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Issue 31 - December 2021 /January 2022

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Interviews Save the Bees Living with Bees Bee Conscious - Regenerate Australia

Sacred Sites - Tsodilo Hills  Divine Time - Humanity Dynamix  Reflections - Bee-autiful Mental Health Matters - Joyfully navigating the silly season!

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2022: START A NEW CHAPTER, SHARE YOUR STORY 2 Founders: Anthony Kilner, Jane Offer Publisher: Supernal Media Pty Ltd Editor: Anthony Kilner Deputy Editor: Freya Savitri Sampson Sub Editor: Jane Offer Editorial Consultant: ShirleySienna Coventry Art Director: Christel Mathelot

supernal [soo-pur-nl] adjective

Being in or belonging to the heaven of divine beings; heavenly, celestial, or divine. Lofty; of more than earthly or human excellence, powers, etc. Being on high or in the sky or visible heavens.

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Invocation We call on the over-soul of Supernal Magazine; we call on Supernal’s unconditionally loving team of guides, teachers and friends in spirit. We call forth the elements of creation and the essence of creation – geometries of light, sound and unconditional love. We call forth the flower of life and our soul family to co-create with us the most extraordinary Supernal Magazine possible, in service to the unfurling Divine Plan. So Be It!

Giving of Thanks We give thanks to all those in Spirit who have been with us throughout this creative process, to all those in-body who have selflessly contributed and to all those who read Supernal Magazine. May you be blessed! In Lak’ech.

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CONTENTS – DECEMB Acknowledgment Of Country We acknowledge the Booja (country) and it’s Traditional Custodians - The Aboriginal peoples of all countries and tribes. We call on the Ancestors, past and present, Earth and star, who love us unconditionally. We call on the good spirit to be present with us as we journey Supernal Magazine. We call on th eRainbow Serpent and the Dreaming Serpents of each Aboriginal Country. Thank you for being with us and for your blessings and guidance.


Freya Savitri Samsson – Custodian Eartheart

SUPERNAL Ed’s Letter 6 8

Documentary News

There are 12 guiding principles to permaculture. Anthony Kilner chats with Bron Woods on how they apply to owning bees.



28 Simon Mulvany Save The Bees & Our Environment

Regeneration Australia.

Hoody’s Helpers. Parents with Questions.

Reader’s views on the Environment.

Freya Sampson caught up with an amazingly Zen man in Simon Mulvany from Save the Bees. Here’s a snippet of his life – saving and educating people about bees.

FEATURES 12 Wisdom of Bee Medicine

32 Dr Kit Prendergast The Bee Babette


Community Voice Notice Board

Bee Shamanism is one of the Earth’s oldest and least understood pathways of magic. Freya Savitri looks into this amazing topic dating back thousands of years.


Bees and Humanity

ShirleySienna explores the links between bees and humanity, with an in depth discussion with Kerrie Mercel, the co-creator of the Rainbow People community.


Journey into Bees

Anthony Kilner and Jane Miller dive in the deep end and create an amazing space for their new bee hive with a special mentor!


INTERVIEWS 24 Bron Woods - Permaculture & Bees

Supernal Magazine

West Australian based Dr Kit Prendergast is amazing, she’s out there looking after our native bees – Dr Kit is the Native Bee Queen!


Andrew Stanish - Living with Bees

Anthony Kilner caught up with professional bee keeper, breeder and businessman Andrew Stanish to chat about living with bees.

ASTROLOGY 40 A New Earth - Now

Get ready for an exposure of truth or a rocky transformation; Melanie Dufty explains how ‘Truths Gurgle Up in Venus Retrograde’.

BER 2021 / JANUARY 2022

28 MENTAL HEALTH 42 Pathways to Conscious Health

Our newest columnist is Dr Catherine Fyans who gives meaning to the words – ‘External Locus of Control’.


Mental Health Matters




Humanity Dynamix - we have never traversed time and space so quickly before. ShirleySienna explains why.


Quote of the Month



Navigating Christmas can create mental agony. Derran Heney offer some tips to get through the Silly Season!

December 2021 and January 2022 in numbers.

GAIA CONSCIOUSNESS 46 Wild Gaia - Timeless Wisdom

SUPERNAL 62 Ad Directory

The Living Touch of Wild Earth is very real. Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot reveals how!


Videos & Podcasts



Contributor Bios

Life is just Bee-autiful! Jane Offer talks about bee facts and their importance to this planet.


Business Cards

SACRED SITES 54 Sacred Sites - Alchemy

Informed Consent on Ngaluma Country Part II. Freya takes us back in time to reflect on indigenous consent, understanding and healing.


Sacred Sites

Louise Clarke takes us on a fascinating journey to the Mountains of the Gods - Tsodilo Hills in Africa.

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A Letter from the Editor

Ed’s Letter As you, our amazing Supernal Community read this issue it’s nearly Christmas and 2022 is not far behind. There have been a lot of changes, in life and in these hallowed pages. We are pleased to see that our magazine has grown to a readership of around 9000 per issue which is excellent however, there are loads more to do! On a very personal and sad note, we said goodbye to our gorgeous soul mate Jet in October. Jet featured on the cover of Animal Speak, the December 2020 Issue, and covered her journey through osteosarcoma and the removal of one leg. Her journey was our journey, and we had nearly 16 months of her awesome spirit helping us realise that regardless of what’s going on in life, there’s always a positive, and some fun to find.

Anthony Kilner

Jet was a blessing in our lives, helping us through lockdowns, family grief and, when we had visitors. Her enthusiasm to say ‘Hello’ was exuberant. We know she didn’t want to leave us; however we also know she is in a better place, chasing anything she can and living her next incarnation to the fullest. We love and miss you terribly Muggiewammi! We know for many of the Supernal family it’s been a tough year on so many fronts, with things getting very interesting here in Melbourne, Australia and globally. There are many beautiful souls out there praying for the world to settle itself in a positive and loving way. There is no point in fighting what’s happened the past, and every point in fighting for a happy future for our families! With that in mind, regardless of what your status in life, we ask that you all remember that we are human, and walking through life feeling at peace, sharing the love and helping out those in need, is the way to move through the negativities which have dictated our lives over the past 18 months. We at the Supernal Team, wish each and every one of you a safe journey into 2022, filled with much love and laughter!


Supernal Magazine

Bees & the Environment This month’s topic of Bees and the Environment is a critical one. Without bees this planet will struggle to survive with natural foods, flowers, plants, and produce! Yours truly explores what life looks like starting our own journey adopting a colony of bees, our first hive having been constructed and filling with bees as we speak. We organised a mentor to help us through this project, which is a fab way to start bee keeping. We also have some excellent stories and interviews around Bees with some incredible facts as well. On top of this, our regular columns have some amazing content that will fill an hour or two whilst sitting on the couch enjoying a cuppa.

Community Voice Notice Board Last month our survey was a simple one question survey - What Environmental Issues are you passionate about and do you have a solution? There were some interesting results and we cover some of them in this issue. Our next Community notice board is on Children’s Mental Health. Here’s the link and we’d love to get your thoughts on this topic for our February Issue.

Changing of the Guard This month, we say farewell to our mental health expert, Derran Heney. Derran has been a stalwart for the magazine, not only providing a fabulous column, her advice on stories and topics has been phenomenal. On a

personal level too, Derran has helped me out on numerous occasions with support and ideas on how to deal with life and been my mental health trainer as well. I and the mag team can’t thank you enough Derran. We wish you and your family well in 2022! This month we welcome Dr Catherine Fyans to the Supernal team, with her new column and opinion pieces written under the banner of Pathways to Conscious Health. Catherine pulls no punches in her words and is a big advocate for overall health and wellbeing. Look out readers! We are offering internships again in 2022. If you are studying journalism, writing, or graphic arts and interested in an internship please forward some information to editor@ As always we are open to receiving your letters and suggestions. Have a Supernal Family Christmas and New Year!

A n th o n y K il n e r Image Credit: Anthony Kilner & Pixabay

Supernal Magazine



Freedom & Knowledge

With the fight for freedom and choice ramping up here in Australia and globally, the need for support and clear and concise information to be shared within the community regarding personal freedoms is huge. Hoody’s Helpers Supernal Magazine recently interviewed Graham (Hoody) Hood on Supernal Radio and I was amazed at how this humble Aussie man shared his life story with us. Graham highlighted the need for greater support throughout the community and, with some phenomenal help, Hoody’s Helpers was started. From a basic website to the Hoody’s Helpers Facebook pages, the volunteers who run the pages are spread across the country offering messages of support, helping people deal with crises and linking the community like never before.

88 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

There are official pages for every state. If you are keen to help out then check out the page links above.

Parents With Questions In this crazy world of jabs and loss of sovereign choice, many parents uphold the right to make their own choices and see their role as parents as being able to make choices for their children. With the recent approval by the TGA to allow children, from 5 -11 years old, to be jabbed, questions are being raised that are not being answered. A new website, Parents with Questions and a Facebook Page, have been opened by a group of very concerned parents looking for answers. The opening statement on the webpage sets the tone. “We’re Concerned Parents and we’ve got Questions. Do You? Join us as we take this journey and Make it a Priority to Protect our Kids and their bodies, health & future.”

There’s a lot of extra information from videos, FAQs and more, available on the website and through the social media pages. One statement that resonates is the following: “If you’ve got questions, you’re not alone. Forcing a medical procedure onto a child is morally and ethically wrong. In spite of what current State and Territory Public Health Directives and the media say, our children are protected by Common Law, our Constitution, the Federal Biosecurity Act and several International Treaties relating to Human Rights. Informed Consent and conscientious objection is our right as humans, and as parents!”

Sign the Petition

Petition EN3625 - Against the motion of vaccinating children aged 5-12 years. This petition closes on the 22nd December 2021. Kids are our future!



Bee Conscious Regenerating Australia By ShirleySienna Aussie actor and film maker, Damon Gameau, continues his forward moving and conscious message to the world with a new documentary, Regenerating Australia, due for release in early 2022. Damon’s personal vision is a reflection of his outlook on and for the planet and all its inhabitants. The changes he continues to make in his own lifestyle, his care for his family’s future and the ethics and standards by which he lives, are aligned to the foundations of the films, books and projects he chooses to create, and the environmental innovations he cares to support.

“Damon sets off once again giving us a glimpse into the future, thinking out of the square…”

Damon sets off once again giving us a glimpse into the future, thinking out of the square and daring to ask Australians what they would like to see over the next decade. From That Sugar Film to 2040 and now a short yet, without doubt, thought provoking documentary Regenerating Australia, Damon applies the cause for change from the inside to the outside, the microcosm and the macrocosm. As the Gameau’s move around the country, they have taken their extended family with them; their small flow-hive bee colony! What could be more deliciously sweet and down to earth, than living in proximity to your own colony of bees? Damon has found that ‘hive life’, provides a personal feelgood factor. It gives him the opportunity to share produce with neighbours and friends and enjoy and explore the different taste of the honey, depending on the flowers their bees find to explore. It has also given a very busy individual

a deep feeling of satisfaction in something home grown, intimate and in tune with the nurture of nature. There is no doubt that we will all be greatly inspired by this film and, if Damon has his way, like the bees in his hive, we will find ourselves becoming increasingly focused and creatively productive. We will discover how to build a way of way of life that can be sustainably conducive to humans and the extraordinary and abounding diversity of environment and life forms with which planet Earth continually amazes and surprises us. Checkout the full podcast of Damon talking Regeneration Australia HERE: or the shortened video version HERE:

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions!’ Image Credit: Regen Studios PTY LTD

Supernal Magazine


Environmental Issues

Your Community Voice Notice Board Your Community Voice results are in regarding ‘Environmental Issues’. There have been some great responses, many with a similar thread such as looking after our waterways and oceans, and our forests and trees. This survey is closed, however our next one is on Children’s Mental Health. The top ten responses each month will go into the draw to win a 30 minute online reading or service from our featured columnists. Q1 What are you passionate about on Environmental Issues and do you have a solution? Deforestation is the biggest one for me. Considering that a major portion of deforestation is for animal agriculture and even when it is used for mono crops of soy, corn barley etc. the majority of that goes to feeding livestock. It’s said we could feed the world eight times over if we reduced or got rid of animal agriculture. This of course also benefits the animals, that won’t be overbred into a torturous short existence and benefits the health of humanity given that


Supernal Magazine

processed meat is a Class 1 carcinogen (WHO) and red meat is Class 2. This would lead the world into a more plant based way of living. The land used for animal agriculture could be reforested; aiding climate change and giving wild animals back their habitat. The land used for mono crops could easily feed the world’s population, and even more so if we leaned into permaculture techniques, more so less pesticides etc. are needed. This would also free up government money since animal Ag is heavily subsidised, and that money can go to helping farmers transition to growing produce and learning sustainable techniques. – Carissa, Australia

