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Do you want to


your book but don't know how?

Bali Writing Retreat: 1st-6th Nov 2019 These are the topics we will cover: • • • • • • •

• • • • • • •

The writing process How to structure your book Good writing practice The editing process Refining your book pitch How to fund your project The publishing process

Marketing you & your book Your author platform Blogging for writers Your book launch Getting book reviews Bookstores & GLOBAL distribution Selling your book



for Su Sub pern a scri bers l

Your Investment

Book and pay by 1st July 2019 and

This six-day program will transform your writing life. Join this small group (maximum of 10) in Bali 8–13 June 2019 at the gorgeous Sankara Suites & Villas, Ubud.

get the SUPER EARLY BIRD price


Your story is going to grow in ways that you cannot imagine and your life will open up to the unexpected.

Full price: $4,450.00

Who is this for? Someone wanting to write a business book (health, coaching, travel, finance etc), memoir, family history, or novel. This immersive retreat will allow you the space and time to get really stuck into your book project. With the right planning you could write the whole book in the 24 hours allowed for writing.

Want to come to Bali with me and my crew to write your book? Your Mentor and Host:

Blaise van Hecke The Book Chick

EARLY BIRD price - Book and pay by 1st Sept 2019 - $3,950 ADD a full Publishing Package so once you are back from Bali your book goes into production to become reality SUPER EARLY BIRD price Book and pay by 1st Sept 2019 - $12,450

The publishing package includes: • • • • •

Location photography in Bali (optional) Full project management Full author support (holding your hand) ISBN/barcode registry Copyedit of full book (up to 50,000 words) • Full design & creation of cover • Full design & layout of internals (with up to 15 images) • Ebook creation and upload

• Set up for GLOBAL distribution • 100 printed books (Colour cover, black & white internals) *selling these will recoup $2,750 in sales • Media release • Publishing & launch guides (printed books) • 50 bookmarks • Design of pull-up banner & flyers

Full payment due for all participants: 20 May 2019. However, we can arrange payment plans. This program is packed with value. Airfares NOT included. All prices in Australian dollars.


To secure your place, please contact us now for more information and to register.

Email or call +61394346365 or 0416157281

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supernal [soo-pur-nl] adjective

Being in or belonging to the heaven of divine beings; heavenly, celestial, or divine. Lofty; of more than earthly or human excellence, powers, etc. Being on high or in the sky or visible heavens.

Assistant Art Director: Rachel Watt Designers / Page Layouts: Busybird Publishing Advertising Manager: Tanya Stavropoulos Feature Story: Natasha Lazdins Cover Photography: Natasha Lazdins Cover Design: Rachel Watt Contributors: Brooklyn Storme, Derran Heney, Freya Sampson, Gary Sullivan, Jason D Varga, Joti Gore, Liesl Horne, Samantha Duly, ShirleySienna Coventry, Tadd, Varij Varidium Copyright: No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of Supernal Australia Magazine Founders or Editor. Disclaimer: The views and comments expressed by individuals and contributors do not necessarily represent those of the publishers and no legal responsibility can be accepted for the result of the use by readers of information or advice/suggestions of whatever kind given in this publication, either editorially or from advertising. Refer to for further details. Supernal Magazine Australia is a division of Supernal Media Pty Ltd ACN: 631 649 584 ABN: 91 631 649 584

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20 SUPERNAL 6 | Ed’s Letter

Inspiring women and so much more!

8 |Movie Review

Supernal attends the pre-launch viewing of 2040 – a must see documentary.

9| Products

Showcasing this month’s top three Supernal picks in health and wellbeing products.


10 | Discovering Myth, Magic and Legends in Everyday Life

Insights for May on healing and change through personal awakening.



18 | Things That Go Bump in the Night What we don’t understand about the spirit realm often seems scary, but Sam Duly shares her experiences and explains why this doesn’t have to be the case.


20 | Journey to Nicaragua - A Young Girl’s Dream, Shattered and Found Read Natasha Lazdins’ compelling story of recovery, from breaking her back to finding her way to living an amazing life in Nicaragua. Natasha now raises funds to assist the impoverished local people and the animals left enslaved and abandoned due to the country’s civil hardships.

12| Enlighten Up


Freya Sampson enlightens us on the basics of understanding the chakras.

28| Health, Wellbeing and the Holistic Healing Arts


Living in the Eye of the Storm, The Yoga of Jesus. A deep-dive into the essence of all spirituality – LOVE.

16| Donna Campisi - The Unlikely Marathoner Donna is an inspiring woman and stroke survivor, who lives her life helping people understand there’s nothing they can’t do!



Supernal Magazine

30| Food of the Month Kiwi fruit and Zucchini offer more than just a tasty treat, they are packed full of vitamin C and minerals for the winter months.

12 32| Discovering Ayurveda Awakening the five senses for a healthy life.

34| Reflections



PARANORMAL 48| Happy Haunting

The best way to seek freedom is through forgiveness... or is it?

Aradale, in the township of Ararat, Victoria has a disturbing 130-year history as an experimental hospital and being labelled a Lunatic Asylum.



38| Mental Health Matters Investigate the relationship between your emotions and your food choices.

40| The Mentalist Spiritual or Psychological - Help or Hex? Jason D. Varga looks at the four main types of ‘modern’ spiritualists around us today.


44| The Aussie Dream Decoder While dreams are subjective and need interpretation, it is very important to be objective in that interpretation, but how do we understand the difference?


46 | Sign of the Month: Gemini I Am

Gemini knows a little bit about everything, or at least they know how or where to find out about whatever it is you might want to know.

50| The Spiritual Business: Manifesting Maven The science behind manifesting business goals. Approaching goal attainment through setting your intention and developing your business vision.


52 | Numerology What does the number 5 represent in May?

52 | Quote of the Month Be Empowered by Layne Beachley.

53 | Contributor Bios 56 | Ad Directory 58 | Business Cards

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A Letter from the Editor


Inspiring Women Anthony Kilner

Since our second issue hit the www airwaves, we’ve been asked quite a few more times how people can read the mag more efficiently. From this issue onwards the link to the mag will be simpler and only require one click instead of two. We’ll also be adding a small ‘How To’ video on our social media platforms, on how to navigate the links in the magazine.

help bring these amazing horses back to a life of love instead of toil.

We have been amazed by the feedback so far. Please keep us in the loop with what you are feeling and experiencing and let us know how we can modify things to make your viewing experience better. It’s been a steep learning curve so far and the team have been putting in a fantastic effort to get the mag out – it’s been very humbling!

“Anything we can do to help make their lives a little easier, less hungry and more loved, will mean so much for them.”

Our feature story this month is about Aussie born, Natasha Lazdin’s epic journey through life, breaking her back, walking again and following her dreams. Natasha is now living and working in Nicaragua and looking after rescue horses. Natasha is currently raising funds to


Supernal Magazine

Animals in Third World countries can have an awfully hard life. Anything we can do to help make their lives a little easier, less hungry and more loved, will mean so much for them. Check out Natasha’s full story, it’s well worth the read!

The first of our Supernal Interview Series is with Donna Campisi – The Unlikely Marathoner. When we talk fighting spirit, Donna’s story will inspire many people to take on the big challenge with baby steps. Donna is a humble lady that has faced a considerable amount of very

MAY 2019 serious health issues. When I first met her at a book launch she had me in tears as she shared her pain, her joys and her laughter. Along with the interview in the magazine, we’ll also include a short video link of the interview for social media with the full interview available for viewing through the webpage. We’ll also be working on making a downloadable podcast of it as well, so that you can save it to your favourite device and listen in when it suits. Welcome to the Supernal Interview Series.

“Donna is a humble lady that has faced a considerable amount of very serious health issues. When I first met her at a book launch she had me in tears…” We are on the hunt for inspirational stories out there in the community both locally and globally, so feel free to get in touch with us if you have some interview and story ideas. We’ve got a rough plan for the next six months of features and interviews, so if we can fill in the blanks with some amazing stories then it adds to our ethos of ‘ordinary people doing extraordinary things!’ We will be starting up a new column called ‘Your Say’. We are inviting you to give your opinion on content or ask questions of the columnists, myself or in general.

Now obviously we are going to have to limit word counts, so please try to be concise if you have a question and our responses will be equally to the point. Of course, all the columnists have a business based around what they do, so if you are interested you can contact them individually and book a session. So hit your phone or keyboard and send us an email about your story, a question or your thoughts on the mag and where we are taking it.

Simply email

and we’ll see what we can do to help you out.

Cheers, enjoy the read and have a Supernal month!

l l a r o f u o y k n a Th ur support yo er


y n tho

n l i K

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April 2019

2040 - A Film by Damon Gameau Reviewed by ShirleySienna

The Melbourne premiere of 2040, the new film by Australian actor, director and filmmaker Damon Gameau, was held at Rivoli Cinema in Hawthorn East, on Monday 15th April. This was a part of the roll out previews around the country. Damon also wrote, directed and was the ‘sugar man’ in ‘That Sugar Film’, which has been a worldwide documentary success creating real life changes on a global level. The film is based around a letter to his young daughter Velvet, and ponders the question of what life will be like for her and the rest of us on this planet Earth in the year 2040. I was very impressed with the ‘condition’ that Damon places upon himself, that he cannot just make things up or imagine what it will be like environmentally on this planet in 2040, he has to adhere to what things are already in place, feasible, workable and possible. 2040 doesn’t claim to have all the answers to global warming, climate change, eradicating poverty or world hunger, but it does give a very positive outlook without overly stretching the willingness of society to change. The film reveals some very interesting farming and carbon reform procedures, so simple and already being worked with right here in Australia, that I had to say to myself, “Well why isn’t this just the norm and regulated now?” Damon shows his audience solar panel use to power villages in Bangladesh, seaweed farming to reduce the carbon factor and children interviewed with their thoughts, dreams and wishes about the future of our world and environment. This brought me into a very positive mindset. 2040 provides a hopeful outlook that we as a community without too much ado can instil environmentally responsible industry standards, instead of ongoing carnage, we can not only reduce, but reverse a lot of damage. I recommend that everyone from kiddies to the very elderly should watch this film. 2040 will be released to the general public on May 23rd. The book 2040 is also available. For more information, you can visit the 2040 website, 8

Supernal Magazine

Featured Products WRAPPA Reusable Food Wraps

What a Wrappa idea!

