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Issue 30 - October/November 2021

Ordinary people living extraordinary lives

Features Informed Consent – Does it Really Exist? Dr Catherine Fyans - Medical Consent Indigenous Consent Can We Play God? Consent to Die

Interview George – Loss of Innocence Carolyn Gallagher – Consent in Disability

Reflections – Always My Choice Spirit of Things – Past Life Regression Sacred Sites – Informed Consent & Sacred Sites Movie Review – The Starling

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CONTENTS – O Acknowledgment Of Country We acknowledge the Booja (country) and it’s Traditional Custodians - The Aboriginal peoples of all countries and tribes. We call on the Ancestors, past and present, Earth and star, who love us unconditionally. We call on the good spirit to be present with us as we journey Supernal Magazine. We call on th eRainbow Serpent and the Dreaming Serpents of each Aboriginal Country. Thank you for being with us and for your blessings and guidance.


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Movie Review

The Starling.




Community Voice Notice Board

Daintree National Park Returned to Indigenous Custodians.

Informed Consent: reader’s comments.

FEATURES 12 Informed Consent: Does it really exist? Freya Savitri looks at a variety of understandings about informed consent. There are no holds barred in this confronting article that impacts our everyday lives.


Medical Consent

Dr Catherine Fyans takes an in-depth look at ‘Medical Consent’, how it applies to our current situation and our lives in general.


Indigenous Consent

Timothy Mark Fish explains how gaining consent to access indigenous places, is a way to respectfully re-establish open connection with our First Nations People.


Supernal Magazine


Loss of Innocence


Consent to Die


Informed Consent in Disability


Can We Play God?

Anthony Kilner presents a very personal and emotive chat with ‘George’about his loss of innocence as a child.

Till Death do us Part. Anthony Kilner chats with Death Doula Carmen Barnsley on the sensitive topic - ‘Consent to Die’.

Carolyn Gallagher has been working in the disability sector for 30 odd years, here she offers her personal insights into dealing with consent in this sector of the community.

ShirleySienna and Anthony Kilner team up to write a provocative story, do we have the right to think we can ‘send spirit people to the light’ with the click of the fingers! Or are there unseen ramifications of playing God?

MEDIUMSHIP 40 Spirit of Things

Samantha Duly takes us through the phenomenal journey of Reincarnation and Past Life Regression.


18 HEALTH AND WELLBEING 42 Reflections

Jane Offer explains why it’s Always My Choice!

GAIA CONSCIOUSNESS 44 Wild Gaia – Timeless Wisdom

Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot reveals why ‘A Consensual Relationship with Gaia’ is a critical factor in the survival of Mother Earth!

DIVINE GUIDANCE 48 Divine Time Self-Existing Star into an Overtone Moon, indicates a change in

MENTAL HEALTH 52 The Mentalist

Jason D Varga looks into ‘Counting the Beat’ and how brain waves function at different frequencies.


Mental Health Matters

Informed medical consent: what should the conversation involve? Derran Heney offers up some pertinent suggestions on the conversation.



SACRED SITES 56 Sacred Sites

For Indigenous peoples around the world, sacred sites and areas of cultural heritage are extremely important to the preservation of their culture. Louise Clarke explains why.


Sacred Sites Alchemy

Informed Consent on Ngaluma Country Part I. Freya takes us back in time to reflect on indigenous consent and understanding.

ASTROLOGY 60 A New Earth - Now Melanie Dufty talks us through consent from the heavenly perspective.


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A Letter from the Editor

Ed’s Letter Informed consent – two words that have a world of meaning! There are so many ways to look at consent, in many cases impacting us being a Sovereign Being, living our truth. We know that truth can be bought and passed on to others, and therefore how can we possibly have fully informed consent if we are biased by bought truths? I thought I’d share some interesting quotes on Consent. “We’re going to need a new social contract with the tech world one that asks for consent, and one with transparent goals. Right now, the goals of technology are not aligned with our goals as humans. We need technology that empowers us to make the life choices we want to make.” - Tristan Harris “He who created us without our help will not save us without our consent.” – Saint Augustine “I can never consent to being dictated to.” – John Tyler “Once you consent to some concession, you can never cancel it and put things back the way they are.” – Howard Hughes In this issue we have some great reading, talking about informed consent from various different angles. Under the present global circumstances it’s a very topical subject that seems to be being ignored by many, to the detriment of millions!


Supernal Magazine

Anthony Kilner

This month Dr Catherine Fyans offers a well written opinion piece on the state of affairs around fully informed medical consent. This will make any reader sit up and take notice. It really sets the scene for greater understanding. Derran Heney also contributes an excellent column on medical informed consent. Jane Offer and ShirleySienna add to the mix with understanding consent from many angles adding some compelling words to the mix. Yours truly has teamed up ShirleySienna for a piece on consent when helping spirits between worlds. I worked with Carmen Barnsley, Death Doula, discussing Consent to Die. As well as Timothy Mark Fish on consent when dealing with indigenous people and gaining understanding within culture. There’s a moving interview with George about the loss of innocence. His story is compelling and one that is all too common, hidden inside of many people. This needs to come out in order to heal. George proves it can happen.

I also interview a long-time disability worker Carolyn Gallagher. When talking consent in the disability sector, this is a huge open-ended discussion. Carolyn offers her thoughts on this very important topic. Freya Savtri looks at Informed Consent and does it really exist? This story touches on a range of topics where informed consent is potentially misunderstood, and that changes need to be made for the greater understanding of humanity. Plus, the Sacred Sites columns and Spirit of things all tackle different aspects of understanding consent. This month really offers some compelling reading.

Changing of the Guard This month we say goodbye to our Mentalist. Jason D Varga. Jason has been with Supernal since the beginning in 2019. His columns have been thought provoking to say the least, and they have added a lot of spark to the overall mag. We want to say a huge thank you to Jason for his great efforts.

We also say goodbye to Ozlem Munur. Ozlem has been with us since April this year and has been responsible for creating some amazing covers as well as helping change the look and feel of many of the pages internally. We wish her all the best with her new clothing line A10 Clothing. This opens the door for another artist / intern to join the team. We have Kiet Nguyen jumping on board for a three month internship and moving into 2022 there will be other internships on offer. If you are studying journalism, writing, or graphic arts and are interested in an internship, please forward some information to As always we are open to receiving your letters and suggestions. Have a Supernal month knowing that life is better with fully informed consent!

A n th o n y K il n e r Image Credit: Pixabay

Supernal Magazine


Movie Review

The Starling By ShirleySienna

The focus of this issue of ‘Supernal’ is ‘Consent’. The four forms of consent are; implied, expressed, informed, and unanimous. After watching ‘The Starling’, I realised I had been privy to a fifth form; ‘unexpressed consent.’ One year following the death of their baby from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), we find the father, (Chris O’Dowd) in a mental health facility after attempting suicide, whilst the mother (Melissa McCarthy) is dragging herself in various forms of denial, through everyday life. Neither parent has given themselves or each other consent to grieve, blame, behave, acknowledge or go through the motions of not coping after the death of their child.

“After watching ‘The Starling’, I realised I had been privy to a fifth form; ‘unexpressed consent.’” The mother is referred to a former psychologist, now a vet, (Kevin Kline) who, by the end of the movie, has realised that his previous career as a psychologist is just as important

88 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

in his veterinary work for the pet owners he deals with on a daily basis. The father finally surrenders to the fact that his whole adult life has been plagued by depression, which escalated after the tragedy. At the same time, the mother is repeatedly swooped as she tries to resurrect the family vegetable plot, by a nest protecting starling – forcing her to stop and nurture her own feelings. The end is good without being cheesy and epiphanies abound! The couple are back together, akin to the pair of starlings, who share responsibility in regard to nesting. I think many people will relate to the issues revealed during the movie.

It may also turn out to be the greatest relief and catalyst for healing on every possible level. What is struggling to emerge can find calm and balance, revealed in a way that ‘permission granted’, cannot give. As close as possible to the surrendering of the soul as one can get!

So where does ‘consent’ come into it? Sometimes we need to feel consciously that we consent to something, after being in denial or ignorance, as consent does not always precede an action. In this instance it’s different to “I permit or I allow.” It is acknowledging silently that a feeling, thought or action is taking place and being at one with it, uncomfortable as that may be.

ShirleySienna Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’. Image Credit: Wikipedia


Daintree National Park Returned to Indigenous Custodians By Louise Clarke On the 29th September 2021 the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people won formal ownership of 160,213 hectares of country stretching from Mossman to Cooktown in a historic deal between the traditional custodians and the Queensland Government. The Agreement encompasses the Daintree, Ngalba-bulal (Cedar Bay), Kalkajaka (Black Mountain) and Hope Island National Parks, an area of vast cultural, spiritual and environmental significance, and is the culmination of nearly four years of discussions. The Daintree is considered the world’s oldest rainforest estimated to be 180 million years old and contains relicts of the great Gondwanan forests that covered Australia and parts of Antarctica before the continents split around 100 million years ago. In 1988 it was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO and has the highest number of plant and animal species in the world that are rare or threatened with extinction.

For the Kuku Yalanji people, this agreement recognises their right to own and manage their country, to protect their culture and to share it with visitors as they become leaders in the tourism industry. Previously, native title had already been established over much of the land, however recognition was not enough. The traditional custodians wanted a say in the management of their country and cultural heritage. The people of the Kuku Yalanji tribe have lived in the area for many thousands of years and lived in small camps scattered along the banks of creeks and rivers. A rich array of plants and animals provided reliable food as they travelled seasonally throughout the area. “We’d like to see all our young people step up now and [be] doing work on country, learning about cultural sites, where they come from,” Jalunji and Nyungkul elder Maree Shipton said. “Were glad that we got all our national park back.”

Louise Clarke Image Credit: Unsplash

“For the Kuku Yalanji people, this agreement recognises their right to own and manage their country…” Supernal Magazine


Informed Consent

Your Community Voice Notice Board Here is some of your feedback regarding ‘Informed Consent’. There have been some great responses and we wish to thank all who participated. The survey is open until the end of October. Participate HERE:

Q1 Provide an example of an experience where you were given accurate information to make an Informed Choice... From my naturopathic doctor who prescribed a series of natural medications. - Glenn When I spoke to my Dr regarding my health. Can’t think of one. I always ask questions. In relation to my daughter’s cardiac situation at birth, the cardiologists explained the situation and I was able to choose between immediate action, as opposed to non-action. – Louise

“Giving consent for photographs to be used of my child on the school website.” - Mellissa Q2 Provide an example of an experience where you were not given accurate information to make an Informed Choice...

medicine as well as allopathic medicine. Vaccine mandate.

“When I was pregnant with my second child I visited a gynaecologist and the first thing he said to me was if I wanted natural childbirth, I should leave now. He was of the opinion that women were not made for natural childbirth, and caesareans were the only choice.” - Louise Certain details about the changes on a worksite were omitted when i asked for them, prior to arriving for work. - Zosia

Q3 Do you believe we have REAL Informed Consent regarding the following aspects of life: Medical in General… I feel as if ‘big pharma’ just do things to generate cash, and that they do not care about people’s health. Doctors and governments are lobbied by ‘big pharma’. – Chris Vaccines, testing /Screening. - Darlene

Q10 Do you believe we have REAL Informed Consent regarding the following aspects of life: When my diagnosing Dr refused Corporate Relationships to acknowledge natural between… 10

Supernal Magazine

“All systems run against us without our knowledge or agreement.” - Elizabeth Environmental Issues. For the full Informed Consent survey results please click HERE:

Be a Community Voice contibutor in the next issue. Share with us your concerns about the environment? We value your thoughts and comments on the many issues. Supernal Magazine is compiling information about Environmental issues. We will publish a range of your personal views in the December January Issue of Your Community Voice Notice Board. The top ten responses each month will go into the draw to win a 30 minute online reading or service from our featured columnists. Participate in the next survey click HERE:


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“Our Earth is a giant container of water, from which all forms of life arose. And every living thing is itself essentially a container of water. Like the Earth, we are 70 percent water. It follows, naturally, that the health of the Earth is directly proportionate to the health of ourselves.”

