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Supanova System

A beginner’s guide to developing your own online marketing system developed by Louisa Nardini

Supanova System

Supanova System 2nd Edition by Louisa Nardini Table of Contents: Introduction

Chapter 1:

A brief history of network marketing

Chapter 2:

Applying the law of attraction

Chapter 3:

Mindset and marketing

Chapter 4:

Minding your own business

Chapter 5:

An introduction to affiliate marketing

Chapter 6:

Who are your best prospects?

Chapter 7:

Posture and leadership

Chapter 8:

From contact to customer

Chapter 9:

Getting started

Chapter 10: Conclusion Disclaimer

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Supanova System

Introduction Hello there and welcome, I am delighted that you are here because I have so much that I’d love to share with you..... My name is Louisa Nardini, I’m 44 years old and for the last 2 years I have been on an amazing journey to change my life. I had been very fortunate to have being given many opportunities throughout my life to develop a good solid career both as a freelance trainer, consultant and university lecturer. So, you might think that all sounds fine and dandy and you may even be wondering how the heck I came to write this book. Well, you see whilst my life may have seemed like the perfect middle-class dream – nice house, decent car, family holidays to Florida etc – in actually fact I was DROWNING! The sheer monotony of the morning routine, going to work, being bored and frustrated all day at work, coming home grumpy and tired and realising that on our current financial plan we had another 25 year to go – it was literally driving me crazy. Things came to a head when I finally took the time to take a long, hard look at our finances. It was not a pretty sight – despite the fact that both me and my husband had good jobs we were still always just about broke. So, after a fair bit of moaning and generally being miserable I decided to take action. I’d make money by working on the internet! After a bit of research I found a UK based network marketing company and basically without a second thought I jumped right in. This was going to be so easy or so I thought. After all, the only thing I had to do was find just 5 other people to join me and bingo - my mortgage and debts would be paid off in no time. Financial freedom was just around the hard could it be to just find 5 people who would then go on to find their own 5 people and so on! I started my network marketing career with    

No real interest in the product (I just wanted to make money) No online marketing experience whatsoever (I’d never even seen MySpace or You Tube) No idea how to get leads or even any understanding that I was supposed to No business system of my own in place

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Supanova System   

No knowledge of current online marketing techniques and trends No mentor No credibility and no leadership skills

Ok, so I could go on here but it’s getting boring and I’m sure you get the picture right. In short I hadn’t got a clue what I was doing and very soon I was in the NFL league along with millions of other network marketers – and for those of you who don’t already know NFL stands for No Friends Left. I had pitched my opportunity to everyone with a pulse and the truth was that they were sick to death of hearing how this great business was going to give me the lifestyle of my dreams. Now let’s cut my story short fast forward to where I am now. Today as I write this book I have:      

Multiple online income streams that send money to my PayPal account every single day Several effective lead generation systems which build my prospect list 365 days per year. My own subscriber list f Supanova Superstars that grows daily An effective online marketing system that generates sales and opt ins for me 24/7 A stable and growing business network of friends, colleagues, students and mentors Freedom from employment – I quit my job in September 2007 after 6 months of working with my mentor, Dennis Karganilla, and now I know with total confidence that I never need to work for anybody else ever again.

Now I hope reading this has provoked a question in your mind. What happened to Louisa in that 18 months that made such a remarkable difference? You should also be asking yourself the even more important question: And can she share whatever happened with me? Well, that is precisely why I have written this free beginners guide. I want to share everything that I have learned about online marketing and to reveal the straight forward Supanova System that I have developed and put into practice so successfully. My aim in writing this book is so that you can take exactly the same steps that I did to build your own online wealth generating system regardless of what company you are with or what products you are promoting. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Let’s remember that the core purpose of network marketing, whether it is done online or off, is to work in a way that anyone can easily duplicate. Take a look at my video: Start up and building blocks Once you have the necessary start up tools and a few basic building blocks in place the rest is up to you. You can add as many income streams into your business as you like. You may choose to build one group or a hundred groups, have no web site or twenty, join one or more mlm opportunities or just stick to affiliate and info-product marketing. However you want to build your own online business is entirely up to you. But unless you know how to use the right tools to use to get started and what the essential building blocks are then you will most likely be doing any combination of the following for a very long time:      

Taking part in your mlm companies Q&A calls and hearing the same message over and over Pitching your product/opportunity to friends, family and anyone you have ever known Buying promotional DVD’s, flyers, business cards and other products that you don’t really know how to use and that nobody really want to see Buying company leads and cold calling complete strangers Sending spam emails to people who have not given you permission to send them information Spending lots of money on training materials and earning nothing in return

From now it’s over to you Only you can decide what you are going to do with the information contained in this book. My advice is: 1. Read through the whole book 2. Using a highlighter pen go back through the book and mark bits that stand out for you as being important 3. Join my Supanova Superstars group to receive my free 12 part online business essentials training course plus ongoing training bulletins and newsletters 4. Download my free online marketing Toolkit resource and training pack from the free download section of my web site

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Supanova System It takes massive action I’m sure you have heard the saying ‘you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink’ Well the same is true of being an online marketing coach. I can share all the information, tips and network marketing strategies in the world but if you are not going to take action then there is nothing I can do to help you. There is no system or business opportunity that will make money for you no matter how good the product or marketing system. The plain and simple truth is that success comes from us and our own ability to market our business effectively. So, if you are reading this because you can relate to my story and you are 100% committed to replacing your own earned income by developing multiple online income streams then all I can say is: ‘Welcome on board and fasten your safety belt because it’s going to be an amazing ride!’

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Supanova System

Chapter 1 A brief history of network marketing If you are going to succeed in today’s high speed dynamic world of internet marketing then having a little understanding of the history of the industry will help. Knowing where and how network marketing (or multi-level marketing, mlm, if you prefer) started makes it easier to grasp why only a very few people succeed now whilst the vast majority – over 95%, still fail. An even more surprising fact is that of the 3%-5% of people who actually do make money in network marketing only a small percentage of those ever actually permanently replace their earned income. These people who do manage to make it to the of their company’s comp plan are almost always the ones who got into the opportunity right at the very beginning so that in effect everybody in the whole organisation is their downline. Makes you think doesn’t it – or at least I hope it does as I am one of the tiny percent who have actually managed to achieve this goal. Yet I did not achieve it through using any amazing new product, awesome comp plan, unique system or fantastic sponsor/upline. I will come on to how I replaced my earned income within 6 months using web 2.0 a little later. So where did it all start? Well, the basic model started back in the 1950s with companies like Amway. They developed a new business model that was based around an individual being able to make a small commission not only from products that they sold themselves but also from products that the members of their team sold too. The company offered what could be called a ‘micro-franchise’. They provided the products, promotional material, training and business infra-structure in return for a guaranteed monthly income either in the form of a membership fee or a minimum monthly product order. In essence this new business model meant that there was a built in incentive for a member to recruit other members as well as just sell the products. Gradually more sophisticated compensation plans were developed which introduced key levels (such as bronze, silver and gold for example) to reflect sales targets. These levels were a way to further incentivise members to build large teams and to sell more products through their networks. Other companies such as Herbalife and Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Avon began to copy this business model and by the 70’s it was firmly established in many countries, especially the USA and UK. Remember that these were the days long before the internet was invented. A time when people’s environment and social circumstances were very different from what they are now in our ‘information overload’ world. These early mlm businesses were promoted mostly by word of mouth and via home presentations and hotel meetings. Many of the mlm companies provided good quality training and development programs and introduced members to books on motivation, selling and marketing etc. These programs were of great benefit to many members who had not had the kind of educational opportunities that we take for granted today. A little story from the 1960s So, let’s take our imaginary friend Fred – a typical 35 year old family man with a good job as sales manager at the local factory. Fred loves sport and plays golf every week as well as going to watch football with his friends. Fred is approached by his cousin Frank who has just joined ABC network marketing. The company offer a good range of health products that you can’t buy in regular stores and they pay commission on the sales that Frank makes. Frank thinks this is a great opportunity to earn some extra money by working a few extra hours per week and he genuinely wants to share the opportunity with his cousin who he knows could do with a bit of extra money. So Fred agrees to go with Frank to a small local presentation that ABC are doing in another rep’s someone’s house. As Fred trusts his cousin and enjoys the presentation he decides to join up right away. Fred is really excited about his new business and can’t wait to share it with other members of his family as well as work colleagues and his golfing buddies plus the guys he goes to football with. His wife Mary loves the products and decides to get her friends from the PTA and church to become customers. Sure enough within a few months Fred and Mary have built up a nice customer base and a happy downline. Frank is happy too because everyone that Fred has recruited is in his downline too so his commission is growing. And now? Now this little story represents a typical snap-shot of how things used to be when mlm first got going. So let ‘s really look at why it worked so well back then and see if we can work out why it is so hard now. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Firstly, the initial approach about the business was from Fred’s cousin – someone from his own family who he knew and trusted. The presentation meeting was local and in someone’s house making it feel nonthreatening and almost cosy. The products being promoted were not readily available anywhere else and were good quality. Fred’s wife liked them and was happy to share them with her friends. In fact she enjoyed holding coffee mornings where she let her friends try the free samples etc and it became quite a social event. Fred had several ready- made networks such as a large family, his work colleagues, customers from his job, golf buddies and the group of friends he went to football with. These people all knew Fred well and trusted him so when he told them about his new business opportunity many of them were willing to join him. For people like Fred the experience of joining an mlm company was a positive one. It gave Fred the opportunity to take part in the training events that ABC ran and as he progressed up the compensation levels he gained the respect of his downline and sponsor. Both he and his wife enjoyed the social aspect of being ABC reps and the company certainly paid great attention to this aspect of their business – they regularly put on social events for their top recruiters etc In this way many people did manage to develop an additional income stream and did share many positive outcomes from promoting their mlm business. So what changed? Well, just about everything! The radical social changes that have taken place over the last 30 years have seen just about every single building block that mlm was built on be destroyed. Firstly, most people are already working so hard that the idea of coming home and doing another part time job is a no brainer from the start. Many people now come home so exhausted that they can’t even face cooking a meal and so opt for shoving a ready-meal in the microwave. Do you really think they want to hear the message that if they just work a few extra hours per week then they could have a better lifestyle? And what about the friends and family aspect (ever heard your sponsor or upline say ‘just make a list of all your friends and family...’) Many families are working so hard that they hardly keep in touch anymore save for the odd Christmas card. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System And many people don’t have families in the traditional sense of the word. Step families and families where there have been multiple second and third marriages mean that the basis of trust has all but vanished. It is not uncommon for people to have no contact with their families whatsoever nowadays. This aspect of trust is an important one as it formed one of the major reasons why people could recruit others into their downline. Now most people in mlm spend the majority of their time trying to get complete strangers to join them – this is virtually impossible by the way. Many of the old social structures (the ‘old-boy network’ as it was once known) have been replaced by far more individualistic pursuits. Whilst the idea of party plan sales (remember the amazing popularity of Tupperware?) was once cutting edge and exciting now the average young executive woman with her university degree wouldn’t dream of holding a coffee morning just to try to sell a few products and make a few extra pounds or dollars. In Fred’s day the chances are he and his cousin had a kind of monopoly in his town where they were promoting the only mlm and the only product range. Now everybody can buy whatever they like on the internet and there are at least 10,000+ mlm businesses all competing to recruit from the same tiny pool of would-be entrepreneurs. And the people that do sign up nowadays rarely have access to the kind of strong stable networks that Fred had, thus making it virtually impossible for them to build stable and successful teams of their own and so on. The state of mlm now It is certainly true to say that many people still make money in mlm. In fact some people become multi-millionaires in mlm and their earnings run into millions annually. But it is also true that at least 95% of people (including me at one time by the way) fail to make any money at all and that the average earnings across the industry as a whole are less than $10 per month. In fact the majority of new network marketers will actually lose money on buying worthless company leads and promotional material that nobody wants to see. In the early days all you needed was a little money, reasonable communication skills and a solid social network of friends and family and you had a reasonable chance of making some money with mlm, though generally not enough to quit a full time job. Now, as everyone’s expectations have been so elevated people don’t join mlm to earn a bit of extra money – they join because they believe it will make them a millionaire just with a few clicks of a mouse. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Like me, many people join with no marketing experience, no existing network, no strategy for generating targeted leads, no real interest in the product and no intention of working hard. So do you really wonder why so many people fail? MLM is now a very professional and highly skilled business and, in my opinion, there is very little room for amateurs. My own experience, along with that of many of my friends and colleagues, has shown me the idea that you can build a successful online business by creating a 100 list, using the 3-foot rule and cold call some strangers is officially DEAD. These old-school mlm techniques that certainly did work in the 60s and 70s were given their death wound by the internet and received the final death blow with the introduction of universal social networking and web 2.0 Now a town or area can become saturated by one mlm’er very quickly simply by using techniques such as viral marketing, mass emailing etc. Saturation means that the small pool of people that are willing to consider joining an mlm opportunity are all recruited by one or two individuals. The result is that when these new recruits try to find people to sign up there are effectively none left locally and so they have to move further afield to find people who have not yet been pitched on the opportunity. This process of finding new warm leads and serious prospects has become increasingly expensive as the CPA (cost per acquisition) continues to increase. In any business there is always a cost to acquire a new customer – either you have to advertise in some way or use some other techniques to promote what you have to offer.