“Renewable solutions. I personally don’t have the solution but others do. We run solar and battery, we have tank and dam water. Reduce use of plastic. We have reverted back to our childhood using soap bars. We have no rubbish collection service thus became more aware of the throw away plastic and have reduced drastically through change of habits. Only a small step in the big picture but if we as individuals take small steps a massive change occurs.” – Carmen, Australia

The fact that decisions made by ‘those in power’ are based on money and greed. Coal is mined and exported because of money - the same with oil and fuel, etc. Also a lack of attention paid to the ancient land owners. They know how to care for the land and prevent many natural disasters, and ‘those in power’ refuse to engage their practises because they see these people as not being fully aware of modern progress. Take greed out of it, accept the advice offered by those who maintained healthy land for so many generations, and apply practical solutions rather than ego based solutions. Treat Mother Earth with the respect she so deserves. – Sandy, Melb. Australia Children’s Mental Health In the February issue of Supernal we are asking a series of questions in relation to Children’s Mental Health. It’s an important topic and we’d love to hear your thoughts. We will publish a range of your personal views in the February Issue of Supernal Magazine. Participate in the Your Voice Survey HERE:




Supernal Magazine


The Wisdom of Bee Medicine By Freya Savitri Sampson

“Bee Shamanism is one of the Earth’s oldest and least understood pathways of magic.” The humble bee may be the world’s most taken for granted creature, yet certainly is one of the most magical. Origins Bee Shamanism is one of the Earth’s oldest and least understood pathways of magic. Its roots are found in Sumeria, Anatolia, Minoan Crete, Egypt, Lithuania, Celtic Traditions and Greece where it is said that bees taught divination to Hermes Apollo through the form of the Melissae Priestesses, according to Homer. The first mentions of Bees were on the 8,000 year old Sumerian Tablets carrying recipes that use honey for medicinal purposes – treating skin infections, ulcers and disease. They were then channelled as memories of the temples of the House of the Bee in Egypt, where Neith, one of the primordial Goddesses was

12 12

Supernal Magazine

worshiped. It is said that the statue of Neith in the House of the Bee was veiled, and inscribed at its base were the words, “I am all that has been, that is, or shall ever be; no mortal man hath ever me unveiled.” Another phrase attributed to Neith is, “The fruit which I have brought forth is the Sun.”

object called an ‘Omphalos’, a carved stone, shaped like a beehive, covered in beelike images connected by a beautiful pattern. Phythia, the chief priestess at Delphi, was called ‘The Delphic Bee’. Pythia’s priestesses, called Queen Bees used humming, and drumming, to enter into trance states.

The bee mysteries were then channelled in Pasidae in the Minoan Cretan Labryinth, by the dancing, humming, and drumming Mellissae Priestesses. ‘The Drumming Bee Sisterhood,’ - The humming of the bees, the drumming of the sisters, in their sacred chambers of specific frequencies. They were speaking to the divine, just as the bees do. It is said the most important oracular site of ancient Greece, Delphi, has been constructed by bees. The oracle of the temple itself an

Across all traditions, bee medicine, amongst its many attributes, is synonymous with community, cooperation and selflessness.

feature Bee Shamanism - The Path of Pollen In the words of Simon Buxton (author of The Shamanic Way of the Bee), this path “is a shamanic tradition that works with humanity’s most ancient ally, the honeybee, not just as a metaphor, but as a vibrant, pragmatic and challenging spiritual path, grounded in the Earth but anchored to the heavens. The Path of Pollen holds a focus of work on what we call ‘endocrine alchemy’, which is a rejuvenative programme that draws upon the intelligence and wisdom of the body-vessel and stimulates the interior stars and hidden veins within the subtle-body, liberating and circulating (bodily) elixirs known as ‘nektars’ which are utilised for shamanic practices including healing, visioning, shamanic flight and the largely lost art of shape-shifting.”

Bee Dreaming Bees are similar to cats and ravens, known as Bridger’s of Dimensions. They are dream bringers, who connect humanity to the collective dream weave, aka the Earth Dream or the Great Dream, through their intrinsic bridging nature. By intentionally inviting the Deva of the Bees into your dream-work, one can align more fully with nature.

Types of Bees There are numerous different species of bee in the world. It is important to acknowledge one major distinction between them.

The Honey and Bumble Bees operate collectively in a community hive and many Native Bee species are ground dwelling and solitary. In Australia there are over 1700 species: There are two very different medicines that bee can deliver. In many ancient traditions, the Shaman lived alone, a little distance from the tribal group. Not because she/he rejected the group, because the work that the Medicine person did for the tribe required quietude, allowing them to listen to the voice of nature and the inner dimensions, without the distraction of children’s cries and social chatter. Their solitary service was for the collective, not for the self.

act very much as the mycelium of the of the skies, creating a web of light between the insect and plant kingdoms through their service of pollination.

Human Being, Human Doing Bees also hold a perfect balance between business always active in their service to one another, yet always finding the way to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Honey, literally the nectar of life is their food. It heals, it nourishes and supports the immune system. Bee well bee-autiful people.

So whilst the many operate as one for collective wellbeing, sometimes the one operates solitarily for the collective wellbeing, depending upon the role one has been chosen for that lifetime.

As Above So Below An interesting correlation between Mycelium (fungi) and bees is mycelium in the ground is the web of life which unites mineral and plant kingdoms in the womb of the Earth, bees

Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services. Image Credit: Freya Sampson, WWW.

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13 13

Bees & Humanity By Shirley Sienna

Kerrie Mercel, is the co-creator of the Rainbow People, a community based on mutual respect and situated at the base of Tamborine Mountain in Queensland. Born 26th January 1960, Kerrie is Kin 138 Galactic Mirror. The verse for this is ‘I Harmonise in Order to Reflect, Modelling Order I seal the Matrix of Endlessness with the Galactic tone of Integrity, I am guided by the power of Spirit.’ Within her numerical code Kerrie is filled with the number 8, the number of the tone of integrity. It signifies she is here to stand alone and yet in harmony with the power and energy required to assist the human race. Living in accordance with her divinely orientated purpose over many years, she has culminated as a spiritually and cosmically aligned keeper and carer of the Bee and Human conglomerate. She is currently utilising her skills as a property developer, chef, life coach and more, as a practical application of future sustainability for like-minded individuals. Kerrie is educating and encouraging many through the aspects of beekeeping. Her passion for the wellbeing of humans and bees in regard to socio-economic structure, food as medicine, health and wellbeing physically, mentally and emotionally, is inspiring to say the least. Her ideas to run workshops on a giving, receiving and sharing basis, can work for any of us and can be utilised for any subject matter required. Kerrie has been bee-keeping for approximately three years and during this time she has redeveloped the traditional hive set up into a ‘long-box’, making it lighter and easier to successfully manage. Considering the bee community, we realise that this is a fraternity that humans should study very carefully and with serious respect.

14 14

Supernal Magazine


“Kerrie is educating and encouraging many through the aspects of beekeeping.” Our discussion covered a range of topics, which can best be described as ‘as above, so below- and everything in between’. Spiritual, cultural and generational ethics and the lack of them were considered and it was clear that the activities within a beehive, the family, community, life and death cycles and hierarchy, may well be as ‘arbitrary’ as their human counterpart. Kerry: The bees have a very unbalanced and dictatorial community just like humanity. Our patriarchal system has never been fair or effective. One side power always corrupts, giving a total and crazy imbalanced hierarchy. Compare it to the honey beehive where we see a matriarchal system. A beehive has a queen bee as the matriarch, with thousands of female bees who work in the hive. As they grow up they are given different jobs for about six weeks, then being worked to death, they die. The hive males are called Drones. In this matriarchal system they have one job. They mate with the newborn queen when she does her initial flight. Drones then eat the food the female worker bees bring back into the hive. Often you will see them on the honey frames just lurking around.

Drones have severe challenges. They are an accessory, not a necessity. Every winter the females push the males out of the hive to fend for themselves, especially when the hive is in dearth over the winter months. Up to twelve Drones can mate with the queen on her initial flight. Unfortunately, they die immediately after their penis has been snapped off. All the female bees in the hive, except for the Queen, will never mate. The hive is totally sexless. Kerrie believes that, as humans rise to higher dimensional living, honey will be gifted to humans by the bees, who will be living freely and making honey purely for sustainability and their delight in life, as the creator intended. She believes also that no creature or human, should be considered more or less indispensable than another. Her vision for sustainable community is in creating wise council with sub-committees and a strong educated and structured support system. This will allow others to step up, realise their purpose and function successfully, rather than fall down if ‘dedicated leaders’ cease to be.

Supernal Magazine


“Her vision for sustainable community is in creating wise council with sub-committees and a strong educated and structured support system.” Kerrie: We can combine the best of both systems to co-create a world that allows love, passion, inspiration, trust, respect and integrity, without the need governance. Look where we are today with corruption, draconian law and disharmony. Our system is broken. Fixing it is out of the question. We have been long controlled by dark forces that are unseen. The Rainbow People will have many different shapes, colours and sizes living within community. The community will be service driven initially until money is no longer required. Each individual, based on their vision and passions, will choose how they contribute. A reverse steering committee of eight, plus Kerrie, will be different to other systems. There will be no long arduous meetings with people


Supernal Magazine

who are not experts in certain fields. Only subcommittees for independent projects, events and requests. If the steering committee has questions that need to be answered before voting, the concept will go back to the originator of the sub-committee. The steering committee will only have three outcomes. Yes - commence project or event, No – declined, or Maybe - questions to be answered and resubmitted. The sub-committee will be set up by any individual and will stand or fall on their merits. After the idea has been ticked off by the steering committee, the individual finds another person to mentor and assist with their idea. This subcommittee packages their concept and runs the event on the property provided, inviting the rest of the community to attend.

“My job as the property owner will initially be to pay the rates and expenses, then to stand back, allow the community to co-create…”

It’s interesting as we don’t know if this concept is going to work. However, instead of having just one community leader, we will have as many community leaders as possible in their area of expertise and interest. We already have artists, event coordinators, project managers, teachers, naturopaths and a host of other talented people, who are ready to implement their ideas early next year. My job as the property owner will initially be to pay the rates and expenses, then to stand back, allow the community to co-create, be the final vote on hung vote. Inspirational community members provide food, events, medicinal herb, and everything else the community needs. If you would like to be part of Allow Love we would love to have you. Allow Love is where we are initially co-creating. See the Facebook Page HERE: Foster Bees including a New-Bees Jan 2022 course by donation, will conclude by giving a box of bees to the Jimboomba Community Gardens. Visit the Facebook page HERE: ShirleySienna: This interview promoted much thought about the global exploitation of bees and humans, the life and demise of both species. It made me sad to learn that bees are

considered less than their unique and life-giving worth by large profit minded corporations, just as are humans - expendable and replaceable. Sent to far-away lands and cold climates, in gigantic fields of mono-culture, single plant farming, with no variety of flowers and plants for the bees to pollinate, no life that allows them to flourish, thrive grow and enjoy - just work, produce and die. In many places, hives are destroyed and a new generation is developed after the current inmates have ‘done their job’, as caring for them during the off season is not seen as financially viable. This is the exact opposite of what both bees and humans are designed to do by ‘the creator’ of all creatures great and small!

“It made me sad to learn that bees are considered less than their unique and life-giving worth by large profit minded corporations…” Perhaps the life of bees, ‘the hum’, is a metaphor for us to reflect on. As bees around our planet are dying in droves due to the lowering of their frequency, are we humans in danger of following suit?

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’. Image Credit: Kerrie Mercel, Unsplash

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Beekeeping Services Mentoring Colony relocation Swarm Collection Beehive Management Pollination Services Beeswax based products

Honey & Pollen


Supernal Magazine

Jacqui Dunbar 0410 102 200 Honey & Pollen


Your Water

Kangan water is possibly the healthiest restructured water available on the planet. There are a range of machines and products available to suit all countries, interest free terms (conditions apply) and Enagic’s distribution network is global making it easy to get a machine in your home in virtually any country! “The world is using almost 500 Billion plastic water bottles every year, the majority of which end up in our landfills and oceans. Transforming ordinary tap water into structured, hydrogen rich, electrolysed reduced water essential for health and wellbeing is the answer to this staggering problem.”

“Our Earth is a giant container of water, from which all forms of life arose. And every living thing is itself essentially a container of water. Like the Earth, we are 70 percent water. It follows, naturally, that the health of the Earth is directly proportionate to the health of ourselves.”

