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Supaksirin Wongsilp A selection of professional and academic works 2018


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SUPAKSIRIN WONGSILP B o rn 1 989 , Kan c h anab u r i, T h ai l and S t in d es t r . 2 7 B er l i n 12 167 Ger man y + 49 ( 0 ) 1 7 67 7 2 88 8 5 9 su pak s ir in . w @ g m ai l . c o m ww w . s u p a k s i r i n . c o m

ED U CAT ION 2006 - 2004

Saip a ny a Sch oo l S ec o n d a r y s chool

Ban g ko k, Th ailand


K M U T T , Scho o l of A rchitect u re a n d des ig n B A. In d u s t r ial des ign department Ban g ko k, Th ailand

2 0 07 - 2 0 1 2

Hoch s ch ul e Wismar Ex c h a n g e s tudent Wismar , Ger ma ny


CODE Internship in pr o du ct desi gn

P r o du ct desig n res earc h & devel op ment

201 2

Liquid Marketing Com mu nica t ion Graphic Design e r

2D & 3 D desig n develop ment and ex ec ut io n

2014 - 20 16

D entsu Media ( T ha ila nd) Graphic Design e r Adv er tis in g desig n

2016 - N ow

A dobe Il l us trator A dobe Photos hop A dobe Premi ere Pro A dobe Indes i gn A dobe A fter Effects A dobe Li ghtroom Rhi noceros 3D

LANG UAG E SKI L L S Thai (A dv ance) Engl is h (A dv ance) Germ an (I nterm edi ate)

Farmgroup Internship in i n s t al l at i o n de sign

Exper imen tin g new c onc ep t s t hrough r esearc h 3D mo deling

2013 - 20 15


Freelance g raph ic de s ig ne r Br an din g desig n, let t er ing d esign, cal lig r aph y , etc .

OTHER SKILLS Ci nem atography Screenwri ti ng M odel-M aki ng Cal l i graphy Photography Gui tar

Table of Contents


Everyday Letters


Art Ground


Calligraphy workshop




Roth Consultin


Hom Gang Khun Yai






I’m everywhere and nowhere.


And I own nothing and everything. Gay Pride 2013


AIS Super Deal


LUX concept store


Reaching head


Moong Mahorasop


Tel : +49 17677288859 Email : Further info about my works Please vsit : Supaksirin Wongsilp Stindestr.27 12167 Berlin


Dear Sir, Madam with this letter I am applying for the Master's degree program at Kunsthochschule Berlin-WeiĂ&#x;ensee in a program of Visual Communication. I hold a bachelor's degree from School of Architecture and Design (SOA+D) from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand in the field of industrial design, where I learned design process and creative thinking. It was a 5 year long program with many design integrated projects, not only among the group of students, but also working with local people and students from other fields. The core program was focused on Human-Centered Design, based on human behavior and social and cultural research. During my studies and through the different courses, I discovered my passion for graphic design and social as well as cultural design. This led me to my bachelor thesis in a social context which is about family relationship in a slum community. After my graduation, I started my first professional design career as a graphic designer in an advertising branding agency. From 2013 - 2017, I worked at two agencies and made one year of freelancing, also in parallel to my job I started working on a personal artistic project in 2015. The project is called Everyday Letters which is a combination of calligraphy and lettering design that I express myself in another form of art. However, I realized that I still need to horizon my design perspective to be able to theoretically and practically execute creativities in deeper and wiser aspects through effective researching and thinking processes which becomes a big decision of doing this master.

The deeper and the more I got involved in the art of lettering, the more it showed me the comprehension of a design world that every elements are connected, typography, visual thinking, psychology and also branding design that I’m passionate in. The long lasting history of typography and communication design especially in Germany profoundly influenced me and my work. Graphic and communication design in Europe, especially in Germany, fascinate me and make me curious about how the ideas have been executed not only in terms of conceptual thinking but also merged with a unique visual style, dominant colors and beautiful typography - so called, Strong and Full of Energy.


This is a reason why I decided to study in Germany as its design origins have been playing a big roll in the design world. I strongly believe that culture and language has a big influence in a logical way of thinking. That is why I moved to Germany in September 2017 to be surrounded by its strong design and creative culture and also learn the language as I have determined to study in German and I know this will help me to better understand a german culture.


