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Illustrations for SIR Move Services, Charity Book

Illustrations based on the following outline (not final text): That morning, they see a poster for a lantern festival happening at their condo. They head to Chinatown with Mum after school to get a lantern to participate. The Mid-Autumn Fair is in full swing, and there is even a lion dance. Jamie is scared of the lion and runs away into the crowd when it comes too close.

Illustrations based on the following outline (not final text): He gets lost and wanders around, ending up in the Buddha Tooth Temple, frightened but also in wonder of his strange surroundings. A kind monk offers him a josstick, telling him to make a wish, and Jamie wishes for home. Tess and Mum find him, holding out the lantern they bought him and they return home together. They join the lantern festival that evening at their condo and meet their neighbours. Afterwards, they hang their lanterns in their new rooms.

Character Concepts for Star Publishing

Contented Connie

Grateful Greta

aidjapanthroughdesign Conceptualised and organised a postcard design drive and collaborated with over 50 artists to produce postcard sets that were sold to raise funds to aid the Japan Tsunami Relief effort by Red Cross.

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Illustrations for publications  
Illustrations for publications