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May/June 2008 - Vol.38 N 13 & 14

Cordoba Dove Hunts Rock On High volume is an understatement. Bring a shoulder pad and join us for the World’s greatest hot-barrel action. Dove Shoot.

Trek Expands African Destinations Brazil Short Trips in Demand


Snook Now in Season at Warunta Lagoon

Check out a New way to find your Trek destination We have color coded our hunting and fishing destinations so you can pick a region, look for the color bar at the top of the page and start reading about your next trip with us.


Highlights Cordoba Dove hunts rock on, more info pag. 42

Trek expands African destinations, more info pag. 43

Brazil short trips in demand more info pag. 42

Snook now in seasons at Warunta Lagoon, more info pag. 43


A 20 gage shell ejects from a semi automatic on a picture perfect day in Cordoba, Argentina. This destination has redefined the meaning of High Volume, providing hunters with the most unbelievable experience of their lives. On an average day in this South American paradise, our clients will shoot 40 boxes of shells while surrounded by incomparable natural beauty. May we also mention that while in Argentina with Trek, you will enjoy the best foods found anywhere in the world, sophisticated 5 star lodging and world class service. Join us in Cordoba and become yet another one of our repeat customers. -2-

All Trip Fees which appear in this Newsletter are subject to change. Fuel surcharges may apply.

Trek Tracks

yes, I’ve heard some of the best renditions of God Bless America ever on bus rides. Today we walk out of the lodge, shoot a case and then walk back in time to catch the stock market report on the satellite TV. And what about cleaning your shotgun? Nope, those days of chatting with your buds while cleaning that old Remington 1100 are gone. Just drop off that 391 in the gun room and pick it up later. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like cleaning my shotgun, I just miss the chatter. Yes, it’s a changing world when the biggest adventure for the trip is whether or not you get upgraded to Business Class. No more sitting in the back of the plane, three deep across and having to listen to belching, boasting and all around hooliganism. No sir, your seat now lies out like a bed and after that second glass of Merlot it’s good night Irene. And when you arrive to your destination, some of you will not have the pleasure of speaking with the local police about your shotguns; you have decided to rent a Benelli Montefiltro that’s waiting for you at the lodge. Thus avoiding the excitement and worry of whether or not you have written the right serial numbers on your form. And there’s really no worry because these forms are typed by a girl in our office and sent in weeks in advance. And there’s always Plan B. And what’s plan B? Well it’s Plan A attached to a Ben Franklin note silly!! Uhh, just kidding senor. Well there is hope for the masses. We just have to focus on our priorities of enjoying each and every trip and those who have agreed to join you. Put down that blueberry, uhh blackberry, I mean Apple... well whatever. I know this may be uncharted waters for some of you, but together we will get through it. Lastly, we have decided to eliminate the $20.00 membership fee and are mailing to our entire data base. Which means some of you will be receiving your first issue of Trek news in quite some time. Our staff and I want to extend a hearty welcome back to the world of international travel and a commitment of our services. Please accept our apologies for having taken so long to reach you.

As part of my marketing responsibilities here, I am constantly poring over photos and information from various trips we’ve offered over the years. Some are wonderfully nostalgic and others I’d just as soon forget. But as I was working away, it occurred to me that it appears that we have lost some of our camaraderie and sense of adventure. I can remember when groups of 20 were happy to be away from home in a foreign country, hunting and fishing with their buddies. Heck fire, we would all pile into 10 rooms and have a ball. Of course I always got the roomie who snored the loudest because none of his buddies would sleep with him. I’m talking loud here, decibel listing of 125 or higher. Look it up, that’s jack hammer and siren range. But you know what; I wouldn’t have traded my roommate for anything because during that short time together it was all about having fun and enjoying the company of one another. There were doctors who delivered your children, lawyers who saved your hide, dentists who filled those cavities, bankers who gave you your first loan, and well, you get the picture. My point is that today we seem to travel in smaller more intimate groups, preferring single rooms even amongst your best friends and or family. We are partly the blame for this, as we promote many lodges and destinations with small intact groups of ten or less and with, you guessed it--- single rooms. But much of this is in response to the market, which is you!! And what about those lodges? Well they must be wireless so they can reach those doctors, lawyers and bankers you should have invited. Hey, I know some of you have got to stay in touch with the outside world, but 24 hours a day? There are blackberry’s, notebooks (not the spiral kind), I-phones, cell phones and all sorts of contraptions to stay on top of what? I know some guys even send me e-mails from their fishing boat or hunting lodge. “Hey Milton, I’m down here fishing in Costa Rica and drinking a Miller Lite, I wanted Budweiser. Well this is where the adventure part comes into play, try a local Imperial!! It tastes good and you just might like it! “Hey Don Milton, we’re down here at XYZ Lodge and want four massages tonight starting at 6:00 PM.” Why are you sending me this e-mail? The girls who do the massages are also the ones that cook your eggs. Ask them!! Hey, I’m as up on electronic communication as anybody, just not on a hunting and fishing trip. I prefer to focus on that sailfish that could come up at any moment or that teal cupping into the decoys. Seriously, don’t you get a little peeved with one of your friends bangs on his I-phone all day? It’s almost like he’s got more important things to do than enjoy his time with you and the gang. I wonder what a guy is thinking when he pulls one of those things out? It can’t be as much fun as stalking bonefish on the flats or eyeing that next dove over the tree line. I yearn for the 45 minute bus rides to the dove fields where some of the best conversations and singing took place. Oh my


. n o t l Mi

Milton Hanburry, Jr. President.




First rate Duck and Goose Hunting The argentine waterfowl season is upon us and runs through july. The water levels in the lagoons and ponds are prime and full of ducks getting ready to nest. Join trek for some of the finest duck & goose hunting in world. DUCKS The Trip: The trip originates with an overnight flight from Miami arriving early morning in Buenos Aires. Our agents and guides will meet you at the airport and after getting your guns registered and clearing customs you will head to our duck operation near the town of Carlos Casares. The drive is about four hours and you should arrive in time to go out and shoot some ducks the first afternoon. The next three days will be full duck hunting days with both morning and afternoon hunts. The sixth day will be your last morning hunt before packing up, having lunch and returning to Buenos Aires for your flight home. During your stay you will comfortably reside at Monte Laguna Lodge, a first class establishment with excellent service. The best part is that the duck hunting is usually done within 15 minutes from the lodge!

The Shooting: The Goose hunting in Argentina is for the Ashy Headed and Magellan Geese, which are large birds, similar in size and coloration to the Snow Geese. To give this trip even more variety, we hunt Pigeons and Perdiz in the afternoons giving the traveling sportsman a real mixed bag. Due to the fluctuation in the migration over the past years we have three different areas for our Goose hunts. Depending on your flight schedule, we will try and shoot some Pigeons the first afternoon. The following three days we will hunt Geese in the mornings and either Pigeon or Perdiz in the afternoons. Hunting for Geese is done from individual pit blinds, two shooters per spread of decoys. The afternoon will be for either Pigeons around the many eucalyptus trees or over pointers for Perdiz. The last day we hunt geese in the morning and after lunch head back to Buenos Aires for your flight back to Miami.

The Shooting: There are eleven different varieties of ducks from Pintails, Widgeons, and Tree Ducks to Colorful Teal, including the magnificent Silver Teal that sports a bright yellow bill that are common hunters. The Ducks are hunted from natural and perfectly prepared blinds that will have you getting close and personal with the decoying birds.

Trip Fees: Description: Season: Game:

GEESE The Trip: Starts with an overnight flight from Miami arriving early morning in Buenos Aires. Our agents and guides will meet you at the international airport and after getting your guns registered and clearing customs you will be transferred straight to our Goose lodge by van. The drive is about five hours long and you will stop for lunch along the way.

Available Dates:


$ 3,495.00 from Miami. Not included are tips, shotgun shells and items of a personal nature. Seven days and six nights with four days of shooting. A non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Ducks: May – July. Geese: June and July ONLY. Eleven different varieties of Ducks, Pigeons and Perdiz Magellan Geese. The season runs through August 15th for Ducks, please call Trek for available dates on both Duck and Geese as space is getting limited.

Combination Hunt: $4,195.00. Extra days can be added for and additional rate of $550.00 per day. June and July ONLY. Combines three days of Duck hunting and two days of Goose hunting or vice versa. Magellan Geese, Pigeons and Perdiz. Call for available dates.


Challenging high volume Wingshooting Trek Safaris and Ariel Semenov are proud to introduce the newest dimension in Argentine hunting lodges. Estancia Cortaderas was designed for the well traveled wingshooter who wants five star accommodations and high volume dove shooting. Argentine beef available and accompanied by an excellent selection of wines from the cellar.

The Trip: Each trip is seven days, six nights with three full and two half days of shooting. Trips begin in Miami with a late evening departure and an overnight flight to Buenos Aires. A Trek representative will assist you clearing your guns and then transfer you to the domestic airport for your flight to Santa Fe, where you will be met and driven to Estancia Cortaderas for an afternoon hunt. Activities for the next three days are dove in the morning and again in the afternoon. The last day you will have a morning dove hunt, and then be driven back to Santa Fe for your flight to Buenos Aires. A Trek rep will meet you and transfer you to the international airport for your flight home. You arrive in Miami the morning of day seven. The Accommodations: Estancia Cortaderas is located about 60 miles North of Parana City in the small town of Hernandarias. The lodge sits on the cliffs 150 feet above and overlooking the vast Parana River. Views of the river are attained from all points within the lodge. The construction is of colonial style that is typical of the estancias in along the Parana River. Cortaderas has all the features of a modern, luxury hotel and provides a level of comfort not yet reached by other estancias including a spa, steam room and massage suite. Meals include offerings of some of the finest

$3,395.00 per person. Includes, round-trip air from Miami on Lan (coach class), four full days of shooting, food, lodging and transfers. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Year around. Game: Dove. Available Dates: Sept 17-23, Sept 24-30, Oct 1-7, Oct 8-14, Oct 22-28, Nov 5-11, Nov 12-18, Nov 19-25.

The hunting: Dove shooting in the Parana/Entre Rios Region is nothing short of incredible and Trek has been hunting here since 1986. The Hernandarias area is known for its agriculture. Corn, soy beans, sorghum and wheat are all part of the landscape, and Dove love it. We have all Eared Dove, which is almost identical to our Mourning Dove. Dove season is year round and you can shoot 1,500-2,000 rounds per day. Parana River has many islands full of trees where the Dove roost each night. Your host will be George Pavon who has been outfitting for Trek the last 17 years. Also during the months November-March (spring and summer in Argentina), we can arrange some exciting Dorado fishing in the Parana River. We have boats, motors and guides.

Trip Fees: Description:


Córdoba - Argentina

Best Dove Hunt in the World Trek Safaris and H&H Outfitters have been running dove hunts in Córdoba since 1989. Dove hunting in this region is the best in the world and our lodges are the finest available. If you are one of our more discriminating customers, please ask to be upgraded to Estancia El Colibrí, Córdoba’s only six star shooting lodge. The Trip: The trip offers four days of shooting (three full and two half days) of high volume shooting. The first day you arrive to Cordoba, your guide will meet you and drive you to the lodge. After lunch we will have an afternoon dove hunt. We shoot until late afternoon and then we return to the lodge for a hot shower, a drink and a fine dinner. The following three days are full shooting days. Generally wake up call is 7:00 a.m. After a full breakfast, we will load into the van and head to field, (most drives are 30-60 minutes, and we control 80% of the flyways in Cordoba). Your pick up boy will meet you in the pre-scouted field with plenty of shells and a cooler full of cold drinks. Shooting should be steady until lunch is ready around midday. Sometimes we have an Argentinian barbecue in the field (steaks, sausages, dove, fresh salad and breads and fine red Argentina wine) other days back to the lodge. Again, you can shoot all day but most guys need a midday break. If we go back to the lodge we return to the field by mid afternoon. We’ll shoot til late afternoon, then return to the lodge. All meals at the lodge are specially prepared for the group. The last day we shoot in the morning only. There’s plenty of time to pack and rest up for the flight home. The flight leaves Cordoba early evening. You fly back to Santiago and connect with a non stop, overnight flight back to the U.S. The Shooting: Cordoba has all eared dove, and lots of them! The dove population is unbelievable. Estimates are from 10-12 million. And the population continues to increase each year. The eared dove is almost identical to the North American mourning dove. Same size markings, etc. The main difference between the two is the eared dove’s pattern of flying all day long. Each hunter will have an opportunity to shoot 1,000-2,000 shells per day. Some Trek clients have shot much, much more. If you have never been before it is impossible to describe. Until you’ve seen it, you can’t believe it.

The Accommodations: Trek has exclusive rights to four deluxe lodges with each having their own distinctive characteristics, design, and location. But the one thing they all have in common is that they offer hunting groups the very best staffing, service and cuisine available in Argentina. Each property was designed for the traveling wingshooter and features amenities like gun rooms, large living rooms with a fireplace, swimming pools, and plenty of space to move about. Group sizes from 6-12 hunters will be hosted by a local manager of the H&H Outfitters Team that has proven to be the best in the business. Plus you may wish to inquire about the super deluxe Estancia Colibri where the most discriminating hunter can choose his wine straight from the cellar or get a tip from the chef. Trip Fees:


$3,395.00 per person - $4,195.00 for Colibri Upgrade based on double occupancy. Description: Includes RT airfare on LAN airlines from Miami to Cordoba, all hunting with room meals, local beer and wine, a hunting license, gun permits and all transfers. Trip fee does not include gratuities, shotgun shells ($11.00 a box) or items of a personal nature. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Year around. Game: Dove. Available Dates: Please Call the Trek office for available dates.


