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Big Game Hunting

Unparalleled natural beauty and world class trophies make “La Colorada” one of the top Big Game Ranches in South America.

"Thank you for an excellent sporting hunt. Exciting buffalo and boar; great food and very comfortable place. Many thanks to everybody.” Paul Roberts W. J. Jeffery and Co. London. October 5, 2005.

“To Luis, José, Charlie, Natalia and Milena (the gourmet cheff), This has been one of the most enjoyable and productive safaris of my life. High quality animals and plenty of them. I never in my life had a Top Ten: imagine 4 Top Tens in one week, unbelievable!!! The food was delicious, and what a pleasure to eat what we shot. Jane also enjoyed herself. She came hunting part of every day and helped spot the game. Thanks a million, see you in Reno.” Dr. Tom Murphy - Glenview - IL - USA. March 20, 2005.

Sportsmen can hunt for sever Red Deer, Puma, Russian Boar, Blackbuck, Eu Fallow Deer, Feral Goat, Feral Sheep, Multi-H

“Luis, We had a great time. Everything was better than expected. The staff was great and the facility is the finest we ever encountered. The hunt was exciting, challenging and rewarding. We loved our hunt in Argentina.� Tom & Karen Muchesko - USA. March, 2005.

al different species including: European Mouflon, Water Buffalo, Axis Deer, Horned Ram, Texas Dall Ram, Somalia Ram.

"I have hunted in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Alaska, Asia, but hunting in Argentina was the top! I never imagine to get 12 animals in 10 days! The friendship of everybody is excellent, I feel like at home. Thanks!� Ulrich Spieler - Switzerland. August 9, 2006.

"Thank you for giving David and I the best hunt we've ever been on. Everything was great!!! Because of the great time we had, David and I will be returning soon. Thank you.” David Tuttle & Erin Schilke - USA. June 6, 2004.

“What a trophy pig!! The birds... excellent. Like the governor says: “I’ll be back!” Thank you to the staff, this place is heaven on earth.” Dave Suck - Alaska - USA. June, 2008.

Superior trophy quality has always been our goal. During the last 6 years, we have taken over 35 Top Ten trophies for the SCI Record Books including: Nº1 and Nº2 Fallow Deer, Nº2 Red Deer, Nº1 Multi-Horn, Nº1 and Nº2 Feral Goats, just to name a few...

“This has been one of the greatest and most exciting hunting experiences ever! Hard working guides... lots of game... really great food. Top on my list for a return hunt” Robert Sherard - Huntersville, North Carolina - USA. April, 2008.

La Colorada  

Brochure de La Colorada

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