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The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the State University of New York at Potsdam

Spring 2010 Vol.4 | No.2

The Physics of Love



Bear PRide Night

Students, faculty, staff and alumni showed their Bear Pride February 5th. Women’s Rugby tied with Emerging Leaders for first place in a heated battle between student groups to exhibit their love of Potsdam at the Pride Night festivities. The Black Student Alliance placed third but vowed that 2011 would be their year.

Norma Jean Lamb ’51 Staying connected is personal.

Kathy (Harvey) Perry ’75 On to a new adventure.

David Johnson ’77 Honoring country, alma mater, and Mom.

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On the cover:



Physics of Love

Equations of impact for Potsdam.

Reunion Celebrate 100 years of the Potsdam Alumni Association! 7.8.10-7.11.10

Forming bonds and connections as early as 1910, it was 100 years ago that the Potsdam Alumni Association incorporated. The College has changed names and locations over the years, but the long-standing traditions and stories from alumni are the ties that bind. Please join us in celebrating 100 years. Look for important milestones in the Association throughout this issue.

w w w. p o t s d a m . e d u /p e o p l e


Letter From

the president

S P R I N G 2010


lfred, Lord Tennyson, wrote: “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to love.” I may no longer be the young man I like to think I am, but certainly love is an important topic for my thoughts. Love is ineffable and transcendent, and is at the heart of the academic endeavor. After all, we call our College our alma mater, our “fostering mother,” in Latin. So it should be no surprise that we have deep love for this place and this institution. Of course, the longer Anne and I are part of this College family, the more clear it is that loving Potsdam is just so darned easy. In my travels and conversations with alumni and friends of the College, it is obvious they deeply love and are passionate about Potsdam, and they manifest that love and passion in so many different ways. Despite economic hardships across the nation, we continue to see record-breaking numbers of alumni return to campus to celebrate Reunion Weekend. They return by the hundreds to sleep in dorm rooms, listen to Double Axel late into the night, laugh until it hurts, eat pizza rolls until they are full and remind each other of why they came to love Potsdam and why they have held on to the life-long friendships they made here.

I am continually heartened by the many alumni and friends who turn that love for Potsdam into concrete action, by giving back to the College, by returning to talk to our current students, or by hosting student interns in their workplace. Our alumni and friends are some of the nation’s most talented and innovative leaders in business, education, government, and the arts. And yet, the core work of the College, educating our students, is significantly enhanced by the hours these same individuals dedicate to advance the mission of SUNY Potsdam. You cannot walk across the campus without seeing the evidence of that: the Class of ’75 Smart Classroom, the Mary English Commons, Becky’s Place. The list goes on and on. Love not only can conquer all, but it also can be a very strong motivator. Potsdam is so very fortunate to receive this kind of love. It translates across generations and means something different to each person with whom you talk. But at the end of the day, at the end of the college experience, at the end of Reunion, this love translates into a life well-lived, a recollection of a precious moment to be cherished forever, and something given for the future of a student so that the cycle can be continued. In the end, love is transformational, in each of our lives, and certainly in the life of this College.



Vol. 4 | No. 2

Pots dam P e opl e Sta f f a n d Co ntr i b uto rs E d ito r Deborah Dudley, Director of Marketing and Communications Mona Ouimet Vroman ’85, Director of Alumni Relations Wr ite r Deidre Kelly, Media Relations Manager Ranah Matott, Web Production Associate We b M anag e r Mindy Thompson, Director of Web Communications Co ntr i buto rs Christa Carroll, Director of The Fund for Potsdam Nancy Griffin ’08 (hon.), Development Officer Jason Ladouceur ’94, Director of Planned Giving Donna Planty, Publications Associate Sherry Allen Paradis ’00, Director of Donor Relations Laura Stevenson ’07 (hon.), Alumni & Donor Relations Vicki Templeton-Cornell, Vice President for College Advancement D es i gn & A rt D i r ectio n Jessica Rood, Director of Publications P HOTOGR A P HY K  athryn Deuel, Principal Photographer


news & notes Research

NSF Grant to Enhance Chem & Bio Research


U.S. News & World Report Ranks Potsdam in Top Tier SUNY Potsdam has been named one of the top tier public and private regional universities in the northern United States in the University-Master’s category of the 2010 edition of “U.S. News & World Report’s” guide, “America’s Best Colleges.” This is the 11th consecutive year “U.S. News” has recognized Potsdam as one of the nation’s highestquality institutions. “I’m sure that being ranked among the top universities in the nation helps,” said Tom Nesbitt, director of admissions, “but in the end it is the learning environment, the access to high-impact experiences, the arts-rich campus and tight-knit community that will make Potsdam a great fit for students and foster their success.” “U.S. News” bases its rankings on assessment by administrators at peer institutions, retention of students, faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources and alumni giving. The indicators include input measures that reflect a school’s student body, its faculty, and its financial resources, along with outcome measures that signal how well the institution does its job of educating students. “At SUNY Potsdam we take pride in the recognition of the accomplishments of our graduates,” said John F. Schwaller, president. “For 200 years this has translated into respect and recognition for the ex-

cellence of the programs of the College. While we are happy to be recognized in ‘U. S. News’ as one of the nation’s best colleges, our students and alumni are constituencies to whom we turn to inform ourselves about how to best fulfill our mission.” “U.S. News” classifies regional universities as those that provide a full range of undergraduate and master’s level programs, but few, if any, doctoral programs. Even though admission to SUNY Potsdam is becoming increasingly selective, the College’s Class of 2013 is a large incoming class with approximately 835 students. The campus also will welcome approximately 325 new transfer students to its classrooms. SUNY Potsdam’s incoming first-year class is again very academically talented this year. The academic profile of the first-year students is an 88 grade point average, an SAT score of 1090 and an ACT score of 23. Students who choose to live on campus enjoy the unique sense of community. The College’s residence halls will be full again this year with nearly 2,400 of the College’s approximately 4,450 students living on campus.

SUNY Potsdam Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Fadi Bou-Abdallah recently was awarded $126,525 from the National Science Foundation for a project titled “MRI: Acquisition of an Isothermal Titration Calorimeter” that will bring cutting-edge technology to SUNY Potsdam, Clarkson University and St. Lawrence University. “Interestingly, there is no ITC available to students or faculty at any of the four local colleges” said Dr. Bou-Abdallah. “The acquisition of an ITC is thus crucial and will greatly benefit these institutions and others in the area, enhancing undergraduate and graduate education and expanding the research capabilities of several faculty members.” This grant will enhance existing undergraduate research programs in SUNY Potsdam’s Departments of Chemistry and Biology, helping ongoing efforts to incorporate advanced technologies into the science curriculum and exposing students to state-ofthe-art techniques and allow them to learn cutting-edge experimental methods that are commonly used in the studies of many chemical and biochemical reactions. College News

Potsdam Moves to Test Optional Policy In an effort to move to a more holistic admissions process that examines students’ individual abilities and focuses on more reliable measures of student success, SUNY Potsdam is moving to an SAT/ACT optional policy. “At Potsdam, student success is our first priority. Test scores are not always effective measurements of a student’s potential at SUNY Potsdam, and it doesn’t really fit the creative and interdisciplinary culture here,” said Tom Nesbitt, director of admissions. More than 750 colleges and universities around the country have implemented similar policies. w w w. p o t s d a m . e d u /p e o p l e



news & notes Student Spotlight

College News

13 Vals and Sals Enter Potsdam

Potsdam Receives Conservation Bookshelf Resources

Scholarship Luncheon

SUNY Potsdam welcomed 13 incoming freshmen at the top of their class for the fall semester, including five valedictorians and eight salutatorians from across New York State. “We are thrilled that these students accepted our invitations to become a part of our family for the next phase of their lives,” said Tom Nesbitt, director of admissions. “They all have a tremendous work ethic and are active members in their respective communities.” DEVELOPMENT & Awards

Scholarship Donors Honored at Annual Luncheon

Leadership Conference

Crane Library

In October 2009 at the Annual Scholarship Luncheon, the campus celebrated generous individuals who have helped to ensure that today’s students will not only achieve their educational goals, but also leave college with less debt.

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Robert ’75 and Wendy Wagner (top right) were able to meet Scott Arno (upper left), the 2009-2010 recipient of their scholarship, the Bob Cerwonka Memorial Scholarship. Bob’s wife, Sheila Cerwonka, was also able to join the group for lunch. This is just one example of the many connections made at this very special luncheon each year. DEVELOPMENT & Awards

Honoring Firefighter’s Legacy through Scholarship Three siblings of the late William J. “Billy” Burke, Jr. ’77 attended a campus celebration of the William J. Burke, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, established by the family in 2008 in memory of their brother, a firefighter who was killed in the line of duty while saving others during the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center. The scholarship is designated for families of the New York Fire Department. See feature article p. 11. College News

Alum Delivers Keynote at Student Leadership Conference William J. Edwards ’89 of Webster returned to campus in August to deliver the keynote address at SUNY Potsdam’s 2009 Dr. Millard Harmon Student Leader Conference. Edwards, a computer science graduate, is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for Xerox’s Production Systems Group. As student government president at SUNY Potsdam, Edwards was instrumental in establishing Hurley’s nightclub on campus named for former Dean of Students, Daniel S. Hurley of Potsdam. Pictured in the bottom photo with Edwards is Christine Shepps Strong, Honorary ’02, vice president for student affairs.

