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I didn’t intend to collect so much stuff. A lot of stuff I have archived away in boxes is stuff i originally got hold/kept hold of because of work. When I first went to college to study graphic design I was encouraged to always be on the look out for great examples of design, I guess to help develop an understanding and apreciation of why some things worked and some things didn’t. There weren’t so many design books back then in terms of books that collected together designers or studios work, and pre-internet archived material was hard to come by. Issue 6 deals with a bunch of catalogues from clothing brands and companies collected from trade shows, sent to me via mailing lists and donated by people i have worked with. enjoy...

hoarder 6 was clthing catalogues collected from the mid/late nineties to the present day from.....

one industries, underground products, diesel, dc, howies, homeboy, silas, gouge, duke workwear, grind industries, foranina, mobus, alien workshop, droors, kana beach, fuct, blunts, tachee, volcolm, logo dirt, irie, foxhound, oakley, final home, ruby, burton, elwood, aesthetics, soopkichn’, one true saxon, puma, fly, frontline, adidas, shortys, gstar, mambo, auben & wills, ugp, shift, seventies, troy lee designs hoarder magazine is a superflakecustomgraphics production / limited to 33 copies for more information:

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produced by superflakecustomgraphics


Hoarder 6  
Hoarder 6  

Issue 6 of Hoarder magazine (clothing catalogues) by Superflake Custom Graphics. Any self respecting visual obssesive knows the golden rule...