Dove and Perdiz Hunting at its finest Estancia La Ninette is a wonderfully designed destination offering a perfect setting for small groups looking to hunt out their back door. The lodge is perched on a hill and offers breathtaking views of the Rio Negro and beyond. Call Trek today as only 3 dates remain!!! The Trip: This adventure is seven days and six night trip with four days of hunting. Your trip starts in Miami with an overnight flight on American Airlines arriving in Montevideo, Uruguay at midday. Our staff will meet the group in customs and transfer you to the lodge either by truck or an optional charter flight. Upon arrival to the lodge, you will have that first afternoon for a half day shoot. The next three days, depending on the season, will be full days of hunting, with Perdiz in the mornings and dove in the afternoon or dove shooting in the morning and afternoon. After the last morning hunt you will transfer back to Montevideo to catch your overnight flight back to Miami. The Accommodations: The Estancia La Ninette will be our hunt headquarters and is the only originally designed hunting lodge in Uruguay. The lodge has eight bedrooms with private baths, a large living room with a fireplace that overlooks the Rio Negro, and a very nice indoor barbecue pit. Owner Hector Sarasola will have his own private chef at the lodge preparing meals featuring beef, chicken, game, salads and fine Uruguayan wines. In true hospitable fashion you can even wet a line for Dorado in the river that is virtually in your backyard. Combination Hunt: $3,300.00. 3 Full/2 Half Days Hunting. Dove Hunt Only: $2,850.00. 3 Full/2 Half Days Hunting. Description: Includes roundtrip air from Miami, with all transfers, licenses and permits, lodging with all meals, beer and wine. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit required to confirm your reservation. Season: Combination Hunt: Late Spring into summer. Dove Hunt Only: Late summer through spring. Game: Perdiz and Dove. Available Dates: Combination Hunt: June 8-14, June 15-21, July 8-14. Dove Hunt Only: August 1st - April 30th.

The Hunting: Each day starts with a full breakfast before you lace up you boots to either shoot over one of Hector’s Brittany Spaniels or let the lead fly at the high volume dove shoots. During Perdiz season each pair of hunters will have their own guide and dog as they work their way over hay fields chasing the quick flying Perdiz. The Perdiz is an upland bird found mostly in singles, so lots of points and 30+ flushes are to be expected per hunt. After a Uruguayan barbecue “Asado”, you will have an afternoon of dove hunting where you can expect to shoot 30-60 boxes.

Trip Fees:



A Waterfowler’s dream

This great waterfowl hunt is one of the most well received of any Trek offers. We hunt the Brazilian border town of Chuy that has a great diversity of ducks from teal to the rosey-billed pochards. Our headquaters are the stately fortin de San Miguel that is a modern replica of the fort of its namesake. You must inquire quickly as the 2008 season is almost fully committed. The Trip: Eight night, seven day trip with 4-1/2 days of Duck hunting in combination with afternoon Perdiz hunts. Our trip starts in Miami with an overnight flight on American Airlines to Montevideo, Uruguay. When you arrive in Montevideo you will be met by Eduardo and his staff. They will assist your group through customs and you will be transferred to our hunt area near the town of Chuy. The next five days will be hunting days where you will shoot Ducks in the mornings and Perdiz in the afternoon. After the last morning hunt the group will be driven back to Montevideo where you will catch your overnight American Airlines flights back home arriving in Miami early the next morning.

The Hunting: You will have five mornings and four afternoons of duck hunting. Each morning you will have a full breakfast at the hotel. Most drives to the Duck Lagoons are 40 minutes to 1 hour. You will be hunting out of rough blinds. We have a good variety of Ducks in this area. Our main species are the Rosy Billed Pochard, Chiloe Widgeon, Shoveler, and four different types of Teal. The Duck hunting is done out of shallow lagoons and lakes. Eduardo has exclusive leases in the hunting area. Rough blinds are constructed on the edges of the lagoons. Most of the time you will only be in ankle deep water and there is very little walking involved. The ducks in this area decoy very well. The afternoon will be filled walking comfortably behind one of Eduardo’s well mannered Brittany’s. Your target will be the quick flying Perdiz, which provides lots of action with an average of 30-50 flushes. We will have about 2-1/2 hours of Perdiz hunting with a liberal limit of 20 birds or two boxes of shells.

The Accommodations: Our hunt headquarters will again be the Hotel Fortin de San Miguel near the Uruguay/Brazil border town of Chuy. The Hotel is a perfect setting for a group of duck hunters as it is ideally located to the lagoons and has an incredible view of the surrounding countryside. Our return to Fortin was based on the impressive comments made by our groups last season. Each hunter will have his own single room and bath. The rooms are nicely decorated and are plenty spacious enough for two, let alone a single. The food at the hotel is especially prepared for our groups with fine Uruguayan and Argentine beef, as well as local favorites of poultry and pasta. Fine wines from the cellar will round out your meals.

Trip Fees: Description:


$3,795.00 per person from Miami on American Airlines. Includes RT airfare on American Airlines from Miami to Montevideo, five nights at the Hotel Fortin de San Miguel with all meals, five morning and four afternoon Perdiz hunts, all licenses, permits, and transfers. Not included: domestic air to Miami, shells, tips and items of a personal nature. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit required to confirm your reservation. Season: Duck/Perdiz is May - July. Ducks only in August. Game: Duck and Perdiz. Available Dates: June 14-21, June 21-28, July 3-10, July 12-19.


South American Wingshooting in a majestic Estancia We are ready for another great year at Estancia Santa Elena and want you to take advantage of our last two available dates left for this season. The Estancia sits on 70,000 acres in the western part of the country and has become the place clients return for their annual Uruguayan wingshooting trip. groups meet each night for happy hour. The lodge is very comfortable and quiet and offers a chance to relax and have privacy.

The Trip: Each trip is for seven days and six nights with four days of hunting. The trip begins in Miami with a late evening departure and an overnight flight through Buenos Aires to Montevideo, Uruguay with possible direct service. Trek outfitter, Eduardo Gonzales will assist the groups through customs, transfer you to the lodge then have a quick hunt this afternoon. Our hunt headquarters will be the beautiful and historic Santa Elena Lodge. Everyone will have a single room. The next three days will be full hunting days. From May-July Perdiz season is open and the morning hunts will be spent hunting behind one of Eduardo’s Brittany Spaniels. The afternoon shoots will be in one of the enormous roots within 20-60 minutes of the lodge. The last day we will hunt the morning, have a big lunch and then travel back to Montevideo to catch our return flight back to the U.S.

The Hunting: The hunting in Uruguay is year round with high volume dove any time of the year and then three months of the popular Perdiz season from May-July. The Carmelo and Colonia Provinces are large agricultural areas with large tracts of sorghum and sunflower which draws the dove to this area and produces great fields for Perdiz to hide. On an average day you can expect to fire two to four cases of shells on dove. Eduardo has 12, 16, 20 and 28 gauge shells available along with shotguns to rent. We have all Eared Dove, which are almost identical to the U.S. Mourning Dove, but here they fly all day. The upland bird, Perdiz, is a swift flying member of the Tinamou family and is mainly seen in singles with the occasional pair. Each day we will start with a full breakfast at the lodge, and then leave for the fields. On most days we will shoot all day with a big “Asado” or barbecue in the field. The asados feature steaks, chicken, lamb, salads, fruits and excellent local Uruguayan wines. After the asados, Eduardo will have hammocks or mattresses to take a quick siesta followed by and afternoon hunting session.

The Accommodations: Estancia Santa Elena will compare to any lodge Trek has in Argentina. It is one of the most famous estancias in all of Uruguay, full of history and nostalgia of era long past. The lodge has 12 bedrooms that open up into the manicured courtyard and a swimming pool that is great after a long day in the dove field. In true Uruguayan fashion there a big outdoor barbecue area where the Trip Fees:

$2,850.00 for Dove only and $3,300.00 for Combination hunt. Description: Includes RT airfare from Miami on American Airlines, four nights at Santa Elena with meals, three full and two half days of hunting all licenses and permits. A $500 non refundable deposit is required to confirm a reservation. Season: May through July. Game: Perdiz and Dove. Limits: None for dove… 18-20 for Perdiz. Available Dates: June 8-14 and June 15-21.

- 10 -


High volume Dove Shooting only six hours away!!!

New for 2008, La Leyenda annouces it is now open for business. Owned and operated by dove hunting legend Carlos Olano and wife Olga, this new lodge will offer another great option for hunters in Bolivia. We also offer Jorge Molina’s Las Palomas Lodge which is almost at capacity, so call today to reserve your exclusive date. The Trip: Each trip begins with an overnight direct flight on American Airlines to Santa Cruz. When you arrive in Santa Cruz you will be met by Carlos, Jorge or one of their staff, who will assist the group through customs before taking the group directly to your Lodge via private charter which is only a 20 minute flight away. After lunch and settling in, the group will then head out and hunt a roost on this first afternoon. The next two days will be full hunting days. The last shooting day is a half day of shooting. After returning from the morning shoot, you will have lunch, pack up and return to Santa Cruz. We will have rooms reserved at a 5 star hotel for you to spend your last night so you will be close to airport for your 8:50am flight back to Miami the following morning.

when you leave, you will already be talking about your return. For the 2008 season Carlos has opened his brand new La Leyenda Lodge, this will be our second lodge in Bolivia and will boast 6 air conditioned rooms with private baths, a gun room and plenty of lounging areas to rest up and enjoy liquid libations after the days hunts and for the warmer days the lodge even has a swimming pool. The Spanish styled Las Palomas Lodge now has 12 guest rooms with an open-air courtyard in the middle and has everything from satellite big screen television, to an eight person whirlpool and a brand new swimming pool. Reserve your spot now as private groups of 6 or more at Leyenda and 8 or more at Los Palomas get exclusive use of the lodge!

The Shooting: Is extraordinary as the sky is literally darkened by the doves poring out of the roosts in the mornings and back into the roosts in the afternoons. In between Carlos and Jorge are sure to have found their favorite feeding fields where they fly all day long. When we say high volume, expect to be able to shoot well over 1,000 shells a day if your shoulder can take it. . The Accommodations: A couple of years ago long time Trek Colombian dove guide Carlos Olano teamed up with fellow countryman Jorge Molinas to build the Las Palomas Lodge, right in the heart of the best shooting areas. When we say heart of the hunting area, the drives to the fields at certain times of the year is literally just out the front gate! For the rest of the season the drives are usually only 30-45 minutes from the lodge. The service that Carlos and Jorge provide our clients is second to none. From cleaning your guns to making sure you are in the right spot, both men will have you feeling like you have been friends forever and

Trip Fee: Description: Season: Game: Available Dates:

- 11 -

$2,595.00 3 day hunt - $2,995.00 4 day hunt. (3 Day hunt) is a six-day, five-night adventure with three days of great dove shooting. (4 Day) hunt is seven days and six nights with four days of shooting. An $ 800.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. April-November. Eared Dove. 2008 dates at both lodges are now available on a first come first serve basis. Book now to reserve the date and lodge of choice before your dates are gone!

Bolivia is now requiring a tourist visa. Trek will assist you in obtaining the visa’s for your group. Once we know the costs and requirements we will need to add these costs into the trip final statement.


World’s most exciting Decoying Pigeon Hunting This destination has become so popular that it is already 80% full with returning clients. Our redesigned schedule allows for more hunting than ever before. Book your space now as only a few dates remain. lodge, if time and weather permits, you will hunt that afternoon. The next three days will be full hunting days with shooting over decoys in blinds. On day six, we shoot pigeons until lunch and then we pack for the charter back to Santa Cruz where you will overnight at the Los Tajibos hotel. Our agents will meet the groups early the following morning and transfer them to the airport.

Paraguay is a small South American country, about the size of Pennsylvania and although completely landlocked, it is rich in agriculture, especially sunflower, sorghum, peanuts and corn. The Pigeons are found in an area known as the Chaco Paraguayo, a huge green desert of palm and scrub forests. While it makes up more than two thirds of Paraguay’s geography, only two percent of the Chaco is inhabited.

The Accommodations: The Picazuro Lodge consists of eight single guest rooms, two separate dining facilities, a swimming pool and plenty of open areas for socializing. By far, Picazuro’s greatest asset is its close proximity to the hunting fields. Located south of the town of Filadelfia where Trek once kept its hunters, the lodge affords driving time in minutes instead of hours.

The Trip: The trip has been redesigned for 2008, for seven days and six nights, with three full and a two half days of shooting. The trip typically starts with an overnight flight from Miami to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Our agent will meet and assist our clients through customs before boarding a private charter to the Mariscal military base in Paraguay. Here you will clear customs and register your guns before flying on to the lodge. This past year we inaugurated the new landing strip at the lodge which has a taxiway practically right up to the lodge. All said the trip down should be about four hours shorter on the way down and six hours shorter on the way back not to mention a much easier flight. Once you arrive at the Trip Fees:

$4,195.00 per person from Miami. Trip based on single occupancy at the lodge and double occupancy in Santa Cruz. Description: Includes RT air from Miami, all transfers in both Paraguay and Bolivia, accommodations, visas, gun permits and licenses, all meals at the lodge including an open bar. Not included are tips, shotgun shells ($11.00 a box), the last evening meals in Santa Cruz, items of a personal nature and an airport departure tax. An $800.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Summer months. Game: Dove and Pigeon. Available Dates: Only a few dates left! May 31-June 6 (3 slots), June 13-19. June 23-29 and July 5-11.