“Not only does drinking and utilising Kangan water for cleaning and toxin removal purposes create a healthy life, there’s a unique business opportunity that allows people to live a lifestyle that is financially rewarding as well.”

If you are ready to Re-Wild your Water contact Anthony Kilner, Freya Sampson or Louise Clarke Supernal Magazine


Journey Into Bees By Anthony Kilner

When the lid was lifted off the hive exposing the top super (this is one box section of the Langstroth hive), the buzzing of the bees certainly went up a notch, although in a way their sounds were almost meditative and quite calming. When the second super was opened and we delved into the brood box where the queen was hiding, the volume of sound was definitely raised. How dare we expose the queen and her attendees to the light! This was Jane and my first time being involved in opening a live hive as part of our Journey into Bees with mentor Jacqui Dunbar. For me, it was stay fearless and calm in the face of thousands of bees flying around me. While allergic to bees as a child, I’ve been told by the specialist I’m ok to go now – but it’s still nervy! Jane was as calm as a mountain lake, although nervous about dropping a frame with clumsy glove hands. I have to admit it was an amazing experience and a giant step forward in understanding that bees are very cool indeed!


Supernal Magazine

Our journey into bees began several years ago when we attended a local council run bee info workshop. It was a little daunting and we found ourselves thinking yeah-nah, yeah-nah – Nup! The workshop was informative and filled with info, but it seemed like a lot of work. We did a second workshop online during Covid lockdown and were keener – just not quite convinced. One of our projects during lockdown was to build a fully enclosed orchard which would allow bees and other

propagating insects inside, and keep the birds, roos and deer out. While hammering away the conversation turned to pollinators and the lack thereof. Yes, there were bees however not as many as we’d like.

“While allergic to bees as a child, I’ve been told by the specialist I’m ok to go now – but it’s still nervy!” Searching through the local area of Research’s Facebook page, I came across Jacqui Dunbar of Honey and Pollen offering mentoring packages. One message later followed by a long chat, we then met up to discuss our needs and have a site inspection.


“These guys were so chilled I was sure they must be Jamaican bees, sunning themselves on a beach without a care in the world.” Jacqui has been great in helping us to get everything we needed to start bee keeping in earnest. Our basic kit consisted of suits, gloves, frame tool, brush, and the all-important smoker. We also got our flat-packed Langstroth hive, consisting of base and roof, two supers - one used as a Brood Super/Chamber) and the other is a Honey Super. A Queen excluder, frames, wire and foundation sheets were also included.

“It was a little daunting and we found ourselves thinking yeah-nah, yeah-nah – Nup! The workshop was informative and filled with info…” We spent a lazy day building the hive, building and adding wire to the frames and then heating and attaching some foundation sheets, so we were ready to go with our Nuc hive when it arrived.

The Nuc or Nucleus hive is a small box that houses five frames and comes with a queen and her small family. We opted for a well-bred Italian queen with some excellent laid back attributes. Our colony is very docile which is really important. These guys were so chilled I was sure they must be Jamaican bees, sunning themselves on a beach without a care in the world. Apparently this is a very good thing.

Within a short time Queen BeeAnna was settled and the bees started doing what bees do best. Learning where the hive is located, a seemingly complicated orientation program of flying out of the hive and doing lots of figures eights, before heading back in and then out again before longer flights are done.

We modified a timber palette adding some gal steel feet to hold the hive above the ground, and finally the day came when Jacqui rocked up with Queen BeeAnna and her court of workers, and bubs in the making. This is where it became ‘hands on’, and we had to get the smoker fired up, get the frames out of the Nuc box and inspect every frame before placing them in their spanking new hive. We were looking for the queen, babes in cells, honey production, stored nectar for their food and of course checking for any bad bugs which is a crucial part of bee keeping –bugs such as Small Hive Beetle must be destroyed!

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21 21

The hive remained shut for two weeks before the next inspection. Again we were checking everything was ok in the hive especially to ensure they had plenty of food. This year the weather in Melbourne has been cold, windy and wet. This means the bees tend not to go foraging for pollen to feed the baby bees and nectar to create honey which the adults eat. In some cases it can lead to a starvation crisis in a hive and extra foods needs to be added.

This means if the bees don’t go foraging enough and lots of the pollen blows away, they could end up starving. We are lucky here and they have plenty of food. We’ll be doing regular hive inspections over the next couple of months as we only have the brood box in place as this stage. Soon we’ll add a second Super onto the hive which will encourage the queen to make more babies. Not long after that towards the end of the summer season, we might even get to taste some honey!

Mentoring Jane and I have really enjoyed being mentored by Jacqui. She’s able to answer our questions and directly demonstrate her explanations, she’s dived right in and given our journey into bees a sense of ease, and I have to admit made it way more enjoyable than we thought it would bee! There are mentors, clubs and lots of help available all around Australia for new beekeepers. One thing I’ve noticed so far is that everyone I’ve dealt with in the industry has been polite and very passionate about their Bees. I guess that is not surprising as we are all sharing our passion for bees and the environment, which is universal Jacquie can be reached via her website Honey & Pollen and there are some great videos and tips on her Facebook page.

Hives Explained There are plenty of different hives on the market in both new and pre-loved states, some come with bees and some without. The main hives are:

“There are mentors, clubs and lots of help available all around Australia for new beekeepers.”

Langstroth Hives were invented in 1852 by Rev. LL Langstroth and are good hives for all apiarists. Each hive can be added to easily. They come in various sizes housing up to 10 frames per super. Warre Hives (People’s Hive) was invented by a French monk called Abbé Émile Warré in the


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similar to the Langstroth except extra boxes are added from the bottom and they are slightly smaller making them a bit more manageable. Top-Bar Hives are a long box on legs that makes it easy for the user. It can’t be expanded upon like the others. These hives also have a different frame structure, basically a straight piece of dowel allowing the bees to form natural comb and shape like a triangle. This unit is a simple and effective hive. Flow Hives were invented by Cedar Anderson and his father Stu to allow easy honey extraction. They do make it a little harder to inspect the hive. The flow hive top sits on top of a Langstroth 8 or 10 frame super.

however it’s not until you have the hive at home that everything falls into place.

Rounding Out Our journey has just begun and it’s an exciting one. We wander down to visit the girls daily and are fascinated by their behaviour. There’s a bucket load more to learn, from regular maintenance during the warmer months to ensuring there’s enough food for the hive to survive the cooler months of winter. There’s pest control, honey to extract and frames to build – all up though we are glad we are doing our bit to help the environment. More bees, more pollination, more food! There are some basic stats that say the food

and flower production of plants increases around 20 percent when a hive is introduced to an area. We’ll keep you posted on our hive’s growth as our journey continues!

Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions. Image Credit: Anthony Kilner

There are other variations of hives including using polycarbonate in the construction. Books and further reading Since we started our journey we have been reading books, joined Facebook groups and generally watched whatever vids we can on the subject. These are all great resources

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By Anthony Kilner There are 12 design principles around permaculture that essentially cover three key aspects of life: Earth Care, Fair Share and People Care. These principles are, from 1 to 12: Observe and interact, Catch and store energy, Obtain a yield, Apply self-regulation and accept feedback, Use and value renewable resources and services, Produce no waste, Design from pattern to details, Integrate rather than separate, Use small and slow solutions, Use and value diversity, Use edges and value the marginal and creativity use, and Respond to change. Bron Woods applies these principles to her life. Mother of two Bron, has a Masters in Sustainability, is an educator and has a huge passion for bee keeping. In fact, she took over Bob’s Beekeeping in Watson’s Creek on the edge of the Yarra Valley in 2018. Permaculture is a very real thing in Bron’s life and she is working to set up her 25 acre farm adhering to its principles. This interview really captures Bron’s way of life and how permaculture and bees go hand in hand.

24 24

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There are 12 design principles in permaculture, and you have highlighted four of them to discuss. Can you explain the first principle of ‘Observe and Interact’? “As bee keepers, if we don’t observe, we can’t expect to manage our bees successfully either for ourselves or for the bees. Observation is paramount. We need to observe what’s going on in the environment, and what’s going on inside and outside the hive, just as beekeepers have always done.

“We are looking at the resources the bees are bringing in and what they are lacking; have they got nectar, have they got pollen, what the queen is doing, has she laid well since we had our last look inside, is she laying at all, what is she laying, is she laying healthy larvae or laying drone cells? Incidentally, drones aren’t a bad thing, it’s just another observation. By observing we are able to manage hive space and manage the hive structure we have decided on successfully. Always working respectfully toward the bees.”

feature survey

“Permaculture is a very real thing in Bron’s life, and she is working to set up her 25 acre farm adhering to its principles.” The observing is really looking at everything and interacting accordingly in an appropriate manner? “Absolutely, I think new beekeepers wonder what their bees are doing. Absolutely they do, but it’s not just about our bees. What is happening on the outside of the hive is just as important as what’s happening on the inside. So, we’ve just had five or so weeks of consistent heavy rain and I’ll go with the bud on our live gums. All the live buds, all the nectar was washed away, so unfortunately in Melbourne area, we’ve seen a lot of hives that have starved from not enough resources. Therefore, having ability to observe on both sides of the box is really important.” The next principle you mentioned was ‘Obtain a Yield’. “Looking at permaculture in general, what are we trying to get from our spaces? Whether it’s a large farm or a small backyard, generally we are seeing permaculture as a way of saving our lifestyles. We’re looking at predominately obtaining a yield of honey, and we can also obtain a yield of pollen, or Propolis - one of the many products that bees

create that we can use. There are several main points to consider, however the question is; how do we take a yield of honey? Always, ethically, effectively and safely choosing the right hive and creating the right environment to obtain the products bees so naturally make.”

and recycled products. It goes a step further in that anything that is created from the bees, we can use again. The wax that the bees produce we can use for lip balm, furniture polish and in home products. There’s never a wasted product in terms of what they create or for what they need to survive.”

The sixth principle was ‘Produce no Waste’.

“What is happening on the outside of the hive is just as important as what’s happening on the inside.”

“If we look at our hives, they are traditionally just a wooden box and, in the last couple of years, we’ve seen people be quite creative by reusing materials to create boxes: creative ways from building

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25 25

“They’re at the start of their journey together and anytime we learn something new, we share it - we are caring for each other.”

“…it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the Apis mellifera European honey bee makes that hexagon.” The last principle you mentioned is number 7, Design from Patterns to Details’. I was intrigued as to how you’re going to explain that one? “The pattern is generally the beautiful hexagon pattern the bees create and acknowledge that bees do that intrinsically. It is the same shaped cell; it doesn’t matter where you are in Australia, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the Apis mellifera European honey bee makes that hexagon. They make a couple of different sizes and, depending on whether they are creating brood or babies, boys or girls, the proportions, the shape is the same. It’s spectacular! To be able to do that naturally I think is pretty awesome.”

26 26

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That’s four of those 12 principles, are those 12 design principles a standard thing in permaculture? “They are the 12. If you’re working anywhere in the world, they are the 12 design principles that you use. There are the three elements as well. I think beekeeping is those three. We’re caring for our earth and we’re caring for our people, because the majority of beekeepers don’t do it for money. Most hobbyists do beekeeping linked with other mentors or go into it with another person. They’re at the start of their journey together and anytime we learn something new, we share it we are caring for each other.

“I think the fair share is simple. I don’t know of any beekeepers that haven’t given away their honey at one time or another. Maybe that’s just what they do or maybe they sell it. Either way, it’s an intrinsic part of bee keeping - they’re so proud of this product they helped create, they want to share it with others!” Bron run’s Bob’s Beekeeping Supplies and has a wealth of knowledge and experience with all things bees. It’s BEEn an absolute pleasure dealing with her on this topic.

Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions. Image Credit: Anthony Kilner

UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE • Do you often feel different and wonder why? • Would you like to know the truth of who you are and feel comfortable being your unique self? • Have you been constantly searching for that missing piece of the puzzle? Human Design is known as the Science of Differentiation. It is a modality that provides an educational framework to help you understand yourself, how you interact with others, and make decisions that are right for you! Ben is available for one-on-one consultations and workshops.