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If you are ready to Re-Wild your Water contact Anthony Kilner, Freya Sampson or Louise Clarke Supernal Magazine


Informed Consent Does It Exist? By Freya Savitri Sampson I sit here sipping a cup of medicinal-mushroom tea, contemplating ‘Informed Consent’, and ponder does it exist in the true sense of the phrase? Where can we find it in this world, that our ancestors in recent centuries modernised with reckless abandon, and which we have collectively, ignorantly perpetuated? The Definition ‘Informed Consent’ means: Permission granted in full knowledge of the possible consequences. With this in mind, having undertaken countless hours of research on the matter, it has revealed that choices for our lives are made for us, long before one has capacity for critical thought and discernment; religion, governments, MSM, multinational corporations and by our misguided however well-meaning parents.


Supernal Magazine

and consequential slavery, were given full knowledge of the consequences? This series explains the origins of Birth Certificates and Taxation, Corporation and its religious roots; Your Soul is Owned By The Vatican Part 1 of 5 Birth Certificate Fraud: The Vatican Owns Everything:

Birth Certification Are you aware that when a child is born anywhere they must be registered? A birth certificate is issued with a number, the soul becomes property of the Catholic Church, and the body a tradable corporation on the stock exchange, for the elite, Vatican, multi-national corporations and government to profit from? If a parent objects to, or takes any action to prevent their child having a birth certificate, the child will be removed from their custody and they will be prosecuted. If this wasn’t explained to you, then neither you nor your child have given informed consent. If you were asked ahead of time would you have agreed the waiving your/your child’s human rights

Food In every supermarket the shelves are lined with processed and packaged products that come with a long list of numbers in their ingredients. Can you tell me what these numbers mean? Were you educated in school about what they mean? If you do know what they mean, then did you have to do the research yourself to find out? When you did find out what


“Is putting a few numbers in an ingredients list actual disclosure and does it really empower informed consent?” they mean, did you then have to do a lot more digging to find out what they actually do to your physiology? Did you also have to do further enormous amounts of research to find out how they are manufactured, where, by whom, and what impacts to the environment the manufacture of these chemicals and the product itself is having on the health of the global environment. Is putting a few numbers in an ingredients list actual disclosure and does it really empower informed consent? Were you ever asked - prior to the actions being taken by governments and multi-nationals if you gave your consent, to having the inconceivably diverse, irreplaceable Amazon Rain Forest cut down to create a mono-culture of palm plantation to make chocolate and other addictive consumables and vanity products in 40-50 percent of ‘household products’. Did you give your informed consent to bleach being used to whiten toilet paper and sanitary napkins, which

you ladies absorb through the vaginal wall and the most sensitive skin of your reproductive organs? In the average supermarket, there is a very small amount of actual food, found only in the fresh section. Even then it’s been coated in herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and pumped full of hormones, or genetically modified. Did anyone ever tell you what is being sprayed on, fed to or injected into these plants and animals? Were you educated in school or again, if you ever got wind of it before reading this article, did you have to do an exorbitant amend of research to work out that even the fresh food is poisonous to your biology? At which point were you ever asked if you consent to the handling of your precious food in these ways? Clearly informed consent is missing in the processes, which again comes back to financial gains.

Excellent Documentaries on Food are: Seaspiracy Cowspiracy The Truth About Sugar That Sugar Film

Education In the 1600s public schools were begun as Religious organisations, the first in Boston USA. Eventually Catholic indoctrination and teaching only in English was pushed back on by the global public. In the 1700s Thomas Jefferson divided education into two classes: labouring and learned, as a means of childcare facility for both parents to be able

Supernal Magazine


“When was the last time you were consulted on any Law that the government wrote and passed?” to work, and simultaneously preventing the advancement of the labouring class. The curriculum for the labouring class was minimal and designed to make more workers for already wealthy organisations, to make their owners more money. Education globally, was reserved for the elite in private schools. In the late 1950s in USA, segregated schooling was abolished. Australia eventually followed suit, giving Aboriginals Citizenship and (supposedly) equal rights in 1967. I was 14 when the first available class on Aboriginal Studies was offered. I took this limited option and after the first 40 minute period, I left that class devastated and utterly disgusted, in paradigm shock, about the despicable lies that had been fed to me by the Australian government curriculum for the last 200 years. I learned about babies thrown in the air and caught on bayonets by soldiers, men’s testicles cut off, their families watched them bleed to death screaming, their heads then cut off and kicked around like soccer balls. Where is the informed consent in either the process of settlement or the


Supernal Magazine

transparency of education prior to this moment?

pandemic’? Even in ‘a crisis’ is this informed consent?

Whilst public education has improved over the years, people are more and more choosing alternative learning methods: Steiner, Montessori and Home Schooling to protect their child from indoctrination and certain legislation.

AstraZeneca Contract National Security Risk:

The History of Public Education: School World Order: Online Home School Options:

Law When was the last time you were consulted on any Law that the government wrote and passed? Indeed who can even follow The Law? Not even lawyers, there needs to be specialists in every field. Recently in contractual law, are those signed by governments with vaccine companies, which grant them product and financial immunity. Was the public anywhere asked if this was suitable to them or if they were willing to enter a contract that would risk their health or national security? Did the global public agree to the terms that define a ‘crisis or

Leaked Pfizer Contract: Australia Businesses Liable for Employees Adverse Vaccine Effects: Also currently being called into question by the global community is the methods of policing in Australia. Ethical Policing In Victoria: Did you know there are 1733 paedophiles named in the 2008 Mulligan Inquiry, one of whom is a former Australian politician. “The Mulligan Inquiry has an 80 year suppression order on it. Essentially that means, the 1733 paedophiles that were identified by the 792 victims that gave statements to the inquiry, will never go to court, or ever be charged. Let that sink in… 1733 Paedophiles who are still today out there.” PoliceLeaks Australia The Mulligan Inquiry: PoliceLeaks Australia: Petition: Another is the Identify and Disrupt Bill which grants the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) the power to modify, add, copy, or delete data, on a person’s online accounts. Petition: As a result, a growing movement in Australia is becoming empowered in Constitutional Law.

Truth and Action sites the term now being ‘normalised’ as a ‘minor attracted person’ and moves to legislate to accommodate for this; Globally BBC National Geographic: USA and UK: Legalised Paedophilia Investigated: Know Your Rights:

Age of Consent - Sexual Intercourse The ‘age of consent’ is the minimum age at which a person is considered legally competent to consent to sexual acts. We also need to be aware of ancient Cultural/ Religious methodologies which are not being referred to in this section.

Child Trafficking Documentaries/News Reports: Australia: Anti-Slavery Australia: 7 News Report: Eastern Europe: India:

Around the world there has been a push to lower the ‘age of consent’. In Nigeria it has been reduced to as low as 11 years of age, closely followed by Angola and the Philippines at age 12! See Map Here: I don’t know about you, personally at the age of 11/12 I was not even close to being wise enough to make an informed decision. One must wonder about this and the relationship to child trafficking and paedophilia. Paedophilia: USA: This article claims that data shows 207468 minors, as young as 10yo were married to adult men in USA from 2000-2015:

The True Money and Banking History Origins Remastered 2019 Part 1 of 7: Who Really Owns Australia: Taking Down the Shadow Government - Maria Zack:

Conclusion These topics only touch on the miasma of matters relating to our existence. After researching and critical questioning/ thought/reflection, ‘Informed Consent’ does not exist in humanities way of life. The only ‘Informed Consent’ I perceive to be true is; souls choose to have the experience of incarnating on Earth to master heart-wisdom, and full disclosure of that process is made prior to incarnation. Certainly once this is attained, the only sane reason an Ascended Master chooses to continue to incarnate on Earth, is to be a part of assisting humanity through service to do the same - and make the vital changes necessary. As always, do your own research, go forth, take empowered action and be the change!


Money It all comes back to the consciousness of how this is wielded - currently whoever has the most, controls every other aspect and system of life. This means human life, as well as the rest of the sentient life on Earth’s is greatly controlled by exceptionally few people - in every single way.

Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services. Image Credit: Pixabay, Pexels & Unsplash.

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Informed Consent By Dr Catherine Fyans

True informed consent involves conscientious review of unbiased research and observational data, in addition to clinical experience. This provides the health care consumer with reliable information regarding decisions about any medical interventions offered. For adequate ‘Informed This involves assessing the consent’, the person giving the necessity, suitability and safety information must themselves of any medical interventions within the context of a patient’s be adequately informed. This involves health care profile. Health conditions, practitioners being able to genetics, environmental access and share uncensored situations, and individual research data, in addition health care preferences, all to their own on-the-ground need to be considered when undertaking a risk versus benefit clinical experience, rather than only industry or government assessment. A ‘one-size-fitsapproved data. This often all’ directive opposes these requires considerable time and individual assessments. effort exploring a cross-section of research, rather than just It’s expected that health parroting the health agencies’ practitioners continually industry spiel. come back to the risk versus benefit analysis of any medical Practitioner regulatory bodies intervention, consistent with have however officially warned their training and what is their members with threats of necessary to ensure the investigation and disciplinary safety of an individual and action against those who don’t their community. abide by their dictates.

“A ‘one-size-fits-all’ directive opposes these individual assessments.”


Supernal Magazine

It has always been encouraged by these regulatory bodies that a practitioners’ first duty of care

is to their patients, in keeping with previously inviolable medical ethics. When practising medicine, they are expected to abide by the fundamental principle of primum non nocere – First, Do No Harm! Sadly, that now seems to be a phenomenon of the past, as practitioners are expected to do the unquestioned bidding of the techno-politico-industrial powers that control healthcare. Previously held sedulous professional values, such the ‘precautionary principle’ and ‘the cure cannot be worse than the condition to be treated or prevented’ have been cast aside in favour of the obedient following of the prevailing dogma, under the guise of ‘for the greater good’, forgetting that ‘the greater good’ is dependent upon the health and wellbeing of the individuals who make up the community. The Nuremberg Code is a guiding principle for medical ethics. It forbids the imposition of any kind of medical

feature “Healthcare practitioners are no longer allowed to make conclusions from their research and observations…” intervention without clear and un-coerced informed consent. Unfortunately we have seen medical ethics and the principles of this and the Hippocratic Oath dismissed in favour of unproven and potentially harmful sanctions and protocols that defy individuals’ inalienable rights. Many previously dearly-held standards of health care have changed, as common sense, medical ethics and humaneness were obfuscated by the pandemic hysteria and the increasing top-down control of the health care industry. It’s concerning that medical tyranny is being promulgated, while medical apartheid creeps into our society, consistent with the insidious ‘new normal’ and reeking of totalitarianism. Healthcare practitioners are no longer allowed to make conclusions from their research and observations, have an opinion or debate the pros and cons of any proposed sanctions and medical interventions.

They have been subject to unparalleled censorship of anything that does not blindly follow the agreed narrative and many of us lament the loss of freedom of speech, differences of opinion and freedom of thought. ‘The Orwellian society is one in which thought itself is controlled and it was deemed that people could not express ideas that challenged the prevailing order of society’. Nobody can make clear informed consent under an atmosphere of oppression and coercion, particularly if they fear legal, employment, schooling and social repercussions by refusing to comply. People are being pressured to decide between acquiescing to an invasive medical intervention, with which they might not normally concur, or keeping their jobs and feeding their families. Force and duress are anathema to individual choice and consent. Any medical directive should be in strict accordance with preventing disease and promoting health, rather than punishing and removing inalienable liberties. Limiting freedom of movement or participating in normal society of those who conscientiously

choose noncompliance to such medical interventions are means of coercion and blackmail. In addition, we have seen a relentlessly applied behavioural psychology ploy of shaming, and scapegoating people, practitioners and consumers alike, who dare to question or resist the official directives. Fear-mongering and threat of reprisal for those who don’t comply, eclipse all proportionality regarding the actual need for, and the risk versus benefit of, these interventions in our communities. Hysteria and brain-washing never allow a clear perspective, which appears lost in the frenetic roll-out. Before the overt coercion and force, bribes were officially allowed to entice people into having the vaccines. On 17th June 2021, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) issued a Joint Media

“Hysteria and brain-washing never allow a clear perspective…”

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Release that included - ‘Under the National Law, offers of gifts, discounts or other inducements are permitted in advertising of regulated health... The TGA’s guidance explains that the offer of certain rewards to people who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is now permitted under therapeutic goods regulations…. healthcare professionals such as GPs or pharmacists may also offer a reward.’