Treasured objects and artifacts held by SUNY Potsdam will be preserved for future generations with help from the “IMLS Connecting to Collections Bookshelf,” a core set of conservation books and online resources donated by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). “The Bookshelf collection is invaluable for the continuing education of our staff,” said Jane Gatta Subramanian ’72, librarian and coordinator of the College Archives and Special Collections. “It will provide us with knowledge of important details to improve the housing and care of our collections. In addition, the Bookshelf collection will give our student interns expanded opportunities to enhance their education through training experiences.” College News

Crane Celebrates Library Renovations In October 2009, the campus celebrated the newly completed renovations to the Julia E. Crane Memorial Library. Along with College funds and private donations, the College used a bequest from long-time Crane librarian, Sarah “Sally” Skyrm to provide much needed updates to the library. A celebration was held honoring Sally Skyrm for her 34 years of dedicated service to the library. Additional leadership support was provided from Crane Youth Music,Virginia (Rose) Cayey ’60 and Michelle Ramsdell in honor of Josephine ’29 and Laurena ’29 Ramsdell. College News

Health Services Rates High Among Students SUNY Potsdam’s Student Health Services’ 2008-2009 Client Satisfaction Survey clearly demonstrated students’ overwhelmingly positive view of the care they receive at their home away from home. Of the 250 students surveyed, 99 percent said the laboratory and nursing staff was courteous, helpful and discreet. That same number contended their confidentiality was maintained. According to SUNY Potsdam Director of Student Health Services Dr. Richard Moose, “We have personable staff and high quality providers,” Dr. Moose said. “For me, the most telling statistic is the students who come here more than once over the course of the academic year. I think that speaks to the fact they like the care they receive.”


news & notes

College News

New Initiatives

Bias Response Team to Ensure Campus Civility

SUNY Potsdam Makes “Design Can Change” Pledge

In an effort to ensure SUNY Potsdam continues to provide an open and positive community atmosphere for all students, faculty, staff and community members, the College has formed a Bias Response Team to address any reports of harassment or discrimination.

SUNY Potsdam has taken the “Design Can Change” Pledge, an initiative aimed at uniting the world’s graphic designers to use their influence and purchasing power to combat climate change.

The Bias Response Team consists of trained faculty and staff familiar with SUNY Potsdam procedures and processes who can serve as advocates for those who believe they have experienced harassment or discrimination.

With the pledge, SUNY Potsdam creative services professionals will engage in the topic of sustainability and seek to understand the issues surrounding it, make a sustainable mind set second nature, put knowledge to use in their daily work, share information and build awareness about sustainability and spark change through collective strength.

SUNY Potsdam Affirmative Action Officer Dr. Susan Stebbins noted, “having people across the campus who will listen, take the incident seriously and inform the students about further options they have is important.”

“This is one of the best chainof-custody processes you can have,” said SUNY Potsdam Director of Publications Jessica Rood. “We’ll do our best to incorporate the pledge into as many other projects as we can.”

As part of their training, SUNY Potsdam resident assistants got in-depth fire prevention and safety training from New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control Specialist Christopher Taylor (right). Here, sophomore music education major and Bowman South RA Jordan Davidson of Philadelphia, NY, practices using one of the fire extinguishers.

New Initiatives


Re-Imagining SUNY Retirement

Crane Alumna Joins Development Team

Dr. Ram L. Chugh, SUNY Potsdam Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, organized a conference titled “Re-Imagining SUNY Retirement” held in Albany in November. Dr. Chugh is executive director of the SUNY Retirees Service Corps, which hosted the inaugural conference to present strategies for designing campus-based organizations that serve retirees and offer opportunities for service to local communities. Sponsoring organizations included SUNY System Administration, the SUNY Board of Trustees and the SUNY University Faculty Senate.

Mary Anne Vervaet, 1978 Crane graduate, has returned to SUNY Potsdam after a 28-year career in technology solution sales to join the SUNY Potsdam Advancement team as a Development Officer. MaryAnne brings a fresh perspective to the process of forming meaningful relationships with fellow alumni and looks forward to connecting with those who share her love of SUNY Potsdam.

1892 Potsdam

The 21st Annual SUNY Potsdam Scholarship Golf Classic raised a record-setting $62,000 for SUNY Potsdam students. Qualified golfers each took one shot at the 18th cup from 150 yards out for a chance at a $100,000 prize. Here, John Love ’86 of Syracuse, NY, lets his shot fly as other shoot out contestants look on.

alumni gift the Academy with a statue of Minerva. “…she has taken part in many a rendezvous, has brought together many a group of friends. When our class has its fiftieth reunion, won’t you meet me at Minnie?” 1942 Alumna

w w w. p o t s d a m . e d u /p e o p l e



news & notes

Three SUNY Potsdam players were named to the 2009 AllSUNYAC Men’s Lacrosse Team. Leading the Bears was senior James Mulligan of Hudson, MA, who was named to the AllConference First Team. Juniors Ben McCullough of Brampton, Ont., and David Blackburn of Heuvelton were chosen for the All-Conference Second Team. Mulligan is a Potsdam defenseman making his second appearance on the All-SUNYAC team. He grabbed 12 ground balls and caused five turnovers by Bears opponents during the past season. McCullough, a mid-fielder, returns to the AllSUNYAC Team for the second consecutive season. McCullough led the Bears offense as he tallied 30 points while finishing the year with 15 goals, 15 assists and 47 ground balls. Blackburn, Potsdam’s face-off specialist, makes a repeat appearance on the All-SUNYAC Team. Blackburn grabbed 56 ground balls while tallying a 143-92 face-off record.


Ruckh Named 2009 Coach of the Year Tara Ruckh was named the 2009 Coach of the Year by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Ruckh’s women’s basketball team finished the past season with a 17-12 overall record and advanced to the Championship game of the SUNYAC Tournament for the first time in school history.


Three LAX Players Honored as All-SUNYAC

SUNY Potsdam athletes Maureen Curley of Madrid, NY, and Alvin Dike of Bronx, NY, were recently named the MaxcyMolnar Award winners for the 2008-09 school year as the Bears conducted their annual Athletic Banquet. The Maxcy-Molnar Award is presented annually to Potsdam’s outstanding senior male and female athlete. Curley was a member of the women’s soccer and basketball teams while Dike was on the men’s basketball team.

48 Bears among SUNYAC’s Spring ’09 All-Academics A total of 48 SUNY Potsdam athletes were recently named to either the Spring 2009 AllAcademic Team of the State University of New York Athletic Conference (SUNYAC) or the SUNYAC Commissioner’s List. Twenty athletes qualified to be on both of these 2009 lists.


Dana Vollmuth, now a sophomore catcher, was named to the 2009 All-SUNYAC Women’s Softball Team. The Great River, NY, native became the first Potsdam softball player to receive all-conference recognition. She led the Potsdam offense with a .408 hitting percentage, which also placed her fourth among SUNYAC hitters.Vollmuth finished the year with 17 runs including six doubles and five home runs as she tallied 19 RBIs.

Dike & Curley Receive Top Honors


Catcher Earns First All-Conference Honors



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1894 Reunions of

graduates and friends residing in the vicinity of New York City were begun. Later other branches were formed from New England to California.

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Financial Aid/Scholarship Snapshot FY08-09 >> 85% of SUNY Potsdam Students receive some form of financial aid >> 21% of SUNY Potsdam Students receive some form of scholarship >> 28.8% of SUNY Potsdam student families qualify as “low income”

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am. Potsd fore Y N SU d be nt at graduate today.” e s e r p g e and itage havin f her have com you are o e s s n o e ble se r ienc great rs wh denia ow othe and expe d to e n l u s i n h a n er. Th , as I re is d see catio a lead , however nd build “The n feel an the edu e b a e o y c p tl sa st You lped sha nitie importan nnection u t r e o o h c re pp you ny o . Mo oster l o ma sional life rned to f s n tiona e a aniza f the as giv y profes I also le .” g r w o I “ m d o lls today ic an ss in forts e ski adem rly the ef increase succe ped thos still have c a e I to ip la lo th deve ships that port dersh work articu d o sup dpoint, p l. As we rough lea t n e e i r u f i n in ounc p sta tes, th cont m, I leadershi lumni C ergradua u l a d n A a .” tes “As a ms from d Greek urrent un g forged radua es g n a n c m a i r a prog i Board ent with es are be d com Potsd n ti hen e the bon ounw n Alum i involvem at strong e b se ay hC n h an be stantly. M ous Nort t of the c alum g, I feel t t a r th in am in all pa nect lege spark e inf train itive m to con rvived th at we are The Col n n fi e ad see g th er itage. nts! As a and l su re is e all ve al eelin h “The it’s as if w at we ha es from f otsdam ay’s stude r ichness P d ; th ts meet nowing ink it com e SUNY eds of to ollege, i ates.” e k C h h n t t e a s m I g h i r g du in rt fro at s! s inter lution th the chang y love fo Potsdam w foster y r t sdam r evo adapt to ansmit m f SUNY t e o d P n Y gra to o tr ration o SUN ant t e inues how g cont alum, I w next gen n i n e xplai ol. activ ns to the ’78 E r the scho r o i e t t i s o f d u tra n) Sh a love (Eato rn, fosters n y l tu na -Don hip and in s r e d lea 12 12



