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Title page designed by Angela Short and Amelia


Hope is sky blue. It tastes like the golden butter on your toast every morning. It smells like a field of roses, shattered by rain. It looks like a shooting star flying across the sky on a summers’ night. It sounds like a babys’ footsteps walking for the first time. Hope feels like the waves crashing beneath your feet. Laura Redman

Happiness Happiness is darkest red It tastes like the strong taste of pure chocolate on a beautiful day, It smells like the sweet fragrance of joy flying high in the sky, It looks like a huge smile shining through darkness bringing peace of heart and mind, It sounds like the heavens have come down in you to answer your call, Happiness feels like the gates of eternal joy have opened for you. Bennett RoebuckKrautz

Happiness is Kind blue, It tastes like juicy red tomatoes, It smells like sausages beginning to sizzle, It looks like a bright picture on a dull page, It sounds like a clapping audience, Happiness feels like foam soap. By April Reymond

Happiness Happiness is light orange,

It tastes like an orange flavoured milkshake, It smells like success, It looks like a ripe orange, It sounds like a victorious soccer team, Happiness feels like a warm hug. Asha Andrew-Saghafi

Love Love is a bright, happy red It tastes of sweet things and nothing else It smells like a bunch of roses on a warm summers day It looks like warn pastry about to go into your mouth It sounds like a wave crashing on the shore It feels like a long warm hug Angela Short

LOVE Love is pure red It tastes like a juicy strawberry It smells like hot chocolate It looks like a rose It sounds like the smooth breeze It feels like a warm summers day By Amelia Thorne

3/4F Poetry Book  

Feeling poems by class 3/4F

3/4F Poetry Book  

Feeling poems by class 3/4F