The hunting: The shooting usually starts about 45 minutes after sunrise and lasts until late morning which is when the birds start to slowdown. At midday, we will break for one of Eric’s famous field lunches in a shady area, complete with comfortable hammocks for those needing a little siesta. Then you will head back out for the afternoon feed which should last until almost dark. Then back to the lodge for a hot shower and dinner. Each day you will be presented with a variety of wingshooting opportunities involving two different species, the Picazuro and Blue/Gray Spotted Pigeon. - 12 -


The most challenging Dove Shooting available in South America

Honduras dove hunting is back! New management has resulted in the best season of the past eight years. We now offer single rooms and cater to a maximum of 8 hunters per week. Book now!!! The Trip: Our package begins in Miami where you board a two hour non-stop flight on American Airlines to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Upon arrival in Tegucigalpa, our guides and agents will be waiting for the group as they depart immigrations and assist the groups through customs. Then we board our bus for a scenic two hour drive south down Mt. Piacho towards our headquarters in the city of Choluteca. After renewed introductions we’ll have dinner and a nights rest. The following three days are two-a day hunting sessions and on the fifth ad final day we’ll pack up and head back to Teguc for our non-stop flight back to the U.S.

will humble even the most experienced shooter. The morning hunts are mostly done in sorghum, corn or rice fields and afternoon hunts are mainly water holes and roosts depending on the current situation. These are migratory birds so the shooting is usually fast, furious and always extremely sporty. The shoots can last from one to two hours depending on the weather and situation of the shoot. You will be at the fields at first light and in the afternoons you will stay until the birds stop flying so we always maximize the amount of shooting during the peak times. After the morning shoot we will return to the hotel for lunch, have a swim, and take a siesta before heading back out for the afternoon shoot. Each hunter will have two pickup boys that pick up every bird as you shoot them. Some of the Honduran pickup boys have been guiding Trek hunters for over 35 years and are without a doubt some of the best in the world in finding the downed birds. The pickup boys will knock on your doors before each shoot and grab your guns and shells so when you reach the field you will be all set including a swivel stool with drinks waiting for you.

The Accommodations: The Hotel Gualiqueme is a perfect hunt headquarters with lush tropical surroundings and considered the best hotel in town. We will have all single rooms, each with airconditioning and private bath with hot water. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool, full bar, and a private dining room for the groups. The last evening you will enjoy a big barbecue by the swimming pool with dove, chicken, steaks and local Honduran music.

Trip Fee: Description:

The Hunting: The Mourning Doves were excellent this year and the White Wings showed up in good numbers as well. Now please note, Honduras has some the sportiest and challenging shooting available, but it is not to be compard to our South American shoots. You should average about 5-10 boxes per half day of shooting. The birds are extremely fast and when they dart through the trees, they

- 13 -

$2,195.00 per person. Includes RT ticket on American Airlines from Miami to Tegucigalpa ( flights also available from Houston on Continental-call the Trek office for details), all hunting, all licenses/permits, all accommodations and meals. We will only run one group per week and only eight hunters maximum per group. Not included are shotgun shells ($15.00 per box), tips, alcoholic beverages, departure tax and items of a personal nature. An $800.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Late November through early March. Game: Mourning Doves. Available Dates: 2008-2009 SEASON. Nov. 19-23, Nov. 28-Dec 2, Dec. 3-7, Dec. 10-14, Dec. 17-21, Dec. 26-Dec 31, Jan. 1-5, Jan. 7-11, Jan. 14-18, Jan. 21-25, Jan. 28-Feb 1, Feb. 4-8, Feb. 11-15, Feb. 18-22, Feb. 25-Mar 1, Mar. 4-8.


Blue Wing Teal Hunting in the most Spe Nicaragua had its best season ever last year and 2008-2009 should be even better. New for this coming season we will be offering two variations of our popular trip and also the Heli-Hunt out of the Marina which is truly one of the finest hunts available in the world! These lagoons are very big and we will not be hunting the same Ducks or area each day. We have plenty of water to properly rest the areas between shoots and the same for the dove shooting. We will hunt a different area each hunt and with dry blinds and two airboats, easy hunting is assured. The trip offers three Dove hunts and three Duck hunts (half day shoots). We will be using a 15 passenger; air-conditioned Ford Club Wagon to take you to the hunt areas so again this hunt is a breeze with no hassle. Nicaragua has excellent pick up boys/guides who call the ducks and take care of your every need. This is truly a well organized mixed-bag hunt and being only three hours from Miami makes it a great easy get-a-way for a very reasonable price.

Nicaragua Hunting: Most days we will hunt Ducks in the morning and Doves in the afternoon. We have loads of rice, sorghum, and sesame fields where dove are concentrated during their winter stay. We scout and rotate our fields to maintain consistent shooting all season. There is no limit on Doves and you can expect to shoot from 5 to 15 boxes of 25 shells per half day shoot. The shooting schedule will depend on the birds and how they are behaving while you are there. Our main Duck lagoons in both areas hold huge concentrations of Ducks– literally thousands and thousands of birds. Blue Wing Teal make up about 80% of the population with Green Wing Teal, Widgeon, Spoonbills, Tree Ducks, and Pintails making up the rest of the population. A liberal limit of 25 Ducks per hunt or 4 boxes per person is enforced to maintain consistent shooting throughout the season. $3,095.00. Based on double occupancy. Does not include shotgun shells, tips, items of a personal nature, alcoholic drinks and any deviation from the trip itinerary. A $ 700.00 non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: November through early March. Game: Bluewing Teal, White Wings and Mourning Dove and Duck. Limits: None for Dove. 25 for Ducks or four boxes of shells. Available Dates: Dec 17-21, Jan 3-7, Feb. 11-15, Feb. 18-22, Feb. 25-Mar. 1.

THE CHINENDEGA TRIP - The trip starts from Miami with a midday departure on American Airlines to Managua. It’s a two and a half hour nonstop flight. Groups are met at the airport by your hosts, Marvin and Richard Townsend, and taken by airconditioned vans straight to the brand new Hotel El Cortijo, complete with swimming pool in Chinandega- about a twohour drive on good roads. The following three days are full hunting days. We will shoot both morning and afternoon returning to the hotel for lunch and a siesta in the middle of the day. This trip will have three half

Trip Fees: Description:

- 14 -

ectacular Surroundings you’ve ever seen Trip Fee: Description:

$3,295.00. Based on double occupancy. Does not include shotgun shells, tips, items of a personal nature, alcoholic drinks and any deviation from the trip itinerary. A $ 700.00 non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: November through early March. Game: Bluewing Teal, White Wings, Mourning Dove and Duck. Limits: None for Dove. 25 Ducks or four boxes of shells. Available Dates: Nov. 16-20, Dec. 7-11, Dec. 14-18, Jan. 4-8, Jan. 11-15, Jan. 18-22

THE HELI-HUNT TRIP - This is one of the most unique hunting trips offered in any where. You will be flown by helicopter to your 5- star accommodations on the Pacific. The following three days you will fly the copters to hunt ducks and dove. This eliminates the drives to the lagoons and fields and allows more time to enjoy the setting. The Trip fee is $6,195.00 per person (based on 3 pax per helicopter) $8,454.00 per person (based on two hunters per helicopter) Call for dates and more details.

days off duck hunting and three half days of dove hunting. The last day we will pack up and drive back to Managua for our flight home. All told, this is a five day/four night trip. THE MANAGUA TRIP - The trip starts from Miami with a midday departure on American Airlines to Managua. It’s a two and a half hour nonstop flight. Groups are met at the airport by your hosts, Marvin and Richard Townsend, and transferred over to the 5-star Camino Real Hotel 10 minutes from the airport. The following three days are full hunting days. We will shoot both morning and afternoon returning to the hotel for lunch and a siesta in the middle of the day. The last day we will sleep in before returning to the airport for your flight home. All told, this is a five day/four night trip and we will be shooting four half days at ducks and two half days at doves.

- 15 -


Wild Quail Hunting in Paradise

A couple of years ago we took an exploratory trip to the Yucatan and found Black Throated Bob Whites in very good numbers. Our Outfitter Galo Muñóz, has a full kennel of well trained pointers, setters and spaniels as well as a great selection of shotguns available. If you are looking for truly Wild Quail, you can not beat the Yucatan Peninsula. easy shooting as they will leave you talking to yourself. The Black Throated Quail is extremely similar to its cousin the Bob White and again, all hunting will be over fairly well trained dogs and not the typical Mexican pushing bush. The drives to and from the lodge should be from 45 to 90 minutes from the hotel. The terrain is rough and rocky limestone and a good ankle high boot is recommended. This is typical thorny Mexican brush country so chaps and bug repellent for ticks are a must. The shooting will be fast as again, these are all wild birds and while they will hold, they will get up and go as soon as they feel pushed. This is excellent wild quail shooting. On the full day of hunting, you will be out from first light until around 10:00 in the morning after that we will go to an oceanfront restaurant or perhaps to a beach to have a great seafood lunch. After lunch you can take a siesta or go sight-seeing in a small Mexican villa. Then we will resume hunting until dark.

The Trip: Five day and four night excursion with three full days of shooting. The groups will be limited to only eight hunters per session to insure that everyone has great shooting. To get there you will fly into Cancun, Mexico where our guides will pick you up at the airport and then transfer the group via a 3-1/2 hour drive on well paved highways to the lodge. To do away with delays and hassles that could occur when bringing guns to Mexico, we will have a selection of shotguns to use at the lodge. After getting settled this first day, the next three days will be full hunting days split into morning and afternoon sessions. The last day we’ll settle up and transfer back to the airport in Cancun and connect with your flight home. The Hunting: The Black Throated Bob White Quail is found only on the Yucatan Peninsula and ten to twenty-five birds are common in one covey. You can expect to see between 20-35 coveys per day. Under ideal hunting conditions it is possible to see many more coveys. These birds have never seen hunters before and hold well in ankle to shin high grass. Do not think these buzz bombs are $2,595.00 per person. Includes all transfers to and from Cancun, accommodations for three nights along with all meals and drinks at the lodge. Not included are shotgun shells ($11.00 per box and subject to change), tips to the staff and the bird boys, airfare to and from Cancun, additional side trips, meals and accommodations not mentioned in the itinerary and items of a personal nature. A $700.00 non-refundable deposit within 15 days is required in order to confirm your reservation. Season: Mid December-March. Game: Black Throated Bob White Quail. Available Dates: Please Call Trek for Available Dates.

The Accommodations: You will stay in a very clean hotel located right on the Gulf of Mexico. Our goal is stay where the birds are and offer accommodations that reflect the best in the area.

Trip Fees: Description:

- 16 -


The very best Pheasant Shooting in the United States Trek Safaris is proud to be associated with Tumbleweed Lodge in South Dakota. As in any fine hunting lodge, success starts at the top and the bollweg’s have done a masterful job. Reports are for another record pheasant hatch rate for the 2008 season. Dates limited so call soon. Pierre airport you will see why Tumbleweed Lodge has quickly became one of our favorite destinations.

This 2008 season Trek will again be sending all of our South Dakota Pheasant clients to Tumbleweed Lodge exclusively. Don, Michael and the rest of the Bollweg family own and personally oversee all aspects of their operations so from the welcome safety speech on, you’ll see why we consider Tumbleweed Lodge one the very best shooting experiences available in the United States. As you know all great Pheasant hunting begins with great habitat and Tumbleweed lodge is proud to offer 10,000 plus acres of such land.

The Hunting: The first day is spent getting settled in and maybe a little sporting clay shooting to get the edge off. The following three days will be full days of shooting with a daily 5 bird per person bag limit of Pheasants included in the package. Depending on the weather and dates you are there, you can possibly shoot Ducks, Geese or the other upland birds before and /or after the Pheasant shooting. The last day you will fly home and usually there is no hunting that day.

The Trip: When it comes to hunting, one thing they pride themselves on is keeping their hunting groups private so no matter how big or small your group is they will not mix with others. They have some of the best guides available and with plenty of land and transportation available, don’t worry about being crowded in the fields. Tumbleweed’s biggest draw is that they offer Sharp Tail Grouse and Prairie Chicken hunting, Ducks and sporting clay shooting at their 50 target range at no additional charge! Most of the pheasant shooting will be using the typical “walker blocker” method complete with well trained flushing dogs. The Accommodations: Tumble weed lodge is a beautiful lodge accepting individual groups from 1 to 24 clients. Last year they added in a sauna and hot tub building so be ready to relax your muscles after a long day in the field. Again, from the moment you are met in the

Trip Fees:

- 17 -

$2,995.00 for a 5 day, 4 nights with 3 days of hunting for groups of 4-11. $2,795.00 for groups of 12 hunters or more. Description: Five days, four nights with three full days of shooting. A $900.00 non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: September- March. Game: Pheasant, Sharp Tail Grouse, Prairie Chicken and Geese. Limits: 5 bird per person bag limit per day. Available Dates: Please contact Trek for limited available dates.


