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(Supa-Fan Pass only)

Theatre Opening Night (Supa-Fan Pass only)

Seminars Opening Night Friday • 22nd June

(Supa-Fan Pass only) Friday • 22nd June 7.00pm Eric Roberts is anything but Expendable!

6.05pm Opening Ceremony: Greeting and Kirby Krackle! 8.00pm GINTAMA the Movie

3.25pm Angel Beats! (M)

2.55pm Un-Go (M)

3.10pm Vic Mignogna:Voice Idol!

2.20pm Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns & Gavin Free

1.30pm Kamehameha Blast Off! Thanks to Global Gear

4.00pm Fantasy Writing with Juliet Marillier and Marianne De Pierres

3.10pm David Mack: Kabuki!

2.20pm John Viener: Family Guy

1.30pm Tony Moore: The Walking Dead

12.40pm Voice Acting Take Over!

11.50am Jim Cheung: New Avengers

11.00am Marc McBride: Illustrating Deltora Quest

Sunday • 24th June

4.20pm Fantasy Writing Bevan McGuiness and Duncan Lay

3.30pm Tony Moore: The Walking Dead

2.40pm Tom Taylor: Writing Star Wars

1.50pm Ashley Wood: Comics,Toys & Stuff!

1.00pm Marvel Comics: Jim Cheung and David Yardin

12.10pm Suzie Plakson: How I Met Your Mother, Star Trek and more!

11.20am Gestalt Comics Presents!

10.30am Publishing 101: Where to Begin!

Saturday • 23rd June

5.45pm Doors Open

Anime Area Opening Night Friday • 22nd June 7.00pm Comic Book MasterClass with David Mack

10.10am Madoka Magica (M) Saturday • 23rd June

7.00pm Charity Auction

11.00am Shiki (MA) 10.30am Anime Trivia thanks to Anime at Abbotsford

Saturday • 23rd June

12.00pm Tiger & Bunny (M) 11.10am DBZ’s Stephanie Nadolny

3.55pm Black Butler II (MA)

4.00pm Madman Cosplay Competition

12.40pm Jennifer Hale: Mass Effect and Star Wars!

11.50am DBZ’s Stephanie Nadolny

11.00am Anime Gameshow thanks to Armoured Heaven

Sunday • 24th June

5.45pm Anime Anthems with Antisocial Yakisoba

4.00pm Madman Cosplay competition

3.10pm Vic Mignogna:Voice Idol!

2.20pm Jennifer Hale: Mass Effect and Star Wars!

12.50pm Madman National Cosplay Championship

In the foyer… 12.00pm Cosplay Chess

12.00pm Rooster Teeth’s Burnie Burns & Gavin Free

1.00pm Blue Exorcist (M) 1.50pm Okami-San and Her Seven Companions (M) 2.40pm My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic (G) 3.30pm Transformers: Prime (PG) 4.20pm Broken Blade (M) 5.10pm Dragon Ball (PG) Sunday • 24th June 10.00am .hack//Quantum (PG) 11.15am Madman Panel 12.05pm Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos (MA) introduced by Vic Mignogna

4.45pm Blue Exorcist (M)

5.30pm Karaoke!! Japan thanks to Tamarket

1.55pm Dennou Coil (M)

5.35pm Okami-San and Her Seven Companions (M)


Roy’s Photo Studio Friday • 15th June

Christopher Lloyd Hayden Panettiere Callum Blue Yvonne Craig Verne Troyer Eric Roberts Stanislav Ianevski Natalia Tena Mercedes McNab Tricia Helfer Hayden Panettiere Christopher Lloyd Verne Troyer Suzie Plakson Noah Hathaway Hayden Panettiere Stanislav Ianevski Natalia Tena Mercedes McNab Vic Mignona Jennifer Hale Tricia Helfer Eric Roberts Overflow Sessions

Eric Roberts

Saturday • 23rd June

Saturday • 16th June

11.00am 11.25am 11.50am 12.15pm 2.30pm 12.45pm 12.50pm 1.15pm 1.25pm 1.40pm 2.00pm 2.05pm 2.20pm 2.50pm 3.15pm 3.30pm 3.55pm 4.20pm 4.30pm 4.40pm 4.50pm

