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Life may be too hectic for any sort of quick turnaround. But you want to write your book. And you’re prepared to be patient, writing when you can. But you do want to finish. You want a deadline. With our 12-Month Masterclass, we’ll sit down and plan your book, and map out a writing timetable with you. We’ll assign you a book buddy who’ll check in with you periodically to ensure that you’re hitting your word counts. If you have any problems, you can contact your book buddy at any time. With our help and your diligence, we’ll make sure that you complete your manuscript within 12 months, and have it ready for editing. Ideal for: writers who are time-poor and can only write sporadically, but still want a finish line imposed on them.

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supernal [soo-pur-nl] adjective

Being in or belonging to the heaven of divine beings; heavenly, celestial, or divine. Lofty; of more than earthly or human excellence, powers, etc. Being on high or in the sky or visible heavens.

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Feature Story: Anthony Kilner Cover Photography: Jacinta Keefe Cover Design: Rachel Watt Contributors: Brooklyn Storme, Celeste de Vis, Derran Heney, Freya Sampson, Jason D Varga, Joti Gore, Lia Estate, Liesl Horne, Rachel Watt, Samantha Duly, ShirleySienna Coventry, Varij Varidium. Copyright: No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior permission of Supernal Australia Magazine Founders or Editor. Disclaimer: The views and comments expressed by individuals and contributors do not necessarily represent those of the publishers and no legal responsibility can be accepted for the result of the use by readers of information or advice/suggestions of whatever kind given in this publication, either editorially or from advertising. Refer to www.supernalmagazineaustralia.com.au for further details. Supernal Magazine Australia is a division of Supernal Media Pty Ltd ACN: 631 649 584 ABN: 91 631 649 584

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can also feel it in your gut when it is a good decision, or a good feeling that you have to or want to make. By tuning in to the ‘feeling’ in our gut, the information will have more value, as our sense of feeling is stronger than a ‘thought’. This is because the conscious mind could make us question the ‘thought’. So, by sensing and feeling, it will be truer to ourselves and will be a clearer answer!

happened which perhaps was not for our highest good, nor felt like such a good outcome.


12 6 | Ed’s Letter

So how can we lead more of an intuitive life and how can this benefit us?

Also, to point out, I believe our soul is situated in our solar plexus area - between the sternum and belly button. This can be referred to as



8 | Film Review – The Animal People

22|Culture, Music & Passion

ShirleySienna walked away from this documentary with these words echoing in her mind – “This documentary is an important reminder of both human and animal rights. Who has them, who doesn’t, who has more, who has less.”

Anthony Kilner interviews Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung woman - Carissa Watts about her indigenous history, music and culture.

9 | Supernal Advertiser Events


ShirleySienna takes us on a journey to understand Solar Cycles - Time and Trees.


12 | Signs of the Times Varij starts a new series on Astrology with a very different look and feel for the stars!


HEALTH & WELLBEING 28| Discovering Ayurveda

This month Liesl shows us how to shine a light on our self-esteem.

MEDIUMSHIP 30 | Spirit of Things Is it possible to live an intuitive life and still function? Samantha Duly believes everyone can!.


14| Enlighten Up

34| The Spiritual Business: Manifesting Maven

Freya Sampson continues exploring relationships.

Brooklyn Storme explains why alignment within ones’ self is critical to a successful business.



18 | My Truth is Stranger than Fiction Part II 36| Over The Rainbow In Part II of Freya’s amazing story, she finds herself Transgender Day of Visibility is a hugely important going back through time to eliminate the root day in the LGBTQI+ community. Celeste explains in cause of her DV experiences in this life. detail why!


Supernal Magazine

In personal relationships, whether Also by learning about yourself programming. deal with it quite quickly ans male osis conscious support the trans march, we will celebrate with it is our partner, family members, without over-focusing on it. and what feels right for you, by ertain rther Just a thought! friends and acquaintances, we me eating healthily, and “Ifresting something works well, community. a Trans Pride Celebration trans oradequate should feel and recognise if ms to having exercise, this at but seems too simplistic, Concert Federation Square ESPecially best wishes, ppedsomeone is affecting our giving all helps towards intuitive living. do not get caught up commencing at 3pm. version causing us stressThe Mentalist. At this point you are to ntity. inlistening tr ying to well-being makeor it s and turmoil. Is this relationship your feelings and what is more complicated y of right? Is thisthan a toxic relationship? 3. Learn about the actually right for you. little it needs to be.” g, 2016). Sadly, even family members at In April, I wil our life in all aspects, especially differences... between ain times are sometimes difficult to the Amazin in our awareness, our When it comes to pain, I nt, did be with, but by listening to your e’s firstJackson Da well-being –mentally, spiritually, also maintain, never turn a to intuition more, you will know person into a superhuman physically and emotionally. s just arch whether can be around that will never feel anyyou pain; Yours in Spir The laws can teach us about n? A 29th. or plan when you want to after all, pain is a them good may Samantha D happiness and success in thing in actuality.be When weAll this comes around them. be ps:// our life. experience pain,through we know orth living and leading an m/ something’s wrong. Think apped intuitive way of life. 7398/ about it, if humans did not gon experience pain,By where our’s stepping into our own would we be? “…by becoming power and intuition we can more positive, we will change I can imagine the first things to help ourselves, attract so much more whether it’s discovering our own human that encountered into our lives”… fire thinking, “oh, intuitive this isabilities, nice starting a new ue for and warm…hey, hobby, what’s that following our dreams, ore 42 | Quote of the Month smell?” their skin slowly ds. Photo Credit: as Pixabay cooked off. So as therapists, n the Kirstie Parker, Current director of aboriginal should NEVER remove ve Images by 38| Thewe Mentalist affairs and reconciliation for the government of pain entirely. Pain is our Unsplash & Pixabay South Australia on indigenous recognition. body’s warning system, and oom Jason D Varga looks into pain and self-hypnosis.

March 2020





40| Mental Health Matters

44 | Contributor Bios

Is electromagnetic technology making us sick?

47 | Ad Directory

42 | Numerology

48 | Business Cards

Images by Celeste de Vis & Dress for Success Number Three – Three by name, 3 by nature!

Supernal Magazine



A Letter from the Editor

Anthony Kilner

Indigenous Recognition It’s always an interesting month here at Supernal HQ. This month I met a lovely indigenous lady by the name of Carissa Watts. Carissa features in our main story about music, culture and indigenous education and our discussion was simply amazing. Carissa is a proud woman and proud of her heritage as a Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung woman living on the Mornington Peninsula in Boonwurrung Country. I also put feelers out for other indigenous people to have a voice about Treaty and other topics. We received a link to a very straight to the point discussion paper written by Dr Wayne Atkinson, Yorta Yorta Elder and Senior Fellow, School of Social and Political Science, University of Melbourne about Victorian Treaty.


Supernal Magazine


This paper called Treaty Now is an eye-opener in explaining the whole treaty process in detail. At the end of the document there is an extensive bibliography and links section, which will help facilitate any reader wanting to delve in and research the understanding of the treaty process and why it’s so important to do so. The quoted paragraphs below offer an insight into how this Treaty process was started. I would ask that if you are keen, follow the link supplied by Dr Atkinson. Victoria’s Treaty legislation arose out of a community forum hosted by the Office of Aboriginal Affairs (AAV) in Melbourne in 2016. It was at this meeting that some 500 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people unanimously voted against constitutional recognition and the Recognise campaign, arguing instead for a Treaty and Self Determination. Some including myself argued for ‘Self Determination’ to be the basis on which the Treaty could be formalised. Another question was whether the Treaty proposal was ‘putting the cart before the horse’ with Self Determination being a fundamental precursor to the process (Wahlquist, 2016; Atkinson, 2018, 2019). It was from the community forum that the Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Minister and Victorian government committed themselves to develop a statewide Treaty process. An Aboriginal Treaty Interim Working Group (Working Group) comprised of representatives from: Victorian Aboriginal Heritage Council, Federation of the Traditional Owner Corporations, and the Koori Youth

March 2020 Council along with independent First Nations people, was established: “to consult Aboriginal Victorians and to advise the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs on the development of a Treaty” (Ernst & Young, 2016). Read the full story HERE: Personally, I want Treaty to happen. I’d love nothing more than all peoples of Australia being able to sit down and nail what treaty is from every angle. Remove any fears about what will happen and allow the voice of pain to be healed and allow the freedom of all people to walk this land with respect.

Also in this issue Freya Sampson’s compelling story concludes in Part II, DV - My Truth is Stranger than Fiction. Part two concludes the gripping reading in the February issue. It drives home the point that there is more going on in our past lives, or parallel lives if you believe in that theory, than meets the eye. Scars from other times can be healed if one is willing to delve into that aspect of their lives. The podcast episode of Freya’s story will be available via the Supernal Magazine website for those who would like to hear the whole story in detail. There are some fascinating columns to check out this month as well. Derran has written an informed piece on electromagnetic sensitivity while Jason has penned in an interesting article on hypnosis and pain. Liesl has also added her thoughts on shining a light on selfesteem! All in all, there’s some excellent reading available.

As always, we are open to feedback, good, bad or otherwise and suggestions on how we can keep Supernal growing. Our ultimate goal is to be the most widely read magazine with the most significant subscriber base in Australia and of course, create a vast worldwide audience. We need your help to achieve this, so please encourage your friends and family to subscribe! Have a Supernal month reading the mag and listening to us on the wireless every Saturday after lunch or via podcast page from March 22!

Anthony Kilner

The February winner of our major prize giveaway is Brenda Scott who has won an amazing prize offered by our very own Freya Sampson – a Liquid Crystal Astrology Star Chart reading!

Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page for the giveaway post, follow some necessary prompts and get into the draw to win some fab prizes. There are still loads more prizes in the offering!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Supernal Magazine



By ShirleySienna

The Animal People Recently I attended the documentary film, ‘The Animal People’, executively produced by Joaquin Phoenix. I had no idea what to expect, how graphic it would be, nor how it was filmed. I just knew on a personal and professional level, I had to see it. Joaquin is currently hot in the media, being reviewed, scrutinised, rubbished and applauded by various people, groups and networks, depending on their outlook and agenda. He is a long-time vegan and animal rights supporter and I have to applaud his commitment to his truth. The film is a documentary spanning decades. The group of people, referred to as ‘The Animal People’, have a focused mission, and their journey has been documented since it began. It is eye opening on more levels than I expected. The film is based around the subject of vivisection (experimentation) and the unnecessary, and too often purposely, cruelty,


Supernal Magazine

March 2020

pain, torture and terror inflicted upon lab animals. The film focuses on one particular large company, whose ethics, morals and decency are clearly lacking, and unarguably not what one would expect is legal and acceptable - no matter what your view is on the subject. The message from this group of activists is clear. This is not right, and we will continue to endeavour to stop it. I was relieved that although there were some graphic scenes of the mutilation and torture of animals such as beagles, rabbits, cats, rats, monkeys and large apes in the laboratories, there was not so much so that one couldn’t momentarily avert ones eyes if required, and still take in the very important message of this film. There was however enough to clearly understand what the film is revealing. The documentary is an important reminder of both human and animal rights. Who has them, who doesn’t, who has more, who has less. I will add here, that as a young child, I asked my grandmother what the ‘Stop Vivisection’ posters on the walls of the train meant an she told me. I have taken it upon myself ever since to stay aware regarding how humans use animals. This is a must-see movie.

SUPERNAL EVENTS Fiction Masterclass Busybird Publishing Saturday 18 April 2020 1–4pm There is more to storytelling than just spilling your imagination onto the page. What is the three-act structure? How does structure compartmentalise a story? What is a structural map? There’s plotting and sub-plotting. What makes for an interesting character? What is an arc? What is pacing? What makes prose engaging? What are the pitfalls of writing? Whatever the story you want to tell, whatever the genre, whatever the form, you will learn everything you need to know to hit the ground running and start writing that story you’ve always wanted to write. https://www.busybird.com.au/events/fiction-masterclass/

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Intuitive Development Anthony Kilner @ The Purple Dragonfly (Weekly during school terms)


With over 15 years of teaching experience, Anthony takes his students through all aspects of Mediumship, Psychic awareness, meditation and healing with the drive being to help people be the best person they can be for them! Email Anthony at ak@bridgingrealms.com.au or call 0407 181 701.

Overnight Author

Demonstration of Mediumship

Karma Kinglake @ Kinglake 2020 (to be advised due to Covid-19) Attention business owners. Are you an entrepreneur, health professional, small business owner or have learned some excellent skills that you want to share? If you have been thinking about writing a book but can’t seem to find the time, this weekend workshop will get it done. It could be a business book, self-help book or biography. Make 2020 the year to make it happen! Over the weekend, you will be guided through getting the content down and plan the publishing and marketing of the book itself. This will all be in synergy with your branding so that the book can be used as a marketing tool for your business, bringing you more clients, more income and open doors to

Fri 31 July - 7pm

Samantha Duly from Western Australia will be hosting a public demonstration of Mediumship at the Japara L&L Centre, 54-56 Durham Rd, Kilsyth. Tickets $35 on www. trybooking.com/BIUOQ or reserve on 0439 911 241. http://www.samanthaduly.com/events/

The Confident & Evidential Medium Workshop Sat 1 August - 10am-4pm

Samantha Duly is conducting an intensive 1-day workshop at the Japara L&L Centre, 54-56 Durham Rd, Kilsyth. Tickets $160, reserve a spot on 0439 911 241. http://www.samanthaduly.com/events/

Supernal Magazine


Divine Time

Solar Cycles-Time and Trees By ShirelySienna

The Dreamspell is the correct terminology to use when referencing this modality, as inspired by the Galactic Maya and channelled and interpreted by Jose Arguelles.

March 2020 in Gregorian/ Western Calendar time in Dreamspell terms covers the time/space period of the Solar Moon of Intention. From March to April it’s the 9th Moon of the year according to the Law of Natural Time and the totem is the Jaguar. The Jaguar is seen around the world and in many cultures as the shape-shifter, shaman/priest, especially in the world and lore of the Maya. The Mayan cosmology and calendar are what the Dreamspell and Natural Law of Time are very much based upon and supported and surrounded by, however I will stress that this is not ‘the Mayan calendar’ as many people introduce it as. There are many Mayan calendars and traditions.


Supernal Magazine

I write this column, ahead of ‘time’, I usually do, and as usual, it’s inspired from those in other worlds, including Jose Arguelles. Jose was the channel for other worldly beings to download through during his time on Earth. I am writing this on his birthday, January 24, 2020. A day of 11 vibration and his own life path number. Born January 24 1939 Jose’s birthday numerology is an 11 life path with a 22 year. His birthday this year coincides with the year of his birth in numeric value, as 24/1/1939 is equal to 24/1/2020, in short, the numbers when added up equal 11.

only January as I write, was set prior to its coming into form. An apparition appearing in a room. A thought form, a memory, an imprint coming into being. January covered the Monkey Moon of Attunement, the 7th and Resonant Moon. February, the 8th Moon of Integrity, totem the Hawk. If we were to see ourselves with the eye of the hawk, the perspective would show encumbrances on our integrity on a global scale. “Intentions are set, consciously, subconsciously, and apparently if you look at our world, very much unconsciously.”

When you read this, a month or so from now it will be the anniversary of his death, March 23 2011. So why didn’t I write this for January’s issue? Well, because it is relevant for March, the Solar Jaguar Moon of intention. Intentions are set, consciously, subconsciously, and apparently if you look at our world, very much unconsciously. What is unfolding this year, and it’s

Photo Credit: ShirleySienna

divine guidance

There is always a complete story, a solution and a gift, hidden but worth watching for, discovering and sharing. It is for us now to set the correct intention’s as individuals and as a global society.

March is Solar, the 9th Moon, the setting of Intentions. Where do we go from here? Thus far, we don’t seem to be doing such a great job. But, the play was from the last cycle. This is a new paradigm, the end of 2019 is about purification and higher mind and 2020 vision making its way in. March provides the opportunity with its numeric to dream, imagine and envision a bright, opportune future. The tone of the all-powerful 9 can hold us upright, setting intentions that we can be proud of. “If we were to see ourselves with the eye of the hawk, the perspective would show encumbrances on our integrity on a global scale.” The 3rd heptad, or week in this Moon of intention within 28 days, is about ‘patience transforming conduct’. In particular, it says ‘Death Electrifies Self-Generation’. Jose’s anniversary, the 23rd falls within this week. The reference to ‘Electrifies’ tells me it’s an activation time for the intentions set. His death was a fully conscious process. Jose left with the intention to let us know it’s not over yet. That there is a lot of Earth history yet to be lived.

We have choices, we have direction, and conscience which with attunement and integrity, have a direct and positive effect on our consciousness. 2020 is filled with the spirit of illumination doubled. It’s the divine foundation for New Earth, and Equality, and Love. The fires that have been burning here in our land, although tragic, raise our minds and our eyes from the sand in which we keep our heads firmly buried, and force us to clear the smokescreen and spy an oasis. No longer in avoidance of reality, we may realise that we are the creators of it, and can set the tone and vibration of highest intention. April is the 10th Moon of Manifestation. What we pop into play now, the buttons we press, the intentions we set and the ground upon which we rebuild become real, in form, big time! Let it be omniscient, not ominous. Jose inspires me to say that there is never one side to any story currently in play or any story not yet revealed.

Live life as a tree, balanced energy flowing. From roots deep in the Earth to the tips of our branches with leaves and buds. The fruits of our labours are cherished to be enjoyed by all. The Wizard energy, the Jaguar priest, his energy and wisdom is secreted within the trees of the world. Wisdom dawns in us, as time goes by. From a sapling to a great wisdom keeper-shapeshifter, old-growth forest tree. “There is always a complete story, a solution and a gift, hidden but worth watching for, discovering and sharing.” One World, One Voice, One Love, which reflects the words I use to sign off, in Lak’ech ala’kin which translates as ‘I am another you’, we are one, I see you within myself, in simple terms - we are but a reflection of one another. In Lak’ech ala’kin ShirleySienna

By ShirelySienna

Supernal Magazine


Images by Unsplash & The Nine Planets


of the


by Varij Varidium

The sky tells the story of the times for those who know how to read it. Like the three wise men of the bible, for whom the stars foretold the birth of a new born king in Bethlehem, astrologers use the movements of the planets to guide and interpret human life. On its slow dance around the heavens, the planet Pluto pens the opening chapter of the bigger story. Pluto is the planet of transformation, death, rebirth and the underworld. Issues of sex, money, power and control come under its domain. It is the slowest moving planet, taking 248 years to move through all the signs of the zodiac and its transit through a sign shapes the cultural matrix for an entire generation. Pluto transited through Sagittarius from Nov 1995 to Jan 2008. Sagittarius is associated with religion and philosophy, and Pluto certainly brought out the shadow side of religion throughout its residence in the sign. Fanatical fundamentalist zealots from Islam, Christianity and Judaism inspired an atheistic backlash, (see the books The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins and God Is Not Great by Christopher


Supernal Magazine

Hitchens), as true believers engaged in holy wars of word and deed.

