Page 1 4Life Research is a biotech research company based in Salt Lake city, United States. 4Life Research started operation in 1998 headed by David and Bianca Lisonbee. The flagship product of the company is transfer factor. 4Life Research distribute its products using the mlm business opportunity model. The mlm business model allows others to profit from the business operation of the company. 4Life transfer factor products are unique and effective. It is especially targeted for auto immune problems like diabetes, asthma, lupus and more than other 80 health challenges. Transfer factors are immune information molecules that are non-specie specific and can be transferred from other animals. 4Life Research has the patented process for the extraction of transfer factors from cow colostrums and chicken egg yolks. 4Life bought over the patent for transfer factor and started marketing transfer factor products since 1998. The first transfer factor product was transfer factor classic. This was followed by transfer factor plus and later the targeted transfer factor products like transfer factor cardio, transfer factor recall and transfer factor glucoach. The first liquid transfer factor, Riovida juice was launched in 2005. In the year 2003 the INC 500 ranked 4Life Research as the 15th fastest growing private listed company in the United States. In that year 4Life grew by more than 6000%. 15 of the transfer factor products are listed in the Physician Desk Reference (PDR) in 2009. The transfer factor products had been listed in the PDR since 2003. In 2004 the Russian health ministry approved transfer factor to be the first dietary food supplement to be used in hospitals and clinics in Russia. 4Life Research continues to grow using the mlm or network marketing business model. Many distributors involved with the 4Life opportunity are building their own successful home business utilizing the power of leveraging. There are various factors that contribute to the success of 4Life Research: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Experienced management team Unique product in transfer factor Scientifically balanced compensation plan Excellent support from the company Timing

Headed by an efficient management team and excellent product strategy, 4Life Research continues to grow. Today 4 Life is operating in more than 40 countries throughout the world. The company is also experiencing phenomenal growth in the Asian markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea and India. The success of 4Life Research can be attributed to an efficient management team, the leadership of the 4Life distributors and the ‘blue ocean’ product of transfer factors. It is expected that the company will continue to grow to become one of the most successful network marketing (MLM) companies in the world.

4Life Research Review - The Complete 4Life Research Success Secret  
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