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Issue 29 - August/September 2021

Ordinary people living extraordinary lives

Features Perfect Circle of Sound Animal Sound Healing How Sound is Your Life Plant Consciousness Creates Sound Being in the Zone – Healing with Voice

Interview Julian Silburn – Sound Healer Riccardo Estate - Musician

Nuance of Sound

Astrology – A New Earth - Now Mental Health Matters – Self-Sabotage Sacred Sites Alchemy – Sacred Spaces Reflections – The Power of Sound

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Being in or belonging to the heaven of divine beings; heavenly, celestial, or divine. Lofty; of more than earthly or human excellence, powers, etc. Being on high or in the sky or visible heavens.

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Invocation We call on the over-soul of Supernal Magazine; we call on Supernal’s unconditionally loving team of guides, teachers and friends in spirit. We call forth the elements of creation and the essence of creation – geometries of light, sound and unconditional love. We call forth the flower of life and our soul family to co-create with us the most extraordinary Supernal Magazine possible, in service to the unfurling Divine Plan. So Be It!

Giving of Thanks We give thanks to all those in Spirit who have been with us throughout this creative process, to all those in-body who have selflessly contributed and to all those who read Supernal Magazine. May you be blessed! In Lak’ech.

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We acknowledge the Booja (country) and it’s Traditional Custodians - The Aboriginal peoples of all countries and tribes. We call on the Ancestors, past and present, Earth and star, who love us unconditionally. We call on the good spirit to be present with us as we journey Supernal Magazine. We call on th eRainbow Serpent and the Dreaming Serpents of each Aboriginal Country. Thank youfor being with us and for your blessings


and guidance. Freya Savitri Samsson – Custodian Eartheart


Ed’s Letter


COVID Update

FEATURES 12 Perfect Circle of Sound Ancient Traditions across the world have creation stories rooted in the origins of Sound. Freya Savitri takes us on an amazing journey through sound and frequency.


Animal Sound Healing

Therese Lowton and Natasha Lazdins create some mystery and magic with sound, a baby and some beautiful animals.


Plant Consciousness

Alison Jarred, the current co-ordinator of Damanhur Australia, explains the consciousness of plants, and how they react to everything on the planet.


How Sound is Your Life

ShirleySienna and Anthony Kilner team up to write about living in a world of sound with their own experience and different perspective!


Being in the Zone

Our very own graphic artist, Lia Estate writes about finding her voice and healing her soul!


Supernal Magazine

INTERVIEW 38 Julian Silburn

In the world of sound healing there are many amazing practitioners who are simply aweinspiring, and Julian Silburn is ne such maestro. Here is his story.


Riccardo Estate

Bachelor of Music graduate, singer, vocal coach, composer, music producer and musician- Riccardo explains ‘Why Music Counts’.

ASTROLOGY 44 A New Earth - Now

Melanie Dufty explains; An inevitability of unity – the time is now in her new monthly Astrology column.


ShirleySienna divines the expression of the trials and tribulations of life in 2021.

MENTAL HEALTH 48 Mental Health Matters

Derran Heney explains why ‘self-sabotage’ can wreak havoc in one’s life, and offers some suggestions how to nip it in the bud.


24 50

The Mentalist

Jason D Varga explains the story behind ‘Painting Legs on a Snake’!


Grid Point 44 – The Secret Sacred Place Freya Sampson continues her journey in to the sacred spaces of inland Australia.




MEDIUMSHIP 62 Spirit of Things

Samantha Duly takes us on an introductory journey into the ‘energy’ of the world of crystals.


Quote of the Month



August and September in numbers.

Marree Man

Grid Point 44 Continued - Louise Clarke introduces herself to the famous and very mysterious Marree Man!

SUPERNAL 37 Videos & Podcasts

GAIA CONSCIOUSNESS 56 Living in the Gaian Mind


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Reductionism to Personal Experience. Reductionism doesn’t allow for personal experience - Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot explains why.


The Power of Sound - Jane Offer reflects on her first sound healing with a didgeridoo and how it helped her feel at home in Australia.

Supernal Magazine


A Letter from the Editor

June-July 2021

Ed’s Letter Sound is life! It’s not always obvious that everything produces a vibration and in Features turn a frequency, whether it’s heard or Perfect Circle of Sound not! It’s amazing how much we don’t Animal Sound Healing hear, yetHow we Sound do feel! is Your Life I understood this concept from a very young Plant Consciousness Creates Sound age despite having a childhood hearing Being in the Zone – Healing with Voice impairment. Back then I couldn’t remember suffering deafness, however, I could remember after one of the last operations, crying on my parent’s bed because everything was so loud.


Julian Silburn – Sound Healer

Years later, a friend who was deaf invited us to Riccardo Estate - Musician a party. It was loud and pretty cool as over 95 percent of the people there were deaf. They were sitting around tables, feeling the vibration of the sound of the bass through the floor. Everyone was stomping and tapping away merrily.

Anthony Kilner

Nuance of Sound from WA and the other with Riccardo Estate (AKA Ricky Summer), music and voice coach and accomplished musician. Both offer a very different glimpse into the world of sound.

We dig into the world of plant consciousness and sound with Alison Jarred from Damanhur Australia. Alison guides us through the principle of Damanhur and how plants have a consciousness that can be heard with a special machine. She also explains how plants interact with us, how they learn and ultimately teach other plants.

Following on, we have a beautiful story with Natasha Lazdins and Therese Lowton. These young Australian women, situated in Nicaragua, have been conducting sound healing with horses and other animals and offer insight into their responses. It’s a special It was then that I began to realise that we story and weMatters also had – fun hosting a Supernal Astrology – A New Earth - Now Mental Health Self-Sabotage hear more through vibration than we do with Magazine Radio show and podcast with them. Sacred Sites Alchemy – Sacred our ears and that vibration ultimately ripples Spaces Reflections – The Power of Sound While we’ve covered a big range of stories, through our whole body. After years of study including one from Lia Estate about her and working with sound, I realised that every self-healing journey with voice and sound, we part of our body is attuned to a frequency. This, when it is working in good health and harmony, produces a healthy happy sound. When dis-ease interrupts those signals, we become unhappy and un-well. There’s so much to learn, experience and experiment with. Sound is LIFE! Our stories this month are varied and interesting. There are two interviews, one with Julian Silburn, an amazing sound healer


Supernal Magazine

also share a journey between ShirleySienna and myself talking about life with music and sound, from both intuitive and learned sources. Sound and frequency are a very powerful aspect of life on this planet, and we are only just touching the surface of what we can do, with it and how we can feel and create with it. Please enjoy reading into the ‘Nuances of Sound’!

Welcome Aboard This month we welcome Melanie Dufty to the Supernal team as a regular columnist. Melanie is the Author of I am Lilith, which we reviewed in the April 2021 Issue. Melanie is an astrologer and an author, who has come from working in corporate world. She has shifted her perspective to meditation and energy healing work and, in her new column, introduces readers to astrology with a ‘bigger picture’ in mind and a unique spin on global events. We are looking forward to reading her sage words of astrological wisdom.

Opportunities Supernal Magazine Australia is growing and we are opening the doors to some new talent. If you are studying Journalism, writing or graphic arts and are interested in an internship please forward some information to We are also looking for a salesperson to handle the advertising and we are offering a good starting rate. Both these jobs don’t have to be Melbourne based and can be carried out at home. If you are Melbourne based there is a desk available to use, once we get freedom to move around. Moving into the future, we will have some volunteer positions in video and radio show recording and editing. Something different and again a good way for people studying this area of creativity to gain some real life experience. As always we are open to receiving your letters and suggestions. Have a Supernal month – it sounds like an interesting one ahead!

A n th o n y K il n e r Image Credit: Natasha Lazdins, Damanhur Australia and Pixabay

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Covid Update... The pressure is on! At Supernal we’re remaining neutral to what is happening regarding the Covid situation in Australia and globally. We will acknowledge and stand up for people’s rights to choose, and we are seeing an angry divide happening in many communities. While the government is using an emotional carrot and stick approach, there are people working in the background asking questions and standing up for our rights as sovereign beings. There are politicians being served to appear in court, people been taken to jail on so-called ‘Incitement’ charges, and we can see is a ‘conquer and divide’ policy that is growing worse by the day. People who are labelled as ‘anti-vax’ are being openly discriminated against. Is this really the new way for the world to create yet another class system? Will choosing to not have ‘The jab’, put you in a minority group like others that are targeted because of race, religion, sexual preference or any other difference that puts you on the wrong side of prejudice! Whether you are vaxxed or not, sitting on the fence, while a communist like rule

88 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

becomes implemented, we allow government on any side of the argument, to hold tight to any hidden agenda. The best way to hide an agenda is to keep average mum’s and dad’s living in fear. Fear of not seeing family and friends. Fear of losing a job and being in trouble financially. Fear of change. This fear is driving wedges through whole communities, the fear of living or dying because of someone else’s choices. As humans we have lived and died by people’s choices since we started walking the Earth and became ‘intelligent’ – well we like to think intelligent! History shows that rulers don’t necessarily care about their subjects’ wellbeing – that’s why they are rulers! At Supernal we are trying to help people understand that love is a way forward. Letting go of Fear and embracing our neighbours, friends and family. Let go of the fear and embrace life for all it’s worth! Let go of the fear of dying as that’s yet another move forward in our evolution.

Cases – Casedemic There is a lot of information out there regarding a case-demic. Cases aren’t necessarily sick people, just people who have picked up the Covid bug. The recovery rates are very high in most age groups. A report written by Luke Massey for Spectator Australia called Just the Facts: Coronavirus in Australia by the Numbers offers a fully referenced article based on the figures. It’s very good read.

Questioning the Doherty Model Elizabeth Hart wrote an inspiring article for the June/July 2021 Issue of Supernal forwarded a very detailed email by Emma McArthur’s challenging the Doherty Institute modelling which is keeping Australia under restrictions and lockdowns until a 70/80% vaccination target is reached.

Let go of the FEAR!

Modelling by the Doherty Institute influenced the decision to put Australia into lockdown in March 2020; it continues to be used to crush the rights and freedoms of the Australian people.

“Love vanquishes all attackers, it is impregnable in defence. When heaven wants to protect someone, does it send an army? No, it protects him with love.” - Lao-Tzu 67th Verse of “Tao Te Ching”

This is a matter of vital importance to all Australians, and is also very relevant to the disastrous grossly disproportionate and ill-targeted international covid-19 response. Please share the full email HERE

On this page you will find our ABC Radio Interview with Tony Nikolic – AFL Solicitors ‘Open Letter’ and ‘sign the Tens of thousands of people have watched a live stream of multiple Supreme Court cases challenging the legality of mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for professions in New South Wales. ABC News Radio’s Ali Crew spoke to Tony Nikolic who is the solicitor acting for the group.

“Love vanquishes all attackers; it is impregnable in defense.”

Download Supreme Court cases challenge legality of mandated COVID vaccines in NSW (13.58 MB)

Advocate Me – Site Update

Go to the link https://www. and drop down ‘Teachers Say No’. Open and read introduction. At the bottom of the intro is ‘here’. Open and this will take you to ‘Australian Education United’ page.

petition’, a link to our ‘telegram group’ and the ‘Join and Support Us’. We have a ‘blog’ which we will add important content. Please add your name to the ‘Join and Support Us’ section and share the link.

Supernal Survey results Here at Supernal we want to thank everyone who contributed to our massive Supernal Magazine Australia - Vaccine / Infectious Disease Prevention Survey. We had planned for the full survey to be up on the website by now however we ran into a small hiccup – called time. The full results will be available soon. To check out the results click HERE Image Credit: Pixabay

Petitions heading to Parliament Petition EN3179 - Release documents by Therapeutic Goods Administration Petition EN3193 - Royal Commission to investigate into World Health organisation into Depopulation Petition EN3214 - Alternate treatment options for Covid 19 (2) Government to provide actual evidence that the covid19 actually exists Immediately release all TGA submission documents for publicly funded vaccine Petition EN3141 - IVER//MECTIN USE FOR COVID-19 Petition EN3128 - Verify whether Covid-19 vaccines contain Graphene Oxide Petition EN3108 - NO international or domestic vaccine passports Petition EN3112 - Keep our Medical information private Petition EN3119 - No Domestic Vaccine Passports Petition EN3205 - Constitutional rights of Australians

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The Perfect Circle of Sound By Freya Savitri

Ancient Traditions across the world have their creations stories rooted in the origins of Sound. Examples include The Word, The Circle and the Cross and Om, the sound from which all other sounds are created and within which they are contained.

alchemy, upon which one may more deeply contemplate the nature of alchemical process and ‘reality’.

In the beginning… there was the void, where Divinity Itself meditated upon and within Itself for an eternity until Self-Realisation inspired! The Divine uttered the first sound, ‘Ooh! Mmm…’ - aka Om.

Evan Grant TED Talk

Lol! - I couldn’t resist. This little bit of spiritual humour was inspired in my consciousness one morning whilst meditating. Indeed I erupted into laughter! I perceive there may be more truth to this joke than meets the eye and, clearly, there’s more to sound than meets both the eye and the ear.

