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brandon Sun Brandon Sun showcased his tranquil yet strong Fall/Winter 2013 “Gutai” collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on February 13th. The designs were a brilliant marriage of casual wear and luxury. “My inspiration this season was pretty complex, did a lot of research,” he said in an interview with Semant in effort for us to learn more about his inspiration and collection, “Axel Vervoodt who’s an amazing interior designer…the way he interpreted Wabi Sabi which is a Japanese approach.” This was what led the collection’s color palette, consisting of deep blues and greens, granite, and black. Brandon also mentioned that his fabric choices derived from “the Gutai art movement, particularly Kazuo Shiraga, who painted with his


feet to capture motion.” His looks incorporated Chantilly lace, intarsia mink, embroidered leather, and velvet. In this collection, we saw a lot of layering, especially using fur stole, coats, and jackets, that projected tousled looks. This was more along Brandon’s thought process while creating his designs. “I imagine this girl who is a little bit disheveled, a little bit rushing around, you can’t really tell if she’s like totally put together or it’s not working,” he said, “just a little bit quirky, little bit weird, but always trying to push without putting too much effort in.”


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