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Issue #1

By Shazad Ahmed Khan

When I hear the word dream, I recall the word “BELIEF”. Yes, I see the dream at the end of a long road called belief. I am looking for the best tools and equipment to reach the end of this road. Belief is connected to many things. First to believe in Allah (SWT), for He is the only one who will help you by showing you the tools or by guiding you to the right people who can help and support you. He always sends you the right message on the right time. You just need to be aware of it and understand it carefully. You should always ask Him and be sure that He will answer you sooner or later. Believing in Allah (SWT) means depending on Him but also working. Here comes the second type

of belief: believing in yourself. You should know you are capable as long as you are working and trying. You should know that you are not less than those who achieved their dreams no matter how long you have been trying or how many times you failed. They all failed before. No one reaches his/her goal in just one trial. The only difference between those who do reach and those who don’t is belief and persistence . The third kind of belief is believing in your dream itself. Your dream is worth trying and worth fighting for, worth prayers and worth full nights of asking Allah (SWT). It needs everything you can do to make it come true. If you don’t believe in your dream... why would you do any effort at all? A quote that I always be-

lieved says, “a dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.” But, the most important thing we should know is that we never achieve anything by ourselves , if it wasn’t for Allah’s will and support we will never do. We can apply this division of belief in our unique Egyptian revolution. We believed in Allah (SWT) and that’s why we stood in front of bullets and death. We asked Him for freedom. We asked Him for justice. I can tell for sure that everyone who stood there facing death believed first in Allah’s (SWT) support for him/her because death has always been the hardest thing to face unless you are a believer. We believed in ourselves as well. We knew that we had the right to do this. We had fears as normal human beings ,

but our belief was stronger and we knew we are not less than anyone who died for his/her belief. We believed in our dream: freedom. We believed in it to the extent of sacrificing anything for it. Finally, have a dream of your own a dream which makes people’s lives a better place, a dream in which you do believe, a dream in which you can satisfy your role on earth which you were created for ,a dream through which you can worship Allah (SWT) the best. Believe in Allah (SWT) and His support for you that you would never achieve anything without Him. And always know that some people died for what they believed in so always have something to live for.


SuperMuslim's purpose is to reawaken the Muslims inside of us and to make our Eman and our bond with God grow stronger.

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