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Simon Mulvany – How We Can Save The Bees and Our Environment By Freya Savitri Sampson Freya Sampson caught up with an amazingly Zen man in Simon Mulvany from Save the Bees. Here’s a snippet of his life saving and educating people about bees. What was life before ‘Save The Bees’ for Simon Mulvany? “I was a Park Ranger. It wasn’t what I thought it would be; spraying chemicals most of the time, usually Glyphosate. It felt wrong and when I raised it with my supervisor, he said, “Salt is more dangerous than roundup.” The rest was cleaning bathrooms and picking up other humans mess, so I left that job and started a gardening and beekeeping business. Now, it’s bees’ full time.” Why do you love bees? “Bees induce a feeling of awe and wonder in me, they work with such grace and purpose. Human civilisation as we know it would crumble without bees.” What got you into beekeeping? “Several coincidences started me on my beekeeping journey.” How did these coincidences play out? “I travelled a lot between the


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“Human civilisation as we know it would crumble without bees.” ages 20-30. Then, 12-years ago I became a father. I grounded myself and got my first hives. My extended family was shocked, thinking I was irresponsible. Some of my friends wouldn’t visit and some of my child’s school friends weren’t allowed to. These irrational fears made me realise it was time to educate people. “Around that time, with my Greek friend, we would buy honey from a rather eccentric beekeeper, who only made two harvests annually. Going to his place was like visiting Willy Wonka’s factory, however he didn’t like questions being asked about bees and beekeeping, so we were banned from buying honey. “I researched throughout the winter months, reading many books, writing to authors asking questions. It was amazing how available they made themselves; they all wrote back. Concurrently, after lots of looking, two hives became available. It wasn’t as easy to get them back then, unlike now.”

How did you go from beekeeping to Save the Bees? “Initially it was a very lonely time. In my circles, no one else was interested in bees - then the internet opened up and social media expanded my networks and learning. It was actually a very beautiful time, inspiring me with a lot of hope for humanity. “I began to rescue the bees rather than destroying them, when the local Councils received reports that they were swarming. I had 50 calls and was keeping bees everywhere. In cardboard boxes, all over the place. “I also read that the councils in Melbourne were injecting pine trees with neonicatinoids, specifically to kill off a bug called Giant Scale. This poison devastates the bee population. Beekeepers need this, Giant

interview “I had 50 calls and was keeping bees everywhere. In cardboard boxes, all over the place.”

Scale in the pine trees, to benefit the bees, because it produces something called ‘honey dew’. In winter, when there are no flowers for the bees, they feed on this to continue making honey. Honey Dew is a delicacy, worth even more than honey. I asked the council to look into it. “Later I was involved in the Capillano court case, spanning 5-years with lawyers being paid through crowd funding. After much research and unmistakable synchronicity, the evidence fell in my lap. Robert Costa NMR-tested the honeys and confirmed my writings that beetroot and rice syrup were their main ingredients. My videos went viral and I won the case.” Why are bees so important to the environment? “Around one third of what we eat is pollinated by bees and the honey is a nice bonus. Bees currently face numerous threats: parasites, pathogens, agricultural pesticides, malnutrition, poor beekeeping practices and climate change. Sadly, bees are dying and their colonies collapsing globally,

affecting the global annual economic value of pollinators, which is between 235-577 billion USD.”

“Bees keep their hives at 36/37 degrees, the same temperature as human blood so, if honey is heated above 44 degrees, it loses its healing benefits.” What’s most important to know about bees and the threat of pathogens/chemicals? “In Australia, the main threat is the use of poisonous neonicotinoids, which have been banned in Europe. We must remember that imported honey can carry bugs and pathogens. “Please sign the Petitions at end of article.” Is it true that honey must be processed to be safe for human consumption or is raw better? “Mass-producing honey is rough on bees in general. Also, supermarket honey is not real honey, It is processed honey, heat treated so that it doesn’t crystallise.

“In nature, weather rarely heats above 44 degrees. Like humans, bees deteriorate in weather over that temperature. Bees keep their hives at 36/37 degrees, the same temperature as human blood so, if honey is heated above 44 degrees, it loses its healing benefits. “In China, honey is removed before the bees cap it. Doing this overworks the bees, as they have to keep producing more honey. The result is that the honey stays liquid, and doesn’t taste very good, so they mix it with a small portion of Australian Honey to improve the taste. “When the bees naturally cap the comb, they suck the moisture from the honey, adding an enzyme under the capping. Some old beekeepers consider the layer under the cap is the most medicinal... although there’s no science to prove this yet.” Simon’s Top Tips on how you can help Save the Bees: Use organic seeds Purchase seeds from an organic supplier to ensure they have not been cultivated or dipped in poisonous Neonicotinoids, which are toxic to bees. Grow herbs Herbs left to flower are wonderful medicine for

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Don’t use toxic herbicides Glyphosate or Neonicotinoid insecticides including Monsanto’s Roundup or Bayer’s Confidor. Check the label if you are unsure. Ask your schools and council to stop using the Herbicide Glyphosate Explain how many countries are now banning these chemicals. Suggest alternatives like whipper snipping, steaming, hand weeding or white vinegar mixes.

“Bees keep their hives at 36/37 degrees, the same temperature as human blood so, if honey is heated above 44 degrees, it loses its healing benefits.” bees and other pollinators. Marjoram, Oregano, Borage, Basil, Chives, Sage, Lavender, Thyme, Mint, Parsley, Dill, Rosemary Lemon Balm and Fennel, to name a few. Grow your own food or source from local organic growers Include and teach children how to grow your own food. They will be healthier and more connected to the environment. Source food from local growers who don’t use chemicals. End the War on Weeds Learn to love weeds. Bees love dandelions, fennel, thistles, oxalis, clover and onion weeds. “Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them.” A.A.Milne

30 30

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Become a beekeeper If you can’t be a beekeeper yourself, find out if a hive can be managed on your property. Create an insect friendly garden Include an insect hotel in your garden. Plant a diverse range of flora. Research and grow what plants are indigenous to your area to attract native pollinators.

Report bee swarms – save don’t exterminate! Report swarms via the Beethecure App: Adopt a Native Bee! au/product/adopt-a-beevirtual-kit/ Buy local raw honey, visit Honeymap online: honey-map

Don’t feed bees honey Supermarket or unknown source honey may carry and spread disease so don’t leave honey outside to feed the bees.

Sign these petitions: banneonicotinoids honeylabelling

Provide drinking water Fill a tray, pot or birdbath with water and include stones for safe landing. Ask neighbours to do the same so that bees don’t gather around pet dishes or swimming pools.

World Bee Day Aust. 20th May 2022

Indigenous plants for indigenous bees Councils have lists of suitable plants.

Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming, The liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services. Image Credits: Simon Mulvany – Save the Bees

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The Bee Babette – Native Bee Queen By Anthony Kilner

When talking about bees and the environment, our native species seem to get the short end of the stick as far as discussions goes. They are an important part of our country and more work needs to be done to save them. Leading the charge is West Australian based Dr Kit Prendergast – the Native Bee Queen! Who is Dr Kit Prendergast? “Dr Kit Prendergast, also known as the Bee Babette, is a native bee scientist and science communicator. After seven years of zoology, conservation biology as well as an arts degree in the mix, an honours project on horse behaviour, and a year of sorting tiny marine invertebrates, and many dead-end PhD proposals, I designed a project that was a winner – studying native bees in the urbanised region of the southwest WA biodiversity hotspot. I’m known for my passion for bees, advocacy for science-based approaches to bee conservation, and rather eccentric personality!” What attracted you to our Native Aussie Bees? “Their diversity! I love biodiversity, and so native bees, with their diverse shapes,

32 32

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colours, sizes, behaviours, and ecological roles, fit into this niche. There are so many key ecological questions you can explore by studying native Aussie bees. Plus they’re mega cute!”

“I love biodiversity, and so native bees, with their diverse shapes, colours, sizes, behaviours, and What are some of the key concerns about native bees? “Gosh, unfortunately so many. One is the lack of monitoring and inventorying: in many regions, the native bee assemblages has never even been surveyed. And in regions it has, such surveys are often oneoffs. Very few communities, or species, are being monitored. So for many species we don’t know their population trends.

“Because of this, most native bees are not even provided with any legislative protection - they are ‘data deficient’. Native bees don’t need to be monitored, or impacts to their populations offset, in the wake of habitat destruction. “The biggest threats to native bees are habitat loss. Livestock farming is a major contributor


“Competition with the introduced European honeybee Apis mellifera is also an issue.” to this - so we can all address this through reducing or eliminating meat in our diets. This action can also address another major threat: climate change. “Land clearing for urban development is another threat, and my research has found that people’s gardens cannot

replace native vegetation patches in urban areas as quality habitat. “Competition with the introduced European honeybee Apis mellifera is also an issue. Sadly most people aren’t even aware that we have native bees, and that it’s these ones that need protecting, not a non-endangered introduced species!” How can people promote Native Bees in their area? “People can ensure that native vegetation is retained - this is the most important thing. They should plant high proportions of native, beefriendly flowers, retain big old trees, and make well-designed bee hotels (refer to my book Creating a Haven for Native Bees). They should also leave patches of bare ground for the ground-nesting bees, avoid using pesticides, and not keep the introduced honeybee.”

“…plant high proportions of native, bee-friendly flowers, retain big old trees, and make welldesigned bee hotels…” What resources are out there for people to watch/read about native bees and how to identify them? “I have a book, Creating a Haven for Native Bees, which has everything you need to know about beefriendly gardening, bee hotel construction, and the best plants for native bees. For how to identify them, I have a guide called A Crash Course in Native Bee Taxonomy. I also have some ‘bee bingo cards’ for each region in Australia for people to try and find eight common species in their region. To obtain any of these, people can send me an email to “I also have a Facebook group called ‘Bees in the burbs’ that people can join to post photos,

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learn more about native bees, and I’ll share research including new publications of mine. “For those who want to get the cutting-edge science on native bees, they can check out my publications in my Research Gate Profile.” Are there any relevant questions I need to ask regarding native bees and their role in the environment? “Not all native bees are good pollinators, and most don’t make honey. This does not diminish in any way their ‘importance’ - each species is an amazing chance product of evolution, shaped by natural selection, and their loss is irreversible.”


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Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions. Image Credit: Kit Prenderghast

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Living with Bees By Anthony Kilner

Andrew Stanish started Australian Bee Supplies in 2019, however he’s had more than 10 years working with these amazing insects. Here’s a snippet of his life Living with Bees.

36 36

How did your interest in bees start? “My interest in bees started when I was in University doing a Scientific Photography Degree creating a portfolio specialising in photomicrography folio with a friend. We chose insects. That’s when I got metaphorically stung shall we say, however it wasn’t until 20 years later that everything fell into place. There was a time when my wife had to go overseas for six weeks to look after her mum. I was between contracts so I threw myself into doing every single possible bee course I could.

and it was hands in the air screaming! “Oh, they are going to kill me, they are going to kill me.” “No they won’t kill you, ” I replied.

“Everything from swarm collection to extractions. With a construction background it worked well, pulling walls down to extract bee nests and knowing how to do it safely. My wife came home to find five hives close to her Hills Hoist

“From five hives it went up to ten, then 20 that I keep at home as my research hives plus I run another 50 or so in a couple of other apiaries. I’d normally run between 50 and 100 depending on conditions and time.

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“…it was hands in the air screaming! “Oh, they are going to kill me, they are going to kill me.” “It took about three days and she was outside explaining which water bowl was for which hive as the bees from this hive liked that water and so on.

“I have a colleague who runs 500 hives, and with him developed a breeding program for queens and Nucs. A Nuc is a bee starter colony that many new hive owners start with rather than starting with a swarm hive or buying an older full hive, which can be hit and miss when it comes to docility and quality of bees.

“…by the time I finished I realised I didn’t feel so bad after all. It’s very relaxing.” “As a part of this whole business Australian Bee Supplies was started and has grown substantially out of Melbourne.” I found when I opened my first hive, the buzzing and vibration was really soothing – meditative. Do you find this? “It’s therapy- I honestly believe it’s therapy on many levels.

interview Since I started bee keeping I just don’t get sick. Is it because of the bee venom, is it because of the pollen, is it because of the honey? Most likely it’s the holistic experience. When you do a hive inspection it has to be thought out, systematically - it’s like meditation. When I worked in construction it was like go, go, go, and when I’d get home I’d still be go, go, go. I found if I did a couple of hive inspections, by the time I went through the process getting everything ready from tools to the smoker and then opening the hive and getting distracted looking for brood, the queen and everything else you have to do, by the time I finished I realised I didn’t feel so bad after all. It’s very relaxing.”

“My colleague and I fall into the second category, we love the bees and care for them. It’s livestock for us and we know if we look after them, they will look after us. “The bloodlines you get into producing queens and breeding queens, is a different kettle of fish and a priority for us. If your queen dies you can buy a standard queen for around 30 to 50 dollars plus postage, depending on where you get it from.