The value of promotional material The rising costs associated with recruiting new members has led many mlm companies to produce more and more promotional material such as DVDs, buzz cards, lapel badges, training tapes, conference calls, online webinars, seminars etc to try to entice people to sign up. And, if you take time to study the industry as a whole, you will see that just offering a good comp plan with a decent product and good quality training and development is no longer enough to compete successfully in a crowded market place. That is why the internet is flooded with ‘now in pre-launch, get it at the top, revolutionary new system’ type messages. Because the old ‘work for 2-5 years to have a good extra income’ messages simply would not get any attention nowadays. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System This mad clamour for attention has caused the whole industry to be swamped in hype and ridiculous claims such as ‘Our system can make you rich in 90 days’ It is also worth noting that by the 90s many network marketing companies were actually earning more from sales of promotional materials than they were from product sales. Hence Amway was forced to cease trading under that name and had to change to Quixstar to avoid further legal action being taken against it. The promotional material that many network marketing companies encourage you to buy is only useful to you if you already know how to use it effectively. Simply giving it away to the wrong people or leaving it in the wrong place will not give you the results that you need to generate a profit. The 2-5 year plan The original 2-5 year plan way of working has moved a very long way from Fred’s day when he would most likely recruit by chatting to a friend over a drink or at a football game. In the 60s a new mlm came along every few years but now with the internet making things so much easier a new mlm launch takes place every couple of weeks. In the 2 years that I have worked online I have literally lost count of the number of mlm businesses that I have seen close down. Some fail because they can’t attract enough members to be financially viable, others crash because their infra-structure cannot cope with rapid expansion and some go down because they are classed as a pyramid scheme and legal action is taken against them. Multi-level marketing in the 21 century is a game for professionals. The people who do become the industry leaders now are the ones who know the difference between marketing and selling. They create multiple data capture pages, sophisticated pay per click ad campaigns, professionally copy written sales letters and web sites that offer exactly what their target market want. The famous mlm gurus know how to dominate search engines (just type mlm into Google and see what comes out on top), manipulate keywords, create killer advertising copy, generate unlimited press releases and build opt in lists of millions (yes, millions – not hundreds or thousands anymore) So, is it worth carrying on reading this book? Do I seem like somebody who knows how to do all the things that I have just listed above? Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings here so be honest. The shocking truth The truth is that you don’t actually need to know how to do all of these things in order to start generating income. Instead you just need to know a few of the new rules of the game. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System These are the rules that the top industry gurus want to keep to themselves so they can make even more money from the little guys – people like me who didn’t even know there were new rules in the first place! Let me tell you that there are snails and even some plankton with more idea about search engine optimisation that me! So, am I a fraud trying to push some mlm scam on unsuspecting readers? Am I trying somehow to con you out of your money with wild promises that I can make you rich? Or am I just an ordinary person with very few IT skills who managed to work out a way of making money online? A way that is right in front of your face whenever you go online yet somehow most of us completely miss it. We will sign up to get some information or join someone’s team or downline without understanding that right there is the process we need to learn to replicate. We have been conditioned to be good consumers and many of us will buy and buy and buy. We’ll buy one training program after another and join one ‘sure-fire, now in pre-launch’ opportunity after another. We’ll spend hours searching online for the perfect system, the right sponsor or the right company etc. And many people will spend and lose a fortune trying to make money! One of the biggest reasons people quit is simply because they spend themselves out of business. But the answer is right there all the time if only you know how to ‘see’ it. If you want to find out whether I am a scammer, a spammer or a genuine online marketing coach with some valuable information to share read on and then you can decide for yourself.

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Supanova System

Chapter 2 Applying the law of attraction Before we go any further make sure you watch the movie The Secret. You may also want to go to the download section of my site to get a copy of The Science of Getting Rich on which the movie is partly based. You see, understanding this universal law will help you to grasp the most basic building block of working online – you have to be able to attract people! Watch my video to see what I mean: Now I’m not talking about setting up a dating service here! But without the skills to attract other people then your chances of making money by either selling something or recruiting someone is miniscule to say the least. Let’s think this thing through. Have you ever known a bald, skinny, nerdy looking guy who always gets the most stunning girlfriends? I’m thinking Woody Allen here. How about the short, geeky, bespectacled woman who is never short of a date? Why do some people stand out in the freezing, pouring rain for hours just to catch a glimpse of a movie star? Throughout all history and all cultures people are always attracted to leaders – those unusual individuals who rise above the average crowd and stand out in some way. It may not be their looks, they might not be the brightest jewel in the box and on the surface they may not appear to have a lot going for them. But despite their apparent short comings other people can’t help but flock to them. So what is going on? Attraction is not a conscious process and for this reason most of us never really give it much thought. But if we want to learn how to make money online by either selling or recruiting others then we have to make it our business to understand the law of attraction. We need to understand what makes one person be swamped with prospects queuing up to join their team whilst someone else with them same company spends hours and hours each day just desperately trying to get just one person to sign up or buy. The answer is leadership and this is such an important concept that I have dedicated a whole chapter of this book on the subject. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Why is leadership such a big deal? As a species our very survival depended on our tribe having a good leader – without one there was a good chance we’d either starve to death or get hacked to pieces by our neighbours. So, the desire to find and then stick with a leader has been programmed into our genes for generations – it’s hard-wired into our subconscious so whether we know it or not we are always looking for leaders to guide, teach and even protect us. In our past leadership was often displayed through violence, war and the acquisition of wealth – the Caesars amassed great wealth, kings owned most of the land, gold and assets and the names of great warriors are still known to us today centuries and even millennia after their death. Nowadays, in our capitalist, consumer society leadership is often defined through other means such as business – Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Anita Roddick, Bill Gates, Peter Jones etc. It can also be expressed through being seen as an expert in a particular field, some examples here are Robert Kiyosaki, Tim Robbins, Steven Spielberg, Tiger Woods, Prof Stephen Hawkin etc. Where are you? So, here you are on the internet along with millions of others and you are trying to market something – a product, book, report, web site, business opportunity etc The question is: how are you going to get people to notice you rather than one of your competitors (in fact do you even know who your competitors are?) In short how to you communicate your leadership qualities? Consider the following 3 types of people:   

Leaders Learners Followers

Leaders are naturally confident and do not seek the approval of others. They set their own agendas and do not follow agendas that are determined by others – do you think the leaders at the top of an mlm company are still pitching to their aunty and the guy who works at the garage? Leaders make decisions quickly and then stick with them all the time thinking and acting strategically. They work to long term goals and can easily sacrifice short terms gains for the sake of achieving greater success in the future.