“It’s very disturbing indeed that longstanding medical values have been clearly compromised.” Enticements and rewards being offered for any medical intervention is a blatant and cheap form of manipulation. Any proposed medical interventions should be in strict accordance with medical facts and respected protocols, not promoted like a tacky election campaign or chook raffle. It’s very disturbing indeed that longstanding medical values have been clearly compromised. We have now reached a point where it is considered ‘normal’ that businesses, employers and educational institutions have the right to dictate health directives to their employees and students, including coercing individuals to undertake experimental medical interventions where, in most cases, there is absolutely no need.


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“It is imperative to follow unbiased evidence-based science rather than throw out platitudes to terrorise, coerce and manipulate the masses.” It’s convenient for governments to pass the buck in order to maintain their dubious image of being benevolent, caring leaders. In my opinion, manipulating peoples’ survival fears and removing their inalienable rights, under the guise of health care, is the most heinous form of manipulation. Many find it incredulous that pregnant women are now being coerced into having COVID ‘vaccines’ at any stage of pregnancy and during the pre-conception period. Suggesting any inadequately tested medication, let alone vaccine, in the first trimester of pregnancy is in absolute defiance of the ‘precautionary principle’ and, many would agree, is reckless experimental medicine. These recommendations go against traditional values and are markedly out of proportion to the reality of the risk of the infection in these populations.

“It’s convenient for governments to pass the buck in order to maintain their dubious image of being benevolent, caring leaders.”

“It’s very concerning that the vaccination roll-out in Australia has now included children…” It’s very concerning that the vaccination roll-out in Australia has now included children, with the push to include even younger age groups. This directive is markedly out-of-proportion to the risk of serious illness from infection in this age group. Many would consider the unleashing of an experimental gene technology, labelled as a ‘vaccine’, now known to be associated with some serious adverse effects including death, on our youth to be unconscionable child abuse and a crime against humanity. This is especially so, as there is absolutely no justifiable need for the majority of the largely healthy population of children. A capable adult choosing to have a medical intervention or not is one matter, but children do not have that liberty. If they do, it is given inappropriately at too young an age. Conclusion An atmosphere of enquiry, transparency and open debate, that considers differences perspectives and opinion, is the bedrock of healthy organisations. Of course, reasonable, ethical guidelines should be given and the population protected from malpractice; however, being only allowed one ‘official’ view-point is in keeping with

authoritarianism. Pandemic and ‘state of emergency’ or not. Many would agree that individual consumers be guided by the best health advice available yet be the final arbiters of their own health care choices. Public health policies might suggest otherwise and that health directives be encouraged, if not mandated, ‘for the greater good’. But who decides ‘What is the greater good’? What is the yard-stick and can those policy makers be trusted to be ethical and free from bias, coercion, bribery and vested interests? Ideally, people are treated as sovereign beings who have the right to the best available education and accurate unbiased information, enabling individual choice and informed decision making. Above all, we need to remember that we are dealing with autonomous, thinking and feeling human beings, not just ‘data’. It is imperative to follow unbiased evidence-based science rather than throw out platitudes to terrorise, coerce and manipulate the masses. We must continually re-assess any imposed sanctions and invasive medical interventions as more information is revealed in the ever-changing landscape of this global crisis. In the current climate, informed consent is limited as there is no long-term safety and efficacy data on these ‘investigational’ gene-modifying technologies, labelled as ‘vaccines’.

“Clear risk versus benefit assessment, and diligent consideration of a proportionate response should be upheld…” We do not know what we do not know. This elephant in the room is conveniently ignored by the authorities, who continue to push onto the largely healthy population what is clearly an experimental medical intervention with unknown long-term effects. Clear risk versus benefit assessment, and diligent consideration of a proportionate response should be upheld, without punitive measures being applied to those who do not comply with a narrative that does not support these professional values. Although authorities might desperately try, they cannot control what we decide within the confines of our own minds and conscience, therefore we each need to follow our own conscience, regarding what we feel is right and of benefit for our patients and communities and call out what we feel is harmful.

Dr Catherine Fyans is a holistic medical practitioner and author of ‘The Wounding of Health Care – From Fragmentation to Integration’. Photo Credit: Supplied by C Fyans, Pixabay,

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Indigenous Consent By Timothy Mark Fish

There are many forms of consent required to live a healthy and respectful life. Supernal Magazine asked Timothy Mark Fish if he would consent to help us with an article from the Indigenous perspective. We also wish to acknowledge our indigenous community as traditional custodians of the lands and we acknowledge the Ancestors past, present and emerging. We acknowledge Mother Earth and ask for your blessings as we move respectfully around this country!

Informed consent, what is it and why is it important from a cultural point of view? Informed consent is permission given with the full understanding of the consequences. In my opinion, the understanding should be mutual between all parties. The Elders or Traditional Owners granting permission need to be aware of the consequences to country and people, while those gaining permission need to be aware of the consequences of straying from the path, removing stones or artefacts, conducting themselves contrary to natural law, or otherwise unduly interfering with country and culture.

“…there are places where no one should go without first seeking permission from the relevant Elder or lore keeper.” When you visit a sacred site such as Uluru - Kata Tjuta, there are areas openly accessible to the general public, and there are places where no one should go without first seeking permission from the relevant Elder or lore keeper. Other lesser well known places around Australia are no different, out of respect for the Elders of the past, present and the future; permission should always be sought when visiting Indigenous sacred sites. Bad juju can happen to those unwary of appropriate conduct at sacred places, and the guilt for this plays on the minds of the Elders, this is one reason why informed consent is essential. The custodians of sacred places have an obligation to protect the sacred place and those who visit there. And those who visit there under informed consent, by fully knowing the consequences, are obliged to adhere to appropriate conduct. In a broader application, talks of treaties, mining leases

24 24

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feature survey and the like also need to be undertaken with informed consent and full understanding of the consequences to all parties involved. In these cases, are the Indigenous attendees at discussions, being made fully aware of the consequences to country and culture of any decisions that they make, and is that understanding being passed on to the communities? The whole treaty issue is always going to be complicated due to the amount of interested parties on the Indigenous side

“When visiting an Indigenous community it’s important to be respectful and seek permission before entering the community.” of the equation, many tribes with varied beliefs and visions for the future, or struggling with issues of the past which in turn will affect the future, all trying to reach consensus on an issue with consequences that need the clearest and fullest of understandings. When visiting an Indigenous community it’s important to be respectful and seek permission before entering the community. With some remote communities it’s actually a prerequisite to visiting that forms are to be read and filled out, questions answered, proof of bona fides provided, and bureaucratic informed consent given, before actual permission is granted or denied.

When you do gain permission, don’t try to be all spiritual with the Elders, be patient, these are very wise people, and it’s best to sit in silence and listen, showing them the respect and allowing them to lead the conversation where they wish it to go. Be mindful that there are some topics that aren’t always open to discussion and some sites that are very specific about who can and who can’t visit. Don’t go off and do private little ceremonies adjacent to or at sacred places, and always seek permission for any activity you wish to undertake and sites you intend to visit. Too many, myself included, informed consent also exists between individual, country and the Ancestral spirits. We pay our respects and let our intentions be known to Mother Earth, the Ancestors and Elders, whenever we walk on country, and they appreciate and acknowledge this in ways only they can. Beyond seeking

permission from the Elders, comes seeking permission from Mother and the Ancestral spirits that look over that place. Respect for Mother Earth, for country, for culture, for the Ancestors and Elders of the land, it really isn’t too much to ask for, and is oh so easy to give!

Timothy Mark Fish Timothy, Cadigal man with a burning desire to protect country, ancestors and culture TimthyMFish Image Credit: Pixabay

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25 25

Loss o f Inno cenc e By Anthony Kilner As a part of the informed consent theme this month, we interviewed an older man called George; not his real name as he wanted to remain anonymous. It’s a moving emotional story of being used in a paedophile ring as a child and his fight to be a survivor. In his own words, being ‘a bit damaged’. George, what are you comfortable talking about? Most of it really these days. I have no real childhood memories. I remember being dressed up in girl’s clothes and being sat on men’s knees. I was only very young at that stage. I always thought I was meant to be a girl. Do you remember how old you were? Not when it started. I can say I was around five. Thinking about it, once I was at school things mostly stopped. As an adult I can imagine as a child starts to learn how to talk, there’s a fair chance something is going to be mentioned. Of course, if it was mentioned back then it was swept under the carpet. How did that impact you growing up? I was always angry as a kid. Always trying to please my parents and others and

26 26

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becoming more and more insecure internally. I was living a lie, always afraid to speak out. I know I was threatened that if I spoke up, my family would die. Looking back, I think I had some sort of signature applied to me. Energetically maybe, that other paedophiles seemed to know I was ‘on the market’, so to speak. I was about 13 and walking through a park, when a guy approached me and started to chat. He offered me a look at a slide viewer. The one where you hit the lever and it turns a wheel to the next slide. It was full of naked boys. I got really angry and upset and ran away. I’ve never told anyone that as I’ve been too scared to. As a young adult I was a bit damaged. Scared, angry, I felt controlled; I was physically abused as well as sexually. By this stage in my early teens, I knew I was different. I knew the difference between gay people and straight people

and I grew up knowing I was neither. I was a boy wanting to be a girl.

“I remember being dressed up in girl’s clothes and being sat on men’s knees.” In the houses I visited around then, porn was the norm. There were magazines, VHS tapes and toys lying around the place. It was here that I realised what a transgender person was. It opened my eyes to a different way of looking at the world. I was still angry and sometimes violent, however I’d found alcohol by this stage and it took the pain away. Did you manage to find any help? No. I lived under the threat of death for years. Imagined or


“I was living a lie, always afraid to speak out. I know I was threatened that if I spoke up…” real, there was nowhere to go or people I trusted enough to talk to. I have still not made what I am saying public or talked to my family about it. I started trying to understand my life better in my 40s. I met some people in a similar position, who teased out my experiences and explained why I needed to understand that I was mentally abused to think I was a girl for the perversion of others. The threats to my life were real and the guilt and shame I lived with, were driven by others. There is no shame in being an age where you don’t know or even understand what is going on.

path, these have lessened. There are some amazing people out there with lived experiences and they are the ones I suggest people growing up in my situation seek out and talk to. These people understand the smell triggers. They understand

what trying to commit suicide is like. They understand what the murderous intent from betrayal is like. They understand drugs and alcohol and other addictions and, most importantly, they have empathy like no others. These are the people I found helped me.

Coming to terms with that has been hard. There are times when I have what I call ‘not normal’ thoughts. I still second guess myself and I still react angrily in certain situations. As time passes and I follow my

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27 27

“These days there are so many ways kids can get help. The main thing is finding the right person that believes and takes some action.” abuse, physical abuse or just needs to talk about life, there is plenty of help available via phone or online. For our male readers, please don’t bottle things up – there are specific men’s groups who have a ready ear and plenty of lived experience!

I also met a medium many years ago, that had lived experience and was a big help in guiding me to a better, less angry and violent future.

was cleared of any wrong doing. The wife admitted she made it up. He lost his job and his reputation because of it. It broke him!

What would you suggest people do if they are struggling with this issue or other abuse issues?

This subject is so intense to understand, I still find myself getting angry over the abuse of children in any way shape or form. No-one has the right to take away the innocence of a child!

These days there are so many ways kids can get help. The main thing is finding the right person that believes and takes some action. It’s also a case of these people supporting the child while they sort fact from fiction. This applies to adults as well. I know a young man who had two kids. In an ugly break up, the wife called the police and told them he was sexually abusing the kids. He was arrested and held for questioning. This man was distraught and eventually he


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We have an extensive list of help lines on page 28 in our September 2019 Issue of Supernal. This list covers everybody from all walks of life. Here are just a couple. Please don’t suffer in silence anymore! Kids Helpline - 1800 55 1800 Mensline – 1300 789 978 Beyond Blue – 1300 224 636 au/

Wrapping Up George is a gentle man moving towards retirement. He’s come to terms with his life and even made peace with the man, now dead, who perpetrated the abuses. I’ve excluded many of the details he felt freely able to reveal, as they were not required to get his story across. If you or someone you know is suffering from trauma, sexual

Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions. Image Credit: Pixabay, Unsplash




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Till Death do us Part By Anthony Kilner Consent to die! It’s a far bigger statement than those three words convey. We are born to die and yet, while we may not remember it, we have already set a time, place and circumstance for our passing prior to incarnating. That’s hard for many to take on board, however it’s my truth.