Cymatics Let’s explore Cymatics, the way in which sound is made visible. By observing the immediate physical effects of frequency upon form, this provides a window into the essence of


Supernal Magazine

This could be a whole article of its own, so rather than write the book, watch these videos to get a handle on this amazing subject. In this video you can learn about the history and possibilities of Cymatics: In this video you can see the best description of sound on all elements in nature: Cymatics Nigel Stanford Insights into the process of creation of the above video, Cymatics by Nigel Stanford Cymatics Documentary (Pt 1 of 4)

What are Solfeggio Frequencies? I have found no apt descriptions of what Solfeggio Frequencies actually are in my research, so I will do my best to explain them.

Solfeggio Frequencies are a set of specific frequencies, which are intrinsic to creation. They are said to create the perfect circle of sound, similar to squaring the circle. They are transformative at a level beyond the minds capability to comprehend as they literally are, and resonate with, the fabric of creation itself. When entering into a relationship with them, particularly by the intentional and methodical manner of an ascending scale and in unison with a pure heart and clear intention, these frequencies are beyond description in their capabilities. With regular application they are entirely capable of taking a person to Self-Realisation. They are born from the Absolute as sound geometries or frequencies, reminding the listener of the Divine/Absolute and their soul’s relationship to it. In the same way that a dormant guitar sitting in a room will self-attune to the key of another instrument being

“…Solfeggio Frequencies entrain the listener or singer’s being, through all levels and dimensions…”

feature “Ut-Re-Mi-Fa-SolLa”, into ‘Ut Queant Laxis’ – Hymn to John the Baptist, written by Paulus Diaconus an 8thC Historian. Whilst D’Arezzo is not attributed to having written the words to the hymn, he is attributed to having composed the music for it, based on a pre-existing melody.

played, Solfeggio Frequencies entrain the listener or singer’s being, through all levels and dimensions, to their highest truth. Also simultaneously, through the grace-filled process of osmosis and transmutation they cause, they transform and thus create a miracle. The key ingredients for this process to occur optimally are that the listener is teachable and has a freely willing heart. I have personally experienced many miracles working with these frequencies over the course of my own journey. Follow the link to the ones I use.

The Origins of Humanities Relationship to Solfeggio Frequencies This is a very strange rabbit warren of mystery and intrigue, for somewhere along the way,

like so much other important wisdom in humanities story, like who created ancient architecture and how? The Solfeggio Frequencies were lost or perhaps even suppressed. In the 10 -11th C, a Benedictine monk known as Guido D’Arezzo (990-1050), created a scale known as the ‘Just Intonation Scale or the Guido System’. This formalised a group of specific sounds, stretching back to arcane times and which were handed down by pre-Egyptian Mystics. To date no one has been able to explain how these mystics measured these frequencies in this ancient bygone epoch. It is surmised that most likely that the mystics channelled these frequencies from Source code.

It was then, from the music composed for this hymn, by D’Arezzo, that the set of numbers encoded within it were re-discovered and attributed to the specific Hertz Frequencies we know today as Solfeggio Frequencies. Clearly this begs the question how did D’Arezzo know about this scale? A question that will alas remain unanswered, as no one knows. Ut Queant Laxis (Hymn to St John the Baptist)

The Rebirth of the Solfeggio Frequencies It was Dr Leonard G. Horowitz, a Harvard educated independent researcher and respected naturopathic physician and herbalist, Dr Joseph Puleo (pseudonym Joseph Barber), who brought the Solfeggio Frequencies back from antiquity in the 1970s.

D’Arezzo, encoded the syllables for the scale,

Supernal Magazine


The 6 Standard Solfeggio Frequencies and their numerological value are:

in an altered state that Jesus appeared to him and showed him a section of the Bible, The Old Testaments Book of Numbers 7: 12-83 where 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear (9) the six musical frequencies Undoing Situations and were hidden in the verse 417 Hz Facilitating Change (3) numbers. Transformation and Miracles Puleo went on to decipher 528 Hz (DNA Repair) (6) these numbers using the 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships (9) 741 Hz Expression/Solutions (3) 852 Hz

Returning to Spiritual Order (6)

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe.” – Nikola Tesla These six tones have been used both in 5000 year old Sanskrit chants by Gregorian monks in 150 chants and in Biblical times, prior to the 11C. In Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse and The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love, Horowitz documented how Puleo decoded a passage of the Bible in order to identify and re-derive the Solfeggio Frequencies. During his research into the significance of the opening lines of the Hymn to St John the Baptist, Puleo spoke with a Monsignor of the Catholic Church and asked, “Well then, could you tell me what ‘UT queant laxis’ means?” The Monsignor replied, “It’s none of your business.” and hung up. How very fascinating! With doors closed to him by the church, undeterred, Puleo pressed on. It was in a vision


Supernal Magazine

Pythagorean method of number reduction, where he found a repeating pattern.

Pythagoras and His Theorem Pythagoras was an ancient Greek mathematician. Most famous for his Pythagorean Theorem, which explains the relation between sides of a right triangle, using the equation a² + b² = c². Pythagoras’s method as utilised by Puleo, requires one to add all of the digits of a larger number together.

Here is the Pythagorean Theorem Explained: Pythagorean Theorem Explained Pythagoras was an extraordinary man with a brilliant mind, which came from his love of the Divine. His work was not purely mathematics nor philosophy, he was an Alchemist, a seeker of Divine Absolute Truth. His path of SelfRealisation was through sacred geometry and mathematics and, in his mystery school tradition, his work’s true highest aim was to perfect conscious reincarnation. A fact scarcely known in our current times. So, not only important to mathematics, Pythagoras made an enormous impression on many ancient Greek philosophers, including Plato and Socrates and continues to inspire sacred geometers and spiritual aspirants around the world.

How did the Secret Sacred Numbers and Frequencies Disappear? Whilst this cannot yet be answered definitively, reportedly the early church music elicited outbursts of weeping, joy, miracles, and peace. There is much speculation on Pope Gregory’s interference into church music in the 6th Century, which includes Envy - One of the 7 Deadly Sins. The vocalists commanded the awe and admiration of the flock through the beauty of their performances.

“The Church hierarchy during Gregory’s reign deemed that the tones were too holy for the ears of man.”

According to Horowitz in The Healing Codes “The Church hierarchy during Gregory’s reign deemed that the tones were too holy for the ears of man.” “Historians reported that the Pope reduced the multiple original intervals of the scale to just 7, modifying the ancient music accordingly. He compiled the altered chants in two books, Antiphonarium and Gradual Romanum.” Tyrell - The Sound of Healing “By 1050 AD, the Church admitted to ‘losing’ 152 of the original Solfeggios sung by the early Church prior to Pope Gregory. Along with those Solfeggios, six intervals or frequencies inspired by ancient Hebraic songs were also missing, seemingly forever.” - Ibid “This primordial six note scale was dubiously ‘misplaced’ by the Catholic Church during the

time of Pope Johannes in the 17th Century.” Sol Luckman – Conscious Healing “Each frequency had been buried centuries earlier in the Hymn to St John the Baptist, by Levitical priests, who hoped to preserve the information.’ Horowitz - The Healing Code for the Biological Apocalypse What else is left to say except thankfully the seeming attempts to suppress these extraordinary frequencies were unsuccessful!

Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services. Image Credit: iStock, Shutterstock, Wikipedia

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Activating Genius

A Transformational Instrument Discover, activate and own your unique Genius. • Your Genius informs the core principles that guide your life. • Your Genius informs your highest values. • Your Genius is the set of gifts inherent in your human blueprint. • Your Genius resides in your heart; you cannot think it or fake it into action. It must be felt and nurtured into full expression. Private sessions online and in person available 0421 733 355


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UNDERSTANDING DISEASE IN THE BODY Lia Estate has many hats, she is an energy healer, artists and works in architectural design... Lia's story into understanding disease in the body through her own experiences opened up a pathway for her own spiritual healing journey.

SOUND HEALING WITH ANIMALS Both Natasha and Therese live in Nicaragua and both have some very special talents. Natasha with her ability to work with horses and other animals and Therese with her amazing sound healing experiences utilising a variety of instruments and voice to connect with animals on multiple levels. ATTACHMENT, BONDING AND HEALING THE WOUNDED INNER CHILD Have you had Attachment and/or Bonding issues? Do you feel like your inner child could do with some healing? Today's episode discusses just that, how to heal your inner child. We also talk about father and child bonding


Supernal Magazine


Animal Sound Healing By Natasha Lazdins, Therese Lowton “When Natasha invited me to offer Sound healing to her horses while she interpreted their experience through her animal communication gifts, I jumped at the opportunity…” Therese Lowton ~ Co-Founder of Momentom Artist Residency It has been a remarkable amount of years learning the practice of Quantum arts and the modalities that we each have put into practice, leading us to where we are today. As we journeyed into this session, specifically into the sound bath and unseen frequencies as a small, yet


Supernal Magazine

profound tribe, at the home of animal communication healer, Natasha Lazdins, we entered the space to allow the order of healing to naturally unfold without a serious agenda. Our intention was to simply observe the healing through the quantum field, observing the horses’ response to

the attunement of sound and instruments. These great beings, along with Kailan Tao, Natasha’s 1 year old son, the dogs and cat grouped together, showing the way into a magnificent vibrational shift. Natasha had some idea of what to expect

feature and was set on getting out of the way of the ‘Agenda Mind’ or controlling an outcome by simply ‘allowing’ the presence of the moment to envelope them all.

“The animals circled and the horses came straight in, standing over the three of us sitting with curiosity and welcomeness.” Natasha Therese started playing after Kailan gonged the bowl to open. Sound molecules were floating around us everywhere. These molecules transfer energy and our intention was to connect into our heart through sound vibrations which the frequencies move. The animals circled and the horses came straight in, standing over the three of us sitting with curiosity and welcomeness. To be part of this was inevitably interesting, exciting and also chaotic. The dogs were mostly laying back holding space, while the cat was jumping around joyfully, like a dance to the sounds, full of mischief and playfulness. I was observing all the action, revealing the messages from the animals and specifically the horse’s engagement. They were sharing and teaching the wisdom of healthy boundaries, differences in group atmosphere and the bringing of us all into harmonious states of being. They played curiously and dropped into deep

states of Zen as the tunes of the sound bathing changed. Coming in toward us and backing up dependent on the tunes. Bambi, a 5-year-old filly, specifically showed immense gratitude for humans finally ‘understanding’ that sounds originate through a sort of vibration and whilst not having any specific expectations, just observing the unseen motion as the sound vibrates, we receive so much.

“…in offering an experience through sound, the animals were extremely curious.” Therese Natasha is so committed to helping animals and humans, which she does so at her own expense. Through harmonic partnership she co-creates amazing experiences for all who are willing to join. When Supernal Magazine Australia invited her to share an article, she immediately invited me to participate, envisioning the magic to be had. From my perspective, in offering an experience through sound, the animals were extremely curious. Whilst I have often observed the interaction and curiosity of animals with sounds, this was the first time I had officially offered sound specifically for animals. It was also the first time I had met this family of animals, so there was a very strong initial curiosity, which was naturally amplified when I sat down in the middle of their paddock and started unpacking my bags.

Supernal Magazine


As I approached the gates, the horses came straight to me and started nudging my bags. I’m not sure if they thought there was food in there, although I’d like to think that they could sense the energy of the powerful instruments I was carrying. The Crystal Alchemy bowls that I use in sound sessions are made from a mix of different crystals, minerals and salts

which hold their own frequency and memory. Without even playing them, they have a profound presence. Along with the bowls, my collection of instruments comes from a broad regional geography. With me I carry the energies of India, Tibet, Indonesia, Germany and the Americas. All of these embodied energies are amplified through frequency when the instruments are played, strengthening

“When the river of consciousness is impeded by the ego, Nada or special sounds can remove the obstruction…” their resonance even when untouched. I can imagine that it was the first time that these animals had made contact with these specific energies, sparking a wild curiosity. My personal philosophy of sound comes from the root of Nada (vibration) Yoga, and is accompanied by Bhakti (devotion) and Mantra (chanting) Yogic philosophies. Nada means the flow of sound and Yoga means Union. Nada Yoga is the process of the union of the individual mind with cosmic consciousness through the flow of sounds. When the river of consciousness is impeded by the ego, Nada or special sounds can remove the obstruction, allowing the river of individual consciousness to unite with its source, the ocean of pure consciousness. I believe that animals are already in this state of consciousness without the impediment of the ego, and are very open to receive. When we can embody that flow state of consciousness, we authentically communicate with them, unobstructed on a level of frequency. When Natasha commented that the horses were communicating a sense of understanding and experiencing a new way to establish ‘healthy’ boundaries, it just made sense.