As of fall 2009, 23.6% of


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ronica “Ron nie” ( Acco Frech) rding Trink to he witho le ’63 r hus ut the was a b a strug spirite gle. H encourag nd, Peter T d and emen er tim r find a i n k dynam l t e e ,“ o w ic wom accom ay to com at Potsdam f her fami Ronnie c an. l a y me to plishm plete s a h n o d w Potsd e am an ents, and her goal o ed her tha very sem college at est fg tw th d educa P tion.” it never s ere are m etting a d ith deter er was a fi otsdam any b toppe egree mina n ancia ec tio ,” d, she l was t ause her l he explain n she cou “She he m ove o l was t e d d . “Of ost pr f ruly a exper all oud o lear ning co ie began her f rece proud nces at Po urageous iving a wom ly. “A tsdam a coll t a f the c ege ountr ter her fir led her o n. The co n ma st yea y in a there ny a nfidence ro Vo fo abroa r a year b lkswagon f teaching dventures she gaine d ef in Ne d B a w Yor s an adult from her art w in Europe ore retur n eetle and ,” as dis k . e i n Tr ink L n , g s d a he m ter ed to pla the U .S. an yed in loc in her life NY. She a up in Cali ade her w le stated , d Eur ls f a ope.” l galler ies she took u o spent tw or nia. She ay across p ten work and m o “Her mon ni ed any p y ieces s, golf, pia ths travelin age y ears at SU no an now ou ca NY P g hang d n o a lasti in ho art; her ng m accomplis tsdam sho mes a emor h any wed h She l round ial th ov e whic ed the cu in Ronni ing. After r that with h Pot her p lture, e’s na sdam assing deter min me th the o show atio uts ,m ma at o woul ur love fo de her fee tanding an honors th y children n and co d be urr e l d and I R p p c a h onn ar i rt ilo to recip ient b create a s ie while of a family ng profess sophy she wanted h o ch .W el o l r deter mine ieves as R olarship i nor ing he e decide s and the ived by. d to a n d w o r chiev nnie did, her name love of le that the b ay in e it, a t ll is p hat when . We hope ar ning and est way to ossibl th you w P e.” ant so at the sch otsdam olarsh meth ing an ip d you are

Potsdam students are

1st generation

In conclusion, love equates into action within professional and personal lives every day. The force of love is powerful and results in going to bed with hockey sticks or providing an education for a stranger who might not otherwise afford college. Everyone’s love story and more importantly the momentum that is a result of those stories is what really matters. It is where equals the momentum over time that really propels us all forward into a third century.

1896 Upon the

recommendation of the first leader of the alumni, Mahlon Wagner Class of 1875, an alumnus, C.H. Leete Class of 1881 was placed on the Local Board (now the College Council).

7.8.10-7.11.10 Check in:

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Planetarium Show

Lobby of Becky’s Place, Pratt Commons (adjacent to Raymond Hall) Thursday 3 p.m. - 8 p.m. Friday 9 a.m. - 7 p.m. Saturday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Noon - 5 p.m. North Country Regional Juried Art Show

Reunion Headquarters

Thursday, 7.8

4 p.m. - 6 p.m. “Early Bird” Gathering

Friday, 7.9

8 a.m. - 10 a.m. State-of-the-Art Shane T. Shaul Fitness Center

Reception for local artists, open to public.

Noon - 1 p.m. Emeriti Picnic

Emeriti faculty, alumni, and friends are invited to start the weekend with a picnic at the home of President John and Anne Schwaller overlooking the scenic Racquette River.

9 a.m. - 10 a.m. Outdoor Tea Party and Tour of the Presidential Gardens

Come and enjoy the lovely presidential grounds while enjoying light refreshments. Our gracious hostess, Mrs. Anne Schwaller, will guide you through a tour of the grounds and her renowned gardens.

10 a.m. - noon Campus Walking Tour 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Mary English Commons Tour

The Class of 1960 would like to invite fellow classmates, alumni and friends to join them at the Mary English Commons to enjoy all the pictures and displays from the past.

1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Dessert with Emeriti at the President’s home

Faculty, alumni and friends are invited to join our beloved Emeriti for delicious desserts while enjoying the spectacular grounds of the President’s home.

2 p.m. - 3 p.m. The Potsdam Seismic Network and Earthquakes in New York State Seminar 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. A Chocolate and Wine Experience

Our very own Chef, Steve Maiocco, will demonstrate how to use chocolate as an ingredient. Tour the kitchen, experience a delicious truffle or two (made with alumni participation) paired with a fitting wine.

3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Class of 1960 Informal Gathering

Please bring your memorabilia to share.

3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Class of 1970 Informal Gathering 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. Welcome Reception 5 p.m. Class of 1960 Dinner

Come and gather for great food, spirits and most especially…great company.

6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. Chicken BBQ/Ice Cream Social/ Beer Blast/DJ/Bonfire This will seem like old times but better…beer blast and a bonfire afterwards! Come and enjoy a relaxing evening of great food and music outdoors.

7 p.m. – 9 p.m. Crane Alumni Trombone Ensemble Rehearsal with Mark Hartman

9 p.m. Bonfire

Re-live the bonfires from your college days! This event is pending weather and campus circumstances.

10 p.m. - 2 a.m. Double Axel

Maxfield’s, downtown Potsdam.

Saturday, 7.10

8 a.m. - 10 a.m. State-of-the-Art Shane T. Shaul Fitness Center 8:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Bear Walk/Run

As a team or solo, start off with our annual alumni 5K walk/run and children 1 mile run. Great family event.

9 a.m. School of Education Alumni Association Annual Meeting and Continental Breakfast Meeting begins at 9:30 a.m.

9 a.m. – 10 a.m. Estate and Will Planning Seminar and Continental Breakfast

Learn helpful tips for estate planning, how to best plan for the future and how to create a better will.

10:15 a.m. “Meet at Minnie”

The Class of 1960 will meet at Minerva Plaza for the class photo. 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.

Class of 1985 Campus Service Project 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. Planetarium Show 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. Bayside Cemetery Tour

Hosted by Dale A. Zurbrick ’68.

10 a.m. - noon Campus Walking Tour 14 14


Ways you can registe


Reservation Fee: $20 per form for registration received by June 1, $25 after June 1 (Fee waived for Faculty Em eriti and Potsdam graduates from the last dec ade! Classes 19992009)

  Mail completed form by June 25, 2010 to the Office of Alumni Rel ations, SUNY Potsdam, 44 Pierrep ont Avenue, Potsdam, NY 13676    R  egister online at ni/reunion

Faculty Emeriti are invited to be our guests for any weekend events at no charge as long as registration is received by June 18, 2010. Charges apply only to spo uses and guests. Special thanks to Dining Services.

Fax form to (315) 267-31


11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Crane Alum ni Ensemble R Trombone eh earsal with Mar k Hartman

10:45 a.m. –1 50-Year Clu 1:45 a.m. b Receptio All alumni n fr

om 1960 an d are invited. The Class of earlier 1960 will be offici ally inducted 50-Year Clu into the b during a diploma ceremony le d by Preside nt John F. Schwaller.

11:45 a.m. –1 50-Year Clu :00 p.m. b Luncheo All membe n rs

of the 50-Y ea are invited to a luncheo r Club n hosted by the Gol den Year C lass.

11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Lehman Par k Family Outing and Picnic Activit

North Cou ntry Regio nal Juried Art Show Rec

eption for lo cal artists op to public. en

Stop by the Army ROT C (49 Elm St .) from 1200 house -1400 hours for bu rgers and h otdogs.

ard Buntin g ’66 will co the selected nduct choruses fr om Handel’s M essiah. Part icipants are encourag ed to bring their own copies of m usic.

4 p.m. -5:3 0 p.m. President’s Club and Benjamin F. Raymond Society Rec eption (invitation only) The

ies for al the great ou l ages. Come enjoy tdoors! Com plimentary kayaks , canoes, fr isbees, badminton , volleyball net etc will be College wis provided fo s, hes to than members of r all to k enjoy! Brin the Preside g a blanket nt’s Club an fo d Benjamin r your picnic and don’ F. Raymon ety for thei d Soci(Lehman Pa t forget sun-block! r generosity. rk) Shuttle service will be avai lable throug hout from the Barringt 5 p.m. on Student Un First come, Class Dinn first serve fo ion. er and Awar r kayaks and canoes. d Prese

11:30 a.m. Sports Hal l of Fame Induction Ceremony and Luncheon

Open to al um

ni and frien


Noon Class of 19 70, 1975 & 1985 Informal L unch

Join your cl assmates at Bec Place for lu nch and a vi ky’s sit. Noon

- 5 p.m.

n of past an d present trombone en semble mem bers!

Noon Army ROT C Barbecu e& Open Hou se

1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Choral Rea ding Rich

ntations 5 p.m. Cock tails (cash bar) 6 p.m. Din ner 7 p.m. Awar ds Tab

les will be re served for yo class. Follo ur wing dinner , the Alumni Ass ociation will present its annual aw ards.

Note: Annu al Alumni A ssociation business will be conducte d, including approval of 2010-2011 trustees and proposed am endments to the Constitu tion and By laws.

8 p.m. Crane Alum ni Ensemble P Trombone er formance A celebratio

8 p.m. Sports Hal l of Fame Reception

Celebrating 30 years of Hall of Famers

9 p.m. – 11 p.m. Music and Dancing at Hurley’s

Enjoy mus ic from the past, disco never dies (c ash bar).