“A breeding queen, a queen that has been artificially inseminated, a queen specifically designed for breeding, will cost anywhere from 3,500 to 10,000 dollars. All of a sudden the game changes drastically. Once you start playing with those sorts of genetics the experience is different. “If people start with a swarm they won’t know the temperament of the queen they are getting and it’s a 50/50 proposition. Some can be

You mentioned different types of bee keeping. Can you explain that a little more? “Bee keeping requires the letting go of fear. The first time you open a hive it can be scary for many people. Once the fear is gone however, is when bee keeping comes alive. “In my world there are two types of bees and bee keepers. You have the backyard bee keepers and some of them are incredibly fine as an apiarist and then you get some that just grab a swarm thank you very much and that’s a bee hive. “Then we have two types of professional bee keepers. One; those who do it purely for honey. The docility is not their primary requirement, their business model relies on producing maximum quantity of honey.

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37 37

good because effectively you are getting a one year old Nuc however others not so good, they could be aggressive or sick bees.

For us, the most important things are docility, nectar collection and disease fighting ability, the rest of them aren’t really a priority.

“The bloodlines of the bees can be chosen specifically for the queen components you want. For us, the most important things are docility…”

“It’s like a pet or a child, once you understand what acceptable behaviour is, you can work around it.”

“I’ve done inspections on a hive where the bees have chased us 100 to 150 metres from the hive. It’s not nice and even fully suited can be a scary experience for some. I’ve noticed when the bees get angry they release a pheromone that smells like banana; a warning they are not happy. “The bloodlines of the bees can be chosen specifically for the queen components you want.

“Honey producers have different priorities; docility is not the first requirement. They might be dealing with five thousand hives and they don’t have time for it, however if it’s hives at home then they are good qualities to have. These hives are an absolute pleasure to deal with. I have done whipper snipping around them, and they haven’t really done anything. I have other ones that can’t stand the mower or the whipper sniper and become aggressive.

“It’s like a pet or a child, once you understand what their acceptable behavior is, you can work around it. They get to know you. Some people say that the bees don’t recognise people, I know that’s a fallacy. My bees know when I’m in the vicinity, same with my wife and kids, there’s no issue with them, however when someone new comes in they will send out scouts to see what’s happening. It could be the smell, the pheromones I’m not sure what, they definitely know who you are. Of course we talk to them all the time too!

“I always say you should treat your bees like other humans – no different…” “I always say you should treat your bees like other humans – no different, it’s simple, if someone comes up to the front door and says excuse me can I go out the back and check out your trees you’d let them through – if you go slamming through the door without asking you’ll get a clip over the ear - definitely. “They don’t like humidity much, they get a bit narky. It’s the same thing with people. Wind and rain it’s the same. Get a 20 to 24 degree sunny day and they are happy no problems. “Getting to know your bees is like dealing with any animals, you just have to understand what they are communicating.”

38 38

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“You only get stung when you do something stupid – it’s that simple. They are only protecting their colony.

“You only get stung when you do something stupid – it’s that simple.”

What advice would you offer new bee keepers or people wanting bees? “Throw yourself into it whole heartedly. Do the workshops, get mentoring and get into it.

“When it comes to experience you can have years of experience doing the same thing with one bee hive, or by really getting involved hard-core by getting involved with multiple beehives, you can have years of experience in just one year! You’ll learn significantly quicker. “There’s a lot to learn however the rewards for each person, the family and the environment

Estate’Design Group

0418 338 559 Award Winning

are worth the effort.” Andrew spent a solid hour talking all things living with bees. Certainly a lot more than we could fit into our hallowed pages. Anyone interested in finding out more, can visit Andrew’s Facebook Page or the Australian Bee Supplies website.

Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions. Image Credit: Anthony Kilner

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A New Earth – Now

Truths Gurgle up in Venus Retrograde

By Melanie Dufty

Beginning through December and January, get ready for an exposure of truth or a rocky transformation around relationships and financial matters at a personal and global level, ultimately to bring more justice and goodness. This comes of the retrograde, or apparent backwards movement, of Venus, which begins 19 December and ends 29 January 2022, when she starts moving forward again.

“There are the usual retrograde Venus themes, so past loves or incomplete relationship issues may arise, including business partnerships.” Because the retrograde sees two alignments with the Lord of the Underworld, Pluto, we dip into murky waters to explore what truth and justice mean to us.

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On a personal level, this period will dig up situations that need addressing around Venusian matters such as love, relationships, finances, beauty and artistry, values and possessions. As seen through the lens of the sign she’s in, serious and ambitious Capricorn. There are the usual retrograde Venus themes, so past loves or incomplete relationship issues may arise, including business partnerships. Any illusions will reveal themselves so there could be break ups or transformations in relationships, as we mature for the long haul. This may involve realigning our earthly ambitions, values and financial approach. The usual advice applies around avoiding major aesthetic changes; saving money or delaying investments and new contracts unless you’re sure. Enough of that angle. There’s plenty of information out there on those elements. Let’s take a look at the macro implications of this transit on the realms of banking, economics, finance and the stock market, and how any upheaval is part of our path to creating the New Earth.

Global Financial Revelations and Rumbles This Venus retrograde brings unpredictable and choppy waters to the large-scale realms of finance due to a few factors. As Venus is retrograding in business-like Capricorn, this alone could crack a rotten part of the economic system. However, what’s bringing the bang is that Venus will be on the planet of transformation, Pluto, when she starts to retrograde on December 19. This sets a mega transformational scene. As ruler of death and rebirth, Pluto will plunge to the depths of some underhanded systems and structures and rudely yank them up to light. In doing so, disruption could begin that could affect the global financial situation. Monetary trends are known to reverse or take a roller coaster ride during a Venus retrograde, especially in Capricorn. With Pluto in the mix and wildcard Uranus in Venus’ own sign of money-ruling Taurus, there are more factors at play. Not to mention the sign shift of the karmic nodes.


January also sees the karmic nodes shift signs. The world economic stage will also be affected by the arrival of the ‘future direction’ karmic north node in Taurus and ‘old news’ south node in Scorpio from 19 January 2022. The nodes moving into Taurus (money) and Scorpio (power) is another message that important changes in financial matters and power dynamics will begin to play out. The big gist, in this sense at least, is financial systems becoming more simple and grounded in reality, moving away from hidden power plays and manipulations.

Importance of the USA The changes that begin unfolding in December and January may significantly involve the USA, which has its first of three exact Pluto return points on 20 February 2022 (we can take comfort from the 22222 energy in this date, signifying faith and trust), with the whole transit lasting until 2024. This brings the energy of death and rebirth to the USA, starting with the continuing crumbling of the old and toxic.

This transformation could have ripples globally, since the USA is such a big world player.

Are we there yet? You may be thinking… enough with the major transformations and whitewashing it as ‘rebirthing’. Regardless, it’s all part of our transition to a New Earth based on a galactic cycle of evolution. We’re in the thickest throes of this evolutionary shift, which sees us fall into separation before we rise again, unified, taking all we learned from the creative contrast of the playground of light and dark. The intensity of the period we’re now in, lifts from 2028 as the light life establishes for those choosing it, while those not ready continue in the old dimension. In a divine irony, we’re reaching unity through a kind of separation as the new diverges from the old. In the meantime, we step ahead as best we can, and may even manage a nod to Venus retrograde for playing her role.

Melanie Dufty is an astrologer qualified by the Federation of Australian Astrologers, a Mahat Meditation lover and the author of metaphysical fantasy novel I Am Lilith. Image Credit: Pixabay

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Pathways to Conscious Health

External Locus of Control By Dr Catherine Fyans We have reached the pinnacle of collectively giving our power over to that external agent, the hallowed ‘magic bullet’, the much-awaited saviour; exemplified by the fervent rush of many people to get an experimental medical intervention injected into their unsuspecting bodies. This has reached an almost fanatical, cult-like pitch, driven by the relentless whipped-up hype from the media as it does the biding of its authoritarian masters. People have been led by the nose to this point in medical history, having long been subjected to systematic programming that has entrained the populace into believing that they can only rely on the artificial and laboratory produced to maintain health. We have been trained to pay homage to the artificial by-products of our one-sided intellectual prowess, aided by a heavy dose of scientism. Unnatural medical practices have become the unquestioned norm by the majority of health care practitioners and consumers,

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who forget that the practice of medicine is as much an art as a science.

“We have been trained to pay homage to the artificial by-products of our one-sided intellectual prowess, aided by a heavy dose of scientism.” The trust in science and its associated industries is so great that it’s assumed that these institutions have only the very best interests of humanity at heart and are beyond any bias, human error and vested interests. This blind faith in the system represents an almost innocent, childlike trust in the perceived benevolent, protective parent that these groups represent too much of the populace.

The immense and everexpanding plethora of scientific research has not actually stopped disease and un-wellness from occurring. A reductionist, solely intellectual understanding of what constitutes health, can only ever be incomplete, as can its supposed remedies. Much of modern healthcare is based on fear and encourages an external locus of control, on which the prevalent problem-reactionsolution model is reliant. Materialists, those who believe only in a tangible, physical reality, will be much more invested in external physical solutions to overcome the perceived external physical causes of their problems. The very ‘self’ hardly needs to get involved, let alone delve into any related dysfunction and locus of attraction within. The crème-de-la-crème of this materialist approach to healthcare is the hallowed injection, the blessed ‘magic

mental health bullet’ of all magic bullets. We collectively bow down to this representation of the external locus of control, the bastion of the problemreaction-solution model, all the while ignoring the reality that any magic bullet is at a cost. The ritual of passively receiving the needle, where no personal effort needs to be exerted,

“The crème-de-lacrème of this materialist approach to healthcare is the hallowed injection, the blessed ‘magic bullet’…” seals the deal. It must be good! Promises of safety will have many give up their own freedom, and that of others, by subjecting their heedless bodies to experimental medicine without question. Any personal power is eagerly handed over to the material agent and its abundant promises of rescue from the dreaded threat easier in the short term. This approach, alarmingly, is being coerced, if not forced, and perpetuates the unthinking compliance of the masses. Peoples’ misguided trust in the authority groups will have them relinquish any adult discernment that might encourage them to research and question some very dubious directives, as we are seeing. Hiding behind all of this propaganda and coercion is manipulation of people’s basic survival fears, particularly the fear of their own mortality.

“Promises of safety will have many give up their own freedom, and that of others, by subjecting their heedless bodies to experimental medicine without question.” Bottom line: ignite people’s most potent survival fear, promise the solution, and then have the masses trade any and all freedoms for a guarantee of safety, that nobody can give. And dare those who try to bring awareness to this illusion, for they will have the deceived masses baying at their heels rather than at those of the propagators of this misconception. Approaches to healthcare and its institutions will always reflect the society in which they are immersed. Generally, we live in a superficial ‘quick fix’ society that dares not self-reflect or scratch under the surface. This gives rise to ‘quick fix’ medicine that will not explore beyond the tangible physical. It goes without saying that external agents and therapies should be utilised when clearly safe, effective and necessary. It would be reckless and cavalier to not use them when appropriate. However, they will never, alone, do the healing. Rather they act as a stimulant or an adjunct to the natural healing process.

integrate the best of science with the best of the healing bounty of the natural world and the humane side of caring. Our robust intellects need to be matched with a compassionate and nuanced appreciation of human nature and health. And, particularly, the ownership and ultimate responsibility, of one’s health needs to be rightfully returned to the individual.

Dr Catherine Fyans is a holistic medical practitioner and author of ‘The Wounding of Health Care – From Fragmentation to Integration’. Image Credit: Getty Images, Istock, Pixabay

The pendulum needs to swing back to find a healthy equipoise. We need a balanced approach, to

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Mental Health s r e tt Ma

Tis the season to be….? Joyfully navigating the silly season! By Derran Heney The festive season is just around the corner. Can you feel it? The ‘silly season’ as it’s fondly known as, can feel truly wonderful and exciting, only that it’s also a busy time with competing demands and often limited time constraints. As the weeks draw near, so too does the craziness and the pressure to get everything done in time. We all know how it goes. As the weeks go by there are more invitations out to events, with most weeknights and weekends accounted for in some way or another. Shopping centres become overcrowded, loud and hectic – shopping takes longer, and finding a car park is trying! People too, often have less patience, but feeling pressured to do their utmost to get everything done. Money can be tight! Figuring out what to buy your loved ones, and worrying whether you’ve bought enough can be extremely stressful. Some people respond to feeling stressed, by becoming irritable, feeling short tempered or overwhelmed. For some they may worry and feel anxious,


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nervous or afraid or even feel over-burdened. For some this can be a time of sadness, grief and feeling lonely as they miss their loved ones.