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feature “…the horses were communicating a sense of understanding and experiencing a new way to establish ‘healthy’ boundaries…” Here we were as humans, simply existing in the space with them, without trying to control or manipulate them for the purpose of our egos. We were able to achieve a sense of trust and harmony through the use of vibration. I came to realise that working with animals could provide a powerful platform for testing and observing the effects of different frequencies to move ‘stuck’ energies and allow communication without the ego obstructing the results. In my belief, there is a harmonic resonance that provides optimal health when we are in tune with nature. The way to achieve health for the planet and for our collective existence, is through vibrational harmony. Working with sound frequencies helps to heal individuals and, by also omitting harmonic frequencies to animals and to nature itself, we are able to achieve a heightened state of harmonic frequency that can spread across the planet. As we raise the vibration of ourselves as individuals, we are raising the vibration of the planet. The effects of Sound healing is not limited to human experience; rather, it is an attunement for all that exists in our entire universe.

“…there is a harmonic resonance that provides optimal health when we are in tune with nature.” As humans, we have the ability to make sounds in many different ways. The most powerful is our voice. By using our voice with harmony and bringing consciousness to the landscape of the sounds that we produce throughout the day, we can deeply impact the quality of our lives and the lives of all beings around us. From this place of mindful, vibrational harmony, we can communicate with the world around us from a healthy and harmonious place - from humans, to animals and to nature.

Natasha Lazdins Animal Communication Healer @natasha_lazdins

Therese Lowton Co-Founder of Momentom Collective @tlowton @momentomcollective Photo Credit: Natasha Lazdins, Therese Lowton

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Introducing Era Magazine An inspiring business and lifestyle magazine

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Activating Genius - A Transformational Instrument In collaboration with Gaia, Charles created Activating Genius, an instrument that supports people to discover, activate and own their unique Genius. • Your Genius informs the core principles that guide your life. • Your Genius informs your highest values. • Your Genius is the set of gifts inherent in your human blueprint. • Your Genius resides in your heart; you cannot think it or fake it into action. It must be felt and nurtured into full expression. Private sessions online and in person available Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot Transformational Mentor | 0421 733 355

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Plant Consciousness Conscious Alliance

By Alison Jarred

Supernal Magazine contacted Alison Jarred, the current co-ordinator of Damanhur Australia, about her role in an international project to grow spiritual eco-communities to support our collective evolution and reconnection to Life. What a fascinating story it is too! What is Damanhur? Damanhur is an international federation of spiritual eco-communities, which began over 45 years ago in

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“The Temple acts like a sacred container of devotion and pure ideals, dedicated to awakening humanity to their inner divinity.” the foothills of the Italian Alps near the base of Mount Blanc. Damanhur is most famous for the amazing Temple of Humankind, a great work of Art, carved into the heart of a mountain. This Temple contains a series of halls built on the energetic meeting point of Synchronic Lines. Synchronic Lines are like cosmic rivers that connect our planet

to the forces of Life permeating our Universe. The Temple acts like a sacred container of devotion and pure ideals, dedicated to awakening humanity to their inner divinity. Discover more about the temples or take a virtual tour HERE


Damanhur actively supports human spiritual evolution, a practical work of spiritual unity that reconnects humans with the other intelligences of this world, including plants, animals, minerals and nature spirits. It also connects to intelligences of other worlds and to divine forces at all levels. In recent years, the inspiration of Damanhur’s vision has spread across the world, currently giving rise to 18 international communities. The ethos of Damanhur is ‘Diversity in Unity’ and each community is tasked with uniquely expressing the Damanhur experience though connection to their own land and people. In Australia, Damanhur has community centres in both Perth and Adelaide, with members spread across our vast country. Together they

study a path of sacred wisdom and initiation to more deeply understand the esoteric philosophy that underpins human evolution. They also give practical action to these ideals, through a rhythm of rituals held at solstices and equinoxes and embedded in their everyday actions to grow awareness and connection to the world around us. Alison began her personal journey with Damanhur in 2016. After meeting Damanhur Ambassadors visiting Australia, she commenced a study pathway with their School of Philosophy and eventually went to Italy, living with the Damanhur community for a month to appreciate the depth and complexity more deeply of what they had created. The Temples were an incredible experience and Alison was also impressed with

the many practical actions Damanhurians bring towards achieving reconnection with the diverse ecosystem of life and the tangible richness this has brought to their collective experience. She deeply resonated with their ideals and was inspired by their practical vision for growing communities dedicated to actively supporting our collective spiritual evolution. Following this experience and in collaboration with 16 other people, the Damanhur Australia project commenced.

Connecting with Plant Consciousness Building a relationship of alliance and sentient interchange with the plant kingdom is given importance within Damanhurian philosophy. They characterise the living consciousness of our planet as a trinity

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“The plant world not only supports us physically, it can also support the growth of our consciousness.” of ‘Motherworlds’, which interchange and support each other for collective growth. Humans and animals are within one Motherworld, sharing the same cycle of breath, transforming oxygen to carbon dioxide, while the plant kingdom is another Motherworld, in symbiotic exchange, transforming carbon dioxide to oxygen, with humans and animals. The third Motherworld is that of Nature Spirits or the ecosystem of non-physical energetic intelligence. If we accept that the pathway towards evolution comes through unifying and integrating fields of collective consciousness, then reconnecting humanity into conscious alliance with the Motherworlds is an important objective. The plant world not only supports us physically, it can also support the growth of our consciousness. Scientific investigation continues to uncover evidence of the diverse intelligence of plants and their ability to collaborate and communicate. Plants demonstrate a sophisticated level of cooperation that is indicative of group consciousness. In comparison,

26 26

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over millennia, humankind has experienced a fall in consciousness evidenced by the high degree of separation, conflict and competition that characterises our interactions. However, as a collective, we are now beginning to reawaken to our true nature, responding to an urge for unity to heal the fractures within ourselves that are reflected in our experience of the outer world. Plants can support us as we reclaim our capacity to consciously align, exchange and co-create within the larger web of life. Damanhur have researched the sentience of plants and experimented with ways to facilitate communication with them for over 40 years. This research led them to developing a device, Music of the Plants, which makes it possible for plants to produce musical notes through modifying the electrical conductivity of the leaves and roots. Through an infinite number of trials, they have discovered that plants are not only responding to stimuli from

the environment, they show an ability to modify the music they produce. Plants respond to human voices and instruments. They are able to ‘remember’ previous music arrangements and show an ability to interact with the music device in increasingly sophisticated and precise ways. Plants who are experienced players of the music device, have also shown they are capable of teaching other plants, significantly reducing the time it takes for the new plants to produce music. The Music of the Plants device helps to make the sentience of plants audible and more perceivable by humans, building a bridge of awareness to reconnect our worlds.

So how can we connect more deeply with plants? Many of us suffer from ‘plant blindness’, we simply don’t notice the plants that share our world. We take them for granted and unconsciously act in ways that destroy their ecosystems. So, we need to begin by growing

“…when we offer loving kindness, respect and gratitude, the exchange of energy becomes stronger.” our awareness of them as conscious beings that are worthy of our respect and develop feelings of gratitude for how they support our life. Start with the plants within your life. Give more attention and time to the plotted plants in your home, those growing in your garden or select a tree that you can visit regularly. Open your senses to increase your perception and amplify the energy exchange between you: • Look at the plant carefully noticing its structure and colouration • Feel the textures on the plant • Smell the leaves, flowers or the bark of the trees • Taste a part of the plant by touching the tip of your tongue to it • Listen by placing your ear against the trunk of a tree

- when you can hear your own heartbeat, your level of internal quietness will assist your connection

people’s experiences and their research with plant consciousness. One of my favourites is The Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird (1973). This includes stories of experiments carried out by Cleve Backster with the use of a lie detector connected to plants, clearly showing their reaction to human thought and also their ability for memory. Another highly recommended book is Thus Spoke the Plant, by Monica Gagliano PhD (2018), which documents her remarkable scientific discoveries and personal encounters with plants. By spending more time connecting into Plant Consciousness our Conscious Alliance will grow!

• Spend at least 20 minutes sitting with your back against a tree, as it takes trees longer to sense your presence and exchange with you • Stay aware to what feelings and thoughts come to you. Maybe keep a diary to notice patterns and research your own journey of discovery As with any relationship, when we offer loving kindness, respect and gratitude, the exchange of energy becomes stronger. The more we engage from this state of heart coherence, the more we experience deeper feelings of interconnection with plants and indeed all forms of life.

Alison Jarred Image Credit: Alison Jarred & Pixabay

If you are seeking further inspiration or information, there are many books recording

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Pvati Sundi Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Musician and Master Healer

Join Parvati for a 3 Part Series on Sovereignty. This series is not to be missed! If you want to empower yourself so you make the right decision, whilst delving into the richness of karma, past lives, and unconscious thoughts that are debilitating your decision making skills, then register your interest below. What you will learn in the online course: • Learn how to make decisions from a place of power and not fear. • Regain your power as you heal your emotional self so you can make the most informed decisions that are right for you. • Discover how to find peace. • Detail/history of how our sovereignty has been taken away from us. • Learn what is personal sovereignty and how did we lose it? COMMENCING END OF OCTOBER 2021


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By ShirleySienna & Anthony Kilner

How Sound is Your Life is Your Life

Both ShirleySienna and I have worked with sound for many years. As we have come at it from different angles and backgrounds, we decided to write a joint feature article. So, firstly read ShirleySienna’s journey into the magical world of sound. My personal journey into sound, and the healing qualities it brings to our body mind and spirit in various ways, began as a child as my family was musically inclined. We would sit in my grandparents lounge around the piano and sing while my uncles, aunts and family friends harmonised. Voice was important to us. Various instruments, as well as voice, were also in my childhood home: piano, triangles, flutes, recorders, guitars, drums and bongos. I was introduced to the power of sound and vibration by

“We would sit in my grandparents lounge around the piano and sing while my uncles, aunts and family friends harmonised.”


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my mother and by having information readily available in the home on topics such as sound, breath, colour and the aura. Books on spiritualism and metaphysics were also available to me, which is how I discovered Ted Andrews’ books. He wrote on just about anything of a psychic or paranormal nature, back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. His book on sacred sounds explained that sound can heal through vibratory energy and the power of this on the human body. My journey and interest in sound continued into the 2000’s, when I was mentored and tutored by a fabulous sound teacher and author named Llarah Starr. This was just before the time I opened

“…I was mentored and tutored by a fabulous sound teacher and author named Llarah Starr.” a wellbeing centre and crystal shop in Melbourne in 2009, where we had many wonderful drumming and sounding gatherings. The freedom in the knowledge that you do not have to be a singer to be a sounder, is exhilarating and gives you license to make some pretty strange noises. Over the decades, I have continued to instil sounding into the groups and classes I facilitate. People who try this for the first time can be quite shy, but I find they quickly open up and get in the ‘groove’, because as said, there is no classification of talent, just inspiration and intention.

“…because as said, there is no classification of talent, just inspiration and intention.” Sound bathing as a group is also a very powerful way to clear and heal. Standing as a group around a person, voice toning and using instruments like Tibetan bells, gongs, and bowls and taking turns to be the recipient is an amazing experience. For a while I was involved with a group of women who spent dedicated time building with toning and sound. We built structures of etheric volume and countenance to send healing and positive vibration around the Earth, inside the Earth and beyond the Earth, to the persons and creatures that exist and to all that is. Over the years, I have delved deeply into many forms of sound and healing. Steven Halpern and Jonathon Goldman, two well-known and respected western sound workers, led me on a sacred journey for many years and, in my opinion, they have discovered the epitome of sound in its most powerful and sacred form. Sounding with voice or instrument creates waves of vibration that attunes to certain frequencies. From the angelic to the shamanic, from inner earth to the heavens and the cosmos there is a unique and specific frequency that links

to everything that has and will ever exist. This constantly changing pace, tone and level of mathematical equation, is infinite in possibility. Once you understand that there is no limit, you can basically do anything you want. Find a sound healer, teacher,

“…so remember there is no right or wrong, only options.” book, viewpoint or information that resonates with you, be open to change and allow yourself the freedom that begins with the breath. You will find many different ideas, levels of tone and the sounding techniques that vary in culture and perception, so remember there is no right or wrong, only options. The word ‘tone’ is an anagram of ‘note’. Finding your soul note will shift and raise your vibration and the ‘tone’ of your life may change often and rapidly. We are born with a divine chord, an octave that is ours only, which can be realised in a few different ways, and literally put to music and played. Some years ago, 2013, I was privileged to attend a conference in Mt Shasta, in the US. At the close of the retreat, the most beautiful violin symphony was played, which was the soul notes, chord, and notes within the octave of

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Jose Arguelles and his particular ‘kin’, Spectral Monkey. I took time after that to work out my own, and others, and put them to music as intuitively guided by the technique that was shared. Meditation, Mantra and Mindfulness are all part of the sound journey. There are many ways to enjoy and enhance the experience. I hope that you are inspired to add your ‘voice’ to the power of ‘the word’ and, most importantly, remember that sound is not only audible to the human ear, but also to the psyche! Following on from what ShirleySienna has written there is no right or wrong when it comes to working with sound. Personally, I’ve never been able to read music; everything I’ve done is intuitively based and how I teach my sound workshops. If the sound is right, the feel and the healing will be right! I’ve always loved drumming, hand drums especially, and my world is filled with sound. From

32 32

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feature “If the sound is right, the feel and the healing will be right!” the birds to the wind through the trees, it is all part of my being. Just sitting in the car with the indicator ticking away like a metronome, I manage to tap rhythms on the steering wheel – drumming is a part of life really! I am often asked when I really started my sound journey and it was when I attended a talk by Native American Indian, William Two Feather. He explained that learning a flute was easy, even without understanding scales and notes. He further explained that on the reservation he taught the kids to play the flute and each hole of the flute was represented by an animal or bird. A couple of months later, I received my flute from the Oregon Flute Store – there was no eBay back then - and my journey started. I played intuitively with my spirit teacher placing the song in my head and I would try to match it. When it was wrong it sounded horrible and my spirit guide would disappear for a bit. Then he’d come back and we’d start again.