10 p.m. - 2 a.m. Double Axe l

Contact the Office of Alumni Relations at (315) 267-2120 or

at Maxfield’ s downtow




.12 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. Farewell B reakfast

* *

















i ev








, t all events welcome a re a n l il re d w il Ch s they re activitie but these a y jo especially en For more f all ages. o n re d il h rc 7-2120. available fo ni Office, (315) 26 re a C d il h m C Alu ntact the details, co





No rma Je a n L a mb


o you keep in touch with five of your SUNY Potsdam classmates? How about 10? 20?

Or even 84? Norma Jean Lamb does. In fact, she manages to seek out all of them at least once a year in her role as the volunteer class secretary. If you turn to page 19 in the Class Notes section, you’ll see the fruits of her labor which, according to Lamb, is “a labor of love.” “I get so much out of staying in touch with everyone that it isn’t work,” Lamb said. “I’ve been doing it for a total of 38 years, and I have no intention of stopping. I’m a Gemini, and we desire to communicate and keep people connected with each other,” she said. 16


“My musical training at Potsdam helped Much of the informame find my niche in a different kind of tion she gathers is from musical career which I loved.” She also holiday newsletters, but used that training as a long-time church she also reaches out to soloist and member of several local chocontact each classmate ruses. “Crane set the standards for all of my personally. music-making.” “At the time of my Lamb is currently a member of the 50th class reunion when Benjamin F. Raymond Society and also an we were putting together advocate for the Class of 1951 Scholarship, the memory book, I to which she regularly contributes. “I’m so wrote to my class that proud of my class for supporting a scholareven though none of us ship,” she said. “I wish all the classes would were famous or wealthy, do the same.” we all had contributed to The Potsdam of 2010 is a place where the communities and orthings are very ganizations different compared with which to Lamb’s time, but we were “What you do in your in the several times and are connected. career and your personal she’s been back to the College, she So, we’ve life is colored by your finds some things fulfilled also stay the same. our educa- education and Potsdam “It’s a whole tion,” she different world said. “What gave us all a good now – like comyou do in starting point.” paring apples and your career oranges,” she said. and your “It’s wonderful the personal way the College has changed and grown life is colored by your education and Potsinto a multi-faceted liberal arts and sciences dam gave us all a good starting point.” school while maintaining its great strengths Since Lamb’s days of being a music in teacher training and music. It is still small education major studying under Helen enough to be collegial, warm and friendly. Hosmer and Robert Shaw, she went on to The old Potsdam spirit is still there.” teach music for six years in Averill Park and Second only to music is Lamb’s passion Rotterdam Junction, NY. She then became for writing. Today, she keeps active by writa music librarian at the Buffalo and Erie ing about operas for the monthly newsletter County Public Library, serving as departOpera Buff and, of course, by tracking ment head in the last 24 of her 36-year down her fellow 1951 alumni who reside career. all over the world. Though no longer in the classroom, Lamb still considered herself an educator, “but on a one-to-one basis.”





K a t hryn H a r v e y Pe r r y


hakespeare wrote “parting is such sweet sorrow.” For Kathryn (Harvey) Perry, who has spent 35 years of her life at SUNY Potsdam first as a mathematics major and then as an employee, her impending retirement is bittersweet. “Potsdam is in my blood,” Perry said. “When I first came here, I hoped to work for 5-8 years and then leave. More than 30 years later, I look to leaving with a lump in my throat. I’ll miss all of the people and the challenges. In some ways my colleagues at Potsdam are like my extended family. We are all in it together and try to remember that in how we work every day.”

Perry has devoted her It seems quite fitting that Perry recently entire career to assisting received the State University of New York the employees at SUNY Human Resources Association’s Lifetime Potsdam through the Office Achievement Award to add to her 2003 of Human Resources since Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Pro1977. She will say goodbye fessional Service. to her position as assistant Perry’s future holds travel to all of the vice president in June 2010. National Parks, seeing the 50 states, and As much as she’s looking having the time to really explore. Her opforward to the new chapter tions are many and range from taking her in her life, the thought of mother on a cruise to the Panama Canal leaving what has served as and attending as many Nascar events as she her second home for more can. When she’s not spending hours fishing than three decades is a bit and waterskiing, Perry plans to expand her daunting. volunteering by becoming more involved “I had a very unique exin her church and at SUNY Potsdam. perience at Potsdam,” Perry Perry’s future includes giving back to recalls. “I came as a junior students for years to come through the two transfer student and would scholarships that she has created: the Wilconsider myself non-tradiliam Sloan Endowed Internship Scholarship tional in that I lived at home and the Harvey-Perry Scholarship. and worked part and full “Bill Sloan was my mentor and first time in several of the depart- boss. He helped guide me and push me to ments on work harder. He was campus. the perfect leader by “What example – never did “I feel very strongly that a great he expect me to do experience all students need an something that he it was – not didn’t expect of himonly was I a opportunity to attend col- self. He was generous student and with his praise for a struggling lege. The love of learning job well done and with my thoughtfully pointed math major, is something my parents out the errors in my but I was ways. He gave me an also helping instilled in me early.” opportunity to talk students figure out how through how I would to find their way around have done it differthe campus. I had such an ently.” amazing time that I realized I would like to “I feel very strongly that all students stay in the North Country.” need an opportunity to attend college. The While pursuing her Master of Busilove of learning is something my parents ness Administration degree at Clarkson instilled in me early,” Perry said. “The University as one of the first females to scholarships were set up to recognize the do so, Perry secured a position as graduate people who have played such a huge role assistant in the SUNY Potsdam Personnel in my life and to honor their support of a Office and in 1984 became the director of career they helped me achieve.” what is now called Human Resources. “This has been the best job anyone could hold. I have worked in a department that I truly believe in with great people and at the place that has held special meaning to me,” she said.

w w w. p o t s d a m . e d u /p e o p l e





D av i d Jo h n s o n


epending on where you look, the term “alma mater” is translated back to its Latin root a bit differently, but the one thing the translations have in common is the way they fit the Potsdam experience for Lt. Col. David E. Johnson. Whether it’s “fostering,” “nourishing” or “kind” mother, as a New York City teen, Johnson found it at Potsdam. Since July 2009, Johnson has spent his days serving as an activated United States Air Force reservist who manages the Combined Intelligence Operations Center, Multi-National Forces, Camp Slayer, Baghdad, Iraq. He solves multifaceted problems to ensure on-time completion and delivery of multiple Intelligence products to a host



of local and secureAs a Delta Kappa Theta fraternity memInternet military senior ber, Johnson developed life-long friendships. officers. He was a DJ on the campus radio station When he isn’t on WRPS and belonged to various Crane military leave from his organizations. He returned as a master’s civilian position, Johnstudent and was a residence hall director for son works for Pearson Knowles East. But one experience stood Education, Inc., where out in particular for Johnson. “My first love he is a program manager – and all who know me would agree – was for the development of our rock band Scepter. It was a life-changlarge-scale educational ing experience,” Johnson said. assessments. This role Johnson is often on campus whether follows many years in as vice president of the Potsdam College the education field as a Foundation Board or meeting recipients of teacher and administrathe Nannie Zelle Johnson Memorial Scholtor in schools around the arship, which is Johnson’s way of giving country. After graduaback to his Potsdam family. “It is the right tion from Potsdam, he thing to do – to give back to something taught music and was that has given much to me, and to give involved with music in young people opportunities to have the lifehis community. He later changing experiences I have had. It is also a joined the U.S. Air Force, way to honor my birth mother.” completed “I stay master’s degrees involved beat SUNY cause Potsdam “I stay involved because is my alma Potsdam and South Dakota mater and I Potsdam is my alma State Univeram grateful sity, and earned what she mater and I am grateful for a doctorate has done for from Indiana for what she has done for me,” he said. University. “We have a Johnson me,” he said.“We have a 36-year-old came to SUNY relationship. Potsdam 36-year-old relationship.” It’s like I to study music. “To attend an never left . . . internationally recognized school I still jog the at an affordable price was very same route . attractive,” he said. “There were intangible . . I insist on staying in the dorms . . . this reasons too, such as the welcome I received campus adapts to its times, and yet, it and its from those who met and interviewed me, surroundings are still beautiful.” and the beauty of the campus and its surIn the end for Johnson, much like in the roundings.” beginning, it all relates to that “fostering,” “I grew from both my educational ex“nourishing” and “kind” mother, Potsdam. periences and my social experiences. Both continue to affect me today. In many, many respects, Potsdam made me the person that I am today professionally and socially. Potsdam was indeed my alma mater.”


Johnson serves as vice president of the Potsdam College Foundation Board and donor to the Nannie Zelle Johnson Memorial Scholarship



1930s Natalie Hayes ’38 is still playing the organ at age 92. Natalie lives in Chesterfield, NJ.

Van Ness


Murray Van Ness ’48 was joined with three generations of Crane graduates, son Alan ’77 and grandson Andy ‘10. Murray is a retired music teacher from Red Hook Central School, where his son Alan currently works. Andy is hoping to also follow in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps at Red Hook.

