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Some of the horrors Supagard Plus can protect your caravan or motorhome from on the outside. Rain, sun, slush, dirt, mud, pollution - your vehicle’s exterior really has a lot to contend with. Supagard Plus protects your caravan or motorhome against the worst that the elements can throw at it. The professionally applied high gloss paint sealant forms a tough, transparent protective barrier on your paintwork, which guarantees that you won’t need to polish it for at least 3 years. When you’re protected by Supagard Plus, a simple wash is all it takes to restore your caravan or motorhome to the showroom condition you so admired.

Supagard Plus can also protect your caravan or motorhome from little horrors on the inside. There’s no use crying over spilt milk, or chocolate, or mud - not when your interior is protected by Supagard Plus. Our professionally applied InteriorGard coats each fibre with a resin based formula which won’t wash out and eases the removal of stains and spills while preserving the texture and appearance of the fabric. This invisible barrier also helps reduce friction between fibres which helps prolongs their life. Supagard Leathercare is also available, with special conditioners designed to clean and maintain the supple, natural feel of your upholstery. When you’re protected by Supagard Plus, dirt and spills can be vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution, whatever little horrors life throws at your interior.

A few other things in your caravan or motorhome that Supagard Plus can protect. Punctures, breakdowns, accidents, a grazed knee or a cut finger - you never know what’s around the corner on life’s highway. But when you’ve got the Supagard Plus zip off Emergency Kit on board, you can help safeguard your most valuable possessions - you and your family. No matter what situation you find yourself in, there’s something here to help you out - a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, an everlasting torch, a high visibility reflective waistcoat, a pair of wheel changing gloves, a kneeling mat and 4 pocket raincoats. When you’re protected by Supagard Plus, we don’t just care for your caravan or motorhome, we care for the occupants too.

In fact you’ll be amazed at what Supagard Plus can now protect. Today’s big issue is the environment and here at Supagard, we’re doing our bit to protect that too. We continuously review our products and our packaging with a view to reducing their impact on the environment, so that’s why we are introducing propellant free aerosols. By removing the propellant our new pump action dispensers contain up to 30% more product, don’t harm the atmosphere and can be easily recycled. Our packaging materials are bio degradable too and our products are developed with longer lasting and improved formulas which are more environmentally friendly. When you’re protected by Supagard Plus, it’s not just you who benefits, the planet does too.

The Supagard Plus range consists of a variety of products all aimed at helping you to keep your vehicle looking it’s best:Supakleen Upholstery Cleaner

The cleaner penetrates deep into the textile fibres and lifts stains to the surface, easing the removal of the most stubborn marks.

Supakleen Glass and Mirror Cleaner Employs powerful, fast-acting cleaning agents to effortlessly remove dirt, grease, tobacco haze and finger marks, leaving glass streak-free both inside and outside your vehicle. Contains antimist protection

New Tyre and Trim Shine

Conditions, protects and revitalises tyres and trim with advanced cross linking polymers which react with atmospheric moisture to improve durability and resistance to weathering.

New Scuff Remover Kit

This new kit contains Wipe Away and Paintseal Cream to remove minor blemishes and scuffs from your vehicle’s paintwork without damaging the original Supagard finish.

New Bird Lime Neutraliser

A handy reach for solution for the removal of bird lime without damaging the original paintwork or Supagard finish on your vehicle.

The Supagard zip off Emergency Kit contains a variety of items to safeguard both you and your passengers in a roadside emergency. Contents may vary between manufacturers, but generally include:-

First Aid Kit

Scissors, tweezers, safety pins, bandages, plasters, antiseptic wipes, medical tape, emergency blanket, gloves and much more.

Fire Extinguisher

Supagard’s new BS Approved 600gm fully charged, sodium dry powder fire extinguisher can tackle any kind of fire whether it be liquid, solid or electrical. It’s a must for every vehicle.

Everlasting Torch

This eco friendly everlasting dynamo torch doesn’t ever need batteries or bulbs - it can last up to half an hour on just one minute of depressing the handle.

Wheel Changing Gloves

These new gloves can be used time and time again when changing a wheel and protect your hands from dirt, grime, oil and damage.

Reflective Waistcoat

Shampoo Sachets

This highly concentrated non-froth shampoo neutralises acid rain and is effective for removing dirt and grime from everyday road use.

Be seen and be safe with the Supagard reflective waistcoat - it conforms to British Standards and has a double 500mm reflective strip around the entire jacket.

Ridgeback Sponge

Family Cagoule Set

Supagard synthetic sponges are designed and specially shaped for maximum cleaning power and ease of use when washing your vehicle.

Valet Pack

The Supagard Valet Pack contains a synthetic chamois for aiding the drying process of your vehicle. It is also complemented with gloves, duster and stockinette which enables you to keep your vehicle gleaming both inside and out.

These lightweight plastic ponchos are suitable for everyone - in the event of a breakdown or emergency, they’ll keep the whole family dry and safe while out of the vehicle.

Kneeling Mat

This handy mat can make changing a wheel a more comfortable experience and helps to keep your clothes free from dirt, grime and road damage.


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