“Figuring out what to buy your loved ones, and worrying whether you’ve bought enough can be extremely stressful.” It really doesn’t sound like too much fun! Yet, we love the festive season. Feeling overwhelmed during this time is a normal psychological and physical reaction to the crazy bustling festive season, and we have become used to that - however is there a calmer way to approach the ‘season to be jolly’?

What helps to reduce stress in the lead up to the festive seasons? Make a list: It’s not just for Santa. Making a list of all the tasks you want to achieve is a solid way to remember what you need to so, but also helps to keep check of time and planning activities. Consider your budget; what can you realistically afford, and what do you want to spend on Christmas? The two can be different. Some budgets can blow out and create a debt type of situation for the new year ahead which seems a bit counterproductive. If paying on a credit card, consider when you can pay it back and whether it will cost you more in interest. Is there another way? Can spending be scaled down? Kris-Kringle is a great way to have fun and ensure the budget stays intact. Know your limits: Do you have to attend every party or event? Can gatherings be combined? Maybe if things are too busy, there might be solutions outside the square to be considered. Family or friends may be able to assist? Remember too that ‘no’ is not a bad word: There are ways to say it that does not offend. Friend therapy: talking with a good friend or supportive person can help ease the burden of the silly season, also considering friends often have good advice and way to see things differently.

mental health “Remember too that ‘no’ is not a bad word: There are ways to say it that does not offend.” Meditation and mindfulness: Meditation therapy can help reduce everyday stress and boost energy and mood by encouraging deep breathing alongside stillness exercises that encourage presence, decrease anxiety and promote better sleep. Keep up normal healthy routines like: Regular physical activity: Structured exercise and the promotion of other physical activity produce endorphins, these are hormonal chemicals in the brain that act as natural mood enhancers and also improve the ability to sleep, which in turn reduces stress. Balanced diet: When stressed it’s so easy to turn to comfort foods, but ensuring a good diet, that is especially well balanced in times of high stress, with attention to key vitamins and essential nutrients for good health, is better for our overall health. Sleep: Feeling overloaded with stress can make it hard to switch off at night-time when trying to get to sleep. Try to encourage more relaxation promoting activities, lessen alcohol, coffee and stimulants. Where to turn to for support. We can have times when we are finding it very hard to cope and are experiencing signs of

stress and perhaps our usual ways of coping are simply not enough. Perhaps it’s a struggle to bounce back as we usually might.

“Talking with a trained professional can help deal with stress…” Talking with a trained professional can help deal with stress and help you become more aware of thoughts and feelings and ways to diffuse these in healthy ways. If stress is overwhelming and persistent, a person may find it helpful to seek further assessment and treatment. Some people find it helpful to see a health care professional like a GP, psychologists or counsellor. For more information check out Australia Counselling and Beyond Blue.

Derran Heney Mental Health Professional is available for massage thereapy, Reiki and mental health support and counselling. Image Credit: Pixabay

If you need further assistance or are worried about someone, Make a call! Lifeline 13 11 14 Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

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Wild Gaia – Timeless Wisdom

The Living Touch of Wild Earth By Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot

In the 1970s, chemist James Lovelock, assisted by microbiologist Lynn Margulis, formulated the Gaia hypothesis in its development into the Gaia theory. The Gaia theory posits that the Earth is a self-regulating complex system of living forms, made up mainly of microorganisms, then plants and animals, which interact with inorganic forms - water, rocks, air, soil and temperature - to perpetuate life upon and within the Earth. This is the touch of wild Gaia! For me, the trueness of diversity is in its wildness, unadulterated by human domesticity. It is her wildness that makes the Earth alive, fresh and thriving and selfdetermining. We, the species homo-sapiens, are the youngest members within the Earth family and

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yet, we are arrogant enough to believe that we can ignore 3000 million years of intelligence and wisdom, placing our mark upon this planet with selfish intent to yield it to our will. To this extent, we have systematically worked on ‘taming’ the Earth, as we do with our domestic animals, so that compliance is inevitable. However, dear readers, compliance is always a forced action and, with training, an animal can appear to be making a decision, when in fact it is responding to a programed response, acquired through a repeated stimulus over a period of time. Just as Pavlov’s dogs were conditioned by introducing a clicking metronome just before feeding, Pavlov’s dogs, after a few repeats, were able to salivate at the sound of the device alone.

Are animals and plants the only members of the Earth family that fall prey to PavlovianConditioning? Not at all! Although I consider Humans in the animal category, I will for now sidestep lumping us in there just to make my point, and mention that we live a large part of our lives through programing: that we are conditioned from invitro to around twelve years of age. Fear is the stimulus used by a rogue component of the human species to condition the rest of humanity. From childhood, we are taught about all the pitfalls we can hope to encounter should we choose to walk a different path to the one that the human socio-economic system has set out for us. We are manipulated into complying with the systems program for everything in life: an education, a job, pay taxes, buy health and life insurance,

gaia consciousness

“Humanity needs to feel the touch of wild Gaia, because each one of you are like the Earth, a super-organism or a holobiont. You are only part human;” get married, have a mortgage, have children and place them into the system, pay more taxes, grow old and get sick, get medicated and then die. At the same time, the system is growing wealthier and stronger from our compliance. Our life’s trajectory is set by the system. We are conditioned to believe that an external entity, like the government or the church or the medical system

is looking after us in a way that we cannot. Like the Earth, we are not required to consent to the legislations put upon us by the people we elected to protect us and to ensure our self-determination. Our silence, just like the Earth’s, is consent to their will. We have lost our identity and, in doing so; we have lost our way in a patriarchal world of perpetual pleasure seeking through the consumption of materialism in its many forms. We have been tamed and trained into compliance, just as we do to animals. We have bought into the delusion that we are superior to all other life forms and the cognitive dissonance we are experiencing is in believing we have power over the Earth. This is no different to the dissonance we are currently experiencing as the world controllers, governments and

giant corporations, working so hard to rule over us. “What is the cure to all this corruption?” I asked Gaia. “Humanity needs to feel the touch of wild Gaia, because each one of you are like the Earth, a super-organism or a holobiont. You are only part human; the greater part of your planetary identity is composed of micro-organisms. As such, you cannot be tamed and domesticated. You are wild and in need of a wild Earth where ecosystems are vibrant and evolving” she replied. I learnt that the only way out of this madness we have created for ourselves, is to step back and let Gaia show us the way to true freedom, by re-wilding herself. Of course, the idea of stepping back and leaving Gaia to get on with her business of securing life on our planet is surprisingly contrary to most contemporary

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conservation. My experience with conservation, given the people involved have the best intentions, is always seeking to restore the Earth to a prior state, to restore bushlands or wetlands or brooks or rivers. The Earth doesn’t live in that clinical domesticated manner. The Earth ebbs and flows, responding to the environment and changes to manage habitats that foster life down to its microscopic expression. If we step back, the Earth will self-regulate. We need her to be living fully empowered without human impediment, so that we can thrive along with her. We have to stop telling Gaia how she needs to evolve and simply accompany her on the journey, lending our service wherever it is needed. “Life is a planetary level phenomenon and the Earth

has been alive for at least 3000 million years. To me the human move to take responsibility for the living Earth is laughable the rhetoric of the powerless. The planet takes care of us, not we of it. Our self-inflated moral imperative to guide a wayward Earth or heal a sick planet is evidence of our immense capacity for self-delusion. Rather, we need to protect us from ourselves.” Lynn Margulis, Symbiotic Planet: A New Look at Evolution. The Gaia theory underpins the need for re-wilding the Earth. This of course, includes the human species, as we are held within the Earth’s systems. Re-wilding isn’t the same as preservation; it is about evolution and the expansion of the super-organism that is the Earth. Re-wilding can mean that in some situations, where

devastation of the ecosystem is out of control, we need to hand it over to Gaia and step back. This is exactly what happened when the wolves were returned to Yellowstone National Park. The Wolves of Yellowstone National Park showed us humans the power of the symbiotic Earth. In 1995, the wolves were reintroduced to the park, prior to this, for seventy years, the deer, without a natural predator, grew in numbers and devastated the landscape. As much as humans worked to save the park, it was to no avail. The reintroduced wolves not only killed deer for food, their presence caused the deer to change their behaviour. They stopped frequenting certain areas where they could be easily hunted and killed and immediately those areas began regenerating. Bare valleys and the river banks regrew into forests of willow, aspen and cottonwood. With the return of the trees, the numbers of birds and beavers increased. Beavers eat trees and build dams, which provide habitats for water birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians, which in turn are food for other animals. The wolves killed coyotes, allowing smaller animals to thrive and the numbers of hawks, and foxes and badgers, which fed on these animals,

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“When we can love her deeply then we will want to protect her, spend endless amounts of time with her, commune with her, create with her, seek her guidance and shower her with our love and respect.” to increase. Bald eagles grew in numbers too, as they fed on the spoils the wolves left behind, plus fish and the small animals. The population of bears grew as they fed on the carcases discarded by the wolves, as well as the fish and berries growing on the regenerated shrubs. The most fascinating part of this story is that the wolves changed the behaviour of the rivers in the park. The rivers began meandering less, because the trees and riparian vegetation give stability to the river banks, causing the rivers to become more fixed and predictable. The wolves not only changed the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park, they changed

its geography. The wolves, just one life form, were the catalyst that re-established the symbiotic processes needed to establish a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. “We people are just like our planet mates. We cannot put an end to nature; we can only pose a threat to ourselves. The notion that we can destroy all life, including bacteria thriving in the water tanks of nuclear power plants or boiling hot vents, is ludicrous. I hear our nonhuman brethren snickering: “Got along without you before I met you, gonna get along without you now,” they sing about us in harmony. Most of them, the microbes, the whales, the insects, the seed plants, and the birds, are still singing. The tropical forest trees are humming to themselves, waiting for us to finish our arrogant logging so they can get back to their business of growth as usual. And they will continue their cacophonies and harmonies long after we are gone.” Lynn Margulis, Symbiotic Planet: A New Look at Evolution. We need to put Earth first in all our decisions as we move forward with hope to secure a free, peaceful and joyful future for ourselves. We can no longer just think about what is good for humanity, because clearly, that hasn’t worked for us in the long term. However, the evidence is everywhere, ‘when we put the

Earth first, everyone wins!’ We are a part of the super-organism that is the Earth and we need to fall in love with her. When we can love her deeply, we will want to protect her, embody her, spend endless amounts of time with her, commune with her, create with her, seek her guidance and shower her with our love and respect. In conclusion to this column, I encourage you to view the following video featuring one of Australia’s well known leaders in permaculture, Morag Gamble. In this video, Gamble is speaking with Depth Ecologist and author, Stephan Harding on the Gaia Theory. Enjoy!

Check out Charles’ Blog on Gaian Heart Wisdom HERE Image Credit: Unsplash, Pixabay.

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Activating Genius - A Transformational Instrument In collaboration with Gaia, Charles created Activating Genius, an instrument that supports people to discover, activate and own their unique Genius. • Your Genius informs the core principles that guide your life. • Your Genius informs your highest values. • Your Genius is the set of gifts inherent in your human blueprint. • Your Genius resides in your heart; you cannot think it or fake it into action. It must be felt and nurtured into full expression. Private sessions online and in person available Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot Transformational Mentor

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An epic reimagining of the story of Lilith She led the fall of the feminine. Now she leads the rise to unity.

‘I am Lilith, and this story is mine.’

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Bee-autiful By Jane Offer Over the years, I have met several research scientists who, during conversations, told me how their projects are managed: who contracts them, why and what involvement those companies had to do with the outcomes. They each said the same, that the purchaser of their services sets the desired result and the researchers are required to keep working until that is achieved. Once this has been satisfactorily fulfilled, the companies then market it to the public. In the case of genetically modified grain, testing was done on chickens, where there is an expected 5 percent death rate. In every GM trial, 100 percent die-off occurred and the testing was halted, so it could not be included in the results. This explains a lot regarding products such as DDT, which won the Nobel Prize for Science for its success in killing insects. It was later banned when it was proved that it killed people. The research scientists I spoke to all explained that testing it for human safety would not have been a remit and therefore, testing on humans would not have been carried out. In short, it carried unknown and unexpected long-term effect.

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“One of the most worrying aspects of using Glyphosate is the death of billions of bees world-wide.” This has been the case with other products, Thalidomide and Roundup being two examples. The former had devastating effects and it took several years before the link to foetal damage was accepted. The latter, designed to kill unwanted plants in the crops, has been shown to have disastrous effects on both creatures and land, with Glyphosate contaminating the soil and natural water. Read the Environmental Impacts of Glysphosate.