Red Legged Partridge Hunt for our most sophisticated Clients

Trek Safaris has reserved two lines of guns to hunt the sporty red-legged partridge from Estancia Pinos Altos. Hosts Fernando Saiz and wife Koki have been our Outfitter of choice in Spain for more than 10 years running. rest of the trip. The following three days are shooting days. All shooting is done on Pinos Altos. We’ll have a full breakfast at the hacienda about 8:30 AM, and then depart for the shoot. It’s about a 20 minute drive to the shooting area. You’ll have three drives in the morning before lunch. You have a loader and a secretary to carry your shells, shotguns, set up your blind, etc. Your only job is to shoot! A line of beaters- generally 40-50, will push the partridge over the shooters at their assigned pegs set about 15-30 yards down the crest of a hill. The birds will come flying fast and quick over the hill and the shooting is fast and furious. A good shot can expect to spend three to four shells per partridge. After the third drive we’ll break for a field lunch. This is an elegant affair with linen table cloths, fine china, etc. We’ll have paella, steaks, and partridge for lunch- of course accompanied by fine Rioja wines and beer. We’ll have one last drive after lunch- then return to the hacienda. There’s time for a shower and some rest before dinner. These are special affairs with traditional meals and an elegance depicting an era gone by, yet still here.

The Trip: Upon your arrival in Madrid, Spain, Fernando Saiz or somebody from his staff will be at the airport to greet you and transfer you to their private hacienda, Pinos Altos, located two hours away. The hacienda is a restored 16th century home set in the famed La Mancha region. It sits in the middle of 10,000 acres where Red and Fallow Deer and Mouflon Sheep roam. Note the trips are during the dry season and weather is cool and very pleasant. The Accommodations: The hacienda is large with 14 bedroomsall with private bath, two living rooms, private dining room, patio and porch overlooking the property. All bedrooms are deluxe and tastefully decorated. Our shooting party will have the entire hacienda. We stress that this is a high quality trip- we’re shooting one of the best estates in Spain. Many well known shooters make a yearly trip to shoot with Fernando and enjoy the ambiance of Pinos Altos. The Hunting: The first day we’ll rest up from the trip. The first evening Fernando will give an orientation about the activities for the Trip Fees: Description:

Season: Game: Limits: Available Dates:

$14,500.00 per hunter and $1,200.00 for the non-hunter. The trip fees are based on a line minimum of eight guns. Includes everything once you arrive in Madrid (including shells).Your only out of pocket expenses will be tips to the field and house staff. Gun permits, transfers and all meals are also included. A 50% Non refundable deposit required. Winter months. Red Legged Partridge. 1,500 Partridge are included in fee with a charge of $45 for each additional bird. November 29- December 3 and December 4-8, 2008. Maximum line of guns is 10.

Other Activities: Among the non-shooting activities will be a trip to Toledo, and visits to nearby typical haciendas, small villages and historical points. You may also choose to go shopping for leather goods, porcelain, ceramics, pottery and local wines. - 18 -

South Africa

Game Hunting for the Big 5 and 37 other Species!!! Since 1992 Trek Safaris together with Game Hunters Africa have been booking Big Game Safaris for the avid hunter from around the globe. Africa has more huntable game species than any other destination allowing us to offer the discerning hunter an unforgettable Safari. Together with Trek International Safaris and Game Hunters Africa we offer the following packages in South Africa…

Since 1992 Trek International Safaris together with Game Hunters Africa have been booking big game safaris for the avid hunter from around the globe. Africa has more huntable game species than any other destination allowing us to offer the discerning hunter an unforgettable Safari. Whether it’s the Big 5 that calls you to Africa, or the huge variety of plains game species available, we can cater to your every need. We offer all of the Big 5 as well as 37 species of plains game in a variety of habitats stretching across over one million acres of hunting concessions in South Africa, South Africa is perfect for a short hunt in one area or an extended safari covering all of its diverse habitats. There are daily flights from most of the major cities in the world. It is a trip ideally suited for the whole family to experience. South Africa works on a theory of sustainable game utilization, all of our areas follow this in practice, enabling us to take excellent record book trophies year after year. Our Concessions cover all these areas and we are able to offer 37 species of game in top class hunting areas. South Africa can be warm to hot during the months of April, May, September and October, a range of between 65f -85f. During months of June, July and of August are our winter months and can start with night temperatures dropping to below zero warming up to around mid 60’s or 70’s by midday.

Package 1: Trip Fees: Description:

1x 1 = $7,150.00, 2 x 1 = $5,850.00. 7 day hunt on a 1 x 1 basis includes all the daily rates, transfers by road to and from the nearest International airport and travel during your hunt, accommodation, food and beverages, and one of each of the animals listed below. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Year Round. Game: Kudu, Blue Wildebeest, Blesbuck, Springbuck and Impala. Limits: One of each animal. Available Dates: Call the Trek Office for available dates. Package 2: Trip Fees: Description:

1 x 1 = $7,150.00, 2 x 1 = $6,100.00. 7 day hunt on a 1 x 1 basis, includes all the daily rates, transfers by road to and from the nearest International airport and travel during your hunt, accommodation, food and beverages, and one of each of the animals listed below. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Year Round. Game: Springbuck, Blesbuck, Mountain Reedbuck, Black Wildebeest and Zebra. Limits: One of each animal. Available Dates: Call the Trek Office for available dates. - 19 -

The animals in the above package can be substituted for other species. We also offer standard safaris and customized safaris to your specifications.

South Africa

The most varied Bird Hunt in the World Trek has been working with Mark Haldane of Bird Hunters Africa since 1992. Where else in one trip can you shoot driven Guinea Fowl, Francolin and Spurfowl over pointers, flighting Doves and decoyed Ducks, Pigeons and Geese. During your stay you will stay in 3 great hunting locations, a 5 star game lodge and a 4 star hotel in Cape Town. point of Africa), the famous Cape Wine Lands, Penguin Colonies, Kirstenbosch Gardens and Chapman’s peak.

The Accommodations: Bloemfontein is South Africa’s main Sunflower growing area. Here you will stay in the Oude Kraal Lodge. This historical Lodge is 4 Star and the cuisine is exceptional. The shooting here is for Rock Pigeons and Doves shot on flight lines, the pigeons being one of the most challenging game birds. Baynesfield Lodge consists of 4 log Chalets all en-suite situated right on the banks of a lake based in the heart of the 25,000 acre Baynesfield Estate. The Giant Spurwing Goose often weighing in at over 20lbs along with the Egyptian Goose are our primary quarry here. Red Eyed Dove and Spurfowl over pointers are shot in the afternoons as well.

Other Activities: Non-hunters will have a daily activity planned for them. Typically including the following, a visit to a traditional Zulu Village, the Drakensberg Mountains, The Anglo / Zulu Battle fields, The Midlands Meander (A local arts and crafts route) and local game reserves

Zulu Wings is our home base and right on the door step of exceptional bird shooting. The lodge consists of 6 on suite guest rooms situated on a private game reserve. The bird shooting starts right on the doorstep. Here you will shoot Duck over decoys, Pigeons over decoys, Francolin and Spurfowl over pointers, flighting doves and driven Guineafowl. Mkuze Falls is one of South Africa’s premier game lodges offering 5 star lodgings and excellent game viewing out of open Land Rovers for all of the big 5. The Victoria & Alfred Hotel is situated on the Beautiful Cape Town water front. Your tour here will include a cable car ride up Table mountain, Cape point nature reserve (the Southern Most - 20 -

The Trip: Day 1: Arrive in Johannesburg airport. A BHA representative will meet you and help with guns and transfer you to The African tribes lodge Day 2: Catch a 45 minute flight from JHB to Bloemfontein where you will transfer to the Oude Kraal Lodge. After an early lunch you will go out to shoot pigeons and doves. Day 3: An early start, and after a quick breakfast out to the fields to catch the first flights of Pigeons and doves coming in to feed. You will break for a field lunch. Day 4: An early breakfast followed by a short drive to the Airport and fly to Durban (an hour’s flight) Here you will be met by Shawn and driven to Baynesfield lodge. In the afternoon you will shoot Spurfowl and Francolin over Pointers or Duck. Day 5: Early morning goose shoot, a 5 minute drive to hunt over Decoys. Pm - Red eyed doves (our largest dove the size of a pigeon). Day 6 & 7: Early breakfast drive North to Mkuze falls for 2 days of great Game Viewing. Day 8: Early Morning game drive, and breakfast, transfers to Zulu Wings game lodge. After lunch, you will shoot duck over decoys. Day 9 & 10: Mornings will be for either Driven Guineafowl or Francolin over pointers. Late afternoon will be for Duck, Doves or Pigeons. Day 11: Leisurely breakfast followed by a drive to Durban for your flight to Cape Town. You will be met and transferred to the Victoria & Alfred. Evening there will be a mini bus at your disposal for taking your group to one of the fine restaurants. Day 12: Will be spent touring Cape Town’s sights, a cable car ride up table mountain, Cape Point (The Southernmost point of Africa where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic oceans meet). The Historical Cape, wine lands, etc. Day 13: After your morning tour, you will be dropped off at the Cape Town airport by your guide for your flight to Johannesburg and back to the USA.

Trip Fee: Description:

Season: Game: Available Dates: - 21 -

Hunters - $6,995-00, Non Hunters - $5,995-00. All rates are based on sharing basis (2 people per room). Includes all ground transportation, guiding, shooting, accommodation, meals and drinks (except where mentioned below). Excludes all airfare, drinks in Cape Town and Mkuze Falls reserve, all meals in Cape Town with the exception of Breakfast. All entrance fees in Cape Town and the Cable car ride, shotgun shells and Tips. A $ 1,000.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. May through August. Guinea Fowl, Francolin, Spurfowl, Flighting Dove, Ducks, Pigeon and Geese. 2008: June 15 – 25 and July 15 – 25. 2009: May 28 -August 31.

We will customize any trip to your group’s requirements. Add on’s to Game safaris are also possible.


Cape Buffalo Hunting on 4,000 sq. miles of prime Big GameLands Trek’s partnership with Game and Bird Hunters Africa goes back to 1992. This is one of the few areas remaining in Africa where you can still do a Classical Safari. Join us for the experience of a lifetime!!! The spectrum of Wildlife in this area is quite remarkable, having 20 huntable species from the tiny Livingston Suni to the Elephant. Buffalo roam the open flood plains and swamps in herds of several hundred, and Sable in huge herds nearing 100. The concession has 3 distinctive types of habitat, namely Sand Forests, Tropical Savannah, and swamps. The Trip: Our standard package is a 10 day buffalo package. The package includes 10 nights in camp and 9 full days of hunting as well as a buffalo license and trophy fee. The Accommodations: We have 4 camps within these 2 areas, ranging from traditional East African tent with bath on suite to our Magazi Lodge. Although you will be hunting unspoiled, unfenced Africa, you will be accommodated in style with great home style cooking.

Trip Fee:


Season: Game: Available Dates:

10 day package - $10,000.00 per hunter (1x1), $9,000.00 per hunter (2x1). General Hunting card $350.00, Gun license - $200.00 / gun and community fee - $350.00 Charter – Beira to Camp return ( for the plane takes max. 3 hunters) - $2,000.00. Not included is the air getting to Mozambique. Included in the Package – 10 nights and 9 days full hunting days. A Buffalo license and trophy fee, all guiding and field preparation of trophies, as well as all the accommodation, meals and local drinks during your hunt. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. June through the end of September. Sable, Litchensteins Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Eland, Hippo, Nyala, Bushbuck, Reedbuck,Baboon, Warthog. Bushpig, Oribi, Suni, Red Duiker and Crocodile. Call the Trek Office for available dates.

The Hunting: Conducted in one of Africa’s prime game areas, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Little has changed over the past 50 years here. The following animals can also be added on to this package, quota permitting, for license and trophy fees: Sable, Litchensteins Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Eland, Hippo, Nyala, Bushbuck, Reedbuck, Baboon, Warthog, Bushpig, Oribi, Suni, Red Duiker, Blue Duiker and Crocodile.

- 22 -

New Zealand

Unforgettable Waterfowl & Couples Trip New Zealand’s beautiful landscape and excellent wingshooting has made this destination ideal for couples. It’s true, the wives have as much fun as the hunters!!! Time is running out for the 2008 season so if you are thinking about NZ, you need to reserve your spot now!!! Leave Christchurch and travel to Greymouth on the other side of the South Island arriving in time for lunch. After lunch you will have a little time to look around before returning back to Christchurch in the afternoon. Day 2: Go to the beautiful seaside town of Kaikoura for the day. Take a charter boat out to view whales and dolphins. View the arts and crafts of the local people in the shops. Day 3: Indulge in the Pamper Packages provided by the Wisteria Cottage Day Spa in Hamner Springs. There are many options from Massage Therapy, Beauty Therapy, Body Pampering, to Vichy Shower, Steam Capsule, Manicures, Pedicures, and Facials, Eye and Brow Waxing and more. Day 4: Spend the day on a Wine tour. View the vineyards, and sample wines of the famous Waipara area. Have lunch at our favorite eatery and visit the Olive Grove for tour and tasting. Day 5: Shop and tour the beautiful city of Christchurch.

