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Anime Theatre Friday Preview Night • 27th March 5.45pm Doors Open 6.05pm Opening Ceremony & Greeting 6.20pm Introducing Vic Mignogna 6.40pm Charity Auction 8.00pm The Girl Who Leapt Through Time PG 10.00pm Close Saturday • 28th March 10.00am Darker than Black MA 10.25am Darker than Black MA 10.50am Ouran High School Host Club M Subtitled 11.15am Ouran High School Host Club M Subtitled 11.40am School Rumble 2nd Semester M 12.05pm School Rumble 2nd Semester M 12.05pm School Rumble 2nd Semester M 12.15pm In the Foyer: Cosplay Chess 12.30pm Ouran High School Host Club M Dubbed 12.55pm Ouran High School Host Club M Dubbed 1.20pm Negima PG 1.45pm Madman National Cosplay Championships 3.00pm Madman Cosplay Contest 5.10pm Black Lagoon M 4.20pm In the Auditorium Foyer: Cosplay Chess 5.10pm Negima!? PG 5.35pm Black Blood Brothers M 6.00pm Close Sunday • 29th March 10.10am Naruto the Movie 2 PG 11.50am Supa-Star Q&A with Hayden Panettiere! 12.50pm Atari Kamehameha Blast-Off 1.30pm Supa-Star Q&A with Twilight's Justin Chon! 2.30pm Black Blood Brothers M 2.55pm Madman Panel with Sly 3.45pm Madman Cosplay Contest 6.00pm Close

Seminar Room Friday Preview Night • 27th March 7.00pm Star Wars: Invasion MasterClass with Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson 8.30pm Tales of the Black Freighter MA Australian Exclusive! 10.00pm Close Saturday • 28th March 10.50am Ginger Meggs and I: Jason Chatfield 11.30am Vic Mignogna: Full Metal Voice-Acting! 12.30pm Bonnie Piesse: Beru Loves Owen! 1.30pm Stargate SG-1: Beyond the Small Screen! With Suzanne Wood and Jennifer Fallon 2.30pm Richard Hatch: BSG Old and New 3.30pm Katee Sackhoff: Is BSG the Best Ever? 4.30pm Star Wars: Invasion. Beyond Episode VI with Tom Taylor & Colin Wilson 6.00pm Close Sunday • 29th March 11.00am Bonnie Piesse: On Set With Aunt Beru 1.00pm Katee Sackhoff: Starbuck Was Once Male? No Way! 2.00pm Marianne de Pierres: Switching Genres: Writing different series at the same time 3.00pm Richard Hatch: Apollo Speaks Out! 4.00pm Whilce Portacio with David Yardin 6.00pm Close

Welcome to… Seminar Room Friday Preview Night • 27th March 8.00pm Strait Jacket MA Saturday • 28th March 10.45am Iron Artist 11.30am Science Fiction, Horror and Superhero Comics: Where to1 12.15pm Aqua Teen Hunger Force featuring Dave Willis and Dana Snyder 1.00pm Jhonen Vasquez: Squee!!!! 1.45pm The Vampress Girls: The Creative Impulse 2.30pm Whilce Portacio: Spawn, the Reboot! 3.15pm Nicola Scott & David Yardin: DC vs Marvel 4.00pm Marianne de Pierres: From First Word to First Novel 4.45pm Anime Trivia 6.00pm Close Sunday • 29th March 10.45am What Makes a Great Comic? 11.30am Vic Mignogna 12.15pm Jhonen Vasquez: Invading Zim! 1.00pm Dana Snyder: Master Shake & So Much More! 1.45pm Anime Dubbing Session 2.30pm Karaoke!! Japan 3.15pm Nicola Scott: Not so Secret Six!

Event Guide Melbourne Showgrounds 27th, 28th & 29th March, 2009

4.00pm World Building MasterClass with Jennifer Fallon (special ticketed event - see Jennider at booth #19) 8.00pm Close © NICKELODEON 2009. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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What’s happening where and when… SUPANOVA 2009 - MELBOURNE SHOWGROUND Rego



Roy’s Photos

Signatures & Photography






to JB HI-FI & Supanova seminar areas

I Exit









R Q Artists’ Alley


Check it out! What you NEED to know! A

Madman Anime Theatre. Check the back-page for all the info.


JB HI-FI Seminars. Check the back-page for all the info.


Supanova Seminars. Check the back-page for all the info.


JB HI-FI Supa-Star Signings where Hayden Panettiere, Katee Sackhoff, Justin Chon, Richard Hatch and Bonnie Piesse are be signing daily from 10.30am.