Christopher Lloyd Hayden Panettiere Verne Troyer Yvonne Craig Mercedes McNab Suzie Plakson Noah Hathaway Callum Blue Eric Roberts Tricia Helfer Jennifer Hale Verne Troyer Christopher Lloyd Hayden Panettiere Eric Roberts Stanislav Ianevski Natalia Tena Vic Mignona Mercedes McNab Tricia Helfer Hayden Panettiere

Sunday • 17th June

10.30am 11.00am 11.30am 11.40am 11.55am 12.25pm 12.40pm 12.55pm 1.10pm 1.40pm 1.55pm 2.10pm 2.40pm 3.05pm 3.10pm 3.25pm 3.40pm 3.55pm 4.10pm 4.25pm 4.35pm 4.40pm 4.55pm 5.10pm


10.30am John Viener: Family Guy 11.20am Mercedes McNab: Buffy's Harmony 12.10pm Matthew Reilly: Scarecrow In the wrestling ring… 1.00pm Marianne De Pierres presents Juliet Marillier’s new book, Shadowfell. 1.00pm Christopher Lloyd: Doc Brown! 1.50pm Christopher Paolini: Inheritance 2.40pm Natalia Tena: Harry Potter and Game of Thrones 3.30pm Tricia Helfer: Battlestar Galactica's Six 4.20pm Yvonne Craig is Batgirl! 5.10pm Rock out with Kirby Krackle Sunday • 24th June 11.00am Kneel before Zod! Callum Blue 11.50am Atreyu! Noah Hathaway from The NeverEnding Story 12.40pm Christopher Paolini: Inheritance In the wrestling ring… 1.00pm Bevan McGuiness presents Duncan Lay’s new book, Bridge of Swords 1.30pm Heroes’ Cheerleader, Hayden Panettiere! 2.20pm Stanislav Ianevski: Harry Potter's Krum! 3.10pm Matthew Reilly: Scarecrow 4.00pm Verne Troyer: Austin Power’s Mini-Me! 4.50pm Rock out with Kirby Krackle



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What’s happening where and when… Don’t forget to download the app for the online version of this Event Guide! A

Catering and Seating







SUPA-STARS SIGNING AREA Registration & Information


Catering and Seating





Comps Registration and Weapons Check




The Important stuff… A FILMINK Features. Check the back-page for all the info. B Cosplay Theatre. Home of the Madman National Cosplay Championships! Check the back-page for all the info. C Madman Anime Area. Check the back-page for all the info. D Cosplay and Games Registration in the foyer of the Wilkinson Gallery in addition to Weapon’s Check-In. E All weekend demos and tournaments of Yu-Gi-Oh! thanks to Tournaments WA! F Live wrestling thanks to AWF. Three shows daily at 12.00pm, 2.00pm and 4.00pm. Look out for daily book launches at 1pm daily too! G Grab a photo with Dr Who’s Tardis thanks to The West Lodge: Inside the Blue Box inc. H Hang out with the 501st Legion in style in their very own huge Endor Bunker! I Go crazy with the Smashboards and duke it out during the weekend. J More cool gaming tournament play with OzHadou Perth! K Rooster Teeth Supa-Stars Gavin Free and Burnie Burns, signing for free at the Hanabee booth from 10.30am Saturday and 11am Sunday.

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A n d















Kid Icarus: Uprising tournaments all weekend thanks to Nintendo. Missed previous guests from Supanova across Australia? Visit Supanova Signatures for our exclusive guaranteed collection! Artists’ Alley is the place to be! Check out all the great fan clubs and artists including Kirby Krackle (D2), David Yardin (N1), Peter Nguyen (O1), Tom Taylor (Z1), Justin Randall (Y1) and Jeffrey ‘Chamba’ Cruz (M1) to name just a few! It’s also the place to pick up ‘Tides of Hope’ (A2) the fundraising limited edition comic-book. The home of anime in Australia, Madman, hosts special guest voice stars, Stephanie Nadolny and Vic Mignogna from 10.30am Saturday and 11am Sunday. King’s Comics hosts comic book Supa-Stars, Tony Moore, Jim Cheung, and David Mack from 10.30am Saturday and 11am Sunday. Dymocks is the place to meet fantasy and sci-fi writers Matthew Reilly, Marianne De Pierres, Juliet Marillier, Marc McBride, Bevan McGuiness and Duncan Lay from 10.30am Saturday and 11am Sunday.