“I am often asked when I really started my sound journey and it was when I attended a talk by Native American Indian,

I very soon began to see colour as a sound frequency then, when playing in a group, different notes would form a colour to work with the people in that group. This is called Synaesthesia and so, my energy work began. From there, my interest in sound led me to hand create and play Native American style hand drums; I loved that experience. Next Crystal and Tibetan bowls became a part of my life, then my Thunder drum rolled up, a Djembe, Gong, Darbuka, pan drum, rattles and the list goes on.

“I played intuitively with my spirit teacher placing the song in my head and I would try to match it.” I studied sound healing and meditation here in Australia before spending three months in India, learning sound and energy healing with a Tibetan Master, Indian Guru and Tibetan monks. These were special days indeed! Soon I had started a band called Divine Light Orchestra and, with some very skilled musos, honed my craft. There were weekly Djembe classes and sound and frequency became my life. All these skills have come to the for when I created Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™,

which utilises a raft of skills working with energy, crystals, sound and frequency. This is the culmination of all my learning and teaching and there is still so much more to come. Read the article HERE.

“I’m sharing my story as a counterpoint to ShirleySienna’s, as we grew up in two different worlds.” I’m sharing my story as a counterpoint to ShirleySienna’s, as we grew up in two different worlds. I really didn’t get into sound energy work in a big way until my early 30s. I work totally intuitively and I hope that I can offer some inspiration to any readers out there who are not sure they can work with sound – YOU CAN!

ShirleySienna and Anthony combine to create Kin 58 ‘White Rhythmic Mirror, in the ‘Dreamspell’ calendar. The Rhythmic tone of equality, and the reflection of the mirror kin has led them to share the stage and many facets of psychical work together for well over a decade bringing a full spectrum of colour, tone, energy, and lots of fun to all that they do. Image Credit: ShirleySienna, Anthony Kilner, Darren Clarke Photography, Stax

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Being in the Zone By Lia Estate

“I would love to sing, but Oh, I can’t sing. I sound awful. I am embarrassed and no, will not sing.” So says the judgement brain we all indulge in. How many times have you said this to yourself? How many times have you run for cover at the mention of a friend suggesting a sing-along?

matter at all. It’s the frequency and vibrations we make that is the strength and potency of this activity.

The sound you make is important if someone is listening. More importantly though, it doesn’t matter to anyone else, if there is no one there to hear you.

Let me tell you a story. When I was 2–3-year old child in Italy, I began to sing. Apparently, from the stories I’ve been told, neighbours thought it was the radio.

‘If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?’ This is a philosophical thought experiment that raises questions regarding observation and perception. So, what is the answer? Does it make a noise? The answer is quite simple when answering on a physical level: Yes and No!

When we immigrated to Australia, my sensibilities changed. I stopped singing. So, the ‘voice’ did not make another appearance until 10 years later, when I was learning a musical instrument and I had the inclination and bravery to sing again.

So, why do we hang onto this ridiculous perception and judge ourselves about the sound we make when we sing or use our vocal cords? In truth, making a sound is all that matters and, in theory, the quality of that sound does not


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“The Zone, as some musicians who have experienced this, call it”

This time it was indoors and in the privacy of my own home. My father, hearing me, commented and this made me run and hide under the bed. I was embarrassed with the attention. This is the typical reaction we all have when confronted with the sound of our own voice.

So again, as much as this voice I was producing gave me happiness, release, lightness and hope at the time, I shut down and didn’t sing again till I was an adult, over 20 years later. Shame, ridicule, self-awareness and self-judgement made me pay a price. The price of never opening my vocal cords again until I was an adult, when the love for music, singing and the will to express myself took over. So, I thought, “I won’t be judged now. I am too old and independent. Why not try to sing again?” So, with that thought, I sought a choir to hide within.

“It’s the frequency and vibrations we make that is the strength and potency of this activity.” I decided that this would be a great solution. If I sounded awful, I could just be present and indulge in the frequencies of the other voices. To feel the vibrations and tone of the other voices was amazing. Being amongst non-judgement and enjoying the sonic bath of the

frequencies, vibrations and camaraderie was a release. To my great surprise ‘this voice’ came out of me that was well projected and unexpected. I was ready, willing and loud. I enjoyed this environment for a while and it gave me healing in unexpected ways. My vocal cords got a workout too! I discovered this wonderful world where escape is easier by participation. In the activity of singing, sharing, listening and vibrational frequency immersion through sound and music was both beneficial and healing. Soon, as life will have it, a band of musicians asked me to join them as a lead singer. Never could I have imagined such an event, let alone the next level of meditative, vibrational, frequency indulgence and healing that this induced. Being present with musicians that play and produce sound with actual instruments was another level of discovery that has taken me to the present. I can say with confidence and experience, that this process has given me results and has been a healing journey. It alleviated the pain of a hereditary birth defect, a jaw disorder called

Temporomandibular Joints or TMJ. These are the two joints that connect your lower jaw to your skull. It also helped me realign and relax my jaw with the movement and the release associated with singing. I also discovered that I released the negative emotions associated Hashimoto Thyroiditis and cured this dis-ease with singing and using my voice. All these activities are associated with the throat chakra and the energies within.

“Why not try to sing again?” So, with that thought, I sought a choir to hide within.” Should you be lucky, brave and indulgent enough to allow yourself into music or to sing, the results could be outstanding. The immersion into the sound that is made by the instruments, voice and the emotional release, feelings and interpretations that song and lyrics provide, is a phenomenal exchange of energy that transcends negative thoughts and transfers emotions into a ‘Zone’. The Zone, as some musicians who have experienced this

call it, can only be explained as being fully immersed in the Now. From my perspective, it’s easier than some meditations because when I sing, I cannot have a negative thought. Therefore, I go to a happy place of release, being present and in the Now.

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35 35

Therefore, whether we are musicians or just listeners, music has the power, through its frequency and vibration, to release and stir our emotions, to heal and restore our body frequency to a place of balance. We release emotions that may have been stored for fear of losing control and we are reminded of emotions that we should remember, such as love. Singing is our natural instinct, we sing to our newborn child, to our beloved pets, to ourselves and to our sweetheart. Why do we as humans, when releasing emotions, make and

associate sound with these feelings. It is the vibrational release, the frequencies we need to hear and let go of, to allow us to express who we are and how we are feeling at any given moment. It allows us to be in the moment with nothing else to distract us or keep us stuck. It’s as natural as breathing and just being. Immersion into creative pursuits is the best therapy when we are experiencing difficulty and confusion. Play or listen to music, use your voice to

“Immersion into creative pursuits is the best therapy when we are experiencing difficulty and confusion.” express sound and song. Be creative and lose yourself in the vibration and it will be your best release, especially if you select appropriate song and lyric choices that align in the moment. Be present and enjoy yourself as you experiment with the range of frequency within this extraordinary gift.

“I discovered this wonderful world where; escape is easier by participation.”

Lia Estate Available for Quantum Medical Intuitive/Energy Healing, Interior Architect/Design, Vibrational Healing Consultation Photo Credit: Lia Estate

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Supernal You Tube Channel Leon Bracelin Interview Pt I Supernal Magazine Interview Series – Archaeology sparks the imagination. Unearthing mysteries, seeking clues to why we are, who we are and through investigating- ‘who we were’! In Pt I of 3 interview segments, Freya Sampson interviews Leon Bracelin about his history, his passion and his love of ‘finding old things’. Leon is the Archaeologist in Residence in Ludlow, Shropshire, England where he is exploring facets of the ancient culture of Ludlow, including its castle, dwellings, places of trade, as well as grounds and farmlands around the town. The interview can also be read online FREE at Supernal Magazine Australia - Issue 14 – April 2020

Supernal Podcast Interview with Vaccine Choice Australia By Radio Media PTY LTD Vaccine Choice Australia are doing talks around the country explaining the ins and outs of vaccines and why it’s important for people to understand what is going on, and what their choices are. This is not about telling people what to do, it is all about education. We also invited Dr Judy Wilyman to join us on this very powerful and enlightening episode. Vaccine Choice Australia Stand Up Now Australia Judy Wilyman Read Supernal Magazine Free Listen to the podcast Please subscribe to the podcast.

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The Passionate One By Anthony Kilner In the world of sound healing there are many amazing practitioners that are simply awe-inspiring Julian Silburn is one such maestro, a very humble man who is passionate about his instruments, connection to culture and vibrational healing. Julian has worked professionally for over 28 years as a transformational sound facilitator here in Australia and overseas. Julian uses his Didjeridu and other instruments both in the traditional way and in more contemporary ways, for carried music genres. More information on Julian, his services and products for sale can be found at Sound Alchemy. Here’s a little of his story. What inspired your passion for sound healing and playing instruments? “Meeting Noongar Elder Maxine Fumagali in Denmark,


Supernal Magazine

South Western Australia, who explained that in her opinion the real purpose and most important use of the Didjeridu was for healing.”

“My first Didjeridu was a Kimberleymade instrument from Kununurra, WA.” “Also meeting Derek Nannup and Heath Bergersen who played incredible Didjeridu at some local markets. They all provided amazing inspiration.” What was your first instrument? “Technically it was a guitar and I had some lessons. At around age19, I came across the Didjeridu. My first Didjeridu was a Kimberley-made instrument from Kununurra, WA.” Why do you spell Didjeridu with a U and not OO? “If you look at the indigenous language, the OO is not a

part of their language. Their U appears in traditional names such as Jabiru or Kakadu.” How did your crystal Didjeridu come about? “I broke a beautiful large crystal bowl and I thought how can I turn this into a positive. Okay, I thought, let’s design my own Crystal Quartz Didjeridu. “I knew they existed in some other parts of the world, however I wasn’t so pleased with the designs I had seen so, based on all my years of Didjeridu making, I decided to design my own. That was around 8-9 years ago. I have developed many designs since, including one with Quartz and Gold plating.”

interview You were adopted into an indigenous family? “I was invited to live and work in the Northern Territory by a Central Desert indigenous artist in 1997. I was introduced to the Yolgnu from Arnhem Land, at the Mindil Beach markets where they played and sang each sunset at the market stall I worked at. “During this time, I learned from several Elders who are masters of the Yidaki and Mago and, through this association, was culturally adopted by an Arnhem Land family that has a direct lineage to the Yidaki, Mago and Didjeridu, which has been played for thousands of years.” I heard you had a beautiful dolphin story? “I was teaching Yidaki one day at a park in Darwin, NT and was asked to play for a group of First Nation Australians.

“During this time, I learned from several Elders who are masters of the Yidaki and Mago…” “They took us down through the mangroves onto the beach and did some ritualistic preparation of the Yidaki and instructed me how to form a U-shaped sand structure. I hadn’t any idea what it was for, yet I followed their instructions. “I was then asked to play very gently into this U-shaped form. After sometime, I was in a trance like state and then out of nowhere I heard this excited

cheering and shouting. I was a bit spaced out, so it took me a little while to realise that three dolphins had come up onto the sand on their bellies near the water’s edge and were just sitting there. These people were so happy and they took off all their clothes and started to make their way to the dolphins.

“…it’s a direct immersion in the moment to moment awareness of a particular encounter.”

“The dolphins slid back into the water and started to swim close to the beach. When the people got into the water, the dolphins began swimming around them very fast, excitedly spraying water out. It was incredible to witness! I was still in a daze and slowly walked toward the water, totally amazed at what I was witnessing. “These people said “Come in, hold onto one of their fins and go for a ride.” Again, I was too astonished to do anything other than watch and be close to the dolphins. Eventually the dolphins left and we were all high on the energy of this incredible interaction.”

“…it took me a little while to realise that three dolphins had come up onto the sand on their bellies near the water’s edge…” Is there a common question people ask you about what you do? “The main question I get asked is, “How does it work? The sound healing part.” “I would encourage people to experience what they may not normally try. I believe we think

Supernal Magazine

39 39

we know things, yet we don’t really know anything until we fully immerse ourselves in any new activity.

is important at the beginning, then let go deeply and relax more and more with each breath.

“Sound and healing require an open mind and heart to experience fully. This isn’t from a previous understanding or on an intellectual level; it’s a direct immersion in the moment to moment awareness of a particular encounter.

“Stay present with every loving and compassionate breath you take and enjoy the journey. It’ll be different every time.”

