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The objective of the game is to pass the shuttlecock over the net; Respecting the rules of the game; Making him play in the opposing field; Offensive and defensive actions; To impede that the shuttlecock touches in own field

 Court

size : 13,40 metres long and 6,10 metres wide.  Shuttlecocks .Also known as birdies or birds.  Rackets : Made of lightweight material like wood, plastic or metal.  Net height : 1,55 metres

A match consists of the best of 3 games of 21 points.  If the score reaches 20-20, the firt player o team to gain a two-point advantage wins that game.  At 29 all, the first one to get 30, wins that game. 

Two touches To play in any part of the body

Transport, to carry the shuttlecock with the racket

To play in the net with racket To play in the net with the body To invade the opposing field

To be out of the service area. ( in service )

To beat in the shuttlecock before passing for your field

To beat with the racket over the head

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The serve must travel diagonally to be good. The racket must make contact with the birdie below the waist. There are two different service zones (picture) In singles, when the server´s score is an even number, the serve is taken from the right. When the serve´s score is an odd number, is taken from the left. (Serving in a doubles game is different)

Remember always to get back to your HOME POSITION in the midcourt area after making each shot. This is a position where you can possibly reach any of your opponent´s shots  Try to uses a VARIETY OF STROKES, depending in the situation  Try to hit the suttle away from your opponent and make him/her move around the court. 

Badminton is a physically demanding sport, requiring: › strength › endurance › muscular power › agility › speed endurance › anaerobic power › capacity to rapidly accelerate

and decelerate

MATCH: partido  NET: red  EVEN: par  ODD: impar  TECHNICALL: técnico  STRATEGICAL: táctico  ADVICE: consejos  FOREHAND: derecha  BACKHAND: revés 

SERVICE: servicio  SERVE: saque  RACKET : raqueta  COURT: pista  TO HIT: golpear  SCORE: puntuación  LIGHTWEIGHT: ligero  SHUTTLECOCK: volante  HEIGHT: altura 

What is the objetive of the game?  What do you need to play?  In singles, when the server´s score is 3, where is taken the serve from?  Which physical qualities can we develop playing Badminton?  Review the vocabulary and write this words in english: 

› derecha/revés › par/impar


presentation about badminton


presentation about badminton