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Health Radio Shows in Louisville supplements that remove the need for pharmaceutical drugs and the importance of hormones as we age. “Live Stronger. Live Longer” remains his mantra, and Lanore walks the walk.

“Super Health Radio Show” program was designed to reveal the flaws and fallacies in today’s Western diet, its linkage to the diseases we fight against, the need for Physical Culture in the form of regular daily exercise,

Super Human Radio Podcast Removable Decal Your mind controls your body. It dictates how hard and how effectively you train, how you perform your reps, whether you hit the muscles you’re trying to target, and whether you have a good workout or a bad one.

Super Human Nation with this 3 inch by 10 inch wide decal. Made of vinyl and has a small amount of removable tacking on the back so you can stick it on your car or a window easily. Removing it will not leave any adhesive behind and will not damage paint. Each order will come with two (2) decals.

Fitness Minimalism It's said that 20% of your efforts beget 80% of your results. So why do the other 80% of work if it leads to the smallest amount of gain? Those are some of the questions that prompted Flynn to adopt a very successful way of training for strength, fitness and health - Minimalist Fitness.

Have your pen and paper handy as he gives clear prescriptive advice on just how to train and spend less time on the things

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Super Human Radio: Online Radio Show in Louisville  

Super Human Radio show airs weekly on various radio stations throughout the US. Host Carl Lanore is possibly the most knowledgeable about th...