The Accommodations: The Riverview Lodge is located at the junction of the Waiau, Percival and Hamner Rivers. The Lodge has five in-suite bedrooms and guests reside in comfort with spectacular mountain views looking across the valley. The Lodge is located approximately two hours north of Christchurch and five miles from the quaint Alpine Spa Township of Hamner Springs. The lodge owners, John and Robin Gemmell, have operated the Lodge for bird hunting and fly fishing now for over 20 years. The Lodge has not one but two chefs, whose specialties range from wild game to pastries. The Hunting: Five full days of hunting with both morning and evening shoots everyday. In New Zealand it is legal to hunt before sunrise and after sunset so expect to be up early and return a little late. All the hunting will be done over decoys, both over water and in the fields from portable blinds made of natural materials. We can only take a maximum of five hunters on this hunt and we will have the entire lodge to ourselves during the trip. This is also a collector’s trip for anyone who might want to bring back a couple of trophies as we are expecting to take Paradise, Grey, Australian Shoveler and Mallard Ducks. Most hunters will take home a Paradise Duck trophy as they are only found in New Zealand and it is rated by many as one of the prettiest ducks in the world. You will hunt Black Swan and the Giant species of Canada Geese. All species reside in New Zealand and don’t migrate. Another item that will make the trip a little more pleasant is that the Lodge has a limited supply of Beretta and Remington shotguns on hand for clients who don’t want the hassle of bringing their own guns.

Trip Fees:

Other Activities: For the Non-Hunter (based on party of 4), we will have daily tours that even include a trip to the spa with treatments included in the trip fee! The non-shooting itinerary is as follows: Day 1: Take a Day trip across the beautiful Southern Alps in a train. - 23 -

The fee for one Hunter is $3,195.00, the fee for the NonHunter is $1,950. Description: Seven day/six night package with 5 full days of hunting, include all accommodations (based on double occupancy), meals, beer and wine, hunting license, along with train trips, boat charters and spa treatments. Not included are international air to & from New Zealand (currently around $1,040.00), tips, shotgun shells ($12 US per box of 25 for lead and $17.50 for steel shot required over water). A $1,200.00 per couple non-refundable deposit within 15 days of booking is required to confirm your reservations. Game: Black Swan, Giant Canadian Geese, Paradise, Grey, Australian Shoveler, and Mallard. Limits: 15-20 mixed bag per day. Available Dates: ONLY TWO DATES LEFT FOR 2008! (1) Arrive May 29th, Hunt 30th, through 3rd and depart 4th. (3 spots) (2) Arrive June 19th, Hunt 20th, through 24th and depart 25th.

FISHING - 24 -


The Amazon never looked better

We are so pleased with our first two seasons on the all new state of the art Mothership, that we can’t wait for you to join us in the Peacock Bass rich waters of the Amazon. The Amazon Santana boasts 135 feet of luxury with the best guides, staff and service. Available dates for the 2008-2009 are going fast, so call Trek today to lock up your spot. is to catch some fish. Of course the main focus will be on the beautiful and aggressive peacock bass that is one of the most sought after fresh water fish in the world. Make no mistake about it, there are some real monster fish here, but we will not devote all of our time to just the trophy fish. A bunch of 15 pounders will wear you out too. Each day the Santana will arrive at a new locale and your local guide will throttle your 17 foot Bass Tracker with Honda 4-strokes to his favorite spot and the rest will be up to you.

The Accommodations: When speaking of the Santana, we should actually refer to it in plural terms because there are really two vessels. There is the Amazon Santana and the Santana 1. The Santana is the newest in the fleet and is 135 feet of teak and mahogany with 12 nicely appointed staterooms and two deluxe master suites. Despite its capacity for 28 guests, the Santana will take only 20 guests or less a week to maximize comfort. Each room has its own private bath and plenty of comfort for a relaxing cruising vacation. The Santana 1 is 100 feet of the same quality design with eight staterooms and two master suites and can accommodate a maximum of 16 anglers a week. Both vessels are at the top of the list for food, service, staff and fishing guides. With a shallower draft and sleeker design, the Santana yacht gets you further in the bush and much quicker. This fact allows you the angler to fish some waters that may otherwise be inaccessible or hard to reach. Your yacht will have an aft-deck for relaxation and a sun deck for incredible views and plenty of open air. Your stay on board has been planned with the utmost in comfort and ease of travel as well as catching fish. The fishing: As mentioned above, the Santana team is committed to putting you on the fish every day. They have assembled the best guides in the Amazon Basin and Trek can attest to this as they are virtually a list of who’s who in the region. Your goal each day

The Trip: This exciting trip will be ten days and nine nights. It begins with an overnight, non-stop TAM flight from Miami to Manaus on Friday. After arriving on Saturday we’ll board the Santana if you are fishing the Rio Madiera, or wait for first light and charter to Barcelos if fishing the Rio Negro. Time permitted, we may fish some this day. Sunday-Friday will be six full fishing days. On Saturday we will make our way back to Manaus for a day and night at the Tropical Hotel on the Amazon. Sunday we’ll transfer you back to the airport in Manaus and your flight back to Miami arriving there in the early evening. Trip Fees: Description:

- 25 -

$4,595.00 per person from Manaus. The trip includes all fishing (also use of rods), meals, accommodations, licenses, charter flights and transfers. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: August-October in Rio Madiera and November – March in Rio Negro. Game: Peacock Bass, Giant Catfish, Piranha and Surubi. Available Dates: Trips run from Fridays to the following Sunday, please contact Trek for current date availability.


Outstanding Peacock Bass fishing from our luxurious Floating Cabins Trek wants you in Brazil for the world’s best Peacock Bass fishing. We have now improved on an already fantastic trip, check out our streamlined program that now makes the Amazon accessible to all Anglers. The Trip: Trek Safaris has operated in the Amazon Basin for nearly two decades. As hundreds of our clients can attest, Brazil is THE place to go for shots at trophy sized Peacocks. We have utilized various methods of accessing this tremendous fishery; from motherships to land based lodges, but nothing we have done in the past can match these floating cabins for getting you into the most remote waters. The headwaters of the Amazon Basin, although very productive fisheries, are seldom visited by mothership operations due to natural barriers such as waterfalls and land masses. The Itinerary: Trek will now be utilizing eight passenger turbo prop Caravans, allowing anglers to fish almost virgin waters and not be structured into the lengthy mothership schedules. The floating cabin program will be a seven day, six night trip with four full and one half day of peacock bass action. Upon arrival into Manaus (Trek will be happy to assist you with your international flights) you will be met by a lodge representative and be transferred to your hotel for a brief rest before being flown by our eight passenger float plane to the area where our floating cabins will be stationed. $3,650.00 per person. Includes one night in Manaus, charter float plane, 4 full and 1 partial day of fishing and meals and accommodations at floating cabins. Excludes international airfare. A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Group Size: 8 anglers at double occupancy. Season: November - March. Game: Peacock Bass. Available Dates: Nov 28-Dec 4, Dec 3-9 (6 spots), Dec 8-14 ( full), Jan 22- 28 ( full), Jan 27-Feb 2 ( full), Feb 1-7 ( full), Feb 6-12 ( full), Feb 11-17, Feb 16-22, Feb 21-27, Feb 26-Mar 4, Mar 3-9.

The Fishing: After getting your gear stowed and getting your equipment ready, you will head out to fish the remainder of the day. The next four days will be full fishing days and on the morning of the last day, the group will be flown back to Manaus in time to board your scheduled international flight to Miami, or if you desire spend the night in Manaus and fly home the next day. This trip is geared to the angler who is looking for an adventure to a spot where few have fished. Our anglers report up to 50+ fish per boat, per day with peacocks released up to 20 pounds. Groups are kept small, only 8 anglers per week so fishing pressure is never an issue.

Trip Fees: Description:

- 26 -

Costa Rica

Our most popular winter destination for Giant Sails

Join Trek in Quepos, Costa Rica. If your finger itches at the thought of landing giant Sails, while also reeling in Roosterfish, Tuna and Dolphin, this Central Pacific coast destination is what the doctor ordered. The Trip: We have designed a five day four night adventure with three full days of billfishing. The trip will begin with your departure from Miami to San Jose, C.R. Upon arrival and clearing customs and immigrations, you will be met by Flamingo Bay Charters, our ground agents in San Jose. You will be transferred to the Hotel Cariari for the evening. The Cariari is a top notch property offering all the amenities you would expect. The hotel offers 2 restaurants, a few swimming pools, casino and even an 18 hole championship golf course. San Jose is a city of well over 1 million inhabitants, so there are lots’ of activities to be found. The front desk will be happy to make suggestions to you for the best restaurants and night spots.

The Accommodations: Trek can set you up in one of several first class properties in Quepos. The preferred properties are the Tulemar, La Mansion, El Parador and the Si Como No. These properties are all located on bluffs overlooking the beautiful Pacific. All of these hotels are first class with all the amenities you could want. All These accommodations offer breakfast each morning before you head out to fish. Although evening meals are not included, these properties all have very nice restaurants. If you would like to see more of the area, we suggest taking the 10 minute taxi ride into town where you will have a great variety of restaurants from which to choose.

The Itinerary: The next morning after your arrival in San Jose, you will be met at the Cariari and transferred to the airport for your 20 minute flight to the coastal city of Quepos where you will be met by our representative and taken to your hotel to put away your gear and prepare for a full fishing day. The next two days will be full fishing days. Your guide will greet you at your hotel each morning to provide your transportation to the municipal dock where you will board your boats. The last morning, you’ll be met and transferred to the airport for your flight to San Jose to connect with your international departure.

Trip Fees:

The Fishing: During the winter months, large pods of sails cruise these waters just off the coast. Sails however are not the only game in town, you will also be afforded an excellent opportunity to catch roosterfish, tuna and dolphin. The boats we will be using range from 27 foot Grady Whites to 31 foot Palm Beaches all with experienced captains with considerable local knowledge. These boats have all the latest in technology and first class equipment. - 27 -

$2,495.00 (4 per boat, 2 rooms), $2,895.00 (3 per boat with 2 rooms), $3,095.00 (2 per boat, in 1 room). Description: Rates are per person and include airfare from Miami to San Jose, C.R on American, 1 night accommodations in SJO, RT commercial airfare SJO/ Quepos, three night accommodations at the Tulemar, three full fishing days and transfers. A $700.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Group Size: No limits. Season: December - May. Game: Sailfish, Roosterfish, Tuna and Dolphin. Limits: No limits, catch and release. Available Dates: Prime fishing season begins in December. Please contact Trek for details.

Costa Rica

The most abundant Fishing you will ever encounter Join Trek at Zancudo Lodge in Costa Rica and fish till your arm hurts. How about casting a 14 wt. Fly rod for Sails and Marlins!!! Take advantage of our summer special and save $500 per person off the regular fee. The Accommodations: The lodge is situated in a lush jungle setting as beautiful as any you will find in Costa Rica. Facing an estuary with the beautiful Golfo Dulce out the back door, this lodge presents terrific scenery in every direction. The lodge has twenty rooms each with its own private bath, ceiling fan and air conditioning. The meals are first class and abundant. The lodge boasts a swimming pool and jacuzzi. The camp manager and a great staff will make sure your stay is a pleasurable one. Trek has a proven winner in the Zancudo Lodge and their friendly, attentive staff.

The Trip: We have designed a five day, four night trip with three full days of fishing. The first day you will arrive in the capital city of San Jose, met by a lodge representative and taken to the five star Hotel Cariari. There are several fine dining establishments within a short taxi ride from the hotel, your guide can offer suggestions as to the best restaurant for your budget and taste. The following morning you will be met in the lobby of the Cariari and taken to the airport for your 5:30A.M. commercial flight to Golfito and the Zancudo Lodge. This 45 minute flight takes you over some of the most breath taking scenery you will ever encounter, so be sure to have your camera handy. When you arrive in Golfito, you will be met by staff members of the Zancudo Lodge and transferred by boat, after a quick breakfast you are off for a full day of fishing. The next two days will also be full fishing days. On the morning of your fifth and last day, you will take an early flight back to San Jose to connect with your flight home.

“Summer Special” $2,995.00 per person based on double occupancy (regular rate $3,495.00 per person). Description: Include RT airfare Miami-San Jose, overnight accommodations in San Jose at the Hotel Cariari, RT commercial airfare San Jose-Golfito, 3 full fishing days, three nights’ accommodations at Zancudo Lodge with meals and open bar at the lodge and transfers. An $ 800.00 per person, non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Spring months. Game: Sail fish, Marlin, Dorado, Roosterfish, Jack Per, Cubera Snapper, Grouper, Yellow-fin Tuna, Wahoo, Amber Jack and Triple Tail. Available Dates: “Summer Special” dates May 31-June 4, June 5-9, June 12-16, June 26-30, July 3-7, July 10-14, July 24-28, July 31-Aug 4, Aug 7-11, Aug 21-25.

The Fishing: The numerous species in this region is the prime reason that the lodge is currently home to more than 50 world records. You will be fishing from 25 foot center console boats powered by Suzuki 4-stroke outboard motors. The boat captains have considerable experience in fishing this area. Your typical day will start with breakfast served by the lodge staff. Once you depart the dock you will make a short run to the numerous schools of blue runners and sardines which we will be using for bait. Each day your guide will outline the fishing itinerary for you with what he believes to be your best bet. You may spend the first day out in the blue water fishing for Sails and Marlin and then troll the coastlines the next day for Dorado and Roosterfish or possibly cast to the large schools of Jack Per or Cubera Snapper. The next day you may be bottom bumping for Groupers, or Giant Cubera Snapper. In addition to the above mentioned species, you are likely to also encounter Yellow-fin Tuna, Wahoo, Amberjack and Triple Tail. With all the fishing possibilities in the area, this is definitely a trip that begs for extra days... The lodge provides conventional fishing gear and they have even added 14 wt. fly fishing rod to their inventory.

