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15-24 October


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Open Daily 10am-10pm

Walle 113, 8500 Kortrijk (B)

Design exhibition + lounge

Free Admission

During the International Design BiĂŤnnale INTERIEUR 2010, SUPERIEUR will be the premier destination and place to be for professionals and creative design enthusiasts after a hectic day at the show.

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-Quinze & Milan 3form .MGX by Materialise Eastpak Antoine Peters BIC Carpets Dezeen ATAG Brick in the Wall DARK Urbastyle Concrete Diversity Duvel MINI --

During the International Design Biënnale INTERIEUR 2010, SUPERIEUR will be the premier destination and place to be for professionals and creative design enthusiasts after a hectic day at the show. All of this comes together in Kortrijk, just 500m away from Kortrijk Xpo. The former industrial factory is not only the background for the exhibition, but also hosts a lounge where you can have a bite, and savour your Duvel. We open on 15 Oct, and close doors after ten days! /


Second Skin Chair by Quinze & Milan (2010) What makes a chair a chair? What distinguishes it from a stool, a sofa or a bench for that matter? For Second Skin, Quinze & Milan stripped down the notorious easy chair from all unneccesary frills, until they were left with nothing but its core, the bones. Given the deconstructed chair and keeping in mind traditional upholstering in leather, they then started playing – the result being a comfortable chair reflecting a 21st-century interpretation of time-honoured craftmanship. A strikingly simple framework, created from massive lacquered oak, supports a generous piece of leather skin which is wedged between the back and arm rests. Each chair is constucted by hand and totally unique, due to the variety in cut-outs of big pieces of leather and the way they are draped around the framework. The wink to fashion should be obvious, as well as the reasoning behind its name - although apart from leather, there is also the option of

Photography: Quinze & Milan

upholstering the chair in the desired colour of fabric Divina by Kvadrat. If desired, up to 5 layers of (contrasting) leather or fabric can be applied to one chair.

Built to Resi(s)t by Quinze & Milan + EASTPAK (2010) For the first time ever, EASTPAK joined forces with a furniture design label, launching a range of exclusively upholstered lounge seats. Called ‘BUILT TO RESI(S)T’, the product line combines abstract QUINZE & MILAN shapes with authentic EASTPAK product characteristics, including bags, zippers, handles, colorful strong fabrics and popular prints. The result is a fashionable collection of strong seats with a brave, distinctive look that will blend into any contemporary setting. By creating functional and genuine designs for a relaxed lifestyle, QUINZE & MILAN and EASTPAK are both renowned over the world, famed Photography: Quinze & Milan

for their unique products, toughness & functionality. Art, music, fashion, life experiences and the dynamics of a constantly changing visual culture are their main inspiration when bringing products to the market that wow the crowd. Buy Online

As great minds think alike, QUINZE & MILAN meets EASTPAK in a contemporary special edition furniture collection, resulting from a successful cross-disciplinary collaboration between both in-house creative teams. Various pockets are incorporated onto the seats and provide storage for your books, magazines, reading glasses, laptop, iPod®, headset, remote control... Whatever you can think of can now simply be pocketed in your sofa!

The World Is Flat - Installation by Antoine Peters (NL) Fashion designer Antoine Peters presents an interactive installation called ‘The World is Flat’, featuring customised seating objects for Quinze & Milan x EASTPAK’s Built to Resi(s)t collection, and a collection of special accessories. About Antoine Peters Antoine Peters graduated cum laude at the Art Academy in Arnhem as well at the master course Fashion Institute Arnhem and has working working experience at Viktor&Rolf. Known for his A SWEATER FOR THE WORLD! project, a 2-person sweater with the goal to photograph as many ‘different kind of people’ as possible inside it, in a few years the fanatical football player gathered even more reputation with his pop-culture inspired designs and drew attention of the international press. He is covered as one of the world’s hundred most innovative young designers in the ‘100 new fashion designers’ book by Hywel Davies and he proudly designed the volunteer costumes for the recent Arnhem Fashion Biennial. Peters’ work is known because of his conceptual, layered and innovative style and is praised because if its optimism, playfulness and renewing form of elegance. More serious matter is brought in a light manner, with the arising of a new unbiased perspective as a result. His work brings airiness by means of concept, but also literally in the clothing and installations itself. ANTOINE PETERS stands for ‘One size fits all elegance’. Bringing together the best of ‘casual’ and ‘sophistication’. ANTOINE PETERS wants to spread a smile.

Photography: Antoine Peters Studio

Quinze & Milan - The Quartz Chair is back at home, updated! Quinze & Milan tackles geometry once again, and has furthered its work on forms and faceting, seeking new effects from the wood and creating a chair whose design is a combination of the past and future. Using the most classic of materials, Quinze & Milan has successfully made an object with a symbolic shape in which the material gains qualities of luminosity. Quartz is an object of the future that retains the intrinsic value of wood – strong and hard-wearing, comfortable and basic. “We wanted to give the material a different look without however ignoring its natural





qualities. The facets give a dynamic and vibrant appeal, while the surface plays with the light, creating a sparkling effect. Just like quartz.”

Quartz Chair is now available in different wood finishings. For additional information or customized orders, please contact us.