30 30

Recently, I have been going through end of life paperwork for my very ill father and my mother. It has opened my mind to the realisation that, without offering my specific ‘consent to die’ the way I wish, then it’s likely someone else will make those choices for me. This is where a care plan is possibly the most responsible and potentially, the most important document to have in place.

COVID has created a torrid time for many Australian’s dealing with the passing of family and loved ones. Closed borders, state travel bans and more, have placed painful and emotional barriers in the way of saying goodbye to others.

In the June 2020 Issue of Supernal, Being Present to Death, we covered a variety of topics from Dying with Dignity to the spiritual aspects of dying and more. I interviewed Death Doula Carmen Barnsley, who offered her personal story from nurse to Doula. Chatting with Carmen prior to writing this story, she explained her journey through the passing of her sister.

Carmen received a phone call from a hospital in another state to say her sister was dying, and she was listed as the medical treatment decision maker. The hospital also said they wanted to do further treatments on her. Carmen’s response was to ask if her sister was able to communicate with them. They confirmed she was, and Carmen advised them to ask her sister first what she wanted to do. Carmen’s sister passed

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“Consent to die! It’s a far bigger statement than those three words convey.”

away within 18 hours of the hospital’s first connection. Carmen explained that where the hospital had not been clear, is that a medical treatment decision maker can only be asked what the wishes of the person are when they are unable to make those decisions for themselves. Informed consent is a very grey area as to judging how sick someone is and their capacity to understand what is being asked. The sad fact is the medical area is still a closed environment to the average person, medical language and terminology is their comfort zone, the importance of having someone that speaks the language and can ask direct questions and be a mediator in the system is so important. Advanced care directives are a good start to this, along with


“Informed consent is a very grey area as to judging how sick someone is and their capacity to understand what is being asked.” Death Doulas (whom many can assist with directives) and if you are lucky, a friend or family member who is part of the medical world. With regard to my father, we’ve been very lucky to have this conversation with our local council employed worker, Ms T, who is also qualified in assisting with palliative care at home. Ms T organised all the forms and my parents, younger sister and I went through them question by question together. There’s a lot to understand. For instance, here in Victoria, the medical decision-making falls to the eldest child unless otherwise stated. Knowing there is an estrangement with my older sister, we had to

ensure that my younger sister and I could take on that role. The questions are very direct to be sure the person can clearly state what they want up to their passing: who they want in attendance, what medical interventions are allowed and more specifically what is not! The process in legalising the documents involves having your GP sign it off, making sure it’s witnessed accordingly and providing copies to the family, treating hospital or care facility. This ensures that everyone knows exactly how things need to be carried out. It is full on, especially at the most sacred of times when leading to death. This can be extremely confronting to many. However, we should be aware, and be able to, give informed consent on how we want to be treated leading up to death. This means that by having these documents ready to go at any age, your right to die with dignity and the way you wish to

“…we should be aware, and be able to, give informed consent on how we want to be treated leading up to death.” be treated, is already in place. This is exactly the way it should be! Further information can be found at: Advanced Care Planning Aus. Dying with Dignity Carmen Barnsley FB: End of Life Consultant Doula/Reflexologist E:

Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions. Photo Credit: Carmen Barnsley, Pixabay

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Informed Consent in Disability By Anthony Kilner In looking at informed consent from various angles we chatted with Carolyn Gallagher from Round Table Collective about her experiences in the field. Having worked in the disability sector for over 30 years in a variety of roles from direct support to case management and management in residential and community-based settings, I have seen the issue of informed consent and consent arise in a variety of settings. Currently, I am a partner in a small business that provides support coordination to people in receipt of funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This involves working with people of all ages and in many cases their families or representatives, to link them to appropriate services, activities and communities. Amanda Berry (Business Partner) and I are passionate about ensuring the rights of people with a disability are upheld in every situation. Our vision is that people live in an inclusive world. That is, if we remove barriers to access and inclusion, disability becomes less about a person’s

32 32

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impairments and more about the way communities are structured and built. I believe that informed consent in healthcare for people with a disability is a human rights issue.

“Informed consent as it relates to medical treatment is the same for a person with a disability as any other citizen.” Article 25 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with a Disability (UNCRPD) specifically addresses that, “States Parties...” require health professionals to provide care of the same quality to persons with disabilities as to others, including on the basis of free and informed consent by, inter alia, raising awareness of the human rights, dignity, autonomy and needs of persons with disabilities through training and the promulgation of ethical standards for public and private health care.”

“In cases where the person is deemed not to have capacity, decision making falls to their representative…” Informed consent as it relates to medical treatment is the same for a person with a disability as any other citizen. For adults with a disability the medical practitioner must determine the person’s capacity to give consent to any treatment. In cases where the person is deemed not to have capacity, decision making falls to their representative which may be a family member, trusted person, or a guardian appointed by the Office of the Public Advocate. This is particularly relevant for people with cognitive disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and communication issues. Best practice includes making reasonable adjustments to ensure that information is delivered in an accessible format, checking whether the person has understood the information and obtaining written consent for treatments.

feature “…because as said, there is no classification of talent, just inspiration and intention.” In August 2020 the Australian Human Rights Commission released Guidelines on the rights of people with disability in health and disability care during COVID-19. The report states that Australians with disability can be disadvantaged in accessing health services because of: 1. Barriers to communication 2. Attitudes, values and assumptions concerning an individual’s quality of life and life expectancy 3. Unconscious bias 4. Delayed diagnoses and misdiagnoses of people caused by diagnostic overshadowing or assumptions about health outcomes 5. Decisions to refuse access to critical care being based on an individual’s age, or mental or physical disability, in circumstances where that is not clinically relevant. 6. Specific issues for First Nations and culturally and linguistically diverse people with disability with respect to cultural norms and health care 7. Specific issues for women with disability with respect to accessing health care 8. Failing to consider the need for, or provide, reasonable adjustments to allow a person with disability to access the same level of health care as a person without disability 9. Failing to recognise the decision-making capacity of a person with disability or to take

their will and preferences about their health care into account 10. Failing to consider the need for support for decision-making, particularly in times of crisis. In my working life I have seen many examples of people with a disability being disadvantaged in the health system, particularly when people have limited informal supports.

“A colleague had to draw attention to the woman’s rights and insist that she be given pain relief…” While I was working in an adult psychosocial rehabilitation service, a woman fell and broke her hip. She was taken to the nearest emergency department and left languishing on a trolley without any intervention for pain for hours. The woman often had disorganised speech, particularly under stress which made her communication sound like rambling. A colleague had to draw attention to the woman’s rights and insist that she be given pain relief and that an x-ray be done to diagnose the injury.

Once more comfortable, the woman was able to provide consent for follow up treatment. On another occasion a man with a mental health diagnosis and intellectual disability with significant communication difficulties was being supported to attend a dental service in a community health centre. The accompanying community support worker had to intervene when the dentist was about to drill the man’s tooth without anaesthetic. There was no conversation with the man about the procedure prior to commencing treatment. In my view, Governments need to do more to uphold the protections of the rights of people with a disability. It needs to be looked at in mainstream services, rather than just being applied to disability services. Disability services are great at doing things like providing people with choice about who attends meetings with them, providing information in accessible formats, identifying who people’s representatives are, educating people around human rights and reporting breaches to the Quality and

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“You don’t have to look far to find a mainstream health service that cannot meet people’s individual needs…” around people’s rights in situations where informed consent is an issue.

“In my view Governments need to do more to uphold the protections of the rights of people with a disability.” Safeguards Commission. You don’t have to look far to find a mainstream health service


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that cannot meet people’s individual needs, which does not bode well for people having their basic right to informed consent being met. For more information about informed consent in Victoria, contact the Office of the Public Advocate. They are able to provide advice and assistance

Carolyn Gallagher is the Managing Director of Round Table Collective that provides support coordination to people in receipt of funding under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Photo Credit: Carolyn Gallagher, Pixabay

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35 35


Can We Play


By Anthony Kilner and ShirleySienna

It was pitch black in the small room that was once the morgue in the old gaol where I was standing. The room was freezing cold and I was aware of several spirit beings close by me. Their sense of anger and resentment at having myself and my cohort Gary in ‘their’ space was overwhelming. The rage in the air was thick and Gary was ready to run! “Stand still,” I hissed at him, “calm down. They can’t do anything and we have to help the spirit that’s asked us here.” The room seemed to tremble, “You can’t take him!” Was the message I sensed from the monstrous spirit beings in the room. I called in my guides and my own Guardian Spirit. I asked them to clear the superfluous energy and entities from the space, allowing me to talk with the Spirit who had asked for assistance. It took a few moments and the feel of the room changed. Earlier in the evening, as I was getting some gear out of the room, I heard a small male voice behind me asking for help. I stopped and, as I slowly turned I sensed a young man, a youth, whose name was Gary. He said he was 14yo and had died in the prison. As he kept asking for help, he was shimmering with fear and

36 36

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I really felt for him. I asked him to meet me back here in the room after our tour and we’d do what we could to help him. As agreed, Gary Sullivan and I entered the morgue after the tour. As soon as the door shut, I could feel a massive build-up of negative energy and so I initiated a safe and grounding intention, asking my own spirit team to come through to help me with Spirit Gary.

“As he kept asking for help, he was shimmering with fear and I really felt for him.” You see, I can’t play God! We can’t just send spirit beings into the light willy-nilly as we don’t necessarily know what karmic


contract needs filling, or what circumstances led to the spirit being trapped in that space. What I do know is that, like us, spirit beings have a right of choice. If some random person walked into your house, realised you weren’t happy and forcibly removed you, you would scream the heavens down! It’s no different in the spirit world. I would hate to be in the karmic shoes of every person that has bragged about sending a spirit being into the light, with a click of the fingers as it were.

“As soon as the door shut, I could feel a massive build-up of negative energy...” Back to Spirit Gary. Once the energy settled down in the room, I was more easily able to communicate with him. By offering unconditional love and energy to Spirit Gary, he felt more empowered and was able to realise he had choices. He wanted my cohort Gary to be in the room with me so he could talk to him. My role

“…there is reason and divine lore that says informed consent must be to and from all involved.” as the medium is to facilitate and provide energy for this to happen. Once we finished a deep and meaningful chat, Spirit Gary indicated he was keen, and it was in fact, his time to leave the prison. At this point, physical Gary and I were quite emotional. Spirit Gary was helped to move onto the next phase of his existence and I thanked my team for their help. It was such a beautiful experience as it always is, and I never cease to be amazed at the power of love I feel when helping Spirit do their thing. In simple terms, I have a way of working with my spirit team that is specific to helping spirits understand the truth of who they are, allowing them to grow and move forward through their choices. I can’t, and don’t want to, play GOD, as I can’t know all there is to know for a spirit’s journey and I am not prepared to take on that karmic role. I know that with the right understanding of

the spirits involved, and utilising my own years of training and experience, that I can usually be of help by simply listening to the spirit and remembering that there are greater, more evolved Spirits out there, that can handle this sort of job way better than me! Anthony Kilner Many years ago, my grandmother told me of her 50 plus years of sitting in circle séance twice a week, every week. During that time, they ran a ‘rescue circle’. She told me of the evidence spirit gave, such as names and addresses of family members of the deceased, the reason for the ‘intervention’ and the cause and effect of the issue at hand. She also told me that the spirit entity requiring assistance was also surrounded by spirit beings, who utilised the energy and intent of the ‘physical sitter’s to perform their task.

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“Experiences such as rebirth, a profound epiphany, or great tragedy that precedes a healing or miracle…” No spirit is moved on, forced or rescued without their informed consent. Hence, we sometimes come across entities that appear to be immovable, stuck in a world of their own making, for a considerable time. Some so long they do not wish to move at all, as they have been unable to realise, or adhere to, the form or world of spirit, due to their particular circumstance. The only thing we as humans can, or have any right to do, is offer our service, time, energy,


Supernal Magazine

love and intent for the highest good. This occurs in unison with the higher knowing and guidance of the spirit world. These ‘stuck’ beings are still enveloped within a type of 3D earthly bound incarnation, yet they have experienced a physical death and have left their physical body. Perhaps they are in many ways seen as ‘neither here nor there’. Whether a spirit asks for assistance, or is offered it, by

incarnate (living) and discarnate (deceased) souls or spiritual beings, there is reason and divine lore that says informed consent must be to and from all involved. This allows all to properly participate and enact in order to achieve a desired and meaningful result. Without informed and mutual consent between parties involved, all aspects of the delivery cannot be covered and karmic resolution may remain an untied bow, waiting many lifetimes to be resolved.