Magnificent prizes and cool games! Catch the action at Intencity!


Live wrestling comes to Supanova through the AWF. Three shows daily at 12midday, 2pm and 4pm.





Domino’s Pizza and Xbox 360 combine to provide you with awesome pizza and cool Naruto:The Broken Bond action! Need we say more?!? The Lucky-Door Prize Registration Area and Art Comp Display Area. Make sure you drop off your completed rego form to go into the draw for great prizes including VIP Screenings of UP! from Disney; Terminator: Salvation! Gift Packs from Sony Pictures; 5 x Sony Blueray Movie Packs and Ben 10: Alien Force PS2 and OneChanbara Xbox 360 games from AFA Interactive. Its also where our Information and First Aid contact points are. King’s Comics comes to town and they’re hosting Jhonen Vasquez (Sat 2.00-3.30pm & 4.00-5.30pm, Sun 1.30-3.00pm & 3.30-5.00pm) The place to find our awesome authors, Jennifer Fallon, Marianne de Pierres and Suzanne Woods, all weekend!





Hosting the mega-talented Whilce Portacio and David Yardin, check out Alternate Worlds!


23 Ruban Rat


JB Hi-Fi

24 Atari

For your Blade Kitten exclusive and to meet the creators of some of the world’s best games, check out Krome Studios!


Comics & Cards Unlimited

25 Good Games


AWF Wrestling

27 Manifest


Domino's Pizza

26 Miss Pixie


Xbox 360

28 OzAnimart

The EB Games Enormabooth! Great specials, great prizes for best gaming costume and awesome Nintendo and THQ game-zones including Streetfighter 4 and Mario Power Tennis and more! Don’t miss out!


Classic Comics

29 Hen Da Ne!


Comix Factor

30 Pinin


ABC Comics

31 Global Gamer Gear


Evil Empire Comics

The Supanova Store the place to go to get your photo and autograph coupons for our JB Hi-Fi Supa-Stars.

10 Cernat Enterprises

Yu-Gi-Oh! and World of Warcraft demos and comps all weekend thanks to Upper Deck! Make sure you ask them how to play!

11 Robio

Can you sing? Are you a star? Are you a Supa-SingStar! Join our celebs and have a bash at the Sony SingStar!


More of our special guests from overseas, the creators of The Vampress Girls, Jacy and Nicky Nova!


Artists’ Alley is the place to be! Check out all the great creators and fan-clubs including Star Wars: Invasion team of Tom Taylor and Colin Wilson, Nicola Scott, W. Chew Chan, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Chris Sequeira, Jeffrey Cruz, and Starwalking, Browncoats Downunder, Deakin Anime Club and AUSTREK!


The home of anime in Australia, the Madman MegaBooth hosts special guest stars, Vic Mignogna and Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Dave Willis and Dan Snyder from 10.30am daily!

11 Gardenvale Collectables 12 Intencity 13 Anime Zone 14 Neon Fantasy 15 Popcultcha

32 Abe-Yuki's Collection 33 Krome Studios 34 Tamarket 35 Sony Singstar 36 EB Games 37 OzTaku 37 Breakenback Films

16 Anime Bargain Basement

38 Wacom

17 Harley Yee Rare Comics

39 Australian Cartoonists' Association

18 King's Comics

40 Vampress Girls

19 Sci-Fi Fantasy Authors

41 Siren Visual Entertainment

20 First Contact Conventions

42 Gifts for the Geek

21 Alternate Worlds

43 Madman Entertainment

22 One Day in Paradise

44 Supanova Shop


To Madman Anime Theatre

Artists’ Alley a Nicola Scott b Colin Wilson c Tom Taylor d Cult Fiction Comics Australia e Local Legends f Trouble g Animavericks h Deakin Anime Club i & j Manga Arts k Star Walking Inc l Guardian Comics l Guzumo m Anthea Wright n Kiseki Magazine o & p Sugart q & r Fist Full of Comics s MickMacks Meatbucket t X-Seven u Pulp Crucifiction v Alex and Rob's Stall w Paper-Roll x Kinky-chichi-art y No Dice Ink Inc z AUSTREK a1 Sockpuppet Comics b1 Martin Abel Illustration c1 & d1 Browncoats Downunder e1 The List

Supanova 2009 - Melbourne - Event Guide  
Supanova 2009 - Melbourne - Event Guide  

Supanova Event Guide for the Melbourne 2009 Expo