“I believe life also requires this of us. There’s a great quote that I love: “Each day we are born anew and what we do today matters most.”

“Each sound healer will have something unique to offer…” What suggestions would you give people? 1) Find a sound energy worker I think a bit of research is good to learn about the person’s background and type of healing work they do. Each sound healer will have something unique to offer, so sometimes it takes a little while to find the facilitator that feels like a good match for your energy.”

“Come with an open heart and open mind and ask for what you feel is the best for you.” 3) Start a journey into sound healing “It’s a beautiful and powerful modality for healing and spiritual development and I highly recommend undergoing a session first. From my journey, letting go and letting be is key. If you try too hard to have experiences they will be elusive. “When you stay present to each and every moment, that’s when the magic happens!”

2) Prepare for a sound healing session “You may want to go on your own or with a friend. Hydration is important, however you don’t want to be too hydrated if you know what I mean – LOL.” “Come with an open heart and open mind and ask for what you feel is the best for you. Having a clear intention

40 40

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By Anthony Kilner Anthony is available for 1:1 Readings and Bridging Realms Core Issue Vibrational Healing™ sessions. Photo Credit: Julian Silburn


Your Water

Kangan water is possibly the healthiest restructured water available on the planet. There are a range of machines and products available to suit all countries, interest free terms (conditions apply) and Enagic’s distribution network is global making it easy to get a machine in your home in virtually any country! “The world is using almost 500 Billion plastic water bottles every year, the majority of which end up in our landfills and oceans. Transforming ordinary tap water into structured, hydrogen rich, electrolysed reduced water essential for health and wellbeing is the answer to this staggering problem.”

“Our Earth is a giant container of water, from which all forms of life arose. And every living thing is itself essentially a container of water. Like the Earth, we are 70 percent water. It follows, naturally, that the health of the Earth is directly proportionate to the health of ourselves.”

“Not only does drinking and utilising Kangan water for cleaning and toxin removal purposes create a healthy life, there’s a unique business opportunity that allows people to live a lifestyle that is financially rewarding as well.”

If you are ready to Re-Wild your Water contact Anthony Kilner, Freya Sampson or Louise Clarke Supernal Magazine


Samantha Duly

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An epic reimagining of the story of Lilith She led the fall of the feminine. Now she leads the rise to unity.

Classes are held weekly, also 1 day & weekend Workshops in Cannington, Perth

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‘I am Lilith, and this story is mine.’

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Why Music Counts

By Lia Estate

In exploration of sound, vibrational influence, the association and influence that music has to the human condition, we interviewed Riccardo Estate (AKA Ricky Summer), Bachelor of Music graduate, singer, vocal coach, composer, music producer and musician.

musical director and teach vocals, guitar and keys.”

What attracted you to music in the first place? “There’s a ‘Zen’ about it. Being in the moment, a focus, when the rest of the world melts away.”

How have you changed other’s lives with your music or creativity? “When it comes to teaching singing, most of it has to do with confidence. Through my lessons, I help my students build confidence, not just with their singing voice, it helps their speaking voice, and social confidence as well. In turn, they often end up getting to know themselves better in the process.”

What instruments do you play and what other music skills do you have? “I play guitar, keyboard, Keytar, saxophone and I sing. I record and produce music including all my own work. I’m also a

What makes your music different? “First, a story comes to me and this is where I get the intent for my lyrics. It’s world building, I write about life through the lens of imagined worlds.”

How do you think music, sound or vibrational frequencies affect people? “I think it’s different for everyone. Hence there are many genres of music. I think music has the power to lift us up and help us to express our deepest thoughts and emotions. Those emotions aren’t always positive, in saying that the expression of negative feelings can be cleansing as well.”

How did you begin teaching music? “I stumbled into teaching. I was asked to teach voice, then discovered that I really enjoyed the process. This is because I enjoy helping people and it makes me a better musician.” Why is the voice so important? “Because it’s the core of human expression. It’s how we make sound as humans, how we express our emotions.” Riccardo Estate (Ricky Summer) can be contacted Here: & Music:

Lia Estate Available for Quantum Medical Intuitive/Energy Healing, Interior Architect/Design, Vibrational Healing Consultation Photo Credit: Riccardo Estate, Lia Estate

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An Inevitability of Unity

The Time is Now!

By Melanie Dufty

Welcome to A New Earth - Now, where we share knowledge and ideas in support of creating a unified world. Not only is such a world aspirational, we are in fact destined for it NOW as part of a galactic cycle of evolution. A New Earth - Now is here to help lift the vibration of light and faith in the world, and we’re right on schedule.

An inevitability of unity – the time is now We’re in the thickest throes of a massive evolutionary shift. This starry cycle sees us fall into separation before we inevitably rise again, unified, taking all we learned from the creative contrast of the playground of light and dark. In doing so, our consciousness evolves. That’s it in a nutshell! Right now, it feels like the moments before birth when the process is increasingly unbearable, however a new world is so close.

The astronomical and astrological cycle bringing the goods So what’s this cosmic cycle that promises peace? It’s connected to, yet transcends, the ~24,000 to ~26,000 year (it changes due to the Earth’s wobble) Precession of the Equinoxes. This gives us 12 Ages aligned with the signs, such as the Age of Pisces and the newly-born Age of Aquarius. In the work of American astronomer and astrologer, the late and great Nick Anthony Fiorenza (1953 - 2020), further meaning can be applied to this cycle. Fiorenza’s model shows a separation then reunification of the feminine and masculine energies. Kind of a macro ‘she said, he said’ before we reunite, with the purpose of evolving consciousness. Fiorenza’s model is called the Grand Precessional Cross, which becomes exact when the Earth’s vernal point is perpendicular to the galactic equatorial node. You can learn about the details at

html. In essence, the cycle sees us start by facing the galactic heart, then we turn away in a cosmic out-breath to experience separation before circling back to face the heart once more. In the Grand Precessional Cross, we’re now at the beginning stage of turning back to the heart. This is the start of the era when masculine and feminine energies can most easily reunite in our earthly experience after roughly 12,000 years of appearing to be separate. Feminine then masculine energies each took a 6,000-ish year turn on top. “Within ourselves, the feminine and masculine seemed separate so we weren’t whole with our soul. This has been expressed outside the self as separation from others.” – Melanie Dufty The move back towards unity may be associated with 2012’s shift in consciousness, as predicted by the ancient Mayans. Twenty Twenty started raising the pressure to end the old and rouse ripe souls while the launch window is still open.

The New Earth is here for those done with duality.


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astrology Grand Precessional Cross* ~24,000 year cycle of evolution, with my description of the quadrants based on the Heaven on Earth star Starting point is when Earth is aligned with the galactic heart (in very simplistic terms)

Quadrant 1 18,000 years ago - innocent unity - babyish

Quadrant 4 Begins from now - evolved wise unity

Possible fall of Atlantis 12,000 years ago as Earth turned from galactic heart

Quadrant 2 12,000 years ago feminine rises

Current day we begin to reunite fem/ masc as Earth returns towards galactic heart

Quadrant 3 6,000 years ago masculine rises

Lilith, Adam and Eve’s story takes place here, 6,000 years before now at the turning point from feminine on top to masculine on top

*Developed by astronomer and astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza - get the details of the astronomical movements at

“…we’re awaiting Pluto’s full entry to peoplepowered Aquarius in 2024 to break down old and hierarchical systems…” We’ll be in an intense experience still for a good several years. In more immediate cycles, we’re awaiting Pluto’s full entry to people-powered Aquarius in 2024 to break down old and hierarchical systems, then a few years more will pass before things settle. In the meantime we’re tripping between dimensions. The new light is so evident when we’re in alignment. And when we’re not, we’re back among the

sides of any opposite are separate things, though they are not… they are one. There is no point of separation, just a relative contrast between the two. When does black become white, or sad become happy? Heaven, hell? To create, we need contrast and as we evolve, we do it without suffering. We have active work to co-create A New Earth, because although the cycle itself is destined for light, we are free-will folk and must choose to get on board or stay in an old dimension. Our focus belongs on building community, refusing attempts to keep us in separation, celebrating the new era, and trusting we are ready, willing and able to co-create it. We won’t miss this bus.

fray and it’s hard to believe unity is inevitable. There’s to-ing and fro-ing in this era, and we do our best to keep aligned. We were born to make it.

Why put ourselves through it? This evolutionary game sees us fall from paradise and return to it after our heroic journeys, wisened and expanded by what we learned exploring duality. To play, we believe in opposites. We think the two

Melanie Dufty is an astrologer qualified by the Federation of Australian Astrologers, a Mahat Meditation lover and the author of metaphysical fantasy novel I Am Lilith. Image Credit: Pixabay

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Divine Time Civilisation Lost Civilisation Found By ShirleySienna Life in 2021 may feel like a satirical, ironic pun. How do we change this? How do we move from the fear and lower based news, media topics of conversation and theatricals that currently bombard us on a daily basis? A Magnetic moon of Manifestation, is a gift now in play allowing us to align with the divine and our inner being, following the harmonic convergence of 16 and 17 August, now passed yet still working in our favour. Ask and it is given. Allow yourself to think you are able, allowed and worthy to receive. Don’t be scared of what may evolve if it comes to fruition. August, the 8th month of natural harvest, health and abundance, brings the ability to shift your perspective to higher levels. This is the key to manifestation, where all that is awaits your call and, most


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importantly, your arrival to the plane of gratitude. The lower planes very easily give you the mundane fear based moments of karmic fatigue that we face on a daily basis, because we forget to raise our eyes and our personal vibration. Travelling like a star bound warrior of galactic enterprise allows us to dream. Practice this with a poignant grace. This may seem like a conundrum of sorts, however, once you understand the true power you have within the depths of your psyche, you may also understand the power of polarity. Realise that you have word, frequency and vibration literally embedded into the palm lines of your hands, akin to the process and pattern of original creation. Entering the Lunar Moon of Challenge head on, like an incoming flux of space junk that we try to evade, dodging incoming meteorites and putting pedal to the metal, is

“The lower planes very easily give you the mundane fear based moments of karmic fatigue that we face on a daily basis, because we forget to raise our eyes and our personal vibration.” all to no avail. Without facing, honouring and becoming one with the challenges that find and face you, you are lost. We are a civilisation quickly becoming lost in its own efforts of avoidance. To successfully navigate, we need to polarise, stabilise and accept the challenge rather than run the other way or backtrack. If in the August moon of manifestation, we’ve been able to purposely unify and focus on attracting that which portends a positive and uplifting tone and purpose, then the possible challenges until September 19th, can only be for our highest good.

divine guidance

“The glyph of hand, being the 7th of the twenty signatures, becomes a wand of magic that the monkey magician can wave across the world on such an auspicious day.” Mid-September to October offers a plug-in station to revise, revive and recharge your SoulR-Batteries. The Electric Moon of Service is here. Activation, bonding and putting your best foot forward to be of service to the higher good is necessary. We are individuals, therefore that challenge and the sustenance required in previous weeks, shows that you needed to take time to understand yourself and put your own needs first. This is the key to compassion and understanding of others. Life force energy in the Southern Spring and Northern Autumn Equinox brings the urge to find a way to personal freedom, unchained melodies, and autonomy in body, mind and spirit. Bringing this vibration to the community will assist others to activate it within themselves and a happy, productive community spirit can prevail. Electric Moon day 28, Kin 47 Blue Galactic Hand is guided by the power of magic.

The electric tone of service, amplified by ‘Manik’, the gentle yet extremely powerful glyph of the ‘deer’ is guided by the Galactic Monkey, the magician and illusionist. There is a certainty that something totally unexpected will occur and prevail, giving Humankind a boost of the right vitamins to go forth with the plan for evolution and prosperity. The day in Gregorian calendar terms is October 17. The glyph of hand, being the 7th of the twenty signatures, becomes a wand of magic that the monkey magician can wave across the world on such an auspicious day. Amplified by the Galactic Human and Galactic Earth kin on either side of the hands oracle, freedom of spirit and liberation converge with clarity of navigation into synchronic order. The occult power of this kin day, Rhythmic Wizard tells us to listen to the song lines of gut feelings, the heartbeat of the Great Mother Gaia, and the symphonic

nuance of the population of the peoples of Earth. Kin 47 Blue Galactic Hand Tone: 8 Galactic-ModellingIntegrity-Harmonize Tribe: 7 Hand. Know-HealingAccomplishment I Harmonise in order to Know Modelling Healing I seal the store of Accomplishment With the Galactic tone of Integrity I am guided by the power of Magic. Lak’ech Ala K’in

ShirleySienna at Divining Me offers a range of spiritually guided sessions and services to assist you and enhance your life every day. Photo Credit: ShirleySienna

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Mental Health s r e tt a M Breaking free from self-sabotage By Derran Heney “In the battle of life, you are the enemy and you are the warrior.” – Chin-Ning Chu Self-sabotage is when we have ideas, or set goals for ourselves to make our dreams and desires come true, yet somehow always find ways to avoid reaching them. Often making excuses that we are never good enough! Some good examples include wanting to eat healthier, yet buying junk foods or over eating; trying to save yet spending money on things we don’t need. We may want to do well on the exam yet don’t spend the time required to study by distracting ourselves. In other words, talking ourselves out of the goals we create for ourselves. We’ve all been there; even the most successful people on the planet can sabotage their finest efforts! Other sabotaging behaviours include procrastinating, people pleasing, blaming others and not taking responsibility for our


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own actions, negative self-talk, obsessing about perfection, feeling undeserving of good things in life, being afraid of taking healthy risks, or refusing to ask for help.

