect location for sociable poolside afternoons. Lana definitely offers the perfect mix between experience at sea and relaxing moments. Lana also outstands for her attention to the environment and to ecological issues, using modern green technology as she is, in fact, powered by twin diesel-electric engines, ensuring fuel saving. She is designed to perform at a cruising speed of 16 knots and a maximum speed of 18.5 knots. At 12 knots, she is able to cover 5,500 nautical miles without refuelling.

Lana also offers a unique outdoor experience. Her exteriors represent the cutting-edge shipbuilding excellence of the Made in Italy. She has plenty of space for all her top


Winter 2020-2021



Imperial’s Director, Julia Stewart, says: “Being linked to the second 100m+ superyacht ever delivered in Italy by the private shipyard Benetti is a pride that we share with the builder. It was a pleasure to collaborate once again with their professional teams and their dynamic behaviour in a proactive atmosphere. Lana is bold, unique, sleek and aggressive, boasting high ceilings up to 2.7m in height and mixing perfect experience at sea and unforgettable charter moments. She is now entering our Charter Central Agency fleet, already with a large array of destinations in her bucket list that she will explore. Lana has an incredible appeal that will make her, for sure, the next decade superyacht charter yacht to experience in her range once in a lifetime. We would like to thank the Imperial team behind this impressive success, their hard work and extreme dedication to making the dream of our client come true”.

WITH SEBASTIANO FANIZZA, BENETTI CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER SD: "Lana is one of the three units that marked the Benetti Giga season. What do they have in common and how do they differ from one another?" SF: "The three Benetti Giga yachts, 108M Ije, 107M Lana and 107M Luminosity are similar only in a few aspects: they represent the maximum expressions of creativity, handcrafting and Italian nautical know-how, each of them with its own characteristics. As for similarities, all three yachts increased Benetti’s know-how. Simultaneously building three Giga yachts and launching them in a 100 day time span “forced” the Yard to improve its production process, working methods, supply and resources management. Regarding diversities, amongst the many features, I can mention displacement, propulsion systems and technical equipments. In fact, they were thought and designed for three

Thanks to the owner-oriented approach, Imperial Yachts and Benetti managed to implement any change to fulfil all Lana Owner’s desires. She is now available to explore the seven seas and to deliver a yacht life experience at its finest to some of the world’s most distinguished clientele in a voyage of discovery, luxury and exclusivity.



Winter 2020-2021

very different Owners. Lana, for example, was completely designed, both the exteriors and the interiors, by Benetti in-house team for an Owner that wanted and adventurous and thrilling Giga yacht. That’s why it is equipped with custom-made tenders and an incredible plethora of water toys. Luminosity, instead, is a remarkably “green” yacht, it is equipped with a set of generators/propulsors made of six 1.000 KW generators. A fully integrated and sophisticated system manages the energy and supports all onboard services and electric engines of the two 2,200 KW Azipods. Spare energy is used to charge 36tons of batteries, enough to run the yacht for 12 hours without using the generator. This is absolutely convenient when the yacht is at anchor without energy supply. The benefit is a smooth and silent cruise, without vibrations, so that guests do not even realise they are cruising. Ije, with its elegant RWD lines, was conceived to host family and friends, with multipurpose onboard spaces, offering different scenarios depending on the time of the day to both children and adults alike".

SF: "Lana stems from over-time Benetti’s heritage in pioneering technology, notable design collaborations, unparallel quality standards and iconic elegance. This Giga yacht is the result of a collaboration between the Yard and Imperial, acting as Owner’s Representative and Build Supervisor. Benetti’s in-house team created both the interior and exterior design of Lana, developed a project that aimed, since the very first meeting with the Client, to create a Yacht that represented the building excellence, and every technical feature, every aesthetic element, every single detail was executed to perfection. That's why Lana won the “Yacht of the Year” award in the category of boats over 270 feet in length (over 82 metres) during the last edition of the World Yachts Trophies organised in Cannes. With 2.7m high ceilings, Lana is bold, unique, sleek and aggressive, built to deliver the perfect experience and unforgettable moments. Its stateof-the-art character is linked to the onboard technology. Its complexity and innovation are the results of an accurate research that led the Yard to work with the most reliable and modern brands on the international market".

SD: "How were Lana’s design and state-of-the-art character born?"


Winter 2020-2021

SD: "What was the greatest challenge in building Lana?"



SD: "Which results is the Giga season giving you? All three yachts caught the attention and intrigued the public. Has it attracted a new public, a new Clientele towards Benetti, as a brand building over 90/100M units?"

SF: "Building a Giga yacht is a very complex challenge in itself but also the final phase of the whole process: we carried out the last changes required by the Owner during lockdown in March and April. The last technical aspects before the final delivery, as the two state of the art Kongsberg wing stations, in terms of complexity and innovation, were implemented in an extremely uncertain and delicate moment. To overcome barriers such as distance and suppliers not being able to closely follow all the steps, Benetti organised all the work thanks to the remote supervision of English, Norwegian and Swedish manufacturers. As many other, we “invented� new ways of communicating that will be useful as starting point for future works".

SF: "Building three Giga yachts at once led Benetti, and consequently the whole Azimut|Benetti group, to gain experience, planning strategies, to learn new technologies, to invest in research on hulls and superstructures. Considering a certain standardization level, we can claim that what we have learnt led the Group to face new models’ production phases with a more efficient approach, that means a reduction in production costs and time. Last but not least, we must highlight that the Giga season allowed the yard to compete with the big Northern Europe yards. Owners looking for a +90M yacht have a greater understanding of Benetti building skills, it belongs to a financially sturdy Group, at the top of the nautical world for a very long time, that has plenty of resources to deliver such complex and expensive projects".

SD: "How did this second collaboration with Imperial go?"

SF: "It was a great pleasure to collaborate once again with a great professional team, in a dynamic and proactive atmosphere. The Owner, represented by Imperial, trusted Benetti and we are delighted to have fulfilled all his desires in a cooperative environment and through a constructive dialogue". 53


Winter 2020-2021



Looking for dining options? From the impressive Bridge deck aft table, ideal for al-fresco moments, to the Main deck full-beam dining table up to 20 guests, privacy and elegance are ensured whatever the moments you want to spend. Alongside these, the Galley brigade provides multiples menus options and a full flexibility to adapt to the tastes of the guests in a record time, enhancing the luxury charter experience on board at any moment of the journey.

WITH JULIA STEWART, IMPERIAL YACHTS SD: "What are Lana’s best features?" JS: "Summarizing this in few words is difficult, as Lana is really offering plethora of options for all her guests, but one of the most impressive when you first step on board is the impressive 2.7m height ceiling throughout the Guest areas, unusual! The feeling given will follow you until you leave the vessel, and few vessels can offer the same airy spaces on board!

The Beach Club is probably one of the best feature on board; this is the most welcoming area when you first step onboard. Opening from two wide sliding doors on the swim platform, the 120sqm area includes a Gym and two wide salons with TVs and their folding balconies on both side for an incredible view onto the sea. Going forward, the spa is offering his assets for a very relaxing moment, including Hamman with and Dry Massage room with an ultimate Gharieni comfort massage table. This area is giving a warm feeling of comfort, with luxury furniture and cream sofas. While becoming the trend on superyachts above 80m, Lana’s spa is airy, flooded of light and gives to the guests a direct, private access to the sea. Definitely the area to spend a day on board for the utmost privacy and hidden from the sun!

The 8-metre raised pool on Sun deck seems coming from the most impressive architect’s villa: while being depurated and surrounded with teak, her simplicity makes her beauty. In addition, the pool is offering its own heating system and be flooded in less than 45min, and an incredible CAT Audio System consisting of 8xSpeakers, 2xSubwoofers and professional amplifiers.


Winter 2020-2021



SD: "What are your plans for the Winter and the Spring / Summer season?"

The Cinema is absolutely impressive and wide, including a superb 88” 4K QLED TV and a state of the art Sonus Faber Olympica sound System (composed of 2 x Olympica III + 2 x Olympica I + 1 x Olympica Centre) together with 4xJBL Synthesis Speakers and one 12” Sunfire Subwoofer. Perfectly sound protected from the Bridge deck salon backwards, guests can enjoy action movies with a perfect privacy. If the Cinema is busy, then we can switch to the Main deck Salon with another 88” 4K QLED TV and its state of the art James Loudspeaker sound System (6x8” Speakers + 1xCentre) and one 12” Sunfire Subwoofer. The sound was carefully calibrated by James Loudspeaker Engineers.

JS: "Lana is currently based in Red Sea and being busy, we are still working on her Winter planning according to the requests we have received. Next Spring/Summer, starting from May 2021, she will be available for luxury charter journeys in Mediterranean". SD: "What feedback did you get from customers that already spent their holidays on board Lana? What was their previous experience for charter?"

JS: "Lana was officially released from Benetti shipyard in June 2020, and getting her 100% ready for her first ever Summer charter season was a challenge that all teams involved, from imperial to the crew, reached with success. These countless efforts gave great results: all her charter guests were impressed from their first steps into her 14m custom-built Limo tender, to their arrival on the vessels and their discovery of her impressive exterior and interior areas.

We can also highlights her great list of toys and tender, including a 14m Wooden boats Italy Limo Tender and another 9m Wooden boats Italy Sports Tender, or even jet-skis, diving gears and paddle-boards. This list isn’t exhaustive, as we would need more than a page to describe them, but Lana thought for all kind of guests, from kids to adults. Last, but not the least, most of the aft decks lounge areas include a central, impressive coffee table which include a bio-ethanol fire place: such lovely places to chill at night with a drink and a book, you just to select your own".



Winter 2020-2021


SD: "After a holiday on board a giga yacht, what are the customers interests, are they interested in buying or do they go on with a charter experience?"

Being the first interior area explored, the impressive Beach Club get obviously all the superlatives, as even if Lana is an impressive yacht from outside, she hides marvelous treasures inside. This attention to detail and extreme care makes all the difference, in every area of Lana.

JS: "This is a difficult question to answer, as we are not in the mind of the charter guests. For our clients, we know their expectations and we can adapt their journey according to their future plans, either for building a superyacht or chartering large vessels as Lana, or larger.

Getting positive feedbacks is a pride for all teams involved, and we welcomed some positive comments that helped the crew, our management and charter teams, to enhance the experience and raise the level of charter experience. Lana is unique in her range, and so we have to reach the expectations of experienced guests that look after something unique, extraordinary. So far, this goal is reached but Lana and our team continue to learn, to improve on a daily basis".

We would say that guests on board Lana have already clear ideas of what they could expect from a vessel of this size. Lana, like Flying Fox, are the very rare 100m+ charter yachts on the market, if not the only ones, and such vessels bring curiosity and real interest. At Imperial, our goal is to reply to these expectations by creating the most fantastic journey on board, whenever if it’s for one week or more. Our reward is the confidence of the guests, and when they turn back: it means that our procedures, our hard work and the efforts put by the crew is replying to the expectations".

SD: "How did this second collaboration with Benetti go?"

JS: "She is part of the three largest superyachts ever delivered by an Italian shipyard, and Lana was certainly the most demanding vessel in terms of attention, detailing, processes. From this experience, we retain the positive side and the fact that, together with Benetti, we proudly stand as having delivered the larger charter yacht ever built by an Italian shipyard".


Winter 2020-2021


Hydro Tec S.r.l. - Via Fiume 2/9 - 15076 Ovada (AL) - ITALY Tel. +39/0143/821630 info@hydrotec.it www.hydrotec.it 57


Winter 2020-2021

Ph. by Alberto Cocchi



Winter 2020-2021


by Gemma Fottles




the 68-metre Triple Seven in 2006, the 73.5-metre Mogambo in 2012 and - perhaps the most famous vessel in Nobiskrug’s fleet - the 142-metre Sailing Yacht A in 2017.

t was in the year 1997 when Nobiskrug took the bold step into the superyacht business with the construction of their inaugural superyacht project, Tatoosh. Measuring 92-metres, upon delivery in 2000, she became one of the largest superyachts ever built at the time.

Perhaps just as impressive as the yachts that Nobiskrug build, however, are the owners that consistently challenge the yard to think outside the box. Innovation in yachting, after all, is a challenging feat. It requires heavy investment, a healthy dose of risk and, above all, a dedicated, forward-thinking owner. Of course, the yard has always had a long history in shipbuilding as a testament to their skills in building oceangoing vessels.

Featuring naval architecture and exterior design by Kusch Yachts and an interior by the famed British designer, Terence Disdale, Tatoosh drew global attention for her innovative design and almost unprecedented spaces for an expansive selection of water toys and tenders. An impressive first offering to say the least, with Tatoosh, Nobiskrug made it crystal clear that they were serious players in the exclusive game of luxury yacht building. Since 2000, Nobiskrug has delivered an exciting portfolio of 11 custom-built superyachts to adventurous yachtsmen and women around the world to date. To name but a handful is

OPPOSITE PAGE: Black Shark © Klaus Jordan THIS PAGE: Black Shark, night render 59


Winter 2020-2021

their owners’ wildest yachting dreams come true - and it’s also a fleet that comes with a lot of firsts. “For Triple Seven, Nobiskrug used for the first time - the in-house developed technology - moulded parts made of composite materials, which replaced the usual aluminium superstructure”, explains the yard when examining some of the milestones throughout their history. “This can be formed into any shape or size, saves weight and time during construction and eases up maintenance while the yacht is in use. Years later, the use of GRP in this way became standard. This innovation was awarded by the International Superyacht Society (ISS)”.

PG. 60-61: Artefact © Francisco Martinez

But how does Nobiskrug manage to successfully capture both the imagination and trust of the daring yacht owners of the world? “Our inquiries in the last few years have been mostly for bold designs, but bold doesn’t always mean more expensive or risky”, explains Fadi Pataq, Nobiskrug’s Head of Sales & Marketing. “We take the time to design with our clients, and explore new technologies directly with the owner’s team. We’ve always found that this is the best way to build confidence in bold designs and the trust to work together to build a unique and innovative vessel”.

The strategic utilisation of GRP in large superyacht construction was not the only thing that Nobiskrug pioneered in the industry. Over the next few years, we saw the delivery of the 74-metre Siren in 2008, where Nobiskrug introduced the first luxury yacht with a hydraulic foldable helicopter platform. The platform can also be used as a sundeck, dance floor or an entertainment stage, while the large owner’s side terrace for optimal privacy at sea was another groundbreaking feature at the time. The 68-metre Sycara V saw the largest tender garage ever installed on a yacht in 2010 and, though the list of noteworthy innovations and firsts goes on, finally, is the latest game-changer in Nobiskrug’s fleet, the 80-metre Artefact.

Exclusive fleet, maximum innovation

Delivered to her owners in March 2020, Artefact features interior design by the British-based Reymond Langton Design studio. Though her interior has been kept closely

Though a relatively exclusive fleet of superyachts, every one of Nobiskrug’s superyachts is driven by the desire to push boundaries. The result is a fleet of yachts that have made


Winter 2020-2021


style over substance. “We delivered the eco-friendly Artefact earlier this year, which gave us another opportunity to carve Nobiskrug as the go-to brand for unique superyachts that are vastly different from others”, agrees Pataq. In addition to solar panels, an extensive battery storage system and a wastewater recycling system, Artefact features an innovative DC-bus diesel-electric Azipod propulsion system developed by ABB. The custom six-bladed propellers minimise noise and vibration while maximising performance and efficiency. The result is a hybrid yacht offering up to 30% more efficiency than yachts in this class. “Artefact is the perfect marriage of art and science”, adds Pataq. “The sky is the limit when it comes to innovation on our yachts, and one of the most recent features proving this was the DC-Bus system onboard of Artefact, which has created a trend for pod-driven vessels. At Nobiskrug, we embrace innovation by actually innovating and building, not by simply talking about it”.

under wraps and away from the public eye, Artefact immediately stands out for her distinctive exterior design from the drawing boards of the Canadian design studio Gregory C. Marshall. The stunning design is made up of a total of 750 square metres of geometric glass shapes, weighing almost 60 tonnes. The largest single-glazed surface is a vast 14.6 metres, and the yard has utilised 223 pieces of glass throughout her design. Describing the evolution of Artefact, Pataq explains. “Artefact’s distinctive aesthetic exterior and interior styling reflect the discerning Owner’s persistence to achieve a list of special criteria that included environmental responsibility, technological innovation and guest comfort”.

Eco-friendly yachting

Artefact proved that eco-friendly yachting could well become the new normal far sooner than many have anticipated, but Nobiskrug really proved that they are in the eco-friendly yachting game for the long haul when they joined the Monaco Yacht Club in launching the Superyacht Eco Association (SEA) Index in September 2020. Developed in collaboration with Nobiskrug, Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse, the SEA Index is a rating system for the carbon footprint of superyachts. The aspiration is that the index evolves into a global industry standard providing a transparent ecological rating for all large yachts.

