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Finesse Dance Company presents:

WONDERLAND Friday, May 24, 2013 Doors open at 7:30pm Show starts at 8:00pm UCSD Price Center East Ballroom

Finesse Dance Company Finesse Dance Company is an all-female, contemporary-based dance company at UC San Diego, established in Fall 2011. Our purpose is to provide an outlet for dancers who come to college seeking to pursue their passion for dance. Along with participating in various showcases and events on campus throughout the year, we are also constantly working towards putting on our own showcase at the end of the year. Our main goal is to offer an escape from the stress of schoolwork for students who wish to build their talent and creativity, as well as to form a united family.


1 | “WONDERLAND” Choreographed by Gina Ferrari, Carolin Ding, Laura Lieu, and Wendy Lin Dancers: Finesse Dance Company

2 | “ELEPHANT GUN” They are after your obedience, your mind, but most importantly, your soul. Choreographed by Julia McCarthy Dancers: Adriee Wong, Ann Marie Ly, Carolin Ding, Christine Lee, Gina Ferrari, Jeannette Betz, Julia McCarthy, Laura Lieu, Michelle Chang, Wendy Lin

3 | “HOME” “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” Choreographed by Margaret Chiu Dancers: Audris Fan, Desi Chu, Michelle Chang, Nadia Tabatabaeepour, Olivia Costanzo, Rachel Wachtfogel

4 | “ N IG H T C A L L ” “I don’t just want your heart. I want your flesh, your skin and blood and bones, your voice, your thoughts, your pulse, and most of all your fingerprints everywhere.” Choreographed by Ann Marie Ly Dancers: Ann Marie Ly, Carolin Ding, Christine Lee, Desi Chu, Emma Nuss, Gina Ferrari, Julia McCarthy, Laura Lieu, Nadia Tabatabaeepour, Suyeu Kuo

5 | G U E S T P E R F O R M E R : U C S D H A W A II C L U B Tahitian dance

6 | “T H IS IS W H A T M A K E S U S G IR L S” Remember when… Choreographed by Gina Ferrari Dancers: Ann Marie Ly, Gina Ferrari, Jeannette Betz, Laura Lieu, Loree Pham, Margaret Chiu, Michelle Chang, Olivia Costanzo, Samantha Geikie, Wendy Lin

7 | “ A L L T H O S E P R E T T Y L IG H T S ” Slow down, look up, and smile Choreographed by Adriee Wong Dancers: Adriee Wong, Audris Fan, Carolin Ding, Desi Chu, Emma Nuss, Jasmine McGinty, Loree Pham, Margaret Chiu

8 | “GO” And we go, and we go… Choreographed by Laura Lieu Dancers: Ann Marie Ly, Carolin Ding, Gina Ferrari, Jeannette Betz, Laura Lieu, Olivia Costanzo, Wendy Lin

9 | G U E S T P E R F O R M E R : [N ]M O T IO N Hip hop dance

10 | “ T H IS T Y P E O F L O V E ” I want a love like ME thinking of YOU thinking of ME thinking of YOU type love. I want a love that’s unexplainable as she is. Choreographed by Carolin Ding Dancers: Ann Marie Ly, Adriee Wong, Audris Fan, Carolin Ding, Christine Lee, Desi Chu, Gina Ferrari, Julia McCarthy, Samantha Geikie, Wendy Lin

11 | “ S T O R Y T IM E ” Usually, mistakes make for entertaining tales to tell others. But sometimes, a mistake becomes an unforgettable experience that teaches you something about yourself, others, and occasionally, life. Choreographed by Suyeu Kuo Dancers: Emma Nuss, Laura Lieu, Loree Pham, Margaret Chiu, Suyeu Kuo, Wendy Lin

12 | “ R IT U A L U N IO N ” We fall into these “rituals” of love that prevent us from letting go. We become trapped in preconceived notions of what we ought to do. Be independent. Love has no boundaries. Choreographed by Nadia Tabatabaeepour Dancers: Ann Marie Ly, Adriee Wong, Desi Chu, Gina Ferrari, Jeannette Betz, Julia McCarthy, Margaret Chiu, Nadia Tabatabaeepour

13 | “ G IV E M E L O V E ” Thank you for always being there. Choreographed by Christine Lee Dancers: Audris Fan, Carolin Ding, Christine Lee, Jasmine McGinty, Julia McCarthy, Laura Lieu, Rachel Wachtfogel, Wendy Lin