Going green does not need to be boring. Make one small change, and anyone can replace single use plastics with a WRAPPA Reusable Food Wrap and that will make a huge difference to the environment. Made from 100 percent organic cotton with either a beeswax or Vegan friendly plant based wax blend, these funky environmentally friendly wraps will last for around a year, and that’s a lot of plastic saved! The Wrappa sticks to any surface with just the warmth of your hands and keeps food in great shape with its natural anti-bacterial properties. On the website there are a beautiful range of exclusive fabric designs to check out . RRP: Priced from $20.00

Himalayan Salt Lamps - Naturally Beautiful Imagine having a piece of history in your home, in the form of a Himalayan salt lamp, ‘manufactured’ by Mother Nature over 200,000 years ago! The hand carved Himalayan rock salt lamps bring a tranquil feeling to any environment. The benefits of salt lamps according to Rock Salt Lamps feedback and, aside from their warm glow, therapeutic in itself, help with sleeping, congestion, dealing with artificial light and creating a more positive feel in the space. From rock salt tea light candle holders to large rock salt lamps, selenite lamps and towers, pure essential oils and accessories, Rock Salt Lamps provide happy place solutions. RRP: Pricing starts from just $7.00

Spirituality Teas for Health SpiritualiTEA is an Award Winning Herbal Tisane and Tea range, created by Naturopath, Herbalist and Tea Master, Cheryl Brady. Drawing on the wisdom of nature’s healing herbs and teas, each blend is filled with intent and healing energy. The original Chakra range aims to balance the energy within you and your chakras. Whilst the ever growing Universal Energy range, assists you to work with the energy around you, working with elements such as the Moon, Animals and the Angels. The range is now available in our flagship store, The Tea Empress North Fitzroy, a world of tea with a dash of SpiritualiTEA. RRP: Prices range from $20 to $26

Supernal Magazine


by ShirleySienna

Divine Time Myth, Magic and Legend

May is the 5th month and dancing around the maypole is possible. Grabbing the chakra coloured ribbons lets you take flight. You just need to change your mind, own your time and find your rhythm. This becomes possible by engaging in your own personal dance of chakra healing and basic forgiveness training. Sacral Chakra work now will enable personal power, creativity, courage and not just the ability, but the realisation that one has already come to a point of forgiveness. “What is experienced, seen, felt and ‘known’ on a spiritual level, cannot be undone.” Merlin the Magician’s best service, was to encourage the hand of little Arthur to reach for the sword in order for him to become King. Drawing the sword from the


Supernal Magazine

stone - opening the heart chakra - was the first major step for Arthur in realising his personal power, to stop underestimating himself and to forgive his kin whom had treated him less than well.

emotional Chakra may assist you in responding instead of reacting (there is a difference) and, with practice, you begin to see that all is supposed to be just as it is, and that destiny to some degree ‘may’ actually be set in stone after all. Miracles and Magic can happen when you heighten your senses and realign and activate your Chakras - your inbuilt alignment system and self-service centre. “…a magical journey of change is now in play, and there is no going back. It’s a one-way door.”

The David Bowie song ‘Changes’, says “Time may change me, but I can’t trace time.” By reviewing the past, blessing it and giving thanks for all that has happened, you can begin to understand what has, and is, happening, instead of exhausting yourself on all levels trying to control people and situations.

May and June are numerically tuned for enablement. The 5th and 6th months add to 11 and give opportunity for change in relationships. During this time you may draw forth sword, pen or even find a magic wand, and by using it for good rather than evil, (meaning for the self and highest good of all, rather than for the self, and without regard for others), life has the potential to evolve to a higher and more satisfying level. Set your intention and meditate or contemplate on a daily basis, acknowledge that it is a magical gift to be alive and start to free yourself up from the time matrix.

Taking a divine breath into the Solar Plexus-

Understanding that there is more to time than the

Beginning on May 22 kin 209 Red Magnetic Moon supports ‘attracting opportunity in order to release and heal’ and opens up the way for us to allow in a change in mindset for the better.


Divine Guidance assistance in order to truly surrender to divine intervention. This could be your saving grace. “Moment to moment, it’s all in the play.” Jose Argüelles

Photo Credit: ShirleySienna

‘clock on, clock off, tick, tock schedule’, enables you to instigate healing and personal awakening simply by drawing your attention to a new perspective. Be open and acknowledge the synchronicities that come your way. The feathers and coins that seem to appear from nowhere and other symbols that commonly occur i.e.: number patterns of doubles and triples, such as the 11:11 which means awaken, illumination, entry way and divine foundations. The 555 that means a multitude of angelic entities are around you any time you need a bit of support, or the song that plays on the radio with just the right meaning for you in a given moment. Meditate with intention and request healing and

Jose Argüelles, whom decoded and brought the Dreamspell and Law of Natural Time to the public eye, said “Moment to moment, it’s all in the play.” This is an absolute truth, we are never in endings, only ongoing beginnings which can have us either chasing our proverbial tail, or understanding that in each moment we can start afresh. Outcomes lead to more outcomes. Whilst the pages of your personal saga are playing out, remember to take the leading role, and in so doing you can’t help but end up with a wider horizon of possibility and your inner perception switch flicked to ON. This shows us there are multiple answers to each question and accounts for a lot of stones that things may be ‘set in’, doesn’t it? Are the pyramids across the world built stone by stone to represent all the answers that far outnumber the questions? In the natural time calendar the healing and purification

of Magnetic Moon, (Healer Archetype), to the wise Oversoul of the timelessness of Kin 234 Cosmic Wizard, a magical journey of change is in play, and there is no going back. It’s a one-way door. What is experienced, seen, felt and ‘known’ on a spiritual level, cannot be undone. It will stay with you and poke at you until you open more doors, and enrol for more of the programme. This is the perfect time to decide to be a bit less of a Doubting Thomas, and much more like the delightful fool, who took the leap setting the foundations of adventure in April, and now ‘may’ take the plunge into the pool of perhaps and possibility.

Numbers: 5 and 9 (flexible spirituality)

The question is: What is the question? Keywords: Perception


Supernal Magazine


Enlighten Up Illuminating Chakras By Freya Sampson Custodian Eartheart

What is a Chakra? In English there is no translation that really makes sense to a western mind. ‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’, with ara (spokes). This meaning comes from one of the Hindu scriptures, the ‘Rig-Veda’. This translation speaks to the shape of and motion of a chakra, which is like that of a spinning wheel. There are a number of different schools of thought about how many chakras there are. Many say there are 7 personal chakras, some say 8… and so on. Personally, I relate to 11 personal chakras, which have a front and a back or top and bottom which correspond with organs, systems and functions of the body. The number 11 corresponds to the scared geometry of the Tree of Life, which has 11 houses/cities or mansions, which are joined by pathways. In the Kabbalah System, the subtle bodies and dimensions are described as;


Supernal Magazine

Yod = Divine He = Soul

The Earth Star Chakra Connection to the Earth makes incarnation possible.

Vav = Astral He = Physical The Tree of Life itself represents the Etheric Dimension and Body. The circles are called Sephora and are the chakras, the lines that join them are the meridians and the geometry it sits within the Flower of Life is the Aura.

The 11 Personal chakras and first two transpersonal chakras are; the Soul Star Chakra - Connection to Soul Dimension.

The Soul (above) and Earth Star (below) are also chakras, they are the first 2 transpersonal chakras (of many), which connect the human being to the incarnation and to their home of origin - Soul. The above 11 Chakra System with front and back aspect is generally condensed into the standard 7 chakra system, as it is a little easier for most people to conceptualize.


Energy This is evidenced by humanity’s fascination with seeing how fast and how far they can get a physical thing to move - jet planes breaking the sound barrier for example.

Simply explained; Crown Chakra - Connection to Source of Inspiration 3rd Eye Chakra - Awareness and Perception Throat Chakra Communication Heart Chakra - Love Solar Plexus - Chakra - Self Esteem Sacral Chakra - Creativity and Chi Root Chakra - Body and Grounding The higher a chakra on the body, the faster it spins. The lower it is the slower it moves. Hence inspiration followed by thought is the quick thing that occurs in the very upper chakras and then once we have processed that information the action occurs following thought and is at a slower pace.

We’ll go into more chakra specifics as our journey evolves. As we touched on in our last sharing, a chakra is an organ of the ‘Etheric’ subtle-body which feeds the corresponding organs and systems of the physical body. Of course, because we are talking about a multidimensional concept it is not purely physical body related. Remember, that the Etheric Body is the plumbing and the wiring that joins all of the subtle bodies, so; this means the chakras themselves have multidimensional functions and feed energy to and through the mental, emotional and soul bodies as well. Chakras are responsible for the processing of energy/ chi in various forms, as they come to it and through them; from Source, the planet and environment, the external world and relationships, this occurs naturally due to their particular purpose i.e. the heart chakra is the fuel pump station, as is the physical heart the pump for moving blood around the body.

In conjunction with their rudimentary purpose each chakra is responsible for 7 or 11 aspects of consciousness (11 x 7 = 77) and the development of each of the chakras corresponds to different levels of consciousness. In other words, when your chakras are healthy, you will have healthy thoughts and feelings, thereby creating healthy experiences or as you change your beliefs systems from negative to positive, your chakras evolve and develop - it goes both ways. As the Etheric body is the plumbing and the wiring for the whole of ones being it is vitally important for ones wellbeing to take care of it. Chakras can be grown and developed over time by doing simple exercises. As your chakras develop, you become able to perceive and know higher levels of truth. Stay tuned for more about chakras and Breath of Life, where we’ll explore some simple techniques to clean up your chakras and meridians and thereby transform your experience of life. More love, more joy, more clarity, more peace…

Supernal Magazine


Ads Purple Dragon flyer 1/2 ad

Samantha Duly

Spiritual Medium & Tutor


Teacher of Psychic & Mediumistic Studies Classes are held weekly, also 1 day & weekend Workshops in Cannington, Perth

I offer

• 1:1 Readings in person or phone, skype etc. • Public Demonstrations of Mediumship Facebook: @thedragonflycentreoflifeandspirit Instagram: Samantha_duly 14

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Healthy Minds Workshops

Mental Health Support & Recovery Develop knowledge about mental heath conditions & supportive interventions to aid recovery.

Stress Reduction, Resilience & Wellbeing Learn effective strategies to reduce stress, manage conflict, combat negative thinking & self defeating behaviours.

Motivational Interviewing Engage people using non coercive techniques to explore ambivalence, and motivate a person towards change.

For more event details and registrations Mobile 0407 276 278 Supernal Magazine


Supernal Interview: The Unlikely Marathoner

Donna Campisi, author of ‘The Unlikely Marathoner’, is an inspirational woman. At age seven she was dubbed the ‘Mystery Girl’ by medical practitioners at the Royal Childrens Hospital and her parents were informed that she would not walk or talk again. Interview by Anthony Kilner Donna had suffered a stroke, meningitis, a hole in the heart, a heart murmur, aphasia (loss of speech) and a gamut of other health concerns.

determination she has become an extraordinary person who wants to help others understand that there is no such thing as can’t.

After celebrating her eighth birthday in the Children’s, Donna was eventually sent home in a wheel chair and it was her sheer determination to get back to a life that spurred her on. At age 14 life threw her another curve ball as she became gravely ill again and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

The right question to ask a person according to Donna is, “How can you do that?”

I was fortunate enough to interview Donna recently and discover how these challenges have reshaped her life and how with gritty


Supernal Magazine

Being in a wheel chair, learning to walk and talk again was no mean feat. Donna stated, “I just believe in doing the best you can with what you’ve got, and find a way!” Donna taught her self to use her left hand as the right hand was badly affected after the stroke. Learning to walk with a calliper and

a stick, somehow Donna clawed her way back to some sense of ‘normal’ whatever that might be for herself. During the interview, Donna talked about keeping up the physical recovery. “It takes time of course, however people really need to keep it up, people need to persist”. Donna’s recovery has taken years. A few years ago, Donna was asked, “What can’t you do since you had the stroke?” It was a surprising question as most people with a disability normally get asked, “ Can you do that?” Which means a straight yes or no answer. The right question is to ask a person according to donna is, “How can you do that?” In the November of 2012, the challenge of running a marathon came up, and it changed Donna’s life – yet again. She tells the story of

walking along Elwood beach, “I went for a walk and the thought of running was fixated in my mind.” Donna gave it a go and managed to run 30 very wobbly steps – the “seed” of learning how to run again had been planted.

