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AfterCare Packs. Maintain the Supagard showroom finish with our range of AfterCare packs.

AfterCare Pack • 600ml Shampoo • 600ml PaintSeal Cream Neutralise acid rain deposits and break down atmospheric pollutants with Supagard Shampoo, then apply Paintseal Cream for a gleaming, showroom finish. SupaWheels AfterCare Pack • 500ml Alloy Wheel Cleaner • 400ml Alloy Wheel Protector • 1 x Applicator Sponge • 1 x Applicator Brush Supagard Wheel Cleaner removes road grime. The Wheel Protector creates a barrier that eases the subsequent removal of accumulated dirt.

Hydro Coat • 20 x Sachets Creates a beading up effect on your paintwork while dispersing water off the surface quickly. Also helps to reduce water marks and keeps your car cleaner. Provides both summer and winter protection and helps deflect road salt and slush. Executive LeatherCare • 300ml Concentrate • 300ml Barrier Cream • 200ml Foam Dispenser • Ink Stick Remover • Microfibre Cloth • Sponge Applicator Specially formulated for use on leather interiors, the cleaner makes short work of stains while the conditioner preserves the supple, natural leather feel.


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Every effort has been made to ensure that the content of this publication is correct at the time of going to press (February 2010). In accordance with the company’s policy of continuously improving its products, Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd reserves the right to change at any time the specification and make modifications to the accessories described and shown in this publication. Nissan dealers will be informed of any such modifications as quickly as possible. Please check with your local Nissan dealer to receive the most up-to-date information. Because of the limitations of the printing processes used, the colours shown in this brochure may differ slightly from the actual colours of the paint and interior trim materials used. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part of this brochure without the written permission of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd is forbidden.

Supagard Ltd, 19 - 27 Gavinton Street, Muirend, Glasgow G44 3EF Tel: 0141 633 5933 Fax: 0141 637 7219

Supagard creates a long-lasting invisible barrier that protects your car both inside and out. It defends paintwork against whatever the world outside throws at it, and fabric from whatever those inside spill on it. No hard work required; just a quick wash or wipe and your car regains its showroom sheen. The high-gloss finish that your car begins with is the result of ultramodern painting technology – but conventional polishes actually remove a thin layer of paint. This hastens the oxidisation and deterioration of your car’s paint surface.

Supagard Paint Sealant works in a completely different way. It forms a hi-tech microfilm that bonds to your car’s paintwork, preventing the accumulation of grime, pollution and acid rain. In a similar way, Supagard InteriorGard protects the fabrics and carpet in your car by coating each fibre in a resin-based formula that shrugs off spillages or dirt, making them easy to remove. This invisible barrier reduces friction between fibres, prolonging the life of the material while retaining their natural texture and appearance.

Finish as you mean to go on. Supagard is the most popular vehicle protection package in the UK and has been approved and recommended by Nissan for over 15 years. Our technicians treat your car with the professional application of Supagard. The resulting showroom finish is guaranteed for 3 years. All the hard work’s taken care of – all you have to do is collect your car from your Nissan retailer. You can be sure that Supagard will preserve the optimum appearance of your car, enhancing its residual value should you choose to sell it.

Supagard protection extends beyond safeguarding the appearance of your car – it can also defend your vehicle against theft. The Gold Plus Pack includes a security marking procedure that incorporates your car into the International Security Register, making your car instantly recognisable and providing a visible deterrent against thieves. This is the police-preferred specification and significantly reduces the likelihood of your car being stolen. The Gold Plus Pack also includes lost KeyCare fobs (single fobs optional with Silver and Silver Plus) which increase your chance of finding lost keys to 90%. The Gold Plus Pack also includes the SupaCard with which you can save up 25% on dining and leisure pursuits at over 30,000 UK outlets.

Five products. Bronze Pack

Silver Pack

Professionally applied - Paint Sealant - InteriorGard

Professionally applied - Paint Sealant - InteriorGard

Complimentary AfterCare Pack: - 150ml Birdlime Neutraliser - 100ml Paintseal Cream Tube - 5 x Shampoo Sachets - 1 x Cloth

Customer AfterCare Holdall - 20 x Acid Rain Neutralising Shampoo Sachets - 200ml Scuff Remover Kit (2 x 100ml Tubes) - 500ml Alloy Wheel Cleaner - 400ml Alloy Wheel Protector - 400ml Tyre and Trim Dressing - 150ml Bird Lime Neutraliser - Sponge & Polishing Cloth - Alloy Wheel Brush - LeatherCare (optional) - KeyFinder (optional)

Bronze Plus Pack As Bronze with the addition of:

This holdall & emergency kit are only available with the Plus Range, contents may vary.

- 150ml SupaWheels Protector - 150ml SupaWheels Cleaner - Alloy Wheel Brush - 5 x Shampoo Sachets - LeatherCare (optional)

Please ask your sales consultant for all pack pricing details.

Silver Plus and Gold Plus Pack As Silver with the addition of: Emergency Kit Bag - Tyre Compressor - Tripod & Everlasting Torches - Kneeling Mat - Poncho Set - Tyre Changing Gloves - I.S.R. Security Marking*† - Vinyl Protection*† - KeyFinder* (2 x fobs) - Supagard Discount Card* *Gold Plus Pack only. † Professionally applied.


a Paint Sealant An invisible and durable barrier that protects your paintwork, wash after wash.



d InteriorGard Coats each fibre of fabric and carpet with a special formula that eases the removal of stains and preserves the fabric’s texture and appearance.

Supagard LeatherCare (optional)

b VinylGard (optional)

A cleaning solution that also helps to maintain the supple natural feel of leather.

Creates a non-greasy, anti-static matt finish on vinyl and plastic surfaces that maintain their flexibility and appearance.

e Security Marking (optional) A visible deterrent to thieves, this is the policepreferred specification and inducts your car into the World’s largest international security register.

c Birdlime Neutraliser Safe and simple way to remove corrosive bird droppings.

f SupaWheels Wheel Cleaner ease the removal of grime, dirt and brake dust, while Wheel Protector keeps your alloys in great condition.




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