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Supanova System Leaders work from a mindset of abundance – they don’t ‘need’ to recruit, they don’t ‘need’ to chase prospects, they don’t ‘need’ to sit by the phone hoping their sponsor will call. This group of people are committed life-long learners who continually seek to expand their knowledge so that they can give more value to the people who join them. They seek to serve and share their knowledge freely. Leaders have no trouble in attracting other. People will travel across the world, wait in queues and even beg to spend time with them. Can you imagine how many times a day someone tries to get an appointment with Richard Branson or Warren Buffet to share some business proposition? “If you can help enough people to get what they want then you will get what you want” Zig Ziglar Learners are the leaders of the future. They have an open mind and constantly seek information to further their knowledge. Learners truly appreciate the value of information and are willing to pay for it. Learners seek mentors to guide and support them. This group of people set themselves realistic goals and work hard to achieve them. In time they will emerge as leaders in their own right. Like leaders, they too are working to a long term plan and are prepared to take action and risk making many mistakes in order to learn and progress. Learners also work from a mindset of abundance and are happy to share their learning and progress freely with others. Their progress may be marked by contributing to a training call, writing a blog that provides value for others, joining in a forum debate etc Followers make up the mass of network marketers. Therefore, they are the easiest group to recruit and are often referred to as the ‘collateral damage’ of the network marketing industry Followers are people whose eyes light up when they see ‘now in pre-launch this business opportunity is going to set the internet on fire, sign up today for your free cash generating site, this is so simple even a gorilla could do it’ blah, blah, blah They focus only on chasing sales rather than on developing themselves and their marketing systems.

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Supanova System They make decisions very slowly and change their minds frequently often hoping from one ‘sure-fire’ opportunity to the next in the hope of finding one that is going to make them rich. Followers have little genuine regard for the people who join them because they are only focussed on their own needs which is usually to attain money. They’ll choose the quick buck over a long term plan any day. They frequently mistake making money from making a profit and many followers will spend far more than they earn, often without even realising it. I regularly encounter people who have spent $30,000 plus and who have absolutely nothing to show for it except a garage full of un-sold product and corporate DVDs. Some followers, however, do emerge as learners and then progress to being leaders, see the introduction to see where you think I fit in to this pattern. However, most will remain in the 95% group of people who never make a penny from working online and they will continue to be employees indefinitely. What’s the point? The point is that to be successful online you have to be able to attract people in very large numbers long before you can sell them anything. In fact generating sales is actually an outcome of getting all the other marketing systems in place and running smoothly first. Network marketing is so called because you have to develop a network of your own and then market your products, services and business opportunities to that network. In essence you can only sell to people you already have a relationship with. Many new home based business owners miss out this vital building block and instead of working to build their network they jump straight in with the sales pitch blasting it out all over the place. Their social network sites are filled with banner ads and their blogs, videos and squidoo lenses offer no value to anyone. In order to attract people in large enough numbers you have to either be a leader or be willing to go through the internal changes that are needed to become a leader. And a leader is someone who has immense personal value to other people. If you have no value to give why should anyone follow you? Here are some of the most important golden nuggets that I have to share with you: Golden nuggets If you try to attract people by using a product or opportunity then you are only communicating that you are a follower – usually you are simply doing what your sponsor or upline is telling you to do Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Leaders only ever promote themselves – all their communication says ‘join me’ NOT ‘join this’ Leaders are extremely valuable people and the more valuable they become the more other people are attracted to them. If you knew how to build a team of 10,000 do you think other people might want to join you? Leaders live in a mindset of abundance and you need them far more than they need you. Regardless of what product, service or business you are trying to promote the only asset your business has is your ability to attract leads and build your own networks. If you can do this successfully and repeatedly then you need not look for ways to make money as people will be queuing up to offer you deals. Finally, to succeed in any form of network marketing you have to be able to attract lots of people as this business model is one based on volume sales so answer these questions honestly –     

Why would people want to spend time building a relationship with you? What do you have to offer that is unique, i.e. your ‘unique selling point’? How can you serve others? (and just sharing your biz opp with them is not enough) What added value do you personally bring to your business? How do you communicate your leadership qualities?

I truthfully believe that anyone can develop into a leader if they are first willing to become an active learner. And one of the reasons that I wrote this book was to encourage others to take the route that I myself took from mlm follower, through much learning to where I am today. I’ll leave you to decide where you think I am in my journey right now (just remember who’s book you are reading!) So, now that we have got an idea about using the law of attraction let’s think a bit more about how having a leadership mindset relates to online marketing in a practical sense.

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Supanova System

Chapter 3 Mindset and marketing Let’s consider 2 little scenarios. The story of Susan and Sarah, two newbie networker marketers Susan and Sarah both joined Yippee Do multi level marketing company on 1 March. Neither of them had ever been involved with multi level marketing before and neither have a background in sales. Both women are a similar age and both have 2 children at school. Both women get the same advice from their sponsors – to make a list of friends and family and then get people to look at the company’s DVD or replicated web site. Both received a series of scripts that they could use when phoning or emailing people. Susan’s story Susan makes her list and also buys some leaflets, business cards and DVD’s from the company then she hits the phones. She also hands out the leaflets to her work colleagues and puts some up on notice boards at the community centre and her son’s school. After a few weeks Susan has had hardly any hits on her replicated web site so she pays to have her flyer posted in the local post office window and on the notice board at the supermarket. Whilst at the supermarket the assistant shows her a display box which is full of business cards from local small businesses such a plumbers, electricians etc. Susan agrees to pay $200 to have her cards in the box for 3 months. Over the next few weeks Susan spends many hours on the phone even calling people that she hadn’t been in touch with for years. She begins to feel increasingly despondent as she consistently fails to get anyone to agree to watch the DVD or go to her replicated site. Susan decides to start adding a web banner to all her personal emails but still very few people click on her replicated site. In despair Susan calls her sponsor and shares her experiences of being rejected and of not having managed to recruit anyone. She has only sold a few products – one to her aunty, a few things to an elderly neighbour and she has bought a few things herself. Her sponsor tells her not to worry as everyone goes through this stage when they first get going; all she needs to do is buy some leads from the company. This way she can call more people with the aim of getting people onto the company’s weekly Q&A calls, she is advised to try calling at least 20 people per day. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System She is also advised to pay the local newspaper to include her flyers in their weekly delivery. This sounds quite expensive to Susan but she knows that the paper is delivered to over 80,000 households and she is convinced that when enough people see the flyer they will want to join up. So she goes ahead and buys some more flyers from the company and schedules them for delivery the following week. Six months later Susan now has a small team of distributors and is making the minimum ship product order every month. If any of her downline asks her any questions Susan simply plugs them into the company’s weekly conference calls. Susan has no real idea how much she has spent on leads, DVDs flyers and other promotional materials (she still has a drawer full of company business cards) In actual fact Susan has spent over $7,000 (£3,500) and has not actually earned anything as her tiny income cheque just covers her membership subscription. Susan is convinced that if she can keep going eventually more people will join, though she had to collect all the cards she had left in the supermarket’s display box as not a single one had been taken. She is also confident that the people who are already in her team will eventually recruit some people themselves – they are all replicating exactly what Susan is doing. Sarah’s story Sarah made a list of her friends and family too. But instead of calling them she set up a profile on Facebook and MySpace and also she created a You Tube account. Sarah used her Facebook and MySpace sites to build a network of new friends and she put some messages about what she was up on her profile. She also made a few simple amateur videos about why she had joined the company and why she liked their products. Within a week Sarah got a message on her Facebook page from a woman who had seen her video and wanted to place an order for some of the products. Sarah posted a message about how excited she was at getting her first sale. Within the next few days more sales orders came in and she continued to share her progress openly on her site. Sarah realised that she needed to find a way of running her opportunity past a lot of people so she began to do some research on the internet. She typed ‘mlm leads’ into Google and came up with a whole range of systems that she could invest in to help her to build her own list of targeted prospects quickly. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System After signing up for the free video training series she chose to buy Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring (‘click’ HERE for details) training program and set up an affiliate account so that she could promote it. She then bought a domain name for her unique affiliate link and then posted a little web banner onto her Facebook and MySpace pages. Within a month Sarah had generated 200 new targeted leads from people who had signed up for Mike’s free video training using her link. She earned $200 commission from re-selling the program and, by contacting her new leads regularly, had recruited a team of 20 distributors for her primary Yippee Do business. Sales continued to grow steadily and she was building up a good base of satisfied customers. She cared about her customers and kept in regular contact with them to make sure they were happy and to tell them about any new products or offers. Sarah decided to develop her own mini training program for her team so that they could experience the same success as she had achieved. Soon after getting an auto-responder (‘click’ HERE for details) account and launching her series of free training emails she began to hold her own regular training calls. These proved to be very popular with her downline and very soon most of the people in Sarah’s team were using her system to recruit their own teams and replicate Sarah’s system. At the end of 6 months Sarah had spent absolutely nothing on promoting her business as she had just used free social networking sites. Even her initial investment in Mike Dillard’s funded proposal system had been returned many times over. She had worked hard to create a good network of loyal customers and she paid close attention to maintaining good relationships with them. She sent them regular newsletters to keep in touch and to tell her customers about new products and special offers – if sales were down she would create her own special offers and sometimes she would make up a competition with a prize just to entertain and delight her customers. As well as a customer base Sarah had a growing team of committed distributors for her primary mlm business plus she had also developed a good extra income stream from promoting the marketing tools that she was using. Most importantly Sarah had established a robust business system for generating endless free leads and building her prospect list, some of whom became customers and some joined her primary business.

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Supanova System The marketing system that Sarah developed allowed her to search for other affiliate programs that she could promote through her rapidly growing subscriber list. Hence her income streams continued to grow and she earned money whether people bought her product, joined her primary business or simply purchased a marketing tools using one of her many affiliate links. After one year Sarah is earning enough to employ a virtual assistant to run the admin side of her business. She spends most of her time finding new ways to give value to her team, customers and prospects. Sarah is due to speak at an internet marketing conference and is being contacted by other respected industry leaders with a view to working on joint projects. At the end of the same year Susan has spent a further $5000 on buying leads from a commercial data marketing company as well as running some Google ads (making a total spend of $12,000). She has a team of 15 distributors but none of them have managed to recruit anyone yet and their sales have not risen about the minimum ship order. Susan listens in to the company’s conference calls every week and feels that she is doing everything that her upline tells her to do. Her family mostly avoid calling her and she is shunned at work because her colleagues are tired of hearing how great her Yippee Do business is. Susan is going to the next Yippee Do seminar because she enjoys meeting other reps and likes the positive atmosphere. She remains convinced that if she can keep going she will eventually make some money. Sarah on the other hand has developed her own online marketing system using free social networking to promote herself. She has a large targeted opt-in list, customer base and team of distributors. She produces all her own training and promotional material and has established several stable income streams alongside her primary mlm business. What does this little story tell us? What did you learn from our little story? Does it sound familiar – I know it does to me. I titled this chapter mindset and marketing because you can’t succeed without both – a positive mindset and an effective marketing system. Hope, wishful thinking and being a nice person is never going to be enough in themselves to establish an effective and efficient online business whether it is mlm or otherwise.

