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Car Care Protection Products approved by over 20 vehicle manufacturers

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The Complete Protection Package for your vehicle inside and out.

What is Supagard? Supagard creates a long-lasting invisible barrier that protects your vehicle both inside and out. Supagard paint sealant works in a unique way. It forms a hi-tech microfilm that bonds to your vehicle’s paintwork, preventing the accumulation of grime and repelling ultraviolet rays, pollution and acid rain. In a similar way, Supagard Interiorgard protects the fabric and carpet in your vehicle by coating each fibre in a resinbased formula that shrugs off spillages and dirt, making them easy to remove. This invisible barrier reduces friction between the fibres, prolonging the life of the material while retaining their natural texture and appearance.

New Car Paint

Our technicians treat your vehicle with a professional application of Supagard. The resulting showroom finish is guaranteed for 3 years. No need for annual inspections.

MAKE YOUR CHOICE FROM THE Untreated – 1 year later


RANGE Treated – 1 Year Later

Supagard offers you... 1


InteriorGard Protects your fabrics and carpets by coating each fibre with resin-based formula which won’t wash out. Dirt can be vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution.

Paint Sealant


Forms a tough, high-gloss, deep transparent protective barrier on your vehicle’s paintwork that remains wash after wash.


Leather Care (optional) 6

A cleaning solution that also helps to maintain the supple, natural feel of leather upholstery. 1







An easy to use Cleaning and Protection kit, suitable for keeping your alloys in showroom condition. The removal of grime, dirt and brake dust all done with a quick wipe.

Losing your keys is a frustrating - and often costly - inconvenience. Statistics show that 90% of key sets that have been attached to a KeyFinder fob* will be successfully re-united with their owner. * Membership renewable after 1 year.



Supagard 3 Year Guarantee

Security Marking



All the Supagard treatments (excluding SupaWheels) applied by your dealer are guaranteed for three years subject to the guarantee conditions.

A visible deterrent to theives, which incorporates your vehicle onto the world’s largest international security register. It is Thatcham Q listed and is to a police-preffered specification.

Creates a non-glossy, non-greasy, anti-static matt finish on vinyl and plastic surfaces that maintain their flexibility and appearance.

Save up to 25% on shopping and leisure pursuits. Accepted in over 30,000 UK outlets, including Sainsburys, Iceland, WH Smith, Asda and HMV.* * Outlets subject to change. Membership renewable after 1 year.

Please the correct pack, as contents vary. Please check check with with your your sales sales executive executive that that yo you have the correct pack, as contents vary.

u have

Silver Pack

Gold Pack

Professionally applied • Paint Sealant • InteriorGard • Alloy Wheel Protector • KeyFinder*

As Silver with the addition of: • I.S.R. Security Marking* • Vinyl Protection • Supagard Discount Card • KeyFinder (two fobs)

Customer AfterCare Holdall: • 20 x Acid Rain Neutralising Shampoo Sachets • Scuff Remover Kit (2 x 100ml Tubes) • 150ml Bird Lime Neutraliser • 500ml Alloy Wheel Cleaner • 400ml Alloy Wheel Protector • 400ml Tyre & Trim Dressing • 25 x Leather Wipes* • Alloy Wheel Brush • Ridgeback Sponge • Synthetic Chamois • Yellow Duster • White Cloth • Latex Gloves • Stockinette

Silver Plus and Gold Plus Packs As Silver/Gold with the addition of: Emergency Kit Bag: • 500g Fire Extinguisher • Emergency Torch • First Aid Kit • Kneeling Mat • Safety Jacket • Poncho Set • Tyre Changing Gloves

Supagard AfterCare Products Supagard also offer a wide range of individually packaged professional quality AfterCare products to replenish your pack.

Body Repair Pack Should you be unlucky enough to experience any kind of bumps or scrapes, your Supagard paint sealant can be re-applied in an authorised repair centre.

Supagard Customer Holdalls A premium quality holdall that’s the ideal place to keep your cleaning products organised. Available with Silver Plus & Gold Plus ranges. Exact contents of Holdalls may vary from those shown.

Image representative of ‘Plus’ Range.

* optional


Bronze Pack

Bronze PLUS Pack

Professionally applied • Paint Sealant • InteriorGard

As Bronze with the addition of: • 150ml SupaWheels Protector • 150ml SupaWheels Cleaner • Alloy Wheel Brush • 5 x Shampoo Sachets • LeatherCare (optional)

Customer AfterCare Kit: • 5 x 15ml Acid Rain Neutralising Shampoo Sachets • 100ml Paintseal Cream Tube • 150ml Bird Lime Neutraliser • 25 x Leather Wipes* • 1 x Cloth Stockinette * optional


Emergency Kit only available with the ‘Plus’ range.

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