1950s Virginia Sullivan Aubry ’50 and husband, Patrick, have four grandchildren, Cynthia Aiken Amster, Jesse Aiken, Miranda Aubry and Brian Malloy, and two greatgrandchildren, Aubrey and Isabella Amster. Virginia wishes her health would allow her to come to the 60th reunion in 2010. She would like to be remembered by the Class of 1950 who attend. Ann Phillips Barnes ’51 greatly enjoys singing in a community choir under a very talented director/ composer. Patricia Plumb Bretscher ’51 is happily dancing the Argentine Tango, enjoying family and new friends and running support groups.

Doris Ferneding Ceccon ’51 recently exchanged her Tucson, AZ, home for one in Toms River, NJ, near her son. Sr. Eileen Chambers, RSM ’51 continues as a volunteer chauffeur for other seniors. Ray Charette ’51 and wife, Claire, feel privileged to be Eucharistic Ministers to several nursing homes. They are busy musically, having brought out sixteen CD’s. Bob Courtemanche ’51 has moved from Illinois to High Point, NC. Fay Guhring Davis ’51 was recently re-elected to the German Flatts (Ilion area) town council. Norma Vescovi Disinger ’51 is now vice president of the National Federation of Music Clubs. She will be responsible for the northeastern regional conference held at the Chautauqua Institution in July. Jane McDevitt Eagan ’51 was thrilled to celebrate her 80th birthday with her three sons who came from Connecticut, New Hampshire, and England.

Beatrice Lockley Follette ’51 and husband, Ken, are pleased to have one grandchild at SUNY Potsdam and another headed there. The Follettes’ are the trombone section of their community concert band. Joyce Merrick Howitt ’51 had a great visit last fall with roommate Bea Lockley Follette ’51. Alice Prosonic Keeler ’51 and her husband, Bill, are moving from Florida to North Carolina to be near a son. Phil Klein ’51 is actively entertaining at the piano and composing with a new collaborator who was his student at Onondaga Community College. Norma Jean Lamb ’51 greatly enjoyed an Elderhostel program in South Dakota on Mt. Rushmore, the Black Hills and Badlands. She also got to all the interesting Lincoln sites in Springfield, IL. Pauline “Polly” House Lenhart ’51 was happy to sing Poulenc Christmas works with the Masterworks Choir of Florence, SC. Each winter Polly helps AARP members with their income tax returns.

Money-Saving Service for SUNY Potsdam Alumni The Alumni Association is proud to continue the alumni program with Liberty Mutual. To learn about all of the insurance discounts that you can receive by being a SUNY Potsdam alum, visit lm/potsdam or call 1-800-524-9400

Eleanor Noble McQuade ’51 takes pleasure in babysitting her great granddaughter. Marion Parker Mancini ’51 was proud to pin Air Force colonel’s eagles on one of her sons last year. Bette Maguire May ’51 and husband, Art ’50, spent time last summer at their Lake Placid home. Bette enjoyed being with childhood friends/Potsdam classmates Jane McDevitt Eagan ’51 and Norma Jean Lamb ’51. Ann Maggi Pacilio ’51 was thrilled to host her three children and their families at Christmas after a hiatus of many years. Winifred “Winnie” Toelke Peer ’51 and husband, Dick, had a lovely trip with family to the North Carolina coast. She also enjoyed a fall weekend at the Otter Lake, NY, camp of roommate Ann Maggi Pacilio’51. Shirley Fisher Pool ’51 is Dean of the local A.G.O. chapter, rings in two hand bell choirs, and volunteers with Hospice, her church and a food bank.

Isabelle Rose Reilly ’51 was happy last summer to reunite with classmate Barbara Calipari ’51 and Nancy Hodge Murphy ’50. Jane Garlick Schubbe ’51 is already anticipating the Class of 1951’s 60th reunion in July 2011. Mary Lou Crane Sedlak ’51 and husband, Steve, proudly watched a granddaughter perform with a modern dance group at D.C.’s Kennedy Center last year. Mary Lou gets to see Antone and Margaret Curtis Aquino ’50, and Shirley Secor Bush ’50 in the Myrtle Beach area. Suzanne Selman ’51 urges classmates in the Youngstown area of Florida’s Panhandle to get in touch. Mildred Armet Wiedmann ’51 and husband, Don, welcomed their third great-grandchild in ’09. They were pleased to run into Bill and Millie Davey Eldridge ’51 on a North Country trip. Adele Porth Brown ’52, has given up the harp but is now learning the vibraharp (vibraphone). She and Dick wintered in Cocoa Beach, FL as usual.

1910 The Potsdam

Normal Alumni Association was chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.

Barbara Calipari ’51 lunches with Nancy Hodge Murphy ’50. Barbara urges alumni to contact her if near St. Petersburg. w w w. p o t s d a m . e d u /p e o p l e




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Jacqueline Finnegan Harvey ’52 marked her 80th birthday with an “intimate” party given by her six children, 13 grandchildren, four siblings and all the spouses. Barbara Butler Herne ’52 and some of her family had a wonderful 17-day trip through Austria and Germany in 2009. Barbara was thrilled to sing Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 9” with the Binghamton Philharmonic and Chorus. Ruth Palen Lord ’52 and Sylvester enjoyed trips to Maine and North Carolina in 2009. Jean Meacham Williams ’52 welcomed four new great-grandchildren, including twins, in 2009. Mildred Burden Brothers ’54 attended reunion weekend where Susan ’78 and Bob ’54 Gibbs had a dozen music grads of ’54 to their home where many memories were recalled. Alexander “Lex” Dashnaw ’56 spent several fall weeks traveling in Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. He reports, “Learning about ancient Egypt has been a major education for me.”


Barbara McMahon Newcomb ’57 has been married for 51 wonderful years. She has 10 grandchildren: 7 boys, 3 girls: one working in the health field; two in college, one an aspiring opera singer. Her 16-year-old grandson is a violinist and his two sisters 14 & 12 are pianists. She enjoys lots of music at family gatherings. D. Jean Schauffler ’57 recently met with the new Dean of The Crane School of Music, Dr. Michael Sitton, who thanked her personally for two generous gifts to the Jean Schauffler ’57 Fund. “I used the funds to establish an endowment in support of Crane’s greatest needs. I learned and enjoyed so much while at Potsdam – this was an easy decision. Crane has many uses for unrestricted donations, and I was so glad to be able to give back.” Jo Doran Ayers ’58 continues to design and present development programs for youth and adult performers through art and theater exercise techniques. Jo has been a substitute teacher and maintains a studio in Indian Orchard Mills, Indian Orchard, MA.


Eleanor Jane Fitzgerald O’Malley ’58 and her husband, James, are pleased to announce that they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary August 23, 2009, and they count their numerous blessings. As Jim says, “we’re on the right side of the grass!” Nancy Bond ’59 began a Prayer Shawl Ministry at her church that has been very successful. She is happy to share information to those interested. Mary Jane Tripp Jones ’59 has had a big year – 50th reunion for her college class and 50th anniversary of her marriage, which she celebrated in September 2009 with a family reunion. She and her husband, Doug, have 8 grandchildren and many extended family members.

1960s Class of 1960 50th Reunion in 2010

Roberta Reed Hamilton ’60 and her husband, Dr. Ed, travel often between part-time music teaching and physician locum tenums gigs. Roberta and Ed do volunteer work in the marine science and fine arts scholarship areas.

Beverly Ameduri Dougherty ’61 has been invited to three international meetings to present research papers concerning Medieval/Renaissance history: United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain, UAE (April 2009), Utrecht, the Netherlands (August 2009) and will present in Venice, Italy April 2010. Beverly received her doctorate in Medieval History from Fordham University in 1992. Patricia Scarpellino Dalphin Carlton ’62 has been happily retired since 2004. She has been enjoying her grandchildren Liam, 12, and Owen, 7. Her hobbies include travel, gardening, get-togethers with family and friends and loafing, because she earned it. John Reed ’63 and Karen Peterson Reed ’62 are retired and enjoy traveling in their 5th wheel camper. John is still playing the clarinet with the local community college band. He enjoys playing more golf, doing some fishing, hunting, hiking and just trying to enjoy life. Sylvia Duprey Raymon ’63 and Frederick Raymon ’64 both retired in 1996 as Elementary teachers. Fred (Potsdam Hall of Fame) is still a big sports fan. He attends all summer Olympics and several winter Olympics all over the world and collects Olympic memorabilia. Fred and Sylvia have two grown children and four grandchildren. Daughter, Julie graduated from Potsdam in 1990 and teaches in Syracuse. She was the 4th generation on Fred’s side to graduate from Potsdam and 3rd on Sylvia’s side. Fred is a descendent of Benjamin Raymond, founder of the College.