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Supanova System If you knew both Susan and Sarah personally (and liked both of them) who would you join if you wanted to build your own successful business? Which one is a leader and which is a follower – who has the power to attract more people? I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions but will just list a few nuggets to help you out: Golden nuggets      

Think carefully about what you are trying to achieve before taking any action, how are you going to find enough people to share your opportunity with? Develop a plan and work at it consistently Promote yourself rather than your product or opportunity Spend time building relationships with people Invest in essential marketing tools that will automate part of your system Remember that the real business asset is your ability to attract leads and build your own list

The thing that stands out most for me from this little story is that Susan didn’t really have much of a grasp on what a business really is. Sarah, on the other hand, understood right from the start that a network marketing business is all about attracting large numbers of people by putting systems in place – systems to generate targeted leads, systems to communicate with customers via bulletins and newsletters, systems to train her downline etc. Now, borrowing from Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad let’s take a look at what we mean by ‘minding our own business’.

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Chapter 4 Minding your own business What is a business? About 12 years ago I was studying for a Masters Degree in Business Admin and we had one definition drummed into us above all others; it was the definition of a business: ‘A business is an entity created to generate profit via the provision of goods or services’ Another useful definition is for profit: ‘Profit is the amount of money remaining after all other costs and overheads have been deducted’ It still amazes me how many people truthfully believe that they have a business when they have nothing of the sort. Similarly I am often contacted by people who think they are making money but who are in fact losing money hand over fist. Making money and making a profit are two completely different things Whilst many people can legitimately claim that they are making money online very few of them can prove that they are making a profit. Have you seen all those sites that show you PayPal statements or income sheets? ‘Followers’ are often impressed by the dollar signs and leap right in without a second thought. But think of this – do these sites also show the cash-flow for the business, or the expenses column of their profit and loss sheet? Now I am no expert at accounting (as my accountant Ashley will certify!) but I do know that income and profit are different. Absolutely anybody can make money on the internet – just join any of the new mlms that offer a fully automated system (the ones where you just have to get traffic to the replicated site) and then spend $5,000 on ppc ads. Trust me you’ll make money – but unless you have a strategic marketing system and a plan you are highly unlikely to make a profit Having once had to write a 5,000 word dissertation on ‘developing effective business models’ I have to be careful not to go overboard here!

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Supanova System Why being a distributor is not the same as being a business owner Basically, if you are a rep or distributor in a multi level marketing company then you should understand that you do not own your own business. Effectively you have a license agreement to operate in somebody else’s business. In this business model the mlm companies set all the terms and conditions that you have to abide by and they will cancel your membership if you fail in any way to do so. I have encountered many people who have been thrown out of their mlm and sometimes for most incredibly minor reason. Some of these people have lost out on bonuses and commission that was technically owed to them but which they unknowingly forfeit with their minor misdemeanour. So you need to understand that if your only income stream comes from one mlm business then you are working as a commission only sales person with very little legal protection. Technically you are classed as self-employed which is not the same as being a business owner (you don’t get as many tax breaks for one thing). And effectively you are working as a commission only sales/recruiting agent. Go watch this video: From mlm follower to online marketing learner One of the key things that I learned before I actually started to make money online was that if I wanted to permanently replace my earned income I had to set up my own business. Notice that I said ‘permanently’ - it is highly significant and I’ll come back to it in a minute. At this point I had been trying to replace my income for about 12 months using the old school mlm techniques. Now I had made some progress – I had recruited a team of 78 and had a customer base of over 500. However, although I was making money I was nowhere near making a profit – it was costing me more to recruit and get sales than I was able to earn. Just keeping up with the drop-out rate was a nightmare. Then, as I slowly began to move from being just another mlm follower to being an online marketing learner I began to do my own research on the internet – don’t you just love Google! I began to learn that I needed to build my own list before I tried to sell or recruit (why didn’t anyone tell me this?).

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Supanova System I also began to understand why many mlm companies don’t allow you to use their name in your own advertising/promotion and why they strongly discourage people from being in more than one mlm. Whatever happened to free enterprise here, who says I can’t earn my living from more than one company or product if I want to? Remember Sarah’s example in the last chapter – I slowly began to grasp that in order to succeed I had to build my own online business and then add income streams as I went along. This method contrast with how I, and possibly you, got started - by jumping into network marketing without any prospects, any marketing plan, and way of gathering targeted leads etc Here’s the thing – as I have already said, just about anybody can make money online if they are prepared to spend enough but this is not the same as building an online business that permanently replaces your earned income. Do you really have your own business? Ask yourself these questions:      

Can someone cancel your membership? Can you sell your business to somebody else? Are you free to develop your own advertising and promotion? Do other online marketers want to create joint ventures with you? Are you self-employed or are you a business owner? If your mlm company folded would you still have alternative online income streams?

Finally, remember that you can’t be thrown out of your own business! Supanova My online business is called Supanova and the people who join me are called Supanova Superstars. In my group I have people who are just starting out, people who have tried running a home based or web based business without success and people who are already highly successful internet entrepreneurs with multiple income streams and their own businesses. My online business consists of a whole series of inter-linked activities such as:    

Social networking on sites such as Facebook and MySpace etc Posting videos to several sites such as You Tube and MetaCafe Communication via blogs, squidoo lenses, auto-responder messages etc Gathering leads and generating cash-flow 24/7

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Supanova System    

Delivering training via regular Supanova mastermind calls Coaching individual clients on web 2.0 marketing techniques Developing new information products and affiliate programs Taking part in training and working with my mentor to develop my marketing skills and knowledge

These are the building blocks of my business and I work hard to maintain and improve them. Pause for thought Have you thought of a name for your own online business yet? What tools are you going to invest in and what building blocks are you going to start putting in place? What are you going to use to generate the cash-flow that you need in order to cover your running costs? How do you plan to begin acquiring the leadership skills that you will need in order to attract people to you? How are you going to promote yourself online – by videos, blogs, audios, podcasts? I really want you to think about these questions carefully. The answers that you come up with will more or less dictate whether you go on to develop a thriving online business that consistently produces profit. On the other hand perhaps you are beginning to realise that there is a whole lot more to this online marketing than you originally thought. The truth is that there is no such thing as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme and working online is no different from setting up any other kind of business. It takes hard work, dedication and a willingness to learn if you are to see the results that you want. Golden nuggets Joining or creating any business will require you to build a network, sell and also recruit regardless of what message your company is putting out. There is no such thing as a business ‘with no selling involved’ To sell and to recruit you first need to be able to attract lots of people to you There is always an investment required to attract customers. The investment will either be in money i.e. advertising, or is your time i.e. networking on free social media sites such as MySpace and You Tube

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Supanova System If you don’t know how to attract targeted leads consistently and for less money that it cost you to acquire them then you will probably either lose money or have to invest some money to learn how it’s done. All mlm companies have a vested interest in keeping you in for as long as they can so they often provide their own training and development programs. Some provide excellent training whilst others offer poor quality material that is simply designed to keep you in Invest in generic online marketing training programs which are much better at giving you an independent over-view of the industry as a whole. Remember that your own network marketing opportunity is only one tiny part of a massive industry Invest in programs that have their own affiliate scheme so that you can re-sell the program and generate cash-flow to fund your primary business. The biggest question of all Only you know how serious you are about wanting to make money by working on the internet. And only you know how many sacrifices you are prepared to make to achieve your long term goals. Personally, I was 110% committed to finding a way to replace my earned income and get my own life back. My desire to change and get back to living my life instead of just existing from pay cheque to pay cheque was strong enough to see my through the bad times (and there were many, believe me) Frequently in my journey to success I was ready to quit. I just couldn’t see how it all worked and I found myself lost in the blizzard of information overload. But slowly and with a great deal of persistence the big picture began to emerge and II could at last see the building blocks and knew where to start. You can hear more about my journey in the series of ‘Under the microscope’ MP3 audios that are available from my web site. From those first few tiny steps I have built my own online business with a brand name that is gaining recognition, a growing team of eager Supanova Superstars and a range of income streams that are providing me and my family with a better quality of life. So here’s is the number 1 question that you have to ask yourself – this one is the daddy so think carefully about your answer: Exactly how much time and money are you prepared to invest in learning how to work online successfully? Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System A few more Golden Nuggets If you would rather spend your money on buying promotional DVD’s, attending your mlm company’s seminars and conference calls, buying leads, buying Google ads etc then you will have to spend a great deal of money before you will start to see any return or profit. There is an important difference between spending and investing – if you spend money then once it’s gone it’s gone. However, if you invest your money wisely it will be returned to you many times over. Always invest before you spend. Invest in your own learning and development first for without the right skills and knowledge your chances of making it in the most competitive market place on earth – the internet - are very slim indeed. It is no coincidence that all the people who attend the top online marketing seminars and events are ....the top online marketers! My own mentor, Dennis Karganilla, invests a great deal of his time and money on attending events that carry a price tag of $10,000 plus per ticket. Why bother when he is already making millions? Because industry leaders like Dennis and Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, Tom Bell, Joe Schroeder, John Carlton, Jay Abrahams, Val Smyth, Michel Fortin etc all understand the value of training and development and they see their investment in it as critical to their ongoing success. Put simply the more money they make the more these guys invest in their learning. The internet is a highly dynamic world which changes constantly. Online marketers who are not prepared to invest in joining training and mentoring programs will find it very difficult to keep up and will most likely be the first to get left behind. It is very hard to develop an online business by yourself. Find a mentor and join a community of like-minded people. So where to start? Don’t worry, I’m not about to suggest that you go and spend $10,000 on a ticket to the next big seminar! Nor am I suddenly going to suggest that you join my supa-dupa all singing, alldancing, greatest ever mlm (if you haven’t guessed by now there is no such thing) Instead I am going to introduce you to a way to make money online relatively quickly so that you can cover the running costs of your primary business. And the great news is that for this one you don’t need to recruit anyone! Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Not even a single sales pitch to your aunty Betty.....want to know more?