Can one reincarnate if one is still bound by their own soul to an ‘old life’? Yes indeed! In fact, an earthbound facet of a reincarnated soul, can be gently gathered up, reintegrated into itself, the new aspirant. Hence the many aspects of life that present themselves to be suffered and healed. Experiences such as rebirth, a profound epiphany, or great tragedy that precedes a healing or miracle, are often moments that will reclaim the forgotten, or lost self. Of course, to genuinely have these sorts of experiences, a form of realisation, trust and understanding must be achieved. There must also be

consent; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, in order to have the experience required on such a very deep soul level.

“...there is reason and divine lore that says informed consent must be to and from all involved.” The metaphysical poets address this in many ways and perhaps it is the reality of Dante’s Divine Comedy, nine spheres of Heaven and nine circles of Hell… Shirley Sienna

Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions.

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

Image Credit: Pixabay, Unsplash

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Spirit of things

Reincarnation and Past Lives Regression By Samantha Duly

Following a lecture by Tim Smith DSNU on reincarnation and past life regression, I thought I would share my understanding of this wonderful topic. There are four main sources of evidence for reincarnation: authenticated memories, birthmarks, knowledge of different languages and testimonies. Eastern religions believe that spirits reincarnate after thirty-nine days, when the essence of that spirit moves into another human body. Western beliefs of reincarnation vary with your spiritual journey. Some have experiences or memories from a past life or the experience or memories are delivered to us from spirit. In my understanding, there are two forms of reincarnation. Firstly, we can reincarnate as the soul of one of our own ancestors. We carry within us generations of traceable DNA from our ancestors, so how many people are within us now?

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“Eastern religions believe that spirits reincarnate after thirty-nine days.” When we have phobias or illnesses, have any of these come from our previous ancestors? There are skills within us, such as the ability to connect to spirit, which is in our genes, especially if an ancestor was a medium. Other gifts and skills can come through, such as woodwork, art, teaching and so on. Exploring the family tree may offer some insights here. Secondly, we can also come from a particular soul group and our other lives can manifest from this source. It’s said that reincarnation aids our progress yet we won’t truly know until we actually pass. People always need proof and there have been many stories of children who have memories of their past lives. In the book Soul Survivor, James Leininger had nightmares and drew planes, from twoyears old. He said he’d been a fighter pilot in the war when

his aircraft had been shot down. He was taken to where he remembered it happened and, after laying a wreath in the water in Iwo Jima, he lived on peacefully. The actual former World War II pilot was named James Huston. It’s a very thought-provoking story indeed. Gandhi met with Shanti Devi and others to evaluate her claims. Shanti provided lots of evidence of her past life, including the names of her family, husband and son. She named her village and said that she had died ten days after childbirth. All these details and evidence were later validated.

“In my understanding, there are two forms of reincarnation.”


“Spirit uses any opportunity to help us, even in our dreams.”

Erica Ruehlman’s five-year old son, Luke, called his toys ‘Pam’. He also said that he used to be a girl with black hair but had died in a fire after jumping out of a window. He told his mother that he went up to Heaven and met God, got pushed back and woke up as a baby named Luke. He told her that he had lived in Chicago, so she searched on the internet and found a news story about a fire in the Paxton Hotel in Chicago. In March 1993, nineteen people died and one woman called Pam Robinson, jumped out of the window. She said they had never visited Chicago and had never discussed it with him! Tim, in his work as a past life regressionist, says that there are several types of past lives.

1. One life: Here the person has been in a physical existence just once. But how can we truly learn all we have to learn in one life? Albert Einstein quoted that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” In nature, there is constant rebirth. Reincarnation, just like a tree that gains its lines each year and the tree that produces fruits each year is one big cycle. 2. The Soul Group: Like each facet of a diamond, we can return many times within a soul group. In the life we are currently leading we can be shown a past life through an altered state, to remove any blocks. This can provide the answer to help us move forward. 3. A spirit defined life: Where we have issues in our current life, a trained therapist, aided by spirit, could help us by taking us back to a previous life to heal. We can then move forward. Spirit uses any opportunity to help us, even in our dreams. They will choose a life that best

suits us and help us understand our current life. 4. An actual past life: As we can’t learn everything in one life, we may need to pay off a debt in the physical world. This will always be positive. It could be thousands of years between each life depending on our progression through our DNA or spiritual consciousness. For past life regression to really work, we need informed consent to take a person back into their past lives as well as creating an open mind for them to experience a regression fully. I hope this has given you food for thought and the understanding that there is a belief in the continuity of life! Yours in Spirit

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Reflections Always My Choice! By Jane Offer ‘Consent occurs when a fully informed person agrees voluntarily to the proposal or desires of another’. Seems simple enough, however, the common term ‘Consent’ varies in definition and understanding, dependent on where it is applied, the law, medicine, research and sexual relationships. Consent is a huge subject currently, so it is important to understand the various forms and their meaning. An ‘Expression of Consent’ is a clear statement, usually given in writing, which is legally binding. It can also be spoken or a nod of approval, both of which would not stand legally. Implied Consent is taken from a person’s actions within a given situation, including the silence of the individual. Informed Consent mostly applies to a medical situation, when a person is fully informed


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of the facts. However, it can relate to a sexual experience where there is disease or infection to which they may be exposed. General Consent, also called Unanimous Consent, is a majority agreed upon by various parties.

“…‘Consent’ varies in definition and understanding, dependent on where it is applied, the law, medicine, research and sexual relationships.” The one most relevant to this time is Substituted Consent, which allows a decision maker to decide for you and impose that decision individually or culturally. According to ancient texts, we are gifted with free will and often we allow others to take it from us, or even give it away willingly or inadvertently. The

statement of, “But, I had no choice,” shows that we have found ourselves in a difficult situation and fear has got the better of us. The fear of loss, change or failure; any of these will see us desperately hold onto the status quo and give away our freedom of choice, with good and understandable reasons. The one description of control I feel is missing here, is that of personal spiritual control. Consent has direct affinity to the power of Universal Laws and is cleverly manipulated dependant on influences, obscuring its everyday

health and wellbeing meaning. Throughout history we have seen the effect of propaganda and delusion that has guided an uninformed public to support the agenda of the controlling force. This is a deliberate mind control practice designed to confuse and manipulate people out of their right to informed consent. This approach not only happens to the masses in general life and can happen in the metaphysical field as well. Numerous times, I have witnessed it applied to create an idea that a student could never achieve the height of evolvement of the teacher or practitioner. Even books I have read, and quickly discarded for that very reason, can imply this. In one that I particularly remember, the author spoke of reading the aura of a client as if it was as normal as breathing and, if one couldn’t see it, then the student was failing. There was no credence given to the

“Consent has direct affinity to the power of Universal Laws…”

fact that they may ‘feel’ rather than ‘see’ or, even better, simply ‘know’. This superiority to keep themselves above their students doesn’t work for me. I want my students to find their unique way from the guidelines I can share with them, so the knowledge organically grows. Often, I hear, “My guides told me to...” and they have then found themselves in an untenable situation of anxiety and emotional pain. If a guide is dictating to you, then they are overriding your freewill, which is against the spiritual laws of freedom. We have responsibility and choice and we learn from the result of our decision; we can repeat it because the outcome is beneficial, or we can change our approach because the result was not what we intended. This is how we learn, whether it is to walk, read, drive a car or develop relationships, it’s a practical approach to life and the development of our consciousness.

“Guides are in this with us, they are not there to instruct; they may give us signs to show us a useful path, however our decision is final.” conversations or areas of his host’s daily life and the man was unable to prevent it happening. He would lose time and find himself in places without knowing how he arrived there. This taught me a huge amount about spiritual consent, for which I am immensely grateful, and I believe that we, the human part of the equation, are responsible for placing the ground rules of consent and the guide is responsible for complying. After all, I have a front door on my home, which I can use to allow a visitor access or otherwise. Surely my consciousness is no different!

Guides are in this with us, they are not there to instruct; they may give us signs to show us a useful path, however our decision is final. As a result, I am certain that my guides spend time with their head in their hands in despair! Years ago, I spent time with a healer. I observed his work, which initially was a phenomenal experience - it was the relationship between guide and man that intrigued me. The guide would impose himself into

Jane Offer runs the Purple Dragonfly holistic shop in Warrandyte Victoria as well as The Oaktree Organisation Australia, a not for profit business for training and wellness.

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Wild Gaia – Timeless Wisdom

A Consensual Relationship

with Gaia

By Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot The events of 2020 and 2021, have clarified what I have known for many years now, humanity shuts off to the truth because it is inconvenient for us to know it. Once we know, we can never un-know!

Many of us have become acutely aware of Big Governments attempts to strip us of our rights to choose our own medical interventions or treatments, and through humanities current fight for the FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. We are awakening to the uncomfortable and scary reality that our right to self-determine has been increasingly eroded away over time, as the many lies we have been fed and manipulated into believing keep unravelling. The human species of Earth is struggling to come to terms with our complacency on the road to demise. Whenever I share this awareness with people, invariably, the majority defend themselves as being the victims of an evil elite class or a corrupt government.


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A consensual relationship is one where both parties are consenting to the activities undertaken within the relationship. We concern ourselves with upholding and honouring the right of the other to self-determine, to choose for themselves. Therefore, in a consensual relationship we need to be planning, creating and arriving to consent together. In fact, we celebrate each other’s uniqueness and talents and open ourselves to be nourished by them into a greater expression of ourselves. “The traditional meaning of consent means agreeing to something someone else wants: “I consent to X.” In this meaning, you “give consent” or “get consent”. I’d like to expand the definition and think of consent as being an agreement that two or more people come up with together. You don’t give consent, you

arrive at consent—together.” - Betty Martin, The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent “The time has come To say fair’s fair To pay the rent To pay our share” - Midnight Oil, Beds Are Burning While these words speak to the consensual relationship, we need to be having with our First Nation People, they also remind me that it is time for humanity to examine the self-centred relationship we have with our Mother Earth. For those human beings who say that they didn’t consent to being abused or having their freedom taken away, I ask; did you agree to the abuse and destruction of our Mother Earth? We cannot assume ignorance in this matter, surely! The greed and self-gratification of humanity has been ripping this planet apart for decades. Earth activists, shamans, depth ecologists, eco-spiritualists and Gaia loving artists and authors have been on the front line working tirelessly to educate us and awaken us to the evil that has been consuming the

gaia consciousness life force of Gaia, our Mother Earth. Yet, we choose to hide in numbness by indulging in the desecrated foods presented to us from ‘the alters’ of the fast-food industry, Big Agriculture and food corporations. We are a modern, civilised, intelligent species and we have all the comforts to assist us in this fast pace modern world. We have dominion over the natural world and we will take whatever we like. We will kill animals for our pleasure, cut down forests, destroy eco-systems, dam the rivers and pollute the soil, seas, oceans and air, with the belief we are the most highly evolved species on this planet, and it is our god-given right to grow our species as we see fit. These are lies modern religions have imbedded into our psyche, to divide us from our natural birth right which is to have a loving, respectful and consensual relationship with the Earth. We need nature to thrive, so that we can thrive and reach our greatest potential.

“After taking everything, From every member of nature, What do we pompous idiots do? Destroy all natural order. It’s high time to get our act together. Nature doesn’t need us, but we need her.” - Abhijit Naskar, Giants in Jeans: 100 Sonnets of United Earth

“The Earth does not seek to dominate the human species, but to live with us in a dynamic co-creative partnership.” My concern with humanities current fight for freedom and pro-choice, is that the movement is strongly anthropocentric. People are feeling incensed as we face the possibility of having all our rights stripped from us by an authoritarian fascist ruling class. I have been longing to hear the activists in current freedom marches include the rights of the Earth in their fight to live a free and self-determining life. The Earth has ideas and opinions on how she needs to evolve and our role in her evolution. The plants, rocks and animal life forms all have opinions and ideas on how best to live upon this planet in balance. If we listen with our hearts, we will hear them clearly. Gaia, the sentient or spirit of the Earth invites us into a consensual relationship with her and with her eco-systems. The Earth does not seek to dominate the human species, but to live with us in a dynamic co-creative partnership.