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R More voice-acting Supa-Stars! Visit Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect) and John Viener (Family Guy) from 10.30am Saturday and 11am Sunday. S Registration:The LuckyDoor Prize! Make sure you drop off your completed rego form to go into the draw for great prizes! It’s also where our Information is located. T Random House is where writer of ‘Inheritance’ Christopher Paolini will be all weekend! U Supanova Seminars. Check the back-page for all the info. V Supa-Star Signings where all our Film and TV Supa-Stars (Christopher Lloyd, Verne Troyer, Eric Roberts, Yvonne Craig, Hayden Panettiere, Tricia Helfer, Natalia Tena, Mercedes McNab, Stanislav Ianevski, Noah Hathaway, Callum Blue and Suzie Plakson) are signing from 10.30am Saturday and 11am Sunday. W Supanova Store is where you get your photo and autograph coupons for all of our Supa-Stars. X Want a photo with the stars? Roy’s Photos is the place to do it! Check the back-page for the timetable. Y Location of St John’s First Aid. Just outside the main entrance.

f o r

S u p a n ova

Exhibitors 1 AWF 2 Siren Visual 3 Super Gifts 4 Academy of Digital Technologies 5 One Day in Paradise 5 Visage 'n' Vice Boutique 6 CERNAT COLLECTABLES 7 Penguin Books 8 CATent 9 Wacom 10 TAMARKET 11 TAG / DSS 12 Miss Pixie 13 OzHadou Perth 14 Gifts For the Geek 15 FIGURESDIRECT.COM.AU 15 QUALITY COMICS 16 MURDOCH UNIVERSITY 17 PAniC 18 Super Gifts 19 WICKED STUFF 20 Dymocks 21 Random House 22 The Bunker! 23 Show-off Costumes 24 Quirky Stylin 25 Bushiroad Cards 26 YOO YOO GIFTS 27 AIE 28 Verboom Badges & Tees 29 Sugart 30 FILMINK 31 Kid Icarus, Nintendo 32 Popcultcha 33 Kings Comics 34 Qantm College

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Cosmic Comics IPG Super Gifts MADHOUSE COMICS White Dwarf Books Tournaments WA Smashboards RED GRIFFIN GAMES Empire Toys Hanabee Comics & Cards Unlimited Supanova Signatures MADMAN

Artists’ Alley A The West Lodge: Inside the Blue Box inc. B Fallout: Lanius C Things We Make D 7th Heaven E Rocket Hands / DrewFx F Dane Richter G Sooo - Cute H Divine Theme Parties I Guzumo J Bruce Mutard K The Wolf Letters L AHW Studio M Dark Nouveau N YOBE COSPLAY O NEXUS P BRUCE LOVES YOU R NEOMAD S PyStu T WESTERN LEATHERCRAFT U Monster & Robot Industries V Film Stew W Attack Panda Jewellery

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X Y Z A1 B1 C1 D1 E1 F1 G1 H1 I1 J1 K1 L1 M1 N1 O1 P1 Q1 R1

FIST THIS! Mews and Nyas CATOPIA JAFWA POCKET DESIGNS The Wilmont Chronicles Jason Goungor and Aly Faye Cape Billowing EVM Productions HOLLY COURTNEY, ARTIST Gravity Discovery Centre The Star Crystal Mark Lauthier Strobolights Tall Rabbit Random Veus David Yardin Peter Nguyen Animavericks Steam Generation Guardian Comics – Noddy's Workshop S1 Ishkabibble T1 Joyce johnson U1 MEME-ME! V1 Linda Foote Designs W1Trinket Jewellery Design X1 Solitude Y1 Gestalt Comics Z1 Tom Taylor A2 Tides of Hope B2 Paul Abstruse C2 Ashley Wood D2 Kirby Krackle E2 Jennifer Hale F2 John Viener

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Supanova 2012 - Perth - Event Guide  
Supanova 2012 - Perth - Event Guide  

Event Guide for Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Perth 2012