“Alas, as Mahatma Gandhi so wisely put it: “An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind.” This reached an unholy climax when the Born Again US President George W Bush, fuelled by a sense of righteous wrath, initiated a new crusade, a so-called War on Terror to avenge the deadly terrorist attack by Osama Bin Laden, who was himself, as he saw it, avenging the desecration of the Islamic holy land by troops of the foreign infidel. Alas, as Mahatma Gandhi so wisely put it: “An eye for an eye and the whole world is blind.” Sagittarius is also associated with positive thinking,

optimism, gambling, and an attitude of “irrational exuberance”, to quote the phrase that former US Treasury chief Alan Greenspan used to describe the behaviour of the stock market during this period. Indeed, I would argue the market was the true ruling god of the era, judging by the near universal worship it inspired in the Western world. Such worship reached its peak in the excesses of the debt-fuelled real estate boom that characterized the era. Synchronistically however, soon after Pluto entered earth sign Capricorn in early 2008, where it will reside until 2024, the bubble burst. Capricorn is a sign of discipline, rules and restraint so the message from the






astrology astrology

sky is that during this mini Capricorn era, it’s time to tighten regulation, minimize debt, and return to the traditional values of prudence and thrift. Personal responsibility and self-reliance are prime virtues now.

“Democracy is rule by the people; Plutocracy is rule by the rich.”


Another way to grasp the momentous shift in the zeitgeist from Sagittarius to Capricorn is to consider the qualities of the ruling planets of the signs involved. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion, PLUTO prosperity consciousness, and good luck, whereas Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of contraction, boundaries and selfdiscipline. Jupiter says how GITTARIUS do you know what is enough until you’ve had more than enough; Saturn says less is more, enough is enough.

Jupiter is the pundit / celebrity / master-of-theUPITER universe finance guru, whilst Saturn is the wise elder / master of oneself archetype. Jupiter is the salesman / developer who believes in lifestyle, whilst Saturn is QUARIUS the true conservative, a conservationist who thinks seven generations ahead. Jupiter claims you can have it all, and that attaining APRICORN success is all a matter of faith, trust and gratitude. Saturn says you’ve got

to work long and hard to achieve success, and that as time and money are inherently limited you can’t have it all. Capricorn is the sign of government, big business, and hierarchical institutions more generally. The deep investigative, cleansing, and purifying function of Pluto was at work in the Royal Commissions into sex abuse in the Churches and the financial abuses exposed in the Banking Royal Commission. And also in the continuing exposure of political party rorts and the evident influence of money undermining trust in the democratic political process.

before then, December 2020 marks a shift in the zeitgeist from Capricorn to Aquarius when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in that sign. This 20 year conjunction cycle is particularly significant as it is the first time since 1226 that this has occurred in the sign of Aquarius. But, more on that next column!

“Astrologers use the movements of the planets to guide and interpret human life.” Democracy is rule by the people; Plutocracy is rule by the rich. As I see it, the defining issue of the times is: will Plutocracy trump Democracy? Who really runs the country, and for whose benefit? The people, through their representatives in parliament, or the billionaire corporate plutocrats who dominate the economy? Perhaps it will take Pluto’s entry into Aquarius, the sign of liberty, equality and fraternity in 2024 for the people to reclaim their power. But even

Supernal Magazine


Enlighten Up

The Breath of Life By Freya Sampson Custodian Eartheart

The Relationship Cycle

‘Noticing Differences’ H

ave you ever seen an elderly couple who still look at each other as if they were young lovers, and been in total awe? Have you wondered how it is that they can be, so ‘in-love’ after so much time has passed? “If we stop revealing things about ourselves to the beloved, then the energy of intimacy wanes and the fire goes out.” The Honeymoon phase of a relationship can pass very quickly if we do not develop skilfulness - particularly in relation to authenticity, selflove and by setting healthy boundaries. If we do this well, then the ‘Honeymoon’ phase can be perpetually life-long and lasting. One of the best ways to do this is to get to know your ‘innerchild’. We’ll look a little deeper into this later, for now, let’s keep familiarising ourselves with the relationship cycle phases.


Supernal Magazine

The next phase is ‘Becoming Aware of Differences’. At this stage, we become aware of the differences between us and our beloved. The rose-coloured hue wanes and the doe eyes suddenly gain clarity! This can be a confronting stage. At this time we’re still doing our best to be loving, patient, accepting, accommodating, and so on. There may still be romance and attraction, but other things have come into awareness and are at play.

This is when the overstretched boundaries and patterns that we have created in the first phase become rather wearing on us. We begin to run out of tether and the comfort factor is tested. Perhaps we no longer feel as comfortable or safe in the revealing of our true selves. Intimacy and sex are not the same thing; one can be had without the other. Of course, sex will always be better where there is intimacy between people. It is intimacy which will keep the physical and sexual relationship going and growing. Year after year. If we stop revealing things about ourselves to the beloved, then the energy of intimacy wanes and the fire goes out. “…the ‘Honeymoon’ phase can be perpetually life-long and lasting.”


After the initial novelty wears off, we come out of the daze and realise that parts of our life have been put on hold so that we can spend time with the new Mr/Ms wonderful, and our priorities are now competing. All of the responsibilities and demands of our lives that were always there - still are and now we are giving them some of our attention again. Someone else always comes in at this point first in the relationship - friends, family members, staff, etc., and the beloved may experience feeling some rejection ‘But we always have Sunday breakfast, what do you mean you’re going walking with Sally instead?’ Relationships can also be effortless and beautiful while people don’t live together. As we take that next step, the practicalities of life become enmeshed. How can we approach things in general like money, property, leases, mortgages,

and so on. It can be a bit of a shock when someone realises that their girlfriend doesn’t wear makeup and high heels all of the time, instead preferring to sloth about on the couch in their bunny rabbit onesie. “Intimacy and sex are not the same thing; one can be had without the other.”

Suddenly the beloveds start to see each other as part of the every day, and the ‘it’s all special, beautiful and wonderful world’ - fades. At some point in the relationship, noticing the differences will turn to conflict – disagreeing about one or many things. When this occurs, it may be

helpful to be aware that relationships allow us to see and meet parts of ourselves for the first time. Everyone is our mirror. As a human, we have the potential and capacity to be any part of the whole. Understand that the mirror of the beloved is more up close and personal than most. You can decide to enjoy the differences! Working through them allows unity to prevail - after all the differences were why you were drawn to the beloved in the first place. It’s really not a good idea to try to change or reform your partner. They don’t need fixing; this would ultimately build resentment and separation. Remember the only one who you can change is you, when you transform yourself, you will transform your relationship. Until next month - happy transforming! Enjoy your journey.

Freya Sampson

Photo Credit: Freeimages

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Practical Mediumship by Anthony Kilner

Written by the knowledgeable and experienced mind behind Bridging Realms, Anthony Kilner’s Practical Mediumship invites readers of all ages to understand the spirit world, and the world of Mediums and Psychics - explaining how they work, and how to recognise the differences in the information they offer. With chapters on dreams, astral experiences, physical & metaphysical information, and dream interpretation, this book makes the perfect companion and great reference material for anyone seeking practical knowledge in the realm of the spiritual.

video link

If you are looking for an exciting way to work with the Universe, the Spirit World and the Phsyical World, Practical Mediumship is the ultimate guide to understanding life’s messages, and understanding YOU!

The Health Conscious series is a great co-authored series of books in which some amazing authors share their thoughts on an array of topics. These books cover significant subjects in an easy to read format, and make the perfect books for reference material. Click on the book covers to go to the Bridging Realms Bookstore.

Bridging Realms also offers... Psychic Mediumship Readings ● Tarot Readings Reiki & Seichim Healing ● Past Life Regression Relaxation Massage ● Vibrational Healing Chakra Balancing ● Spirit Healing ● Muscle De-Stress Ear Candling ● Spiritual Development Classes

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part II my truth is stranger than fiction by Freya Sampson In last month’s Supernal Magazine, Freya Sampson shared with us her journey through domestic violence (DV) in this physical life. In this issue, the story continues as Freya reveals the lessons she has learnt through the process of shamanic past-life regression, in an effort to find closure, and heal her soul’s scars.



had since entered a relationship with a new partner. I was in the process of leaving my secure and stable spiritual teacher/school relationship to step into my own work, and my partner was leaving a long time secure job major life changes for both of us. We were enthusiastic, yet feeling anxious.

Violence Restraining Order. I was shocked by the whole ordeal. I had long left DV in the past - it was healed, right?

During this period we began having difficulty relating. I can recall one day where I was carrying a full box up the stairs, and he deliberately pushed me, completely unprovoked. Losing my balance, I fell backwards into the wall. Things only worsened from this point; I felt threatened and eventually involved the police, who served a VRO -

I called Raym - my teacher and the creator of the Crystal Dreaming shamanic practice, (covered in detail in Supernal’s November 2019 issue), seeking his perspective. I briefly explaining what had occurred, and he asked, “Is this a repeat pattern?”

Supernal Magazine

”He then asked, “Have you Crystal Dreamed it?” To which I responded that I had not.”

To which I replied, “Actually, yes. Not for some 20 years

though, and I’ve already done a lot of healing on it.” He then asked, “Have you Crystal Dreamed it?” To which I responded that I had not. So that was it. The realisation that I had not, after all these years, shamanically journeyed back to the point of the trauma to clear it, and learn my soul’s lessons. I contacted another Crystal Dreaming teacher, having made my decision. This was the time to clear the repeat pattern of DV in my life, once and for all. As the session began, I emerged from the familiar ominous wormhole, and viewed the unfolding scene from what I could

feature interpret was one of my previous lives, from above. I saw a small goat farm in desert like country, which I recognised as my family home in that life, somewhere in the Middle East. From what I could see, my previous self was young, perhaps 14. My parents were dirt poor. They had arranged for me to be married to a merchant who often travelled a route past our farm on his way to sell wares. And since my first moon cycle had recently come, now a woman, it was time for me to be married. Almost as if he had sensed this, the merchant arrived soon after. It was as though he had somehow known.

