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Luis Robles is the Master behind the luxury, the magician of the diamond´s light. Baroque or Modern, Luis Robles is a goldsmith.

His career began in 1974 in Barcelona at the well known jewelers Hermanos Martin, where he made costumes for theaters such as Arnau, the Mill, Apollo and Victoria; and for the biggest names of the time Esperanza Roy, Tania Doris, The Knack. Before long he was inspired to create more advanced and contemporary designs, so he decided to open his own workshop in Carmen Street in Barcelona. It is in this workshop where his lavish creations were exposed to the world Supervedettes and Choreographers were his sophisticated clients. José Huguet, Ricardo Ferrante , Pepe Montes, Paco Navarro, Paco Robles. Dolly Van Doll, Susana Egea , Merche Guevara , Neus Asensi , Jenny Llada , Norma Dubal , Barbara King , Yvette René, Bianca Fox, Claire Simpson, Kati Estrada, Maleni Quiroga, Jorge Challier , Sebastian, Israel Samso, Amparo Moreno , Angel Paulosky , Carmelo Seyes , Ana Lupez, Graciela Scott ,Victor Guerrero, Andrés Pajares, Fernando Esteso, Mariano Ozores , Juanito Navarro, and many others great artists..