Class of 1965 45th Reunion in 2010

Louise Huebner Cardenzana ’65 retired after 30 years in education as a math teacher and then a school psychologist. M. Barre Hall ’65 retired after a satisfying 43-year career teaching in elementary education in June 2008 and was widowed in October 2008. She enjoys traveling and spending time with friends. She plays bridge and mahjong and dabbles in painting, pastels, quilting and stained glass. Elizabeth Schaumloffel Hirsch ’66 retired from teaching after 35 years, where she taught 6th grade, 8th grade special education and social studies to 7-9th graders. Presently Elizabeth does volunteer work at a food bank and is director of her church’s Sunday School Program. Raymond Durkee ’67 misses the Adirondacks, and is looking to move back to upstate New York in his hometown of Lake George/Glens Falls/Warrensburg. Upon his arrival back north he is looking to reconnect with classmates and alumni. He had a wonderful career teaching high school band, chorus and drama. Judith Barkin Scharnberg ’67 retired from teaching in California and unretired to teach at International School of Bangkok. What a wonderful adventure! Nancy Sorenson Eckhardt ’68 retired after teaching Choral Music for 35 years in New York, Japan, Germany and Virginia. Nancy is working at a medical center and volunteering at her local Homeless Shelter, and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

William James Neer ’68 has twins, Kate and Dan, who graduated from the University at Albany and Boston College respectively last May. Kate is now in graduate studies for public policy and Dan is a recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship in German Studies and is a teaching assistant in an English classroom in Hamburg, Germany. Marilyn Bean Barrett ’69 traveled to China in November 2009 as a guest of the National Museum of China & the Kunming city government. She brought along slides that her great uncle Harry Ostrander took of China in trips starting in 1911. The Chinese are very interested in photos of their history as most of their visual history was destroyed in the early 60’s & 70’s.

son-in-law, Danny Kadar (chief recording engineer) collaborated with John on the project.

and beyond. Rich has been teaching and coaching tennis at Saratoga Spring High School for 35 years.

Ruth Elaine Thompson Hurley ’71 and her husband, Phillip, sold their house and land in Georgetown, TX, in 2007 and built a small retirement home in a rural area in TX. Ruth retired after 30 years with the Internal Revenue Service in January of 2008, and Phillip retired in January 2009 after 30 years with the US Post Office. They enjoy traveling on ocean cruises and seeing the US in their RV camper.

Jane A. Keegan ’72, Risk Manager, Port and Airport Enterprise Department of the city of Oakland, CA, was named Responsibility Leader/Risk Innovator in the Transportation Industry by Risk & Insurance Magazine on September 15, 2009.

Kevin Moore ’71 presented a Beethoven Piano Sonata Recital, October 2009, at Onondaga Community College, Syracuse NY.


1970s Class of 1970 40th Reunion in 2010

Marlene Ladd Carvell ’70 was Readergirlz featured author for “Sweetgrass Basket,” November 2009. Helen Miller Dick ’70 is currently employed part-time at Kirkland Town Library primarily at the circulation desk. Her son, Daniel, just graduated from Clarkson. Her other son is a senior in high school. Her husband, Stephen, is still running the Resource and Reimbursement Office in Utica for the NYS Department of Mental Health. Beatrice A. Verzino Hermann ’70 and her husband, Ken, became grandparents. Their first grandchild, Josie, was born January 28, 2009. John A. Mahoney ’70, director of The John Mahoney Big Band and professor of jazz at Loyola University New Orleans, recently released a new album called “Christmas Joy.” Son David, on drums, and 21


David Aronson ’72 along with his wife Sylvia Greenberg (pictured with SUNY Potsdam president John F. Schwaller), returned to campus in September 2009, to perform in the guest artist series at the Crane School of Music in “Hausmusik.” David & Sylvia also conducted a master class for Crane opera students. Aronson teaches opera coaching and conducting at the Vienna Conservatory Private University. He resides with his wife Sylvia in Vienna, Austria. Rich Johns ’72 was recently honored with the National Starfish Award by the United States Tennis Association (USTA). This award is given to a tennis coach who utilizes the no-cut system while successfully integrating the student body and helping individuals throughout high school

S P RIN G 2 0 0 7

Brian Pelkey ’72 recently received two prestigious photography awards: International Regional Magazine Association and a gold medal at the Association’s Annual Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Brian also won the National Wildlife Federation’s 2009 Annual Photo Contest in the “Other Wildlife” Category.

Robert J. Ptak ’72 has returned back to St. Petersburg, FL, after working two years for Sabre Holdings in their Krakow, Poland, IT Development office, where he conducted various training classes for new local employees. Robert plans to retire at the end of this year. Rand Reeves ’72, Nancy Rapant Hull ’84 and Wayne Hileman ’85 were invited by Composer Robert Manno in August to record excerpts of his opera Dylan & Caitlyn, a work in progress which was featured in NYC Opera’s 2008 VOX Festival, featuring singers from the Met and NYC Opera. Nancy Cornell Mitchell ’73 was fortunate to be given one of 25 national awards granted by the reference laboratory ARUP for Excellence in Laboratory Medicine in the category of Education. As Program Director of the Medical Technology Program at Rochester General she is fortunate to work with an outstanding group of clinical laboratorians.



Russ Kassoff ’74 – Alums gathered in October ’09 to see The Russ Kassoff Big Band perform at “Bargemusic” in Brooklyn, NY. Pictured in the photo are Glenn Drewes ’71, Dale Zurbrick ’68, Wally Siebel ’68 & Kassoff ’74. Class of 1975 35th Reunion in 2010



Stephen D. Immerman, Ed.D. ’75 has been appointed president of Montserrat College of Art by a unanimous vote of the college’s Board of Trustees, following a six-month nationwide search. Stephen has had a 30-year career leading change in higher education, most recently at MIT.

Every year, for thirty-five years residents of Sisson Hall from ’72-’75 Larinda Meade ’73, Jeff Burkhart ’76, Linda Jones ’74, Leo Hastings ’74, Joe Ambrosini ’75, Fran Dombeck Ambrosini ’75, Walter Cogswell ’75, Aileen Fortune ’74, Jon Hartman ’74 and Donna Leadley Milazzo ’74 gather together. For the past ten years they have met at the summer home of Matt (Leo) Hastings ’74, on an island seven miles off the coast of Maine. “Camp Sisson” includes the children and spouses and significant others of Sisson residents and is spent mostly laughing, singing, playing cards and games, eating lobster, hiking in Acadia Nat’l Park and swimming.

w w w. p o t s d a m . e d u /p e o p l e


Diane Lokenberg Lightfoote ’76 is a grandmother of two boys, Roan and Benjamin. November 2009, Diane finished her Presidency year with the New York State Association of School Nurses. Diane has started a cloth diaper business making/selling reusable infant diapers. Last year, Diane’s husband of 29 years, Bob, passed away. Diane Prentice Bancroft ’78 is in her 28th year of teaching vocal music at Westmoreland Central School. She is the music/ choir director at her church, Three Steeples United, and enjoys teaching private piano/voice lessons as well. Carla A. Barone ’78 has been an “Extra” on the TV show “Leverage” on TNT, starring Timothy Hutton. She is also filming various commercials.


Richard (Rich) Holly ’78 was named Dean of Northern Illinois University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts in April ’09. Rich has worked at NIU since 1983 and lives in DeKalb, IL, with his wife Jeanne and their sons, Aaron & Sean. Their daughter, Shannon, lives in Minneapolis. Dawn Flood Marceno ’78 and her husband, Vincent, have two children, Lena and Erin. Lena, a graduate of Northeastern University with high honors, is now working as staff assistant for Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) in Washington, DC. Erin is a junior at the University of Maryland at College Park majoring in Architecture. Joanne Craig Park ’78 was recently promoted to Special Projects Manager for the West Region Commercial Banking Group of BBVA Compass. The region includes Colorado, New Mexico, West Texas, Arizona and California. She recently celebrated her 25th wedding anniversary with husband, Ron.


Pierre Gagnon ’79 was appointed by SUNY Cortland to lead the Auxiliary Services Corporation (ASC) on June 29, 2009.

1980s Class of 1980 30th Reunion in 2010

Susan M. Rosenberg ’80 is now a full professor at Baylor College of Medicine at the Texas Medical Center in Houston, TX. Susan is also a recipient of a National Institute of Health (NIH) Director’s 2009 Pioneer and New Innovator Award. This is a prestigious national award presented to ten or fewer U.S. scientists a year. Steven Joseph De Renzo ’81 is playing bass with the band “Figure 8” in Rochester, NY, and playing trombone with the Savannah Cellar Savers Marching Brass Band. Steven is representing the NYS Labor Department in monitoring registered apprenticeship programs in the Rochester area.



Robert E. Wagner ’75, lab director and founder of North East Analytical, Inc. in Schenectady, hosted three SUNY Potsdam interns last summer. Pictured with Bob are two of the interns: Stephanie Scribner, a junior biochemistry major from Burnt Hills; and Eric Hutchins, a senior computer science and BA/ MA mathematics major from Glenville. Not pictured is Veronica Landau, a senior biochemistry major from Winter Garden, FL, who also interned at the company last summer.

Donna Lopata Antonucci ’79 was a speaker at the Waste Management Symposium in Phoenix, AZ, in March 2009. Donna completed a six-year term as a stakeholder on a Federal Advisory Committee Act board for the Department of Energy – Site Specific Advisory Board and Savannah River Site Citizen’s Advisory Board three years as general public/environmental representative as Vice-Chair and Chair.





John Panaro ’81 CFP CLU ChFC was honored at the ACDS 2009 Annual Dinner Gala, on November 14, 2009 for his work helping families develop longterm planning strategies to assure the best quality of life for their children. John is a financial planner at the Center for Wealth Preservation in Syosset, NY and resides in Hauppauge, NY with his wife, Gail, and son, Daniel. Camilla Ford Goering ’82 works as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for COINS USA, traveling to Ukraine and England. Camilla’s daughter, Carolyn, attended a Potsdam fall open house with several of her friends. Carolyn opted for an art college, but her best friend will be attending Potsdam in the fall.

Carolyn Hookey Quinn ’80 is the Co-Founder and CoConductor of the Northern Cincinnati Youth Orchestras developed in 2009.

