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Ability to change/reset the password online 24x7 for students, faculty and staff Improved security Better use of Helpdesk resources Password Synchronization


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This suite will require the user to complete a few extra steps the first time he or she logs into the portal - everyone who uses the portal will have to go through the enrollment steps one time. This suite will ask for and store answers to security questions so that the user will have the ability to reset their own password — in case he or she forgets it The Reset Password app will be under Control Panel to help users who want to reset it This will reset all SCCC user passwords: for portal, ANGEL, Email, network, and wireless network – it will NOT reset the Banner (Student Information System) PIN!

After a successful login to the portal users will be redirected to a staged workflow page where: ◦ Users will be presented with the College’s acceptable use policies (mandatory) ◦ Users will enter answers (mandatory) ◦ Users can change their password (not mandatory) ◦ Users will launch MySCCC Portal to complete the process (mandatory) 3




◦ Users will be presented with the College’s acceptable use policies and procedures (in a different tab or window). ◦ He or she needs to click on the “I agree” button to proceed.

Please click “I agree” button to accept the “Terms of Use” below:

Setup the security answers ◦ It is mandatory for users to setup their answers or else the password management app will not allow them to go to the portal homepage ◦ The answers are not case-sensitive ◦ At the end he or she needs to click on the “Save” button before going to step 2

“MySCCC” the name we have given to the SCCC portal, is an official SCCC resource. All authorized users must abide by applicable SCCC policies and guidelines, as detailed in the “Acceptable Schenectady County Community College Computer Use Policies and Procedures and Web Site Privacy Policy” for all SCCC users.


Change Password


At the end users need to click on “Take me to MySCCC”

◦ Once the answers are updated, a user may change his or her password





After the initial setup, users can update their password reset questions and reset their password while in the portal by going to Menu and clicking on “Control Panel”:

Click on “Update Password Reset Questions”, then update your answers – NOT case-sensitive (put a checkmark in “Show Text” checkbox so you can see the responses) When done, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.


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Click on “Reset Password” and enter your new password twice; when done, click on the “OK ” button at the bottom. How to create a strong password:


If you forget your password you would need to click on the “Reset Password” link on the MySCCC Portal:





Enter your SCCC username (not the Banner ID):

Enter the correct answers at three randomly chosen questions out of the five answers you setup previously:



Enter the new password twice:


You will receive a confirmation message (1), you need to click on “Sign In” (2) and then login to the portal using the new password (3):



MySCCC Password Management Suite  

For Schenectady County Community College students: Everything you need to know about passwords.

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