It wasn’t just Artefact’s cutting-edge design that made waves upon delivery. One of the first yachts built under the new IMO Tier III regulations and featuring a host of green technology onboard, Artefact is one of the most environmentally conscious vessels out there. True to Nobiskrug’s philosophy of innovation and progress, Artefact once again demonstrates that Nobiskrug is not a yard with 61


Winter 2020-2021

An expanding fleet

PG. 62-63: Artefact © Francisco Martinez

The pandemic hasn’t slowed Nobiskrug down with the yard adapting processes as needed to continue building the world’s best yachts despite the challenges of global and local lockdowns.

“COVID-19 has changed the world”, continues Pataq. “It’s been a rollercoaster for the yachting industry, but fortunately we managed to have a zero infection rate at the shipyard, so our fingers are crossed that we can continue this way. The way of doing business has changed forever over the past few months, but the good news is that we are adapting quickly. This period of uncertainty also gave us the opportunity to revisit our internal processes and restructure a few departments”.

exterior design by Winch Design and an interior penned by Sinot Yacht Architecture Design, the 61.95-metre Project 794 featuring an exterior design by Espen Oeino, and the 70-metre Project 795 which also features a design by Winch Design.

Two superyachts are currently under construction and scheduled for delivery in 2022, and one, in particular, seems intriguing: the highly secretive 100+ metre Project 796. “We can’t tell you much”, teases Pataq. “But we can promise that Project 796 will change the industry!” Judging by Nobiskrug’s past offerings, it seems a safe bet that Nobiskrug will stay true to their word.

Now fully adapted to the uncertain global landscape, what does the future have in store for Nobiskrug? With projects like theirs amongst the closest guarded secrets in the industry, all that we know for sure is that the Nobiskrug fleet is set to almost double in the next two years - which is a pretty exciting prospect.

Right now, there are four superyachts currently under construction at the yard’s facilities. Slated for delivery in the next 2 years is the 77-metre Black Shark featuring an


Winter 2020-2021


The milestone superyachts ARTEFACT Measuring 80-metres and the latest yacht to be delivered by Nobiskrug, Artefact is a hotbed of innovation in terms of environmentally conscious technology. With the yard responsible for the engineering and naval architecture, Artefact is packed with a wealth of eco-focused features that aim to “set new standards for engineering-driven stewardship”. Significant in Artefact’s development is onboard comfort: taking seaworthiness, noise and vibration to rare extremes and exceeding industry standards. This attention to detail can be found in her hull form, hybrid propulsion system and layout. She has also been carefully configured to create a fluid transition for guests from the interior to the water’s edge when at rest. To offset the significant weight of the extensive use of glass, the steel hull is unusually paired with a superstructure made in fibreglass. Using a composite superstructure has enabled curved shapes to be moulded to create an exciting exterior design.



Winter 2020-2021

SAILING YACHT A Measuring 143-metres and with a volume of more than 12,500 GT, Sailing Yacht A became one of the most impressive PYC superyachts in the world in regards to design and technology upon her delivery in 2017.

Designed by Philippe Starck, she features a steel hull and superstructure with high-tech composite fashion plates that can be formed to her sci-fi lines, a technology Nobiskrug has developed during the past 15 years.

Her free-standing carbon masts measure an incredible 100 metres, while her propulsion comes via a hybrid, variablespeed powertrain which was revolutionary at the time of build. Since delivery Sailing Yacht A has cruised the world, turning heads wherever she sails and changing the future landscape of super sail forever.

THIS PAGE: Sailing Yacht A Š A&B Photodesign


Winter 2020-2021


TATOOSH Tatoosh at the length of 92-metres and a volume of 3,229 GT was one of the largest superyachts in the world upon her delivery. Built for an experienced yachtsman for ocean exploration and self-sufficient cruising, the first yacht ever built by Nobiskrug features exterior design by Kusch Yachts and interior design by Terrence Disdale. At 3,229 GT, Tatoosh is a high-volume yacht with equally expansive deck spaces. In addition to her size, another aspect that put her at the forefront of her class was the high number of water toys and tenders - an unprecedented amount at the time. She carries a 40-foot Hinckley day boat and custom daysailer as her main tenders and comes with two helicopter landing pads on the bridge and upper aft decks.

Designed for a life at sea, inside Tatoosh are a cinema, a sauna, a pressure chamber for divers and a lobster tank, while out on deck, guests can enjoy a swimming pool with a depth of 1.8 metres and a full-size basketball court.

THIS PAGE: Tatoosh Š Thierry Ameller 65


Winter 2020-2021

AMELS © Scovavento 60 © DAMEN YACHTING


Winter 2020-2021


Flexplorer © Cantiere delle Marche

by Gemma Fottles




Flexplorer: a closer look

elebrating the yard's 10th anniversary in 2020 and delivering two superyachts despite unprecedented global challenges, the yard has shown that they still have a lot to offer in the face of adversity. The delivery of the 42-metre custom explorer Crowbridge in summer was followed by the very first yacht in the innovative Flexplorer line, the 39.3-metre Aurelia in September. With news of another Flexplorer sold and under construction by November, clearly, CdM is a shipyard that's here to stay.

"The development of the Flexplorer line has been a very interesting process", Vasco Buonpensiere, Sales and Marketing Director says as he explains the story behind the latest addition to the CdM fleet. "It started with a client who was looking for a vessel to go surfing and mountain biking around the world with his children. He was looking for an explorer vessel with a lot of deck space and storage for equipment to go exploring onshore. But, being a resident on the French Riviera, he also wanted a yacht that was appropriate to drop anchor in front of La Voile Rouge in Saint Tropez. He asked us to come back to him with a preliminary design".

"I think that we have been among the first ones who have had the courage to bet on a segment which basically didn't exist over a decade ago", says CdM's CEO Ennio Cecchini as he reflects on how Cantiere Delle Marche has conquered the luxury explorer yacht market. "But this is a segment in which we felt perfectly corresponded to the changes the world was going through: the need for sustainability and the request for low impact vessels, the need to depart the usual yachting routes and live an authentic yachting lifestyle composed of active experiences. The demand for this was very clear to us, and we just gave the yachtsmen and women the right tools for the trade".

Returning home and heading to the drawing board with long-time CdM collaborator Sergio Cutolo and his team at HydroTec, they began brainstorming a vessel that would not only tick all of the boxes but reinvent the box entirely. The biggest challenge was how to incorporate space for large tenders and a wide range of explorer equipment without sacrificing style or interior space.

Being at the forefront of explorer innovation and setting a new benchmark in the evolving explorer yacht market was in CdM's DNA from the very beginning, and has stayed front and centre of every explorer bearing Cantiere Delle Marche's name since. The latest explorer line of 40-metre Flexplorer yachts is a testament to this - and one of the reasons CdM has not only survived but thrived over the past decade serving the niche market of capable, comfortable, luxury explorer yachts.

After months of development, the final result of the collaboration between CdM and HydroTec is the Flexplorer, an impressive piece of tech­nol­ogy wrapped in an elegant design. The eye-catching superstructure, almost vertical bow, and substantial deck spaces are not just exercises in superyacht styling, however, but serve to provide the Flexplorer with all the features that make her a perfect ocean-going vessel combining capability with luxury. 67


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


Flexible yachting

The Flexplorer also introduces an exceptional piece of engineering purpose-developed by CdM and never seen before on a yacht: the A-Frame crane. Constructed from carbon fibre by Advanced Mechanical Solutions (AMS), this innovative crane is located on the main deck aft and can launch an 8.5-metre, 3-tonne tender in complete security, as well as providing substantially safer loading and offloading operations without any heeling of the boat. Better yet, the crane seamlessly disappears below deck when not in use, becoming virtually invisible to the eye.

Staying true to CdM's dedication to providing passionate owners with the right tools for the trade, Cutolo continues: "We had investigated the concept of support vessels many times for clients who already had a more conventional yacht and were looking to have a second vessel to simply carry toys and spares. The basic idea of the Flexplorer is to create a yacht that does not need a support vessel because it incorporates all the features an explorer owner is looking for in one yacht".

In addition to the A-Frame crane, other features worth noting onboard the 39.3-metre Flexplorer include the fold-down bulwarks on the aft deck which work to create an impressive terrace of 115-square-metres. The Flexplorer is also the first CdM yacht to use the CMC stabilisation system connected to the rudder system, drastically improving onboard comfort during navigation for outstanding seaworthiness and stability.

And those features seemingly face no limit for Flexplorer owners. The Flexplorer offers a truly vast amount of customisation in design and layout. In fact, she must be the most versatile yacht in the 100'+ segment available. From multiple layout configurations to adding another deck entirely, with the Flexplorer, each owner has the chance to create their individual explorer yacht.

A personal stand out feature for designer Sergio Cutolo is her asymmetric design. "A stand out feature of the Flexplorer for me is the asymmetricity of the main deck salon: we introduced this feature many years ago, with Paolo Caliari, on two fast explorer vessels designed in the early 2000s. This design enabled us to keep a large salon area despite the long open deck aft. It disrupts all the conventions about the main deck salon onboard yachts in a positive way, rotating the layout 90 degrees and creating a wonderful observation spot, thanks, also, to the 3.5-metre-wide windows".

Explaining the technical aspects behind the level of flexibility offered in the design, Vasco Buonpensiere says: "This high level of flexibility is made possible thanks to the naval platform. It has been studied in a way that makes it possible to modify it to a certain level without having to reengineer it. A good example of that is a Flexplorer we have just designed for a client with an additional deck". "The second aspect that makes flexibility possible is the innovative use of the space", he continues. "It makes the Flexplorer capable of being outfitted for anything from the most luxurious and glamorous holidays in Ibiza or Mykonos, to the toughest of ocean explorations at the highest or lowest latitudes in the world".

PG. 68-69: Flexplorer Aurelia Š Cantiere delle Marche



Winter 2020-2021

Flexplorer Š Cantiere delle Marche


but she is filled with a wide range of impressive features. This includes a fully-equipped gym filled with plenty of natural light, as well as the extensive, all-glass wine rack that extends across two decks and is undeniably a centrepiece of individuality onboard Aurelia. Speaking of another noteworthy feature onboard Aurelia, Cutolo highlights the Jacuzzi area as the perfect spot for intimate moments at sea. "The jacuzzi area on the sun deck is a stand out feature for me", he says. "At first, the client was not interested in having any living areas above the bridge deck, but in the end he fully appreciated that very intimate spot on top of the superstructure, protected by the wind blowing from the bow and with 360-degree visibility".

Although the initial client ultimately decided not to go ahead with the Flexplorer, it was a repeat client of CdM that fell in love with the final design not long after and set to making the first Flexplorer a reality. "The owner of the Darwin Class 102 Galego 'accidentally' saw the drawings of the first Flexplorer", continues Buonpensiere. "He immediately fell in love with it. In just a couple of months, we defined the specifications with his expert team, and we signed the contract for Aurelia!"

After 24 months under construction, Aurelia was delivered to her owners in September 2020 with plans to visit some of the world's best surfing spots. Aurelia's owner opted for a four-cabin layout, with the spacious owner's suite located on the main deck. Two VIP cabins and one twin cabin are found on the lower deck, where three cabins also accommodate a professional crew of six. A large laundry and service room occupies the area of the fourth guest cabin. Powered by CAT C32 engines, she has a cruising speed of 10 knots, a maximum speed of 14 knots and an impressive autonomous range of 5,000 nm.

Inside, Aurelia is reminiscent of a sophisticated New York loft and is as cool as they come. Italian designers Francesco Paszkowski Design and Margherita Casprini utilised brushed oak flooring and combined it with industrial materials such as slate, concrete, glass, iron and aluminium to create a distinctive interior look. Teamed with vintage furniture and modern art pieces, the result is an achingly cool, wonderfully unique but, still, warm and welcoming home on the sea.

The main talking point onboard Aurelia is, of course, the full realisation of that innovative crane and versatile aft deck,


Winter 2020-2021


More to come

general styling, power, size, special features and delivery date have already been defined".

And that is another impressive point when it comes to looking at the success of CdM. Despite the challenges of 2020, CdM is a yard that has fully adapted to the new normal to ensure that interruptions to building boats have been minimal. "Frankly speaking, besides the complete lockdown imposed by the Italian government in March and April and the consequent delay, we haven't faced any particular complications", Buonpensiere explains. "We adopted the requested safety measures and, after some time, adapted to them. So, for example, working with a maximum of two people per cabin etc. We found our pace, and we got to delivery quite smoothly".

Proving the demand for a yacht as unique as the Flexplorer, just weeks following Aurelia's delivery, CdM announced that the second hull in the Flexplorer line had been sold. Being built for an experienced German yachtsman who was looking for a robust explorer capable of taking on the roughest seas, her name is Maverick, and she will again feature interior design by Francesco Paszkowski in collaboration with Margherita Casprini. The most visible differences from her sistership and again, illustrating the Flexplorer line's high-level of flexibility, is the 13-guest layout. With four cabins on the lower deck, Maverick will also include two master suites: one on the main deck and another on the upper deck with an adjoining single cabin. Maverick's hull will feature an 'ice-belt' 400mm above and below the water line to navigate the planet's coldest climates, and she will feature an infinity swimming pool taking centre stage on the main deck aft.

CdM did indeed find their pace this year, and business is booming. Four boats are scheduled for delivery in 2021, including a custom H. Bozzo-designed 43-metre yacht, a Darwin 106, a Darwin 112 and an MG129. Two MG 115 are scheduled for 2022 and 2023. We can expect to see the next two Flexplorers in 2023 and, although the third hasn't been officially signed yet, the yard confirms that they are in the closing stages for a client whose individual take on the Flexplorer yacht will include a full additional deck. Looking forward, it's clear that CdM will continue to prove their staying power for the next decade and beyond.

Announcing the news in late November, CdM's Buonpensiere, said: "We are proud to be able to sign this contract despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic. Thanks to the excellent relationship with the owner and his feedback, in spite of the present circumstances, details such as layout,

Flexplorer Aurelia Š Cantiere delle Marche



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


by Pamela Paci





et's imagine for a moment that 2020 was not a tough year for everyone and on all levels; that it was not a year that we will hardly forget because of the pandemic. Let's just forget about COVID-19 for a while. What's left? The answer is: everything that has been created during this troubled and puzzling chaos, despite all the difficulties due to restrictions on social gathering and on travel, and to production and logistic shut downs. Shipyards are always and constantly under pressure, actually: being such a niche industry, its clients are so few in number that every year this segment faces unique challenges, having to deal with different scenarios and unexpected events of all kinds. Rossinavi is the Viareggo-based shipyard established by the Rossi family in 1980. Starting out as subcontractors (Fratelli Rossi shipyard), they eventually specialized in building full-custom superyachts, in both steel and aluminium. The yard started to build vessels on its own under the brand name Rossinavi in 2007, and since then it has become a superyachts atelier delivering unique boats, all different from one another. We are talking about real tailor-made creations, built to fulfil their owners' desire to own a unique, crafted, ad hoc and irreplaceable vessel. This uniqueness in the market is a key feature for a hypothetical resale of the vessel.


2020 was quite a unique year for Rossinavi: the yard has never experienced the construction of three huge boats like these before, and in such a short period of time. In the first 6 months of the year, 50-meter LEL, 48-meter EIV and 52-meter Florentia hit the water in this order. Their interior and exterior styling is the result of the collaboration between a group of four design studios. In terms of naval architecture, all three projects were signed by the Arrabito Naval Architects Studio, which with Rossinavi has always collaborated. Now let's discover the three vessels and learn something more about their most relevant features in this interview with Rossinavi's COO Federico Rossi, who gave us some extra details about them.


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021



Indoor, the main saloon features refined luxury interiors, which combine a contemporary design furniture, elegant textiles, precious leathers and bespoke finishes for a tactile perception of timeless elegance. The owner’s suite is located forward on the main deck and is of generous size. In order to increase the comfort of this area, a large walk-in-closet has been installed and the cabin also features a private balcony directly suspended on the sea. Adjacent to this suite is located a VIP stateroom. On the lower deck, four guest cabins are all well-equipped with the latest comforts and merry the character of LEL. Powered by two MTU 12V 4000 M93L 2,580 kW diesel engines, LEL has a top speed of 25 kn and a cruising range of 4,000 nm.

Consegnato a luglio scorso, il 50-metri M/Y LEL was developed by Kurt Lehmann, Chairman of Yacht Moments, and is described as the perfect balance between sporty exterior lines and contemporary interiors. The design of the exteriors was signed by renowned design firm Luca Dini Design & Architecture, which was also responsible for the interior styling. LEL marks the the first collaboration between Rossinavi and the Florence-based studio. Completely built in aluminium, LEL is a celebration of fluid forms, thanks to a dynamic silhouette that harmonically culminate into both decks and hull. The generous size of the main common areas makes LEL one of a kind in the segment of superyachts with similar gross tonnage, giving her a substantial competitive advantage.


LEL boasts a rather large beach club that allows for a dynamic and natural interaction with the surrounding environment. When the side and stern doors are lowered, interiors and exteriors organically merge into one vast and comfortable entertaining space featuring an indoor bar area where the tender can also be accommodated. The upper deck features a tranquil dining area which can be transformed into a private and protected environment with a removable veranda. This innovation features outdoor heating lights and a room air conditioning system which allows for the boat to be enjoyed throughout the year and in different weather conditions.