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Chapter 5 An introduction to affiliate marketing I hope that a picture is emerging for you by now – or at least some pieces of the online marketing jigsaw. I am not in any way anti network marketing/mlm and that is certainly not what I am trying to say here. Many members of my Supanova group are doing extremely well with their mlm businesses. The message that I am trying to convey is that joining a network marketing company is only one way of generating income online – and it is the most difficult as it is fiercely competitive. My feeling is that if you only have one method of earning money then you are putting all your eggs into one basket as it were which is never a good strategy in business. Also, I want you to see how this industry really works now in the 21st century. It’s not just about home presentations, hotel meetings and selling to your grandma any more. It is an industry worth billions a year and it is increasingly being dominated by professional marketers. If you don’t know how to generate lots of targeted leads or even who your target market is then you’re going to find it really tough out there in cyber space. So little guys like us (and I include myself here) need to get a few things into our heads if we want to create a home based business that is stable and sustainable and that will provide us with an increasing income for many years to come. What every online marketer needs I’m going to keep this short because there are lots of other free resources that you can check out on my web site so I’m just going to outline the basic principles here. To get a far more in depth explanation of affiliate marketing and the key role it plays in developing a profitable business please read my free Supanova Toolkit training and resource pack. Discovering affiliate marketing was my major ‘light-bulb’ moment as far as my online career is concerned. Finally I began to grasp how skilled online marketers were able to generate the two essential elements that all online businesses need in order to become established:

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Supanova System 1. A way to attract targeted leads without it costing you more than you are able to earn 2. A simple way to generate a healthy cash-flow from passive sales to help you fund all your other business building activities. So, how do we do it? Let’s start off by thinking about some of the tools that every network marketer needs in order to attract leas and generate income::      

An offer of some kind that lots of people want A systematic way to build a network of people interested in network marketing A way of attracting an endless supply of warm leads from your network A method of getting people’s contact details i.e. data capture A way to build an opt-in list and communicate with your subscribers Some training and development programs that will give you the online marketing knowledge and skills needed to be seen as an expert and leader within the home based business community.

Now think about wrapping all these things up into a system that other people could easily replicate. Do you think that new network marketers who are still struggling with all the old school methods would be interested in what you have to offer if you can show them how to generate both free targeted leads and cash? Let’s take the first thing on our list – an offer that lots of people want. Do you know what the biggest selling product on the internet is? Health products maybe or vitamin pills? Books and DVDs or entertainment in general? The answer is information. So how about making a little bit of money by selling useful information in the form of a low cost online marketing training program that will genuinely help people who are trying to make money on the internet? As there are literally millions of people who try working online every year do you think this might be a good market to sell to? Now, what if you don’t even have to produce the information or training program yourself? How about making money by re-selling someone else’s information? The first time I ever made a profit from something I sold online was with Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring (‘click’ HERE for details) book and lead generation program.

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Supanova System This program is a perfect example of what is known in our industry as a funded proposal and at just $39 it is very affordable for anyone who is serious about building their own home based business. The training course offers so much real value to anyone who is trying to generate an income online. First a great book plus a way to generate a prospect list for your primary business and then a way to earn some extra regular income simply by promoting it to others. For more information on how to use this funded proposal download my free mini guide to Magnetic Sponsoring (‘click’ HERE for details). OK, so let’s take something else on our list – a way to send out newsletters and build an opt-in list. There are several auto-responder (‘click’ HERE for details) services that are available which offer members a range of services including creating and managing subscriber lists, generating data capture (opt-in) forms that people can put on their web sites, sending out subscriber invites to new leads, delivering training bulletins etc. So, how about developing another income stream by becoming an affiliate of one of these services and making some money every time someone signs up for an account using your personal link? Not only will you receive payment but you will also receive an ongoing percentage of their monthly subscription fees – or, put another way, a residual income. Remember that all forms of network marketing are based on a volume sales business model meaning that getting the odd sale here and there is never going to be enough to replace an average earned income. So we have to sell in very large volumes to succeed in network marketing. Therefore, the only way we can do this is by developing some ‘front-end’ income streams that will generate some cash fairly quickly. This way we can stay in business long enough to recruit the size of downline that will generate sufficient sales volume for us to quit our jobs and work from home full time. An average mlm business will require you to recruit at least 2000 – 2,500 people before you’ll be earning enough to no longer rely on income from your job. Two big mlm challenges In my opinion there are two big problems with most mlm businesses. Firstly, not enough people want to buy the product outside the business itself so the product is mostly sold to existing distributors. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Secondly, most distributors don’t know how to build the kind of online marketing system that could generate both sales and sign ups 24/7 Please believe me when I say that simply sending strangers to your company’s replicated site does not count here. I’ve lost count of the number of people who tell me they have got 50,000+ hits on their guest site without a single sale or sign up. Replicated web sites are not designed to attract new customers or members; they are purely designed to stop existing members from leaving. The owners of mlm companies know that the majority of their members (in fact over 95%) of them will never develop any of their own resources. Therefore, by providing each member with an identical web site the company can give the illusion of providing members with a great resource which in fact costs the company virtually nothing and is in effect worthless. Go read the chapter on Minding Your Own Business again if you still don’t get the difference between creating your own web site and sending people to your company’s replicated web site. If you are still not sure about the difference ask your company what conversion rate they have on their replicated sites to see what I mean. And if you’re not sure what we mean by conversion rate make sure you read my Supanova Toolkit training and resource pack which is available as a free download from my web site. Consider the success of MacDonald’s If you ask most people whether they can make a better burger than MacDonald’s they usually say yes (they may even dig out a recipe for you). Now how about asking if they can create the business system that allows MacDonald’s to sell millions of burgers every year with nothing more than a sales team of teenagers. Affiliate marketing is all about selling different aspects of an online marketing system in a way that is very easy for new people to copy. These products and services are the essential basic building blocks that all full time professional online marketers need if they are to be successful. And you don’t even need to develop a single thing yourself because it has all already been done for you by people with far more experience, skill, knowledge and status. So why should I get into affiliate marketing? Well, first let me ask you again if you are really serious about making money online? If you are content to continue spending your hard earned cash on buying leads, pay per click ads, seminar tickets, conference calls, buzz cards, corporate DVDs and flyers or even using the free ‘hits for clicks’ traffic exchanges or free classified ad sites like Craig’s list then that is your chosen strategy and it is not for me to interfere. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Just note that trying to drive complete strangers to your replicated web site in the hope that they will either buy or join is a very very hard way to develop a sound online business. If you take time to think about it you will realise that there is no real substance to any of these methods and far from building a business you’ll simply be replacing one job with another. Why? Because the minute you stop so do your sales, there is no leverage in this way of working and no infra-structure to generate passive sales in your absence. I network now with many successful online entrepreneurs and I have not met a single person who became successful using any of these methods alone. Whilst many of them do use ppc advertising and ezine advertising they never pay for it out of their own money. Rather they generate cash-flow for their business first and reinvest this money into advertising and outsourcing. If, like me, you are serious and committed to developing your own online business (as opposed to just working in someone else’s) then I think affiliate marketing is the best place to begin. Why? Well, there are a number of good reasons; here are just some of them:  There is a clear and existing market for all the products that go into building an online marketing system.  This way of working provides you with new leads and prospects for any other business that you are involved with  It is the quickest way to start generating some income  You can use someone else’s credibility and status until you establish your own  Buying a few programs to re-sell is generally less expensive than maintaining an active membership with most mlms  You don’t need to recruit anyone  As with mlm all the payments, shipping and refunds are handled for you so you just collect the commission in your PayPal account Let’s take me as an example To run my Supanova business I now use a whole range of marketing tools, software, affiliate programs, training packages plus I am a member of a few exclusive top level mentoring programs. But I am wise enough to know that every single program, service and package that I use has its own affiliate scheme attached. So I use each program myself to run my business whilst at the same time promoting these essential tools to other people. When someone buys anything using my personal affiliate link the sale is tracked back to me and I earn commission.

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Supanova System In effect all of the many marketing training programs that I have studied have cost me absolutely nothing. How come? Well, first I have used the program to learn about a particular aspect of online marketing such as how to produce compelling squidoo lenses. Then I have applied that learning to re-sell the program to others. The commission I earn from this way of working not only repays my initial investment for the program itself but also produces a regular income stream for me. Unlike traditional retail, in affiliate marketing you can buy something once and re-sell it many times over. This way of working is often referred to as ‘developing multiple income streams’ and it is the way top recruiters and leaders fund their business and build massive opt-in lists at the same time. Take a look at a video I made about promoting affiliate programs: Now, the way to make affiliate marketing work for you is to really understand who your best prospects are and where to find them. Still interested......then read on to find out more about your ‘target market’