“In other words, talking ourselves out of the goals we create for ourselves.” Some behaviour can be generally destructive or interfere heavily with leading a healthy functional life. “Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.” - Alyce Coryn-Selby So, what purpose does sabotage have? What’s really in it for us? Sabotage keeps us in our comfort zone and in tight control of our current circumstances. However, this is not the healthiest or most successful way to move

forward and be happy in life. Sabotaging comes at the great expense of not making any real progress forward. It’s timewasting, frustrating and limits the way we see ourselves. So, why do we engage in behaviours against our true desires? What often underlies all of our behaviours are our core beliefs. Sometimes we hold beliefs that we are undeserving of anything positive, such as success or happiness in our lives. While we would probably argue that’s not the reason, it must be timing, poor motivation or some other reason, and that may also be true - it is worth challenging those thoughts. It may be that it’s driven by the subconscious part of our brain that might say, “Hey, you don’t deserve this.” “All self-sabotage, lack of belief in ourselves, low selfesteem, judgments, criticisms, and demands for perfection are forms of self-abuse in which we destroy the very essence of our vitality.” - Deborah Adele Mostly, we are not aware we are doing this. The subconscious is the part of our brain that operates in the background of everything we do yet we remain unaware of its processes. It holds all our automatic thoughts and reactions.

“…we need to stop and take a moment to think about what sabotage we may be engaging in.”

mental health This is not to say we cannot become more aware and make the subconscious, conscious. If we are regularly overriding our good intentions, what can we do about it? When we notice we are repeatedly putting things off or behaving in the opposite way towards our needs, wants or desires in life, we need to stop and take a moment to think about what sabotage we may be engaging in. In what circumstances does this occur? Here are some tips: •Interrupt and challenge unrealistic or negative thinking. Sometimes these are automatic and connected to our programming, so become more aware of what thoughts are preventing you from reaching your targets. •Turn negative thoughts to be more constructive and encouraging, even if you have to use the ‘fake it until you make it’ mindset. •Tell someone your goals and help them to make you accountable and to regularly encourage you. •Repeatedly challenge selfdefeating behaviours when you catch them operating automatically and trying to steal your dreams. •Define your dreams every day! Make a smart plan to go for them, take small achievable steps in the right direction. Keep moving forward. •Consider, what is one small change you could make in

“Tell someone your goals and help them to make you accountable and to regularly encourage you.” your life? How could you be your own hero right now? “What would you do if you weren’t afraid or weren’t limited by circumstances? Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.” - Nelson Mandela

If you need further assistance or are worried about someone, Make a call! Lifeline 13 11 14 Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

Reminders like these are great to keep the momentum going. “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one.” Mark Twain. Learn about 50 habits of highly successful people HERE:

Derran is available for massage thereapy, Reiki and mental health support and counselling. Photo Credit: Pixabay

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The Mentalist Painting Legs on a Snake There is an old saying “A picture tells a thousand words” and, when it comes to the subconscious mind, this is very true. Symbology and metaphors are a clinical hypnotist’s best friend, especially when creating the clients desired changes at a subconscious level, thus these becoming a part of their program.

A few times I have had the experience of a client who would not go into traditional hypnotic trance - eyes closed and so forth - so I just chatted with them. Eventually, I could tell by the many signs of expanded awareness, their physiology, breathing and blink rate that they had gone into what is known as waking trance. At this point, had I used direct suggestions, such as “And you will no longer smoke,” they may have snapped out of the trance state. However, by hiding the suggestions in symbology and metaphor, by simply telling them stories, the suggestions were taken on

50 Supernal Magazine

and they gained their desired behavioural change. When we have dreams, or are in a meditative or trance state, we may obtain information via feelings and symbology. Most of us have a tendency to allow our logic brain to get in on the act, which inevitably corrupts the information. To learn to trust the information without doubting ourselves can be difficult, so allow me to explain this by painting you a picture using symbology and metaphor.

“There is an old saying “A picture tells a thousand words” and, when it comes to the subconscious mind, this is very true.” There was once a great master of Gung Fu who was nearing the end of his mortal existence. Tradition dictated that he would hand down the secrets of his style and school to his most senior student. The problem was that the master

By Jason D. Varga

had two students of equal time served and equal skill. To choose which student would become his successor, he devised a test.

“Most of us have a tendency to allow our logic brain to get in on the act, which inevitably corrupts the information.” He told the two students to go outside and draw an animal in the sand. The first student to draw an animal that was instantly recognisable would become the next master. The two students grabbed a stick each, ran outside and began to draw. The first student drew a long letter S in the sand and was about to stand up, until he noticed that the second student was still drawing. Feeling worried that perhaps he had been too hasty; he began to add to his drawing. He began drawing a series of strokes that were meant to represent legs and feet. He was

mental health just about to begin the final leg when the second student finishing his drawing stood up. The master walked over and assessed the second student’s drawing and proclaimed him the winner, earning him the inheritance of the school and title of master of the style. The master turned to the first student and asked “Why did you keep drawing after you had finished what was clearly a snake?” The student, with his head bowed low, explained that after having thought of the snake and drawing it so quickly, he had doubts that the master would recognise what it was meant to be, due to its simplicity. Therefore, he decided to paint legs on the snake so it would resemble a lizard.

“…we have a saying “Use the KISS method”, when we include unnecessary additions to something that already works.”

The master put a hand on the student’s shoulder and said, “The doubt in your mind, the hesitation created; cost you the position of next master of our style.” From that time on, the saying “Do not paint legs on a snake,” has been used when it would be pointless to try to improve on something that is already perfectly adequate. Here in Australia we have a saying “Use the KISS method”, when we include unnecessary additions to something that already works. KISS stands for Keep It Simple Sweetheart. So, when you receive information in dreams or meditation in the form of symbols, try not to corrupt that information by allowing the logical brain to become involved. Instead allow your subconscious mind to interpret freely the meaning without conscious effort. In older times, when I was with a client intuiting pictures in my mind, I may have tried too hard to

interpret the images to make sense to me. I have found over time that this is unnecessary. When I simply relay to the client what is coming to me without my own logic brain thoughts, generally it will make sense to them and give them what they need. The information does not need to make sense to me; the information is for the client. So why should I corrupt that information by Painting Legs on a Snake? ESPecially best wishes The Mentalist

Jason D. Varga is available for Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Counselling, Corporate and Private shows. Photo Credits: Pixabay, J. D. Varga

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The Secret Sacred Place Grid Point 44

By Freya Savitri Sampson Grateful and not without some trepidation, we set off, challenge accepted. Millie and I wondered if we’d find it. The map was not exactly what you’d call easy to follow. By some miracle - thank you Guides and Ancestors we found the tree amongst all the others and the patch of dirt and parked. Okay... so let’s paint a picture; it’s late November, Australian outback, dry, boiling hot. Millie and I, white as they come, with camel-packs holding one litre of water and a couple of

52 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

apples. What’s that saying? Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun... hmm, I wonder if they’d describe us a clinically insane? It was utter faith in the guides and the synchronicities of everything else we had experienced that gave us the courage to take the journey. Sharpie had told me to make sure that I didn’t go into my head and try to work out everything. Millie was better at that than me. For me, it was listening to the country, feeling and paying attention to nature. It’s another world out there.

There are no sounds, only your own thoughts. We had been trekking for a considerable time and everything, except my relationship to the country, had melted away. I began to hear Millie’s thoughts, ‘I’m tired, how much further is it?’ I could feel her emotional body flagging. Tuning in to the country, I felt the presence of the site nearing. “Don’t worry,” I said out aloud, “It’s just over this ridge!” We climbed the creek bed and mounted the ridge. There before us, was the extraordinary site towering in the distance. We stopped and I

sacred sites

invoked, paying homage to the site, to the Ancestors and the elements of creation. The moment we finished and took one step forward, two great eagles flew out of the site. Awe struck, I felt the unity between us and very welcomed, as though I was coming home for the first time in a very long dreaming.

“Arriving at the ancient site, echoes of the voices of the first day, of children laughing, singing and families living and playing...” Arriving at the ancient site, echoes of the voices of the first day, of children laughing, singing and families living and playing, resounded in my inner ear. This is a cathedral seemingly endless rock after rock carved with trappings of daily life, animals, the Wirripul men with big eyes, crocodile and other river and sea life, which went away long, long ago. Strange things, the Egyptian hieroglyphs reappear

“This incredible place may very well be one of the most ancient and sacred sites on Earth.” and images of craft, not driven by men, stylised eyes and feet with four or six toes. The walls whisper their stories in the ears and hearts of those who will listen. This incredible place may very well be one of the most ancient and sacred sites on Earth. I am told by the Elders that it’s much, much older than Chambers Gorge. I shall not share its name and specific location out of respect to the Elders. We had only a short time to explore and make it back before dark. The boiling desert becomes icy-cold at night. On the way out, I found an eagle’s wing feather; a gift, one which I treasure to this day. We departed. It wasn’t easy to leave, not only the site itself, but the pristine nature and silence. No cars, noise or light pollution, no rubbish, nor junk thoughts filling the space. Here, is perfect peace within nature’s balanced embrace. My heart full and with a promise to return

once more upon another sacred journey, it was thus that I passed the testing of the Adnyamathanha Ancestors and Elders. This truly began my initiations into Aboriginal Culture. Upon my return, I was empowered to bring more truth seekers. It was a few years later that Louise Clarke, Michael Tellinger and the Eartheart Team took a memorable journey back to this country, only this time we explored a wider area and more of the mysteries. Louise Clarke recalls her adventure with the Eartheart Team and Wilpena Pound in the March 2021 issue of Supernal Magazine.

Freya is available for Crystal Dreaming, The Liquid Crystals and a range of holistic services. Image Credit: Freya Sampson

Image Credit: Unsplash

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“Only recognisable from the air, the colossal geoglyph measures 4.2 kilometres from head to toe…”

The Mysterious Marree Man By Louise Clarke

I wonder what went through charter pilot Trec Smith’s mind went he came across the enormous figure of a man etched into a remote and empty plateau on the banks of Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre, in northern South Australia while on his way to the opal mining town of Coober Pedy. Only recognisable from the air, the colossal geoglyph measures 4.2 kilometres from head to toe making it the largest in the world and represents the tall, naked, perfectly proportioned figure of an Indigenous hunter ready to launch a stick at unseen prey. ‘Marree Man’, as the figure has become known had seemingly appeared overnight in June

54 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

1998 and to date; the origin of this staggering land glyph remains a mystery. Despite the planning, precision and sheer hubris required creating it, nobody has ever come forward to claim authorship of this work and apparently no-one witnessed its creation. By the time we went to inspect the site ourselves via air charter in late 2015, the Marree Man had almost been completely reclaimed by the surrounding desert. We stopped for lunch at the far-flung William Creek Hotel and as the plane was being refuelled, we spoke to Trevor Wright about the mysterious Marree Man. Apparently around the time of its creation, local pub owners received anonymous press releases referring to ‘Stuart’s Giant’, suggesting the glyph was created by

people from the United States. A small memorial tablet was found 5 meters south of the figure’s nose which bore an American flag and an imprint of the Olympic rings. Upon it, the inscribed words read, “In honour of the land they once knew. His attainments in these pursuits are extraordinary; a constant source of wonderment and admiration.” Very interestingly, by December 1998 it had been noted that the outline of the Marree Man matched perfectly, in reverse, the outline of the Artemision Zeus bronze found at the bottom of the Adriatic Sea in 1928. In the end South Australian artist Bardius Goldberg was considered the most likely perpetrator because he had told friends he had been commissioned - and was paid $10 000 - to create an artwork visible from space.

sacred sites

Unfortunately Goldberg died in 2002 and he took the truth of the matter with him to the grave. Regardless of origin, the Marree Man sparked huge local and international interest and sorely needed tourists to the town whose only other drawcard was the occasional flooding of Kati Thanda salt lake in the area. Naturally, when the figure began to fade, the locals became concerned and hatched a plan to preserve it. Another pub owner from the Marree Hotel, Phil Turner, bought his business on the strength of the attraction. He too got carried away by the mystery and intrigue and resolved to work with other local interested parties to preserve the Marree Man, using a GPS and a grader. Apparently, during the planning of this operation, Turner was sent an anonymous email containing a half a dozen grid coordinates and a cryptic message to the tune of “This may be what you are looking for.” They then used them to retrace the Man.