- Luca Dini -

At the top of LEL is the sundeck fitted with sunbathing and relax areas by the pool pointing towards horizon and equipped with a dedicated bar station.

PG. 74 - 75: M/Y LEL at anchor; beach area and main salon



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021



The interior design is a thoughtful mix of contemporary and modern, expressing class, energy, style and dynamism. Here bright and natural nuances of wood and fabrics are cleverly combined with prestigious coating materials, such as onyx and leathers, and sophisticated details in bronzed brass metal. Custom carpentry details by Enrico Gobbi are mixed with contemporary European furniture, decorative lighting art pieces and exclusive Italian-made fabrics; the impression is of a relaxed, welcoming, elegant interior with plenty of light. Most of the furniture has been personally designed by Enrico Gobbi and upholstered with high end fabrics of leading international brands such as Hermès, Rubelli and Armani Casa.

Delivered in november 2020, M/Y EIV is a full-custom 48.8m superyacht commissioned by an U.S. client, introduced to the yard by Dean Anthony of Allied Marine's Superyacht Division. Built as Project Vector 50, EIV has been designed by Venice-based studio Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi and has seen the cooperation of the United States for some technological and mechanical components. As the yards states, a particular attention to US standards has been given, since the vessel will be based in US and Caribbean waters. Among the client's desires, the ergonomic function and elegant interiors. The unique elements that make EIV one of a kind include timeless elegance of its neat lines and balanced proportions that naturally connect to natural elements bearing stylish details. Inspired by elements of the automotive industry such as the air vent grills of a sport coupé, EIV boasts a well-proportioned and slender silhouette enriched by continuous glass surfaces. Despite its sleek volume, EIV embodies an impressively spacious interior layout that can accommodate up to an owner’s party of 8 in four generous double cabins, situated on the lower deck and each one with en-suite facilities. The full beam master suite is located at the front of the main deck and includes an intimate private terrace on the starboard side.


EIV’s design ensures an ongoing dialogue between exterior and interior thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glass windows along the main deck. Portions of the glass slide open for a flood of natural light and for better enjoying the surroundings.

PG. 76 - 77: M/Y EIV at anchor; lobby with lift and main salon



Winter 2020-2021



As Carlo Colombo explains, Florentia’s interior design is inspired by the shapes of nature and ocean waves combined with technology and continuous research of design functionality. The soft lines of the boat’s architecture style pervade the space complementing neutral colours and precious materials contributing to a unique and refined yacht for a peaceful and relaxing experience. Similar to a proper home, Florentia features very generous spaces and is thought for the guests to move around easily and comfortably. Key areas include the main deck, the upper deck featuring a multi-functional salon, the fly deck boasting a VIP Suite, and finally a lower deck where the remaining guest cabins and crew area are located.

Presented with a strictly private ceremony in Pisa last June, the largest of the three vessels which touched the water this year at the Rossinavi yard, is a 52-metre masterpiece named Florentia. With a volume of 800GT, Florentia has a steel fulldisplacement hull and aluminium superstructure with the exterior design by Rome-based architecture firm Studio Vafiadis and interior by Italian designer Carlo Colombo together with his Design Studio A++. Florentia is a vessel in which functionality and efficiency are a testament to style, as states Federico Rossi. The boat’s external lines are elegant and sinuous; durable materials and functional design merge into the silhouette of the yacht to create comfortable and sheltered places for the owners and their guests.

Florentia is special for different reasons: the staircase, originating from the main deck and complimented by a blend of warm colours, leathers and light wood, is the beating heart of the boat, together with the lobby. The main salon and the dining room are both majestic spaces, formally divided by a structural bespoke cabinet. The owner’s cabin has a private balcony and two walk-in wardrobes. The upper deck is a multi-functional space easily convertible to a cinema lounge. Another special space is the VIP Suite, which boasts a private balcony at bow and access to the outdoor jacuzzi at stern. In Florentia, to conclude with the yard's words, the multi-scenic approach leads to the creation of a symbiotic language, which characterises this special yacht design line.


Winter 2020-2021



SD: "Some yards claim that it is really important for the market to understand the difference between a purely custom product and a customized product. As a matter of fact, the first one refers to a project born from scratch, while the second one is a project designed together with the client, but technically limited by a series of choices imposed by the yard. What is the position of Rossinavi in this matter? Can we define your production as 'pure custom'?"

WITH FEDERICO ROSSI SD: "What can we say about this 2020? How did COVID-19 affect you as a yard and how did you handle it?" FR: "2020 has been a tough and complicated year, but at the same time we have worked a lot and very well from all points of view. Because of COVID-19, we have certainly experienced a shut down that caused first of all a long delay in the deliveries scheduled for the spring: LEL was delivered to her owner in June, while EIV and Florentia in August. Their three owners are from different countries (America, Germany and Russia) and all of them showed us great support and sympathy. They immediately understood the situation especially at the beginning, when Italy seemed to be the only country facing the emergency. We found ourselves in a very complicated situation, so that a temporary shut down was necessary. They showed us true solidarity and this too helped us to carry on faithfully.

FR: "Yes, definitely. And let me emphasise that this is a matter of responsibility. What I mean is, as a builder we offer clients our experience, but at the same time we listen to their requests, fulfilling their wishes in a functional way. A full-custom approach allows us not to make mistakes. We don't work on fixed-hull platforms, that we would necessarily have to change in order to respect our clients' requests. In doing so, we will probably build the wrong boat, especially in those cases where the client asks for changes to the beach club. In fact, to meet this request it's necessary to shift the centre of gravity significantly. Hence our decision to develop the hull starting from a precise general plan, with responsibility".

The pandemic also affected us economically, since progress payments were therefore delayed, but luckily we are a strong company. I have to say that we have also suffered psychologically. We are used to work constantly, I mean we basically live in the yard and we never stop; that's why not being able to do our job all of a sudden definitely caught us off guard.

SD: "What advice or stylistic and design suggestions do you feel you can give your clients to help them make more conscious, targeted and better choices, which are more in line with the market, considering, for example, a hypothetical reselling of the boat?"

FR: "I always recommend a nautical approach for a boat, in order to preserve its nature. More then a megayacht, a smaller vessel is what we immediately associate to the idea of a life in contact with the sea. A megayacht suggests the concept of exclusive luxury before anything else. That's why when I say 'nautical approach' I only refer to the stylistic aspect of the project, not to its purpose. We are used to work with different cultures worldwide, from America to Asia, and everyone has in mind his own idea of experiencing the sea and of luxury. As builders, we always recommend a balance between the two concepts, without exaggerating in one direction or another. We always recommend not choosing too unusual lines, but going for a design that can be understood by everyone instead".

On the other hand, this period also offered us the chance to rethink our strategies and develop new projects. In my opinion, COVID-19 impact on the megayachts segment was minor compared to that on smaller boats. What occurred was a delay in our rhythms; however, that also resulted in more time available to interact with our clients. Technology helped us to improve as well, but not only for connecting us: it also helped us to focus on what matters, to think faster. Online conversation and digital tools leave no room for empty words: you go straight to the point and this makes our work easier. We are currently working on the delivery of a 70-metre ice-class yacht with a diesel-electric propulsion system, a 50-metre full-displacement yacht, a 66-metre and also a 50-metre yacht. This is what we have in the pipeline right now. 2021 is going to be a challenging year for us, that will follow a 2020 just as busy: we have been working a lot, countless hours of work, both on the production and the development of new concepts, but on the commercial side as well. Deliveries scheduled for 2021: We concluded 147 negotiations this year. More that we have ever had. We got them through new channels. We are more digital now and we have more time at our disposal".

SD: "Can you try to describe these three projects by using only one word for each?"

FR: "I would like to answer this question without using the usual adjectives, like elegant, ground-breaking and so on. With regard to LEL, I would define her as 'The taste of the Sea': she is an open boat that breaths sea air. Onboard it's possible to see and enjoy the water element from every angle, and we ourselves experienced it this summer, when we spent a couple of days on board. Even when you are indoors, the wide windows let you enjoy the sea all day long. EIV, which is a very complex boat instead, was built for a client that was looking for a very sporty vessel. As a matter of fact, EIV can be considered Utopia's 'younger sister'. This all-aluminium boat doesn't accept compromises and boasts several impressive features, such as a low draft and a fastdisplacement hull. She features four big cabins, a huge master suite, a crystal lift, a staircase just as impressive, a spa and a swimming-pool. She has everything you need and more, she is fast and strong in every way. I want to define her as a 'Limitless Vessel'. Let's finish off with Florentia, a boat that I would describe as 'Romantic'. She boasts very clean lines, while conveying a sense of delicacy both through the exteriors and interiors. On the fly there is a suite that we even called 'romantic room', as if it were the perfect love nest accessible to everyone, without excesses".

SD: "From 2007 to date, how do you think you contributed to the history of design in the nautical world?"

FR: "With a 'conceptual' design. Let me explain what I mean. We don't have an in-house design studio, so we always collaborate with outside designers. With our creations we bring the architects' vision, building yachts that I like to define 'purebred'. If we are building an expedition yacht, then it has to be capable of sailing around the world, without compromises. That's how we built Endeavour, a technical boat, or rather, a sailing boat dressed up as a yacht. When building Utopia we were aiming at a super sport yacht instead, something that we could compare to a Porsche 911 of the sea. That's what I mean with 'conceptual' design: we gave our contribution by constructing very subjective vessels".



Winter 2020-2021

Federico Rossi, COO Rossinavi © Rossinavi


Winter 2020-2021


SD: "What can you tell us about the owners of these three vessels?"

facts, a sound approach and a fair price: this is what brings clarity to the market".

SD: "Overall, since 2007 you have built 20 boats. Which is the one you remember as the biggest challenge for your yard in terms of design and engineering? And which was, instead, the most satisfying one with regard to the relationship with the client?"

FR: "The owner of Florentia asked for a boat not exceeding 50 metres, while still boasting great spaces. She also had to offer shelters and protection, with fewer outdoor spaces. The owner is not a sun lover: he wants to be in contact with the sea, but safely. With regard to this vessel, I also would like to add that after visiting our client's house, I realised that Carlo Colombo would be the best person to design the interiors. It has proved to be the right choice, indeed. With LEL the idea was to build a boat that could blossom like a flower, opening from all angles and offering guests an outstanding liveability, both in terms of indoor and outdoor spaces. The vessel had to aim at the pleasure of being outdoor and at offering the opportunity to live in the open air both day and night. She features a terrace where you can relax also at night when the air is more humid, since she is equipped with heat lamps that provide a pleasant climate. On the other hand, EIV was specifically requested to be a vessel that could be anchored off Fisher Island, a place that overlooks Miami Downtown. That's why we decided to equip the dining room with wide windows, so that Miami could be the perfect background, serving as a "natural poster" and offering guests this amazing view".

FR: "Without a doubt it's Numptia, a 70-metre yacht delivered in 2011, the year following the crisis. Until Rossinavi builds a submarine, Numptia - of all the projects - will continue to be the biggest challenge we have ever faced. We didn't have the Rossinavi brand yet, but as a yard we had a long experience as builders under contract. One day, an American man came to us, asking for a 70-metre. So, what to do? How do you say 'no' to that? That's when we decided to create a brand and to come up with a design and a style. That's how we started to build Numptia. When we first presented her at the boat shows, many visitors thought we had been on the market since forever. This project was a real showcase for us". SD: "Speaking of the new generation of 'rich kids' - who in most cases didn't inherit any nautical tradition from their fathers - why should they own a yacht? I mean, apart from luxury and all the 'cool' aspects related to that, what are the emotional and financial reasons why to own a yacht for those who can afford one?"

SD: "Going back to the market, how do you compete today in this niche? Did you detect any important change in the customer base?"

FR: "This is a very complex question. There are many reasons: nowadays the first one is definitely to make your status very clear, and the second one is to enjoy an exclusive lifestyle. You can reach a certain position, but you can also upgrade it. All rich people can afford many mansions and an expensive lifestyle which includes the best vacations, destinations, hotel, cars, clothes, watches and so on. But very few of them can afford to buy a 50-metre yacht. A yacht means luxury, but in the sense of 'being powerful'. Secondly, a yacht gives you the opportunity to visit whoever you want, wherever you want, the way you want it. It lets you travel according to your own lifestyle. Many people want to travel to those destinations whose culture and traditions can collide with theirs. That's why a yacht is the perfect private place, wherever you want to be".

FR: "Actually, that's not quite true. The point is that, being such a niche market, we only have a few numbers at our disposal and that's what makes analysing the trends so difficult. I started working in this sector a couple of years ago, but I have already had the opportunity to meet with clients of different cultures and kinds. However, most of these clients belong to the so called new generation of 'rich kids'. They are precisely those - more than anyone else who show the desire to build something unique, pushing us into breaking the traditional patterns of design. The new generation wants a direct dialogue with the yard and, most of all, immediate answers. They are not interested in wasting their time on empty talks. Thanks to them, we are exploring new worlds, especially because in their eyes we are not a simple showcase for luxury: we are builders, craftsmen. We are a shipyard. The experience we provide our clients with, allows us to create something unique and this is what the new generation is looking for".

SD: "What are your plans for the future? What aspects do you still need to explore or improve?"

FR: "We are working on new concepts that we will soon reveal. We are developing new technologies as well, and I'm not talking about hybrid engines or diesel-electric. I'm talking about artificial intelligence, but not the one we already use for entertainment and functionality. We aim at an artificial intelligence for educational purpose: we want to use it to teach people on board how to make the best use of the boat, starting from energy efficiency and aspiring to become greener. With regard to improvements, we would like to make our production even more clear in the advertising field".

SD: "Did you already assess the effects of COVID-19? What kind of evaluation did you make and what are you expecting from 2021?"

FR: "COVID-19 has been a blessing to our business, actually. It may sound strange, but it's true. We have rediscovered the importance of dialogue, as I said earlier. Of course one effect we are experiencing is that families are going to increasingly look for self-isolation, which means a safe place, a shelter were to feel secure, instead of seeking the usual 'jam-packed summer'. So the boat appears to be the perfect solution. Moreover, the cancellation of this year's boat shows somehow gave us the opportunity to save some money and stop investing in those events we are actually not interested in, while still maintaining our leading position in the business. As a matter of fact, we are lucky enough to be based in Viareggio which, in terms of yacht district, is already a boat show by its very nature. So, it's no surprise that many clients came here spontaneously to visit us. Maybe we could say that the pandemic has brought some more clarity to this sector. Visiting the yard gives them a better understanding of several aspects, such as the brand value but also the gained experience. Often expertise is precisely what they value the most when looking for a fair listing. A good reputation, clear

SD: "Last question. Since you often leave room for young designers, what advice would you give to the next generation of creative people in the nautical sector?"

FR: "Young designers usually come up with some very innovative and inspiring ideas, but ideas must be turned into concrete facts: in order to develop a general plan, knowing the boat and its usage very well is key. A fluid approach works best here: you need to know how the client is going to use the vessel and for how long, what to put on the boat in terms of storage (water, food, waste management and so on), but mostly of autonomy. So basically, young designers need to learn how to turn their 'artistic ideas' into scientific facts". 81


Winter 2020-2021

Heesen’s 50m Aquamarina - Omega Architects


Winter 2020-2021


PG. 82-83: Winch Design Office, Andrew Winch and team at work © WINCH MEDIA

by Julia Zaltzman





he demographic of billionaires is changing globally with the average age falling year on year, and in a sense that is driving an overall paradigm shift in the design”. Andrew Winch, founder of the eponymous design studio, is talking about tomorrow’s superyachts and their owners. “They [the younger client profile] are asking for more contemporary spaces, open plan with huge expanses of glass allowing light to flood in and the guests to feel close to nature with the landscape being a backdrop for the interior itself”.

After 40 years in the game he has a honed sense for what lies just beyond the design horizon, and according to Winch, topping the bill at present is sustainability. Sustainable design is something that has always been close to the studio’s heart. Winch Design’s dedicated Eco Committee is made up of employees from all studios and central departments, including board members, designers and even IT. They meet regularly to discuss and implement ideas to improve sustainable practices, both at studio level and in relation to the design, procurement and production of Winch Design projects. It’s a sign of the times that sustainability is now top of the agenda across the board. 83


Winter 2020-2021

“Sustainability within the superyacht industry is not only relevant from a moralistic and social point of view, but from a financial one,” says Winch. “Some clients commission a superyacht as an investment, and those that are powered by combustion engines will quickly lose value when sustainable propulsion becomes a requirement rather than an option in the years to come. It is important to think holistically when designing for the future and sustainable interiors are equally as important as sustainable propulsion methods”.