Trip Fees:

- 28 -

Costa Rica

Giant Tarpons galore in two incredible locations The spring months are just around the corner and these triple digit Silver Kings will once again be out there to test your strength and endurance. Call Trek today to secure your spots. Rio Parismina Lodge The Trip: The adventure begins with an American Airlines flight into San Jose, Costa Rica, where you will be met by a lodge representative and transferred to the Hotel Cariari for the evening.

Silver King Lodge The Trip: Your trip begins with your arrival in Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose. You will be met by a Silver King representative and transferred to the Hotel Cariari for the evening. The next morning, you will be transferred to the airport for your 6:00am commercial flight to Barra Del Colorado and the Silver King Lodge. You will stow your gear, have a quick breakfast, and then head out to fish.

The Fishing: The next morning you will be flown out to Rio Parismina where lodge manager Fernando Gonzales will meet you and get you settled in. After breakfast and a quick run down of the program, you will get geared up and head right out to fish. You will return for lunch and a siesta in the mid day and then will head back out around 2:00pm to fish until dusk. You will then have time to relax around the pool with appetizers and cool drinks while dinner is being prepared.

The Fishing: The tarpon fishing is done aboard 23 foot deep V hulled boats just outside the mouth of the mighty Rio Colorado. If light tackle fishing is to your taste, you will fish either 19 foot Carolina Skiffs or, to get into those backwater areas not accessible by motorized craft, 17 foot aluminum canoes. The Guapote and Mojarra found in these areas are much like our North American Bass and Bream.

The Itinerary: The next two days will be full fishing days with a 5:00 am knock on your door and a tray left outside with juice and coffee. Breakfast is at 5:30 am then you are off to fish. First thing in the morning you will catch live bait which is a slam dunk for these hungry tarpon. Once you get into the ocean, you will have nearby river mouths to fish for the majestic silver king. Just hook on bait, free spool it out a hundred yards, and hold on for the fight of your life!

The Accommodations: The Silver King Lodge offers spacious airconditioned cabins with ceiling fans and hot water in the private baths. Recent additions of a jacuzzi, swimming pool, sauna and a masseuse are really the crowning touches on this deluxe lodge. All your meals are served family style with plenty for everyone, and the bar is always open for your enjoyment. Trip Fees:

- 29 -

Silver King Lodge: Fall rate $2,775.00 per person. Please call for May dates still available at a discounted rate. Rio Parismina: $2,495.00 per person. Based on double occupancy. Description: Include airfare from Miami on American, overnight in San Jose, in country airfare, 3 full days of guided fishing, 3 nights’ accommodations with meals and bar, transfers. An $800.00 per person deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Spring & Fall. Game: Tarpon. Dates: Silver King Lodge: Sept 4-8, Sept 18-22, Sept 25-29, Oct 2-6, Oct 9-13, Oct 16-20, Oct 23-27, Oct 30-Nov 3, Nov 6-10. Rio Parismina: May 23-27, Sept 5-9, Sept 19-23, Sept 26-30, Oct 3-7, Oct 17-21, Oct 24-28, Oct 31-Nov 4.

Costa Rica

A great vacation for the whole family Trek is your ticket to Crocodile Bay Lodge. Deluxe accommodations, first rate boats and unbelievable fishing await the demanding angler. A can’t miss options to chase Sailfish while basking in paradise. Crocodile Bay Lodge The Accommodations: This ultra deluxe lodge is without a doubt, the most upscale of the lodges to be found in this part of Costa Rica. From the spacious, air-conditioned rooms to the beautiful pool and adjacent hot tub, on to the full time chef and generous air-conditioned dining room to the well appointed bar, this place has it all.

The Fishing: The fleet of boats at Crocodile Bay is not to be believed. From 17 foot, shallow draft “flats” boats for back water fishing to the 24-27 foot “Rambo” style center consoles, perfect for the stand up fishing done here upgrades to the deluxe 33 foot Striker boats for the ultimate in luxury and comfort, they have covered all the bases. Trip Fees:

Summer Special $3,150.00 per person based upon double occupancy. Description: Includes international airfare from Miami on American, overnight in San Jose, in country commercial airfare, 3 days fishing, and 3 nights at Crocodile Bay with meals and limited open bar at the lodge. A 50% per person, non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: December-May. Game: Sailfish and other salt water game species. Available Dates: June 5-9, June 12-16, June 19-23, June 26-30, July 3-7, July 10-14, July 24-28, July 31-August 4, August 7-11.

The Other Activities: Crocodile Bay Lodge happens to be located in one of the most biologically diverse places in the world and also offers the ultimate in eco-tours, perfect for the non angling spouse or family member. You can see several species of monkeys and numerous species of beautiful birds including the strikingly colored scarlet Macaw just minutes from the lodge. The basic five day, four night trip with three days of fishing hardly seems to be enough time to see it all. - 30 -

Tired of the usual Deep Sea Fishing trip?

Costa Rica

Come join us at the new Sailfish Rancho. Our fleet of 27 foot ocean masters will get you to the fishing grounds quickly and in style. Spots are going fast, so book now for our peak season starting in November. Golfito Sailfish Rancho The Trip: The Sailfish Rancho was for many years the premier fishing lodge in southern Costa Rica. Through a series of misadventures, the lodge lost much of its luster and finally closed all together. Several years ago, a new owner came on the scene, recognized the vast potential here and devoted the money, time and energy into making the Sailfish Rancho once again a major player in Costa Rica. The lodge boasts a fleet of 27 foot Ocean Masters that will get you to the fishing grounds quickly and in style. Lodge manager Norman Mena and your host Olympia will do what it takes to make your stay a memorable one.

The Itinerary: After a full day of fishing, the dipping pool at the lodge fed by the cool waters of a mountain stream is the perfect place to relax with a cool drink and an appetizer while dinner is being prepared. This program is for five days and four nights with three full days of fishing with meals and bar at the lodge.

The Accommodations: The spacious rooms at the lodge, although not air-conditioned, are plenty comfortable with cooling mountain breezes providing all the A/C you would require. Co-owner and previous boat captain, Abraham Conception heads up the lodges staff of experienced captains and will be on hand every day to make yours a pleasant stay and answer any questions on what is biting and where.

Trip Fees: Description:

- 31 -

$3,175.00 per person, based on double occupancy. Include air from Miami on American Airlines, overnight in San Jose, commercial airfare in country, 3 days fishing and 3 nights’ accommodations including meals and limited open bar at the lodge. A $700.00 per person, non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: December– May. Game: Sailfish and other salt water game species. Available Dates: May dates are available, but we wish to inform you that Sailfish Rancho will be taking the summer months off for normal maintenance. The Rancho will be up and running in late November for Peak Season!


Resort living while chasing Silver Kings Spring and summer months usher in the Tarpon migration through the gin clear waters of Belize. Come discover beautiful beachfront accommodations, delicious meals, great fishing and world class diving at this dream resort. Ambergris Caye

The Itinerary: Your adventure starts with a nonstop flight from Miami to Belize City. After clearing customs and immigrations you will take a short twin engine flight to the town of San Pedro on the island of Ambergris Caye. You will be met there by an agent of the Banyan Bay and transferred to the lodge to unpack and to just relax. San Pedro Town is a very casual place with neat little seaside restaurants that encourages you to take off your shoes and relax. No coats, ties, or fancy clothes required. The Fishing: On this trip you will fish the flats for bones and permit, cruise the channels for rolling tarpon, and have leisure days when you can schedule to dive or snorkel the Barrier Reef. You will also find yourself basking in the sun and just relaxing in the casual atmosphere. This first night is for getting acquainted with the surroundings and relaxing on the beach. The next three days are slated for flats fishing with world class guides. You will have great shots for bonefish in the 2-6 pound range as well as realistic chances small permit and medium size tarpon near the flats or close to the mainland. Boats are 20 foot pangas with 55 horse motors.

The Trip: Ambergris is a 25 mile long and slender island, located just off the coast of Belize, it also happens to be the perfect place for a Caribbean vacation. The Barrier reef is just a mile or so from the island and is a haven for divers and snorkelers alike.

Trip Fees: Description:

$2,195.00 per person based on double occupancy. includes airfare from Miami on American, commercial airfare in Belize, 4 nights’ accommodations including breakfast and lunch at Banyan Bay, 3 full fishing days and transfers. A $700.00 per person, non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Year round. Game: Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. Available Dates: May 22-26, June 5-9, June 12-16, June 26-30, July 3-7, July 10-14, July 24-28.

- 32 -

Costa Rica

Spectacular all inclusive 3 day Sailfish adventure

Plan your summer vacation now with Trek. Consider this beautiful Costa Rican locale. This “weekender” in Costa Rica is sure to fit into anyones schedule. Call us for trip details. Flamingo Beach The Trip: This summer, we at Trek have designed a special four day, three night adventure with two full days of fishing. On this Thursday-Sunday trip, you will fly Delta nonstop from Atlanta directly into Liberia, Costa Rica bypassing San Jose all together. Upon arrival, our ground agents will greet you and transfer you 45 minutes by van on to Flamingo Beach and your accommodations at the Flamingo Beach Resort, your home away from home for the weekend.

Trip Fees:

The Itinerary: The next two days will be full fishing days on a 30foot boat with lunch, drinks and tackle on board. On the morning of the last day, you will be met and transferred back to Liberia to connect with your scheduled international departure. The Fishing: The summer months in Flamingo Beach historically have the very best sailfish bite to be found in Costa Rica. - 33 -

$1,650.00 per person based on 4 anglers to the boat, $1,950.00 per person for 3 anglers to the boat and $2,395.00 per person for 2 to the boat. Description: Includes international airfare from Atlanta on Delta, RT van transportation Liberia-Flamingo Beach, 3 nights’ accommodations at Flamingo Beach Resort including breakfast, 2 full fishing days with lunch, drinks and tackle on board. A $500.00 per person, non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Group Size: 4 anglers to the boat. Season: June - August. Game: Sailfish. Available Dates: Nov 28-Dec 4, Dec 3-9 (6 spots), Dec 8-14, Jan 22-28 (full), Jan 27-Feb 2 ( full), Feb 1-7 (6 spots), Feb 6-12 ( full), Feb 11-17, Feb 16-22, Feb 21-27, Feb 26-Mar 4, Mar 3-9. For an even better offer, contact out office to inquire about the three fishing days package on American Airlines.


Tarpon and Snook in the heart of Central America

Lagoon and River Fishing in Honduras. Great Snook, Tarpon and an amazing variety of salt water gamefish in one of our most exotic destinations in the globe. The Fishing: A typical day of fishing will include an early morning breakfast and then your off to fish around 6:00 am. The run to the fishing will depend on where the best bite will be. This could be anywhere from five minutes to one hour away. The fishing could be along the mangroves that border the entire system, in the bar mouths of the Caratasca, or in the many lagoons and creeks that flow into the Warunta. Some of these creeks hold fresh water that allow for some great Guapote and Machaca fishing on ultra light tackle. A popular arrangement includes combining some of the inlet fishing with huge Jack Crevalles and Tarpon as well as Snook in the surf. If fishing from sun up to sun down is what you’re after, this is the place.

The Trip: The fishing potential in this vast lagoon and river system is unlimited. You will have the opportunity to fish the Warunta Lagoon for Snook, Tarpon, Guapote and many other species. The incredible Warunta River also empties in the lagoon and is an adventure in itself with wild animals and natives still living as they did centuries ago. From our new lodge, you can reach miles and miles of pristine waters including the huge Caratasca Inlet where Cuberra Snapper, Jack Crevalles, Kingfish, and Spanish Mackerel enter and exit with the tides. Our boats are 20 foot center console Panga’s with 85 horse motors and your guide will be an experienced local. The Accommodations: Our headquarters for this trip will be a new lodge situated on the best back water Snook and Tarpon fishing lagoon in Central America. Built from all native materials out on the lagoon, the lodge consists of four main cabins and a main lodge structure all connected by walkways. Hot water showers are just outside the room in a unique design to take advantage of the great sunset each day. The cabins are completely private, and perfect for the surroundings. The main lodge consists of our bar, dining room and lounge area. Menu items include of course Snook and other local sea foods as well as pastas, typical dishes and your favorite meats.

$2,495.00 per person from Miami. Includes RT flight Miami-San Pedro, all internal flights in Honduras, all room, meals at lodge, almost four full days of fishing. A $700.00 non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Game: Tarpon, Snook, Guapote, Cubera Snapper, Jack Crevalles, Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel. Available Dates: Call Trek for current availability.

The Itinerary: We have planned a six day/five night trip with three full and one half days of fishing. The normal trip starts on a Wednesday with a nonstop departure from Miami to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.You’ll be met and connect with a commuter flight some 30 minutes east to the city of La Ceiba. The group will overnight here in the La Quinta Hotel. The next day you head back to the airport for your 1 hour and fifteen minute flight east to the city of Puerto Lempira in the Meskitia area. You will be met on the ground by Trek manager Eric Benettsson who will transfer you to our lodge in the back lagoons. You’ll have most of the day on the water for fishing. Friday-Sunday will also be full fishing days. Monday morning we will transfer back to Pt Lempira for your flight to La Ceiba and connect to San Pedro for your flight home.

