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For many people the Credit Crunch means that it is just not possible to buy that lovely new car that they had promised themselves - not yet anyway. So to spruce up their current car and protect its re-sale value, they take advantage of our “Back to New” special offer.

The service consists of the following items: • Valet – Your car is cleaned inside and out. • Pre-clean – Your car is pre-cleaned to remove all residues of polish and or wax from the paintwork. • Supagard The paintwork is sealed and guaranteed for 3 years. This protects the paint against fading and means that you do not need to wax polish the car for 3 years. • The fabric seats and carpets are also treated to make them stain resistant. • Alloy wheels are also protected to make them far easier to clean. • A large bag of aftercare products will also be yours to take away.

Emergency Kit (Around 3,500 people are killed or injured at the roadside – many of the items in this kit could literally save your life) • 500g Fire Extinguisher • Emergency Torch • First Aid Kit • Kneeling Mat • Safety Jacket • Poncho Set • Tyre Changing Gloves

Paint Degradation The Supagard treatment will arrest paint degradation and protect against permanent staining on seats and carpets thus maximising the re-sale value of your car.

New Car Paint

Customer Aftercare Holdall

• 20x Acid Rain Neutralising Shampoo Sachets • Scuff Remover Kit (2 x 100ml Tubes) • 150ml Bird Lime Neutraliser • 500ml Alloy Wheel Cleaner • 400ml Alloy Wheel Protector • 400ml Tyre & Trim Dressing • 25 x Leather Wipes* • Alloy Wheel Brush • Ridgeback Sponge • Synthetic Chamois • Yellow Duster • White Cloth Stockinette *optional

Untreated after 1 year

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Treated after 3 years