Sustainability practice is something that the Studio works hard on practicing rather than preaching. The launch of Winch Design’s new social and sustainability strategy ‘Life Worth Living’ takes into consideration the societal and environmental impact of the studio’s work, which, says Winch, “has become increasingly important to us all”. Working in collaboration with sustainability advisors, The Planet Mark, the company has produced its first impact report, which outlines the progress the Studio has made so far, and what is required for it to progress further. Key areas within the report include ‘Caring for our Communities’, ‘Protecting our Air, Land & Sea’, ‘Leading our Industries’ and ‘Transforming our Business’. “Our goals for the next few years are ambitious, but Life Worth Living will act as a roadmap to ensure that we get there”, says Winch. “The Life Worth Living strategy will be at the forefront of all the fundamentals at Winch Design and we expect many changes implemented to our day-to-day lives, as well as the larger aspects. We hope we can attend industry events in 2021, however, it is still too early to speculate on whether that will be able to happen”.

One of Winch’s favourite annual events to partake in is the London 2 Monaco bike ride which raises funds for Blue Marine Foundation. As a founding partner, Winch Design has an avid group of cyclists dedicated to completing the journey each year. Despite its cancellation in 2020, the team still completed the trek virtually cycling a total of 6424km between them and raising over £9,000. Alongside sustainability, Winch believes that with younger clientele comes a surge in interest for explorer yachts, in large because billionaires are finding themselves seeking the ultimate luxury of freedom.


Winter 2020-2021


These durable yachts with increased range and higher crew and tender capacity can take their passengers on expeditions for months at a time, to any environment, without compromising on the onboard experience.

PG. 84-85: Heesen Yachts teamed up with Winch Design to produce their Xventure line of explorer yachts

Winch Design delivered the ultimate explorer yacht concept, XVenture, in partnership with Dutch shipyard Heesen Yachts in 2019. Marrying all aspects of expedition yacht and luxury boat, the principle behind XVenture is to traverse the line between comfort and durability, combining the most soughtafter features on any superyacht without compromising on capability in the toughest environments. “Targeting the next generation of yacht owners, XVenture will cater to the desire of younger billionaires to go 'off grid' on longer voyages, carrying an abundance of toys with them so that there are no barriers to exploration�, says Winch.



Winter 2020-2021

The arrival of Covid-19 in 2020 has further spotlighted the need and capability of yachts to venture further, be more autonomous, provide greater freedom and be a place to isolate, or even quarantine, in comfort. From a studio perspective, Winch Design has been able to carry on working relatively as normal throughout the pandemic, despite the uncertainties the whole world has been facing, and thanks to strong relationships and communication with its clients and partners, none of its architecture, yacht or aviation projects have been cancelled.

“Some projects have delays due to building restrictions, but we have persevered where it’s been safe to do so, even carrying out inspections remotely,” explains Winch. “Despite not being able to meet with clients face-to-face, we have managed to sign a number of new projects in every category since the Covid-19 crisis started, as well as develop new initiatives, long-term strategies and even introduce a new sub brand, Studio Winch”. Conceived to be an interior design and procurement-based sub brand shaped around the idea of smaller scale projects with shorter turn-around times, Studio Winch projects are currently predominantly UK based, and therefore will be beneficial to the design company while dealing with Covid-19 and international travel sill restrictions. The initiative celebrates the growing team of highly experienced interior designers and procurement experts that make up Winch Design, and who work across its dedicated architecture and interiors studio, as well as the award-winning superyacht design. “These experts possess the secrets to finding beautiful and unique products to bring every bespoke and individual Winch Design project to life”, says Winch. “We launched Studio Winch in the summer of this year, offering the complete design and procurement experience for clients wishing to have an exquisitely designed interior space of any size or requirement. The intention is to cater to clients who dream of a space that is curated by an award-winning team who have decades of experience at the highest level. Studio Winch offers the expert design and procurement of all furniture, fixings and equipment tailored to any brief”.


Winter 2020-2021


The company is also investing in new technologies and IT equipment to enable a remote working setup, and to be able to focus on harnessing relationships with its clients virtually. One of the key aspects of any design studio is presenting to clients, which is typically done face-to-face, but one thing that 2020 has taught us all is that being able to operate virtually is now deemed to be a basic requirement.

PG. 86-87: M/Y Neninka (ex Aurora Borealis) © WINCH MEDIA PG. 88-89: Telescope, private residence

“One of the biggest takeaways from this year has been a deep understanding of our resilience; not only the Winch studio but the whole supply chain”, he says. “Our partners have continued to build our projects almost without any interruption and the resilience and creativity of the suppliers and craftspeople who help bring our projects to life has been wonderful to see”.



Winter 2020-2021

Q&A WITH ANDREW WINCH SD: "What can we expect from Winch Design in 2021?" AW: "The teams are currently working on over 30 projects across the Yachts, Aviation and Architecture Studios. Those expected to deliver in 2021 include a 70m superyacht, a number of sailing yachts including a 27m Sloop with Tripp Design and the new Jeanneau 60, as well as our soon-tobe latest Amels series, two Airbus ACJ 320 Neo aircraft, a New York town house and an English country retreat, just to name a few. We also hope to add to our already growing portfolio within Studio Winch; these projects typically have shorter turnaround times and so we suspect these additions will substantially grow the overall Winch Design portfolio". SD: "What projects would have been exhibited at MYS 2020?"

AW: "We weren’t due to have any new projects completed in time for MYS 2020 so there is a chance that some of our recent deliveries would have attended, such as Excellence and Neninka (ex Aurora Borealis). The 80m Excellence won the most prestigious award of the show in 2019 - The Finest New Superyacht Award, as well as taking home the prize for Best Exterior". SD: "How are owners’ demands changing yacht design?"

AW: "There’s an increase in demand for more informal social spaces, a step away from formal dining and entertainment styles traditionally found. This is showing that guests really want to switch off when they’re at sea and take a step away from formal, business like entertaining. They can dine informally on the decks, often having breakfast tables in the Owner’s stateroom or lounge. The crew will also be given upwards of 30 different table dressings so guests can dine formally or perhaps even enjoy a themed dinner. This same desire for informality can be seen in the dressing, with clients ditching formal bedding styles in favour of more relaxed, organic looking linens and finishes".


Winter 2020-2021




Winter 2020-2021

M/Y Madame Kate © Giorgio Baroni


Winter 2020-2021


by Julia Zaltzman



(From left) Laura Sessa, Tim Heywood, Madame Kate’s owner, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. M/Y Madame Kate received recognition via two awards in 2015,the Interior Design Award for Laura Sessa Romboli’s designs, and the MYS/RINA Award.



he award-winning designer Laura Sessa is a mistress at transforming the everyday into the sublime. Her dynamic headquarters are located in Poli, just a few hundred yards from the sixteenthcentury Villa Catena and 25 miles outside of Rome. But it was during her childhood spent in the ancient Greek city of Athens, a vibrant capital dripping in mythology, where her creative flower first blossomed and her lifelong passion and affinity for the sea was forged.




Winter 2020-2021

Laura Sessa is best known today for her decades of striking superyacht interior design. She has worked for countless yacht owners across multiple shipyards, but always remains true to her signature ingredient: colour. Minimalism remains in vogue at present, but when it comes to the hues used in a design, Sessa believes colour brings warmth, function and balance.

PG. 92-93: M/Y Chopi Chopi, salon © Maurizio Paradisi M/Y Chopi Chopi is the CRN’s flagship, a bespoke 80-metre steel and aluminium megayacht. Built in 2013, it was designed according to the owner’s vision and conceived as an immensely spacious family home, an airy ambience where everything revolves around onboard wellbeing.

“My signature is the love I have for colours, the love I have creating details, sometimes even hidden ones. The love I have creating harmony for every type of style that a client requests”, she says.

With the exteriors designed by Zuccon International Project, M/Y Chopi Chopi is a perfect balance of classic and contemporary style. The interiors are designed by Laura Sessa, who created elegant spaces adorned with original artworks in strategic positions and enriched by an array of premium materials.


Winter 2020-2021

In 2019, her design style was coined as being ‘Sessa Chic’ in acknowledgement of its timeless appeal. She ardently believes that a yacht should be lived in and shies away from the showroom exhibition space of a museum. It’s an echo of her formative years spent in high fashion, working for prestigious haute couture houses, including Armani and Chanel. She prides herself on being able to create any object, whether functional or an objet d’art, for her interiors and prizes artisanal craftsmanship above all else. Her early career in high fashion would prove to be a fortuitous path, as it paved the way for her entry into the private world of superyacht design when a serendipitous encounter just after her twentieth birthday would go on to shape her future career. 92

model – Galene – hit water in 2020, with yet another interior by Laura Sessa Design. In fact, the Italian design studio has collaborated on the highest number of Heywood Limited editions superyachts to date, having now completed 20 of the yachts’ interiors; 55m Galene, and Amels’ other 2020 launch, 62.5m Stardust.

“I had the opportunity to work in the sailing department at G&M when I was a student at the University of Architecture in Milan”, she says. “During that period I met Alberto Pinto for the first time, as he was charged by family Gucci as interior designer of Creole, while G&M was charged to do all the structural yacht refitting”.

Mixing outstanding comfort with dramatic lines and unrivalled elegance at sea, Event boasts unique design features, but it would be 80m Chopi Chopi, also delivered in 2013 by CRN and described by Sessa as possessing a “daring” interior, that would steal the limelight. Winning Best Interior Design at the Showboats Design Awards 2014 and Judges Commendation at The World Superyacht Awards 2014, Chopi Chopi scooped the Boat of the Year in 2013.

The two personalities rose up the ranks of the design world simultaneously. Since that meet, Sessa has designed countless superyacht interiors, none of which have been below 52m. “My career begun in 2002 and when I became independent working with my own team, I still continued my working relationship with Cabinet Alberto Pinto up until 2012”, she says. “Alberto Pinto taught me an incredible amount. I learned that the most important thing when you design something is to never lose sight of its functionality”.

“Designing a boat interior feels like the same process as presenting a gift to someone”, says Sessa. “I always try to look for something people will love rather than buying something I love myself. And then seeing their surprised face when they receive the present…it is always so exciting and satisfying. And it’s the same with clients: I love to see their smile and happiness when they step on board a finished project for the first time. That is the joy of my design achievement”.

Sessa is in constant communication with her clients and prioritises their tastes and needs over any sense of her own personal style. One of her first forays into yacht interiors came with 52m La Mirage, delivered by Amels in 2007. It is a working reputation with that has endured and matured over time, producing yachts such as 60m Event (the first hull of the Limited Editions Amels 199) in 2013 and 55m Astra in 2014. Both of these boats feature exterior design by Tim Heywood, who is responsible for the design of Amels’ highly successful original Limited Editions range. The twenty-fifth 93


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


It’s little wonder that the prolific designer chooses to add her own personalised stamp on each of her designs, but for the vast majority of us, learning what those individual details are remains behind closed doors. CRN’s 2019 delivery, the 80m Mimtee, is one such project where the shining essence of an interior is reserved for the owner’s eyes only.

Fast forward to 2019, and Sessa’s creative touch continues to inspire. Amels’ 55m Papa, delivered last year, has proven to be one of the most popular yachts on the charter scene. A tasteful, bright and clean colour palette offers a sense of space and tranquillity. Accommodation is for ten guests across five cabins, including a spectacular owner’s suite found on the main deck which comes complete with a spacious lounge, office and private balcony. Family entertainment is at the very heart of the yacht, made evident by the sky lounge with custom-made football table and stunning sun deck cinema, while the beach club at sea level makes for easy access to the plethora of watersports before resting in tranquillity post action.

“The innovation I am most proud of is devising a system where a functional element can be hidden behind a decorative one. For example, covering the television with an artwork that can disappear when required”, she says. “Creating hidden closets within a wall. Or even handles inside the decorative pommels on a handrail. The important thing is to create something harmonious”.

Sessa’s second splash of 2019 came in the form of German shipyard Lürssen’s showstopping Madsummer. At 95m in length, she is the largest yacht in Sessa’s repertoire to date, but that didn’t prevent the fully-custom boat from being delivered to her owner nearly three months ahead of schedule.

PG. 94-95 (ABOVE): M/Y Madsummer, exterior decks © Giorgio Baroni PG. 94 (BELOW): sketch by Laura Sessa

“We designed everything for Madsummer’s interior - the door handles, the wallpaper, the embroidery on the cushions. I like to use iconic pieces of design, but increasingly I prefer to create something of my own, something special for each project”, says Sessa.

M/Y Madusmmer is a 95m megayacht delivered in 2019 by German yard Lürssen with the exteriors designed by Harisson Eidsgaard. Madsummer’s contemporary modern interiors are designed by Laura Sessa, who created spaces full of customised details and colours from the sea, emanating harmony and elegance. 95


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021




project is different, the best has always to be realized. The ‘perfect yacht’ is the one that meets function with layout, and the harmony of its design is in whatever the client requires".


SD: "Which yacht design did you enjoy the most, and why?"

SD: "How do your varied experiences in design inform your creations today?"

LS: "When there is complicity with clients I enjoy the work more, but as I love my job I always enjoy each project. The perfect yacht is when the aesthetical part meets the function and layout".

LS: "All experience are formative to reach the final creativity. Last year, my style was defined as ‘Sessa chic’ – timeless and showing the love I have for colours. Every country where I used to live in my past life, every trip I take always gives me something. We have eyes and a memory that are superior to the best camera in the world; with those and our hands, we can produce what computers can only take in good order". SD: "What has been your proudest design achievement?"

PG. 96-97 (ABOVE): M/Y Madsummer, interiors © Giorgio Baroni

LS: "I love all of my ‘babies’ and I think they are the result of a collaboration between the owners and myself. Every

PG. 96 (BELOW): sketch by Laura Sessa 97


Winter 2020-2021

Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay with its jaw-dropping natural surroundings and exceptional architectural heritage was one of France’s first properties to be listed as World Heritage. This complex exemplifies the outstanding universal values upheld by UNESCO. To travel here, be it the first or hundredth time, is an awe-inspiring experience.


Winter 2020-2021


by Pamela Paci




Sergio Cutolo © Giovanni Malgarini


he project Hydro Tech presented to celebrate Sergio Cutolo’s studio 25th year of activity, fits perfectly with the idea behind this special edition of Superyacht Digest, that will close the year 2020, that is, to feature in our 200 pages the leading figures of the yacht design sector. The rapid technological development that the last 20 years have witnessed, has muted almost every habit of hours,


causing us, on the one hand, to live in a much more fast-paced world and providing new visions and solutions on the other. Protagonists of the first 20 years of the new millennium have been IPhones, IPads, AppleWatches, the 5G, social media, the sharing community (Uber and so on), electric cars, selfdriving cars, virtual assistants, cloud computing, drones, augmented reality, the gaming blending together real and virtual reality, dating, Google’s quantum supremacy and lastly, the space race with the SpaceX project.


Winter 2020-2021

A castle in the middle of the sea

In this fervid technological-economic-social context, that was even faced with no less that a global pandemic, the nautical, architectural and design sectors must not be forgotten. Despite the period of crisis from 2008 to 2013, they did not hold back on evolution, and were able to present ever innovative solutions that perfectly line up with the new class of owners that has emerged.

A castle in the middle of the sea... a rock, the magic of the inaccessible Mont Saint Michel with its high walls but, at the same time, open to the view and to the horizon thanks to its windows and terraces, this is the inspiring idea behind Vanguard.

The Vanguard project by Hydro Tec does not only testifies the 25 years of experience gathered so far, as the studio remarks, but is at the same time an implicit expression of the big changes that have characterized the new millennium.

The name Hydro Tech chose for this project, Vanguard, is very evocative and representative of the maturity of the studio. As the studio explains, this name is inspired by the British marine tradition, which in fact since 1580 has always had in its fleet a British warship carrying the name Vanguard. In its original meaning, the “avant-garde” is referred to those who lead the way and therefore, figuratively speaking, are ahead of their time. So, as we already reported, this project results from past experience, but shows at the same time a hint of the future direction. Let’s now take a closer look at it.


Winter 2020-2021

This 65-metre explorer has been designed on a displacement platform, which develops a considerable width and which alters the vertical position of the various decks, creating a bridge “below deck” well above the full load waterline. This kind of design allows to include mobile terraces at the level of the guest cabins and well above the waterline; at the same time the under-lower deck benefits from larger spaces that can be used as technical areas and hold. Here we also 100

The owner’s suite includes a large office, a relaxation area, a dressing area and two terraces on both sides.

find a large engine room which occupies a minimum space on the lower deck, essentially intended for air intakes only.

On the upper deck we find at aft the technical area, which consists of the bridge, the captain's office and cabin. This deck is designed with a large panoramic sky lounge, with an adjoining cinema area and outdoor terrace. This deck is also equipped at stern with the helipad.

With this layout, the lower deck becomes a fully usable deck, from the bathing platform to the collision bulkhead, which allows guests an easy and direct access to the beach area and the spa. A large heated swimming pool occupies the central area of the beach area which is completely covered and opens towards the stern thanks to a foldable side. In this way, the pool can also be used when the climate is too hot or too cold and the part of the folding side becomes an extension of the beach area itself. The forward area of the lower deck is occupied by the crew cabins and galley.

The two upper levels are occupied by two large open lounges served by a lift and a dumb waiter.