Trip Fees: Description:

- 34 -


The World’s top high volume Deep Sea destination Join Trek December through May in Guatemala for the finest Sailfishing on this planet. Daily boat releases are between 15-20 Sails. Don’t miss out and book today. The Trip: Upon arrival into Guatemala City, you will be met be driven 90 minutes to your accommodations on the coast. The next three mornings you will be up at 6:00am for breakfast before heading to the marina to board your boat for a full day of salt water action. Fly fishing equipment is available for your use with saltwater flies for sale at a nominal rate. When you get back to your lodge around 4:30pm, you will have time to relax around the pool with snacks and drinks while dinner is being prepared. After your last day of fishing, you will be transferred back to Guatemala City and your accommodations for the night. On the morning of day five, you will head to the international airport for your flight back home. The Accommodations: We will be using either the Casa Vieja Lodge, or the Sailfish Bay Lodge. Casa Vieja was formerly the private retreat of one of Guatemala’s most prominent sporting families. The manicured grounds surrounding this 10 bedroom lodge make it a place of true relaxation. Casa Vieja clients will be fishing aboard 3743 foot boats exclusively. Built on a barrier island, a five minute boat ride from the mainland, Sailfish Bay Lodge is a newly constructed 8 bedroom beach front property with the pool and jacuzzi overlooking the Pacific. Those staying at Sailfish Bay will be fishing boats in the 31-36ft range.

Trip Fees:

The Fishing: Although sail fish are your main target, you may also get shots at dorado, tuna and the occasional marlin. The best bite in Guatemala is generally within an hour of the marina. So, short runs in calm seas and tons of sail fish, what’s’ not to like? Throw in deluxe lodges with delicious meals and that is about as good as it gets.

- 35 -

Sailfish Bay Lodge: $3,150.00 per person based on 4 to the 31ft boat, $3,695.00 per person based on 3 to the boat or $4,150.00 per person based on 2 to the boat. Casa Vieja Lodge: $2,875.00 per person based on 4 to the boat, $3,425.00 per person for 3 to the boat and $4,175.00 per person for 2 to the boat. Fees based on double room occupancy. Description: Includes RT airfare from Miami on American Airlines, ground transfer Guatemala City-lodge, 3 nights’ accommodations with meals at the lodge (and bar at Sailfish Bay Lodge), 3 full fishing days with lunch, drinks and tackle on board, overnight in Guatemala City, fishing transfers. A 50% per person non refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Game: Sailfish, Dorado, Tuna and Marlin. Available Dates: Call the Trek office for current date availability.


Rod Bending Largemouth Action South of the Border Trek and Mexico are the perfect combination for some the greatest largemouth bass fishing in the world. Stay at the only Lakeside Lodge!!! The Trip: To get to Lake Baccarac, you may either fly a commercial aircraft into the city of Los Mochis and be driven three and one half hours to the lake, or you may opt to take a charter flight from El Paso, TX straight into the 5.200 foot strip at Bacubirito near the lodge. The Fishing: Lake Baccarac has always been known as a trophy Bass lake with weekly double-digit fish caught on a regular basis. The lake was stocked with Florida strained Largemouths back in 1978 and they took to their new surroundings remarkably well. The record on the lake is 19.3 pounds and anglers will tell you there have been many a bass lost that would eclipse this mark. Many of the guides are old veterans of the lake and are now excited about the new enthusiasm from recent reports. Just last week an angler released a fish that was 18.11 pounds and the buzz has yet to stop. Guides use 18 foot Crestliners with 60 horse motors to get you around the 25x5 mile lake with 30,000 acres of water at full pool. While Largemouths will hit most any bait when they are hungry, it is the plastic worms that produce the biggest fish. Flipping to structures near shorelines and casting to drop-offs have worked best. While the guides have as much as 20 years on the lake, they will work under manager/owner Rene Salazar who has worked with Trek at Lake Huites for many years. The main season at Baccarac $1,595.00 per person based on double occupancy (fee excludes airfare), $2,295.00 per person, based on 6 anglers for same trip using charter service to the Lake from El Paso. Description: Includes four nights’ accommodations with meals, three days fishing with license, and transfers from Los Mochis to Baccarac. A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: October - May. Game: Large Mouth Bass. Available Dates: Please call Trek for 2008-2009 available dates.

is October thru May, when temperatures are moderate and water levels are stable. The Accommodations: Lake Baccarac Lodge is the first lakeside lodge ever built on Baccarac. It will accommodate 32 anglers in relative luxury compared with what’s been available in the past. Rooms have two double beds, private baths and A/C. The lodge is horseshoe shaped with rooms on the wings and the dining/bar in the center. There will also be an outdoor palapa where meals can be taken under starry skies or blue bird spring days.

Trip Fees:

- 36 -

Andros Island - Bahamas

Chase the biggest Bonefish in the Caribbean

Trek presents two excellent options for spring flats fishing. Limited dates remain so call us today. BAIR´S LODGE - The Trip: The lodge is located right on the beach on the east side of Andros just south of Congo Town where there is an airstrip receiving charter and some limited commercial traffic. We have found the best route to Bair’s is either a direct charter from Ft. Lauderdale or a commercial flight to Nassau and then a short 15 minute flight to Congo Town. There is only a limited amount of availability left for spring dates which is peak season.

KAMALAME CAY - The Trip: Kamalame can be reached by flying Continental Airlines from Ft. Lauderdale to Andros Town or by flying into Nassau and chartering a floatplane to the dock or wheel based plane to Andros Town where it is a short drive to the resort. You will find your stay at Kamalame to be in a relaxed setting and accompanied by fine cuisine and well attended service. Spring and fall is the best time of year to visit if you plan to fish.

The Accommodations: Anyone who has fished South Andros the last 15 years or so has heard of Bair’s Lodge. Originally owned and operated by Stanley and Andy Bair, they took a beautiful small cottage on the ocean and turned it into one of the most popular bone fishing lodges in the Bahamas. Back then it was called Bair’s Guest House and it had wonderful food and service along with Stanley’s Key Lime pie. Bair’s was a hit with anglers despite its remote location. The Bair’s sold their little operation back in 2003 to an Argentine company which operates some of the very best fly fishing lodges in the world, today as always Bair’s Lodge is tops for Bonefishing.

The Accommodations: This upscale resort situated on 96 acres along the Atlantic offers first class accommodations and terrific fishing that is very attractive to both anglers and non-anglers. Kamalame has a variety of rooms, suites and villas that are beautifully decorated in tropical Indonesian designs. You won’t find any condos or malls here, just you and your companion on three miles of white sand beaches against turquoise waters.

The Fishing: Bair’s has expanded from taking groups of six, to now taking a maximum of 12 anglers recognizing the vast potential of the South Andros fishery. Places like Deep Creek, Little Creek and Curly Cays are well known to the stable of great guides at Bair’s. The best thing about Bair’s is that you always have a place to fish, because you can run in the creeks in bad weather or cruise south to stupid fish on calm days. Bair’s has recently purchased new 18 foot Dolphin Skiff with new Mercury Motors that will allow anglers to reach their favorite flats quicker.

The Fishing: Andros is legendary, especially for Bonefish. Anglers have taken double digit monsters on this island, but it is the availability of so many fish in the 4-8 pound class that drives flats lovers to Andros. Guides use their 16 foot Maverick skiffs with four stroke motors to get you to the flats and then pole or wade to stalk the fish. While there are some very productive flats heading both north and south along the coast, it is the Jolters Cays that is the most productive area. While it is a solid hour away, it is well worth the run and those who like to wade will love it. It should be noted that you do not have to be an expert angler nor do you have to be a flyrodder, the guides will use whatever method is most productive. Trip Fees:

- 37 -

Bair’s Lodge: from $ 2,650.00 to $ 3,800.00 depending on the dates and number of rods. Kamalame Cay: Call for quotes. Prices are per person and based on double occupancy. Description: Includes all rooms, meals and fishing. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Spring and Fall. Game: Bonefish. Available Dates: Call the TREK office for current availability.


Outstanding Small Mouth Bass float trip Spring has arrived and with it your chance to catch 30-50 smallmouths’ per day!!! Don’t miss out on the chance to experience one of Trek’s very best Bass destinations. The Fishing: You will drift 35-60 miles of a magnificently secluded river filled with Smallmouth Bass rarely seeing another raft. This is an excellent trip for introducing beginning anglers to smallmouth bass fishing. We feel that top water fishing, whether by plug or artificial fly, is one of the most exciting ways of fishing for these spunky fish because of their explosive power. The John Day River offers excellent top water fishing. ARA guides are very knowledgeable, with over 25 years of boating and fishing experience. Their boating skills will insure your safety and their fishing skills will take you to the secret spots so you can catch the big ones! The guides are CPR/Medic 1 trained and certified for your safety. Rafts are the boats of choice, placing you high off the water for easier and more precise casting.

The Trip: Are you looking for a unique fishing experience? Most fishing trips offer you great fishing, the John Day River offers this and much more. In the 25 years since Smallmouth Bass were introduced to the John Day River, they have literally taken over 106 miles of the river. Many days will find you catching and releasing 50+ bass per day. These range from 3/4 to well over six pounds. The John Day River, because of its remoteness, offers something other fishing trips don’t; tranquility. This is a perfect trip for the entire family. Depending on your choice you will be fishing three to five days. Your John Day River Wilderness Adventure begins when an Arrowhead River Adventure agent meets you at the Redmond/ Bend, Oregon Airport. If you arrive late in the afternoon you will overnight in either Redmond or Prineville. For morning arrivals, you will head out to the launch site with a quick stop to pick up fishing licenses, alcoholic beverages, if desired, and last minute personal items. It’s a beautiful drive, so have your camera handy. You and your guide will be on the water by 7 a.m., two guests per boat maximum. You will be catching 30-50 smallmouth bass per day depending on your casting skills.

$1,295.00 per person for a three day/three night trip, $1,495.00 per person for a four day/four night trip and $1,695.00 for the five day/five night trip. Description: Includes transportation to and from the Redmond/Bend Airport, meals camping gear, tents, mattresses, solar showers, etc., comfortable rafts with custom frames and bass seats to fish from. A non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Season: Late spring into summer. Game: Smallmouth Bass. Available Dates: Three, Four and Five day trips offered May-July. Call today for date availability.

The Accommodations: For three or more days you will make your way down the river fishing the many different holes along the way. You will be camping under star-lit skies each night in comfortable tents. All camping gear is provided except for sleeping bags. Four man tents are used, two guests per tent so that you will have plenty of room. You will sleep like a baby on durable self-inflating mattresses. Solar showers are provided for a relaxing warm shower at the end of the day. Food is prepared by the camp cook while you hike or just sit and enjoy the scenery. Bacon-wrapped filets, Dutch-oven lasagna, BBQ country style ribs, raspberry hazelnut meringue will give you the energy to fight those 30-50 bass you will be catching on a daily basis. You will have a bass fry as an added treat one night. You will be served three meals a day plus snacks. On the last day you will be transported back to Redmond/ Bend, Oregon for your flight home.

Trip Fees:

- 38 -


Exciting destinations for Pikes, Smallmouths, Walleye and Trout Canada brings you three outstanding lodges: pine island, north seal river and minor bay. Call us today to reserve your spots. Check out summer specials being offered by some of the lodges. NORTH SEAL RIVER LODGE - In Canada at about 58°N and 99°W is a fishing lodge called North Seal River. It’s owned an operated by the Gangler family who have been doing this sort of thing for more than 20 years. What they do is offer a deluxe facility with over 7,200 square miles of fishing territory for some of the world’s best Pike, Grayling, Walleye and Lake trout angling. The NSRL accommodates 24 guests only in beautiful wood cabins that allows you the privacy and comfort you would expect and also a view of the wild northern Manitoba country. Here you will see pine and birch forests exploding in the warmth of summer and provides cover for the bears, moose, wolves and home to the eagle and osprey. But it’s the fishing that grabs your attention and for many catching trophy Northern Pike and the other mentioned fresh water fish are just the sort of confirmation you needed that you are in a special place. The North Seal River System was born of glaciers and formed 12 waterways and over 100 lakes. You will have the opportunity to fly out to some real virgin areas on Gangler’s DeHavilland Otter or Beaver for an extremely reasonable day of adventure. Getting to NSRL is easy, after an overnight in Winnipeg you are flown straight to the lodge the next day on their private charter flight.

pounds. But make no mistake, most anglers come here for the Pike and June-August is best. The lodge accomodates 26 guests and is a mix of tastefully decorated cabins spread out amongst the property that will hold anywhere from a couple to a family of eight. PINE ISLAND LODGE - This has been a Trek mainstay for over ten years now and we are please to represent them once again for 2008. Owner’s Brian and Barbara Burgess have continued a long family tradition of hosting anglers from around the world. This is an easy trip for everyone who wishes to take Smallmouth Bass, Pike, and Walleye in a relaxed atmosphere for four full days along the beautiful Winnipeg River. Pine Island has wonderful fishing right at its doorstep but also some excellent opportunities to fish incredible numbers at Crowduck Lake (via portage) or George Lake for Smallmouth (via flyout). Your accommodations are duplex cabins with each having a nice view of the river. All trips start on arrival to Winnipeg. Trip Fees:

MINOR BAY LODGE - There is no question that Wollaston Lake in the Province of Saskatchewan, is one of the best trophy pike fisheries in the world. With over 1,100 square miles of water, and many shallow water bays, Wollaston has the perfect habitat for Giant Pike, Walleye and Lake Trout. Getting to Minor Bay is easy when you consider it remoteness. You will need to arrange your airfare into Saskatoon where you will be met and taken to your hotel for the first night. The next day we take an early morning charter flight directly to Points North landing where you’ll be shuttled to the lodge. After a hearty breakfast, it’s off to fish a full day. The next three days are full fishing days and then depart the same way we arrived. All told this is a six day and five night trip with four full fishing days. Along with the tackle busting Pike, there are some really nice Walleye and some huge lakers over 50 - 39 -

Pine Island Lodge: $2,795.00, North Seal River Lodge: $3,595.00 Minor Bay Lodge: $ 3,395.00 (plus GST tax) per person all based on double occupancy. Ask about special $ 2,550.00 per person rate on selected dates! Description: Pine Island Lodge: Includes all room, meals, fishing and transfers. Trip is six days and five nights with four fishing days. A $ 500.00 non-refundable deposit is required. North Seal River Lodge: Includes four fishing days, meals and charter flight. A $ 1,200.00 non-refundable deposit is required. Minor Bay Lodge: Includes air charter, four days fishing with room, meals and all transfers. A nonrefundable deposit is required. Season: Pine Island Lodge: May-August. North Seal River Lodge & Minor Bay Lodge: June-August. Game: Small Mouth Bass, Pike and Walleye and Trout. Available Dates: Pine Island Lodge: On request. North Seal River Lodge: June 22-27, June 29-July 4, July 6-11, July 20-25, July 27-Aug 1, Aug 3-8, Aug 10-15, Aug 17-22. Minor Bay Lodge: June 22-27, June 26-July 1, July 7-12, July 22-27, July 30-Aug 4.