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“Instantly, she received guidance that the tree was not ready to be removed and that it will tell her when it is.”

I have been working in a friend’s garden for the past year, and over the years we have talked about plant intelligence and humanity’s connection to nature. She tells me that our friendship has been instrumental in growing her relationship with the earth where the opinions of the plants in her garden matter to her. There was an old pine tree in her garden that was dying and she wanted to have it removed. She spoke to the tree of her intentions and asked the tree for guidance on the matter. Instantly, she received guidance that the tree was not ready to be removed and that it will tell her when it is.

She asked me to communicate with the tree to confirm the guidance she received. The confirmation was given with some additional information. The pine tree informed me that it will be ready for removal within a month and that the tree will communicate its readiness clearly to my friend. It also told me that during the month it will distribute its life force throughout her garden. Within a month the tree shed its needles and my friend knew it was time to have it removed. She arranged to have it removed on a day when I was working in her garden. The tree was ready in time for us to have the mulch we needed to re-mulch her garden beds.


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So, let me conclude this article with a message from Gaia:

“The time has come for humanity to choose… indeed, each individual must choose how to live with the Earth. You are not just living upon the Earth, but rather the Earth lives within you and through you - Just as you live within the members of nature. True freedom is achieved in union with the true Self which supports your union with me and not your domination over me. I am Gaia, the Earth’s sentient, and I invite you into a consensual relationship with me.”

Check out Charles’ Blog on Gaian Heart Wisdom HERE Image Credit: Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot & Pixabay

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Divine Time A Self-Existing Star into an Overtone Moon By ShirleySienna

Turn the clock back a little to October 1st. Kin day #31 Blue Overtone Monkey guided by the power of ‘self-generation’ has been and gone! Did we feel it, take note of the frequency beam or feel a little different in the weeks since, intuitively speaking? The good thing is, whether we realise it or not, they still happen. 2012, a year of prophetic change, a cosmic shift from a 26,000 year cycle happened. Even though the cataclysmic fairy tales of Hollywood didn’t occur, a paradigm of new style was instigated in July 2013, the year of Galactic Seed, #64, ‘harmonising in order to target’. As we sit within the newly planted rows of the year bearer 2021 - 2022, ‘Yellow Electric Seed’, it looks as though we will have to focus entirely on divine guidance. To survive, and ultimately flourish, we need to realise that we are the cosmic gardeners. Trial and error is the way to the promised-land, without Moses to lead the way.


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Who needs a leader anyway? We can become Moses easily enough if we try. All it takes is intention, meditation and imagination. If necessary, we can ‘part the Red Seas’, turn our staff into a serpent, the serpent into a staff and find, or better yet ‘create’, the land of milk and honey.

“…it looks as though we will have to focus entirely on divine guidance.” We would prefer ‘manna from heaven’ to reign down upon us, yet all we got was Covid 19! Time to turn up the ‘dig in’ and turn over some new soil! October 18, Yellow Solar Star kin 48, sets the intention to

create guided by the power of flowering. We navigate our way with ultimate power and love, to draw into our reality a gift of health wealth and happiness with compliments of our star brothers and sisters. Attuning ourselves into a galactically aligned relationship with the Pleiades could benefit mankind now, and a little study could open some parameter as yet untouched, undiscovered and very much undetected. There are doors ready to be opened as we are still in need, Eden being light years away, according to the consciousness projection of most of the population and its leaders of degeneration. By November 7th, star kin Yellow Electric #68 will be ready to zap us into action should we, as a mass conglomerate of species, have not yet come to realise that one for all and all for one doesn’t mean we have to agree, nor have the right to

divine guidance force others into our preferred propaganda and perpetual viewpoint. “I Activate in order to Beautify Bonding Art I seal the store of Elegance With the Electric tone of Service I am guided by the power of Free Will.” What is the meaning of the star kin? Its galactic archetype is the Artist, given that we are all born of the thoughts of the creator, all that IS and whatever that IS. Does this mean that we are also able to change, not just our minds, but our thoughts and belief patterns, our physical and mental and emotional status and that of the frequency and metre of the existence of the human on Earth? Too far-fetched? Well, they say truth is stranger than fiction, so why don’t we at least give it a go? The end of the 4th Moon of the year, which is self-existing, basically gives us

“How then can we possibly pull together in a world with more boundaries, zones and ‘permit only’ entry space than ever before?” the right to try and the ability to perhaps succeed! What if we don’t all have the same idea, similar intention or capability? How then can we possibly pull together in a world with more boundaries, zones and ‘permit only’ entry space than ever before? That’s the million dollar question. Don’t try to answer, simply set the intention, ‘I think I can, Maybe I can, and Yes I can! November 14th, Blue Planetary Eagle, kin 75, soars higher than before, higher than an eagle and spread your wings so that you span enough territory, yet

not more than you can handle, and ‘dowse’ a perimeter that you can create something new within, dimensionally speaking. “I perfect in order to create Producing Mind I seal the output of vision With the Planetary tone of Manifestation I am guided by the power of Abundance.”

“…December 5th has taken us to the doorway to Shangrila! How to open this door is another story.” The Yellow Spectral Warrior, Kin 76, sets the tone for the Overtone Moon of Radiance culminating on November 15th and guided by Intelligence and Instinct. We end this 28 day moon, which ‘radiates in order to heal’, at a very unique oasis. The bravery of Yellow Overtone Warrior kin 96 on December 5th has taken us to the doorway to Shangrila! How to open this door is another story. Lak’ech Ala K’in

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions!’ Photo Credit: Pixabay, Mayan Key Oracle by Heidi Woodman

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Activating Genius

A Transformational Instrument Discover, activate and own your unique Genius. • Your Genius informs the core principles that guide your life. • Your Genius informs your highest values. • Your Genius is the set of gifts inherent in your human blueprint. • Your Genius resides in your heart; you cannot think it or fake it into action. It must be felt and nurtured into full expression. Private sessions online and in person available 0421 733 355

An epic reimagining of the story of Lilith She led the fall of the feminine. Now she leads the rise to unity.

‘I am Lilith, and this story is mine.’

Book trailer and buy links at 50 Supernal Magazine

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Counting the Beat

The Mentalist By Jason D. Varga

Have you ever noticed that some moments in life seem to pass in a heartbeat, while others seem to drag on for eternity? Even though the seconds ticking by of our linear construct of time do not change, our environmental time stays constant, yet the perceived passing of time is variable. This is because our brain has its own vibration, unlike the chip of quartz crystal used in a watch to keep perfect time; our brain waves vary according to what state we are in.

To gain an understanding of meditation and hypnosis, it is important to begin by learning about the various brain waves: The Beta State (14-40Hz). This is our normal waking consciousness, our reasoning wave. It is associated with a state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning, yet it can also translate into stress, anxiety, fear and restlessness. The Alpha State (7.5-14 Hz). Present in deep physical and

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mental relaxation, usually when the eyes are closed, during a daydream, or in a light meditation. It’s the best time to program the mind and it also heightens your imagination, visualisation, memory, learning and concentration. This state is the gateway to your subconscious mind, and the voice of your intuition, which becomes clearer and more profound the closer you get to 7.5Hz. The Theta State (4-7.5Hz). Theta waves are present during hypnosis, deep meditation and light sleep, including REM dream state. It is the realm of your subconsciousness.

The Delta State (0.5-4Hz). This is the slowest of the frequencies and is experienced in deep, dreamless sleep and in very deep transcendental meditation and hypnosis states, where awareness is fully detached. It’s the realm of your unconscious mind, and the gateway to the universal mind,

“…the gateway to the universal mind, collective unconscious and higher self.”

collective unconscious and higher self, where information is otherwise unavailable at the conscious level. This level of deep sleep is important for the healing process as it is linked with deep healing and regeneration. Gamma waves (above 40Hz). The Insight Wave, is also the fastest frequency, at above 40Hz. Little is known yet about this state of mind, however initial research shows Gamma brain waves are associated with bursts of insight and high– level information processing. So why is it important to learn about the various brain waves? Because by using music and sound vibration, we have what the kids call a hack to create the desired brainwave more effortlessly in our meditations. Meditations and altered states

mental health

should be reached with as little effort’ as possible, as these states are relaxation states. Think about the person that says “I try to meditate, but have little success.” This is because trying requires effort, trying is the opposite of relaxing. I’m sure you have seen films or perhaps in real life monks chanting while meditating, these chants are not superfluous, they have a very important part to play in the gaining of altered states. “Om Namah Shivaya” is one of the oldest mantras recorded. Literally it translates to “O, salutations to the auspicious one!” However, the words are not as important as the way it is chanted, the vibration of the chant; if you have heard this done properly you may have even felt a shift in your own state at the time. The mantra should begin with a deep intake of air, then chanting the words out in one continual string, exhausting all the air in the lungs before the next

“…trying requires effort, trying is the opposite of relaxing.” breath - almost like the sounds that come from a didgeridoo. The breathing is also important, as the sound creates the optimal vibration for deep meditation. There are many YouTube videos that you can listen to in order to get an understanding of the way this mantra is chanted. Listening to it is helpful, actually performing it yourself before or during meditation is even better. Also, there are audios available on line of music or sounds that are recorded at specific frequencies that can be used via a set of headphone while meditating to create the desired state. Binaural beat therapy is an emerging form of sound wave therapy. The right

“Om Namah Shivaya” is one of the oldest mantras recorded.”

and left ear each receive a slightly different frequency tone, yet the brain perceives these as a single tone. The purpose of using binaural beats therapy may differ among individuals. Some people may need help decreasing their anxiety, while others might want to increase their concentration or deepen their level of meditation. Though there are mixed findings about binaural beats in the scientific community. Simply using music that is created to synch with a desired brain wave state, or chanting a mantra is still the best way to reach deeper levels of meditation and hypnotic states. ESPecially best wishes

Jason D. Varga is available for Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Counselling, Corporate and Private shows. Photo Credits: Pixabay

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Mental Health s r e tt Ma Informed medical consent: what should the conversation involve? By Derran Heney “Open communication is a two-way process. The information you give about yourself, your concerns and your situation is important.” (Department of Health Victoria, 2020) Equally, it is important to be provided with information that is accurate, evidenced based and non-biased to make an informed decision. Informed consent means providing fully available information to a person, based on the best evidence available, detailing facts and what is known about the risk and benefits of any intervention and includes both the risks of going forward with it or choosing not to proceed. The reason why informed consent is critical, is so that any person can make an informed decision. Providing information for consent purposes, should be expansive in its detail as to allow a person to make

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a decision based on the overall knowledge gained, and to weigh up their options. It must align with principles of autonomy. It must not be coercive, or be provided under pressure in any way. This means a practitioner must remain objective and not heavily invested in any particular outcome. It also relies on a healthcare provider being fully informed themselves.

“Informed consent means providing fully available information to a person, based on the best evidence available…” If a healthcare practitioner fails to provide full information about a person’s treatment options, known risks and benefits, it may have severe ramifications and can commence professional conduct complaints. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare have provided a

Charter of Healthcare Rights, that advocate that informed consent directly relates to a person’s right to factual information about their health. The charter outlines the right to: • Clear information about my condition, the possible benefits and risks of different tests and treatments, so I can give my informed consent • Receive information about services, waiting times and costs • Be given assistance, when I need it, to help me to understand and use health information • Access my health information • Be told if something has gone wrong during my health care, how it happened, how it may affect me and what is being done to make care safe

“There may be exceptions to informed consent principles in cases where there is reduced capacity to make decisions…”

mental health Retrieved from: Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, Second edition 2020. publications-and-resources/ resource-library/australiancharter-healthcare-rightssecond-edition-a4-accessible

impaired i.e. head injury, coma, mental health condition or where age in a limiting factor i.e. children and minors. Medical powers of attorney, advanced care plans or close family can usually make those decisions based on receiving available information.