14 | G U E S T P E R F O R M E R : B O D Y R O C K Breakdance

15 | “ C O U N T M E IN ” No matter how guarded one’s heart may be, falling in love is both a tempting and beautiful dream. Choreographed by Samantha Geikie Dancers: Adriee Wong, Christine Lee, Emma Nuss, Jasmine McGinty, Rachel Wachtfogel, Samantha Geikie, Suyeu Kuo

16 | “ M A Y B E I’M A F R A ID ” Maybe it’s love, but maybe I’m afraid. Being so vulnerable and allowing someone in so far they could hurt me, but at the same time, give me everything. Choreographed by Wendy Lin Dancers: Ann Marie Ly, Audris Fan, Desi Chu, Gina Ferrari, Jasmine McGinty, Loree Pham, Margaret Chiu, Michelle Chang, Wendy Lin

17 | “ B E L IE F ” The interpretation of this dance can be found in each individual dancer’s passion. There is no set story, just choreography inspired by the exhilarating feeling of contemporary. Choreographed by Jeannette Betz Dancers: Adriee Wong, Chrisine Lee, Gina Ferrari, Jeannette Betz, Julia McCarthy, Loree Pham, Nadia Tabatabaeepour, Rachel Wachtfogel, Samantha Geikie

18 | G U E S T P E R F O R M E R : S H A W N M A IL O A N D J U L IA L A Y T O N Cha-cha dance

19 | “ S E T T L E D O W N ” I wanna settle down. It’s time to bring you down, on just one knee for now. Let’s make our vows… Choreographed by Desi Chu Dancers: Carolin Ding, Desi Chu, Jeannette Betz, Nadia Tabatabaeepour, Samantha Geikie, Suyeu Kuo

2 0 | “ S E V E N N A T IO N A R M Y ” You’ll see. Choreographed by Michelle Chang Dancers: Christine Lee, Emma Nuss, Loree Pham, Margaret Chiu, Michelle Chang, Rachel Wachtfogel, Wendy Lin

2 1 | “ B R IT T L E A U T U M N ” “This dance is a reminder for myself that I am lovable and that I have more selfworth than I believe I do. No matter how bad a break-up was, I had to find myself again with the soloist representing me and the dancers representing the positive influences in my life. I get emotional every time I watch it and you are helping me love myself more each time I see it, so thank you Finesse Dance Company!" Choreographed by Phillip Lu Dancers: Finesse Dance Company Officers – Adriee Wong, Carolin Ding, Christine Lee, Gina Ferrari, Laura Lieu, Wendy Lin

2 2 | “IT ’S A G O O D L IF E ” Choreographed by Adriee Wong and Christine Lee Dancers: Finesse Dance Company

Finesse Dance Company 2012-2013

TOP – BOTTOM / LEFT - RIGHT: Ann Marie Ly (ERC ’14), Audris Fan (ERC ’13), Desi Chu (Muir ’16) Emma Nuss (ERC ’13), Jasmine McGinty (Marshall ’15), Jeannette Betz (Marshall ’16), Julia McCarthy (Sixth ’13) Loree Pham (Marshall ’15), Margaret Chiu (Warren ’13), Michelle Chang (Revelle ’13), Nadia Tabatabaeepour (Muir ’16) Olivia Costanzo (Revelle ’13), Rachel Wachtfogel (ERC ’14), Samantha Geikie (Muir ’16), Suyeu Kuo (Muir ’15)



Christine Lee DIRECTOR ERC ‘14

Gina Ferrari SECRETARY Revelle ‘13

Carolin Ding ASSISTANT DIRECTOR Marshall ‘14

Adriee Wong PUBLIC RELATIONS Sixth ‘14

Laura Lieu DANCE CAPTAIN Sixth ‘13

Wendy Lin TREASURER Warren ‘13




THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE FOLLOWING: Recreation Club Advisor: Noah Kramer Facility Manager: Millie McMilion Fund Manager: Marie King Box Office: Beverly Ward One Stop: Auben Kazer Technical Services: Brook Falkenstein Emcee: Eyal Bendavid Photographers: Margaret Chiu, Yada Khoongumjorn, Yeang Shin Phay Videographer: Jonathan Kim Flier/Program Design: Margaret Chiu Stage Managers: Anna Shilova, Tiffany Vo T-Shirt Design: Vivian Lin Guest Performers: Hawaii Club, [N]Motion, Bodyrock, Julia Layton, Shawn Mailo Guest Choreographer: Phillip Lu We greatly appreciate all of your help and support!


  We hope you enjoyed our show! If you are interested in joining our family, look out for auditions in Fall 2013.

For more information, please visit FACEBOOK.COM/FINESSEDANCECOMPANY

Finesse Dance Company presents: Wonderland (program)