“These strange happenings were beyond my comprehension, yet I knew I was in grave danger.” By this point, it was as though I was truly living this experience, rather than passively observing it from above. My parents were over the moon to see him so soon, as they had made a very good arrangement with him. He had always seemed charismatic, and savvy in the art of deal making. Despite having no say, I did not object to the arrangement. I wanted my parents to be well and happy - they worked so hard. My biggest fear was that I had no knowledge of the world, I had only ever known the simple farm, and I did not

know how to live on the road. We married in a simple ceremony, and immediately departed. Though I had wanted to cry out in despair at leaving my family and home, as the caravan rode away, I dared not. As soon as we had departed, my new husband’s demeanour changed. He became silent and stern, his charming, friendly persona falling away. I spoke to him on a couple of occasions, asking if he needed anything or if I should do anything for him, but he didn’t respond, starring at the road ahead, as if in some kind of a trance. I was confused, and felt so lonely and lost. In hindsight, it would not have been an uncommon situation to find yourself in as a young girl so far in the past – however from this point, my Crystal Dream took a turn towards the unexpected. We drove the camels all night and the next day, not eating or sleeping. Finally in the afternoon, we came to a small hill. The landscape was different here. The ground was harder and there were rock formations. He drove the camel train up the hill, where we came to rest. Still he didn’t speak.

to be a fireplace in the centre, four tall rocks encircled it and marked the directions. This place seemed very familiar to him. I thought this must be our camp. He began speaking in a language that I did not know, taking a rope he bound my hands and feet. Terrified and crying, I could not understand what was happening. He bound my mouth and left me on the ground while he went about setting up his ritual. Herbs and oils were mixed. The fire place set and lit, incantations spoken. Bowls of offerings placed at each of the head stones. These strange happenings were beyond my comprehension, yet I knew I was in grave danger. The things that unfolded next were both bizarre and heinous. He proceeded, as the sun went down to invoke, what can only be described as demons. Strange beings possessed him at each alter. I watched his face and body shape shift and change form. Strange

There was what looked

Supernal Magazine


dancing movements and surges of wild power as the beings took hold of his body.

“I recognised him as the man who was always chasing me in my dreams, only now had I recognised his soul energy.” It seemed that as they had no body of their own, taking the human vessel gave them power and the freedom to move physically. I was witnessing intentional full blown possessions. I could barely breathe. Experiencing this through the eyes of my past self, I could barely breathe, let alone understand what was happening, or why. The atrocities commited upon my past self that night are unspeakable. Each twisted energy abused my physical, mental and emotional state with torment

beyond description. At one point I found myself unbound, and there on the dirt floor, to what I could only comprehend as an incubus, my viriginity was taken from me. Realising I’d been seduced, anger overtook me. This was the moment I vowed NEVER to forgive this man I was to call my husband. Bleeding, my body wracked with pain, exhausted and defiled in every way, I was dragged to the fireplace.

“Returning to the here and now, I understood the connections between all of the experiences I had endured in that lifetime and this one.” Finally, I was tied to a spit, swimming in and out of consciousness. He spoke in tongues, strange unknown words. My body was turned over and over the fire’s coals. I do not know how I did not die while this was occurring. The oils and heat blistering my skin, as it was flayed from my body piece by piece. The pain overwhelming, I left my body once more to watch the scene from above. I could tell my past self was nearly expired. Then, moments before the sun’s first rays peered across the horizon, my throat was cut. In the Crystal Dreaming mandala, we called in my husband from that life. I felt no resentment


Supernal Magazine

towards him anymore. I recognised him as the man who was always chasing me in my dreams, only now had I recognised his soul energy. Dissolving vows and contracts, I released the trauma held in my cellular memory - this most traumatic of experiences, is something I could not have made up if I tried. Though I know not everyone holds the belief that past lives are a reality, it was this process revealed my truth to me, and aided greatly in my own personal healing journey. As the shamanic journey to where it all began was completed, I had faced my greatest fears, and cleared the trauma and repeat pattern from this and past lifetimes once and for all. Returning to the here and now, I understood the connections between all of the experiences I had endured in that lifetime and this one. I understood the soul contracts present and past, the resolution of karma and the importance of forgiveness and now had gratitude. Healing this scar had accomplished one thing that my soul intended me to do this lifetime. DV and all similar abuse are in the past where it belongs. It has ceased to have power over me or to influence my life, and so it is. To revisit Part 1 of Freya’s incredible story, click HERE. To learn more about the process of Crystal Dreaming, click HERE.

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& passion MUSIC

Catching up with Carissa Watts by Anthony Kilner

Sitting outside on a cool autumn day, I met up and chatted with the lovely and talented singer/songwriter Carissa Watts. Carissa has a passion for music, family, the heritage and culture of her family and the importance of cultural awareness. She shared with me her story.

Carissa, tell us a bit about who you are? I am a Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung woman living on the Mornington Peninsula in Boonwurrung Country. I am a musician, singer/songwriter, mother and a cultural awareness facilitator at the Koori Heritage Trust.

I hear you’ve just been in the recording studio for the first time - talk us through that? Yes, this is the first time I’ve ever been in the studio having put it off for a long time because it feels like such an unnatural environment for me. I don’t feel aligned with the whole process of producing music, so I’ve just decided to play a live album in the studio. I feel that gives the most honest and raw representation of my music and who I am as a person. It’s been hard, but also great. I’ve had an incredible sound engineer at Bakehouse Studios, and the crew are the best ever, so that part has been awesome. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and how I sing. It’s been fantastic in so many ways.

Supernal Magazine

I w m s a o l h i fi S c w I i

W m

I f e m h a t t a a

Most of my songs are about being out in nature, on Country, and the connection I have being a part of it. I sing a lot about issues within our community and my family, in particular, stolen generationspeople being moved off Country and more.

I H a o m i a o g w a t

In everything that I have written, I don’t sit down and

I u

What sort of music content are you putting together?


t s f b e o s o b

think, oh I’m going to write a song about this. It all comes from life, from a story I’ve been told by my Uncle, or an experience I’ve had while out on Country. It’s always something that’s happened, or I’m told about, and then it become songs.

I don’t have a choice about what I write about because most of my songs find me in some way. I could be driving along in my car, or I’ve been out bush, and the song will literally come into my head, I have to get the pen and write it down. Usually, it takes about five minutes to write a song. So yeah, I don’t even really choose what I’m going to write about, it just occurs. It’s like if I don’t write it down it haunts me.

Who’s been your inspiration musically?

I grew up in a very musical family. My dad was an excellent guitarist and mandolin player. My Uncle and his brother played the guitar, and other family and friends too. I’ve grown up listening to them all play sing-a-longs around the campfire. It’s mostly a bluegrass feel.

It began with me, with my dad. He taught me at a very young age how to play, and as I got older, my inspiration came from my brother’s. They were both incredible musicians/singers and showed me lots of different music styles growing up. That made me who I am, what I listen to and influenced the styles that I have.

I didn’t actually write a song until I was in my late teens.

interview I was at an ex-boyfriend’s house and wrote a song about him. I played it to him, and he said, “that is so awesome”, and he made me play it to all his family and friends. From that moment on, I just started writing.

You talk about singing in language, why is this so important? I believe that language forms the core basis of who you are. Language is so important, and our people lost so much of our language because of colonisation, which was all about trying to wipe it out along with our culture. It’s imperative for us to be reviving our language, so by putting that into songs, into song titles, that’s my part of restoring the language. I feel like I’m doing that for my ancestors, for my family. Those who lost their language. Those who weren’t allowed to speak their language. I have this platform now. Whether it be at work or on stage, I have a responsibility to use that platform for my people and for my family. That includes singing in language, and that also includes singing about Country and connection to Country. I feel the need to honour the people before me, and I feel like I’ve been given this platform to do just that!

What advice would you give for young people of any culture about getting involved in music? It was funny; I was driving to work this morning thinking about that, which I do a lot,

Supernal Magazine


“Everyone should be able to identify as who they are without that being challenged. I don’t see why people don’t accept or allow that...”

and while it sounds cliché it’s so important, ‘staying true to yourself’! The music industry, like any industry, can change you. People will give you their opinions, give you their advice and yeah, you can take some of it on board, but it’s important to remember why you started in the first place. Stay true to your vision and to yourself through it all. It’s not an easy thing to do. That’s the one bit of advice I would give - do what you feel is right and don’t change for anyone!

You are a Cultural Awareness Facilitator, what is that?

Images courtesy of Carissa Watts


Supernal Magazine

It’s educating people about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, seeing history through our eyes and understanding the issues that we’re going through. Stuff that you don’t learn in school, you

interview don’t see on TV. It’s about teaching people how to become more culturally aware. It’s about how to implement that knowledge into their workplace, and their lives, so they can create a culturally safe space in their environment. It’s all about how to connect with us on a more meaningful and more profound level. Understanding why we might do things differently, understanding that we might be ‘carrying’ a lot, on that day.

Everyone should be able to identify as who they are without that being challenged. I don’t see why people don’t accept or allow that, but I think to self-identity is important to everyone as a person - that everyone has the right to identify however they like. Yeah, we do cover a lot of heavy content that challenges identity. We talk about massacres, genocide, we talk about eugenics, but to

A lot happens within community, so it could mean being aware of what intergenerational trauma is, being aware of issues that are playing out today in communities as well, and how to be respectful of that.

There is a lot to take in but gives our participants a lot of things to think about, and hopefully, they go home and talk about it, with their friends, their families. That creates a ripple effect. That’s the whole idea of it.