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Chapter 6 Who are your best prospects? The key to affiliate marketing, and indeed any kind of marketing for that matter, is to really understand who your best prospects are, where to find them and how to attract them. Go watch my video about ‘target market’ Traditional mlm would have us believe that our best prospects are our friends, family and associates. Do you believe that? If you have tried to share your opportunity with your friends and family what was their response? The response I got when I tried it ranged from disbelief to complete apathy (‘I can’t look at your site ‘cos I might miss a bit of Oprah’) I had no idea about ‘target market’ or how to identify my best prospects. So where do we start when we are trying to work out who our best prospects are and where to find them? The difference between selling and marketing Before TV and the age of mass media information overload many companies had massive sales teams full of people (mostly men) who would travel the country selling their particular product or service. So insurance salesmen would be given a monthly target to achieve and they would hit the phones trying to get appointments. Then they would visit their prospects and deliver a fairly standard sales pitch sharing the benefits of their particular policies. Selling was generally a one to one activity where one person would be doing their best to get the other person to buy. Lots of selling techniques were developed over time such as how to counter objections, how to give people incentives to buy etc When your sponsor or upline give you a phone or email script to follow this is where it comes from – it is routed in traditional sales techniques. Who likes tele-sales? But the problem is that nobody wants to hear it anymore. People are sick to death of being sold to and the experience of having the phone slammed down is one that many mlm'ers and home based business owners are all too familiar with. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System People are now educated and sophisticated buyers who can find what they are looking for with the click of a mouse. So the knack here is to avoid selling altogether and adopt a marketing approach instead. A definition of marketing There are many definitions of marketing but a simple one that I like is: ‘Marketing is a system designed to generate sales.’ Please note the word system here – I will stress again that being successful online is all about putting together a series of little systems that combine to make a powerful marketing machine. There is a clue here by the way in the words we use – Multi-level marketing, network marketing, online marketing. It seems so obvious when you think about it. So why do so many people still focus on selling and delivering sales pitches at every opportunity? Marketing is a much more subtle art that is designed to work on a long term basis rather than just deliver a few quick sales. It is about creating interest, gathering and then captivating an audience, building a relationship with buyers/customers so that they will return and buy more etc Mike Dillard says that he doesn’t just want customers, he wants ‘raving fans’! If you can solve a problem At the very heart of marketing is the notion of solving a problem for someone. People go online because they have some kind of problem – they want to know what movie to watch or where to find a hotel that takes dogs or how they can get hold of a lamp shade in just the right shape etc Marketing is all about providing a solution for people in a particular niche – in our case making money by working online. The old sales model requires us to sell a certain product or range without much thought to whether people actually want the particular product or not. Just check some of the products being sold by mlm companies right now – the reason they are being sold this way is because they would not sell at all using traditional methods of retail such as high street stores. Selling is often done on a one to one basis and can be a stressful experience for both the seller and the buyer (people occupied in sales have higher than average mortality rates for example) Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Whereas a marketing approach would be to do some research to find out what a particular group of people want and then either make or find the products that will satisfy the need that they have just identified. Once a need (or problem) has been identified all we, as professional online marketers, need to do is simply communicate that we have the solution to a particular problem. For more information on this topic go to the free download section of my site and get hold of Michel Fortin’s highly influential report called ‘The Death of the Sales Letter’ What do network marketers need? Let’s take home business owners/network marketers as our ‘target market’. Going back to the example I gave in the chapter on Affiliate Marketing we can clearly identify a number of products and services that most home business owners will need – a way to generate leads, an auto-responder, a way to post their videos to multiple sites etc Now, let’s imagine that we set up our own online business and begin to look for other home business owners to network with. We begin to write blogs about how we use an auto-responder (‘click’ HERE for details) to manage our list, how we use FriendBlaster (‘click’ HERE for details) add software to build up a list of friends on MySpace quickly, how we use Magnetic Sponsoring (‘click’ HERE for details) to generate leads and get some income flowing into out PayPal account. Do you think other home based business owners might be interested in what we have to share? Do you think some of them might get in touch with us to find out more or click on our links to have a look for themselves? Remember that we haven’t sent them a sales pitch. We have simply talked about the products and services that we use ourselves. Plus we go on to give other people the means to buy these products and services if they choose to with our unique affiliate links or domain names (‘click’ HERE for details). Remember that the power in this relationship is with them as the buyer rather than with us as the seller. That is why we stand a much better chance of getting them to buy something from us if we have first taken time to develop a good relationship with them. Marketing is about helping the buyer to choose rather than forcing them to buy. And if we build our credibility and promote ourselves in a positive way then members of our target group are far more likely to take notice of what we say. Therefore, they Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System are more likely to buy from us using our affiliate links than from someone who just dishes out yet another sales pitch. Are you starting to get the hang of this? Golden Nuggets Don’t start off trying to sell a product to strangers – how do you know they want it? Work on clearly identifying your target market – who are they and what do they want? React to the market and find products and services that you can re-sell easily to your target group Promote yourself, help people and build your credibility and status as an expert Spend time building relationships with people rather than pitching to them Offer people solutions rather than products or services Seek to add value wherever you can and be prepared to go the extra mile – remember Mike Dillard’s ‘raving fans’ – that is what you are aiming at. Once you truly understand the difference between selling and marketing many other aspects of working online will begin to make more sense. You will start to see why so few people ever actually manage to replace 100% of their earned income. And once you get the fact that it is really about providing solutions you will begin to develop the kind of posture and leadership that will make you stand out from the rest of the mlm crowd who are still crunching the numbers and pitching for all they are worth.

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Chapter 7 Posture and leadership So how do you communicate your leadership credentials? If you want people to join you, buy from you, listen to you or in any way take notice of you then you are going to have to give them a reason to do so. Leaders do not beg people to join them nor do they write long messages outlining the benefits of their product/service/opportunity. Leaders communicate confidence in their own abilities and in their own business. They set their own clear agendas and do not jump when someone tells them to jump. A follower immediately replies to a message they get on MySpace in the hope that they have just captured a new prospect. A leader will get back to someone in their own time and will decide whether a message is worth following up or deleting. Permission marketing There is so much complete junk around on the internet – ‘join this now’...’greatest ever opportunity’...’best product in history’...’I joined this 20 seconds ago and now I’m a multi-millionaire’. How much more hype and hot air can there possibly be? Consider these 2 messages that I recently received on MySpace: Message 1 “You do mlm right So I know you will want to join this great new opportunity today. It’s going to be the biggest thing on the net so don’t miss out now because they’re not keeping this offer open for long. Just click on the banner now” Message 2 “Hi Louisa, Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is _______ and I have been reading your profile with great interest. I have also watched many of your videos and read all your blogs, I completely agree with your stance on internet marketing. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System If you have time to take a look at my profile you will see that I have been working online for 5 years now and have certainly learned a few things in that time. Like you I also made many mistakes along the way and cringe when I remember all the terrible pitches that I inflicted on my friends! I am currently developing my own online product that is designed to provide a valuable service to online marketers and I think you may be interested in it. I have your Skype id and wonder if I may call you to discuss it as I would very much appreciate your views. Is there a time that would be convenient for you? I look forward to networking with you in the future, Kind regards” OK, which one would you reply to? As I spend quite a bit of time on social networking I get at least 20 pitches a day – whatever the actual words are the real messages goes something like this: ‘please click on my banner so I can get my hit counter up and kid myself that I’m building a business. I didn’t even bother to find out anything about you because I’m just working the numbers here – I have to recruit fast just to keep up with the dropout rate in my minimal downline. I completely believe all the hype that my mlm company tells me and I accept it unquestioningly. I am doing what my upline tell me and I have no real ideas of my own’ MLM companies just love recruits like this – compliant and desperate to make some money. This guy’s upline knows with certainty that he will probably recruit a few people and then quit (often after having spent a few $1000 on promo materials, training and leads) So what is the difference? In a word...permission The first person didn’t even bother to read my profile so had no idea whether I would be interested in their opportunity or not. They will send exactly the same message to as many people as they can in a day and then do the same thing every day after that until they quit. The second person (a man I will call Tim) took time to read my profile and my blogs. He made an effort to find out whether his product/service could be useful to me. And the most important aspect of his message was the fact that he sought my permission to tell me about it. This is a critical step and is almost always missed out by people who are still stuck in the ‘selling to numbers’ mindset. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System The chances of you making a sale or recruiting someone are massively improved if you first get their permission to share whatever it is with them. This is such a vital step that it has its own name – permission marketing. And what has this got to do with leadership? Leaders instinctively understand that their role is to offer people solutions. They know that by gaining people’s permission first they are far more likely to have their opinions listened to and their suggestions acted upon. As a species we are far more likely to listen to a person we have elected in some way (i.e. we have given them permission to tell us something) rather then somebody who tries to force their opinions down our throats. That’s why most of us slam the phone down on tele-sales people, we are affronted by the fact that they have the audacity to call us in the privacy of our own home when we did not give them permission to do so. Win-win Like the old warrior chiefs who looked after their tribe, modern day business leaders listen to what people need and then provide the solution in a win-win manner. The concept of win-win is a principle that underpins all successful business transactions. What it means is that all parties to the transaction gain something. Let’s look at how this works in mlm. An mlm follower’s main focus is pitching their product/opportunity to as many people as possible in the hope that at least some people will buy or join. The person who chooses to act this way is not seeking a win-win situation. Rather they are only focussed on their own gain and have little regard for whether their customers or downline gain anything or not. This explains why followers usually have extremely high drop-out rates amongst their downline and must pitch continually just to keep up with the attrition rates. The reason is that there is no ‘win’ for the people who join and as soon as they realise this they are off. Now let’s contrast this way of working with how a true leader attracts customers and a team. First they think hard about what their customers and downline have to gain by buying from them or joining them. They seek to give added value and to tailor their offer to what their customers/team really needs. They create many avenues for inter-action with people and they pay attention to comments and feed-back reacting accordingly. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Followers almost always work in someone else’s business whilst leaders always create their own. Abundance and scarcity Most people who try online marketing fail and there are many reasons for this, some of which I have already touched upon in this book. Some people are locked into an employee mindset. Therefore, they can’t see the value in investing money on training and development programs that would give them the online marketing skills and knowledge they need in order to become successful. Others lack the confidence to network effectively. Many come from a mindset of greed where all they can see is their own potential gain which may be obtained at the expense of others. And some people, again often lifetime employees who have got used to a guaranteed monthly pay-cheque, cannot cope with the idea of delayed gratification. That is to say having to work for months or even years in order to build a business that will provide far greater rewards in the long run. But in terms of becoming a true leader there is one key aspect that is critical – that is whether you have a mindset of scarcity or of abundance. The sad story of the little monkey In Africa there is a particular species of monkey and when all other game is scarce a local tribe will hunt and kill these monkeys for food. Now monkeys are extremely agile little creatures that can move quickly through the trees from branch to branch so how come hunters can catch enough of them to make the effort worthwhile? Well, the way these monkeys are caught offers a great lesson in developing the mindset of a leader. You see all the hunters have to do is drill a small hole in a tree that is big enough for the monkey’s hand to go in – the moneys usually watch this being done. Once the hole is ready the hunter places a nut in the hole and waits. He usually doesn’t have to wait long because very soon the monkey’s desire for the nut gets the better of him and he rushes over and grabs the nut. But when he picks up the nut his hand has now become a fist and he can’t get it back out of the hole. Along comes the hunter and breaks the monkey’s neck.