“I just believe in doing the best you can with what you’ve got, and find a way!” Donna had heard about Chris O’Driscoll (Nutrionist) and Shaun Brewster (Physical Trainer) the team at Brewsters Running who were teaching people to run and organised to meet them. Donna was thinking maybe a 4km fun run. Shaun then said, “let’s do the Melbourne Marathon in October 2013 it’s 42.2km”. Donna had no concept of that distance but agreed so the serious work started and the Unlikely Marathoner was born!

“Let’s do the Melbourne Marathon in October 2013”. Highlights for Donna included her family, friends and followers at the finish line. Her brother, Brian, had passed away in March 2013, which was devastating for Donna, however she felt his presence, and he was a driving inspiration during the marathon. Donna raised over $36,000 for the Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation and has inspired hundreds of people. She is an author, humanitarian, blogger and

workshop faciltator who shares her life with others to help people understand that baby steps are the best way to achieve big goals!

For more information about Donna, visit her website or her Facebook page, Run Donna Run.

video thumbnail / embedded link

There is so much more to this story. View the full interview at or watch here.

Supernal Magazine






e Spir

T h in

by Sam Duly

Things That Go

Bu mp

in the Night In my last column, I touched briefly on my time as the Medium with a Paranormal Group in Sussex, UK. I really do feel it helped me with my development by promoting my trust in the information that I was receiving. It would take several days of further research from the group leader, to then confirm and give me feedback on what I had received within the Investigation. I have chosen a couple of memorable events to share with you. If you have never visited Sussex you will not realise the amount of theatres in one town! Eastbourne in particular


Supernal Magazine

has four theatres where my most memorable events occurred. After meeting at a designated location the group leader would drive us to the investigation venue. One night I was taken to the Winter Garden Theatre. This theatre was very active, with phenomena recorded in many locations. I was asked to go onto the stage where there had been reports of activity by the staff. My allocated group and I immediately all felt odd and began to sway; we had to hold hands as we felt so unsteady. I began to feel very unwell and said that I felt like I was on a boat feeling terribly sea sick. With that I had to be taken outside where I vomited very weird!

“We should be more afraid of the living than the dead.” When I felt better, I went back in but as soon as I stood on stage, I had motion sickness again. After avoiding the area, I was completely fine for the rest of the evening. The amazing part is, after the group leader had completed his research he discovered that the theatre was in the home town of John Wesley Woodward, the cellist in the Duke of Devonshire band, who died on the Titanic on

15 April 1912. The theatre was his favourite place to play, so he clearly didn’t want to leave! Another night, I was taken to the Devonshire Park Theatre. There was a great deal of activity recorded on the ESP (extra-sensory perception) equipment which was set up by members of the paranormal group. We were split into groups and went to allocated sections for a certain period of time. I remember sitting in the Upper Circle with my group and I began picking up on feelings of the theatre years ago. I gave the name of Clark, which was interesting as it was similar to a group member. I then received the name of Murray. I was told these two gentlemen were the Managers in the early 1900s. I picked up the essence of the gentlemen and how


Mediumship important the theatre was to them. The group leader asked me to try and link to the surname of Murray. As I asked Spirit, for some funny reason I started to sing ‘I’m Henry the VIII I am, I am…’ It seemed strange until we worked out that spirit was making me sing that song to get to the name of King (King Henry). His name was Murray King!

“…for some funny reason I started to sing ‘I’m Henry the VIII I am, I am…’” In general, with ‘things that go bump in the night,’ we can all be afraid of the dark at some point. I get asked quite often ‘Is my house haunted?’ or ‘My children are scared and are seeing things. Can you help?’ When I have visited them it has actually been their own deceased loved ones that have been trying to contact them.

A few times it has been the residual energy left behind of the previous owner that has needed to be cleared. This can happen in the instance of the previous tenant being depressed or, in fact, having suffered from addictive behaviours. The energy can be heavy and upsetting and it can be cleared by use of burning Sage. Children are very open and innocent and as they say, they’ve not long come from spirit, so it’s very normal for them to see spirit. I believe we come from the spirit world and then return there when we die. You will notice many babies will laugh and smile into thin air, this is because they see spirit and spirit just love babies. I am aware of historic events concerning teenagers and paranormal activity but can only speak of my own experiences. I have helped many teenage

girls understand what is happening when they see and feel things that often scare them.

“With that I had to be taken outside where I vomited - very weird!” I often get asked do I see spirit 24/7, the answer is no, and no they don’t bother me at night. My mum has made her presence known a few times when I have been troubled, but that is different. Sometimes it can be our over active imagination that makes us feel there are things that go bump in the night. We think we see and hear things and some people really go into the fear and make things worse. I have been scared myself of my own imagination at times, but remember my grandma saying, “We should be more afraid of the living than the dead.” and saying a little prayer can help too. Many will have different opinions, but I am sharing with you my own thoughts and experiences. Next month I will be discussing Signs from the Spirit World. Until then, Yours in Spirit

Sam Duly

Supernal Magazine


Nicaragua Journey to

A young girl’s dream shattered and found Words and Pics by Natasha Lazdins

Once upon a time I was a little girl with Big Dreams. I promised myself I’d make my dreams a reality one day - I imagined travelling to the places the educational system never taught; the experience of self, through worlds unseen by the eyes and languages unspoken. No fixed compass, no one direction, never complete, yet whole. I wanted to feel free in the exploration of falling in love with everything and everyone. I believed the nature of life should be valued immensely, exploring all depths and dimensions; never changing the framework of my reality,


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but coming into realisation of experiencing myself as an individual. I could feel an internal riptide pulling my spirit towards where the jungle edge meets the blue sea. But can anyone just pack up and move their entire life across the other side of the world like that? It takes something different, a certain type of strength, and surrender. It seemed crazy yet inspiring. I worked a seemingly ‘successful’ job, but believed maybe I could find someplace where money didn’t matter, where the jungle was life, living simply on fundamentals

and depth of the natural surroundings. In April 2007, I packed my bags and quit my job. I had to be my own best friend and support my decision. I had to choose to trust in myself, rather than listen to society’s impressions. Knowing whatever I chose to do, I would share my greatness in all the places that I would go. The world was mine to wander and I knew that, as long as I was living my truth, with ‘what felt right’ in my heart, everything would always work out for the better; and I would discover all that unknown beauty along the way.


Feature Yet, it has not been an easy road. I had been travelling through Europe for three months with three attempts to get into Croatia but never getting there. The morning of my planned flight, I misplaced my passport, missed my flight and almost missed my island hopping adventure. I did not realise at the time that the universe was trying to intervene – trying to stop me! Rather than listen, I pushed through the stoppages to ensure I landed where ‘I wanted to be’ so I could continue my adventures in Croatia. Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia fronting the Adriatic Sea. It’s known for its distinctive Old Town and its cliffs are perfect

for cliff diving. The cliff jump was approximately 16 metres and the feeling of exhilaration as I jumped was wonderful. This feeling quickly turned to one of horror as my body slammed into what felt like a slab of concrete. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t feel my body. Floating with death as if life wasn’t simply enough, I asked, “What the f@#k have I done to myself?” It was July 16th, 2007 and it was only 24 hours after landing in Croatia. Basic intelligence is knowing that suffering can be a consequence of ignorance. If only I’d listened to my gut feeling and the universe. Within 24 hours, I went from wild and free to being tied to a plank of wood for a

12-hour boat ride, semiconscious, in excruciating pain and was eventually hospitalised. I had snapped my spine. I could feel the crunch in my smashed vertebrae, nothing was aligned. Or was it?

“I could feel the crunch in my smashed vertebrae, nothing was aligned.” Destiny had her way and I was a playing it out. A heartbeat away from death, morphine shots, fits and screams of agonising pain in a third world hospital. I was whipped from bed to bed, no English speakers anywhere, 90 degree heat, and in one filthy stench of

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a medical facility. I was paralysed from the waist down, so senseless. I was hospitalized for three weeks and sent away with two surgical plates and eight screws dangerously placed just 2mm from my heart artery. My L1 and L2 vertebrae were crushed apart, which inflicted serious nerve damage from the waist down and from that moment on, my body was in serious trouble and I felt lost. One month later, after a coordinated first-class flight sorted by my insurance company, I arrived home in Australia. The next year followed further facilitations and due to my paralysis, I was wheelchair bound for 10 months, and braced from my underarm to hip.

“What the f@#k have I done to myself?� Friends and family were my caretakers, my second set of legs, from any movement, to intense physio and all the daily bathroom and normal living routines. Whilst I honoured and appreciated them for doing this for me, my patience was wearing thin and I put an intense focus on healing. I practiced meditation and was connected with many healers to guide my process. I was still travelling,


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just differently to how I had planned. The meditations took me to far out places and showed me ‘the way’ beyond the 3D illusion. The natural state of being, with limitless potential in universal consciousness redirecting me into the truth of my existence and soul purpose, my heart, my spirit and human format. Feeling that my energy was becoming balanced, I had accepted my experience for what it was, my heart and my head were no longer in conflict because I believed I could realign. After five months, an Australian neurosurgeon operated again, removed all the metal implements. I was under strict instruction of care and continued to wear the brace to prevent movement. After 13 months I was stable enough to

continue my travels, with routine physiotherapy and yoga I strengthened and managed my body. Although I was told I was unbelievably ‘lucky’ to walk, the doctors told me my usual active lifestyle of sports and running would be no more. I smiled sweetly, and have undoubtedly self-healed and proved them wrong. Over the next seven years I travelled through 42 countries, each a unique experience, living mostly in the moment through sunshine, surf and snow. My many choices in my career path were led by the things I enjoy, yoga, health and natural healing modalities. In essence I am paid with various currencies, exchange in trade, and I am inspired by many as I discover more of this world. All the while continuously

unlocking my sensors in universal consciousness and co-creation, and believe in my ability to heal. Matters of heart formed the basis for connections to grow. In 2012, I made the choice. Nicaragua. It seemed to be an island of calm in an otherwise turbulent corner of the world. The country is one

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living half a planet away, floating in a turquoise sea, surfing and telling tales of the mountains we climb. With a tribe of horses and the dogs and cats that adopted me, I connected with the quantum bio dynamic of animal communication and healing.

of the poorest in the northern hemisphere. My introduction was an indiscreet invitation to surf waves of frequency, along the jungle lined seaside coast of Central America. Porque? Porque


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No? (Why? Why Not?) All I can say is that it felt good. I didn’t need to know why. The more I discovered, the more I could see my dreams and visions true. I am

The foundational structure of my living here, a highlight of my belonging, became an entanglement of threads that created colour, style and texture with a man named Justin Bobby Brescia. There was a demand for decent hairdressers, so using simplicity in heart-mind, we created a magical little hair boutique by the sea. Brush Your Hair. Every girl’s dream, and nearly a reality TV show, we became the dual masters of hair in San Juan del Sur,

a charming little town, with brightly coloured wooden houses lining the streets of a close knit community. I’m an unusual girl; I live in an unusual way. I take myself on spontaneous adventures to learn about this beautiful country I call home. My house is on a mountain top in the jungle just off the dusty road less travelled. The waves and beaches are to die for - thriving adventure, colourful sundrenched colonial cities and an island which is home to not one, but two volcanoes. It’s cheap and ‘off-thebeaten track’ but aside from great waves, yoga and a budget friendly lifestyle, there lies within it extreme contrasts particularly that of rich and poor. I learned that living in a foreign country certainly is not designed to make you feel comfortable.