You mentioned that it was essential to create a safe space for people. Why’s that?

There are so many resources out there, and so many books. Do your own reading, do your own research, educate yourself but also come along and listen, we’ve got events going on every week of the year. It might be panel discussions, music, arts, performers, theatre, it could be anything. There’s always something going on in the community that people can immerse themselves into and learn.

You work for the Koori Heritage Trust in Federation Square. What’s on offer there?

Is this something that everyday mums and dads can go and learn? Yes, while we predominantly work with business, you can book in as an individual and come and sit in on one of our sessions. Our individual sessions are only once every couple of months. Still, we’re finding more and more people educating themselves, so that’s really good.

important thing is to listen to us, listen to our voices, and listen to what we have to say, because only Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can speak for us.

connect with us, or develop relationships with us, or even understand us, you really do need to know that stuff. That’s the core basis of a lot of our trauma. It’s that those things that happened with colonisation, yeah, people need to understand that and that’s a place that we are coming from.

How else can people learn and get involved? There are so many ways that you can educate yourself or get involved, but the most

We are a Cultural Centre, so we do many different things. The cultural awareness program is just one section of the Trust. We’ve got an exhibition space, we’ve got a shop, we’ve got a museum collection, which isn’t open to the public, but we do have a selection of items on display up on the third floor. We run workshops, and we have our events. We also have a Family Histories team which is reconnecting people to their families and their country. Because of the impact of colonisation and stolen generations, we needed a dedicated team just for reconnection.


Like Carissa’s facebook page HERE to keep up with her upcoming performances and releases!

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Discovering Ayurveda By Liesl Horne

Shining a light on your Self-esteem How aware are you of the unique qualities that shine through you and make you who you are? Do you find yourself more focused on the negative aspects of yourself than the positive ones? Learning to recognise and appreciate your qualities is the first step to developing healthy self-esteem - defined as ‘confidence in one’s own worth or abilities.’ According to Ayurveda, healthy selfesteem is the key to building and maintaining a robust immune system and a healthy mind. Valuing your feelings, reflecting on your own attitudes and beliefs are all important ways to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you interact with others. Ayurveda provides many selfcare practices to help nourish and develop your sense of awareness. One way to develop this awareness and your immunity or inner light is to take care of your ‘Agni.’ Agni, in Ayurveda, refers to the fire-related energy of metabolism and digestion and is responsible for all transformative processes in the mind and body. Knowledge, comprehension, understanding,


Supernal Magazine

“Agni, in Ayurveda refers to the fire-related energy of metabolism and digestion…” identification are all governed by the strength of our Agni. Physically, if we are regularly eating the types of food that are difficult to digest such as junk food, leftovers or food that does not agree with our constitution, our digestive Agni or digestive fire, as it is often referred to, can become weakened. This can lead to symptoms of imbalance, such as feeling lethargic or dull and over time, more serious health conditions. On a mental and emotional level, our Agni can also become disturbed due to feeling upset and angry or when our thoughts, feelings or emotions are not processed or digested fully. This can be

experienced with sleepless nights and feeling anxious or angry. To feel at our best, we need to find ways to properly digest, absorb and assimilate our thoughts and emotions if we are to transform our feelings into understanding, which creates clarity. Anything that we do not fully digest physically, mentally or emotionally is likely to cause indigestion - pain or discomfort. Ayurveda refers to this as Ama, a type of toxic build-up that obstructs the physical and mental channels of the body. A fundamental principle of Ayurveda is to live a long and healthy life by living in rhythm with the cycles of nature. Also, to look within and live according to our nature. Reviewing your current habits and making small changes, gradually, will help to improve your self-esteem and your physical and emotional health. Consider

health and wellbeing too your daily environment, how you treat yourself, and how you treat others. The choices that you make in your everyday life play a vital role in your mental, physical and emotional health. When our awareness is focused outwards as it so often is in our society and culture, it can become easy to make comparisons between ourselves and others. To feel ‘less than’ who we really are. We lose sight of our uniqueness and get overwhelmed with how we think we should be. Now is the time to re-focus on your inner nature for guidance, your inherent mental, emotional and physical nature which is referred to as your prakruti in Ayurveda. Meditation and yoga are both practices that direct us inwards towards self-inquiry, to explore our inner world of thoughts, feelings and emotions. A space where we can peacefully contemplate and get in touch with our inner guidance. This, in turn helps to strengthen and balance our Agni. Our light of being. Why not make a habit of encouraging and being supportive of

Photo Credit: Pixabay

yourself, as well as being kind and supportive to others? Sometimes we think we need the approval of others when what we really need is the encouragement, approval and selfacceptance of ourselves. The following practices help to create greater clarity and connectedness with your inner nature: “This is the time to re-focus on your inner nature for guidance.” 1. Immerse yourself in a creative activity - art, gardening, cooking - something that inspires you. 2. Find a peaceful place to meditate; to be in touch with your feelings. 3. Recognise that heavy feeling, when you need to take time out to be in nature with fresh air and the breeze on your skin. 4. Write in your journal to gain clarity on your ideas and emotions. 5. Create positive affirmations to bring about the changes you want to see and write them in the present tense. Then repeat.

“Create positive affirmations to bring about the changes you want to see.” Practice expressing your choices in a considerate way socially - where you like to go and the activities you enjoy. Become familiar with being outside of your comfort zone. Notice the seasonal changes of food available at your local farmers market. Nourish yourself with nutritious, vibrant ingredients that are suited to your ‘dosha’ your own constitution. Be patient and kind with yourself as well as to those around you.

By Liesl Horne Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, prescribe or heal any health condition or to replace standard medical treatment or advice.

Supernal Magazine


Spirit of things Leading an Intuitive Life This month we welcome in the season of autumn or spring in the UK! In this issue, I have chosen to write about ‘Leading an intuitive life’. Firstly, what is intuition? My understanding is that it is another word for tapping into ones sixth sense. It’s your own inner voice that lets you know and/or warns you of something that could happen or occur, whether it has a positive or negative feeling.

“Our sense of feeling is stronger than a ‘thought’...”

‘using our own soul power’ which means we can tap into our own intuition, true self and gut feelings. It is important to trust these feelings, but we all know at times, we do the complete opposite and don’t listen to our feelings. I am sure we have all, at some point in It is more like going with the gut our life, thought ‘why on earth feelings (butterfly like) that you didn’t I listen to my gut’, as get when maybe something is in consequently we didn’t, not quite right. Although, you and then something can also feel it in your gut when happened which perhaps it is a good decision, or a good was not for our highest feeling that you have to or good, nor felt like such a want to make. By tuning in to good outcome. the ‘feeling’ in our gut, the information will have more So how can we lead more value, as our sense of feeling is of an intuitive life and how stronger than a ‘thought’. This can this benefit us? is because the conscious mind could make us question the ‘thought’. So, by sensing and feeling, it will be truer to ourselves and will be a clearer answer!

By Samantha Duly

“If we tap into our own intuition more, it can change our life in many ways.” My ‘top tip’ would be to show gratitude every single day. To say at least 3-5 things that you are grateful for, and this can include what you would also like to manifest or experience in your life. The more we are grateful, the more things will come into our lives. “If we tap into our own intuition more, it can change our life in many ways.”many ways.” Also by learning about yourself and what feels right for you, by eating healthily, resting and having adequate exercise, this all helps towards intuitive living. At this point you are listening to your feelings and what is actually right for you.

Also, to point out, I believe our soul is situated in our solar plexus area - between the sternum and belly button. This can be referred to as


Supernal Magazine

Photo Credit: Pixabay

mediumship setting up a new business or even moving home. Choosing to be happier, being more creative and achieving abundance on alllevels are more than possible when living intuitively. By leading an intuitive life, most importantly, we can choose to be happy and learn to change our negative thoughts, patterns and behaviours, plus by learning not to self-sabotage, the decision/s we make will benefit ourselves, which will then benefit others. It’s important to note the 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe these can make a big impact

With regards to Spiritual Law Number 4: the Law of Attraction (with our intuition in place), this magnetic power of the Universe draws energies together. Whether it is thoughts, feelings, people, situations or circumstance, through utilising these ‘positive energies’ we can feel more calm, happy and in control of our lives. By believing in and working on ourselves with the aspects of this particular law, by becoming more positive, we will attract so much more into our lives, and live an aware and positive existence. This will then help us get a better idea of who we are and what our life’s purpose is.

The biggest one for most of ‘us empaths/sensitives’ is learning to say ‘NO’ more often. We should be saying to ourselves ‘is this right for me, does it feel right?’ if not, then say NO! In personal relationships, whether it is our partner, family members, friends and acquaintances, we should feel and recognise if someone is affecting our well-being or causing us stress and turmoil. Is this relationship right? Is this a toxic relationship? Sadly, even family members at times are sometimes difficult to be with, but by listening to your intuition more, you will know whether you can be around them or plan when you want to be around them. All this comes through living and leading an intuitive way of life. By stepping into our own power and intuition we can change things to help ourselves, whether it’s discovering our own intuitive abilities, starting a new hobby, following our dreams,

our life in all aspects, especially in our awareness, our well-being –mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. The laws can teach us about happiness and success in our life.