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Supanova System The hunter takes the nut and places it back in the hole with all the other monkeys watching – remember that they have just seen one of their group have his neck broken. Yet within no time at all another monkey does exactly the same thing – rushes over to grab the nut and gets killed. And so it goes on till the hunter has as many monkeys as he needs. Now all the monkey needs to do to save his life is to drop the nut and run up the tree because there would be no way for the hunter to catch him. But millions of years of evolution have given the monkey a mindset of scarcity and he has been programmed to hang on to that one nut quite literally at the cost of his own life. Leaders live in abundance And it is that very mindset of scarcity that prevents many people from making the internal changes that are necessary if someone is to move from being a follower to being a leader, from being an employee to being a business owner, from being in debt to being financially independent for the rest of their lives. I strongly suggest that you read all of Robert Kiyosaki’s books to learn more about how rich people think and what keeps others permanently in debt. Answer this question honestly – is there too much money in the world or not enough? Truth is the world is awash with money but the majority of people aren’t taught how to attract it or, more importantly keep it. Robert Kiyosaki once said that the rich know how to turn assets into cash whilst the poor only know how to turn cash into trash. Another saying that I like comes from Jim Rohn: ‘Rich people have big libraries; poor people have big TVs’ Leaders work from a mindset of abundance. They give things of value away freely because they know deep down inside themselves that they can always attract more – more money, more assets, more associates, more joint ventures etc Nobody outside ourselves sets any limits on what we can acquire – just ask people like Richard Branson, Oprah, Bill Gates etc. None of these people started out as remarkable or with wealth yet they did not impose any limits on what they could achieve.

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Supanova System Your inner voice So, if you are still reading my book and still want to build your own online marketing system then start to listen to that little voice inside your head. What is it saying right now? Is it saying ‘sure, what Louisa is sharing is tough but if she can do it then I can do it’? Or are you telling yourself ‘there’s no way I’ll ever be able to do this kind of stuff, I’m just not clever enough’? The changes that each one of us needs to make internally in order to become an effective leader are going to be different for everyone who commits to undertake the journey. For me deciding to become successful as an online marketing coach was literally a life-changing experience. And although the process of change was often scary and uncomfortable (with a few tears along the way) going through the process has enriched my life in ways that I could never have imagined. Only you know how much you are prepared to go through to achieve your own hopes and dreams but just remember the old saying ‘either you think you can or you think you can’t but either way you are right’

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Chapter 8 From contact to customer With any kind of online marketing or home based business opportunity the process of finding hot prospects is a universal requirement whether you are in the Reverse Funnel System, Xango, Goji Coastal Resorts, GDI or whatever. The need to build up a list of targeted leads and warm prospects applies equally regardless of whether you are trying to promote a product, service, affiliate program or business opportunity. This business process can be broken down into the following steps:     

First make lots of contacts and develop a large network Connect with those contacts and start to build a relationship with them Convert as many contacts as possible into business leads Sift through your list of leads and filter people into becoming prospects Turn your prospects into customers or downline depending on your business

This process is sometimes referred to as a ‘funnel’ or ‘pipeline’. I like the idea of a funnel and often talk about how I’ve built my own sales funnel on Supanova mastermind calls etc. This way of looking at your online business represents exactly what you are trying to achieve with your marketing system. At first you will make contact with a lot of people but not all of these will be interested in what you are promoting. So, you will filter some contacts out yourself while others will naturally drop away as they lose interest in you and what you are promoting. This is fine so don’t worry, it is just a normal step in the process of first identifying and then attracting prospects. Let’s look at these steps one at a time. Making contacts No contacts equal no business – this is why pitching strangers is a very unproductive activity. Most people on the receiving end of a badly thought out sales pitch will simply delete the message rather than waste their time responding. That is why it is essential to learn how to first find people who might be interested in your product or service and then make contact with them in a way that will encourage them to get back in touch with you. A contact is not someone that you send a message to – this is only one side of the process. Someone only counts as a contact if they reply to you; it has to be a two way process to count. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System One of the best and quickest ways to start building up a list of contacts is by using some of the free social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook etc. By developing your own profile you can start to attract ‘friends’ who may want to do business with you. And if you are still fairly new to the word of social networking I suggest you go and listen to my ‘Back to basics’ MP3 audio. Connect with and convert your contacts Being successful in business has a great deal to do with developing positive long term relationships with people and online marketing is no different. In fact, long before the name ‘attraction marketing’ was ever thought of the same technique used to go by the name ‘relationship marketing’. Spend time getting to know your contacts better, find the things you have in common and share ideas, web sites, books etc. Be curious and genuinely interested in people and ask questions instead of just telling them things about yourself and your product/opportunity. The more you get to know people then the more your relationship with them will progress. Soon they will no longer be just being another contact as they will have progressed to being a lead. And don’t see being a lead or a customer as a negative thing. The chances are if you are reading this then you are one of my leads and I am both a lead and a customer of many more senior online marketers such as Mike Dillard, Dennis Karganilla, John Carlton, Shawn and Tellman etc Sift through your leads As with your contacts, not every person on your lead list will buy from you or join you immediately. I have people buying various programs from me over a year after I first got to know them. Hence this is the reason why building long term relationships with people is so important. So we need to continue to filter people into slightly more sophisticated categories at this stage i.e. people who remain as leads and people who progress to being hot prospects for whatever we are promoting. Auto-responder By this stage of your funnel building activities when you have begun to establish a reasonable network i.e. you have 500+ friends on MySpace you are likely to need an auto-responder account to help you keep track of your business.

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Supanova System Aweber (‘click’ HERE for details) is the service that I use. It allows you to set up and maintain as many subscriber lists as you like plus it protects you from any accusations of sending spam by allowing leads to opt-in to your group. This is extremely important to anyone working online because if you are found to be sending spam emails you may have many of your online accounts deleted thus ending your online business career permanently. There are also legal considerations to be taking into account such as the Data Protection Act in the UK, check your legal requirements of data capture and storage and make sure that you act accordingly. As well as giving your leads the choice about opting in there are many other very useful features of an Aweber (‘click’ HERE for details) account. For example you send out a series of pre-written emails at a time interval that you set i.e. a message every 3 days for example. You can also send individual newsletters to let your group know about a special offer or a call that you are doing etc Every message that you send using your auto-responder contains an unsubscribe link so your leads can choose to leave your list at any time. Again this is a legal requirement in many countries including the US and UK. Turning prospects into customers By this stage, if you have followed the guidelines that I have laid out in this book, many of the people who you initially made contact with will be ready to either buy your product or join your opportunity. They have read your profile on MySpace and the first thing that stood out was that you were promoting yourself instead of just sticking a few company web banners up and giving them a badly written sales pitch. Already you are sharing your unique qualities and more and more people want to add you to their friend list. You are communicating as a leader not as a follower. You regularly produce blogs, squidoo lenses, hubpage hubs and You Tube videos etc as a way of providing value to both your existing leads and also to attract more potential leads. People consider you to be knowledgeable not just about one particular mlm but about online marketing as a whole. You can confidently guide people through social networking, posture & leadership, attraction and permission marketing and setting up affiliate accounts. You know how to develop multiple income streams and are happy to share what you know freely with as many people as you can. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System You have become the kind of person that other people naturally line up to join. Your primary focus is in helping them to replicate the marketing system that you put together so that they too can make a living from working at home on the internet. Golden nuggets Share everything that you know freely – the more you give the more you will get back in return As your business grows invest in systems, books, training and development and software to help you Spend time building relationships – call people, visit them and keep in touch regularly via newsletters, blogs and IM (instant messages – check out Be patient! Developing your own ‘funnel’ take time and persistence Find a mentor to guide you and some running buddies to share the journey with you.

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Chapter 9 Getting started The big challenge in trying to set out a basic model for online network marketing is that it does not really lend itself to being simplified into a nice neat linear package. Here’s a video I made about this: Plus there are an infinite number of variables which will influence how you progress and whether you will achieve success. For example, your results may be influenced by:        

How much prior business experience you have Whether you have any marketing or promotion experience How much time you can spend on developing your business How much money you have to invest up front If you are quick to learn new skills Whether you can apply your new skills effectively If you have the positive mindset that is required If you have sufficient motivation to keep learning and progressing

So, I hope you can see that it is not really possible to create one set of steps that is suitable for everyone. Although you would never guess that with all the ‘network marketing in 7 easy steps’ or ‘5 steps to lifelong wealth’ e-books and so-called reports that seem to pop up everywhere! Your business is unique but the online network marketing system isn’t Creating a business is a highly creative individual act and it is important that you bring your own unique personality and perspective to everything that you do. That way the people who you’ll attract will be the right people for you; I often say that the only people I ever want to work with are people who already want to work with me. It makes doing this work a whole lot more fun. Therefore, trying to copy someone else’s business model is not a very good strategy to follow yet I see it being done all the time. Instead you are far more likely to achieve success if you take the time to develop your own unique home based internet business. The only bit you can easily copy is the online network marketing system that I have shared in this guide which is universal and is the method used by all the top recruiters to fill their downlines with leaders.

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Supanova System My attempt to put some getting started steps together is, therefore, in no way meant to give you the impression that replacing your earned income by online network marketing is easy or straight-forward. To the contrary, throughout this book I have tried to convey the message that becoming successful online requires dedication, patience and persistence. I do not believe in ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes (or stories of ‘how I made millions in 2 minutes by selling this e-book etc) The jigsaw I have also tried to reveal the fact that network marketing is not a step by step linear process where each stage leads neatly on to the next. You’ll learn a bit here (say social networking) and another bit over there (permission marketing) then in between you start to create your own data capture page and hold your own mastermind training calls etc. And during all of this you are still learning and finding new bits of the puzzle – how to grab people’s attention, how to write headlines that get noticed, what keywords are currently in favour, how to write a compelling profile etc. In truth there is no end or final stage to reach – it is just a matter of continually learning, improving and growing. And the more of this we do the greater our income will be – in a way it really is that simple. My Journey So, in trying to focus on 10 key steps that will get you started I have just looked back on how I first got going nearly 2 years ago. By thinking about all the mistakes that I made in the beginning I have hopefully managed to put something together that, if you decide to follow, will save you time, effort and money. But just remember that I myself am learning all the time, nothing is static in the world of the internet where trends and opportunities appear at the speed of light. Every week I am introduced to a new application or a better way of doing something. And that is one good reason why it is important that you join the Supanova Superstars. I take part in many tele conferences, webinars and mastermind calls etc with some of the world’s top internet marketers and who do I share all this incredibly valuable information with? The Supanova Superstars of course! I greatly value all the members of my group and I work very hard to serve them and give massive value to anyone who genuinely wants to learn from me and my experience.