“I’m an unusual girl; I live in an unusual way.” The families that reside in my neighbourhood live off the garbage dump and scavenge the surrounding area for survival, with limited access to water supply, food and electricity. Witnessing their way of life helped me recognise that we are not on earth to see how important we

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can become, but to see how much of a difference we can make in the lives of others. Between yoga studios, animal healing

integration and surfing, I spend my time volunteering amongst the local community barrios, helping the families residing by the garbage dumps, assisting non-profit organizations and sharing my heart with the local underprivileged children and animals.

Care and Fundraising for Nicaraguan Horses in need’ raised $1,047 and has paid for veterinary bills and rehoming some of these horses. I am deeply grateful for all of the contributions made and will continue to fundraise for as many causes as I can.

With worldwide awareness fundraising, over the years, I have fed hundreds of starving families in San Juan del Sur and fostered and rehomed many animals. My most recent campaign was for the work/slave horses of Nicaragua which suffer the most under their working conditions –‘Immediate

If you feel drawn to connect with me you can do so via my website

Our FEATURE STORY Writer Introducing

Natasha Lazdins Natasha was born and raised in Australia. At a very young age she was absorbed within the animal tribes and natural resources of life around her. Natasha grew into her full understanding of how individuals transform with nature acting as her guide. Her experience of heart to heart communication, creative outlet and conscious awareness has expanded her connection with subtle energies and sentient beings of higher consciousness. Travelling the world, linking awareness and bridging realms, Natasha aids healing naturally for an abundant healthy life experience for animals and humans as a collective whole, believing that together, allowing our wisdom to emerge, we can each recalibrate and reconnect back to source. Natasha lives with the intention of integrating the whole through practice and, with loving awareness, she shares guided sessions of conscious transformational healing, eliminating the confusion of ascension and awakening. She redirects you into your true state of being using many organic healing modalities including energy readings, healings, automatic spirit writing, animal communication, art mediumship, yoga and meditation for the overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit.


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Practical Mediumship by Anthony Kilner

Written by the knowledgeable and experienced mind behind Bridging Realms, Anthony Kilner’s Practical Mediumship invites readers of all ages to understand the spirit world, and the world of Mediums and Psychics - explaining how they work, and how to recognise the differences in the information they offer. With chapters on dreams, astral experiences, physical & metaphysical information, and dream interpretation, this book makes the perfect companion and great reference material for anyone seeking practical knowledge in the realm of the spiritual.

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If you are looking for an exciting way to work with the Universe, the Spirit World and the Phsyical World, Practical Mediumship is the ultimate guide to understanding life’s messages, and understanding YOU!

The Health Conscious series is a great co-authored series of books in which some amazing authors share their thoughts on an array of topics. These books cover significant subjects in an easy to read format, and make the perfect books for reference material. Click on the book covers to go to the Bridging Realms Bookstore.

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Health, Well-Being, & Holistic Healing Arts

Living in the Eye of the Storm, “Dharma, Living in The Yoga of Jesus To tap into the the Eye of the storm, and the Yoga of Jesus” is a thought-provoking subject. It uses the brilliant archetypes and wisdom of the ancient text of the Gita and The Holy Bible to bring resolution to an age-old conflict in an individual and collective effort.

“What does love truly mean?” Easter is the time of year we place in our calendars to represent the life and resurrection of Christ, or the Easter Bunny with gifts, holiday trips and treats. The modern day take on fasting, religious rituals; vacation, celebratory feast, and spiritual introspection are a large part of our diverse ethnic communities. In essence there is only one word to cohesively bring this all to summation, ‘LOVE’. The Holy Bible, Yoga Sutras, Buddhavacana, Agamas, Upanishads and Vedas, Puranas, Quran, Torah, Aqdas and any text that is of great historical and religious spiritual significance, places the highest value emphatically on ‘love’ as


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By Joti Gore

the foremost important virtue and salient way of being. Of the sundry questions that arise, some of the most profound are: What does love truly mean? How do we individually and collectively obtain it and agree on what ‘it’ is? How do we maintain it when we find it, and how do we action love? These questions are as difficult as defining dharma itself in the western culture or collectively agreeing on a description, definition, or image of God or The Divine.

“This is a call to action and the action is to be light and love.” As long as light exists, we need darkness to bring attention to illumination. One of the biggest challenges is to promote education, wisdom, and clarity about how to achieve illumination from within that is inextinguishable and only truly achievable through surrender to the unlimited Source of Light.

bottomless well of love and truth is paramount for any hope of resolution and global achievement of peace, healing, and survival amongst the ‘Eye of the Storm.’ It is crucial to come to the understanding that we are not separate from the Universe but we are of the same frequency, the same energy, and the same perfection. Where to start? It is vital to begin at the beginning. Research and consult the wisdom of our elders, the archetypes of the ancients, the philosophy that has enriched our culture with open eyes, open hearts and open ears. So often


Health &Wellbeing heard, to the end of losing our humanity.

we are caught up in having our voices heard, achieving some measurable accolades and rewards for doing what is right, or pats on the back for our diligence in personal development, that we lose sight of the true purpose.

“The cellular environment is either love-filled and thriving or in conflict and at war.” The ego rises and is so strong that the voice of the Divine is stifled and the path of enlightenment is dimmed because we are our worst enemies. As a result, unconditional love, nonjudgement, compassion, honesty, forgiveness and all the other basic tenants for love and light are lost to the facade of self-righteous anger, speaking venomous truths, having ‘our’ voices

Fighting for love, war for peace - these ideas, themes, are a dangerous and paradoxical pathway of thinking. When we understand even the basic concept of how our bodily system works on a cellular level - there is so much simplicity within the complexity of our design - then we can begin to understand the way to action love and honesty while promoting peace open heartedly. The cellular environment is either love-filled or thriving, or in conflict and at war. Yoga is one way of reaching this place of actioning love. Paramahansa Yogananda suggested that yoga is “The union of individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit and that there are many paths of yoga to reach this goal.”

The Gita illustrates how these paths come together and how to apply them in practical living as do the yoga of Jesus. Christ said in John 12:44 “Whoever believes in me, believes not in me but in him who sent me. And whoever sees me sees him who sent me. I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world.” This is a call to action and the action is to be light and love in the darkness to achieve the union of the individual and Universal Consciousness. The action of love is the way to navigate through the eye of the storm.

Joti Gore

Hatha yoga is a system of physical positions to cleanse the body, bring awareness to self and surrender to achieve meditation and through meditation union is achieved. Among the plethora of yoga styles, Raja Yoga is said to be the highest path of yoga, which essentially is the culmination of all the other paths.

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By Jane Offer

Healthy Seasonal Foods What’s in Season for May and June? Jane Offer

May Fruit - Kiwi and Zucc hini

Luscious and delicious Kiwi fruit is available right now. Native to the Yangtze River valley of northern China there are two varieties, the normal green fruit and the creamy, sweeter and less acidic gold type. With high levels of vitamins E, A, and K plus flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals such as magnesium, potassium, iron and antiinflammatory properties, the health benefits are enormous. Kiwi also contains more vitamin C than an orange so is helpful in boosting the immune system.

“Zucchini is a good inclusion to any eating program….” Kiwi fruit aids digestion and is a useful diuretic, helping to remove excessive sodium build up in the body which can cause bloating, swelling and water retention. It supports the respiratory system and may help


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shorten the duration of colds and ease coughing. Kiwi is useful at keeping ear, nose and throat infections at bay, improves eye health, balances blood sugar levels and even the seeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids essential for cognitive function. Kiwi fruit adds another dimension to fruit salads, is refreshing as a snack with coconut yoghurt and can be chopped over a plain sponge cake and drizzled with cream, ice cream or yoghurt for a quick dessert.

program, helping to improve digestion by reportedly reducing the incidence of constipation and helping ease the symptoms of ulcers, IBS and other colon issues.

“Luscious and delicious Kiwi fruit is available right now…”

There appears to be evidence of anti-aging properties too as they are rich in antioxidants and antiinflammatory phytonutrients, which help rid the body of Quick Fact: Did you know free radicals and excess Kiwi contains an enzyme that inflammation which stops gelatine setting? contribute to the aging process. Being low in fat and Zucchini (known as sodium, but high in fibre and courgette in Europe) potassium, Zucchini help to maintain healthy blood This vegetable, resembling circulation and the high a small cucumber, contains fibre content reduces the no fat, is high in water and need for carbs and therefore fibre content and is packed balances sugar levels. with significant amounts of vitamins B6, riboflavin, Zucchini can be made into folate, C, and K plus minerals an imitation pasta by cutting such as potassium and into thin strips using a sharp manganese. Therefore, it is a knife, a julienne cutter or good inclusion to any eating


Health &Wellbeing Preheat a large non-stick fry pan or griddle on medium heat and add a small amount of oil. Create fritters from approx. 1/3 cup mixture taking care not to make them too thin.

similar. Once cut, give the strips a quick sautĂŠ in olive oil and garlic. Finish off with a sprinkling of salt and pepper to give the perfect pop of flavour to make each bite irresistible and satisfying. Even the flowers stuffed with a goat cheese filling, dipped in batter and lightly fried for 2-3 minutes is fantastic! For many, Zucchini seems bland but here is a tasty recipe to get you started as a fan.

Instructions Place shredded zucchini in a linen towel and thoroughly squeeze to release all the fluid usually about 1/2 cup of water. Discard liquid and transfer zucchini to a large mixing bowl. Add drained tuna, eggs, Parmesan cheese, mayo and salt. Mix well, breaking tuna into pieces. Sprinkle the flour on top and mix until well combined.

Cook for 4-5 minutes, then turn and cook other side for another 4 minutes or until brown. Work in batches as they cook more quickly as the pan gets hotter. Serve hot or cold, with a simple Greek yogurt. To store: Refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 3 days. To freeze: Fully cook, cool completely and freeze in an airtight container for up to 3 months.