From a technical point of view, Vanguard’s propulsion is entrusted to two MTU main engines connected to two fixed blade propellers via shaft lines as well as two electric motors powered by the on-board network. These electric motors allow her to travel at speeds of up to about 10 knots in electric diesel mode.

Going up to the main deck, we find towards the stern, a covered area for tenders and toys, which thanks to bridge cranes and side doors can be easily launched, letting the space available and usable for outdoor activities.

Moving forward you can find an open lounge and the main saloon, with adjoining dining room and TV/Entertainment area. Further on, at bow, we find the galley and the pantry on the left and access to the owner’s suite on the starboard side. 101


Winter 2020-2021


for fast passenger transport contexts, but never applied to a megayacht. Perhaps the new concept by Hydro Tec will be a catamaran. For this kind of vessels, one must think out of the box, it all starts from a blank sheet".


SD: "What are the main gratifications that this sector has given to you?"

SD: "25 years and still going strong. Sergio Cutolo and his Hydro Tec have not set aside their desire for new discoveries. What are the fields – the aspects – that are yet to be uncovered within the sphere of naval architecture?" SC: "My passion for hydrodynamics or, better said, for fluid dynamics in general, stems from my fascination for sailing boats, which I never got to manifest from a design point of view, but that kickstarted in me an ‘innate’ sensitivity towards this discipline. My studies in Naval Engineering provided me with the basic knowledge, that was later complemented by the experience as a designer throughout the years. Initially at Baglietto, and at Rodriquez later, I concentrated on fast hulls, while over the last years, displacing hulls have been my focus. At present, I would like to delve deeper into the idea of motorized catamarans, which I have already explored


Winter 2020-2021

SC: "Many gratifications, much effort. The most rewarding moments of a project usually take place at the beginning, the more creative phase, and at the end, when you find yourself sailing on a boat that you have first imagined, sketched and finally designed. And let’s not forget the meetings: clients, colleagues, communicators; the nautical world in general, and that of megayachts in particular, gives you the privilege to come into contact with very surprising personalities". SD: "After 25 years, is there anything you would like to take off your chest? In other words, has anyone ever disappointed you in the nautical world?"


SC: "If I started to ‘take things off my chest’, a crowd of old men watching the shipyard would gather…jokes aside, as I mentioned before, the nautical world offers the

Do you agree with this interpretation?"

chance to meet extraordinary people. The most important entrepreneurs have, or have had, a yacht; I think about the ones who no longer accompany us, from Onassis to Steve Jobs, I think of Paul Allen, Bezos, Larry Ellison, our Del Vecchio, Armani, Gabbana, the late Andrea Merloni. All innovators in their fields, as well as in their ways of conceiving and using a yacht. Nevertheless, this golden world has too often caught the attention of adventurers, only attracted by the mirage of easy gains and the perspective of prestigious acquaintances, that little have to do with the complexity of the product. These people have caused a grate damage to a sector that is based on hard work and on the ability to always come up with new ideas. No wonder us Italians are at the top".

SC: "Vanguard indeed is a floating spa. Since the earliest stages, the idea behind this project was that of a flexible layout and ideal movement. On board of yachts, especially bigger ones, often there are fixed paths and duplicated areas. In this case, we tried to bend the regulatory requests to the architectural needs in order to create continuity and differentiate the spaces according to their function and position aboard. This is the distinctiveness of our studio, having the chance to analyse every project in its entireness, without overlooking any aspect. The continuity you were pointing out, can be seen on the Lower Deck, which enables guests to enter the Beach Club directly from their cabins, without having to cross the Main Deck or the other exterior decks.

SD: "Talking now about Vanguard, the attention to details is undeniable. Not only in terms of how the spaces are conceived, hence the idea of freeing the Lower Deck and exploit every inch of it, but also in the conception of a much freer lifestyle on board, less ordinary and more natural. The design seems inspired by the idea of a complete and embracing wellbeing across all decks. After air-water-land-light, wellbeing could be the quintessence of the nautical experience.

The swimming pool area can be closed off thanks to the sliding doors; this provides the opportunity to use the pool in cold as well as warm weather. The tender area, located on the main deck, is another ‘flexible’ space; once launched, it can be turned into a covered terrace, just like the heli-deck".



Winter 2020-2021

yacht is able to sail for longer periods without stops, and to face the ocean in tranquillity. There are other features: for example, the possibility to board many tenders and toys is fundamental. Many large yachts rent toys when they reach their destination: moving in poorly equipped areas, a real Explorer should provide and entertain its guests with adequate tenders and a vast array of toys and equipment (for diving, to quote one). Flexibility in the usage of spaces is another characteristic proper of Explorers: the option of having a helipad, of using the tender areas when the tenders themselves are in the water, of exploiting the full potential of outdoor spaces, access to the sea and so on".

The sun deck features vast and articulated spaces, great for enjoying outdoor navigation with all the comforts; it is covered by a big hardtop which offers yet again a space suitable for discoveries and observation. Even the salons are versatile, being designed for social meetings and observation. The main deck salon also houses a panoramic, formal dining area and a lounge corner, in perfect symmetry, turned towards the large windows. On the other hand, the upper deck salon offers a 180-degree view and a TV/ Entertainment area at bow.

The owner’s suite has ample and articulated spaces, with two lateral terraces that make up a private outdoor area only accessible to the owner.

SD: "Clients ask for a higher level of safety in Explorer yachts. How does Vanguard keep up with such requirements?"

SD: "How does this project compete in the Explorer segment? To what kind of owner is it addressed?"

SC: "From where I stand, one of the traits that every Explorer should have, is the ability to cruise for a long time without having to return to the port to refuel or restock the galley. Such characteristic is not always to be found in traditional yachts under 500 GT. Over 500 GT, it is safe to say that every


Winter 2020-2021


SC: "True Explorer yachts use an oversized naval platform when you compare to similar length or similar tonnage conventional yachts. The maximum beam is usually wider, and this gives higher stability and allows for higher freeboard, which, again, is an important factor in terms of safety. The Hybrid Propulsion System offers full redundancy: the two

SD: "The relation between Vanguard and Mont-Saint Michel is a clear poetic image. How can you explain it from an architectural standpoint?"

sunsets that draw the mountain shadow on the tide that begins to surround it. This is the contrast: unreachable, protective and arduous at the base, but open towards the outside world at the top, with its steeple towering over the big windows".

SC: "A few years ago I spent a couple of weeks in Bretagne, one of my favourite places. On that occasion I paid a visit to Mont-Saint Michel. Unlike most tourists, I decided to spend two nights on the cliff. It was an unforgettable experience, thanks to the atmosphere that surrounds the place at night and at dawn, when there aren’t visitors. The evening silence, the awakening to the sound of bells and cries of seagulls. The parallelism with Vanguard, though, comes from the architectural/urbanistic conformation of the cliff. Vanguard’s hull is tall and vertical, almost inaccessible to the water, and so is the cliff; moving upwards we find large windows and open spaces, just like the bastions of a castle. On top of the cliff is the cathedral: the impervious and impregnable walls give way to fragile and large, gothic glass-windows. Here the gaze lingers over the landscape and the breath-taking

SC: "I was already mentioning the flexibility of the various areas of the yacht, in terms of their destination and use. This kind of yacht is going to be used in different areas of the world and different seasons. The beach area is a good example concerning your point: the big pool can be totally enclosed by sliding glass panels and the full area can be controlled as regards climate. This will allow guests to use the beach area both in very hot and very cold climate".

electric motors can provide emergency propulsion using the main generators as power source, but can also provide full electric power under way when using main engines".

SD: "Flexibility is a key element of creating an explorer vessel, which is so much more performance-based than conventional superyachts: it needs to be very adaptive to different environments, adventures and demands. The more successful explorer designs are the ones which perform to clients’ wishes, whilst retaining the luxurious aspects of a conventional yacht. What about Vanguard’s flexibility and performance?"



Winter 2020-2021

Espen Øino © Guillaume Plisson


Winter 2020-2021


by Julia Zaltzman



M/Y Flying Fox © Guillaume Plisson


layers of creative detail that beautifully fuse contemporary elements with a timeless appeal.

hen a superyacht owner wants to build a yacht that sets pulses racing, they would do well to opt for a boat like Flying Fox. The largest charter yacht available on the market today, and available at a weekly price of 3.5 million Euros, it doesn’t just raise the design bar, it sets a new one. Its eye-catching turquoise exterior also goes a long way to explaining why superyacht designer Espen Øino is in such high demand.

But neither of these vessels compare in size to the Norwegian-born designer’s largest projects in build. At 183m, REV Ocean – the world’s largest superyacht - is more than double the length of most ocean going research vessels. And yet, a research vessel is exactly what Norwegian businessman Kjell Inge Røkke has in mind for his boat once delivered in 2021. It will carry state-of-the-art equipment, from a submersible, remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and autonomous underwater vehicles to multi-beam mapping systems. Also hoping to occupy the philanthropic oceangoing limelight is 282m Njord. With a targeted delivery of 2024, it is a floating palace comprising 118 private residences, which plans to collect environmental and marine data from around the world that will then be made available to international research laboratories.

The 136m boat, built by Lürssen in 2019, boasts six decks and the largest transverse pool to ever feature on a yacht. It provides guests with a choice between freshwater or salt water, and temperatures ranging from steaming to icy. Built for private use but designed with a commercial outlook, Flying Fox endured a three-year design phase before the first cut of steel. And then there’s the performance-driven, high-volume Project 794 currently in build at German shipyard Nobiskrug. Scheduled to deliver in spring 2021, the 62m yacht – with its exterior by Espen Øino International - benefits from multiple

So, for all his creative prowess, where does Øino see the future of yacht design? 107


Winter 2020-2021

THIS PAGE: Njord, the Espen Ă˜ino-designed 282m build containing 118 private residences and boasting a 500 square metre inflatable marina at the stern of the vessel, Njord is under construction at the Kleven Verft shipyard in Norway with delivery scheduled for 2024.


Winter 2020-2021


people looking into being able to isolate and get away from the madness of the big heavily densely populated areas,” he says. “There was already a trend for that before, but I believe we’ll see more of it. Clients are getting younger and they lead a more active lifestyle now, and by that I mean nonostentatious exploration. Whether it’s watersports, or hiking and trekking, or skiing, you can do all of that from a boat. And there’s so many places you can do it, too”.

“Smaller boats”, he says, without a hint of irony. In January 2020, the 37 Shamal Sportsboat – an 11m Windy conceived and designed by Øino – was successfully delivered. “It’s our first production boat”, he says proudly of the day boat. “It might not sound very important, but for me, it’s really important because I decided a few years ago that this is something I want to get into. I like small boats. I can relate to them more, I can afford to buy them, I can drive them. And as a kid, I always wanted to design boats, not necessarily yachts because I don’t think I knew what a yacht was to be honest; we didn’t see many of those where I grew up in Norway. I only discovered big motoryachts when I came to the Cote d’Azur later on in life. So, as a childhood dream, Windy, together with Ulstein Verft, were the two big boat builders that we had in Norway. And they were, in my opinion, pretty much ahead of the game in terms of both design and production techniques. It’s taken me 20 years to get to the stage I really want it to be my career. It’s funny!”

“People don’t yet link boating to skiing, for example, but there’s tons of places where you can do that”, he adds. “I designed Cloudbreak a few years ago, and I’ve been cruising quite a lot with her doing my after sales trip; we did Nassau, northern Norway, the Arctic, and two years before that we did Antarctica. And there’s nothing better. So, explorer yachts for sure”.

Covid-19 may have brought the world to its knees, but the Espen Øino International studio’s workload has not suffered. “We have not had a single project stopped”, he says. “They’ve all been slowed down. There’s no doubt that we should be honest and say the shipyards have had to organise themselves differently. They’re all relying on the supply chain”.

Small boats may be where his passion lies, but it’s not what he’s most recognised for, yet. His recent deliveries have included more explorer type vessels. The aforementioned REV being one, and the mighty Olivia O being another. Delivered in May 2020, the 88m is built by Øino’s other childhood referenced yard, Ulstein Verft, and is believed to be the first yacht to have Ulstein’s trademarked X-Bow. The design reduces pitching in heavy seas, meaning more comfortable and efficient cruising whatever the weather. Expedition cruising is another area where Øino predicts market growth.

THIS PAGE: 182m Espen Oeino-designed Research Expedition Vessel - REV. Designed with worldwide research and expedition activities in mind, the ship will be used by researchers and marine experts to study and understand the ocean’s environmental changes and to address these critical issues.

“I think, particularly now after Covid, that we will see many



Winter 2020-2021

THIS PAGE: (ABOVE) 75m expedition yacht Cloudbreak, designed for extreme exploration. Built by German shipyard Abeking & Rasmussen in 2016, her exteriors are designed by Espen Øino while her sophisticated interior was created by Paris-based architect Christian Liaigre. (BELOW) The Windy 37 Shamal Sportsboat


Winter 2020-2021


Nobiskrug 62m Superyacht Project 794 is a performance-driven, high-volume yacht with exteriors designed by Espen Øino International.

microphones in the conference rooms, because everything is happening on internet now. Everyone in the office has their own dedicated headsets that they take home with them, and many of them have a second computer. And at the same time that all of this is happening, we are actually investing in a new office next door. I’ve invested a lot of money into that, but by the time it’s finished this year, no one will be moving in as we’re all remote working!"

One such delayed build is a 35m catamaran in build in China, which is scheduled to deliver next year. And catamarans are yet another area of interest for Øino.

“Right now I’m in the process of designing a little aluminium, foil-assisted power multihull for myself. I believe that multihulls, at the highest speed ranges, are more efficient than monohulls because their overall resistance is largely reduced by their slender hulls. And I believe that we will see more of them in the future. If you look at commercial shipping and fast ferries, they’re actually all multihulls and that’s all revenue driven, whereby the fuel bill is a big part of their operating expenses. And where you can reduce on the fuel bill, you make better profits”.

SD: "What developments are in the pipeline for 2021?"

EØ: "Well, it’s all go here! We never talk about it because we’re never allowed to, but we always have 10 to 12 under construction in different places. We have one or two deliveries in 2021, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they go into the following year because of delays linked to Covid, and other builds that deliver as far ahead as 2024".

Whether large vessels or small boats, the man from Norway who now lives in Monaco is ploughing on regardless. It’s a clever niche that he’s carved out for himself and his studio, and one that founds him consulting on behemoths while indulging in the “petit bateau”. But it’s a method that clearly work, and one that means not even Covid can keep this prolific designer’s creativity in check.

SD: "The breadth of projects that you work on spans the full size range of vessels, from tenders to cruise liners, what do you enjoy designing the most, and why?" EØ: "It might sound a bit crazy, but the answer is small boats. You’re more connected to the water. And you’re more connected to the operation as a designer because you can drive it yourself, you can feel the differences in the hull. It’s much like if you were to design cars that you weren’t allowed to drive, it’s then difficult to appreciate the differences you may bring to the design and what those may have on the handling, for example. And there’s another aspect to it, too, which is just the timeframe. A large project takes four to six years from the moment you meet the client to when the boat is finished. So, small boats become a reality that bit quicker".


WITH ESPEN ØINO SD: "Have you made any major changes, investment and reorganisation in recent times?" EØ: "Well, we have bought more computers and better 111


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


by Superyacht Digest



PHOTOS © Bilgin Yachts


in naval architecture and shipbuilding. “When we first met them, they told about their expectations in terms of performance, comfort and productivity”, he explains. As discussions progressed, the conversation turned to the general layout. The first meeting was held in the client’s offices in Dubai which overlooked the city’s marina. There he showed the Bilgin team a few yachts in the port below and said that he didn’t want a high bulky appearance like those.

ggressive, sexy, sleek: these are the three words that best define the 80-metre Tatiana, Bilgin Yachts’ latest beauty. She is designed, constructed and launched as the largest yacht from a yard with years of experience. Unique Yacht Design & Naval Architecture’s Emrecan Özgün describes the first of the Bilgin 263 series as follows: “The client asked for a yacht design with a bullet-like appearance”.

After seeing the designs and on-going projects, the client confirmed an order for a superyacht for summer 2020. A repeat client for many years, it is his third Bilgin yacht. After the meeting in Dubai, the team worked around the clock for three-months preparing the design. “We then travelled back to Dubai for our presentation. We were sure that the customer would agree with the shipyard after our presentation and he did. He really loved every detail of the design”, says the designer himself.

An experienced owner, this was the client’s third Bilgin yacht and he knew exactly what he wanted – and that wasn’t any of the designs he had already been proposed. “The most important point for him was the exterior design”, Emrecan continues. “He had a totally different idea in mind to the options that the shipyard had already shown him”.

In the collaboration between Bilgin Yachts and the designers, the client had found a team of professionals with experience 113


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021




Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021




Winter 2020-2021

Best in class

This was in 2015 and the result is the largest yacht in its category ever to be built in Turkey. M/Y Tatiana was launched in February 2020 (with delivery planned for 2021) from Bilgin Yachts’ main facility in Istanbul and can accommodate 14 guests in 7 cabins (including a master suite on the private owner’s deck) as well as a crew area for 23.