In April, I will be writing about the Amazing Pioneer, Andrew Jackson Davis Yours in Spirit Samantha Duly

“…by becoming more positive, we will attract so much more into our lives”…

Supernal Magazine


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Manifesting Maven The Aligned Business By Dr Brooklyn Storme PhD As entrepreneurs and business owners, there is no doubt going to be times when we feel like we are failing, like we are not good enough, that we simply aren’t cut out for it, and all other manner of things. I love hearing about this from clients because it’s the space I thrive in, and I’ll explain why. “A business that is aligned is a sheer joy to work in.” When you’re feeling like things aren’t going as planned in your business, there’s a reason, and I believe that reason is because you are operating out of alignment with your core values, your brand vision and your soul’s purpose. A business that is aligned is a sheer joy to work in. Your clients, suppliers, readers or viewers, and in fact

“When you are feeling like things aren’t going as planned in your business, there’s a reason.” everyone that you come into contact with is going to feel your high vibration as a result of that joy. And that’s a good thing because it can open so many doors for you. I’ll share an example: One lady I was working with recently was fraught with distress over her finances. She was a healer, an energy worker, and she was barely making enough money to cover rent, let alone pay herself a wage. She came to me seeking answers and guidance. Through our conversations, it was revealed she had a low estimation of herself and the value of what Photo Credit: Pexels

she was offering and therefore was undercharging for her services. This mindset also meant that often she was not chasing up late payments from clients, while at other times she was providing services free of charge out of a sense of guilt she felt about asking clients for money. This was no way to run a business. A business needs to be generating money; otherwise, it’s a hobby. What was happening was that my client was operating out of alignment with her true values when she was asking for payment, and believing people couldn’t afford her services, hence more difficulty with asking for money. Therefore, when she requested payment, she did so in an almost apologetic manner which likely instilled in her clients a sense of doubt about the fee too. Remember that like attracts like - it’s the law of attraction 101. So what to do? The first step was to spend time together identifying the beliefs that my client held around money, worth, value and such. This does take time as it’s a difficult thing to look at your innermost beliefs right there for all to see in black and white. Ego tends to obstruct access to the beliefs we hold,


Supernal Magazine

business ”When we try and substitute an unwanted belief with its opposite, our Ego steps in and prevents the new belief from taking hold.” protecting us from the palpable fear that some of us can experience. Once we’d identified the limiting beliefs, we then set about a process of letting them go. From there, the third step was to create new beliefs that the client wanted to believe, that she felt she was able to believe and that were not polar opposites to the unwanted beliefs she’d let go of. When we try and substitute an unwanted belief with its opposite, our Ego steps in and prevents the new belief from taking hold. There is something called the critical factor that acts similarly as a gate might. It determines what information can enter and exit the subconscious mind and therefore, if something like an “Ego tends to obstruct access to the beliefs we hold.”

opposite thought tries knocking on that gate, the gate remains closed. The simplest way to create a new belief that takes hold is to preface it with a movement phrase such as I am in the process of ….’ Once the client had found new beliefs she felt comfortable with and could accept and believe in her core, she showed up differently in her business. She was able to have money conversations with ease, grace and flow and most of all, with confidence. You see, your success in business comes from the inside. The outer the desk, the laptop, the clients,

they are all manifestations of those beliefs. Change your thinking, and you change your world. If you are experiencing difficulty in your business right now, you are not alone; however, you now have the advantage of the knowledge that is derived from Universal Laws and at the same time, grounded in science with an abundance of evidence. You have the power to control your thoughts, to change your beliefs and experience the reality you dreamed of when you first started this business. You have the process now. The rest is up to you.

By Dr Brooklyn Storme PhD

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Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) is a day of significance for the LGBTQIA+ community and falls on March 31st every year. This is a time to celebrate trans people all around the world. It aims to bring attention to the brave and courageous folk who live authentically and to bring attention to their accomplishments, while also highlighting awareness about discrimination and transphobia that trans people still face. Being visible can come at a considerable cost. Please stop and think about it for a moment. You were born and assigned a gender. Your parents or carers raised you according to that gender, and inside you knew that you were different. You did not align with the gender that you were assigned by a medical professional and your parents/carers. How does one navigate their world to be able to live as the gender that they innately know they are? By being brave and courageous that’s how! What does Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) mean to me? Everything! My baby girl, Charlotte, is part of a small population of people that have existed on our planet for thousands of years. Some nations, such as India, recognise people who are transgender, as a third gender. Charlotte’s people


Supernal Magazine

Over the

Transgender D

by Cele have lived in all cultures and, within some, have been held in the highest regard. However, even in the present day and age, her people are still largely misunderstood. To someone uneducated in gender orientation and sexual diversity, my baby girl could be misconstrued as being fake and possibly be demonised. She could be labelled as a ‘boy dressing in girls clothes’, as deceitful by taking advantage of society’s good graces, as confused or being brainwashed by a parent or carer, and additionally, being rejected by churches, labelled an abomination to God. I was reminded of this only yesterday. My daughter came home from school and relayed an account of a situation that had occurred. A teacher was playing music during the session. A song came on that the teacher assumed all of the girls would love. They called out, ‘I am sure that this is a song that all of you girls love, including you, Charlotte.’ Charlotte felt very uncomfortable. The communication triggered a comment by a classmate. The young person said out aloud to Charlotte, ‘You are male, you were born a

male, and you always will be a male.’ Charlotte spoke with me that afternoon, and we organised a meeting about the issue with the school the following morning. It was agreed that the young person would become educated about transgender and gender diverse people. It was also decided that the teacher would become aware of the repercussions that can unfold when someone is singled out about their gender within a large population of students. The school were amazing in their role to stop bullying on all levels by promoting a constructive and educational approach. In light of the upcoming Transgender Day of Visibility, the following are five ways that you can show your support on March 31st:

1. Get educated! Please. Trans people are simply a natural variant of the human species. They are beautiful and valuable. In the last Australian Census, (2016) 1,260 people gave an intentional and valid sex/ gender diverse response. This is a minimum estimate and is expected to have been



gender identity, gender expression, sexual identity and sex assigned at birth.

Day of Visibility

este de Vis

Images by Celeste de Vis and Unsplash

substantially under-reported, however... - One-third of these people (35%) did not provide a more descriptive term (‘Other - not further defined’). - ‘Another gender’ (18%) and ‘Non-binary’ (17%) were the next most commonly reported categories. - 13% identified as trans male or trans female. A further 13% identified just as trans or transgender without giving a more specific identity. (Source: ABS Census of Population & Housing, 2016).

This year, we will be blessed to celebrate TDOV by participating in a Trans Pride March. The organisers have worked tirelessly to ensure that the event will be a safe, supportive, inclusive and fun space. The event will commence at noon outside the State Library. We will march down Swanston Streetuntil we arrive at Federation Square. After the march, we will celebrate with a Trans Pride Celebration Concert at Federation Square commencing at 3pm.

A little tip: Gender - who you go to bed as, and Sexuality who you desire to go to bed with.

4. Support Trans led organisations, such as... Transgender Victoria - https:// transgendervictoria.com/ Transcend - https:// transcendsupport.com.au/

5. Celebrate Trans Day of Visibility in your workplace or school! Get into the spirit by encouraging those around you to celebrate diversity and support the trans community.

3. Learn about the differences... between

2. Attend Melbourne’s firstever Trans Pride March on Sunday, March 29th. Click on the link: https:// www.facebook.com/ events/203820937477398/

Images by Celeste de Vis & Dress for Success

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by Jason D Varga

This month, I want to pose a little hypothetical question. In my practice, I help clients overcome and manage chronic pain regularly. Myself included, as almost twenty years ago, I was involved in an industrial accident that has left me with prolapsed discs and a twisted spine. I keep on top of it with daily Qi Gong exercises and selfhypnosis. I was pondering the other day on the way pain management has changed over the years. For my generation, if we were experiencing any sort


Supernal Magazine

of pain, physical, mental or emotional, we were told to ‘Walk it off’ unless it was ‘serious’ enough for a trip to the doctors. Then there were all the natural old wives’ remedies and placebos, but that is a point for another discussion. Nowadays, we are quick to go to the pharmacy and buy a horde of chemical fixes, after consulting good old Doctor Google, and we are told we must work through our pain, understand it on some deeper level. I, for one, try to stay away from ‘bandaid’ fixes such as pharmaceuticals that for the most part, deal with the symptom and not necessarily the cause. I also believe that some cases require working through.

Here is the conundrum: by treating every little ailment as something we have to work through and deal with on deeper levels, are we doing ourselves a disservice? I am a believer that we create our realities – that we get what we focus on. So by drawing out some issues, are we actually making them worse than they would be and lengthening recovery time? Are we sabotaging the survival of the fittest and creating a weaker race? Okay, that was a number of questions, but you get the drift.

“Pain is our body’s warning system, and even emotional pain is a good way of releasing and evaluating.” If we are told to ‘get over it’, we soldier on, not giving in to the ailment, we are not focussing on it, not feeding it; allowing our bodies to heal naturally, building greater resilience and a stronger race. I’m not saying this would be the case for everything, a cure-all, although, I do hypothesise that some ailments could be fixed faster, more efficiently and naturally by not giving in to them. It still takes strength,

mental health

let’s face it; it is difficult to not focus on chronic pain when it is occurring.

“Think about it, if humans did not experience pain, where would we be?” There are many great hypnotic techniques to manage pain; there is a lot of buzz in the hypnosis community about a certain technique that has come out of the UK that seems to work miracles. It is a strippeddown, back to basics version of a technique that has been around for a very long time; there is very little new under the sun. Again though, here is the point, did we as therapists begin to over complicate things just for our own satisfaction? A simple technique that may take ten minutes must be so much better and worth more money when wrapped up in a whole lot of jargon and drawn out to an hour’s session, right? Wrong! There is an old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This holds true for some of these older, more straightforward methods. Yes, there is a danger in the old “this is the way we’ve always done it” phrase because it leaves no room

for new ideas and advancement in the field. So, the trick is to remain open, try new ideas, experiment, but at the same time if something works well but seems too simplistic, do not get caught up in trying to make it more complicated than it needs to be. After all, we are dealing with the subconscious mind in hypnosis, and simple imagery and instructions are far more likely to be absorbed into our conscious programming.