Zucchini and Tuna Fritters Ingredients 2 x 150gm cans tuna, drained well 4 medium or4 cups zucchini, shredded 2 large eggs 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese, loosely filled 3 tbsp organic mayo 3/4 tsp Himalayan sea salt 3/4 cup whole wheat or spelt flour 2 green onions or chives, chopped Coconut oil for frying or griddling

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Discovering Ayurveda By Liesl Horne

Awakening the Five Senses “Self-awareness is your awareness of the world, which you experience through the five senses (sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell). Pay attention to your sensory impressions and be aware of those five ways that the world comes to you.” - Deepak Chopra. Being aware of how we use our five senses can help us to manage our Dosha’s and support our health. The five elements relate to the five senses of sound, touch, sight, taste and smell which help us to perceive the world around us and how we relate to others. Each of the Dosha’s has a relationship to our senses: Vata (air/space elements) hearing and touch. Pitta (fire /water elements) – sight. Kapha (water/earth) - taste and smell. If Vata is one of your dominant Dosha’s, you might have a heightened sense of sound and find the therapeutic touch of massage to be very soothing.


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For Pitta’s, you may be visual in the way that you process information with a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you. Your eyes may be sensitive and become irritated by bright light.

changes to help us get back on track.

If you have more Kapha in your constitution then your sense of taste and smell can be stronger for you. Whatever your constitution, all five senses come into play. Notice if one or more are particularly prevalent to you.

Communicating using our sense of hearing

Looking after our health through the Five Senses Many of us have experienced how easy it is to overuse or misuse our senses without giving much thought to the effect it has on our overall health. As tempting as it can be to stay up too late, socialise for too long or over indulge in our favourite foods, this can lead to depleting us in the long run. Feeling mentally over stimulated, emotionally drained, agitated or lethargic are some of the signs to recognise so that we can make the necessary

Awaken your Senses Sense of Sound - hearing Related to the Element Ether/Space.

Hearing another person requires us to be fully present to receive what they have to say. This can be developed through practicing the art of listening and holding the space for another person to express themselves. Likewise, to be listened to with kindness and compassion provides the opportunity for us to communicate more fully. Relaxing to the sounds of nature Listening to the rain - maybe you are inside with the rain pelting down on the roof, feeling safe, warm and protected. Lying on the beach listening to the waves gently lap against the shore or sitting on a garden bench listening to the sounds of the birds.


Health &Wellbeing Sense of Touch Relates to the element – Air.

Compassionate touch, holding hands, a welcoming hug.

Massage - therapeutic touch

Sense of Sight

Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage uses hot oil suited to your Dosha which helps to relax your nervous system and nourish the deep tissues. When you feel depleted and need your energy to be restored, touch through massage can be just what you need.

Related to the element – Fire.

Try massaging the soles of your feet with a little organic sesame oil before you go to bed to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Tactile touch Hold a precious crystal in your hand, feeling its texture and subtle qualities to help nurture and balance your energy. Gardening, feeling the richness of the soil on your hands. Walk on soft grass, connecting to the earth beneath your feet.

Visit an art gallery; see the beautiful colours, taking in the images that create a connection within you. Guided Meditation; visualise a breathtaking scene in nature, the sky, a river, the stars at night. Bring a sense of wonder inwards through visualisation.

whole system throughout the day. Sense of Smell Related to the element – Earth. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to your oil burner, infusing your home with a beautiful aroma. This will help you to feel invigorated.

Stimulate your appetite with the fragrance of warming soups, spicy curries or perhaps the sweetness of homemade cookies from your kitchen. Deeply inhale Read a good book and the enticing scent of a new indulge in the inspiring words, place or country - it will allowing them to paint a stay with you long after the picture in your imagination. holiday is over. See the beauty in your environment. Be present to the green of the grass and the trees, the shapes and colours, the intricate connection found everywhere in nature. Sense of Taste Related to the element – Water. Explore the wonderful variety of tastes that food has to offer. During winter, notice how the variety of food changes with the season, providing deeply nourishing and earthy ingredients. Replenish with herbal tea to hydrate and enliven your

Engaging our five senses helps us to manage and care for our Dosha’s in a positive way to bring more harmony and balance into our lives. Have fun noticing the particular senses you are drawn to most and those which you may need to nurture more. Until next time, keep well and stay nourished. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat diagnose, prescribe or heal any health condition or to replace standard medical treatment or advice.

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REFLECTIONS REFLECTIONS Freedom through forgiveness By Jane Offer


n my career as a practitioner, whether engaged in Soul Mastery counselling or teaching groups, two words stand out as guaranteed to evoke either anger or resistance and in many cases, both emotions will kick in. These words are Forgiveness and Gratitude. This month we will focus on Forgiveness. When we have experienced hurtful words or an unkind act, we immediately feel offended or upset, naturally so! Our reactions may be based in past experience and just one of the many occasions we feel we have been slighted in some way. It could be that it reflects our inner feelings or opinions of ourselves and to have it spoken out loud is upsetting to say the least. Whatever the situation, we certainly don’t want to hear about Forgiveness. The main problem with the word Forgiveness is


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that people translate it as condoning the act when, in fact, this is not the case. No condoning here! What comes into play are the Word Druids as Linda Goodman, author and astrologer, calls them. This is where you look into the word to find the gift hidden there. For example, the word ‘conscience’ contains the word ‘science’ indicating there is a solid basis for our moral compass, telling us when we step out of our integrity and that therefore it not merely a learned response. Similarly, the word ‘attraction’ holds the word ‘action’ showing that we have to put our effort in to attract our hopes and dreams to create it as a reality. You get the picture? The word ‘forgiveness’ has three parts, ‘for’, ‘give’ and ‘ness’. From the dictionary definition, ‘For’ indicates the object or purpose of

the action, ‘Give’ defines as freely transferring the possession of (something) to (someone) and ‘’Ness” indicates quality and state of our being. Therefore, the act of forgiveness has the purpose of giving back the responsibility of the act to the other, identifies our chosen response to the act and enhances our state of being. Forgiveness sets us free. If we really consider a particular action of another, we may find it difficult to understand why they would think it is okay to act in the way they do. Even more difficult is to understand how one person can find any ‘rightness’ in killing people for their different beliefs or killing anyone at all. We don’t understand them simply because it is not in our makeup; we have not had their experiences in life, we do not have their background or belief system, their fears and disappointments or knowledge of their emotional responses, so how could we begin to understand? In this way, we see that their action speaks volumes about them so


Health &Wellbeing why would we want to hold onto something that is not ours. When we are accused of, say, jealousy or manipulation, the only way that our behaviour can be translated in that framework, is through the mindset of the other person. They have to harbour it to recognise it. Our intention may be from kindness but it can be perceived as something quite different. We’ve all been there, I’m sure. So, this is where forgiveness comes in, firstly, we need to take responsibility; we must look at how we may have contributed to the action. It’s not always easy to accept that we may have allowed certain behaviour to establish by saying nothing in the first instance, just letting it simmer away under the surface.

ourselves by acknowledging our differences, grateful that we can now see the world through another’s eyes. That knowledge changes the situation completely. On a topical note, our hearts go out to the families of those who were killed or injured in Sri Lanka and we will never understand those actions because it is not within us. As the first stage anger and despair abates, many will choose to forgive, to set themselves free to grieve as so many families have in past situations such as this. After a similar attack in London, one bereaved father said he chose to forgive so he could live with the peaceful memory of his child and not lose himself in anger. This was echoed by many more families.

There is truth in the quote ‘to err is human but to forgive is divine’. It merely shows that we all stuff up at some point but it is the compassion within that can accept it without judgement. We know we may never understand but we can take the knowledge we have gained and move on. Take a look at this amazingly compassionate clip of a father explaining a terrorist act in Paris to his infant son, the true meaning of forgiveness. Have a tissue handy! Watch video here

Jane Offer

But let us also give a thought Then, we look at our own to those that were involved actions which may have and their families. Many of created a need in the us will have watched our other to lash out; after all adult children follow a path we don’t always notice that brings concerns for their when someone is edgy wellbeing and probably or aggravated before these parents feel the we speak. same – they may not even have known of their son’s Finally, we accept that involvement. They will have others are not as we are, to live with that knowledge, their motives and triggers are or lack of it, for the rest of different and often confusing their lives as well as having to us and as we are each to mourn their child. As for unique, we cannot expect the men behind the act, another to understand our they too will have to make actions or vice versa. And amends at some point at so, we forgive, purely to free soul level.

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ShirleySienna at Divining Me ShirleySienna offers Consultations and Readings, in person, or on line - via Facetime, Live Messenger, Skype and Email. A session with ShirleySienna is more than just a 'reading'. It is time spent connecting with the world of spirit, and your own inner being, your soul. It is about discovering your blueprint - your Divine Code - and understanding how and why things may be happening in your life, therefore bringing Clarity, Insight, Understanding and Confidence to your personal journey.

forever haunted

Private readings are by appointment. Please check for costs and services, and the Facebook page for upcoming events. Interstate and overseas clients, please remember live internet sessions are always available.

ShirleySienna also has a blog that may interest and inspire you, and perhaps even teach you a little something you may not have known!



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Cnr Park Rd and Milne St, Crib Point For Opening Hours or appointments, phone shirley on 0403 484 892.

ShirleySienna runs classes and workshops in modalities relating to spiritual and psychic development. Every Monday night at 7:00pm she holds a meditation class at the Crib Point Community House, as well as other classes throughout the year.

Shirley’s Little Shoppe is stocked with many beautiful things including - Books - Crystals & Crystal Skulls - Salt Lamps - Essential Oils - Flower crowns & crystal bracelets by Nay - Oracle, Tarot and Affirmation Cards - Stationery by Mazzartist - and much more!

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Mental Health

s r e att


By Derran Heney RN Mental Health Professional

The relationship between your emotions and food choices


veryone knows that food is an enjoyable sensory experience that is central to our survival. Most people however, are unaware that our food choices are also heavily linked to our emotions. You have probably heard the references to such phrases as ‘emotional eating’ or ‘comfort foods’. Food serves more of a role than simply filling our stomach and providing energy. When we eat foods we are also processing, chewing it over and digesting which can be likened to the stages of processing our emotions. Remember being rewarded with food as a child if you hurt yourself? Food is often associated with assisting us to feel better. But there is also a dark side of our


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relationship with food where it seems we have little control and over eat or by contrast, not eat at all when emotionally distressed. “Craving for certain foods is our body’s message to us about the state of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.”

Research has shown that 75 percent of overeating is directly attributed to emotions and although we make conscious choices about the foods we do eat, it may be that unconscious forces (what we are not aware of) are driving our emotional behaviours around food also (Jane Jakubczak, Dietitian and coordinator of the University of Maryland). Interestingly, the emotional symbolism related to our

food choices, provides understanding of the amount we consume, particularly over eating (out of control) could symbolise our emotions in overload. Appetite suppression, minimising or controlling what we eat, could indicate we subconsciously wish to control our emotions or shut them off, ignore of bury them. Research into the link between food and mood has even been narrowed down further, with a clear link between specific food types and associated emotions. Micronutrients the body absorbs from the food we eat, have been found to regulate our mood, emotional and mental state by having a direct stimulating or calming effect and influence brain chemicals. For example, many credible research sources have found links between high fat food cravings are likely due to feeling some insecurity somewhere in our lives, or feeling empty like life is uncertain. Crunchy high salt foods are said to be linked to unresolved anger. The crunching serves a purpose to release tension built up in the body. Salt can act like a natural antidepressant.