Donnalyn Eaton Shuster ’78 was awarded the Region 3 Art Educator of the Year 2009 from NYSATA. She presented at the NYSATA Annual Conference in Rye, NY, titled “A Line or Two about Van Gogh” and “Introduction to Artist Trading Cards.” Thomas J. Veltre ’78 just completed a one-hour film for National Geographic on the life and career of the intrepid biologist George Schaller. The film debuted in December 2009 on the National Geographic Channel.


Rich Campbell ’80 made his debut at Carnegie Hall on October 24, 2009 with singing comedian Stephen Lynch. Campbell has played piano on Lynch’s last 2 CD’s. Campbell also ran in the 2009 NYC Marathon, which made it his 11th consecutive NYC Marathon.


Linda Moerschell ’82 recently published her book, “The Spontaneous Nature of Leadership Emergence: A Humanitarian Phenomenon Ignited by Sudden and Unexpected Change” by VDM Verlag Publishing. Linda is currently working as a university graduate and undergraduate instructor at SUNY Potsdam and Kaplan University. Elizabeth Frisch Yennie ’82 has recently started free- lancing full-time as a writer for several local publications. She continues to coach youth soccer--this is her twentieth year doing so. Her daughter, Kyla, graduates in December from SUNY Oneonta. Kathy Canough Conese ’83 is very involved in Space Camp in Huntsville, AL. Kathy was one of 200 teachers from around the world chosen for the Honeywell Educator’s scholarship last year, and this year was chosen as one of 35 from around the world to attend a twoweek advanced camp. Richard Sager ’83 is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Bennington, VT, and a Science Professor at the Community College of VT. Richard has produced an award winning Swedish Massage Instructional DVD. His wife, Ellen Interrante Sager ’83, has a private music studio and youth orchestra in Bennington, and is the senior orchestra conductor for Lakes Region Youth Orchestra in Rutland, VT. Ellen is also the founder of the Green Mountain Music Camp. Their son, Jay, is a sophomore at SUNY Potsdam as a percussion Music Ed/Performance Major. Michael L. Distler ’84 and Judy Cook Distler ’84 will be celebrating their 25year wedding anniversary in May 2010.

Class of 1985 25th Reunion in 2010

Mary Sue Harris-Foster ’85, second-generation family owner of Harris Medical, just earned a three-year accreditation award, the highest level of accreditation, in durable medical equipment, post-mastectomy and off-the-shelf orthotics from the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics Inc. Bryan H. Jenner ’85 was recently named Director of Pep Band and Instrumental Ensembles at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ as well as working as an Elementary Music Educator with the South Amboy, NJ Public Schools. Bryan also serves as a visual field instructor with the World Famous Hawthorne Caballeros Drum and Bugle Corps from Hawthorne, NJ. Bryan resides in Manchester, NJ, with his wife, Michelle, and two boys Christopher, 17, and Kevin, 7. Lisa M. Kromrey Crowell ’87 is a member of the Board of Directors of PenderWatch & Conservancy. She coordinates quarterly highway clean-ups and annual Lea/Hutaff Island beach sweeps in Hampstead. Lisa is a member of Catholic Daughter’s of the America’s Court Our Lady of the Sea and coordinates activities for the social committee. Teresa Calabrese-Gray ’87 is a member of the New York State Education Department Mathematics Advisory Council and member of the English Language Arts Standards Revision Committee. Teresa is an Adjunct Faculty member at SUNY Plattsburgh for Educational Administration Program GOAL Coordinator.

William (Willy) Green ’87 bought a new house in Warrensburg, NY. Willy began teaching a new Media & TV Production class that was added to his school’s curriculum this year. Jen Francis Mincar ’87 founded Office Squared, an information technology and Web project management company. Office Squared offers all office amenities to those who work solitarily or would like some company and support, along with all the amenities an office has to offer. Jill Burstein ’88, a current opera student, is training for her dream job by singing at Romano’s Macaroni Grill. Jill has appeared in productions of “Gianni Schicchi” and “Amahl and the Night Visitors,” among many other operas. Darren Mott ’88 was recently promoted to become the Supervisory Special Agent for the Cyber Crime Squad of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cleveland Field Office and will oversee cyber crime investigations ranging from computer intrusions to online sexual exploitation of children. Mott was previously assigned to FBI Headquarters in DC, where he headed efforts to combat cyber crime originating from Russia.

Keisuke Hoashi ’89 cofounded a new summer music camp, NYSMF, which is entering its fifth season, and is hosted at SUNY Oneonta. Keisuke’s acting career in Hollywood, CA, continues with appearances on TV including iCarly, Better off Ted, Castle, Entourage, Monk, Heroes, and Hawthorne.

of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music & Dance. Parisi has received the Kauffman Excellence in Teaching Award in 2009 and the Outstanding Service Award in 2005.

1990s Class of 1990 20th Reunion in 2010

Vanessa Breault Mulvey ’90 presented “Teaching Posture and Position” at the Balanced Mind Conference in Uniondale, NY, on November 3, 2009.



Frank Leavitt ’89 returned to campus to attend the November 2009 Opera Ensemble’s production of “Albert Herring.” Pictured is Frank with Michael Celentano ’11 who played Superintendent Budd, the same role Frank performed at Crane in the early 1980’s. Joseph Parisi ’89 is the Conductor of the US National Championship Kansas City’s Fountain City Brass Band, which has been recognized as one of the world’s top brass bands with consecutive wins at the North American Brass Band Championships in 2009, 2008 & 2007. Parisi is also an assistant professor at the University

Jenny Rebecca Bigger-Osowski ’92 is a 9-12 Social Studies teacher at Otselic Valley High School, South Otselic, NY. Dan Stoker ’93 recently defended his dissertation proposal with plans to complete his PhD in the next year. Aung Thu ’93 is currently assigned to MINURCAT (UN mission in Central Africa and Chad) as Chief IT since May 2008.

1924 First annual meeting

of the Alumni Association of the Crane Normal Institute of Music.

w w w. p o t s d a m . e d u /p e o p l e



notes Megan Dollinger Martin ’06 took a first grade teaching position at Alexandria Central School in September 2009.

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Class of 1995 15th Reunion in 2010

Herbert (B.J.) Revill ’97 accepted the position of Director of Financial Aid at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in August 2009. Dawn Gebhardt Rusho ’97 created Rivers Seasons Pottery and Jewelry with her mother, a small shop which features artwork and materials related to the St. Lawrence River area, located about four miles east of Clayton, NY. Marcus E. Spicer ’97 has a new novel, “Saviors Among Us: Situation Critical,” a science fiction tale of intrigue, romance, and betrayal for both adult and young-adult readers. Marc is a 7th grade ELA teacher in Malone, NY and resides in Malone with his beautiful wife and two wonderful children. Kelly Marie Farstler Swieck ’98 has been promoted to the position of quality engineer at Millipore Corporation, where she will be celebrating her 10th anniversary in April 2010. 24

Bobbie Jo Sutton ’99 received the 2009 Excellence in Education Award in which she received a grant to travel to Peru for two weeks to study Spanish and hike the Andes Mountains, travel the famous Inca Trail for 4 days reaching an altitude of just under 14,000 feet and ending at the Machu Picchu archeological site.


Class of 2003 had a mini reunion in the fall of 2009 in San Diego, while visiting Miranda Britt ‘03, who lives in San Diego. (Pictured left to right is Melissa Wegner, Beth Cromwell Owens, Britt, and April Catapano. Brittany Reno MacTaggart ’04 resides in Indian Trail, NC, where she is a Manager at Victoria’s Secret. Richard Viglucci ’04 performs with the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra. Richard obtained his MMus Instrumental Conducting degree from Northern Arizona University in 2008, and performed a clarinet recital on October 12, 2009. Class of 2005 5th Reunion in 2010

Kirsten Johnson ’09 directed “The Most Massive Woman Wins,” a show written by Madeleine George and recognized as a ground breaking play on the subject of women’s bodies in society, November 13, 2009, at the Oswego Center for the Performing Arts. Andrea Long ’09 joined the start-up engineering firm of Lecky Integration, Little Falls, NY, as their Business Development Manager in November 2009. Lecky Integration is an engineering firm that focuses on hightech software solutions. Christina Stam, ’09 is starting her Masters of Forensic Science-Advanced Investigation program at the University of New Haven in West Haven, CT.

Class of 2000 10th Reunion in 2010

Nathan Dold ’01 is a Recruiter with Management Recruiters of St. Lawrence County. Ruth Bennett ’02 won the National Harp Competition in Mexico. Norihisa Shimada ’02 began his career in Higher Education working for the Finance Division of Tokai University, Tokyo, in 2003-2005. He returned to Temple University, and is currently the Acting Director of Academic Advising Center in their Tokyo branch campus. He is finishing his master’s degree in Higher Education Educational Administration from J.F. Oberlin University, Tokyo. Julie Sharlow Dold ’03 is the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership at SUNY Potsdam.


www .potsdam

.ed u/al umni


Richard Johnson ’97 has recently won the Pathways Composition Competition for Concert Band Literature. He was commissioned by Tri-Valley Central School to write a piece for their high school band that was performed in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC for Memorial Day Weekend 2009. Johnson’s five concert band works will be published through Imagine Music.