“If something works well, but seems too simplistic, do not get caught up in trying to make it more complicated than it needs to be.”

even emotional pain is a good way of releasing and evaluating. We can, however, give people control over their pain, to provide the means for them to be able to manage the levels of it, and function on a day to day basis. So, we focus on the pain for only a moment, acknowledge its existence and then release it via a visualisation and/or intention technique. This way, we deal with it quite quickly without over-focusing on it. Just a thought! ESPecially best wishes, The Mentalist.

When it comes to pain, I also maintain, never turn a person into a superhuman that will never feel any pain; after all, pain is a good thing in actuality. When we experience pain, we know something’s wrong. Think about it, if humans did not experience pain, where would we be? I can imagine the first human that encountered fire thinking, “oh, this is nice and warm…hey, what’s that smell?” as their skin slowly cooked off. So as therapists, we should NEVER remove pain entirely. Pain is our body’s warning system, and

Images by Unsplash & Pixabay

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Mental Health ers tt a M Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS); could technology make us sick? alongside the feeling that these symptoms dissipate when not in range of these fields (WHO, 2020).

By Derran Heney Mental Health Professional Every decade we are gaining more momentum in the technological race and our exposure to electromagnetic fields is increasing exponentially. This article will explore an ever-increasing trend towards the numbers of non-specific health complaints without evidence of disease detected. There are many cases of people visiting their medical professionals with unusual clusters of symptoms; multiple diagnostic tests are performed, eventually with individuals being told they have a clean bill of health. So what could be going on? The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) now recognise a medical condition called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is defined as the health effects caused by non-ionising radiation or in other words, unseen energetic frequencies carrying information.


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Electromagnetic fields are produced from the likes of low frequency sources like power lines, electrical wiring and other appliances to higher frequency sources like Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, mobile phones, mobile phone towers, computers, cordless phones, microwaves and baby monitors. (ARPANSA, 2015). The prevalence of EHS in 2008, reported as being as high as 8 percent of the global population. However, these figures may well be higher due to the nature of the symptoms and individuals not being aware of the actual cause of their symptoms (EM Radiation Research Trust, 2015). Common symptoms reported includes headaches, head pressure, short burst of sudden dizziness, sporadic nausea, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, concentration and sleep disturbances, the sensation of skin burning and other skin problems. As well as other more non-specific symptoms that occur when exposed to enduring Electromagnetic fields ( EMFs),

One of the difficulties in researching EHS is because the frequencies are unseen, and for most is unfelt, it relies on quantitative evidence. Those that experience EHS report that it can take time to feel the effects, some immediately, some experience mild effects while others more severe, yet others take longer to feel the full effect. EHS effects are cumulative, meaning it can worsen over time and the impact on the individual compounded by many competing sources. The symptoms of exposure can take time to develop, as well as time for the effects to dissipate after the stimulus has been turned off.

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) and the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) now recognise a medical condition called Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (EHS).�

mental health This is problematic when studying physical or mental health effects because it makes it appear like the results are not consistent when scientists are switching sources off and on and recording results. Some researchers have concluded that the condition is all in an individual’s mind, the result of a placebo effect, or a result of other factors like poor ergonomics or flickering fluorescent lights. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that most, if not all people who have reported symptoms, were not aware that EMF could have any effect on their wellbeing. They found out after their symptoms started while attempting to investigate why their health was deteriorating and why their symptoms reduced when high-frequency EMF sources are limited. “Some researchers have concluded that the condition is all in an individual’s mind, the result of a placebo effect…” As far back as the 1970s, researchers were aware of frequency-based illnesses emerging from soldiers in the military being solidly exposed to devices like radio and radar equipment. Interestingly the symptoms reported by those soldiers were similar to those with EMF, hypersensitivity alongside with difficulty concentrating, dizziness, headaches, migraines, tiredness and burning sensations of the skin. Mental health conditions like depressionand anxiety are known to be amongst the reported complications (Hedendahl et al. 2015).

“As far back as the 1970s, researchers were aware of frequency-based illnesses emerging from soldiers in the military…” How can you protect from EMF overexposure? Distance is your friend with electromagnetic frequencies - the further away from the source, the better! Limiting daily exposure is also recommended. • A building biologist can conduct EMF measurements in the home or workplace, and experts can advise where best to place your furniture in rooms you spend more time in to iso late distance wise from EMFs. • Visiting a GP or medical professional and discussing your symptoms is always recommended, it is essential to exclude other possibilities. Sometimes it helps to take some evidence of EMF research because there is not an acknowledgement from some medical professionals or researchers that EMF is contributing to poor health.

• Consider limiting exposure to devices, turn Wi-Fi modems power off at the wall and turn mobile phones off when not using them, especially at night and keep them out of the bedroom. • Research if you live in a highly concentrated EMF zone (with combinations of power lines, mobile phone towers etc.) • Research shielding products. Read more here: • Electromagnetic hypersensitivity an increasing challenge to the medical profession. - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ pubmed/26372109 • Electromagnetic fields and public health - https://www.who.int/peh-emf/ publications/facts/fs296/en/ If you need further assistance or are worried about someone, Make a call!

Lifeline 13 11 14 Kids Helpline 1800 551 800

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Numerology by ShirleySienna

Three by name, 3 by nature. Scattered, genius, intrinsic to law, to creation, to life; how and what we make it. The word three, written, actually enumerates to the value of 11. Now, if you read Divine Time, you will see that it’s very synchronistic to what I’ve written. But of course three, or 3, is about writing, communication, thinking, third eye, perception and psychic enhancement. Three is a tree with an h inserted. The value of 11 is the trunk of that tree. A tree has to have energy such as nutrients and water from both ground and sky to survive just like us. Xylem and Phloem, the balanced, even-flowing transportation of water and food from root to leaves.

We are the trees, with the H - for Human. This month, remember, we need Xylem and Phloem to survive. Balance, wholeness, clean air, clean water and clean food! Think and be Mindful, this March, month of Three.

Quote of the Month “We have our eye on the same destination – a sustainable future where Indigenous people are recognized for their wisdom and honoured for their culture – there is no problem taking a different path to reach that place.” - Kirstie Parker Kirstie Parker, Current director of aboriginal affairs and reconciliation for the government of South Australia, is a proud Yuwallarai woman born in Northern New South Wales in 1967. Kirstie is a famed Journalist and aboriginal rights activist who from 2013 to 2015, served as the co-chair for the national congress of Australia’s first people. During her service, Kirstie pressed relentlessly for policies that allowed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians to gain the ability for self-determination. https://www.reconciliation.org.au/contact-us/


Supernal Magazine

Image by Joseph Mayers Photography

Next Issue - Out 22nd April 2020

Illusion and Magic In April, Supernal delves into the mysterious and often misunderstood world of illusion and magic. Exploring aspects of its implications both past and present, we also interview Leon Bracelin - the resident archaeologist of Ludlow Castle.

PLUS Para-Normal with Jason D Varga LGBTQI+ Life Astrology with a twist ‌ and more!

Supernal Magazine


Contr Anthony Kilner

Anthony has worked in magazines and publishing for 25 years as a photo journalist, travelling Australia and the globe, with a bent towards lifestyle and spirituality.

Anthony is a psychic medium, published author with 2 full books (Secret Spiritual Business & Practical Mediumship) and 3 co-authored books (Healthy Mind, Healthy Body & Healthy Spirit). Qualified in trance healing, massage, Reiki and Seichim, he also works as an educational facilitator, mentor, energy worker, speaker and musician. Having studied Vibrational Healing and meditation techniques in India and Australia, Anthony understands these to be powerful tools to promote ongoing wellbeing that work physical body to encourage self-healing. In 2018, Anthony launched Bridging Realms — Core Issue Vibrational Healing TM. This system of energy work combines Anthony’s knowledge into a single package, offering a unique holistic service for his clients. Anthony has also created a beautiful working and teaching environment in Research Victoria where he operates his businesses — Bridging Realms. www.bridgingrealms.com.au

Celeste de Vis

Dr. Brooklyn Storme


Founder of Rainbow Connections Youth & Family Group

Celeste de Vis is the founder of Rainbow Connections Youth and Family group: a grass roots direct social support for families raising transgender and gender creative children. Rainbow Connections has been in operation for five years. This valuable service is supported by the Mornington Peninsula Shire, who has provided the group a venue, Shed 11 in Hastings.

Celeste is a graduate of Institute of Counselling & Community Studies where she received a Diploma of Counselling and a Diploma of Family Support Work. She loves children and has a passion to see each and every child shine! She is the mother and carer of two girls and two fur babies. Celeste has extensive experience working in the community services sector, including the RSPCA, a community Needle and Syringe Program and a local Community Support and Information service. She currently volunteers at her church, undertaking Emergency Relief, which provides counselling, support and Material Aid to families living on Western Port Bay.

PhD Bo

With a strong scientific background in Psychological Science and a passion for Law of Attraction (LOA), Brooklyn embarked on a personal mission to test LOA to see if it ‘really worked’. No one was more surprised than she, when it did and thus a passion was ignited. Brooklyn is not passionate, she is a total believer in LOA.

Brooklyn is highly sought after for her coaching services. She has helped doctors, psychologists, lawyers, entrepreneurs and business owners from all over the world, to understand the challenges they experience in business. Her guidance helps them to break through the internal glass ceiling and enable them to have the life that they always dreamed of attaining. When she’s not busy helping clients create their ultimate life, she can be found walking her dog, Gabe down by the water in her hometown of Hastings in Melbourne, Australia. www.brooklynstormebusinessacceleration.com

Derran Heney

Registered Nurse, Mental Health Practitioner, Workplace Trainer and Assessor

Born and raised in New Zealand, from the age of three, Derran knew that she wanted to be a nurse. With her early experiences of nursing inspiring her path way, she passionately pursued a career in mental health.