“…the earth below unfolds as an ever shifting palette of colour and form extending as far as the eye can see.” The restoration cost him $6400 and he claims to have improved on the original geoglyph by adding drainage lines to catch the rain and promote plant growth. It’s incredible that not a single witness can attest to the creation of the world’s largest geoglyph. As we boarded the planes for our return trip I considered it almost typical of Australian humour to be the greatest Aussie hoax of all time! Regardless, the site is most certainly worth the trip. From above Australia’s largest salt Lake Kati Thanda, the earth below unfolds as an ever shifting palette of colour and form extending as far as the eye can see. It is a wonder to behold! The lake is the lowest point on Mainland Australia and when

it accumulates water once every few years, hundreds upon thousands of birds such as pelicans and banded stilts are drawn to the lake from as far afield as the coast of South Australia and Papua New Guinea. In the golden afternoon light as we soared high above the staggering expanse of beauty below I found myself once again contemplating who indeed created any of it. Life itself is an incredible mystery, one we couldn’t possibly hope to decipher, particularly in these strange times. But we can marvel at the beauty!

Louise Clarke Image Credit: Louise Clarke, NASA, Google Maps

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Reductionism to Personal Experience By Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot

Indigenous cultures understand that everything is alive, has a soul, is intelligent and aware, and that we are just part of the circle of life - rather than the dominant life form. They value the visionary experience and feel that the people, who have visions, are enriching community and supporting culture to thrive and grow. These two fundamental viewpoints appear to be missing in contemporary western culture which reduces everything in a lineal manner, into its component parts. Each part is investigated mechanically to

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understand its purpose and its connection to the other parts in creating the whole. In this modern system of investigation, the invisible metaphysical background upon which all form is placed, is not considered. The metaphysical background is known through personal experience. My experience of the metaphysical will be different to another’s experience. What determines our experience is our individual uniqueness and the contribution we are here to make for the evolution of all life. Reductionism doesn’t allow for personal experience, because experience is something which

cannot be reduced into its separate parts for investigation and then reassembled into the original experience. Reductionism is present in religion, medicine, politics, economics, sexuality, gender identity, cultural norms and even in our personal beliefs. Wherever we seek to restrict and control we will generally find a restrictive and reductive ideology playing out. So many movements begin with the purest intention to ‘do good’, either for the Earth, animals or humanity. Over time however, many such groups become fundamental, restrictive and reductive in their ideology. There is no allowance for personal experience that does not fit the dogma.

gaia consciousness “The most restrictive, reductive, psychologically damaged, and afraid members of any movement will come over time to dominate that movement. It doesn’t matter whether it is vegetarianism, feminism, finance or economics. It doesn’t matter what it is, you have this movement towards that kind of dynamic.” Stephen Buhner on Free Radical Media.

“The Inquisition was created to stop anyone who challenged the dogma.” When monotheism replaced polytheism in the Western world, the Church declared itself to be the prime source of global knowledge and the only valid provider of education for the people of Earth. To further its control and to secure its global kingdom, the Church used the law to enforce their ideology and cannon law. The Inquisition was created to stop anyone who challenged the dogma. No one was allowed to have a personal relationship with the divine… all lived experiences were reduced to the accepted experiences allowed by the dictatorship known as the Church. In time, the church was challenged by scientists, who promised a more humane and unbiased approach to knowledge by keeping an open mind regarding truths, both scientific and

personal. As science secured its supremacy in being the only pathway to discover the ‘real truth’, scientists began to dogmatically defend their status as the only providers of true knowledge and its truth as absolute. Once again, that which replaced an oppressing institution with the intention to liberate humanity, became the oppressor and also used the strong arm of the law to enforce its dogma onto the masses. By preserving and protecting its cherished, yet obsolete dogma, the scientific establishment - or, more accurately, those that profit from science, for example, the pharmaceutical industry have slipped into the realm of religion by touting the dogma: “It’s true because we say it is!” “As we will see however, when we follow Newtonian linear logic to its illogical conclusion and declare that only matter matters, we end up excluding the entire dimension of the unseen realm. And that’s the reality we are beginning to realize may be of greatest importance in regard to the nature and mechanics of the Universe.” Bruce H. Lipton, PH.D., and Steve Bhaerman, Spontaneous Evolution A person can live a rich and fulfilling life through their lived experience of the unseen realm. My family and I, live with a spotted gum in our backyard, whom we lovingly call Lumini. I requested assistance from Lumini regarding a client I was supporting a few years ago who’s name I have changed to honour her privacy.

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“…as she sat with him, tears began their journey down her face.” “Greetings Lumini, I need some assistance with my client, ‘Jane’.” “What is troubling you?” I heard this gentle beings energy communicate to me. “Jane has achieved so much in her healing journey, yet she is still struggling with her choice to keep smoking marijuana to relieve her stress.” He replied, “Bring her to me and ask her to sit with her back resting against me.” Jane was excited to interact with Lumini and as she sat with him, tears began their journey down her face. Jane’s energy field expanded with a great strength, and when the session was over Jane opened her eyes and smiled the biggest smile. “That was amazing! I felt so much love and lightness. I felt so expansive.” In short, Jane stopped smoking marijuana, made important changes in her life and moved forward with confidence. Newtonian linear logic and reductionism would see my lived experience with Lumini as illogical and non-scientific, because my experience cannot be proven through scientific investigation whereas the metaphysician or spiritually inclined human in me, would simply express gratitude for the experience.

58 Supernal SupernalMagazine Magazine

Check out Charles’ Blog on Gaian Heart Wisdom HERE Image Credit: Christel Mathelot

A10 Clothing is a streetwear company created for women, each print design has a meaning – a purpose! What is A10? My late mother's name is Ayten, she was amazing, strong and very wise. A10 Clothing is dedicated to her and all inspirational people in our lives.




IS ON IT’S WAY! Follow A10 Clothing on Instagram to see when the new range will drop.

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The Power of Sound By Jane Offer

Sound has always played a major part in ceremonies of ancient cultures, recognised as a powerful influence on all life down to the cellular level. They understood we listen with our ears yet hear with our whole body. Greek philosopher Pythagoras prescribed music as a therapy. He realised that music and number are intricately linked as a clear expression of Sacred Geometry. Science is now proving sound vibration has a profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health

“….music and number are intricately linked as a clear expression of Sacred Geometry.” and wellbeing. A study published by the National Institute of Health, revealed that music effectively reduces anxiety, stress and pain in

patients, and increases compassion and empathy in caregivers. Personally, I’m not musically inclined; I cannot play an instrument, have a terrible singing voice, sounding rather like a frog in a bucket and my musical taste stays firmly in the 1960s. However, in 1993 I was asked to be a trial client for one of the practitioners at our UK centre. Whilst I viewed it with scepticism, yet I’m always drawn to try new approaches to health, I presented myself for the experience. Little did I realise the profound and lasting effect this would have! The practitioner settled me comfortably on the floor and told me he would be playing a digeridoo for the session - I had seen a digeridoo but not heard one played. He held it about 5cm above my solar plexus chakra and began. The sound started quite low and slowly it built ripping through my body, evoking a deep and indescribable feeling of belonging.


Supernal Magazine

health and wellbeing “Little did I realise the profound and lasting effect this would have!” My mind lost the sense of present reality and images began to form of a group of indigenous people performing a ceremony. I was watching yet also connected, being drawn deeper and deeper into the experience. The group separated, with the men moving away and the women coming closer. As they surrounded me, I felt an overwhelming sense of love and support. I could feel their hands, breath, and the sound of their voices united in chant. I became enveloped by the surroundings I could now see clearly, the dry landscape, the sound of the birds, and heat of the sun. I felt water being poured over my head and earth applied to my face. I was remembering the meaning of the sounds, the reason and purpose of the ceremony and a close connection with the group and life itself. This was a transitional healing ceremony and I knew nothing would ever be the same again. I have no idea how long the music played, internally, it lasted for a long time. I found it impossible to describe accurately to the practitioner because it was so intimate. I had flashes of memory during the days to come; it was difficult to focus sometimes because I just wanted to be part of it again. The connection to those people was a deeply meaningful experience, as it

was the first time in my life I felt ‘at home’ belonging to a group. As time passed, the memory faded, yet a vague sense of loss continued to stay with me. I was not the same; I felt more connected to nature, craved time to myself, and experienced massive life changes over the next few years. Despite the challenges that presented I felt safe, not necessarily when my mind began to run with stress but in the calm inner place that seemed to have developed.

“No longer was I different, I fitted with something greater than I could have imagined.” Sound, as with any natural therapy, will of course affect each person differently demonstrating the nature of our uniqueness and that is exactly how it should be. This is no ‘one size fits all’ process, it is a personal experience, bringing us closer to the truth of our innate self, the infinite within.

Thirteen years later, I visited Australia for the first time and, as we left the plane to stand on the ground I knew I had come home. The following year we relocated and later visited Uluru. The memory came flooding back; the sense of timelessness, connection to land and people, the sound and the smell – everything. Did that sound healing evoke a past life memory or provide a prediction of what was to come, building the connection so I could leave my homeland and settle happily in this historically spiritual country? Who knows? All I know is that the experience was a preparation in some way. It changed me, settled me and made sense of the knowledge that rested inside me that noone in my circle of friends or family seemed to understand. No longer was I different, I fitted with something greater than I could have imagined. I was free.

Jane Offer runs the Purple Dragonfly holistic shop in Warrandyte Victoria as well as The Oaktree Organisation Australia, a not for profit business for training and wellness. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Supernal Magazine


Spirit of things

A Glimpse into Crystals

By Samantha Duly


This month I interviewed Sue Yarwood about her lifelong passion in crystals. It is in her blood, as she is a third-generation crystal collector.

“Sue’s favourite crystal of all would be clear quartz, especially with the formations inside the quartz.”

She now owns an amethyst that was found by her paternal grandmother 75 years ago. She was a diviner, able to divine water and gold and could pick up a solid rock and tell you whether it was an amethyst or clear quartz. It was on one of her visits to the Perth Hills that she discovered a large amethyst. Sue’s father as a ten-year-old was with her and he watched his mother break it into three pieces. Sue’s amethyst is one of those pieces.

crystals; he liked to have multiple of everything in the Crystal Bible. After he passed, the family divided his crystals up and Sue said the most treasured crystal she has, is the spirit quartz her father had near him when he passed over, as she felt this really helped him.

As a child, Sue remembers her grandmother tumbling the rough gems and the backyard being full of rocks and crystals. She also has fond memories of fossicking every weekend.

Sue’s favourite crystal of all would be clear quartz, especially with the formations inside the quartz. She said that as you look at a raw piece of quartz you can see the different properties and different inclusions, such as rainbows or phantoms, within a crystal that make each one special. The energies and vibrations of the clear quartz just fascinate her.

Sue also has some of her father’s large collection of

Sue mentioned excitedly that she had been looking for a

Supernal Magazine

channelling quartz crystal for a long time. They are extremely hard to come by and recently she was excited to find two within one week! Sue’s other special crystals are a beautiful lemurian quartz and a herkimer diamond. These are also part of the quartz family elevating the energies and the properties of any other crystal. The top five crystals Sue recommends as a starter are: 1. Amethyst: A really good crystal to relieve anxiety, a beautiful one for increasing intuition and achieving peace within your soul.

mediumship 2. Rose quartz: This is the stone of unconditional love and should be in everybody’s spiritual toolbox. 3. Black tourmaline: A powerful protection crystal used in grids to protect your entire home. Also it can be worn to protect you from absorbing negativity. Empaths who take on a lot of other people’s ‘stuff’ would benefit from having this crystal. 4. Howlite: A good crystal for beginners. It’s white with grey markings used to help alleviate any form of stress, anxiety or worry from any situation. It is called the ‘student stone’, as students can use its energy when they are sitting exams or starting a new school or a new year.

“…rose and clear quartz or amethyst in your water bottle taking those beautiful healing energies into yourself.” or amethyst in your water bottle taking those beautiful healing energies into yourself. In sad times, rose quartz in your water bottle brings the warm loving energies internally, so you can heal from within. Rose quartz is also beautiful crystal for soothing arthritis in dogs and cats, placing it in their water bowl to alleviate their pain.

“…wherever you put crystals, their vibration of love and healing will touch your soul.”

5. Clear quartz: A powerful enhancer for other crystal and, as it’s one of Sue’s favourites it’s definitely one that she would put in the top five.

Crystals hold many different healing properties. For example, Sue has used amber as an effective antiinflammatory, taping it to the sore area with great results.

Sue mentioned that the healing properties from crystals are amazing. She has always been a very strong advocate for placing crystals in water bottles. This must only be the quartz variety, as some crystals can be toxic. Use rose and clear quartz

With so much collective sadness going on in the world, Sue recommends a ‘medicine bag’ of crystals, to help with healing and protection, using any of the five previously mentioned. Her advice is to place as much rose quartz in

your house as possible, even in your pillowcase, to surround yourself with its loving energies. Sue feels wherever you put crystals, their vibration of love and healing will touch your soul. Yours in Spirit

Samantha is available for 1:1 Readings worldwide, private mentoring, classes and workshops via Zoom. Photo Credit:Sue Yarwood

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of the Month

“Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind, but which mankind cannot comprehend.” – Ludwig van Beethoven Born 16 Dec 1770 and passed to spirit 26 March 1827, Beethoven was one of the world’s best known composers. His hearing was lost by the age of 44 and, despite suffering from tinnitus, and rheumatism, he still succeeded in composing and completing powerful works up to his death.

