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re! u t u F y a w a r The Fa Featuring Jo, Bessie , Fanny, Moonface , Silky & Saucepan from Enid Blyton’s The Magic Faraway Tree

To Jo, Bessie, Fanny

Flying car s!

Sounds like it’ll be The Land of the Future!

a great adventure!

How exciting!




... y a d ext n e h T



it’s so nice of moonface

to let down the washing basket for us today so

we don’t have to climb up!

look! whatzisname is

sleeping with his mouth wide open again!

have some pop you made it!

moonface! we’re here!

biscuits before we set off!



Pop biscuits! bite When youm... into the don’t be too mmm...these are

greedy now!

my favourite!

we’re ready to set off now!



Well, our future is beyond the clouds!

i’m feeling a little nervous now...

! um... you guys...


...i don’t know about you, but this isn’t exactly what i’d expected...


where are all

the plants and greenery?


h* *coug *cough*

ace jo... this pl ant w i is creepy... k to go bac !

place i agree! this y my is so gloom re saucepans a y... t us r g turnin

However, when the group returned to where they came from...

that the faraway tree has moved on!

ladder *GASP!* the t can is gone! tha ... n ea m o n ly

ean... does that m ck here, we’ll be stu forever!?

to be continued...

The Faraway Future  

The folk of the Faraway Tree meets the future!

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