Healthcare rights and informed consent are defined in the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS), whose primary aims are to protect the public from harm and provide a standard of professional care from those providing health care. These standards must also be consistent with the Charter of Healthcare Rights as previously discussed. They discuss that the public consumer shall be • Supported to understand and exercise their healthcare rights • Provided with evidencebased information about treatment options for their medical conditions • Encouraged to share decision making about their health care to the extent that they choose • Involved in making decisions about how health services are designed and operate, how care is delivered, and in measuring and evaluating care and services Taken directly from consumers

What you can do to ensure fully informed consent is applied: • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for medical jargon or complicated terms to be explained • Take another person to your appointment; they may also hear what is being said and ask questions on your behalf if necessary. Another person also helps with retention of information • Ask for brochures or to be provided with more written or evidenced based information. You can read these later • Always ask about the benefits, side effects, adverse events, known risks, expected recovery time • Ask about what is still yet to be known about the treatment, what research is being done in this area? Any advances in these treatments • How much will it cost? What time off work is required? • Ask for statistics regarding known outcomes • Are there any alternatives? • Ask about what may happen, should you choose not to take the recommended treatment or intervention. • Ask for a second opinion if necessary • Take the time required to make your decision Remember the process of

There may be exceptions to informed consent principles in cases where there is reduced capacity to make decisions around healthcare relating to a medical condition, where judgement or capacity is

“It is a basic healthcare right to know the risks and benefits of any procedure or intervention.” informed consent is based on the exchange of factual or evidenced based information. It is a basic healthcare right to know the risks and benefits of any procedure or intervention. It involves a two-way conversation. For more information click the following: • Talking with your Doctor • Initiating Advance Cared Planning • Health.Vic: Informed Consent

If you need further assistance or are worried about someone, Make a call! Lifeline 13 11 14 Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

Derran is available for massage thereapy, Reiki and mental health support and counselling. Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Informed Consent and Sacred Sites By Louise Clarke

But who decides the criteria around the preservation of these sites, and do we really know the long term effects of such globalised policy?

For Indigenous peoples around the world, sacred sites and areas of cultural heritage are extremely important to the preservation of their culture. As discussed in my Introduction to Sacred Sites in the August 2020 Issue often, these sites are a part of the natural landscape and sometimes coincide with areas of mineral wealth and thus the location of development or extractive projects. As a result, Indigenous peoples suffer environmental degradation, cultural ethnocide and gross human rights violations. This comes from the mining initiatives feeding a skyrocketing global demand for natural resources,

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driven by the growth of both western and non-western economies. Indigenous territories and the sacred sites embedded within them constitute 80 percent of the planet’s remaining biodiversity World Heritage sites, national parks and other protected areas are all under threat due to the failure of many countries to recognise the collective rights, governance systems, and in some cases even the existence of Indigenous peoples. This means sacred natural sites and territories are often rendered ‘invisible’ compared to formally protected areas, making them a ‘terra nullius’ for resource exploitation without consent, as has been an issue of contention in Australia in the past.

In 1948, International efforts to protect sacred sites was put in place with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights which declares that freedom of religion is a fundamental human right. In 1994, a draft declaration of the Rights of Indigenous peoples was proposed and has direct relevance to the protection of sacred lands, stating, “Indigenous peoples have the right to manifest, practice, develop and teach their spiritual and religious traditions, customs and ceremonies; the right to maintain, protect and have access in privacy to their religious and cultural sites; the right to the use and control of ceremonial objects; and the right to the repatriation of human remains.” It also states that “Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinctive and material relationship with the lands, territories, waters and coastal seas and other resources which they have traditionally owned or otherwise occupied and used, and to uphold their responsibilities to future generations in this regard.”

sacred sites

“There seems, however, to be some unintentional consequences of achieving a World Heritage listing.” In South Africa, an International Movement to protect Sacred Natural Sites in 2003 called for the recognition of the spiritual values of protected areas around the world, and the full inclusion of indigenous communities and spiritual leaders of sacred natural sites. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity, and to date have more than 1154 natural and cultural sites under their protection. There seems, however, to be some unintentional consequences of achieving a World Heritage listing. UNESCO World Heritage status confers prestige and very often the principal of World Heritage is diverted to promote tourism, or for political and economic reasons, resulting in negative outcomes for local indigenous populations. I have seen these effects first hand, particularly whilst visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site known as Tsodilo Hills in northern Botswana. This site was awarded World Heritage status in 2001 because of its unique religious and

spiritual significance to the local San people, as well as for its unique record of human settlement over many millennia. There are over 4500 rock paintings on site. The indigenous San people have inhabited the area for more than 20 000 years and traditionally live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle that has minimal impact on the land. They are, however, currently marginalised in their status as a minority population in Botswana and have no defence against government control and the impact of globalisation on their natural way of life. In 1995, when the Tsodilo Hills National monument was created, the native people of Tsodilo Hills were relocated from their ancestral home, now residing in makeshift camps outside the fences of the Tsodilo Hills UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though they benefit from selling crafts to tourists, they are unable to practice their spiritual traditions in the place that has always been sacred to their way of life. Whether informed consent with regard to the global preservation policy of sacred sites exists at all, certainly needs to become an ongoing and localised process in cooperation with the Indigenous groups themselves.

Louise Clarke Image Credit: Louise Clarke

I will be exploring more around this topic in coming issues, particularly in relation to the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa. We’ll also be interviewing Dean Liprini on his efforts in this field.

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Informed Consent on Ngaluma Country Part I By Freya Savitri Sampson

The Prayer

The Volunteer

Having completed tertiary studies, I was free to get on with my real life! Feeling sincerely moved to work with Aboriginal people. I sought to co-create a bridge for reconciliation between our cultures. After searching through newspapers and Internet sites for an entry point, I came up with naught, finding only Native Title Lawyers were in high demand. Not my

Following my soul’s impulse, with heart full of desire to be of service, and all appearing completely synchronistic, my unplanned move lead me to Wickham WA, where I found three Aboriginal Art Centres nearby. I began volunteering at Boujee Noor Pu (BNP) in the idealic outback, beach-desert paradise named Cossack, an old Pearling town.

“You know what’s in my heart and what my skills are please put me to service.”

Sounds magical right? It was and it really wasn’t. What unfurled over my time there, was both some of the happiest and fulfilling times of my life, yet also the most harrowing.

skill-set, so what to do? Talk to Spirit. “You know what’s in my heart and what my skills are - please put me to service.” Before I knew it I was compelled to sell everything I owned and move to the Pilbara. Spirit was calling me to Ngaluma Country. Was I prepared? Not even close.

58 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

A can of worms, more fetid than a rotting kangaroo carcass, by the side of the road in summer, began to emerge. The BNP Coordinator, Janet told me, “Don’t be offended if the Artists don’t engage with you. They’re used to being let down and don’t trust white-fellas.” Soon after, I was offered a position as Coordinator of Warbamirdawaji Aboriginal Corp. Actually; I was warned off the job, by the resigning

Coordinator, who said it was dangerous - that she’d been physically threatened. Without a moment’s hesitation I took the job. Clearly this was a golden opportunity, my answered prayer. Undaunted by challenge, I whipped seven years of accounts and acquittals into shape and then came up for

sacred sites alchemy

air, phew! It was time to meet the other Coordinator, Monica from Warawani-gu and have a yarn about why she was here, in the desert, 45-degrees in the summer-shade. Turned out, she was there for the same reason as Janet and I, “It’s about empowerment, self-determination and reconciliation.” It was during this conversation that my real baptism of fire into the story of Roebourne began. I came to the stark realisation, that the Aboriginal people in the surrounding area had been abused beyond measure for almost 150 years.

Roebourne If you lived in WA at that time, then it was known that this was one place not to stop. This desert town had a prison, a police station, a court, a pub with adjoining, tiny, highly overpriced general store and a church - recipe for disaster. In 2004 the status quo was, the surviving members of five of the once six tribes, Ngaluma, Injibandi, Banjima, Gurruma and Marduthunia, were all forced to live in one small village. The dwellings were made of asbestos, built right next to their cemetery and on top of an old asbestos dump. Long before Mesothelioma (Asbestosis) was officially coined in 1930, humanity knew how bad asbestos was, and WA Wittenoom Asbestos Mine

“The sixth tribe, the Yaburara, used to be present in the Burrup Peninsula were slaughtered to extinction, in the “Flying Foam Massacre” in 1868.” was closed in 1966, yet here we are some 40-years later in 2004... The sixth tribe, the Yaburara, used to be present in the Burrup Peninsula were slaughtered to extinction, in the “Flying Foam Massacre” in 1868. Every man and woman murdered, their children, shot in the head. As light was shone upon the gravity of the terrible truth, I was left in a state of horrified, shock. Utterly ashamed of my English ancestors unconscionable behaviour and our Governments’ present continuation of convenient ignorance, suppression of truth and the resulting ignorance of the Australian people. What is worse is that tribes living together this way are against their Law, both for gene-pool preservation and cultural reasons.

for you in Western terms would be: circumstantially forced incest. Caused by: violent foreign occupation, enslavement, imprisonment, disenfranchisement, exile and genocide. Unto this very day, these atrocities and their ramifications remain unacknowledged and unaccounted for. The English Laws of those days protected these inhuman criminals. Here we find ourselves in 2021, while mining companies and government carry on making billions of dollars off the back of theft and genocide, conveniently ignoring the indigestible truth. Informed Consent? Don’t make me laugh. Very little has changed at all, and saying ‘Sorry’, does not make it all better. To be continued...

Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services. Image Credit: Know the Song, know the Country, Battye Library Ch Powell Collection, Dept Aboriginal Sites

There is no direct correlation to this in Western culture. The closest parallel I can draw

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A New Earth – Now

Consent from the Heavenly Perspective By Melanie Dufty

In heavenly perfection, consent is redundant because energies are naturally aligned in togetherness. Although it’s inevitable we’ll one day experience such purity, we’re not there yet and this makes the concept of consent valid to examine. True consent is about energetic alignment. The ‘con’ in consent means ‘together’ and the ‘sent’ comes from ‘sense’. To sense together. If we’re on the same page as another with no hindrances, we’ll want to commune, whether it’s sexual or another form of intimacy as simple as eye contact. In the New Earth – a higher dimensional reality many

souls are now entering as part of a galactic cycle consent doesn’t need to be expressly worked out. In unified consciousness, nobody wants to engage in a situation that doesn’t resonate in truth.

whether sexual or just engaging in the love of living life. In lower consciousness where we believe we’re separate, it’s an inharmonious friction that is still creative, yet the outputs are not so sublime.

Blissful friction or not so much

Starry hints on how consent rolls on Earth

All creation is an expression of the divine polarities of yin and yang, or feminine and masculine. They are one. Yet for the purposes of creating, they express in the form of polarised energy that brings contrast.

‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’, John Gray’s massive 1990s bestseller, gives us the astrological upshot on how the feminine and masculine dance within the oneness they are.

Unlike the ‘con’ in consent, which is about togetherness, the ‘contra’ in ‘contrast’ means to go against.

Mars gets what he wants by going out on the front foot, while Venus gets what she wants by magnetising it. When all is in heavenly alignment, regardless of gender or situation, it’s a wholehearted

In a higher expression, this is the beautiful friction of lovemaking,

“The ‘con’ in consent means ‘together’ and the ‘sent’ comes from ‘sense’. To sense together.” 60

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YES or just a sense of solid agreement.

yet her body will not respond with aligned feeling.

Down here on Earth, unless we have a strong connection to our souls as our source of truth, we’re often unclear on whether there’s full energetic alignment in an interaction.

Each of us may sometimes feel consent and other times not, depending on mood and relationship intricacies. We may also change our feeling from lack of consent to consent if we’re able to re-align with our partner and selves.

Some people are willing to push their agenda regardless of consent, yet most of us want to do the right thing. We may wonder if consent is truly present or if we need to clarify it, which can cause us to get stuck within our mindset as we move further from feeling the true resonance. After eons of imbalance between the feminine and masculine energies, and the resultant fear, pain and grief, it’s little wonder we’re confused about who wants what and how… including for ourselves! Let’s say a woman gives verbal consent to a sexual interaction based on a decision driven by many aspects relating to expectations, impacts on the relationship, and unconscious patterns and beliefs from this life and beyond. If her consent isn’t aligned with her true self and its wishes, is it valid? Her mind and voice may say yes,

Reconciling sexual polarity to bring true consent After our conflicted human history, finding aligned feeling necessitates self-development and healing, and if in a relationship, this will hopefully be done together to some degree. The work of David Deida and one of his disciples, John Wineland, on spiritual intimacy and sexual polarity is valuable in this healing realm, helping us navigate beyond correctness into the heart of the dynamics. The feminine energy is now rising to stand in unity with the masculine after the last 6,000 or so years where he had his turn on top (only after she did, mind you) as part of a galactic cycle of evolution, presented in this column in the August / September issue.