Bilgin Yachts has a long-term partnership with Unique Yacht Design that includes the new projects outlined above. It is believed that Tatiana will serve as inspiration for a new wave of 60-plus-metre yachts around the world. The main purpose was to create a yacht which is functional, easy-tobuild, with all the comforts and luxury of a superyacht while having a very beautiful look. What initial feedback have they received? Here is the answer from the shipyard: “So far, all visitors are very surprised when they get on deck. They say she looks very stylish and sexy, but the fact that she offers super headroom, huge luxury spaces and accessible technical spaces under this proportion impresses them even more”.

The yacht is the flagship project for a shipyard that has a century of heritage - and five generations of family leadership – to draw upon. Founded in the early 1900s, Bilgin Yachts has grown from a small boatbuilding business into a worldrenowned superyacht builder. And there’s no sign of this growth slowing down: there are currently three units of the 80-metre Bilgin 263 series in build, as well as a 74-metre and a 50-metre (below 500 GT) superyacht, both with 2022 launch dates. And the yard will have broken its own record when an 85-metre superyacht, set to be Turkey’s largest ever superyacht, is delivered to its owner in 2023.


Winter 2020-2021

One of the highlights of the design is the 110-metre square beach club, which is directly connected to the main saloon via an internal staircase. It’s a layout that encourages a fluid movement between these communal areas, especially when entertaining. 118



Winter 2020-2021

The decision to move the tenders and water toys to the front deck allowed the creation of an impressive 8.5-metre x 3-metre swimming pool that has a depth of almost 1.4-metres. This is one of three pool areas – there is also a Jacuzzi on the main deck measuring 5.2-metres x 2.6-metres and a smaller one on the owner’s deck. Other stand out features include a plush 27.5-square-metre cinema, a fully equipped gym and sauna, a dedicated owner’s office and a sky lounge styled like a sports bar with pool table and grand piano.

solutions with the client’s design brief. As a result, they could make a unique platform that has comfortable, high and large luxurious areas. – this is most evident on the owner’s deck ceilings which are up to 2.6 metres high. The proportions and interior spaces on this 1700 GT yacht are what would normally be expected of a 2000 GT vessel.

But achieving this look didn’t come without its challenges. The customer wanted them to include all the things he desired on an 80-metre yacht into more sleek, aggressive and modern lines. Years of experience in the sector enabled a seamless combination of the structural and engineering

Despite the obstacles, in Tatiana, the design has all come together to prove that aesthetics, performance and comfort are all possible together.

“As the size of a yacht gets bigger, it also becomes a bit more difficult for the owner to feel connected to the sea”, Emrecan says, describing the process. In order to avoid this, the yard used large windows, private terraces and outdoor socializing areas. Each cabin of Tatiana now offers different perspectives to those who stay there. In the beach club, natural sunlight streams in through skylights and, in a further extension of this contact with the outdoors, the two large hull doors open up.

“In terms of her exterior lines I really love that the front deck reminds of a real bullet when seen from above”, Emrecan comments “‘Like a bullet’ is the right term to describe her appearance”. The yacht’s white superstructure, matched with a cool grey hull, accentuates this.


Winter 2020-2021




Winter 2020-2021

Modern luxury

much use was made of light and textured materials. “With her sharp, crisp interior lines giving that feel of modernity we have made extensive use of a contrasting combination of rich Macassar veneer and a light eucalyptus, while a book match pattern and gloss finish give a luxurious feel”, he explains. Then there are the other details: plenty of marble (including touches of backlit marble), 3D carved stone, and other strong textures. Apart from some of the loose furniture, the décor was all made at Bilgin Yachts’ dedicated marine furniture factory.

Across the Bilgin 263 series, the interior look is modern and residential, according to H2 Yacht Design’s Jonny Horsfield. “A home away from home feel with all the facilities required to enjoy life on the ocean”, he says, describing the styling as sleek and aggressive. In Tatiana, the task for the Londonbased H2 interior design team was to deliver everything this client wanted within this framework.

“H2 had to translate the owner’s wishes into comfortable, luxurious yet usable interiors”, Jonny continues. “Timeless understatement is indeed the recurrent theme onboard”.

“The yacht owner is an extremely family-oriented man, he loves to socialize with his family and friends and spends summer months on end on his yacht”, he explains, adding that the client has been involved in the industry for years so “he knew exactly what to like and what not to like”. The result is a spacious, contemporary layout with an “emphasis on details with special and unique materials”, he explains. “We wanted to achieve an open airy feel for a clean, sleek look”. An interior design he describes as “layers of modern luxury,”


Winter 2020-2021




Winter 2020-2021

An eco-warrior

the three Bilgin 263 sisters look similar, the third hull has differences from others and is in build on-spec”, the yard says. “The customer feedback helped us to optimize this third hull. So, we can define her as the facelift version of this series”. From an exterior perspective this translates to “vertical front glasses that create a harmony between the superstructure and windows”, he explains. “Additionally, we increased the volume of the windows in the guest cabins. The top deck has become larger in the aft section and as a result, the top deck has turned to be 3.5-metres longer. Following that, we also enlarged the aft part of the upper deck for around two meters. While we designed a Jacuzzi in the aft on the first two hulls, the third hull has a waterfall design from the upper deck to the main deck’s Jacuzzi”.

Tatiana is considered to be the most environmentally-friendly in its class. IMO Tier III compliant, the vessel is equipped with a 100 percent clean air exhaust system. “She will be a very economical yacht compared to her contemporaries”, says project manager Sencer Güneer. With a well-balanced and optimized superstructure, Tatiana can reach a top speed of 19 knots with zero dynamic trim. Additionally, while sailing at 12 knots speed with the power of 2,560 kW twin engines and a generator, the fuel consumption is 250 litres per hour which we are used to seeing on a 40-metre yacht until now.

A facelift version

The general layout has also changed. “While the wheelhouse is on the upper deck of Bilgin-I and II, on the third hull it is located at the top deck level. The owner’s cabin was moved to the front of the upper deck in order to have a larger area. Another significant difference is the circular stairs in the heart of the yacht. A glass surrounded lift is used from the top deck until lower deck”, he explains.

Tatiana was the first of three orders in the 80-metre Bilgin 263 series, all designed by Unique Yacht Design. The second hull (NB76), already been sold, is set for a 2021 delivery. The third (NB78) will be delivered the following year. “Although


Winter 2020-2021




Winter 2020-2021

Bilgin Yachts'


2005 - The yard starts to receive orders from the UK, the USA and France

1900 - Hüseyin Bey starts building boats in Ayvansaray, Istanbul

2010 - With three launches, including the 33.5-metre M/Y Madness, the yard becomes the third biggest yacht builder in Turkey

1920 - After Hüseyin death Battle of Gallipoli, his son Mustafa Şengün, known also as ‘Topik Mustafa’, continues in his father’s boatbuilding footsteps

2011 - The launch of the 45-metre M/Y Tatiana

1957 - Mustafa’s son, Hüseyin Şengün guides the family business towards the construction of bigger, more luxurious boats

2015 - The launch of the 49-metre M/Y Clarity - the

1960's - Hüseyin’s sons, Bilgin Şengün and Mustafa

entered the list of the top 20 builders in the world

largest yacht to be built in Turkey to date

2016 - With the 46.80-metre M/Y Giaola-Lu, Bilgin

Şengün, grow up working in the family business

2019 - Bilgin Yachts becomes a SYBAss Member

1984 - The yard launches its first 18m motor yacht

2020 - At 80-metres, the largest yacht ever to be built in Turkey — M/Y Tatiana — is launched, with delivery scheduled for 2021

2002 - The sale of M/Y Santa Maria to a Russian

owner marks the yard’s first international sale


Winter 2020-2021




Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


by Ilaria Sabbioni





he Codecasa shipyard has always stood out for its construction excellence, technological innovation as well as high quality standards, reliability and comfort. Every vessel is skillfully crafted and designed following these principles since the yard foundation back in 1825. Over its almost two-century-long experience in the nautical sector, the Italian shipyard has managed to successfully deliver to its clients luxurious, topof-the-line yachts displaying sleek, elegant lines and a sober look.


Carrying such a long-established heritage, doesn’t rule out the ability to put original ideas on the market. At Codecasa tradition and innovation go hand in hand, working together to develop captivating, impactful new concepts, as Codecasa jet 2020 testifies. She is a true one-of-a-kind within the industry with her extremely peculiar layout, and represents a very dear project to Fulvio Codecasa, who envisions Codecasa Jet 2020 as “the beginning of a new trend”.


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


Though equipped with several remarkable facilities such as a helipad, two tender areas, large and accommodating spaces all around, what really makes Codecasa Jet 2020 stand out from the rest is her innovative aircraft-like silhouette. On top of keeping up with the high-quality standards that earned the yard its global reputation, Codecasa Jet 2020 paves the way towards an unparalleled trend in the superyacht segment.

Codecasa Jet 2020 is a very exciting first time for the shipyard, which decided to “go the extra mile” and experiment with bold, never-seen-before ideas that bring forward and unexpected turn in yacht design. Fulvio Codecasa, chairman of Codecasa Yachts, gave free rein to his inventiveness, creating a surprisingly unique, hybrid concept that brings together the worlds of yachting and aviation. As a matter of fact, this new yacht takes inspiration form the clean lines and minimalistic appeal proper of aircraft constructions, adjusted and reinvented to suit the soon-to-be flagship of Codecasa. Codecasa Jet 2020 features an elongated, fluid shape and peculiar details referring to aviation throughout. Her 70 meters spread across three decks, accommodate vast outdoor spaces designed for conviviality as well as comfortable private rooms for her owner and guests. She is also outfitted with all the amenities you will need to make your stay on board unforgettable.

The preliminary draft of this new project describes a rounded and compact bow section that looks like the front part of an airplane, with a pilot house drawing inspiration from a cockpit, wisely modified to meet the needs of a masterfully crafted motor yacht ready to sail the waters. Here the Main Deck is exclusively devoted to the owner’s room; it is decorated with two side balconies and is connected to the other decks trough a high-tech internal lift, which also leads to the Captain’s Cabin, placed on the Bridge Deck. Accommodation of guests is instead to be found on the Lower Deck, where four luxury cabins have been located. In its most forward section, the Lower deck also sleeps the crew members.



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


From the bow area, the design smoothly opens up revealing a spacious central area that offers about 200 square meters of outdoor space. The Sun Deck, reminiscent of an open fuselage, is the perfect place for the future owners and their guests to unwind and enjoy what this part of the yacht puts at your disposal: a built-in swimming pool, open bar, sunbathing area and covered gym. Hiding underneath the Sun Deck are the two tender areas positioned at the sides of the yacht, easy to move and always ready for use. Following up on the aviation trend, air vents that resemble a jet plane’s reactors are visible here.

Moving forward towards the aft section, we can observe other elements hinting at the aircraft construction tradition, adding up the unique, futuristic flavor of Codecasa Jet 2020. Here the design develops vertically with tall, slender lines that remind an airplane tail; the lines extend all the way to the top where a helipad will be ready to welcome medium to large-sized helicopters. To ease the guests’ transfer to the Skylounge and Hall directly below the helipad, a second lift has been integrated in the aft design. Featuring 3-meter-high dark window panels, the Skylounge shelters the main dining room and a warm, intimate lounge area. Still in the aft section, the yacht is provided with a Beach Club positioned at sea level.

As for technical specifications, Codecasa Jet 2020 relies once again on the typical equipment of aircraft constructions by incorporating an Airbone Warning and Control System (AWACS). It is a radar antenna used by military air force support planes, which is very unusual to see on board a superyacht. Also, the new vessel in going to be certified by the main globally acknowledged Classification Societies, such as Lloyd’s Register and MC, to ensure safety aboard.



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


Q&A WITH FULVIO CODECASA SD: "For what kind of owner is Codecasa Jet 2020 most suitable? And what kind of feedback have you already got from your clients?"

SD: "The Codecasa Jet 2020 project does feature characteristics never seen before in the nautical world. What is the reason behind such a risk, if we may so call it? Why drawing inspiration from aviation and blend together two worlds?"

FC: "This is a one-of-a-kind yacht that mirrors her future owner; someone that doesn’t go unnoticed, loves travelling and experiencing the sea. The constant contact with the sea is a key component on board that can be perceived thanks to the huge panoramic windows and vast outer surfaces that we incorporated in the design. Her future owner is therefore going to be someone willing to have an unconventional yacht, that combines comfort with the qualitative, technical and safe navigation standards that distinguish all Codecasa yachts. Our clients were surprised by the innovative and original line that we put forward, but provided us with a rather than positive feedback, nonetheless".

FC: "With her unexpected and innovative features, Codecasa Jet 2020 is meant to amaze but, more importantly, leave a mark. Thinking of the means of transportation people normally use, we developed the idea of merging a yacht with an airplane. This is a project that breaks down the existing barriers and launches an original and unique style, that will undoubtedly become a new trend in boating". SD: "Besides the creative bow design, which other peculiarities make Codecasa Jet 2020 a worthy future flagship?"

SD: "Talking now about technical specifications, is Codecasa Jet 2020 going to be state-of-the-art from this perspective as well? What can you tell us about volumes, spaces and the interplay between indoor and outdoor areas?"

FC: "Besides the creative bow design and her full-beam 70 meters of length, Codecasa Jet 2020 features an Upper Deck almost entirely dedicated to a huge outdoor surface equipped with a large swimming pool and sunbathing area all around. Aft, underneath the Main Deck, she offers a spacious Beach Club enriched with two removable side doors. Again, in this part of the yacht we find references to aviation with a structure reminiscent of an airplane tail, that sustains the helipad. Other elements recalling the aeronautical world are the radar antennas, incorporated in a carbon fiber dome like on AWACS planes, and the two tender areas whose air vents remind a jet plane’s reactors".

FC: "As mentioned before, the connection between indoor and outdoor spaces in granted by the large window panels aft. On top of that, it is safe to say that the bow section of the Main Deck is entirely dedicated to the owner’s suite, while guests will sleep in four luxury cabins located on the Lower Deck, which also accommodates the crew’s cabins in its most forward section. Finally, the pilot house is positioned on the Bridge Deck and is supplied with a lift that connects all decks and leads directly to the pilot’s cabin. The Sun Deck extends all the way back till the aft section of the yacht, where the design develops vertically and reminds an airplane tail. Here, the Beach Club at sea level features another lift that connects it to the Hall and Skylounge. Other equipment you will find on board the yacht are a helipad and two tender areas. Also, the yacht is going to be certified by the main internationally recognized Classification Societies that will guarantee safety such as Lloyd’s Register and MCA. SD: "The design phase is now undergoing, what can you anticipate about the construction phase, when are you planning to get it started?"

FC: "At the shipyard everyone is working frantically, as Fulvio Codecasa strongly believes in this project. The design phase is already at an advanced stage and from the Technical Office, Eng. Gianluca Imeri confirms that the study of the hull has already been completed, thanks to the collaboration with experienced Eng. Pierluigi Ausonio. The model test will soon be carried out. Once the design phase will be over with, we will be able to proceed with the construction".



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


by Gemma Fottles




n March 2020, the British shipyard Princess Yachts announced their collaboration with a prestigious new awards event, The Ocean Photography Awards. Joining forces with the non-profit organisation SeaLegacy and Oceanographic Magazine, these awards were not to be a celebration of the biggest or best yachts of the year but, instead, shifted the focus to the bigger picture: ocean conservation. Shining a spotlight on the rising awareness and importance of ocean conservation, here we take a closer look inside the winners of the first Ocean Photography Awards. The inaugural edition of the new awards in November 2020 saw an impressive collective of photographers, filmmakers, writers and creative strategists stepping up their game to share their ocean experiences far and wide. Speaking of the importance of recognising the talented people exploring, researching and saving our oceans through initiatives such as the Ocean Photography Awards, Kiran Haslam, Chief Marketing Officer of Princess Yachts explains: "At Princess, we really believe that the Ocean Photography Awards will grow to be recognised not only as a fixture for photographers the world over but also, and perhaps more importantly, to keep the preservation of our oceans and aquatic life front of mind". THE OCEAN PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2020 Nadia Aly For this category, judges were looking for a photograph that “connects with the judges in a way that no other submission does. The judging panel is not necessarily looking for technical proficiency, rather emotional connection: the ocean photograph of the year”. Spending more than four hours freediving and gently exploring a discreet location to get this shot, Nadia Aly’s winning image captures the beauty of ocean life in all its glory. PHOTO: An aggregation of Mobula rays in clear waters off Baja California Sur, Mexico.



Winter 2020-2021

Princess Yachts, SeaLegacy and Oceanographic Magazine initially launched the dedicated awards at the beginning of the year with the plan to commemorate the inaugural ceremony with a VIP gala at London's iconic city hall. Although the challenges of 2020 prevented an in-person event, the awards were successfully hosted digitally for an evening of celebration.

OCEAN ADVENTURE Jason Gulley For this category, the Ocean Photography Awards judges were looking for an image that defined adventure and “successfully translates our species’ connection with – and fascination of – life in, on and around the ocean”.