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Matthew Warren ’05 received the Outstanding Choral Director Award from Dr. Mark Zeigler, the President of the New York State Chapter of the American Choral Directors Association, at the NY State Music Conference in Albany. Matthew has had an article published for the Choral Journal on middle school choral literature. (Pictured above with Associate Professor, Dr. Rebecca Reames.) Johnathan Wilsey ’05 was promoted on October 16, 2009, to the position of Division Manager of First Investors Corporation’s Springfield, MA sales office. Jon has been with First Investors Corporation since 2006.

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Memoriam Wilna Tiffany Forbes Beckman ’37, May 2009. Marguerite Byam Lockwood ’39, February 19, 2008. Erma R. Schell ’38, November 10, 2009. Dorothy J. Kirtland Arnold ’43, September 24, 2009. Polly Wilson McGuire ’44, June 19, 2009. Patricia Patnode Caringi ’51, November 12, 2009. Edward W. Taylor, Jr. ’51, May 30, 2009. Mary Sherry Wagner ’51, August 2009. Dorothy Jane Cummings Comings ’54, October 31, 2009. Brenda Ward Lutz ’53, October 12, 2009. Marilyn Jones Sisson ’53, January 21, 2006.

Geralyn Jo Studlack Page ’83, December 2004. Sarah Jane Savigni Maxham ’95, October 22, 2009. William “Boyd” Jones ’95, November 1, 2009. Professor Emeritus Dorothea Mae Sutter Dow, November 21, 2009. Joan Macdonald, wife of the late Professor Emeritus Donald Macdonald, December 1, 2009. Jane McElheran, Hon. ’88, wife of the late Professor Emeritus Brock McElheran, December 12, 2009. Joe Sarnoff, February 2010. Linda Nelson, Professor of History, February 2010.

Potsdam People


Anne Marie McGrath Reider ’67 was recently married, and resides in Bozeman, MT.

Lauri Frontera ’88 and Brian Clegg were married in Isla Mujeres, Mexico on October 24, 2009. Alumni Pamela Ouimet ’88 and Dawn Palaimo Nicols ’88 also attended. Jeffrey Michael Cateon ’91 married Kimberly on August 1, 2009. Julie Schumacher ’95 married David Detweiler, May 16, 2009, in Fernandina Beach, FL. Julie and David are both graduate students at the College of Music at Florida State University. Jennifer Telesco ’95 married Christopher Johnston, October 3, 2009, in Laconia, NH. Kelly Farstler ’98 and Stan Swieck (Clarkson ’97) were married on October 17, 2009 in Andover, MA, and honeymooned in

Rocco J. Vacca ’59, September 15, 2009.

Phyllis Dexheimer Lennon ’63, October 16, 2009. Maryellen Dockum Husson ’67, July 9, 2009.

Joan P. Sibilla Staples ’70, November 7, 2009. Diane Goodrow ’73, March 25, 2009. Sheila Thompson O’Neill ’75, April 9, 2009.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They reside in Billerica, MA.

Joshua Shafer ’05 and Arianne Currier ’04, both graduates of Crane, were married July 2009.

Tony Dettori ’98 married Kim in Kauai, HI on September 26, 2009. Seven Potsdam alumni were in attendance, George Kursar ’99, Eric Lovenduski ’99, Nellie Puglisi Lovenduski ’98, Jared Lovenduski ’96, Indea Leo ’96, Dan Cohen ’00 and his wife, Jen. Matthew Fossa ’98 and Amy Martin were married on June 6, 2009 at Skopelos on the Bay in Pensacola, FL.

Elizabeth Burgan Northrop ’61, August 31, 2009.

Laird Chaffee ’68, November 28, 2009.

Sean Darke ’01 married Kelly Rivette ’00 on June 28, 2008. They reside in Chicago, IL.

Hayley Sischo Crimmins ’06, was married on July 11th to Daniel Crimmins (Clarkson ’07). Hayley is a former recipient of the Evans-Cummings Scholarship, established by Lance Evans ’83 (left) along with Cheryl Cummings Evans ’83 (right), who were in attendance. The scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in teaching at SUNY Potsdam. Daniel was a kindergarten student of Cheryl’s in the South Jefferson Central School District. Cheryl commented, “It is amazing to me that one of my favorite students married one of our scholarship winners. It was a wonderful day.”

Todd M. Thomas ’96 married Lana M. Huston on June 27, 2009 at St. John’s Church in Jamestown, NY. Derek Hawkins ’01 and Heather Jillson ’03 were married on September 20, 2008. They reside in Manlius, NY. Richard Viglucci ’04 married Sarah Lynn on July 17, 2009.

Megan Dollinger ’06 married George Martin on June 13, 2009, at St. Cyril’s Catholic Church in Alexandria Bay, NY, and then honeymooned to Treasure Island, FL and Kissimmee, FL.


Potsdam People



Meaghan Manor ’06 and Charles “Ace” Janovsky ’06 were married on October 10, 2009 and currently reside in Massena, NY. Brittany Kelly ’08 married Brian Wood ’08 on July 3, 2009 at Belhurst Castle, Geneva. The couple spent a week in Riviera Maya, Mexico, on their wedding trip.

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a nd

Angela Ross ’08 married Tyler Peters on August 15, 2009, at St. Peter’s Church, and then spent nine days at the Aventura Spa Palace, Mexico.

Potsdam People

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Traci L. Bisaillon Flaherty ’88 and husband, Steve, welcomed their second child, Keira Lynn, on April 8, 2009.

Dan Stoker ’93 and wife, Rebecca, welcomed a son, Ryan Joseph, born May 2009, joining big sister Haleigh, now two.

Andrea Rizzo Umbenhower ’99 welcomed a son, Matthew Jonah, on September 27, 2008.


Hillary Carter Torres ’94 and husband, Luis, had a baby girl, Miquela Sophie, on June 2, 2009.


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Rebecca Liddell Huppi ’88 and husband, Konrad, would like to announce the birth of their twins, Kyra Page and Ryne Miles, on May 11, 2009.

Christina Carlisle Trottier ’99 and husband, Thomas, welcomed their first child, McKennon Paul Reilly, on August 28, 2009.

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Jessica Ann Dashnaw Crisci ’01 and her husband, Richard, welcomed their first son, Antonio Generoso, July 15, 2009. Michele Reuter Fudge ’02 and her husband, Kristopher, welcomed their first child, Kayla Grace, on May 25, 2009.


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In November 2009, Rita Itk in and friends at her home in Schwartz ’58 hosted alumni Brooklyn, NY to meet the new Dean of Crane, Dr. Mic hael Sitton. Pictured are: Schwartz ’58, Sitton, Cra L-R ne faculty David PittmanJennings and Matthew Royal ’08.

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JOB EXPO FOR STUDENTS AND ALUMNI 3.24.10 Barrington Student Union, MPR • Potsdam, NY



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6 85th BIRTHDAY MARGARET MINOTTI ’4 SURPRISE and friends surprised Margaret “Peg” Minotti ’46

ay. Many Faculty, Emeriti in honor of her 85th birthd in the birthwith a party in November ed pat tici par o wh i & friends thanks to all of the alumn cess! Minotti. It was a huge suc s. Mr for r we sho d day car

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7.8.10-7.11.10 Potsdam, NY

DAY AT THE SARATOGA RACE TRACK 8.7.10 Saratoga Springs, NY





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Delta Lambda Nu to Host 40 Year Reunion The Sisters of the re-founded sorority Delta Lambda Nu are hosting events to celebrate 40 years of Sisterhood since Delta’s 1970 establishment. The events will take place during SUNY Potsdam’s upcoming Reunion weekend July 8-11, 2010 in Potsdam. If you are a Sister of Delta and would like to attend please contact Shana Denny at 253-241-7802 or dshana98@ Please include ideas for activities and any input from members, especially those of the founding years.

Calling all former Crane School of Music Trombone Ensemble members To help celebrate 25 years of teaching at the Crane School of Music, Dr. Mark Hartman would like to extend his invitation to you to return to campus during the upcoming Alumni Reunion Weekend to perform in the first ever Crane Alumni Trombone Ensemble. The weekend schedule for the Alumni Ensemble would include two rehearsals, a performance, a banquet, and many downtown “sectionals” to reunite with old friends and meet the new generation Ensemble members. Please come and join us in the reunion of this unique group in hopes of renewing old friendships and listening to great music.

EOP 40th Reunion “Every student capable of completing a program in higher education shall have the opportunity to do so.” This statement supports the vision behind the Education Opportunity Program (EOP) at SUNY Potsdam, which has been a part of the campus since 1970. The EOP program has assisted thousands of students with achieving their educational goals that they may not have thought possible. Come and join fellow EOP alumni to return to campus to mark the celebration of 40 years of EOP on campus. Part of the celebration will include an Open House and Reception. Refer to EOP’s FaceBook page: SUNY Potsdam EOP for additional information.

SPORTS HALL OF FAME 30th REUNION Every academic year SUNY Potsdam inducts alumni and friends into its Sports Hall of Fame to honor past athletes, coaches, and contributors to SUNY Potsdam athletics. Reunion Weekend 2010, the Bears Sports Hall of Fame is proudly commemorating 30 years. Join us as we celebrate our past athletes and sporting memories that have made an impact on SUNY Potsdam’s athletic history.

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44 Pierrepont Avenue Potsdam, NY 13676

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Spring 2010 Potsdam People  

The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the State University of New York at Potsdam

Spring 2010 Potsdam People  

The Magazine for Alumni and Friends of the State University of New York at Potsdam