Mental Health Photo Credit: Pixabay

Eating foods that provide comfort or high energy can help to maintain certain emotional feelings and stabilise our mood. Craving for certain foods is our body’s message to us about the state of our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. “…research sources have found links between high fat food cravings are likely due to feeling some insecurity somewhere in our lives,…”

We could be lacking certain nutrients in our diets and the body’s way of gaining supply is to crave that food type. However if we establish that we do not have any mineral or vitamin depletion, then it might be wise to look at the emotional side of our lives. How balanced on an emotional level do we feel? What is directly impacting our emotional wellbeing? What are we trying to suppress?

In reality, if we do not heal any emotional issues, these are likely to continue to affect and influence our food choices. In the long run, making poor dietary choices could affect our overall physical health and emotional wellbeing, like a perpetual cycle. So what can assist emotional eating patterns? Step 1: The most effective way to limit cravings and reduce emotional over eating is to consider and heal from the root cause. Finding ways to effectively manage our emotions and understanding our emotional triggers. Step 2: Anytime we feel the need for food, it’s beneficial to understand the difference between emotional hunger versus physical hunger. Emotional eating is based in the mind. We may notice

we are not feeling physically hungry. Physical hunger means we feel hungry and that feeling originates in the stomach. Step 3: Consider what we could do to nurture ourselves that does not involve food. Eating is not the only strategy we can employ to cope with emotions. A good idea is to make a list of alternative feel-good or nurturing activities before we feel those emotions again, that drive us to the pantry or fridge! Step 4: Holding ourselves accountable for what we eat is also another useful strategy. Keeping a food diary where you make notes of not only what you eat (or crave) but also your emotional or feeling state is a really good awareness exercise. Aim for healthier snacks. Modifying our diet and emotional patterns is not always easy. The most important overall step is our ongoing awareness. I hope this article has provided some good food for thought! If you need further assistance or are worried about someone make a call! Kids helpline 1800 551 800 Lifeline 13 11 14

Derran Heney

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The Mentalist Spiritual



Help or Hex? by Jason D. Varga

Spirituality is on the rise more now than in any time in modern history. When we look back to the beginnings of humanity, spirituality was diverse across cultures and yet, at its core, basically the same; connecting to the self, the ancestors, the earth and source or the universe. From the 1840’s to the 1920’s the spiritual movement had a massive resurgence; mesmerism (the beginnings of modern-day hypnosis), psychic abilities and spirit communication were all the rage. Sceptical science eventually won over. However, with the advent of science finally catching up to what psychics have known all along, through new research in quantum


Supernal Magazine

and psychological sciences and the down turn in Book religions over the last few years, spirituality is once again the trend. The product of this is that more and more people are jumping on the spirituality band wagon devoted to the evolution of humankind. While this is wonderful, unfortunately it does come with some downsides. There seems to be four different types of ‘Spiritual’ people at the moment. The first group are those gifted individuals that have truly worked at their craft and only have the upliftment of others in mind. The second group are those who think they are gifted but are self-deluded. Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion

everyone and anyone can tap into psychic and mediumship abilities with a little discipline and hard work. However, there are those who do not put in that level of work and sometimes the advice they give others can be harmful, even dangerous at times. The third group are the beautiful people who take selfies while ‘meditating’ often in flowing gowns or semi naked in the forest near a waterfall or at sunset on the beach. The Insta-spiritualist, who is all about their image and not so much about anything really spiritual. The fourth kind is the most dangerous; these are the frauds. There are bad apples in any industry and the spiritual industry is no different. We have our fair share of people just wanting to make a quick dollar. This leads us into some dangerous territory, the second and fourth types


Mental Health inexperienced healer and the individual has some form of mild psychosis, or neural chemical imbalance. There is a growing number of cases where the inexperienced or deluded practitioner advises the client to ‘go off’ their medications, the client gets worse and comes back for more healings; healings that cannot work while the client is unbalanced.

Photo Credit: Magic, by J.D. Varga

can sometimes implant others with some disturbing thoughts, consciously or not, and these thoughts can sometimes lead to very serious spiritual or psychological problems. A good reader can tell the difference between a spiritual or psychological issue, and will treat or refer the client accordingly. It is my opinion that any person conducting readings or spiritual experiences for the public should have some counselling experience, or at least a basic knowledge of psychology, and also know when they are out of their depth. However as the industry is self-regulated this is not likely to occur. Let’s take the example of a person that goes to a healer, shaman or the like because they are experiencing some issue that is clearly

psychological. Now, if that client finds a genuine healer with ethics and a network of qualified colleagues in the mental health field to refer to, they are in luck, but what happens when that client ends up with the second kind? Someone that has no experience on how to deal with the client, or worse yet, that the client falls into the web of a fraud? I am not saying all clients’ issues are psychological in nature. On the contrary, the more humankind evolves towards true spirituality, the more likely we are on our journey to encounter the odd negative energies. Yin and Yang - there has to be some darkness in the light and vice-versa, these trials teach us about ourselves. Getting back to our example of the individual who has employed the services of an

Eventually, the healer gets frustrated saying they cannot work with that client any further, and more often than not placing the blame on the clients ‘inability’ to work with the process. The practitioner makes a tidy sum of money and drops the client after creating a situation that got too hard. Even worse is the classic scam of the charlatan, the old “You are CURSED, a magnet for dark energies or signed a contract with the Devil in a past life…… for an large sum of monies for ongoing treatments, we can rid you of this evil!” can you imagine what such advice does to a person that is suffering from a mental health issue already. Just something to think about. My suggestion in short is, always seek a second opinion. ESPecially best wishes Jason

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for Su Sub pern a scri ber l s


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Personalised Ayurvedic Consultation • Workshops • Meditation Reg. Member of Australasian Association of Ayurveda Inc.

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Dream Decoder

The Aussie

by Tadd

Objective Subjectiveness

While dreams are subjective and need interpretation, it is very important to be objective in that interpretation, but how do we understand the difference? In short, objectiveness, when it comes to real-life situations, equals ‘it is what it is’. For example, you have a sore arm and it means a sore arm. You get a flat tyre and it means crappy luck because the tyre requires replacing or repairing and that hits the hip pocket. Subjectiveness always needs interpretation, so the sore arm could mean struggling to work or lift out of a situation. Having said that, it means a lot more because details of the arm add to the story. Is it the right arm or the left arm? Is it a result of work or play?


Supernal Magazine

Where was the sore arm noticed, work or home?

universal symbols versus a person’s own experiences.

The same applies to the flat tyre. The questions to ask include whose car was it? Was it the front or rear tyre, left or right? Who was driving and where and what was happening while the driving was occurring? Did it happen overnight parked at home?

Universal symbols are images that have passed down through time having the same or a similar meaning to anyone who looks at them. It’s the language of pictures which, when understood, can create sentences; an understanding of a meaning, as it were.

There is so much information which leads to so many questions in this type of interpretive work. It’s important to understand this information in order to get the whole subjective meaning of what is happening in real-life, or in a dream.

“…dreams are subjective and need interpretation, it is very important to be objective in that interpretation.”

To answer those questions and get things right, we need to understand the difference between

Of course, having so many nations and cultures around the globe dating back a millennia, it’s not always easy to understand the language of pictures as depicted in cave painting, on pyramids and graves the world over. It’s this language and its interpretation that


Dreams has opened our eyes to life in the distant past and to the universal language.

“Universal symbols are images that have passed down through time…” Moving through time, universally we have symbols for stop, go, toilets, danger, entry, play, don’t swim and the list goes on. This allows our global world to function while travelling and not being able to speak the native tongue. Having travelled around the world in non-English speaking countries myself, I can see with patience, it is possible to get around and live well using hand signals, pointing to pictures on maps and the like. The next part of the interpretation process is through personal experience. This is important because we all have a different slant on what particular animal traits are, what colours represent, what balls mean or what a home represents. There are so many things we take for granted, clouds, mountains, trees and plants and yet, when being interpreted as a part of a dream or reallife experience, they can add so much information to the story. In essence, we use this universal language and symbols plus we add in our

experience of meaning to the dream interpretation, for the best understanding of the message that the experience or dream is trying to convey. Here is an example of a reallife experience. Imagine you are driving along a smooth bitumen road in a white car, there are mountains in the background and the sun is rising in front of you with small hills on the road to drive over. There are blackgrey clouds behind you as you drive towards your home. You glance into the rear view mirror and see yourself and smile. You are feeling free as you drive. The real-life interpretation is you are going home and that’s it. However, if you particularly take note of your journey then subjectively it could mean; There has been a lot of sadness and confusion in your spiritual and personal direction in the past. You have had to work hard to get over the obstacles that others have used to stop you moving forward. The road in front is smoother and the obstacles are definitely getting smaller and will be easier to negotiate. As the sun shows personal growth for the first time in ages, you can love yourself, you feel free of the life burdens that have held you back.

Yes, you can see your past but now you can smile and acknowledge that part of your journey home is over and new beginnings are coming!

“We all have a different slant on what particular symbols mean …” In this interpretation there are combinations of universal symbols and reallife experience providing a detailed explanation of what it all means. And this is just the basic version! The main part of interpreting subjective experiences is to take on-board as much detail as possible. Also, to be objective in what those details mean to see the right message and, more importantly, to get the message the Universe, your Higher Self or your Oversoul is trying to offer you. It’s fun stuff to work with and understand. Next month we’ll explore various objective and subjective understandings in greater detail.

et e w S

s m a e r


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Varij Varidium


of the Month

Varij Varidium


May 21 to

Gemini I Am

“Where can I find a man, who has transcended words? I would like to have a word with him” - Chuang Tzu [paraphrased]

“The more you talk and think about it, the further astray you wander from the truth. Stop talking and thinking and there is nothing you will not be able to know.” Sosan [Book of Nothing]


Supernal Magazine

June 22

Did you know a typical Gemini opening line is, do you know that Gemini knows everything? Sorry, that’s not quite right, that’s more Sagittarius. No, to be more precise, Gemini knows a little bit about everything, or at least they know how or where to find out about whatever it is you might want to know. Okay Gemini, what do you know about Enlightenment? Gemini: I won’t even try to answer that question

because the Taoist sage Lao Tzu has already checkmated any meaningful answer with his much quoted sutra: ‘those who know do not speak; those who speak do not know’. But then again, if he said that, he checkmated himself too, didn’t he? Nice try Gemini, but in point of fact, he wrote those words down rather than spoke them, so the checkmate still applies. Gemini Take Two: To tell the truth, which I don’t always do, I must say that after reading widely on the subject, reading about enlightenment is not very enlightening. It appears to indeed be true that attempting to grasp what enlightenment is through conceptual understanding is akin to trying to describe what colour is to a person blind from birth. So where does that leave us? With the radically different approach of Zen, I would suggest. Zen aims to provoke a direct experience of enlightenment through various methods, ranging from direct transmission from a master to contemplation of a ‘koan’. A koan is an apparently illogical or nonsensical question set by a master that must be rigorously and persistently enquired into


Astrology then, the lightness of being that results from freeing oneself from the dark -heavy emotions of fear and misery from suffering, in short.

Ramesh Balsekar until the intellect is utterly confounded. If the pupil is ripe, and the process of enquiry sufficiently rigorous, then the resultant ‘mindsnap’ may produce an experience of satori, or instant awakening.