If one listens to his compositions, from his early years through the years of fame and notoriety to the latter frustration due to ailments and deafness, one can journey into the definition of frequency effecting human life.

This quote, purportedly phrased by Ludwig van Beethoven, ‘sounds’ a truth that in today’s world perhaps reminds us that we are greatly in need of raising our vibration. Music encourages us to hear, see, feel and live life on a plane of frequency above the mundane. Sound healing is the key to embracing a vibration more ecstatic than our current acceptance! By ShirleySienna Image Credit:

Next Issue – Out 17th Nov 2021 It’s all About Consent In the October November issue of Supernal Magazine, we look at ‘consent’ from a variety of angles and situations. Informed Consent: Ensuring informed consent is properly obtained is a legal, ethical and professional requirement on the part of all treating health professionals, and supports person-centred care. Having said that informed consent goes way beyond just doctors. It applies to spiritual healing, working with otherworldly guides, and just chatting with friends and family. It’s an important topic to understand and implement for many of us working in the spiritual and medical fields.


Supernal Magazine

Plus • Reflections – Consent from Spirit • A New Earth – Now – How Astrology rules our world • Sacred Sites Alchemy – Understanding the meaning behind the destination • Samantha Duly – Reincarnation and Past Lives • What October / November & December 2021 means in Numerology …and more Image Credit: Freepik



By ShirleySienna


Focusing on a double month numerical means this issue is perfect when September arrives as August’s vibration automatically repeats!

“…a key to widening your horizons and understanding you are body, mind and soul all created under the power of infinite spirit.” The 8 for August this year, leads us into a state of mindfulness and health. Adding September’s nine to this becomes a 17/8 initiative, a key to widening your horizons and understanding you are body, mind and soul all created under the power of infinite spirit. Number 9 holds within its grasp the power of all numbers and brings them back to themselves creating the system of divine lore and order and the cycles of life. Number 8 people may not be as enamoured in a love affair, as they would be in a new business deal and are often found working in the industry of public requirements, safety, health and hospitality, full of wondrous and new ideas and ‘money matters’.


Thinking of buying or selling a home? The 8 vibration will open the doors of alignment and your estate agent or accountant will surely have some 8 vibes going on. It also serves you well if you wish to employ a good psychologist or analyst. Number 9 will serve the people with logic and wisdom, and is the perfect number for tying the knot of nuptial bliss. It will also assist the artist, thinkers, imaginers and idealists, as the 3x3 value is a high standing with perfection and expectation, not just of others but also of self. Humans are created with the innate ability to heal and regenerate, they are the reflection of the Earth herself, and the August September 8 and 9 entry into Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere will bring a renewal that can be fuelled with imagination and inspiration. It will be the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere when leaves will fall and the colours and hues of the landscape are a reminder of completions and indication of things to come. Globally it’s time to watch the political forum unfold in August and the 8th tone of integrity take the higher road and the lesser fall. The 9th tone of intention setting is the new standard in September. Image Credit: Pixabay

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Supernal Magazine

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Contr Anthony Kilner


Anthony has worked in magazines and publishing for over 25 years as a photo journalist, travelling Australia and the globe, with a bent towards lifestyle and spirituality. Anthony is a published author with 2 full books (Secret Spiritual Business & Practical Mediumship) plus 3 co-authored books (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Healthy Spirit). As a Psychic Medium Anthony is qualified in trance healing, massage, Reiki and Seichim, he also works as an educational facilitator, mentor, energy worker, speaker and musician. Having studied Vibrational Healing and meditation techniques in India and Australia, Anthony understands these to be powerful tools to promote ongoing wellbeing that encourages self-healing. In 2018, Anthony launched Bridging Realms — Core Issue Vibrational Healing™. This system of energy work combines Anthony’s knowledge into a single package, offering a unique holistic service for his clients.

Derran Heney

Registered Nurse, Mental Health Practitioner, Workplace Trainer and Assessor

Born and raised in New Zealand, from the age of three, Derran knew that she wanted to be a nurse. With her early experiences of nursing inspiring her, Derran passionately pursued a career in mental health. Derran began working in acute psychiatric inpatient settings, before venturing into community areas and crisis teams, working to support adults with a range of mental health conditions. Derran’s passion for education has led her into her current role as a Clinical Nurse Educator and running her own business, facilitating community mental health education. With over 25 years of clinical experience, mental health nursing has been a very unique and rewarding career. Derran has learned much about herself and helping others. Derran is a qualified massage therapist, Reiki practitioner and is studying BR Core Issue Vibrational Healing™.

Jane Offer

Sub Editor

In 2007, Jane relocated to Australia opening The Purple Dragonfly in Warrandyte Victoria and launched The Oak Tree Organisation Australia continuing her passion of promoting personal empowerment. “I believe that everyone has infinite potential, which remains undiscovered when the pain from the past overshadows the present. We are amazing and unique with a definite purpose in life and, when fear and uncertainty are swept away, our possibilities are limitless. The joy and privilege of watching a person rediscover their own power touches my soul every time.”


Supernal Magazine

Charles has trained and worked with Earth wisdoms keepers, spiritual teachers and elders from cultural traditions Earth wide. He is an Earth poet, Earth medicine man, Earth gardener, an author, sacred musician, and food alchemist. Before self-employment, Charles served in the community sector for over 20 years in youth advocacy and family support. In 2010, Charles co-founded Gaian Heart Wisdom with his wife, Christel Mathelot to share Gaia’s wisdom teachings with the world. In 2020, they co-founded Wild Gaia Plants to support their community in growing and eating clean food. Charles lives with his family in the beautiful Perth hills on their urban farm. He lives his life through, and is informed by, what he calls the Three Sacred Elements of Life: Sacred Service, Sacred Practice, and Sacred Community. His service to community is offered through a variety of pathways; Earth wisdom and natural law practices; Earth wise gardening practices; sound healing; medicine wheel work; spiritual mentoring and guidance; prayer and manifesting circles; food alchemy.

Freya Sampson

Custodian Eartheart

Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA. Her transformational awakening in 1999 catapulteD her into a life in service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient life upon it. Freya has worked extensively with the Australian Aboriginal culture and with world leaders in the movement of Consciousness-Change. She is an internationally renowned shaman, healer and teacher. Her huge heart overflowing with compassion and ability to get to the core of the issue has allowed countless peoples dis-ease to be transformed into ease and grace. Freya shares her wisdom in her body of work, ‘Tree of Life, Pathway to Empowerment’. Her passion is awakening hearts, to together, transform life on Earth.

Jane is a counsellor, teacher, health practitioner with a Masters in Metaphysical Science. Through family illness, Jane became fascinated by the holistic approach to wellness, founding Spectrum Health Trust UK in 1991, facilitating life empowerment workshops, meditation, healing courses and health management programmes, helping many people to explore their potential.

Charles Snelleksz-Mathelot Gaian Heart Wisdom

Jason D. Varga

Mentalist, Hypnotist, Psychic

Jason began his working career as an industrial engraver, although he has now retired from that industry as one of only a handful of Master Engravers in Australia, he is still contracted by the AFL to engrave each year’s premiership cups. He also still engraves the occasional prop for the film and television industry. In his late teens Jason became heavily involved in the rockabilly scene and still teaches swing and rock’n’roll dancing. Jason began his journey performing hypnosis and mentalism shows and is the only Australian mentalist endorsed by Uri Geller. As Australia’s top psychic entertainer, Jason draws on his experience as a stage hypnotist to give entertaining demonstrations of various psychic modalities all over the country. His passion for helping others shines through in his private practice where he offers hypnotherapy, psychic counselling and psychotherapy, he also teaches thaumaturgy, contact telepathy, psychometry and many other psychic modalities.

ibutor Lia Estate



Lia is an award winning Interior Architect/ Designer, Furniture/Product Designer with over 30 years’ experience utilising intuitive skills to create environments and spaces that are nurturing, aesthetically pleasing, functional and supportive. As an artist Lia explores her creativity with drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. A qualified senior educator, Lia assists her clients to investigate and go deep into the psyche to reveal insights, viewpoints and a creative perspective in real world realms. Lia is a qualified Quantum Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer, Newlife Reiki Seichim practitioner, Matrix Energetics and is Clairvoyant. As a lead singer/vocalist and musician, Lia utilises voice, tone and sound in her vibrational healing work. With over 12 years in practice and a life time of intuitive experiences, Lia is an empath who assists clients to understand their own dis-ease and issues that lie beneath the surface of dysfunction for ongoing wellbeing and happiness.

Earth Walker, Nature Advocate Life Art Enthusiast

Louise was born in South Africa and has spent the majority of the past decade traveling the world to feed her passion of sacred sites, sustainable ecocommunities and the wisdom of indigenous tribes. A dedicated advocate for freedom, Louise cofounded a global liberation movement in 2011 called Ubuntu. She actively contributes on the boards of several eco-villages around the world, and manages her own international team of freedom loving individuals promoting health, financial prosperity and environmental conservation. Louise is unapologetically a ‘bush girl’ and spends much of her time in nature exploring the connection between walking, wilderness and wellbeing. Walking 400km in Mozambique in 2021, she was inspired to create an online store showcasing the life art of rural artisans, so connecting them to the global market.

Samantha Duly

Louise Clarke

Spiritual Medium, Tutor

Perth based Samantha is a Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Tutor originating from the UK. She works in person, in group settings and via Zoom. As a full-time medium and member of the UK Spiritualists National Union, (SNU), Samantha has been accredited and certified as an evidential Medium, a teacher and public speaker. Her qualifications so far are: DSNU d, CSNU d,t,s. She is now a trainer for the SNU for the TPS1 and TPS2 courses and is a teacher for the SNUi (international) students. With 120 written essays for the SNU to date, Samantha is committed to life-long learning and believes this demonstrates to her students her dedication and commitment. Samantha loves and is humbled by her work for both the physical and spiritual world and for the healing that takes place through all her readings.

ShirleySienna Coventry

Medium. Numerologist, DreamSpell and Divine Symmetry

ShirleySienna is recognised throughout Australia and around the globe, by her clients and peers as a highly perceptive and accurate Psychic Medium, Tutor, Speaker, and Demonstrator. Proficient in many modalities of Spiritual and Galactic communication and connection, ShirleySienna’s passion and international acknowledgment as a Crystal Skull Caretaker and EarthSpirit Wisdom Keeper, has enabled her to travel and integrate a diversity of unique teachings and experiences into both her personal and professional life. In turn she assists others as they endeavour to access and understand the many areas of their own ‘Divine Soul Symmetry’. ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations.

Melanie Dufty


Melanie Dufty Astrologer and Writer. Melanie is a Federation of Australian Astrologers qualified astrologer and author of metaphysical fantasy novel I Am Lilith. Based in Perth with her husband and two teenage sons, Melanie previously spent nine years in London and Sydney working in corporate communications (banking and retail), and highly sceptical about the non-material realms. During the homebirth of her first son, and in the year that followed, she hit the spiritual road, becoming passionately interested in the soul’s journey and energy medicine. Melanie began with Pranic Healing, and the last 10 years has been devoted to Mahat Meditation and Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) energy medicine. Reconciling light and dark has been a big theme in Melanie’s life, leading to a quest to understand duality and to embody the truth that transcends it - unity.

Supernal Contributors Wanted Supernal Magazine is seeking a Volunteer Artist to help work on them Magazine. This position is approximately the equivalent of three days a month. Experience with In Design is preferable. Are you a gun Sales Person? Supernal Magazine is looking for a sales person to join the team as a contractor based on volunteering and commission. A passion for this industry is important and knowing how to sell equally so! Have you got a story to share? We are always on the look out for interesting stories from around the globe. Send your expressions of interest through to

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UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE Available for consultations and workshops.

Phone 0490 813 214


(Dip. Federation of Australian Astrologers) Who are you, why are you here, what’s up now?

Samantha Duly

Spiritual Medium & Tutor


Teacher of Psychic & Mediumistic Studies Classes are held weekly, also 1 day & weekend Workshops in Cannington, Perth

I offer

• 1:1 Readings in person or phone, skype etc. • Public Demonstrations of Mediumship Facebook: @thedragonflycentreoflifeandspirit Instagram: Samantha_duly

70 Supernal Magazine

If you are ready to Re-Wild your Water contact Anthony Kilner, Freya Sampson or Louise Clarke

MAMA AFRICA “Connecting African artisans to the world” Louise Clarke Founder

Pvati Sundi

Spiritual Teacher, Sacred Musician and Master Healer

Join Parvati for a 3 Part Series on Sovereignty. COMMENCING END OF OCTOBER 2021


Shirley Sienna At Divining Me Divine Symmetry Mediumship/Oracle/Tarot/Numerology/Psychic Readings Public and Private Events Crystal Skull Wisdom Keeper

Consultations by Appointment Email: Tel: 0403 484 892

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