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Schenectady County Community College Economic Impact

Business Perspective

SCCC Stimulates Economic Growth Regional Growth Due to SCCC • SCCC’s past and present activities in the workforce account for $184.1 million in labor income (i.e., wages, salaries, and benefits) and $145.7 million in property income (i.e., dividends, interest, and rent) of the region’s current economy.

(amounts in millions)

• Altogether, the SCCC Service Area economy owes roughly $329.8 million of its current income to the annual operations of SCCC and the cumulative effects of its past students.







SCCC Raises Consumer Spending • SCCC employed 186 full-time and 316 part-time faculty and staff during FY 2006-07, with an annual payroll of $16.1 million. • SCCC had a total operating budget of $30.7 million, of which $16.5 million (or 54%) was spent in the local region. • Approximately 31% of SCCC’s student body came from outside the region. These students generated an estimated $1.3 million in regional sales while attending SCCC.

SCCC Creates a Skilled Workforce • SCCC activities encourage new business, assist existing business, and create long-term economic growth. The college enhances worker skills and provides customized training to local business and industry. • It is estimated that the present-day SCCC Service Area workforce embodies about 632,200 credit hours of past and present SCCC training. These added skills promote business productivity and increase regional income.

Skill Levels Required by Area Jobs Graduate Bachelor's Associate's Postsecondary award Work experience Long-term training Moderate-term training Short-term training 0%






Percent of Regional Jobs

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Economic Impact - Business Perspective  

The business perspective of the ESMI financial impact report for SCCC.