And how may that be accomplished? In the first instance, by seeing that suffering, as opposed to pain consciously felt in the moment, is mind generated and self-created. It can therefore be eliminated by stilling the mind through the practise of meditation, a practise which automatically short-circuits the negative, ‘endarkened’ thought loops that sustain and perpetuate the experience of suffering.

Finally Gemini, contemplate this statement from one of your own tribe, the A classic koan is this one: Indian spiritual teacher ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping’? Answer: the Ramesh Balsekar, to see if ‘soundless sound’, which is to enlightenment is something say, silence, hence the point you really would want of Lao Tzu’s sutra, and also of anyway, given his radical understanding of what it Sosans leading epigram for actually involves: “No one this chapter. Enquiry over! can get enlightenment. Okay, okay, reader, I know Enlightenment is the what you’re thinking. That annihilation of the ‘one’ ‘answer’ is a little too glib, who ‘wants’ enlightenment. so let me have one final If there is enlightenment attempt. – which can only happen because it is the will of God Gemini Take Three: The word – then it means the ‘one’ ‘enlightenment’ itself gives who had earlier wanted the clue to its meaning. Light enlightenment has been is the key component of the annihilated. So no ‘one’ word. Light is the opposite of can achieve enlightenment dark on the one hand, and and no ‘one’ can enjoy heavy on the other. The state enlightenment.” of enlightenment suggests

Time to move on, the Gemini attention span is very short. Here’s some enlightenment about Gemini in the form that Gemini likes best - witty one liners: “When ideas fail, words come in very handy.” Goethe “If other people talk, conversation becomes impossible.” - J. Whistler “I love talking about nothing. It is the only thing I know anything about” - Oscar Wilde And how about this famous contention of French philosopher Rene Descartes, which to my mind captures the very essence of Gemini: ‘I think therefore I am’. What do you think? Is that true? The satirist Ambrose Bierce succeeds, me thinks, in casting doubt on that celebrated ‘proof’ of one’s individual existence with this witty rejoinder: “I think that I think, therefore I think that I am.” To finish, here is a quote to still, for a moment, that insatiably curious Gemini mind, forever darting about and trying to figure it all out: “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved” - William Butler Yeats

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Ha p

Ha p

i n t n g u a i n t n g u H a H y y p p Arardale –

The HA HA Asylum

G’day Folks. Welcome back to my page on the Paranormal. In this edition we are back on the Mainland, after a beautifully haunting time on the Apple Isle of Tasmania. This month I’m taking you to a place in Victoria’s west called Aradale in the township of Ararat. Aradale was once part of Victoria’s Trio of Asylums designed by J.J Clark, along with Kew and Beechworth.

the walls presented a tall face to patients, preventing them from escaping, while from the outside the walls looked low so as not to suggest imprisonment, yet at the same time mocking them, hence the name Ha-Ha walls.

by Gary Sullivan

These were all of Victorian Italianate design, modelled on London’s infamous Colney Hatch. Aradale was made up of 63 buildings and was a city within a city, with its own market gardens and butchery. Another distinctive feature of Aradale and other early Victorian asylums are the use of the ‘Ha-Ha’ walls around the patients’ courtyards. They consisted of a trench, one side of which was vertical and faced with stone or bricks and the other side sloped and turfed. From the inside,

“Don’t fear the un-known, explore it!”


Supernal Magazine

Aradale was built in 1864 and fully de-commissioned in 1998 after the last of the clients (patients) were integrated into the local community. During the time of its operation, it was recorded that 13,000 deaths were associated with the Asylum, averaging around 100 per year. During its 130-year history, it was an experimental hospital as well as being labelled a Lunatic Asylum. It was owned and run by the Victorian Department of Lunacy back in its early life. Haven’t things come a long way since then? Back in the Victorian era there were many of the same issues that we have today, including Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, Autism and so on. At least we now have a much greater understanding of mental health and no longer lock people away. People back then were generally sent away to Institutions like Aradale to simply wither away their time before passing. There were no ‘cures’ for these conditions and people were simply


Paranormal “I felt overwhelmed with emotion – what I can only describe as an immense sadness.”

removed from society. It only took two signatures to have a person committed and eight to have them released. Not a very nice prospect for anybody. I first investigated Aradale in 2001 and was privileged to be the first of many groups do so. My first impression was how depressing the place felt. God only knows what it felt like for those who were committed. Once inside the gates, I was taken aback by the sheer size of the place and how raw it was. My first ghostly experience came when I walked through the main door to the ladies’ wing and was hit in the face by an icy cold wind gusting out of the building. At first, I thought an air conditioner was on, but there was none operational that I could see. The second thing was a putrid smell of something decaying, like a dead animal, but there was nothing of the kind nearby. I felt alone and isolated at this point, even though I had my team with me. I felt overwhelmed with emotion

– what I can only describe as an immense sadness. I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could. Fortunately, I stayed. I felt very uneasy, on edge and almost scared, it was a bizarre feeling and one that has stayed with me for years and I don’t know why. We never got anything confirmed that would offer that feeling. It could have been one of the many souls that roamed those buildings. We did set up a parabolic microphone in the room. When we listened to it afterwards you could hear the team leaving. Not long after that there were footsteps running to the microphone where someone or something blew raspberries into it then footsteps running away. The room was locked and noone could get in! The night was getting late as we began setting up cameras for night vision. Some of the equipment we used was E.M.F detectors for picking up unexplainable electro-magnetic energy,

as well as doing baseline readings to identify electrical hotspots like power points and light switches. We also used Infra-Red Thermometers to pin point ambient and direct contact temperatures, as it is believed that if a spirit manifests itself, it will leave a cold spot in the area due to taking the energy out of the ether. I’m not sure if this is entirely factual, however, it is a theory yet to be proven. Passive Infra-Red motion sensors are a favourite of mine, as they will set off an audible alarm if movement is sensed. In this case it would have to be of a physical nature. These are just a few of the gadgets we use when investigating. The most important piece of equipment that we have, of course, is ourselves. We need to trust what our body and mind is telling us. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable in a certain place there will be a very good reason for that, if you stick around long enough to find out. My advice to you all is Don’t fear the un-known, explore it! After all nobody has ever died at the hands of a ghost. Or have they? Until next time, Happy Haunting

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Manifesting Maven

Creating the Ultimate Business Vision BY - Dr. Brooklyn Storme

The science behind manifesting business goals

A smart goal is an acronym that refers to a recommended formula which can be applied to facilitate goal attainment and it goes like this: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Guided. Back when I was first starting out in business, I was taught this method and it continues to be taught to budding entrepreneurs worldwide. Smart goals are not for everyone. A different way of approaching goal attainment is to begin by setting your intention. This means we need to have developed our vision. The vision is the overall endresult of your business. It is not solely focussed on finances for example, but also how we feel once we have attained our vision, visualising who we are associating with at that time, what our business looks like at that point and so forth.


Supernal Magazine

Before I take any action in business, such as ‘launch a program’, I spend time thinking about the overall vision for it and then, before I write down any copy for the marketing, I ask myself “What is my intention with this program?” I initially spend time writing down the intention and then develop my plan for attaining the vision. Always making sure to include as much sensory information as I can, because doing so helps to anchor and amplify the processes. Breaking the intention down into smaller, manageable tasks is very useful. So, I look at what I’d need to do on a weekly basis. Once I know what needs to be done, I can set about achieving my goals. The most exciting part of this process is the knowledge that we have a built-in biological mechanism that helps us with achieving.

We have a part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System. It’s responsible for our subconscious and every single impulse we have must pass through it on its way into consciousness. One of the main functions of the RAS is to keep us safe. This is because it is also largely involved with our central nervous system which governs anxiety among many other areas. In order to keep us safe, the RAS filters out unfamiliar information from the world around us and decides what it thinks is important, or not, for us to see. If the RAS thinks something is important, it will bring it to the attention of the conscious mind. Because the RAS has learned what keeps us safe over time, it continues to send the same information down the same neural pathways. This is how



habits or habitual thinking develop. The RAS sorts the important information from the notso-important information and can respond to the conscious brain too. So, whatever your conscious mind focuses on, the RAS will pay attention to that, acknowledging it to be important. Example: If you decided to buy a yellow Mazda car, you would begin seeing yellow Mazda cars on the road. This is because your RAS is filtering out the other cars as unimportant and noticing the yellow Mazda’s because it knows that they ARE important. This applies to your beliefs, your negative self-talk and

much more. If you believe clients are hard to find, then your RAS believes that and will filter out evidence to the contrary. Now that you know this, you can use this information to help set your intention and achieve goals. There are two brilliant ways of doing this. First: Visualising or Imagining. Now, the RAS can’t distinguish between what’s real and what’s not, so it just believes what we tell it. It then sets about looking for it in the world around us, delivering it to us. Just like a puppy playing fetch. You show it what you want and it says ‘Okay, I’ll get it for you’ without questioning whether it’s realistic or achievable.

Second: Writing out your plan or goal. Again, the power of this strategy is that it brings sensory information to the process. By writing you hold the pen, move the pen, feel the pen in your hand, think about the goal, hear your voice saying the goal and so on. The RAS loves sensory information. Action step: Think about what it could mean for you and your business goals now you know the role of the RAS. How can you make a small change today to bring you one step closer to where you want the business to be? Happy Manifesting Dr. Brooklyn Storme

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Numerology The merry month of May 2019 says, ‘It’s fine to be alive’ with number 5. Staying that way, and healthy while you’re at it is the agenda, challenge and underlying gift. The fifth month indicates change, ultimately forced upon you if you refuse to take it up voluntarily. There is no putting it off in May, thinking it will wait until tomorrow. Health and healing, look to change diet, preferences, tonics, potions and notions. If a stagnant pause has occurred, consult your health professional and chat. Looking at things from a different perspective may assist you in offloading toxins and bad habits, not leaving a void, simply replacing them with healthier alternatives. As we add the fifth month, to the year 2019, we have included 7, 1 and 8 into the mix. 7 is key to the self, 1 and 8 unifies it bringing health and healing together inclusively with the ability to change.

Quote of the Month “There are so many people out there who will tell you

that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say ‘Watch Me!” – Layne Beachley

Regarded as the most successful female surfer in history, Layne Beachley, AO, went on to win the World Title 7 times. Layne is the Founder and Director of the Layne Beachley ‘Aim For The Stars’ Foundation. This was set up to help girls and women deal with financial hardships and how to overcome them. Layne travels the world as a speaker and facilitator to help people achieve the best they can, reaching their fullest potential in life. Layne has been a role model for women in sport and in living a successful, healthy and beautiful life. She also happens to be a Gemini! 52

Supernal Magazine

Contributor Anthony Kilner

Dr. Brooklyn Storme


Anthony has worked in magazines and publishing for 25 years as a photo journalist, travelling Australia and the globe, with a bent towards lifestyle and spirituality.

