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#  What do you want to express with your illustrations? I always loved drawing so it was pretty clear, that I‘m going to be an illustrator at one point in my life. That point came in February 2014 when I got my Bachelor of Arts degree. Since then I‘ve worked as a freelance illustrator for several clients and agencies. #  Where do you get your inspirations from and what is your style of illustration like?

#  What do you want to express with your illustrations?

I get my inspiration from everyday life, music, comics, cartoons and video games. My style is always changing but most of the time I use a cartoon style for my illustrations. I love to experiment with different tools, materials and styles though. As I said, always changing.

There is no general answer to this question. Every illustration is different and the reasons why I create them is different every time, too.

Lena Dirscherl


#  What are your future goals? I‘m currently working on an illustrated book which I would love to publish. Besides that a huge dream of mine is to create character designs for video games. And I am also thinking about founding my own fashion label with cool prints of my illustrations and patterns. #  How would you describe your interpretation of SUPERIOR Magazine cover? I was making up my mind about fashion and what it means. Fashion is about the things we wear to define ourselves. So I used interesting objects as accessory and put them in the hair of my female character since for many women their haircut is an important part of their fashion style and a way to express themselves. The eyes of the character are blank because I wanted to show that she defines herself not through the features she already has but the things she adds.

SUPERIOR DIGITAL November 2014  

Exciting FASHION EDITORIALS, ILLUSTRATIONS and INTERVIEWS | SUPERIOR is an international MAGAZINE featuring the creative scenes of fashion,...

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