One of the most worrying aspects of using Glyphosate is the death of billions of bees world-wide. We need bees as they are responsible for much of the food on our plate. Bees perform pollination, a task that is vital to the survival of agriculture. In fact, one third of our global food supply is pollinated by bees, which keeps plants and crops alive. It is important to remember that bees are domesticated not tamed, so we must support these creatures as they support us; by providing them with a clean environment. Here are some fun facts about bees: One bee produces a quarter of a teaspoon of honey

health and wellbeing over its lifetime. To produce a kilogram of honey bees fly the equivalent of three times around the world. And, incidentally, all worker bees are female! Aerodynamically a bumble bee is not designed to fly, a design fault in fact! It has a fat body and small wings. The problem is, no-one ever told the bee, so it just flies! There is a belief that if a bee stings you, it will die. This is not necessarily the case. A bee has the ability to draw out its sting safely, however our natural instinct is to brush the bee away when it stings, which drags its insides out of its body. The worker bees use a movement called the Waggle Dance to communicate. Rapidly shaking her body from side to side in certain directions indicates the location of food sources. The duration of the Dance signifies the distance from the hive and the quality

“One bee produces a quarter of a teaspoon of honey over its lifetime.”

of the pollen. Pretty amazing isn’t it! The worker bees look after the Queen and feed her Royal Jelly. Scientists have found 5 percent of it is unidentifiable; there is nothing similar on the planet. In Europe, bumble bees have a history of connection to spiritual practices. To the Druids, the bee symbolised the sun, the Goddess, celebration and community. They drank Mead containing fermented honey at their festivals and monks still produce it today. Australian aboriginal stories also tell their connection through Jabreen the Warrior! Read more about Jabreen or Javreen - The Dreaming story of Jabreen the Warrior or watch the video: Kombumerri Traditional Custodian Contributor: Unvle Graham Dillon OAM As a power animal, the bee symbolises a strong work ethic, a willingness to live and serve in peaceful community with others. The bee embodies focus and hard work, and

“In Europe, bumble bees have a history of connection to spiritual practices.” balance, allowing us time to smell the flowers. Honey making is the bee’s purpose. It is an amazing support to human health, full of antioxidants, a good sweetener, and it can be used to heal burns and wounds. When you feel under the weather make some honey, lemon and ginger tea from a slice of fresh lemon, a piece of fresh ginger and a spoonful of honey, all steeped in hot water. Very warming and comforting. Thank you, bees!

Jane Offer runs the Purple Dragonfly holistic shop in Warrandyte Victoria as well as The Oaktree Organisation Australia, a not for profit business for training and wellness. Image Credit: Pixabay

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Informed Consent on Ngaluma Country Part II By Freya Savitri Sampson

The process of healing requires that the underlying cause of the dis-ease or in-jury to be addressed. It’s often unpleasant and painful facing the core emotional trauma, avoiding it is worse. Once honestly looked at, joy and wellbeing found are on the other side. Paradigm Shock I was 14 when the first available unit in Western Australia in Aboriginal studies was offered at my high school. Mrs Brockman was my teacher. I didn’t realise until many years later that the Brockmans are a well-known Aboriginal family in WA. Although it remains unconfirmed, I intuit my teacher is part of that family. The 40-minute duration of the first class, completely changed the trajectory of my life. Edifying me to some of the horrific truth of Australia’s suppressed, shameful past. Families herded like cattle, their babies thrown in the air and caught on bayonets by soldiers. Men’s testicles cut off, their wives and children watching as they ran, screaming until they bled to death. Their heads then severed from their bodies and

54 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

kicked around like soccer balls. The truth of Mrs Brockman’s words rang in my soul, burned in my consciousness and etched in my heart. There was no malice nor anger in how she communicated this information, though it was clear there was pain. Everything she

“Another defining moment - how very deeply this lie had been buried. I saw the world very, very differently after that day.” communicated confirmed an intangible awareness within my being; that the relative peace I’d grown up experiencing in Australia, was a facade.

A Stranger in a Strange Land I was in shock, so deeply affected by the atrocities, which played as clear as a movie in my mind’s eye. I could see and feel it. I wept, mourning the loss of every one of those people like they were my own family. I felt sacred rage, the kind of rage that even an ocean could not extinguish. The lies and utter

nonsense that I had been fed all of my life! That night, over the evening meal I told my parents what I had learned, they said it wasn’t true, and point black refused to even consider it. Another defining moment - how very deeply this lie had been buried. I saw the world very, very differently after that day. Shock became full blown paradigm shock, as my mind struggled to comprehend the ramifications of the systematic deceit and brainwashing of the Australian and global population. I thought about the generations of children, many who were now the indoctrinated parents of children being programed to believe lies and I wondered how would we ever heal from this? I couldn’t help by wonder... how many other lies and deceptions had corporate governance been perpetrating

“Somewhere in all of this I made a promise to myself to be part of the change.” and for how long? Then self-loathing set in - I hated my white skin with the debt it carried, and I felt powerless. Somewhere in all of this I made a promise to myself to be part of the change. To, like my

sacred sites alchemy teacher Mrs Brockman, speak the truth about what had been swept under the national carpet and to contribute to the healing process, and this is what ultimately led me to Roebourne a decade later.

Obstacles and Challenges Janet and Monica had for years been dedicated to affecting change in the Roebourne community. It was no small feat and I take my hat off to them and all those who have contributed over the years. There were a number of major issues that they brought to my attention from the outset. Addiction - primarily alcohol, poor living conditions, homelessness - people living at the rubbish dump, disabilities caused by coupling too closely in the gene pool, abuse - child and DV, literacy/numeracy, money management, hunger/ malnutrition, identification many had none and prison offender repetition rates. There were so many compound issues that had arisen from the initial trauma - call it ‘invasion or settlement’ regardless, systematic genocide is the core wound. I visited the Cheeditha Community with Monica one day, who had pre-warned me. I came with an open heart and mind, leaving any judgment or expectation that may have been lurking in my subconscious behind.

“…art was so vitally important to build a bridge for people to cross, to find hope and meaning in life once more.” There were families of five or more living from a single person’s unemployment benefit, in conditions that most westerners would consider barely inhabitable. No widows, they had all been broken. The doors and furniture mostly burned for firewood. Things in disrepair, exposed to the elements. As I walked through the community my eyes opened to how different our cultural values systems were. To just how ridiculous and soulless the Wadjela way of life was for many people here and why the service of reinstating cultural pride through art was so vitally important to build a bridge for people to cross, to find hope and meaning in life once more. To be continued...

Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services. Image Credit: Pixabay, Battye Library Ch Powell Collection, Dept Aboriginal Sites

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Mountains of the Gods Tsodilo Hills By Louise Clarke

The first rays of light of the satiated African dawn were just beginning to touch the gauze window of our tent. The air was fresh, crisp and full of birdsong. I opened my eyes and there they were the Mountains of the Gods. In the ancient San Bushman language the greeting of ‘good morning’ translates as ‘Are you awake?’ For a moment I lay there, gazing out at the mountains, magnificent in the morning light, wondering whether I was in fact awake or still dreaming. Twice I have journeyed to the far remote north western corner of Botswana to experience this astounding place rising up from the Kalahari Desert. It is - to me - the most special sacred site I have yet had the privilege to visit. Tsodilo Hills, as mentioned in my last Sacred Sites column around Informed Consent, is a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for having the highest concentration of stone paintings in the world. For this reason it is commonly known as the ‘Louvre of the Desert’. Yet, that’s not all…

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It is also the place where the world’s oldest ritual is believed to have been performed in honour of the python 70,000 years ago, predating archaeological record in Europe by 30,000 years! Tsodilo Hills are made up of four hills named Aba (Father) Thai (Mother) and Dama (child), and another hill to the north. The San believe that this northern hill is the first wife of Aba who fled when Aba left her for a younger woman. Dama is the child of the Father and Mother mountains. Driving out there in the desert in open game viewing vehicles in 40 degree heat is an experience all on its own. As you approach the mountains there is a very tangible mystical ambiance to the place that seems to sparkle in the clear, arid atmosphere and as you arrive there can be no doubt -

this is indeed the resting place of the gods. With us were local guides of San and Bantu origin, and it’s fascinating to hear the different cultural accounts of the history of this ancient place. The site is vast and takes many full days to explore the thousands of rock paintings in no less than 600 sites depicting animals, geometric patterns, humans and handprints. There are also depictions of whales and penguins on those rock faces out there in the desert! To get to the ritual site of the Serpent Cave to the north of Mother hill takes hours of hiking and climbing in that desperate heat. Just arriving there is an initiation in itself! Along the way our San guide collected dry grass for the ceremony to be performed in the cave and we drank like

sacred sites with smooth indentations representing scales, and apparently, in the light of a fire, the snake appears to be moving.

“…the entire length of the snake is carved with smooth indentations representing scales, and apparently, in the light of a fire, the snake appears to be moving.” animals, lips to pool, from a sacred spring at the foot of the hill. Words cannot describe the feeling of looking down from the entrance of the cave and being confronted with a massive stone serpent two meters high and six meters long, carved from the back wall of the cave. Zulu Wisdom Keeper, Credo Mutwa, maintains that the great rock serpent is a representation of the Milky Way and a conduit to the star realms and beings. He says that for many thousands of years pilgrims would gather in the cave and utter prayers to the serpent for protection, fertility and abundance.

artefacts in the cave - mostly spearheads and tools associated with the carving of the snake. Interestingly, the entire length of the snake is carved

Incidentally, according to one creation myth in San lore, mankind descended from the python and the ancient, arid stream beds around the hills are said to have been created by the python as it circled the hills in its incessant search for water. We spent many hours in the cave. Our San guide made a fire the ancient way by rubbing sticks together. We held ceremony and gave thanks to the Spirit of the Land. That night, under the great Serpent in the Sky, the Milky Way, we lit another sacred fire uniting many cultures from around the world. And perhaps the greatest awakening of all was to experience the timeless bushman song in a moonless Kalahari night.

Louise Clarke Exploring sacred sites in Africa and walking as an art of healing. Image Credit: Louise Clarke

In 2006 Sheila Coulson of the University of Oslo along with a team of scientists and students, in collaboration with the University of Botswana discovered thirteen thousand

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Divine Time Humanity Dynamix By ShirleySienna We have never traversed time and space so quickly before. The ancient ones say ‘it’s time to ‘man up’; Kindred folk of the universal law, living as a diverse society of Humans on Earth Heart, Veletropa 24.3 to be exact! Why is this so important now? To ensure this writing of new cosmic history will give information to those in the following eons. As we begin the new 26000 cycle, we deconstruct, in order to reconstruct, rebuild and re-establish, under the universal code of dynamics, or a ‘Dynamix’ of applied mind, science, metaphysics and love’. The word Dynamics, comes from the Greek ‘dynamis’, meaning force or power, indicating the movement and change that occurs due to law of action and reaction; the group dynamic of people and ideas working together to achieve a goal. December’s dynamic approach and action to the situation of coerced and forced agendas of, and for control, are reaching a tipping point. Humankind is being segregated and separated body, mind and soul.

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This is an act of treason in the legends of Divine Lore, yet it’s still entirely the consciousness of the Great All, the omnipresent form which exists within us all and that we all exist within! There must always be polarisation to create the holon of greater and lesser aptitude, experience and play.

see a new truth, a new way, a new reveal. A higher plane of 3rd dimensional consciousness takes us into the 4th dimension of real time and the ability to glimpse the lower levels of 5D consciousness. This light is so bright with unadulterated glory that it may initially be difficult for new initiates to hold.

“The word Dynamics, comes from the Greek ‘dynamis’, meaning force or power, indicating the movement and change that occurs due to law of action and reaction;…”

Stepping from 2021 to 2022 is a gap that is not too wide to breach. Cosmic Seed Kin 104, the first official day of the 6th Moon of Rhythmic tone, encourages the desire to see all as equal and participating. The ability to wind ourselves through and around the labyrinth comes as easily to us as it does the Serpent Initiate. It’s powered by the Kundalini and Shakti herself, who represents primordial cosmic energy and dynamic forces that are said to move all through the universes into the solar systems, sowing the seeds of life force energy with lateral undulations of the extreme!