Derran began working in acute psychiatric inpatient settings, before venturing into community areas and crisis teams, working to support adults with a range of mental health conditions. Derran’s passion for education has led her into her current role as a Clinical Nurse Educator and running her own business, facilitating community mental health education. Derran has over 25 years of clinical experience. Mental health nursing is a very unique and rewarding career and she has learned much about herself while also feeling satisfied helping others to make sense of and heal from their experiences. Derran is also a qualified massage therapist. Reiki practitioner and is studying Core Issue Vibrational Healing.


Freya Sampson

Custodian Eartheart

Freya Sampson is the Founder and Custodian of, ‘A New Eartheart Foundation Ltd’ in Fremantle, WA.

Her transformational awakening in 1999 catapulted her into a life in service to humanity, the Earth and all sentient life upon it. Freya has worked extensively with the Australian Aboriginal culture and with world leaders in the movement of Consciousness-Change. She is an internationally renowned shaman, healer and teacher. Her huge heart overflowing with compassion and ability to get to the core of the issue has allowed countless peoples dis-ease to be transformed into ease and grace. Freya shares her wisdom in her body of work, ‘Tree of Life, Pathway to Empowerment’. Her passion is awakening hearts, to together, transform life on Earth.


Supernal Magazine


Gary Sullivan

Paranormal Investigator

With over 35 years of investigating and experience in the Paranormal. Gary is a valued, walking knowledge bank of all things unexplainable, including Ghosts and investigating techniques. With a long standing, professional presence in the field of the Paranormal, and leading hundreds of investigations at some of Australia’s most haunted locations, Gary will bring an understanding and explanation of Paranormal events. His wealth of experience and reputation among his peers, and fellow team members, both on and off screen, makes him the perfect candidate to provide support and direction.

Although Garry follows paranormal events in search of truth, he is an avid skeptic who thoroughly analyses all submitted data for rational explanations where possible. Being technically minded, he utilises the latest in paranormal equipment, as well as assessing some of the more popular devices that are on the market. Check him out on the Facebook page - Forever Haunted

ibutor Jane Offer


UK born Jane was trained in the 1960’s as a teacher and counsellor, teaching Preparatory for 14 years, breaking only to have her own children. When two family members became ill, she left teaching and discovered the natural health path. Always interested in philosophy and spirituality, she created a Natural Health Centre which was also registered as an independent training college. Various projects received Government funding, enabling the development of programs encouraging young people back into mainstream education and working in prisons. Two programs that Jane’s wishes to see adopted within Australia. As well as groups, individuals benefitted from the healing modalities, counselling and teaching that was offered. Jane immigrated with her husband to Australia in 2007, opened The Purple Dragonfly in Warrandyte in 2014 and also launched The Oak Tree Organisation Australia, a not-for-profit dedicated to training and holistic programs for groups and individuals in both the corporate and noncorporate world.

www.thepurpledragonfly.net.au www.oaktreeorg.com.au

Joti Gore

Joti is the creator of meditative sports stretch, advanced personal trainer, group fitness instructor, holistic health and wellbeing workshop facilitator, fitness expert presenter for TV, conventions, and festivals, holistic healing arts. He is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter, dancer/ choreographer, actor/director and model. Joti offers complementary holistic modalities, lecturers, classes, workshops, consultations, yoga teacher trainings, and other alternative modalities for healing and reconnection to the higher self through frequency music, stones and crystals, singing bowls, colour therapies, meditation, and spiritual guidance. For speaking engagements, or performance bookings, contact Agent/ Manager: Janine J Cowie janinejcowie@gmail.com

Spiritual Medium, Tutor

Perth based Samantha is a Spiritual Medium, Teacher and Tutor originating from the UK and who travels regionally, nationally and internationally with her work.

As a full-time medium and member of the UK Spiritualists National Union, (SNU). Samantha has studied for the last 7 years and has been accredited and certified as an evidential Medium, a teacher and public speaker. Her qualifications so far are: CSNU d,t,s. She has written 120 essays for the SNU to date and is committed to lifelong learning and believes this demonstrates to her students her dedication and commitment. Samantha loves and is humbled by her work for both the physical and spiritual world and for the healing that takes place through all her readings.


Mentalist, Hypnotist, Psychic

Jason began his working career as an industrial engraver, although he has now retired from that industry as one of only a handful of Master Engravers in Australia, he is still contracted by the AFL to engrave each year’s premiership cups.

He also still engraves the occasional prop for the film and television industry. In his late teens Jason became heavily involved in the rockabilly scene and still teaches swing and rock’n’roll dancing. Jason began his journey performing hypnosis and mentalism shows and is the only Australian mentalist endorsed by Uri Geller. As Australia’s top psychic entertainer, Jason draws on his experience as a stage hypnotist to give entertaining demonstrations of various psychic modalities all over the country. His passion for helping others shines through in his private practice where he offers hypnotherapy, psychic counselling and psychotherapy, he also teaches thaumaturgy, contact telepathy, psychometry and many other psychic modalities. www.esp.2fear.com

Liesl Horne

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Meditation Teacher

Liesl has an absolute passion for living well and focuses on nourishing the mind and body through lifestyle, nutrition and rejuvenation helping others to create and maintain their health in a natural, simple and sustainable way. Liesl embraced Ayurveda after reading about the digestive benefits this ancient system provides in supporting general health.

Since qualifying in Melbourne, she has a decade of experience providing Ayurvedic consultations, workshops, massage therapy and now also incorporates meditation into her practice. Liesl offers consultations in Warrandyte and Rowville. Liesl has a Cert IV Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, Advanced Cert Ayurvedic Massage, Advanced Cert Marina Point Massage, she is a registered member of Australasian Assoc Ayurveda Inc. and is a recognized with Mindfulness Meditation; Guided Imagery and Contemplation with the Gawler Foundation.


Samantha Duly


As an Ascension and Usui Reiki Master - Teacher, senior lecturer curriculum writer for 200/500 Hr and advanced diploma YTT, intuitive healing arts, sound and crystal therapy, yoga and meditation, Joti is well qualified to help people realise their potential.

Jason D. Varga

- Sub Editor


ShirleySienna Coventry

Medium. Numerologist, DreamSpell and Divine Symmetry

ShirleySienna is a highly developed Psychic Intuitive and Spiritual Medium. She is recognised in Australia and internationally by her peers and clients as a professional and accurate communicator, teacher and consultant able to access the spirit worlds, (eg: spirit guides and those passed from this Earth to the Astral and higher planes) as a galactic/interdimensional channel, bringing forth information, insight and healing to many. ShirleySienna has worked with her mentors in the invisible and spiritual realms to finely tune a series of modalities including Numerology, Dreamspell, Human Design, cartomancy and more, and Divine Symmetry and the EarthSpirit Wisdom Teachings are the result. Travelling across the world and sharing space via the crystal skull collective has given her insight and access to the work of shamans, healers and wellknown teachers. She herself has been invited to present at such conferences and retreats. ShirleySienna facilitates public and private events, workshops, classes and lectures in many areas of spiritual and psychic development as well as private consultations. www.shirleysienna.com

Supernal Magazine 45

Contributor Tadd

Bios The Aussie Dream Decoder

Tadd is a larrikin Aussie who’s a hard worker and a bit of a philosopher at heart. He loves spending time in the Australian bush and is quite comfortable driving around this big wide land he calls home.

Tadd’s interest in dreams comes as a result of an over active imagination where there are blurred lines between sleep dreaming and day dreaming. He started writing down his dreams and following them through to gain an understanding on how and why these dreams really are important messages from the soul. People will often find Tadd sitting on a mountain top or a sand dune reflecting on life as he knows it, and as the world lives it!

Tanya Stavropoulos

Advertising Manager

Tanya Stavropoulos is your go-to person for your advertising needs with Supernal Magazine Australia.

Do you have a business, product or practice that aligns with the Supernal way of life?


Having worked in the natural health industry for over six years, Tanya is passionate about promoting natural health, wellness and abundance for her clients and industry professionals. Access to alternative health was always considered a normal approach in Tanya’s childhood and she has avidly followed emerging new ideas in health and wellbeing ever since. Tanya contributed her energies to many Marketing Support roles within Tourism Australia and Sydney’s 2000 Olympics, Market Research Co-ordinator for Melbourne Convention and Marketing Bureau, Visitor Information Centre Co-ordinator with Mornington Peninsula Tourism. Tanya’s warm, friendly and strong customer service skills will help your business express your heart-felt promotional message to your audience in our amazing online magazine! Feel free to chat about your advertising opportunities with Tanya on 0419 359 755 or email; advertising@supernalmagazineaustralia.com.au

Varij Varidium

Philosophy, Astrologer, Tarot, Teacher

Varij is a former tutor in philosophy at Melbourne University who has been reading and teaching Astrology professionally for over 30 years.

His readings blend intelligence, compassion and wisdom with a gifted intuition to provide clear, positive and accurate guidance. Astrology provides the big picture of your life, and the use of Tarot enables Vary to zero in on the specifics of any situation or concern. Varij is clairvoyant in the sense that be is a clear seer. Fundamentally, be functions like a mirror to reflect you back to yourself. He provides insight into your karmic past present concerns and future direction with soul, depth, wit and wisdom.


Supernal Magazine


CONTACT TANYA at advertising@supernal magazineaustralia.com.au for rates, information and enquiries.

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Shirley Sienna At Divining Me Divine Symmetry Mediumship/Oracle/Tarot/Numerology/Psychic Readings Public and Private Events Crystal Skull Wisdom Keeper

Consultations by Appointment Email: diviningme@yahoo.com.au www.shirleysienna.com Tel: 0403 484 892

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