Photography: .MGX by Materialise / S.Anton

.MGX by Materialise - Belgium .MGX by Materialise is excited to be

getting things done and being

Manufactured using a variety of 3D

taking part in Superieur! As the world-

efficient, rather than just ‘being’.

printing methods, the .MGX by

leader in 3D printing technologies,

That’s why we challenged some of the

Materialise collection combines

.MGX invites you to come and see not

top design minds in the world to use

the best of modern and traditional

only their unique collection of award-

our very special 3D technologies to

craftsmanship. Our 3D technologies

winning lamps and furniture but also

create some very special products.

allow for the production of shapes

the ease with which .MGX pieces can be

Lamps and furniture that can brighten

that would otherwise be impossible

customized for all types of interior

a room, or furnish a house, but that

to realise. And whether you are

design and architecture projects.

also soothe the soul and engage both

interested in an item from our

the imagination and the senses.

collection, or a customisation for

“At .MGX we understand that life

Products that create a magical

an interior project, each .MGX piece

isn’t always easy. In our daily

atmosphere for connecting with

is individually drawn and created

lives we tend to get caught up in

yourself or connecting with friends.”

by laser beam, and carefully finished by hand.

Quinze & Milan blows out the candles! Based in Kortrijk, Belgium, Quinze & Milan is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year as a young, energetic manufacturer of innovative, playful and functional seating, furniture and accessories. Beginning with its wildly successful Primary Pouf 01, a block of brightly coloured foam on four legs in a variety of sizes, the company has expanded from its early focus on foam to work with materials spanning fabrics, wood and steel to PE and even concrete. Its popular production pieces, designed by Scott Wilson, Marc Thorpe, Clive Wilkinson, Wiel Arets, Gitta Gschwendtner and others, join custom and limited edition works created by and for Jürgen Mayer H., Tord Boontje and such high-profile projects as OMA / Rem Koolhaas’s Seattle Public Library and others. Quinze & Milan is not a typical furniture label but an avant-garde platform for collaborations, a think tank and factory for ideas, designs, visual culture, concepts and experiments. It’s this approach that made the brand turn into a successful label that guarantees rock ‘n roll, creativity, comfort, quality, excitement and ingenuity!

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During INTERIEUR 2010, Quinze & Milan celebrates its 10th anniversary

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with a special private party, featuring DJ sets and special gigs by Belgian Electro-Pop band Vive La Fête. Check out page 8 to win tix!

and enter this special code upon check-out.

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Dezeen Watchstore by

Photography: VOID Watches

In anticipation of the launch of, Dezeen - the world’s most influential online architecture and design magazine will be presenting its collection of watches at Superieur. The showcase will enable visitors to meet, handle, and hopefully fall in love with the watches, including the V02BR by VOID Watches and Cyclops by Mr Jones Watches. opens on 14 October 2010.

B.I.C.-Carpets - Belgium B.I.C.-Carpets wants to excel in producing high-end woven floor coverings. The mission of the brand is to be the ‘well-known expert’ in creative and high-end solutions for woven floor coverings’, and the quest for new possibilities in yarns, weaving structures and weaving patterns is part of their daily activities, among looking for original and renewing, top-notch products. B.I.C.’s collections of broadloom and rugs in pure wool are appreciated for their creativity, originality and flexibility. These woven design carpets add a unique, personal and comfortable element to every interior. Architects and interior designers use them frequently for projects such as offices, shops, hotels ... and even aeroplanes. Revolutionary and flexible production systems, an eye for trends, a sense of beauty and a strong service orientation ensure the future of their high-end design rugs. During INTERIEUR 2010, B.I.C. presents ‘Illy’, a fantastic carpet with a great touch, in a selection of thrilling colours. Discover B.I.C.’s product line and projects on

Photography: B.I.C.-Carpets

The Duvel Collection by Duvel Duvel stands for craftsmanship and passion. And Duvel nurtures the same passion for art. Followed by its successfull collaboration with Quinze & Milan in 2007, Duvel is now launching the Duvel Collection, where a series of international artists place their most creative designs on the iconic Duvel Glass. Artists, creators and designers are being asked to equip the Duvel glass with an original print. At present the collection is made up of three glasses, designed by artist Parra (NL), graphic artist Denis Meyers (BE) and designer duo Eley Kishimoto (UK/JP). The Duvel Collection glasses are for sale at

Above: Maze Wool Black (material detail) from 3form’s new ‘ZOOM’ collection.

3form Material Solutions - United Kingdom

3form is the leading manufacturer of

The concept showcases the new 3form

award-winning, eco-friendly materials

Varia Zoom collection, which debutes

and architectural hardware solutions

at this event during INTERIEUR 2010.

for the Architecture + Design industry. The Zoom collection features architec3form materials can be used as separation

tural designs in socially responsible

walls, ceilings, sliding doors, table

ecoresin, new Chroma colours made

tops and bar counters or as a design

from 40 percent recycled content and

statement on walls and railings.

stunning Poured Glass with interlayers

Beautiful in any application, the

from sustainable sources.

translucent materials can be applied to any design project from hospitality,

Discover more 3form materials

corporate, leisure and high-end retail

and projects on

spaces. Visitors can interact with 3form’s “Falling Leaves”, that twist and fall like autumn leaves in the wind. This suspended installation glows with inPhotography: 3form

triguing shapes, colours and designs with subtle, playful light and transparency.

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During the International Design Biënnale INTERIEUR 2010, SUPERIEUR will be the premier destination and place to be for professionals and cre...