Anthony is a psychic medium, published author with 2 full books (Secret Spiritual Business & Practical Mediumship) and 3 co-authored books (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Healthy Spirit). Qualified in trance healing, massage, Reiki and Seichim, he also works as an educational facilitator, mentor, energy worker, speaker and musician. Having studied Vibrational Healing and meditation techniques in India and Australia, Anthony understands these to be powerful tools to promote ongoing wellbeing that work physical body to encourage self-healing. In 2018, Anthony launched Bridging Realms — Core Issue Vibrational Healing TM. This system of energy work combines Anthony’s knowledge into a single package, offering a unique holistic service for his clients.

Derran began working in acute psychiatric inpatient settings, before venturing into community areas and crisis teams, working to support adults with a range of mental health conditions. Derran’s passion for education has led her into her current role as a Clinical Nurse Educator and running her own business, facilitating community mental health education. Derran s has over 25 years of clinical experience. Mental health nursing is a very unique and rewarding career and she has learned much about herself while also feeling satisfied helping others to make sense of and heal from their experiences. Derran is also a qualified massage therapist. Reiki practitioner and is studying Core Issue Vibrational Healing.

Brooklyn is highly sought after for her coaching services. She has helped doctors, psychologists, lawyers, entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world, to understand the challenges they experience in business. Her guidance helps them to break through the internal glass ceiling and enable them to have the life that they always dreamed of attaining. When she’s not busy helping clients create their ultimate life, she can be found walking her dog, Gabe down by the water in her hometown of Hastings in Melbourne, Australia.

Registered Nurse, Mental Health Practitioner, Workplace Trainer and Assessor

Born and raised in New Zealand, from the age of three, Derran knew that she wanted to be a nurse. With her early experiences of nursing inspiring her path way, she passionately pursued a career in mental health.

Although Garry follows paranormal events in search of truth, he is an avid skeptic who thoroughly analyses all submitted data for rational explanations where possible. Being technically minded, he utilises the latest in paranormal equipment, as well as assessing some of the more popular devices that are on the market. Check him out on the Facebook page - Forever Haunted

Custodian Eartheart

Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA.

Her transformational awakening in 1999 catapulted her into a life in service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient life upon it. Freya has worked extensively with the Australian Aboriginal culture and with world leaders in the movement of Consciousness-Change. She is an internationally renowned shaman, healer and teacher. Her huge heart overflowing with compassion and ability to get to the core of the issue has allowed countless peoples dis-ease to be transformed into ease and grace. Freya shares her wisdom in her body of work, ‘Tree of Life, Pathway to Empowerment’. Her passion is awakening hearts, to together, transform life on Earth.

Jane Offer

Paranormal Investigator

With over 35 years of investigating and experience in the Paranormal. Gary is a valued, walking knowledge bank of all things unexplainable, including Ghosts and investigating techniques. With a long standing, professional presence in the field of the Paranormal, and leading hundreds of investigations at some of Australia’s most haunted locations, Gary will bring an understanding and explanation of Paranormal events. His wealth of experience and reputation among his peers, and fellow team members, both on and off screen, makes him the perfect candidate to provide support and direction.

Freya Sampson

Gary Sullivan

PhD Bo

With a strong scientific background in Psychological Science and a passion for Law of Attraction (LOA), Brooklyn embarked on a personal mission to test LOA to see if it ‘really worked’. No one was more surprised than she, when it did and thus a passion was ignited. Brooklyn is not passionate, she is a total believer in LOA.

Anthony has also created a beautiful working and teaching environment in Research Victoria where he operates his businesses — Bridging Realms.

Derran Heney


- Sub Editor

UK born Jane was trained in the 1960’s as a teacher and counsellor, teaching Preparatory for 14 years, breaking only to have her own children. When two family members became ill, she left teaching and discovered the natural health path. Always interested in philosophy and spirituality, she created a Natural Health Centre which was also registered as an independent training college. Various projects received Government funding, enabling the development of programs encouraging young people back into mainstream education and working in prisons. Two programs that Jane’s wishes to see adopted within Australia. As well as groups, individuals benefitted from the healing modalities, counselling and teaching that was offered. Jane immigrated with her husband to Australia in 2007, opened The Purple Dragonfly in Warrandyte in 2014 and also launched The Oak Tree Organisation Australia, a not-for-profit dedicated to training and holistic programs for groups and individuals in both the corporate and non-corporate world.

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C Jason D. Varga

Jason began his working career as an industrial engraver, although he has now retired from that industry as one of only a handful of Master Engravers in Australia, he is still contracted by the AFL to engrave each year’s premiership cups.

He also still engraves the occasional prop for the film and television industry. In his late teens Jason became heavily involved in the rockabilly scene and still teaches swing and rock’n’roll dancing. Jason began his journey performing hypnosis and mentalism shows and is the only Australian mentalist endorsed by Uri Geller. As Australia’s top psychic entertainer, Jason draws on his experience as a stage hypnotist to give entertaining demonstrations of various psychic modalities all over the country. His passion for helping others shines through in his private practice where he offers hypnotherapy, psychic counselling and psychotherapy, he also teaches thaumaturgy, contact telepathy, psychometry and many other psychic modalities.

Liesl Horne

Since qualifying in Melbourne, she has a decade of experience providing Ayurvedic consultations, workshops, massage therapy and now also incorporates meditation into her practice. Liesl offers consultations in Warrandyte and Rowville. Liesl has a Cert IV Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Advanced Cert Ayurvedic Massage, Advanced Cert Marina Point Massage, she is a registered member of Australasian Assoc Ayurveda Inc. and is a recognized with Mindfulness Meditation; Guided Imagery and Contemplation with the Gawler Foundation.

Supernal Magazine

Perth based Samantha is a Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Tutor originating from the UK and who travels regionally, nationally and internationally with her work.

She has written 120 essays for the SNU to date and is committed to lifelong learning and believes this demonstrates to her students her dedication and commitment. Samantha loves and is humbled by her work for both the physical and spiritual world and for the healing that takes place through all her readings.

Tanya Stavropoulos

Medium. Numerologist, DreamSpell and Divine Symmetry


Spiritual Medium, Tutor

As a full-time medium and member of the UK Spiritualists National Union, (SNU). Samantha has studied for the last 7 years and has been accredited and certified as an evidential Medium, a teacher and public speaker. Her qualifications so far are: CSNU d,t,s.

ShirleySienna is a highly developed Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Medium. She is recognised in Australia and internationally by her peers and clients as a professional and accurate communicator, teacher and consultant able to access the spirit worlds, (eg: spirit guides and those passed from this Earth to the Astral and higher planes) as a galactic/interdimensional channel, bringing forth information, insight and healing to many. ShirleySienna has worked with her mentors in the invisible and spiritual realms to finely tune a series of modalities including Numerology, Dreamspell, Human Design, cartomancy and more, and Divine Symmetry and the EarthSpirit Wisdom Teachings are the result. Travelling across the world and sharing space via the crystal skull collective has given her insight and access to the work of shamans, healers and wellknown teachers. She herself has been invited to present at such conferences and retreats. ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations.

Samantha Duly

ShirleySienna Coventry


As an Osteo Manual Practitioner. Ascension and Usui Reiki Master - Teacher, senior lecturer curriculum writer for 200/500 Hr and advanced diploma YTT, intuitive healing arts, sound and crystal therapy, yoga and meditation, Joti is well qualified to help people realise their potential. Joti is the creator of meditative sports stretch, advanced personal trainer, group fitness instructor, holistic health and wellbeing workshop facilitator, fitness expert presenter for TV, conventions, and festivals, holistic healing arts. He is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter, dancer/ choreographer, actor/director and model. Joti offers complementary holistic modalities, lecturers, classes, workshops, consultations, yoga teacher trainings, and other alternative modalities for healing and reconnection to the higher self through frequency music, stones and crystals, singing bowls, colour therapies, meditation, and spiritual guidance. For speaking engagements, or performance bookings, contact Agent/ Manager: Janine J Cowie -

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Meditation Teacher

Liesl has an absolute passion for living well and focuses on nourishing the mind and body through lifestyle, nutrition and rejuvenation helping others to create and maintain their health in a natural, simple and sustainable way. Liesl embraced Ayurveda after reading about the digestive benefits this ancient system provides in supporting general health.

Joti Gore

Mentalist, Hypnotist, Psychic

Advertising Manager

Tanya Stavropoulos is your go-to person for your advertising needs with Supernal Magazine Australia.

Having worked in the natural health industry for over six years, Tanya is passionate about promoting natural health, wellness and abundance for her clients and industry professionals. Access to alternative health was always considered a normal approach in Tanya’s childhood and she has avidly followed emerging new ideas in health and wellbeing ever since. Tanya contributed her energies to many Marketing Support roles within Tourism Australia and Sydney’s 2000 Olympics, Market Research Co-ordinator for Melbourne Convention and Marketing Bureau, Visitor Information Centre Co-ordinator with Mornington Peninsula Tourism. Tanya’s warm, friendly and strong customer service skills will help your business express your heart-felt promotional message to your audience in our amazing online magazine! Feel free to chat about your advertising opportunities with Tanya on 0419 359 755 or email;

Contributor Tadd

Tadd’s interest in dreams comes as a result of an over active imagination where there are blurred lines between sleep dreaming and day dreaming. He started writing down his dreams and following them through to gain an understanding on how and why these dreams really are important messages from the soul. People will often find Tadd sitting on a mountain top or a sand dune reflecting on life as he knows it, and as the world lives it!

Varij Varidium

The Aussie Dream Decoder

Tadd is a larrikin Aussie who’s a hard worker and a bit of a philosopher at heart. He loves spending time in the Australian bush and is quite comfortable driving around this big wide land he calls home.


Philosophy, Astrologer, Tarot, Teacher

Varij is a former tutor in philosophy at Melbourne University who has been reading and teaching Astrology professionally for over 30 years.

His readings blend intelligence, compassion and wisdom with a gifted intuition to provide clear, positive and accurate guidance. Astrology provides the big picture of your life, and the use of Tarot enables Vary to zero in on the specifics of any situation or concern. Varij is clairvoyant in the sense that be is a clear seer. Fundamentally, be functions like a mirror to reflect you back to yourself. He provides insight into your karmic past present concerns and future direction with soul, depth, wit and wisdom.

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Samantha Duly

Spiritual Medium & Tutor


Teacher of Psychic & Mediumistic Studies Classes are held weekly, also 1 day & weekend Workshops in Cannington, Perth

I offer

• 1:1 Readings in person or phone, skype etc. • Public Demonstrations of Mediumship Facebook: @thedragonflycentreoflifeandspirit Instagram: Samantha_duly

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Anthony Kilner

ShirleySienna is ShirleySienna offers: in



• Psychic Mediumship Readings

Crib Point, Melbourne,• Tarot Readings Spirit Mediumship Psychic Medium Australia • Reiki & Seichim Healing Soul Inspired ReadingsSpiritual Development Teacher • Past Life Regression Divine Numerology Wellbeing PractitionerConsultations and Readings • Relaxation Massage available in person or online. Oracle and Tarot Card readings • Vibrational Healing Holistic Business Mentor Dreamspell CONTACT: • Chakra Balancing Crystal skull gatherings and interaction 0403484892 • Spirit Healing 0407 181 701 Public and private presentations• Muscle De-stress • Ear Candling and more! et

A.B.N. 61 473 659 425

• Spiritual Development classes

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