Studying at Kunsthochschule Berlin-WeiĂ&#x;ensee will enrich my horizon and creative thinking process and give me opportunities to unleash myself through several projects where I could freely explore and experiment with ideas, supported by advices and open discussions from experienced professors and classmates from different backgrounds. This is a big challenge for me, a challenge that I'm looking forward to. Studying here will not only give me the knowledge, but also good feedbacks and discussions from other ambitious designers that will help me to improve myself for the future. One of my longterm goal is to become a professor at a Thai university at some point when I gain enough experiences and knowledge, plus some years working in Germany. With this thoughts I wish to bring interesting and helpful resources to new generation and make something useful out of my competence. According to the past events that I have created a few calligraphy workshops and was once a guest lecture about calligraphy in a typography class at Bangkok university. After those occasions I strongly realized how teaching meaningfully fulfills me.

To better explain my working background and skills, I have provided some work samples and CV in this portfolio. If you would like to see more works, please visit my website ( Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Supaksirin Wongsilp



c al r p y a

Everyday Letters

Everyday Letters is a personal project that I have started to publish my artistic expression through words, based on calligraphy and lettering design. In 2014 I started to learn everything by myself from scratch. And later I named the project “Everyday Letters�. The deeper and more I was getting involved in the aesthetic of handwriting, the more its history started to interest me and it became a big source of inspiration. Just like the understanding of type design fascinated me and later led me to some projects where I organized and hosted some workshops in Bangkok. In these workshops I shared my knowledge and the techniques I have learned through self study and through working on many different projects. These workshops were for individuals but also for university students. One of these workshops was held at Bangkok university as part of their course curriculum in communication design. 1

Krungthep A full-name of Bangkok in Thai handwritting that applies Copperplate technique of handwriting to Thai scripts. 2


Born to be wild A wall painting for a cafe in Bangkok, named Tiger Cave. The brief was to design a feminine style lettering that contains flourishing and forest elements.





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Art Ground Art Ground is an annual creative and art festival in Bangkok, Thailand which gathers both professional artists and new talents to present their personal projects.

Type of work : Calligraphy showcase Place : The Jam Factory, Bangkok, Thailand Year : 2016


I was chosen as a new talented artist for the Art Ground festival where I presented my personal handwriting and calligraphy work.


Calligraphy Workshop

Type of work : Self-organised workshop Paticipants : 20 Year : 2016 13

A calligraphy workshop for beginners aimed to teach the basic knowledge and technique of Copperplate and Modern calligraphy style, including basic tools for handwriting. It was a 2 full days workshop with more than 10 participants in Bangkok in 2016.


g 15

a gr h p c

Type of work : Logo design Client : Nandhi, Berlin Designer : Supaksirin Wongsilp Year : 2016 17

Nandhi Nandhi is a clothing brand, based on Yoga lifestyle. The logo inspiration comes from "Nandhi" - the bull lord of Shiva who is the personification of all the main practices of Yoga. The brief was to design a logo, inspired by Nandhi through minimal and neutral visual language. The logo was metaphored to a simplified image of the Nandhi bull with a very clean and simple character through a sketching process in both negative and positive shapes. The final design was chosen by its feminine and tender characteristics that matches the product’s brand.




Type of work : Logo Design Client : Roth Consulting, Stockholm Designer : Supaksirin Wongsilp Year : 2017


Roth Consulting Roth Consulting offers consulting services for food businesses across Sweden and Thailand. The company is owned by two Swedish sisters from the Roth family. The design brief was to design a logo, based on hand-lettering which represented the identity of the company with a confident and feminine look.



Design Variations No.1 Signature Casual Sophisticated Nimble Modern

No.2 Get-Going Casual Sophisticated Nimble Modern

No.3 UrbanRise Casual Sophisticated Nimble Modern

No.4 Signage Casual Sophisticated Nimble Modern


Hom Gang Khun Yai


Type of work : Logo design Client : Hom Gang Khun Yai, Songkra Designer : Supaksirin Wongsilp Year : 2016

Hom Gang Khun Yai Hom Gang Khun Yai is a Thai restaurant in Songkra province, Thailand with a specialty in local southern Thai food. The name “Hom Gang Khun Yai” refers to hot and spicy curry, freshly cooked from grandmother’s kitchen, with her secret recipe, transferred from one family generation to another.



The design brief was to design a logotype, based on Thai lettering design to represent a home-like and feminine character by using a flourishing style, but at the same time it should also show sophistication.