The judging panel consisted of seven members of SeaLegacy's world-renowned Collective, an impressive lineup including acclaimed Canadian wildlife photographer and filmmaker Paul Nicklen; marine biologist and awardwinning photographer Cristina Mittermeier; and Emmy Award-winning marine cinematographer Shawn Heinrichs.

PHOTO: A freediving instructor waits for their student to return from a dive below Cenote Angelita’s microbial cloud in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. The cloud separates the light-filled freshwater above and the dark saline water below.

The Canadian photographer, Nadia Aly, was named Ocean Photographer of the Year 2020 with a unique image that captured the Mobula ray's graceful life in the warm waters of Baja California Sur in Mexico. Will Harrison, editor of Oceanographic Magazine, said: "We're delighted to finally be sharing the competition winners and the Ocean Photographer of the Year. Nadia Aly's winning photograph mesmerised all seven of our judges, and it's easy to see why – it's a beautiful image that captures the awesomeness and vibrancy of life in the ocean. Sacha Specker's and Magnus Lundborg's images in second and third place, of a surfer and a rare white southern right whale respectively, epitomise what these Awards are about: the ocean at large, whether seen through the lens of a scuba diving conservationist, an adventurous surfer or a freediving explorer".

Submissions for the first edition of the innovative awards opened from March through to July. With more than 3,000 initial competition submissions, the maritime community certainly proved their passion for ocean adventure the world over. The winners were revealed on November 19th, where six talented photographers won prizes across a total of seven award categories: Conservation, Exploration, Adventure, Young Ocean Photographer of the Year, Community Choice Award and finally, Ocean Photographer of the year.


Winter 2020-2021


Princess Yachts: dedicated to the future

OCEAN EXPLORATION Ben Cranke In the Exploration category, judges wanted to see “the rawness of ocean exploration brought to life”, demonstrating anything from deep cave systems to research expeditions. The winning image is taken in Antarctica, a destination that is the epitome of true exploration.

Officially supporting the Ocean Photography Awards is just the latest in a long line of ocean-conservation initiatives at Princess Yachts. In 2016, Princess was the first luxury yacht builder to officially partner with the Marine Conservation Society, and the yard are also custodians of Eddystone Reef. An offshore eco-system close to the yard's home city of Plymouth on the southwest coast of England, sea anemone has doubled in Eddystone Reef with Princess and the Marine Conservation Society's protection, and the area is on its way to becoming a fully-recovered, thriving eco-system.

PHOTO: Penguins march through heavy snowfall and strong winds in St Andrew’s Bay, South Georgia, Antarctica .

The British shipyard has undoubtedly proved that they are doing their part to protect the marine environment - not only for today but for future generations. "The ocean is indeed our playground, and the collective efforts to maintain its health and well-being can be galvanised by these awards and the images captured", Haslam says.

as a whole. "With our common ambition to preserve our oceans for future generations, Princess is looking forward to shining a light on the work of professional and amateur photographers who capture the very best of ocean life", Haslam concludes. "By sharing their relationship with nature, they offer their audience the space to connect to ocean life and its vulnerability. This feels like the start of something really beautiful".

As Princess Yachts looks to the future not only of yards, it's clear that their involvement in the Ocean Photography Awards is a long-term commitment to ocean conservation



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR Cruz Erdmann Open to aspiring photographers under the age of 18, this category opened up the competition for the next generation of ocean explorers and caretakers who were asked to convey a deep understanding of why their image communicates something important. PHOTO: The silky tentacles of a brightly coloured Magnificent Anemone sway in surging water, exposing a Maldivan anemone fish, an endemic species only found in the atolls of the Maldives.

OCEAN CONSERVATION Matt Sharp Photographers were asked to think about what ocean conservation means to them personally in this category, intending to capture the ocean’s threats today to powerfully communicate the importance of conservation for the future. PHOTO: A hermit crab crawls atop a pile of plastic in a shell made from humanmade waste on the island of Thanburudhoo in the Maldives.

COMMUNITY CHOICE AWARD Tobias Baumgaertner This category saw voting passed into the hands of SeaLegacy’s extensive ocean community worldwide and Oceanographic Magazine readers. A shortlist of six photos were showcased online for a public vote, with the most popular submission taking the prize. PHOTO: Two widowed penguins seemingly comfort one another as they gaze upon Melbourne’s lights in St Kilda, Australia.



Winter 2020-2021

by Julia Zaltzman



Down the slipway: launch of Project 1601 in May 2020. Exterior design is by Espen Øino. Her interior is designed by Dölker + Voges and echoes the same design themes as her exterior. Photo ©Klaus Jordan


Where the


scale happens and superyachts

greater than 100m are built S

ince 1875, the hallowed Lürssen name has endured as a successful family-run German shipyard, now recognised for building some of the most iconic superyachts in the world. In addition to its headquarters in Bremen Vegesack, the company has aggressively expanded over the years and has today has locations throughout Germany. This includes the old-established shipyard Blohm+Voss in Hamburg, which became part of the Lürssen Group in 2016, and its shipbuilding facilities in Lemwerder and Berne. But it is in Bremen-Aumund where the real scale happens. It’s here where the construction, production and assembly of superyachts greater than 100m in length are built. With highly advanced construction and assembly technology, this is where the most ambitious and creative concepts for bespoke luxury yachts become a reality, not to mention the refit and maintenance of the behemoths of the sea.

PG. 145: M/Y Nord. The 142m six-decked yacht, previously known as Project Opus, is designed by Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard, The gigayacht hit the water for the first time in July at Lürssen’s yard, but was technically launched in January 2019. Nuvolari Lenard is also responsible for the interior design.

Of the top 25 largest yachts by length ever built, Lürssen has built 13, and that’s not even including Savarona and Eclipse built by Blohm+Voss. From the mighty 180m Azzam in 2013, the world’s largest superyacht, to 156m Dilbar in 2016, the largest yacht in the world in terms of volume, Lürssen has become the go-to shipbuilder for significant builds.

The Moran Yacht & Ship New Construction Team is overseeing the build at the German yard and aim for delivery later this year, when the yacht will take her place among the largest superyachts in the world. Photo ©Klaus Jordan 144

however Lürssen has pushed through the pandemic to deliver two yachts and redeliver several refit projects which were underway. This success includes the 2020 launch of Project 1601.

The company employs more than 1,000 people in Bremen alone. But who could have imagined the impact that Covid-19 would have globally. Even a shipyard as successful and resilient as Lürssen has had to adapt.

Exterior designed by Espen Øino with an interior by Dölker + Voges, 90m Project 1601 launched down the slipway on a sunny May morning, showing off her extraordinary features, which are dominated by planar surfaces, straight lines and angular corners. “The crispness of the exterior styling suggests a geometrical precision that permeates every facet of the yacht”, stated Lürssen in its press release, adding that the interior “echoes the same design themes as her exterior”.

“Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus, we have implemented numerous preventive measures at all our shipyard locations, always in close coordination with the local health authorities”, says Michael Breman, Sales Director at Lürssen. “Besides the by now considered normal standard hygiene measures, such as distancing, regular handwashing and mask wearing, we have adopted a combination of a shift system and a zone system. This way, different groups work and rest at different times and reduce contact opportunities and effectively work only in one "zone" of the shipyard in order to further reduce contact. Engineering departments are on a rotational system with one week home office and one week at the shipyard’s office, again reducing opportunities for the spreading of the virus. These measures follow the current recommendations that come from the Robert Koch Institute”, adds Breman, “as well as the specifications of the German health authorities. In addition, we are in close contact with the regulatory bodies on a daily basis so that we can reassess the situation on site each day and ensure that we can adjust our procedures on short notice if required. Throughout the ongoing situation, we have continued to be operational at all our North German shipyards. The market has changed somewhat throughout the summer and there are more and more clients who have a wider view but unfortunately, they are still hesitant to take decisions”.

Project 1601 currently resides in Lürssen’s floating dock and will not emerge again until 2021. But spectators keen to cast eyes over the craftsmanship and work undertaken at the German shipyard were not disappointed when at the end of September, the colossal 142m Project Opus was unveiled to undergo sea trials in the North Sea before her scheduled delivery in early 2021. Sporting an exterior and interior by renowned Italian studio Nuvolari-Lenard, Project Opus benefits from a “never before seen” bow. “Under typical North-German weather conditions, functional tests such as the propulsion plant, trials of the thruster, steering system, tests of the cooling-, lubrication- and fuelsystem as well as the freshwater treatment units were carried out. The speed and manoeuvring tests were executed to full satisfaction and all other tests carried out on board achieved the expected excellent results”, stated Lürssen.

Even with the far reaching ramifications of the Covid-19,


The hunger to continually develop

major changes and and make


One thing that remains constant at Lürssen is the shipyard’s willingness and hunger to continually develop and make major changes and investments in its setup. “We are permanently investing in the yards’ infrastructure to ensure that we are well positioned for the future and work even more efficiently and sustainably”, says Breman. These changes to infrastructure include Dock 10 at the Blohm+Voss shipyard in Hamburg, which is currently being converted into a covered dock and once completed, will be Europe’s largest covered floating dock.

“Not only will the new structure offer improved occupational health and safety and help to reduce emissions, it will also render the shipyard to be better equipped for confidential projects and the oftentimestemperamental Hamburg weather”, says Breman.

Since the takeover of Blohm+Voss in 2016 Lürssen has invested approximately 20 million euros in the Hamburg shipyard. After completion of the work on Dock 10, the total investment at Blohm+Voss will increase to over 33 million euros. In addition to infrastructure developments, and despite its reputation and form for building 100m+ yachts, Lürssen has been keen in recent years to promote the idea that it’s just as capable of building yachts in 5575m sector.

PG. 147: Lürssen 55.5-metre yacht Project 13800 designed by Bannenberg and Rowell. With this project, Lürssen aims at reestablishing the yard in the 55-75 metre size bracket. © Lürssen Yachts 146


Building yachts

in 55-75m sector: size

is not always everything

the past two years and see it now come to life”, says James Hutchinson, owner’s representative. “The technical launch marked a big milestone for the project, and it makes me proud to be closely involved in the first Lürssen to be built in this size range for many years”.

As superyacht owners come to realise that size is not always everything, and that in order to enjoy some of the more intricate ports and shallow waters, a smaller yacht can offer a lot more flexibility, Lürssen has placed itself in line for consideration for more petite builds.

Project 13800 is said to possess a “fearless use of colours and textures” as well as “museum quality” interior furniture pieces and a tremendous attention to detail in both the interior spaces and technical areas. Peter Lürssen, managing partner at Lürssen, says: “We are very grateful for the success of all the large yachts we have built, however, our core business is between 60 to 90 metres and Lürssen has delivered more vessels over the last 15 years under 90 metres than above! As long as it is a bespoke yacht, Lürssen is the right shipyard”.

Project 13800, which is set to launch in 2021, is a first step in re-establishing the brand as a serious proposition for yachts in that size bracket. At 55 metres in length, the project is well underway having first been announced in 2018. At the end of April 2020, Project 13800 briefly showed herself as she came out of the building shed, went into the water for some tests and was then moved to the outfitting hall, where she will remain until the end of the construction period. During the design development phase the project grew to 55.5m in length and became the recipient of some distinctive exterior lines penned by British studio Bannenberg & Rowell. The initial concept was influenced by Bannenberg & Rowell studies based on Jon Bannenberg’s classic yacht Carinthia VI, which was built by Lürssen in 1973. Lürssen points out that through several design iterations the design evolved to the point where Project 13800 displays her own strong identity whilst boasting the very real heritage of a Lürssen/ Bannenberg predecessor.

PG. 149: Michael Breman, Sales Director at Lürssen

“It has been great to see how Project 13800 has evolved over

© Lürssen Yachts 148

10 largest Lürssen ever built to date


WITH MICHAEL BREMAN SD: "What can we expect from Lürssen in 2021?" MB: "Our first delivery in 2021 will be Project Opus, a powerful yacht with a striking ‘never seen before’ exterior design on a pleasure vessel. And in the summer of 2021 we shall deliver Project 13800, a truly bespoke designed, engineered and manufactured 55-metre Lürssen yacht".

1 Azzam - 180m (2013) 2 Dilbar - 156.0m (2016)

SD: "How will yachting change post-Covid? What will be the lasting legacy?"

3 Al Said - 155m (2008)

MB: "The world and its actors will clearly be different postCovid, but how different exactly only the future can tell. One thing is clear, however, if we have learned one thing the past year, it is that yachting offers the best safe environment in such a global pandemic".

4 Topaz - 147.25m (2012) 5 Nord - 142m (2020) 6 Scheherazade - 140m (2020)

SD: "What is your opinion on boat shows; can we live without them, or at least with less of them?"

7 Al Salamah - 139.29m (2009)

MB: "A boat show offers a client the opportunity to experience the yachting product from different brands all at the same time, at one location, and in the water! Without a boat show this is not possible and therefore boat shows will continue to exist. But hopefully, they will revert to being the proper environment for a business to client interaction that they once were, rather than the B2B extravaganza they have grown into".

8 Rising Sun - 138.01m (2004) 9 Project Thunder - 135m (2018) 10 Octopus - 126.19m (2003)



by Gemma Fottles

ceanco. One word, one name that has become synonymous with a string of superlatives in the world of yachting: the best, the greatest, the latest, the biggest. At its three facilities in Zwijndrecht and Alblasserdam, the Netherlands, Dutch shipbuilding excellence meets high-tech engineering and a relentless thirst for innovation. The result is the delivery of an owner’s perfect yacht, a passion for perfection that keeps Oceanco one step ahead.


The story of Oceanco dates back to 1987, when a group of private investors, led by Richard Hein, started building yacht hulls and superstructures in Durban, South Africa. The parts would then be transported to The Netherlands for completion. In 2002, Greek shipping and steel magnate Theodore Angelopoulos acquired the company and with him came a new focus on 80-metre-plus projects that would become known as the “Y Generation”.


Since 2010, the yard has gone from strength to strength under the ownership of Dr. Mohammed Al Barwani. According to a 2016 interview with Superyacht Times, the billionaire Omani businessman was looking to buy a superyacht, but his banker showed him a shipyard instead. “I went to look at (Oceanco) and I was very impressed by the company, its management and the work they were doing”, he said in the story. At the same time, he revealed that Project Y718 (delivered in 2018 as M/Y Bravo Eugenia, see below) was originally his wife’s project. “I was not planning to sell her, but it happened that a client came and liked it. I personally think that when it is finished it will be ground-breaking”.




Delivering ground-breaking yachts is in the yard’s DNA. “Oceanco likes to build for visionary owners”, CEO Marcel Onkenhout declared during the Oceanco NXT round table in October 2020 (see below). We need only look at the yachts in the Oceanco fleet to see the tangible proof of such a statement.

PG. 150: M/Y Constellation - © Oceanco The 80m yacht was built in 1999 by Oceanco and last refitted in 2002. She features an exterior design by The A Group and an interior by The A Group and JP - Fantini Design.

The milestone yachts

THIS PAGE: M/Y Indian Empress - © Oceanco The 95m (now M/Y Neo) was built in 2000 by Oceanco. She features an exterior and interior design by The A Group and can reach a top speed of 23.5 kn.

The delivery of M/Y Anedigmi, a 49.8-metre yacht built at Heesen in Holland on behalf of Oceanco, in 1993 marked the arrival of a new force in superyacht construction. Today, the vessel goes by another name – that of the luxury hotel that it is attached to: The Wellesley. Like the five-star Hyde Park, London address, M/Y Wellesley exudes Roaring 20s glamour and an art déco theme runs through the Donald Starkey design. In 2016, the length of the yacht was extended by eight metres to its present LOA of 57-metres.

to the client’s brief: a superyacht that could reach top speeds of 23.5 knots while maintaining stability and superior seakeeping. Oceanco broke its own records with the delivery of M/Y Indian Empress in 2000, a 95-metre yacht that would remain the largest yacht built by Oceanco and the largest yacht built in Holland for another 17 years. Such were the volumes achieved in its design that the garage can accommodate two limousines, while other memorable features include a top deck helipad, a gymnasium, an elevator, fully equipped gym with sauna and steam room, a medical suite and even Elton John’s baby grand piano. With triple 10,000hp MTU diesel engines, the vessel can reach a maximum speed of 25.5 knots.

By the end of the 1990s, Oceanco had reached new heights with the delivery of its seventh vessel, M/Y Constellation. At 80-metres LOA, it represented the largest yacht ever built in Holland. But this 1999 launch stood out for more than its length: in partnership with the A Group, Oceanco’s naval engineering and architecture division, the yard responded 151


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


PG. 152: (ABOVE) S/Y Aquijo - © Stuart Pearce The spectacular 85 meter Fast Cruising Ketch, is the world’s largest high-performance ketch and marks Vitters Shipyard’s and Oceanco’s first cooperative effort.

In M/Y Alfa Nero, delivered in 2007, Oceanco had created a timeless masterpiece — in part due to the vessel’s distinctive low stern and also a 7 x 3.5-metre main deck infinity pool, one of the largest at the time of its delivery (which can be converted into a helipad). A design which emphasizes a connection to the sea, this is a yacht that has set the trend for beach clubs and has won numerous industry accolades, including the International Superyacht Society Award for Best Power Yacht in the 65m+ category and the ShowBoats International Award for Best Motoryacht over 65m.