The last Heptad or week of December is a doorway to, often referred to as Shangrila. From Kin 96 Overtone Warrior to 103, Crystal Night is a week of rest, a time to sleep and heal. Blue Crystal Night, December 12, kin 103 gives us new vision as we awaken, ready now to

divine guidance We cannot tell you what to do or how to do it, but we can tell you that ‘thy will be done’. We can tell you that to devalue your input is to do yourself an injustice. We ask you to Think Big. In this race there are no losers, for the greater good now hangs in the balance. This does not mean one will win over another, only that humanity, rather than running to compete, may glimpse the wining post without taking one single step, knowing that they only need to go within. Thursday January 20th, Kin 142 White Crystal Wind, by the power of co-operation in the 7th Resonant Moon, is the day of powerful communication and the keys to unlock the further doors in the time tunnel of Shangrila.

“There is one hitch! Some doorways are for entering only, with no way out so be sure of your choice.”

Shangrila is a series of doorways of perception and opportunity, that everyone is given the freedom to unlock, inspect and may choose to enter.

“Allow everything to be double-sided, open-ended, fluid, flexible, untainted and of good intent…” There is one hitch! Some doorways are for entering only, with no way out so be sure of your choice. Maybe have a backup plan, and a way of creating a magic doorway out of any situation that isn’t turning out as you would like. There is no shame in this, it’s sensible, as it takes many lifetimes to figure out what one truly desires. 2021, a year of change, altercation and alterations, creates the configuration of the 2022 year, which is ultimately feminine, compassionate, chaotic and pregnant with possibility. The people and situations you encounter have come about by your attitude

in the past 13 moons, or 12 months, a gestation period you could say. To reiterate, this is a new cosmic history, so make it interesting and adventurous, yet understand that it cannot be ‘un-thought, undiscovered, or undone’. Allow everything to be double-sided, open-ended, fluid, flexible, untainted and of good intent, then what comes to pass will be for the good of all and satisfy the inklings of the eternal mind. In Lak’ech ala’ kin

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions!’ Image Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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of the Month

“Go to your fields and your gardens, and you shall learn that it is the pleasure of the bee to gather honey of the flower,

“But it is also the pleasure of the flower to yield its honey to the bee. “For to the bee a flower is a fountain of life, “And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love.” From Kahlil Gibran’s ‘On Pleasure’ Kahlil Gibran, born January 6th, 1883 was a philosopher, poet and visual artist. He passed to the world of spirit on April 10th, 1931, aged 48, surprisingly young considering his everlasting words are renowned and have been quoted the world over in the decades since.

Born in a village in Mt Lebanon, Kahlil immigrated with his mother and siblings to the United States in 1895 to be educated in Boston. His drawings and writing were discovered and encouraged early on. His love of nature became evident in his later works with most of Gibran’s painting expressing his personal vision and incorporating spiritual and mythological symbolism. He is described as ‘an artistic legacy to people of all nations.’ Image Credit: Wikepedia

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In this issue of Supernal Magazine, we look at a variety of issues that are impacting our future – our children!

Dr Catherine Fyans – Masks

Divine Time – 2022 – it’s all in the 2s

After the last couple of years through Covid, our children have really struggled to comprehend life. Wearing masks, home schooling, families that have split up and a constant barrage of negativity is taking a mental, physical and emotional toll It’s a big topic to cover and we’ll bring you a variety of stories and helpful solutions pertaining to the problems around Mental Health & Kids.

Gain Consciousness – Life on Earth

Sacred Sites – A world that needs protecting

What February 2022 means in Numerology …and more

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Numerology By ShirleySienna



With the ending of 2021, the beginning of 2022 changes from Five to Six in the year module. December will give you all the gumption, dedication and sense of celebration you need to discover yourself! I think I can, I can, I will. Oh, look I am!


all, a non-judgemental time of being. In 2022 lower the crisis bags of burden, lower the world’s angst from your shoulders and know that this year at least, everybody has to carry their own stuff, so it’s a good year to unload and let it go, let it go, let it go!

January stands alone. One little duck went out one day, if his tribe (2022-6) goes looking for him, he will return. If not, then he shall most likely be just as happy and look elsewhere for company!

This coming year it is also time to realise the new level on deck and get a better perspective of what’s going on. 13 Moons, will take you to new heights and the mysterious 13th floor has a magic rug as a centre piece for journey and adventure. Discover your hidden numbers, you may be surprised there is no password and lots of useful information.

January knows that if one is to succeed, then one cannot continue to merely follow suit, or one may end up as no more than a feather pillow, plumped into place, only to fall flat once again.

Stretching the brain-cells this year will dissipate all encumbrances, anything holding you back will fall away and if you go within, you will see the world ‘without’ with expanded vision, clarity and grace!

This January find your purpose in the power of One and, with all the other Ones, join together for the ultimate unity of harmony. One voice, one mind, one heart made from the many. December’s three and January’s one, create a foundation that is like an oasis in the desert. Approach with vigour and enjoy the fountain, perhaps not of eternal youth, but definitely of eternal mind, wellsprings eternal and open for

Contact ShirleySienna at Divining Me for ‘Soul Symmetry’ readings and ‘Extra Sensory Perceptions’. Image Credit: Pixabay

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For seekers of the truth, philosophers of the profound and keepers of a compassionate heart. We invite you to journey into self-discovery, with shared stories of extraordinary lives. extrao

Supernal Podcast Deborah Haight released her new book. By Radio Media PTY LTD Deborah Haight released her new book, The Hierophant – Book One -The Return of Memory. Deborah’s story is amazing, and having known Jose Arguelles from the foundation for the Law of Time, she also knows ShirleySienna very well. This is a funny episode with some amazing details about her new book and its elemental characters!

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Contributor Bios Anthony Kilner Editor

Anthony has worked in magazines and publishing for over 25 years as a photo journalist, travelling Australia and the globe, with a bent towards lifestyle and spirituality. Anthony is a published author with 2 full books (Secret Spiritual Business & Practical Mediumship) plus 3 co-authored books (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Healthy Spirit). As a Psychic Medium Anthony is qualified in trance healing, massage, Reiki and Seichim, he also works as an educational facilitator, mentor, energy worker, speaker and musician. Having studied Vibrational Healing and meditation techniques in India and Australia, Anthony understands these to be powerful tools to promote ongoing wellbeing that encourages self-healing. In 2018, Anthony launched Bridging Realms — Core Issue Vibrational Healing™. This system of energy work combines Anthony’s knowledge into a single package, offering a unique holistic service for his clients.

Catherine Fyans

Dr. Catherine Fyans was a holistic general medical practitioner for many years and has a long-standing interest in mind-body medicine, particularly in the influence of the unconscious mind on physical and psychological health. She appreciates that ‘health’ is not separate from our experience of life in general and is intimately related to the lifestyles, beliefs and values that often reflect the society in which we are immersed.Her interests led her to study a number of other healing disciplines aside from allopathic medicine. She has enjoyed having a ‘foot in both worlds’ as this has given her an insight into the spectrum of health care practices and health care consumer demands. She recently left the medical world to pursue her interests in mental health and mind-body counselling/coaching, teaching and writing. Dr Fyans is author of ‘The Wounding of Health Care – From Fragmentation to Integration’.

Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot Gaian Heart Wisdom

Charles has trained and worked with Earth wisdoms keepers, spiritual teachers and elders from cultural traditions Earth wide. He is an Earth poet, Earth medicine man, Earth gardener, an author, sacred musician, and food alchemist. Before self-employment, Charles served in the community sector for over 20 years in youth advocacy and family support.In 2010, Charles co-founded Gaian Heart Wisdom with his wife, Christel Mathelot to share Gaia’s wisdom teachings with the world. In 2020, they co-founded Wild Gaia Plants to support their community in growing and eating clean food. Charles lives with his family in the beautiful Perth hills on their urban farm. He lives his life through, and is informed by, what he calls the Three Sacred Elements of Life: Sacred Service, Sacred Practice, and Sacred Community. His service to community is offered through a variety of pathways; Earth wisdom and natural law practices; Earth wise gardening practices; sound healing; medicine wheel work; spiritual mentoring and guidance; prayer and manifesting circles; food alchemy.

Derran Heney

Registered Nurse, Mental, Health Practitioner & Work-place Trainer and Assessor

Born and raised in New Zealand, from the age of three, Derran knew that she wanted to be a nurse. With her early experiences of nursing inspiring her, Derran passionately pursued a career in mental health. Derran began working in acute psychiatric inpatient settings, before venturing into community areas and crisis teams, working to support adults with a range of mental health conditions. Derran’s passion for education has led her into her current role as a Clinical Nurse Educator and running her own business, facilitating community mental health education. With over 25 years of clinical experience, mental health nursing has been a very unique and rewarding career. Derran has learned much about herself and helping others. Derran is a qualified massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and is studying BR Core Issue Vibrational Healing™.

Freya Sampson

Eartheart Custodian

Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Her transformational awakening in 1999 catapulteD her into a life in service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient life upon it. Freya has worked extensively with the Australian Aboriginal culture and with world leaders in the movement of Consciousness-Change. She is an internationally renowned shaman, healer and teacher. Her huge heart overflowing with compassion and ability to get to the core of the issue has allowed countless peoples dis-ease to be transformed into ease and grace. Freya shares her wisdom in her body of work, ‘Tree of Life, Pathway to Empowerment’. Her passion is awakening hearts, to together, transform life on Earth.


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Contributor Bios

Jane Offer Sub Editor

Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. Through family illness, Jane became fascinated by the holistic approach to wellness, founding Spectrum Health Trust UK in 1991, facilitating life empowerment workshops, meditation, healing courses and health management programmes, helping many people to explore their potential. In 2007, Jane relocated to Australia opening The Purple Dragonfly in Warrandyte Victoria and launched The Oak Tree Organisation Australia continuing her passion of promoting personal empowerment. “I believe that everyone has infinite potential, which remains undiscovered when the pain from the past overshadows the present. We are amazing and unique with a definite purpose in life and, when fear and uncertainty are swept away, our possibilities are limitless. The joy and privilege of watching a person rediscover their own power touches my soul every time.”


Lia is an award winning Interior Architect/Designer, Furniture/Product Designer with over 30 years’ experience utilising intuitive skills to create environments and spaces that are nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, functional and supportive. As an artist Lia explores her creativity with drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. A qualified senior educator, Lia assists her clients to investigate and go deep into the psyche to reveal insights, viewpoints and a creative perspective in real world realms. Lia is a qualified Quantum Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Newlife Reiki Seichim practitioner, Matrix Energetics and is Clairvoyant. As a lead singer/vocalist and musician, Lia utilises voice, tone and sound in her vibrational healing work. With over 12 years in practice and a life time of intuitive experiences, Lia is an empath who assists clients to understand their own dis-ease and issues that lie beneath the surface of dysfunction for ongoing wellbeing and happiness.

Earth Walker, Nature Advocate

Louise Clarke Life Art Enthusiast

Louise was born in South Africa and has spent the majority of the past decade traveling the world to feed her passion of sacred sites, sustainable eco-communities and the wisdom of indigenous tribes. A dedicated advocate for freedom, Louise co-founded a global liberation movement in 2011 called Ubuntu. She actively contributes on the boards of several eco-villages around the world, and manages her own international team of freedom loving individuals promoting health, financial prosperity and environmental conservation Louise is unapologetically a ‘bush girl’ and spends much of her time in nature exploring the connection between walking, wilderness and wellbeing. Walking 400km in Mozambique in 2021, she was inspired to create an online store showcasing the life art of rural artisans, so connecting them to the global market.

Melanie Dufty Astrologer

Melanie Dufty Astrologer and Writer. Melanie is a Federation of Australian Astrologers qualified astrologer and author of metaphysical fantasy novel I Am Lilith. Based in Perth with her husband and two teenage sons, Melanie previously spent nine years in London and Sydney working in corporate communications (banking and retail), and highly sceptical about the non-material realms. During the homebirth of her first son, and in the year that followed, she hit the spiritual road, becoming passionately interested in the soul’s journey and energy medicine. Melanie began with Pranic Healing, and the last 10 years has been devoted to Mahat Meditation and Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) energy medicine. Reconciling light and dark has been a big theme in Melanie’s life, leading to a quest to understand duality and to embody the truth that transcends it - unity.

Medium. Numerologist, DreamSpell

ShirleySienna Coventry and Divine Symmetry

ShirleySienna is recognised throughout Australia and around the globe, by her clients and peers as a highly perceptive and accurate Psychic Medium, Tutor, Speaker, and Demonstrator. Proficient in many modalities of Spiritual and Galactic communication and connection, ShirleySienna’s passion and international acknowledgment as a Crystal Skull Caretaker and Earth-Spirit Wisdom Keeper, has enabled her to travel and integrate a diversity of unique teachings and experiences into both her personal and professional life. In turn she assists others as they endeavour to access and understand the many areas of their own ‘Divine Soul Symmetry’. ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations.

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