Type of work : Branding Identity Client : W/Common, Pattaya Designer : Supaksirin Wongsilp Year : 2017

W/ COMMON W/Common is a workout studio in Pattaya, Thailand that offers various sport activities for everyone. I designed this project along with the client through development and feedback that executed various design mediums under the concept “We & Me” that aimed to represent the brand's identity as active and dynamic, but convey the feeling of “home studio” at the same time.


A key visual was developed from human action during sport, combined with the English word “We & Me� which implies that sport brings self-consciousness and a new society for us.





Type of work : Branding Identity Client : Dripoly, Pattaya Designer : Supaksirin Wongsilp Year : 2017


Dripoly Dripoly is a lifestyle cafe for people who need a refreshment for the day. The name was inspired by "Liquid" and the "Polygon shape". The brief was to design the whole branding to be clean, masculine and dynamic that represents the movement of air and water drops to get along with its interior design. Dripoly is located at The Commons Pattaya, a community plaza in Pattaya, Thailand.






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Aa Hero regular

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Type of work : Book cover design Client : Yann Giriard Designer : Supaksirin Wongsilp Year : 2016

I’m everywhere and nowhere. And I own nothing and everything. “I’m everywhere and nowhere. And I own nothing and everything.” by Yann Girard narrates personal stories through his life’s journeys and experiences. The book cover was designed in a way that it reflects the author’s personality through his handwriting and an outline of his portrait on a strong contrast color combination.


Gay Pride 2013

A flyer design for BCG Gay Pride parade in Hong Kong. The visual concept represents the diversity of human through vibrant colors, blended with a human silhouette.


Type of work : Flyer design Client : BCG Hongkong Agency : Liquid Marketing Communication Position : Graphic designer Year : 2013 44

Type of work : Flyer design Client : AIS (Advanced Info Service) Agency : Dentsu Media Thailand Position : Graphic designer Together with : Pichitchai Hirunwong Year : 2015


AIS Super Deal A monthly leaflet design for AIS, a phone network provider in Thailand.


LUX concept store A shop design for LUX (Thailand), a home electronic appliances brand, was designed under the concept “Flowing� in a sense of water and air interpreted into space with dynamic, modern and hygienic style that gets along with its brand identity and its products. 47

Type of work : Interior design concept Client : LUX (Thailand) Agency : Liquid Marketing Communication Position : Graphic designer Year : 2014


Reaching ahead


Dentsu Media, one of my former employers is a Japanese media agency that offers digital advertising media services. The poster was designed as a calendar for its clients with dynamic and futuristic elements. 49

Type of work : Poster Design Client : Dentsu Media Thailand Agency : Dentsu Media Thailand Position : Graphic designer Year : 2015

s tu de t

Moong Mahorasop A bed time story that creates a quality family time.


Moong-Mahorasop is my bachelor thesis project. It is based on a social and cultural topic in an effort to bring parents and children living in underprivileged Thai communities closer together. For the design I came up with a bedtime story D.I.Y kit that works under a mosquito net.

Type of work : Toy design, BA Thesis Advisor : Mrs. Nanthana Boonla-or Department : Industrial design Designer : Supaksirin Wongsilp Year : 2013



I started the project with a research in Thai slum communities, mainly with children. Disadvantaged children do not benefit from their place in society so I tried to find ways to strengthen the family bonds in these communities with my project.

My project’s goal was to enable kids to have more quality time with their hard working parents that are rarely at home. Kids in underprivileged communities become exposed to several obdurate, agitating experiences or stress that eventually leads to cognitive, social and emotional problems. 54

"Quality time" became the key concept according to the research which shows that most parents do not have time to take care of their children due to social and work responsibilities. Therefore, the design solution is embedded in user's overlapping routine which is the bedtime, the best period of time that both, kids and parents could participate and make meaningful moments that will last long in memories.


The diagram shows how the project was implemented through problems and solutions which resulted in 4 design criteria and led to design executions. A mosquito net is essential for every house in these underprivileged communities. That's why it was added as part of the design solution to use it in a unique way of narration, based on its space and physical functions.` 56


Watch online :

The final design was distributed to the communities through a social care organization, based in many underprivileged communities in Thailand, to be used as a learning tool in underprivileged communities nursery.


Thank you.

Supaksirin_Portfolio_KH Weißensee 2018  
Supaksirin_Portfolio_KH Weißensee 2018