This cycle sees feminine and masculine energy playing out a game of being separate for the purposes of contrast, bringing us to the era of the unified New Earth due now for willing souls. The penetration of otherness - of what appears to be separate - allows creation, alive and moving. In its coarse expressions, it moves in and out with harsh thrusts. Awakened, it allows for the exquisite lovemaking that is the higher truth of creation and that is true consent. It’s a yes from me.

Melanie Dufty is an astrologer qualified by the Federation of Australian Astrologers, a Mahat Meditation lover and the author of metaphysical fantasy novel I Am Lilith. Image Credit: Unsplash & Pixabay

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For seekers of the truth, philosophers of the profound and keepers of a compassionate heart. We invite you to journey into self-discovery, with shared stories extrao of extraordinary lives.

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of the Month

“The process of shaping opinion, attitudes and perceptions was termed the ‘engineering of consent’ by one of the founders of the modern public relations industry, Edward Bernays.” - Noam Chomsky

Avram Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic and political activist. Rather a lot of credentials and also referred to as the ‘father of modern linguistics’. Born 7th December, 1928, at 92 years of age, he has plenty of the number three in his numerology chart to allow his mind to hold it all, his senses to sort it all and the

presence to get away with it all! In fact, if you read this issue’s Numerology page, you’ll see he is a great example of one, two and three!

Photo Credit: Wikepedia

Next Issue – Out 15th Dec 2021 Blessed be the Bees


In the December January issue of Supernal Magazine, we look at all aspects of the importance of Bees in our biosphere and the environment in general.

Gain Consciousness – Life on Earth

Mental Health Matters – Beating the Christmas New Year Blues

Bees are critically important to all life on this planet and they have been dying in mass numbers around the globe. Without bees there is no cross pollination of plants, there is no honey, nor its diversity of products, no life on earth - what could be more catastrophic?

Reflections – Interesting facts about Bees

Divine Time – Leading us into 2020

Introducing Dr Catherine Fyans

What December 2021 and January 2022 means in Numerology

As well as stories on the history and livelihood of bees, join Editor Anthony and his partner Jane as they start their journey into bee keeping.

…and more

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Numerology By ShirleySienna


Bounding into new beginnings, October can send shock waves up our spine. The 10th month is the backbone of the body of the calendar and the binding of the rings hold everything in place.

Are you holding on a little too tightly to the masculine qualities within yourself and others? The nagging feeling October often brings is that our father figures are not there for us in the compassionate ways that our hearts yearned for as children. The dependable voices of authority that we, as adults, would liken ourselves to and wish we had close in our lives in times of trouble, stress and doubt. November will help you to balance that, as the 11th month is very feminine in its ‘two’ vibration, a true yin yang, The apron strings of the mother holding us as close as we need, until we are inclined to let go of our own volition. November hails the Goddess mother, the true strength of nature incarnate. Terra Gaia steps forth, a gateway to the Everest of the soul, the plateau of containment that our souls strive to rediscover, clothed in the garment of earthbound life. November offers us supporting pillars that we may collapse upon, be held within and use to pull ourselves back up to standing after climbing the ladder of the spine. The Jacobs


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“November hails the Goddess mother, the true strength of nature incarnate.”

Ladder of chakra redevelopment and enhancement is a journey that we need to practice; basic steps to enable a better sense of self, to ascend to the realms of the higher human patterns of evolution that can no longer be avoided. Give yourself ‘consent’, permission and encouragement now, to be the centre of your own life; God and Goddess incarnate. Life is just a play and you are Magician’s and Mediums all. October and November 10 and 11 are Mind, Body, Spirit! Father, Mother, Child! Heaven, Hell and Earth! Inside, Outside and All Around! The triple 111, adding to three gives the ability to imagine, create, and feel what is real! In the open, in full view, you can’t hide behind 111.

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’.

Ordinary people living extraordinary lives

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Anthony has worked in magazines and publishing for over 25 years as a photo journalist, travelling Australia and the globe, with a bent towards lifestyle and spirituality. Anthony is a published author with 2 full books (Secret Spiritual Business & Practical Mediumship) plus 3 co-authored books (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Healthy Spirit). As a Psychic Medium Anthony is qualified in trance healing, massage, Reiki and Seichim, he also works as an educational facilitator, mentor, energy worker, speaker and musician. Having studied Vibrational Healing and meditation techniques in India and Australia, Anthony understands these to be powerful tools to promote ongoing wellbeing that encourages self-healing. In 2018, Anthony launched Bridging Realms — Core Issue Vibrational Healing™. This system of energy work combines Anthony’s knowledge into a single package, offering a unique holistic service for his clients.

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Born and raised in New Zealand, from the age of three, Derran knew that she wanted to be a nurse. With her early experiences of nursing inspiring her, Derran passionately pursued a career in mental health. Derran began working in acute psychiatric inpatient settings, before venturing into community areas and crisis teams, working to support adults with a range of mental health conditions. Derran’s passion for education has led her into her current role as a Clinical Nurse Educator and running her own business, facilitating community mental health education. With over 25 years of clinical experience, mental health nursing has been a very unique and rewarding career. Derran has learned much about herself and helping others. Derran is a qualified massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and is studying BR Core Issue Vibrational Healing™.

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In 2007, Jane relocated to Australia opening The Purple Dragonfly in Warrandyte Victoria and launched The Oak Tree Organisation Australia continuing her passion of promoting personal empowerment. “I believe that everyone has infinite potential, which remains undiscovered when the pain from the past overshadows the present. We are amazing and unique with a definite purpose in life and, when fear and uncertainty are swept away, our possibilities are limitless. The joy and privilege of watching a person rediscover their own power touches my soul every time.”


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Charles has trained and worked with Earth wisdoms keepers, spiritual teachers and elders from cultural traditions Earth wide. He is an Earth poet, Earth medicine man, Earth gardener, an author, sacred musician, and food alchemist. Before self-employment, Charles served in the community sector for over 20 years in youth advocacy and family support. In 2010, Charles co-founded Gaian Heart Wisdom with his wife, Christel Mathelot to share Gaia’s wisdom teachings with the world. In 2020, they co-founded Wild Gaia Plants to support their community in growing and eating clean food. Charles lives with his family in the beautiful Perth hills on their urban farm. He lives his life through, and is informed by, what he calls the Three Sacred Elements of Life: Sacred Service, Sacred Practice, and Sacred Community. His service to community is offered through a variety of pathways; Earth wisdom and natural law practices; Earth wise gardening practices; sound healing; medicine wheel work; spiritual mentoring and guidance; prayer and manifesting circles; food alchemy.

Freya Sampson

Custodian Eartheart

Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Her transformational awakening in 1999 catapulteD her into a life in service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient life upon it. Freya has worked extensively with the Australian Aboriginal culture and with world leaders in the movement of Consciousness-Change. She is an internationally renowned shaman, healer and teacher. Her huge heart overflowing with compassion and ability to get to the core of the issue has allowed countless peoples dis-ease to be transformed into ease and grace. Freya shares her wisdom in her body of work, ‘Tree of Life, Pathway to Empowerment’. Her passion is awakening hearts, to together, transform life on Earth.

Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. Through family illness, Jane became fascinated by the holistic approach to wellness, founding Spectrum Health Trust UK in 1991, facilitating life empowerment workshops, meditation, healing courses and health management programmes, helping many people to explore their potential.

Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot Gaian Heart Wisdom

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Mentalist, Hypnotist, Psychic

Jason began his working career as an industrial engraver, although he has now retired from that industry as one of only a handful of Master Engravers in Australia, he is still contracted by the AFL to engrave each year’s premiership cups. He also still engraves the occasional prop for the film and television industry. In his late teens Jason became heavily involved in the rockabilly scene and still teaches swing and rock’n’roll dancing. Jason began his journey performing hypnosis and mentalism shows and is the only Australian mentalist endorsed by Uri Geller. As Australia’s top psychic entertainer, Jason draws on his experience as a stage hypnotist to give entertaining demonstrations of various psychic modalities all over the country. His passion for helping others shines through in his private practice where he offers hypnotherapy, psychic counselling and psychotherapy, he also teaches thaumaturgy, contact telepathy, psychometry and many other psychic modalities.

ibutor Lia Estate



Lia is an award winning Interior Architect/ Designer, Furniture/Product Designer with over 30 years’ experience utilising intuitive skills to create environments and spaces that are nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, functional and supportive. As an artist Lia explores her creativity with drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. A qualified senior educator, Lia assists her clients to investigate and go deep into the psyche to reveal insights, viewpoints and a creative perspective in real world realms. Lia is a qualified Quantum Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Newlife Reiki Seichim practitioner, Matrix Energetics and is Clairvoyant. As a lead singer/vocalist and musician, Lia utilises voice, tone and sound in her vibrational healing work. With over 12 years in practice and a life time of intuitive experiences, Lia is an empath who assists clients to understand their own dis-ease and issues that lie beneath the surface of dysfunction for ongoing wellbeing and happiness.

Earth Walker, Nature Advocate Life Art Enthusiast

Louise was born in South Africa and has spent the majority of the past decade traveling the world to feed her passion of sacred sites, sustainable ecocommunities and the wisdom of indigenous tribes. A dedicated advocate for freedom, Louise cofounded a global liberation movement in 2011 called Ubuntu. She actively contributes on the boards of several eco-villages around the world, and manages her own international team of freedom loving individuals promoting health, financial prosperity and environmental conservation. Louise is unapologetically a ‘bush girl’ and spends much of her time in nature exploring the connection between walking, wilderness and wellbeing. Walking 400km in Mozambique in 2021, she was inspired to create an online store showcasing the life art of rural artisans, so connecting them to the global market.

Samantha Duly

Louise Clarke

Spiritual Medium, Tutor

Perth based Samantha is a Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Tutor originating from the UK. She works in person, in group settings and via Zoom. As a full-time medium and member of the UK Spiritualists National Union, (SNU), Samantha has been accredited and certified as an evidential Medium, a teacher and public speaker. Her qualifications so far are: DSNU d, CSNU d,t,s. She is now a trainer for the SNU for the TPS1 and TPS2 courses and is a teacher for the SNUi (international) students. With 120 written essays for the SNU to date, Samantha is committed to life-long learning and believes this demonstrates to her students her dedication and commitment. Samantha loves and is humbled by her work for both the physical and spiritual world and for the healing that takes place through all her readings.

ShirleySienna Coventry

Medium. Numerologist, DreamSpell and Divine Symmetry

ShirleySienna is recognised throughout Australia and around the globe, by her clients and peers as a highly perceptive and accurate Psychic Medium, Tutor, Speaker, and Demonstrator. Proficient in many modalities of Spiritual and Galactic communication and connection, ShirleySienna’s passion and international acknowledgment as a Crystal Skull Caretaker and EarthSpirit Wisdom Keeper, has enabled her to travel and integrate a diversity of unique teachings and experiences into both her personal and professional life. In turn she assists others as they endeavour to access and understand the many areas of their own ‘Divine Soul Symmetry’. ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations.

Melanie Dufty


Melanie Dufty Astrologer and Writer. Melanie is a Federation of Australian Astrologers qualified astrologer and author of metaphysical fantasy novel I Am Lilith. Based in Perth with her husband and two teenage sons, Melanie previously spent nine years in London and Sydney working in corporate communications (banking and retail), and highly sceptical about the non-material realms. During the homebirth of her first son, and in the year that followed, she hit the spiritual road, becoming passionately interested in the soul’s journey and energy medicine. Melanie began with Pranic Healing, and the last 10 years has been devoted to Mahat Meditation and Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) energy medicine. Reconciling light and dark has been a big theme in Melanie’s life, leading to a quest to understand duality and to embody the truth that transcends it - unity.

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