Unique Fishing Adventures far away from Civilization Check out our lineup for alaskan destinations for summer 2008. Based on our history and ongoing research, we think this year’s lineup is the best we’ve ever offered. Regardless of your budget, we have a trip for you. Crystal Creek built a brand new facility on the shores of the Naknek River some six miles outside the town of King Salmon. But what hasn’t changed is its reputation of offering superb fly out service to some of the best Salmon and Trout fishing in Alaska, not to mention the expert attention to details that have earned them the respect of clients and peers alike. Owners Dan and Lori Michels can draw on some 19 years of experience in some of the most remote parts of Alaska and both are expert pilots and guides in their own rights. Using both float and wheel equipped aircraft; they will get you on the best spots within the Bristol Bay Region that is home to five Pacific salmon species and huge rainbow trout. In addition to the fishing, Crystal Creek offers terrific upland hunts for Ptarmigan and some great water fowling.

Western Alaska Sport Fishing is one of the best tent-based programs in Alaska and also happens to be the best Alaskan experience you will find. There is nothing like sleeping and living with the bears, eagles, moose and caribou. Owner Dave Egdorf has been at this for 22 years and knows how to please. During this trip you will enjoy two different camps on the King Salmon and Nushigak River that offer some great angling for Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden and Arctic Grayling. Don’t let the word “tent” fool you, this is more a mobile lodge than anything else.

Trip Fees:

$4,995.00 per person from Dillingham. Maximum four anglers per week. Description: Six days fishing (three in each camp) and wonderful service on this incredible, pristine experience. Season: June-September. Game: Pacific Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden and Arctic Grayling. Available Dates: Schedule is Friday - Friday, call the Trek Office for available dates.

Trip Fees:

- 40 -

$7,250.00 per week (June/July) and $7,750.00 per week (August/September). Description: Six days fishing. Season: June-September. Game: Pacific Salmon and trout. Available Dates: Call the Trek Office for available dates.

Rainbow Bay Resort is cedar logged facility tucked in Pedro Bay on the eastern shores of Lake Iliamna is a perfect getaway for anglers looking for a well rounded fishing trip. You will fish near the Bristol Bay watershed where trout and salmon are taken on a regular basis as well as halibut from the Cook Inlet only 15 minutes away by plane. Anglers fly out each day with a schedule designed specifically for you the paying customer. Rainbow Bay has eight very spacious rooms and the lodge is considered rustically deluxe by anyone’s standards. Compared to other fly out operations RBR is a great value.

Bristol Bay Sport Fishing is very pleased to announce its return as part of our Alaska Program. Owners Joe and Janice Paul purchased an existing lodge on the shores of Lake Iliamna and offer guests a wonderful fly out program that caters to those looking for a personal touch in a deluxe environment for a very reasonable price. Anglers will have their chance to fish a variety of rivers, creeks and streams that make the Bristol Bay Region the place to be for Salmon and huge Rainbows. Bristol Bay accommodates 12 anglers a week in cedar cabins and all the comforts of home.

Trip Fees: Description: Season: Game: Available Dates:

$6,750.00 per person. Six days of fishing. June-September. Pacific Salmon and trout. Call the Trek Office for available dates.

Trip Fees: Description: Season: Game: Available Dates:

Boardwalk Lodge is tucked in the quiet waters of Thorne Bay along Alaska’s southeast Coast, Boardwalk Lodge accentuates the natural beauty that is our 49th State. This five star lodge accommodates 18 guests in “rustic luxury” and offers some of the best fresh and salt water action in the region. Whether you wish to take Halibut or Salmon from just off the shore of Prince of Wales Island, or catch Trout or Dolly Varden from the nearby lakes, river and streams, we are sure you will enjoy this wonderful trip. Prince of Wales Island is located just 38 miles north of Ketchikan in the fabled Inland Passage. Glacier backdrops and frolicking humpback whales are all part of the panorama at Boardwalk.

Trip Fees:

$4,195.00 - 3 days fishing. $4,795.00 - 4 days fishing. $5,395.00 - 5 days fishing. Description: Three, four or five day trips, starting from Ketchikan. Season: June-September. Game: Halibut, Pacific Salmon, Trout, Dolly Varden and Arctic Grayling. Available Dates: Call the Trek Office for available dates.

- 41 -

$5,950.00 per person. Five days fishing from Iliamna. June-September. Pacific Salmon and trout. Call the Trek Office for available dates.

Cordoba Dove hunts rock on There are few places where the experience lives up to the hype but our dove hunts in Cordoba have most often exceeded anyone’s expectations. Trek has never given into stretching the truth to lure anglers or hunters, preferring to tell it like it is and let the trip speak for itself. But please allow us a little indulgence, because Cordoba has earned it. It was 19 years ago that Trek first inspected the Cordoba area for future dove trips with a young and energetic Alex Hayes. It wasn’t hard to vision great hunting here as the dove were flying across the highway. But what we never expected was the incredible success that evolved. Starting out in small hotels in the Jesus Maria and Asochinga areas north of Cordoba, we quickly realized the value of housing hunters in our own lodges. In succession came not one, or two but four deluxe lodges accommodating thousand of hunters every year. Alex soon employed the services of his bother Zeke and together they grew their staff and initiated a level of service that to date

has yet to be duplicated in Cordoba. They literally bought dove roosting areas and sought to control as much of the flyway in Cordoba as possible. This has provided a wide variety of shooting scenarios and reduced the amount of available lands to be exploited by competitors. In some cases like at Rio Seco, the Hayes Brothers actually farm the lands to draw in pigeons and doves and thus created a new market for our hunters. Each of the four lodges (Sierra Verde, La Loma, Rio Seco and La Portenita) has a style and character all their own and managed by a staff that is both organized and professional. Your stay will include meals of fine tenderloins, incredible desert dishes and the best Argentine wines. And if you wish, you my toast the day with a Cuban cigar and glass of Port. At each of our four locations, you will be transported and hunted with the finest equipment available from the nice Mercedes vans to Beretta and Benelli shotguns. You want first class? This is it!!

Brazil short trips in demand

intervention. These fisheries are very productive when the water levels are optimum, and when they are not, the entire camp is moved to the next location. That is the beauty of this operation, the ability to set up shop where the fishing is best and to move when it is not. To better serve our growing list of peacock anglers, Trek designed an exclusive short stay program with owners River Plate Outfitters. This program covers one week and you will enjoy almost five days of fishing. We think this is the perfect amount of time to spend in the bush as most have felt that they had caught enough fish with sore hands and a nice Amazonian tan as evidence. And make no mistake about it; this is a real jungle a d ve n t u r e w i t h critters like crocodiles, piranha and fresh water dolphin out your front door and jaguars, tapir and anaconda roaming out back. Not to worry, you’ll be safe and sound in your air conditioned cabin complete with your private bathroom. Your meals are taken in the central dining/lounge cabin where you will enjoy the sights and sounds of a world far away. This trip starts with your arrival into Manaus and then whisked away in a private float plane charter to camp. Only you and the pilot will know the coordinates, but you are connected to the outside world by radio and satellite phone. There are only four dates available for 2008-09.

In the tropical waters of the Amazon lives the mighty peacock bass where anglers from all over the world come to test their skills and luck on this ferocious fish. Many of them repeat this voyage every year and why not, the Amazon is one of the great wonders of the world and worth a visit on its own merits, but adding the thrill of catching the peacock makes it a must do trip. The Rio Negro River and surrounding areas offer by far the best place in the world to take trophy fish and numbers too. Anglers have their choice of venues between a large mothership, a fixed lodge or a remote floating cabin. It is this last venue that has been receiving lots of attention as the shallow drafting floating cabins are convoyed into areas where they are surrounded by natural barriers that act as a buffer from any outside

- 42 -

Trek expands African destinations

Snook now in seasons at Warunta Lagoon

In case you didn’t notice, last issue we expanded our African destinations to include a Cape Buffalo hunt in Mozambique and a Plains Game hunt in South Africa. These fine new hunts are a joint venture with Mark and Glen Haldane of Game and Bird Hunters Africa who have been working with Trek since 1992, primarily outfitting our mixed bag bird shoots in South Africa and Botswana. While Trek has offered some terrific big game hunts in the past, it has never been our main focus as we have been quite busy offering the best birds hunts available in the world. But despite our lack of marketing to big game hunters, we still get many calls asking if we could set up their trips and offer some advice. As is the case in any hunting trip that costs thousands of dollars, you the consumer expect a level of organization

There is no better place we know to take three different species of snook on artificial baits than Warunta Lagoon in Honduras. The common, fat and swordspine snook all inhabit this back water fishery where you and your buddies will have access to hundreds of miles of pristine water at your disposal. Along the Miskito coast of Honduras that extends from Brus Lagoon heading west into Nicaragua, there are several large lagoon systems with a gateway to the Caribbean. One such lagoon is called Caratasca with one of its arms being the Warunta where our lodge is located on a small spit of sandy bottom and backed up to the savanna jungle. But it is the close proximity to calm, brackish waters and an excellent mix of mangroves and structure that make Warunta special place. Our fleet of 20-22 foot panga style boats with 65-85 are attended by local guides who are well familiar with the lagoon system. With such a vast network of creeks, lagoons and rivers, there is no shortage of areas to fish and you can opt to fish two minutes from the lodge or as long as 45 minutes to the Caratasca mouth to the Caribbean. Of course our main focus is the common snook that can be taken here by casting various top water lures or crank baits as well as your favorite streamer. At times some trolling is done to locate the fish and they respond very aggressively. During the months June-September the much needed minor wet season starts in the form of intermittent rains that creates a natural flow of water and concentrates forage in the lagoons, creeks and rivers. At times anglers can catch as many as 50 snook a day and often times more. It’s amazing the damage these pesky fish can do to brand new Ratt’l Trap, on occasions the finish is completely gone and he snook still crash it. Tarpon are also on the prowl during these months and can be taken in the 30-100 round range using tip water or sinking crankbaits. The lodge consists of four over the water bungalows and a central dining room and bar area. There is also a nice gathering area in the gazebo where tales of the day are wildly exaggerated. Be warned, Warunta is in a remote place with no set schedules, computers, TV’s or civilization. Now that’s refreshing!!

and experience that can fulfill your expectations. And given the distance needed to travel to Africa, it is especially critical that you choose an agency and outfitter with the proper credentials and reputation; like Trek and Game Hunters Africa. The Plains Game Hunt is a great value for those looking for their first foray into Big Game hunting in Africa or to combine it with our bird shoots. South Africa has the type of infrastructure and habitat that allows hunters a wonderful opportunity to take some trophy animals without major hurdles associated with some other countries. Various Antelopes, Wildebeest, Warthogs and Zebras, are just a few of the species that you will encounter and the Haldane’s have some excellent concessions in the hunting areas and offer their expert opinions. If you want to upgrade your safari to one or all of the Big Five, this can be designed and arranged as well. The Cape Buffalo Hunt to Mozambique in particular gets a lot of attention because of the size of the buffalo and the intriguing landscape that has not changed for decades. In the coming months we will be adding some new trips to Africa like a photo and touring safaris to South Africa as well as a bow hunt in Botswana. But for now we are very excited to offer these exciting adventures to the Dark Continent. - 43 -

NICARAGUA IS HUNTERS PARADISE Come hunt the land of lakes and volcanos. Nicaragua offers the most diverse program of waterfowl and dove hunts in Central america. Whether you wish to be whisked away by helicopters from your seaside resort, or stay in historical managua and hunt from our privately owned lagoons full of teal. Regardless of your budget or hunting requirements, trek has a hunt for you in nicaragua.

The leaders in Interna tional Wingshooting for over 35 years T r e k I n t e r n a t i o n a l S a f a r i s - P. O . B O X 13 0 5 - P o n t e V e d r a B e a c h , F L 3 2 0 0 4 R e s e r v a t i o n s : 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 5 4 - 9 9 1 5 - O t h e r B u s- 44 i n -e s s : ( 9 0 4 ) 2 7 3 - 7 8 0 0 - F A X : ( 9 0 4 ) 2 7 3 - 0 0 9 6 We b Pa g e : w w w. t r e k s a f a r i s . c o m - e m a i l : t r e k @ t r e k s a f a r i s . c o m

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