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we were having an intimate moment... when dark brown rabbit ears sprouted from his head then he turned into a warrior posed in great strength but i couldn't get over those rabbit ears i imagined them being pinned-down to the back of his scalp but that would be painful and odd-looking more out-of-the ordinary than the rabbit ears themselves i tried to imagine him before the growth he was less lively more withdrawn we were holding hands walking down the street the sun was shining beautifully our hair was turning gray i glanced behind us and saw two figures holding hands each head fashioned with silhouettes of rabbit ears

down.../// i don't know why i'm laying here. perhaps i'm pausing before i get up, and fall backwards. i could turn over and just crawl... but it's so warm here in this messy bed made for two. it's 4pm: i eat some nutella and start to writeit's all garbage, but i keep the pen moving. now i am sitting - closer to standing; someday, i might get off this couch.

y-axis i stare at the light blue horizontal lines almost nothing is purely horizontal space is relative except on sheets of notebook paper

science experiment i took a look at my life under a microscope to see the little particles swimming around they slowed to a startling halt and disappeared the little bastards do not like to examined

over-analyzing while over-caffienated i am existing... static. not going anywhere, not doing anything. vacant eyes in front of an empty brain.

she sat alone at lunch her only friends were in her head they spoke clearly to the girl everyone else spoke in code she couldn't do her homework all she did was stare at books until the doctors put her to sleep

grace's poetry  

... a smathering

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