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Supanova System Now, if you understand that there isn’t a simple process or a single magic trick to all this then here we go with a very broad outline of the online network marketing system: Step 1 Build your network Use free social networking sites such as MySpace, You Tube and Facebook to develop your own online network. Remember that your purpose is to attract your target market so don’t include inappropriate people in your network, be selective and commit at least one hour per day to adding new friends, reading blogs, posting comments and contacting people directly. Step 2 Give value Begin to serve your growing network by providing massive value in the form of free information. Create your own content in the form of videos, blogs, squidoo lenses, podcasts, MP3 training audios, boot camps etc. Link everything together i.e. post a link to your squidoo lens on your MySpace blog etc. Step 3 Educate yourself Invest in your own online network marketing education in order to continue giving value and to attract the attention of your target market. Listen to free training calls and MP3 training audios (I regularly post new Supanova calls to my web site) and watch videos from some of the top network marketers Step 4 Invite subscribers and build your group Invite people to subscribe to your video channel, MySpace blog, Facebook group etc. Begin to attract people from of your wider network and into your own group. This is starting to convert people from being contacts to being prospects. Step 5 Develop an offer Develop your own unique offer and invite people to join your group in order to access your offer – see the Supanova Toolkit for more tips on how to create a compelling offer. Create your own opt-in process and begin to focus on building your prospect list by recruiting warm leads from your network.

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Supanova System Step 6 Serve your group Begin to write regular newsletters for your group to keep in touch with your prospects and continue to build relationships. Ask questions, find out what challenges people are facing and be creative about thinking of ways that you can help. Step 7 Monetise your marketing system Once you have stable systems in place to bring people into your network, convert them into prospects, build your list and serve your group begin to think about how you can monetise the process. What offers can you make that will benefit you group but will also earn you money, for example you can promote some low cost affiliate programs (see the Business Essentials section of my web site for details of my two affiliate programs), hold fee based training calls, offer one to one coaching etc. Step 8 Find the leaders Begin to identify the people who are emerging as leaders within your group and either recruit them to your downline or develop a joint venture of some kind with them Step 9 Establish your credibility as a serious professional online marketer As you achieve more positive results and greater success seek to network with more senior and well known marketers. Share your success in blogs and videos etc and find ways of contributing to other people’s training programs or offer to be a guest on a training call etc. Summary I hope that you can see why online network marketing is a collection of associated activities and skills rather than a simple 1-2-3 step by step linear process. Sadly it is not as easy as many mlm companies would like us to believe when they tell us we only need to find 5 willing people. What they don’t say is that to find 5 willing people we may have to share our opportunity with 5,000 and recruit at least 1,000 before we’ll get anywhere. Here are the most basic steps that I think will help anyone to get started: 

Sign up for a MySpace account and work on developing an attractive profile. Tell your story, share what you are passionate about and include some photos

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 

  

 

Begin to seriously practice social networking every day. Learn how to spot your target market and work hard to interact with them by leaving blog comments and profile comments etc. Increase your knowledge of the online marketing industry as a whole – who’s hot and who’s not right now, what are the trends in the market place? Really focus on attracting people into your sales funnel. Communicate with your wider network and prospect list regularly to share and promote some of your low cost affiliate programs and marketing tools Create and manage your own stable online group or list – have you heard the saying ‘the money is in the list’? Well, guess what – it is! Invest in some higher end training and mentoring programs in order to continue giving value and develop your online credibility. Continue to widen your ‘sales funnel’ bringing more and more people in by providing good quality content via more outlets such as wordpress sites,, squidoo, video platforms etc Attend online marketing events and seminars and seek to build relationships with more successful industry leaders Own and run your own internet marketing business and make money whether someone joins your primary network marketing opportunity or not

But before we end this chapter let’s not forget step 10 Step 10 Give it back, pay it forward, and reciprocate what the universe has given you. Remember the importance of having a mindset of abundance and find time each and every day to be grateful for all the good things you already have. If, like me, you have truly learned how to make money online and have replaced your earned income for good then you know deep down inside that you are financially secure for the rest of your life. Now you owe it to others to share what you have learned freely and openly so that they too can benefit from the knowledge and wisdom that you have worked hard to attain. Along with the law of attraction there are other universal laws including the law of reciprocation. Putting it simply in life you get back only what you first give. So be generous with your time, your affection, your respect, your wealth, your skills, your knowledge and your gratitude. Robert Kiyosaki talks about: Be



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Supanova System First you have to be the right person Then you have to do the right things And finally you’ll have what you deserve. Becoming a successful business owner is really about who you become rather than what you do or sell or promote. If you are the kind of person that leaves other people feeling better off just for knowing you then you are on the right track. If you can become someone who has great personal worth then you will have no problem getting others to join you, buy from you, work with you or hang out with you. As my own mentor Dennis Karganilla has often told me ‘it’s who you’re being that counts’

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Chapter 10 Conclusion If I had to start to write this book again it would probably be different. Maybe I would put the chapters in a different order or perhaps I would have totally different chapters etc. Maybe I should have included one on how to build a sales funnel. As I have put this book together I have realised with even greater clarity that absolutely nothing stands still in online network marketing and the home based business industry. Life really is about a journey and not a destination. I am a different person at the end of this book than I was at the beginning – I’m a little wiser, I’ve learned some cool new stuff and I have a new project to work on with my mentor. I have seen a couple of mlms crash and several new ones arrive with the usual rahrah fanfare of hype. I have heard a few more tragic tales of how much money people have lost trying to build their team or how heavily in debt they are. And I have also shared many happy stories with people who are excited about getting their first opt-ins or sales, leading their first group training call and getting their first monthly commission that equals their pay cheque. The recipe for success You see working online is not like making a cake. It is not as simply as just whizzing the same set of ingredients up and getting exactly the same results every time. Truth is that there is no one single recipe for success. Let’s face it, if online network marketing was that easy surely everybody would do it. Who’d ever be struggling with debt or have their house repossessed if all they had to do was jump into a ‘fully automated, no selling involved’ online opportunity. Fact is that over 95% of online network marketers never make a penny in profit and often even the guys at the top on stage with the mic and the new pin are actually still losing money rather than making it. Making money is not the same as being successful Just because you are making $4,000 per month in sales does not mean that you are keeping $4,000. I learned a while ago that several of the people I thought of as successful leaders were actually in serious debt. Far from making a profit they were spending thousands every month on buying leads from data companies and paying for wildly expensive magazine advertising. Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System Sure they got the standing ovation and the applause but you can’t use those to pay your mortgage or fuel bills. It’s not rocket science either But I have also come to understand that online network marketing is not as difficult as some of the mlm gurus like to make out either. If you think about it they are hardly likely to shout about the fact that anyone can become successful online because they would simply be inviting more competition for themselves. And, whilst I admit that building a successful online business does require an open mind, willingness to learn and a whole lot of patience, I honestly do not believe that it is beyond an average non-techie person’s capabilities. Just look at me for example! If I thought that building an internet based business was far too complicated for most people to ever attempt then I wouldn’t have wasted my time writing this book. Nor would I work hard at producing blogs, lenses, MP3s, podcasts and videos to try and share my knowledge and duplicatable online marketing system with anyone who wants to learn. What will you do now? Some people will download this Supanova System e-book, flick through it and throw it in the bin. Others may read it and connect with what I have set out. They will then put it on a shelf with the intentions of working through it and taking action. The book will sit on that shelf until they move or decorate the house. Then again other people will follow the instructions that I gave right at the start i.e. they will flick through it first, then read it more closely highlighting key points. They will then set out their own plan of action, download my Supanova Toolkit e-book and will begin their own online marketing journey. And then there will be the ones who read the first 2 lines and jump straight on the phone – ‘Louisa, this is great, can you help me, I’ve spent $8,000 on buying some flyers and DVD’s from my mlmcompany and got nowhere, what do I need to do now?’ Time to say good-bye? I have no idea how you found my web site or whether you have been following any of my online contributions via blogs, Twitter and videos etc. I don’t know if you appreciate my book or are about to throw it on the fire. You might put it away and forget about it or you might tell your own team to go and download a copy.

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Supanova System I have no control over the decisions you now make and I can’t tell you whether you will ever be successful online or not. So what can I say? What I can say is that if you do decide to follow the online marketing system that I have laid out in this Supanova guide and you want my help, guidance and support then you’ve got it 110% When you join my Supanova Superstars team you’ll get my free 12 part online business building training course plus ongoing training bulletins and newsletters. You will also have access to my free training calls as well as various special offers that I arrange every now and then exclusively for my group. Because doing the work that I now do is a complete joy to me. I was searching for a way to use my teaching skills to really benefit others. When I started my search I had no idea that online network marketing would provide the means for me to make such a positive difference in the lives of others. Working with my team and my network is a delight and a privilege for which I am truly grateful. In fact I never think of what I do as ‘work’ because the way I spend my days now bears no relation to the previous 25 years of my career. During the past 2 years I have encountered the most amazing, wonderful and generous people, I have grown as a person and have achieved the goal that I set for myself which was to set up an internet based business, work from home, have more time flexibility and become financially free and no longer dependant on any employer. Now my passion lies in helping others to establish their own business by duplicating the simple online marketing system that I have been taught by people like Mike Dillard and Dennis Karganilla. So, if you have got some idea of what’s involved and are genuinely prepared for some hard work then join my group, get hold of the Supanova Toolkit training and resource pack and let’s have some fun. Remember that Supanova Superstars come from all walks of life, all age groups, races, backgrounds and beliefs so don’t let your ‘inner voice’ dictate whether you reach the stars or not. Have faith in yourself and if you take that first step then I will support you all the way. After all I believe in working as a team because Together Everyone Achieves More! To your success Louisa Nardini Copyright owned by Corragio Limited Supanova is a trading division of Corragio Limited

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Supanova System 08 Second Edition  
Supanova System 08 Second Edition  

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