(BELOW) M/Y Equanimity (renamed Tranquility) - © Guillaume Plisson The 91.5m Oceanco motor yacht was built in 2014. The yacht features an exterior design by Oceanco and an interior by Winch Design. She can reach a top speed of 19.5 kn. THIS PAGE: M/Y Black Pearl - © Tom Van Oossanen The 106.7m three-masted sailing yacht is unlike any yacht the world has ever seen. This unique and complex vessel is the realization of a discerning Owner’s vision and result of a successful collaboration of an international group of designers, engineers, naval architects, builders, and project managers.

By 2014, 80-metre-plus vessels had become the norm but the 91.5-metre M/Y Tranquility, delivered that year as M/Y Equanimity, was a landmark project for another reason: the first Passenger Yacht Code (PYC) compliant new build private superyacht, capable of accommodating up to 26 guests and up to 33 crew. Another sign of the yard setting, rather than following the trends, was the vessel’s ice-breaking hull.

M/Y Kaos, it is built to the Passenger Yacht Code with 15 staterooms for 30 guests.

A build where maximum sailing yacht performance met the latest technology and extreme comfort, the 85-metre S/Y Aquijo was another pioneering project: working closely with Vitters Shipyard, this was the yard’s first sailing yacht build and also the world’s largest high-performance ketch, delivered to its owner in 2016. Oceanco celebrated its 30th birthday in 2017 with the delivery of M/Y Jubilee, a Lobanov-designed yacht with a distinctive blue superstructure. At 110-metres in length, it has surpassed all previous records for the largest yacht built at the yard and in the Netherlands. Now rechristened


Driven by an owner’s vision to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible, S/Y Black Pearl became an icon as soon as it was delivered in 2018. Not only is the 106.7-metre superyacht the largest superyacht in the world but its profile is like no other vessel thanks to three black DynaRig carbon masts. This is one of the most technically advanced superyachts in the water with a hybrid propulsion installation that has the potential to cross the Atlantic without using diesel fuel. When the technology arrives, her rig will be retrofitted with solar sails.


Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


Taking out both Best Exterior Design and Finest New Superyacht at the Monaco Yacht Show Superyacht Awards, M/Y DAR was the star of the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show. The interiors of the 90-metre vessel have been immaculately styled by Nuvolari Lenard while its Luiz de Basto designed exterior is a lesson in monochrome beauty. Advanced glass technology made possible structural feats such as floorto-ceiling windows and curved glass corner walls in the gymnasium.

PG. 154: (ABOVE) M/Y DAR - © George Ajoury (BELOW) M/Y Bravo Eugenia - © Tom Van Oossanen THIS PAGE: M/Y DreAMBoat - © Guillaume Plisson

Rounding out a trio of pioneer deliveries in 2018, the 109-metre M/Y Bravo Eugenia is notable for the futuristic lines of its exterior (again Nuvolari Lenard) as well as for being the first Oceanco yacht to feature the yard’s LIFE design, an acronym for Lengthened, Innovative, FuelEfficient and Eco-Friendly. The yacht was the recipient of the inaugural “La Belle Classe Explorer Award” for Technology and Innovation presented by the Yacht Club of Monaco.

vessel hits the water, a 109-metre motoryacht with exteriors and interiors by Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design currently in its outfitting phase.

Where NXT?

An industry where the pace of change is slow, Oceanco understands that yachting is ripe for disruption but also appreciates that it can’t be the one to do it alone. That’s why, in October 2020, the yard introduced Project NXT, in partnership with Giles Taylor of FAW Group, interior design studio TANK and Lateral Naval Architects.

M/Y DreAMBoat, which was launched in 2019, is the latest Oceanco delivery to hit the water. The design for the 90-metre vessel was the work of both Espen Oeino (exterior) and Terence Disdale (interior) and was the first time these two legendary names in yacht design have collaborated. A project where classic lines meet state-of-the-art technology, standout features include a complex IP ship’s computer operating system and a heat recovery system for potable water.

By collaborating with these pioneers in their field, Oceanco plans to conceptualise a yacht that reflects our changing value systems as well as the next generation of superyacht owners who bring with them a new set of criteria when it comes to buying or building a yacht.

A technologically advanced propulsion system and what the yard calls an “astonishing” amount of glass are just two of the innovations to look forward to when the next Oceanco



Winter 2020-2021

from our own skilled points of view. It’s also very interesting to discuss these ideas with the different parties involved, so we can all benefit from each other's very different knowledge instead".

THIS PAGE: M/Y KAOS (was Jubilee) - © Rupert Peace PG. 157: M/Y Alfa Nero - © Oceanco

TK: "There’s no client yet, so basically it’s the makers that are all sitting together to try and rethink how it's done. Normally, the design is demand-based but now we are approaching it from the supply side, which is really different. We can start from scratch".

SD: "At TANK, your signature approach is one that rethinks living. How are you applying this concept to Project NXT?"


TK: "We are always trying to reinvent, that’s the job of the designer. We work on ambitious new workspaces, as well as gyms and sports schools. The same goes for residential projects. Space in the urban environment is very scarce so spaces need to be versatile. Not only from a financial perspective because space is so expensive but also from a dynamic point of view. You don’t want a boat filled with rooms that no one uses, it’s a waste of space. There’s a lot you can do to make a space adaptive and versatile throughout the day".

WITH PROJECT NXT PARTNERS, SANNE SCHENK AND TOMMY KLEEREKOPER OF DUTCH INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO TANK SD: "How would you describe project NXT to someone who isn’t familiar with it?" TK: "Someone said that it's like the Tesla of boating, that we're trying to reinvent the way a superyacht is designed".

SS: "We try to design from emotion rather than function, from a dynamic point of view. So, rather than sleep, eat and swim, it’s instead leisure, relax or retreat. We define emotions rather than actual functions of spaces or levels of energy".

SS: "It’s like a think tank. We start off with tons of ideas and directions which are slowly narrowed down over time to more realistic plans. We are all pioneering on this project


Winter 2020-2021


SD: "What does luxury mean to you?"

and organic and alive in the sense derived from nature. We are inspired by a sense of place, in this case, the ocean".

TK: "Luxury is less about owning more, or what we call 'materialization on steroids' especially for the newer generation or younger mind. It's more about accessibility. In terms of residential projects, it’s also about space and light and freedom. A yacht should be a tool to feel free and design will really help accomplish that".

TK: "In terms of the floor plan, we want to divide up the space, not in functionality but in energy levels. We are approaching it like a landscape, which sounds vague, but once you see it, you’ll understand!" SS: "There’s a lot about the connection with the other people on the yacht as well as your surroundings, as well as where we come from".

SD: "What stage of planning are you at in Project NXT?"

SS: "We are working on floor plans but that’s more generally speaking than applied to a new design for a yacht. It’s really only about expressing our ideas and what it could look like".

SD: "How did your involvement with Oceanco and Project NXT come around?" TK: "They asked us!"

TK: "As time progresses the idea is to reveal some of the concept points. We already have done mood boards and concepts. That will be followed by the floor plans so you can see how the space works and the phase after that will be the three-dimensional design. Everyone is doing their bit in their field of work. Hopefully, in a much later phase, it comes together with a client that wants to connect it all. We are going to get more specific".

SS: "Oceanco made a long list after doing some research for studios in the Netherlands and then they made a shortlist and invited a couple of studios to do presentations and we were the happy ones that were chosen!"

SD: "Are there any hints you may be able to give about what the design might look like?"

SS: "Instead of a physical wealth — so all those layers of gold leaf and other wonderful materials — we're more looking to a textured minimalism kind of solution. Authentic materials with their own character, but in a more minimalistic way than we believe has been done before. It’s much more tactile



Winter 2020-2021



by Gemma Fottles





Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021



future travel? Should we, as desperate as we are to see something new, even be making plans to journey further than our home surroundings in 2021 or beyond?

or many, at the start of 2020 it would have been impossible to imagine a life spent grounded in one place for a week, let alone months. And perhaps for those people, the surprising lack of travel has been a welcome break this year. Zoom and other applications have ripped ahead to fill the void of good communication and face to face contact, and the world has proven itself capable of performing at a distinctly different pace.

Nobody really knows the definitive answers to those questions. But what is for sure is that it’s not all doom and gloom. The past few months have demonstrated above all else the world’s exceptional ability to adapt and innovate. After a rocky period of uncertainty, many have stepped up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, thinking entirely outside the box to adjust their business to a completely new normal. Whether that be Michelin-star restaurants offering unique takeaway options to create an exclusive culinary masterpiece at home, or the multitude of conferences, webinars, and even fitness classes hosted over Zoom every day. The world has been playing catch up at an exponential rate.

But travel is not only the necessity of getting from A to B in an increasingly international business and social landscape. Travel is about seeing the world. It’s about embracing the journey, immersing yourself in different cultures, supporting local communities and creating lasting memories with the people you care for. Travel is about experiencing everything life has to offer to develop a deeper appreciation of the world we all live.

However, for many travel companies, the solution has not been as straightforward as simply digitising the travel experience. Instead, many have had to take a step back, hunker down and rethink strategies, processes and policies that will cater to a rapidly evolving travel landscape.

With that being said, it’s evident that humankind’s appetite for travel is too strong to be diminished. But with it unlikely that 2021 will see international travel completely return to normal, what does that mean when it comes to looking at



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


Future trends

As a bespoke travel company offering curated adventures to the world’s most discerning travellers, Pelorus is one of the many companies who have stepped up and rethought their game in 2020. They’ve launched a new website, and even hired a new permanent member of their staff - a medical professional equipped with the knowledge and experience to deal with travel health in a way that many of us hadn’t imagined we’d ever have to.

A significant policy change that may stick around after the pandemic is high flexibility in bookings and comprehensive health and safety regulations. But when it comes to what travellers are looking for out of their future trips, it’s not just increased flexibility and insurance. People are increasingly looking for a safe haven to spend time with loved ones when they travel. Many luxury travel companies also note a trend towards slow travel, multi-generational trips and a high amount of personalisation.

Here we talk to the luxury travel experts at Pelorus to discover how they have faced the challenges of 2020 and why travel is still so important as we look ahead to the future.


This goes hand in hand with another current travel trend: increased investment in planning and preparation. The where, when and how we can travel is still frustratingly unpredictable, but produces a rare opportunity to dive deeper into the curation of the perfect travel experience. Concrete plans to complete bucket-list journeys - the kinds of trips that take multiple months of research and planning are finally being made, many with the help of bespoke travel companies like Pelorus.

WITH PELORUS SD: “How have global travel restrictions impacted luxury travel this year?”



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


SD: “What are your clients looking for in their future travel plans?”

PELORUS: “Coronavirus has obviously affected a lot of businesses and most certainly the travel industry when much of the world came to a stop for a large part of 2020. Luckily, with Pelorus, we’ve created a company that is very agile, and so we’ve been able to evolve and innovate quickly, creating strategies that put us in an incredibly strong position for 2021 and beyond. We’ve also had time to work with our clients on planning future experiences to destinations such as Antarctica with permitting and key logistics that need to be arranged well in advance”.

PELORUS: “Many of our clients have missed out on hugely important celebrations this year so looking forward to 2021 we’re planning some exciting experiences to mark key milestones in style, helping to make the most of valuable time away together. We are also seeing an increase in demand for remote locations and travel that is more private than ever, so naturally, we’ve seen a big increase in enquiries for yacht experiences, particularly in quieter areas of the globe where Pelorus has expertise”.

SD: “What do you see as the new normal when it comes to travel in 2021?”

SD: “With the pandemic still ongoing, how can we safely travel in the age of COVID-19?”

PELORUS: “2020 has given most of us time to reflect on how we travel and on what is truly important to us. Pelorus is driven by purpose, to inspire meaningful experiences that transform our perspective of the world and the luxury travel industry’s impact on the planet. As we head into 2021, we feel this is even more critical, and we believe even more travellers, as well as travel and yacht businesses, will understand the need for more considered travel”.

PELORUS: “Our clients and the Pelorus team’s safety is hugely important to us, which is why earlier this year we took several steps to make sure we could continue to offer exceptional experiences that are fully safe and secure, whether for the near future or later next year”.



Winter 2020-2021


Winter 2020-2021


SD: “What does Pelorus have in store for 2021?”

“We firstly appointed an Infection Prevention and Control Advisor, Dr Helen Evans RGN. Dr Helen has contributed extensively to the review of national guidance and governance programmes for the UK, including the management of healthcare settings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She has been working alongside our team to offer expert advice and help build a policy document to guide our decisions. We’ve also introduced a COVID promise to give our clients the reassurance that they can book and travel with 100% confidence, with booking flexibility and information on our continued military precision planning”.

PELORUS: “We are very excited for 2021. We’ve recently launched a new website. We’ve also announced the establishment of the Pelorus Foundation charity, which will continue to grow and fundraise for some groundbreaking sustainability projects worldwide. We have also been working on some incredibly exciting new experience inspiration to share and some world-first client projects too. 2021 also gives us the opportunity to meet our clients and our partners in person again, something we’ve all hugely missed this past year”.

SD: “Travel may be seen as an unnecessary luxury in the current climate. Why is travel important?”

PELORUS: “Travel is and will continue to be hugely important for us all; it gives us the opportunity to explore and to learn more about our planet. We can connect with communities needing support through tourism and immerse ourselves in challenges that are facing some of the world’s ecosystems, driving luxury travellers to make a significant change to the future of our planet”.



Winter 2020-2021

TOP 5 TRAVEL EXPERIENCES 2021 Pelorus recommends their top five travel trips worth planning for in 2021

2 Watch the solar eclipse in Antarctica Antarctica is an explorer’s paradise, and one of the driest, coldest and most isolated places on the planet. Led by a professional expedition leader, cruise the icy waters between November and March and marvel at icebergs from the comfort of a luxury yacht, kayak amidst the magnificent wildlife, and soar over glittering glaciers by helicopter. A bucket-list-worthy trip whenever you go, 2021 also offers the opportunity for a once in a lifetime sight: a spectacular total solar eclipse that will only be seen in Antarctica on December 4th 2021.

1 Get off-the-beaten-track in Timor-Leste

The island-nation of Timor-Leste in Southeast Asia is one of the world’s unsung tourist destinations, with visitor numbers consistently low despite its impressive natural credentials. The coast’s famous reefs plunge to unbelievable depths just a short distance from shore, revealing the beautiful country’s key attraction: thriving waters of unparalleled biodiversity. The perfect destination to travel in comfort and safety by yacht, travellers can expect an active adventure filled with diving, jungle caves and unique natural wonders.


Winter 2020-2021


4 Embark on a Baltic Sea coastal discovery With a rich cultural offering, magnificent natural landscapes and plenty of opportunity for world-class adventure, cruising the Baltic coast by superyacht is one of the most diverse travel experiences out there. From peacefully cruising down the winding fjords of Norway to watching the Northern Lights dance across the sky in Finland to spending a magical evening at the opera in St Petersburg, Pelorus recommends an itinerary including Russia, Finland, Sweden and Norway, but a custom trip that ticks all of your individual boxes is always possible.

3 Swim with Minke Whales in Australia Australia has been at the top of must-travel lists for decades. Teaming with biodiversity from shore to sea and boasting sunshine all year round, it’s not hard to see why the Land Down Under continues to capture the hearts of so many. Those looking for an extra memorable trip to Australia should head to see the Minke Whale migration on the Great Barrier Reef with Pelorus in June and July. Led by an expert researcher and staying on board the 34.7-metre superyacht Beluga, prepare for incredible close encounters with these curious creatures for a trip never to forget.

5 Heli-ski across Greenland For those wanting to go where few have ventured before, there are few better destinations than the icy waters of Greenland. And for the truly adventurous at heart, Greenland certainly delivers. Board a private helicopter from your yacht in the fjords with Pelorus, and prepare for awesome heliskiing or boarding throughout awe-inspiring, untouched landscapes. A stunning land of Arctic pack ice complete with intense wildlife activity and fascinating Inuit culture, a Greenland custom yachting trip from Pelorus delivers an experience that redefines 21st-century exploration. 169


Winter 2020-2021



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Petter Johannesen: explorer and descendant of Roald Amundsen, member of our team Just as Petter Johannesen inheritated his explorer spirit from his great-uncle Roald Amundsen, our vessels share more than 90 years shipbuilding experience of Rosetti. We build fully customised superyachts, explorers, supply and support vessels, able to safely sail the seven seas. Discover RSY’s fleet: nothing can stop your journey. rosettisuperyachts.it - info@rosettisuperyachts.it

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charming switches made in Italy

Neo collection

Push button, solid 6082 aluminum in black anodized.



SUPERYACHT DIGEST The Winter Issue 2020 / 2021  

SUPERYACHT DIGEST The Winter Issue 2020 / 2021

SUPERYACHT DIGEST The Winter Issue 2020 / 2021  

SUPERYACHT DIGEST The Winter Issue 2020 / 2021